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Gary F. Sara 2 Denhurst Place, Darien, CT 06820 Home (203) 324-7780 Cell (203) 554-0396 E-Mail: gs1195c22@westpost.

net Experience: Mechanical HVAC Design CAD Operator, Senior Draftsman Professional Experience Landmark Facilities Group, Norwalk, CT 1998 - November 2010 Mechanical HVAC Designer/CAD Operator for HVAC Climate Control Systems: Utilize Autocad 2010 for supply and return duct work from air handling units to all rooms, offices etc. for the cooling, heating and humidity climate control of buildings, museums, and schools. Also we designed Geothermal Exchange work. Geo thermal Exchange is a "Green Technology" where a trench dug down in the Earth ac ts like a heat exchanger. Recommended by our "LEED" Engineers. PE pipe run down the trench and back up to surface lessens naturally the Delta T needed becase a large proportion of the Temps needed are naturally deep in the ground soil, so y ou use less energy for heating & Cooling. This Geothermal Exchange doesn't work in all climates. USA best area for us is the middle American States up to Southe rn New England. Coordinate jobs with Architects, & other Engineers. Extensive engineering field work is often required. Check field work. Mech. Engineers often sized piping. I would design Ductwork layout from Cooling & Heating loads using Carrier progra ms under the supervision of the Project Mechanical Engineer who would handle the Cooling and Heating load projects and would then pick out Air Handling Units an d all equipment. I would depict the supply and return ductwork & piping to equip ment on the plans, elevations and section views. Outside air included. Ductwork support was also depicted with vibration isolators & smoke & Fire Alarms, usuall y located inside the return air ductwork and return air plenum. Always following all Local Building & Fire Codes plus & other local codes having jurisdiction. I f the specification calls for it, I also added interal acoustical lining and out side thermal insulation where it was called out for. Ductwork internal equipment such as fans,VAV Boxes, etc, Access Doors would be added. Check and mark up shop drawings, after issue. Indicate Field work descripences. Details, schedules and specifications were also drawn, checked and included. Work under Senior Mechanical Engineer (P.E.) supervision. Engineer would check a ll work and if he needs modifications or revisions, I do them for engineer. Handle all Autocad drafting and layout design with all engineers involved. During the last few years Geothermal Exchange is getting asked for by clients in the Mid Atlantic area up to southern New England and with the guidence of my Me ch. Engineer P.E. We have been generating more & more Geothermal Exchange drawin gs and details. Some have already been drilled & built & others are in proposals because the client needs time to think it over-initally expensive but in just a few short years it pays for itself. Drilling average depths (approx. 200-500 fe et deep to use the underground temps. to act as your heat/cooling exchanger) LE ED Engineers, if conditions are right, love the Geothermal exchange for "Green T ech knowledgy". "Sometimes" use of LEED Green Technology may get tax breaks. I also do other disciplines drafting after I finish my Mechanica/HVAC cad drafti ng first. Under that disciplines Watchful eyes of Engineers guidence and his Mar k-ups & field sketches I also do drafting for: hydronic piping, sprinkler-Light Hazard, plumbing, Electrical (from the engineers mark-ups), Structural, Controls Locations on plans and Schematic Control Diagrams and Instrumentational Schemat ic Diagrams. When each "issue"is completed, I would get prints made up of all o ur latest work to be "issued"and send them to"Fedex" to be delivered to the assi gned Fabrication Companies for competitive biding, architect & client.

Peabody Engineering Corporation, Stamford, CT 1994-1998 Mechanical Designer/CAD Operator Designed Windbox Boiler piping, "APR" & "DFL" Burners, Ignitors with internal pa rts, Windbox fabrication, rack piping, and ductwork. Piping Systems for Steam, Oil, Air, and Gas; with Bill of Materials. Plans and Elevations drawn on Autoca d. Electrical One-Line Diagram Drawings and P. & I.D's as needed. Completed again (for Peabody) another ISO 9000 accreditation. Design and constru ct to high tolerances, sometimes in metric. All work size had to fit on the back of a flat bed truck on skids, so size in the design was very critical. ABB Environmental Systems, ASEA Brown Boveri, Norwalk, CT 1992-1994 Piping Designer/CAD Operator Piping Designer/CAD Operator for Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Absorber System fo r Fossil Fuel Power plant (Scrubber). Design and layout of various piping syste ms for the plant: reagent classifier feed, cooling water system, ash pond water system, instrument air and all return sumps. Coordination of material take off and checking of systems. Utilized the CAD System (CADAM) & AUTOCAD) to fabrica te 3-D piping, mechanical equipment, and architectural. general arrangements. P lotting designs as plan views, elevations, sections, and isometrics. Completion of ISO 9000 accreditation. ABB Disbanded the Enviromental (Scrubber) Group, loc ated at Merritt 7 Office Park, Norwalk, CT E.E. Linden Associates, Inc. Darien, CT 1983-1992 Piping Designer/Chief Draftsman/Pencil drawn & AUTOCAD drawn Design and drafting piping, HVAC, architectural, electrical, and field coordinat ion needed for background plan and elevation drawings. Completion of system layouts and drawings for piping, architectural and HVAC equ ipment, and supply and return ductwork for mechanical equipment rooms in commerc ial and residential buildings, including all connecting piping (chilled water, s team, and condensate), and coordination of electrical circuits to equipment. Completion of riser diagrams for electrical power distribution, piping, and spri nkler layout in fire protection systems, as well as "as built" drawings and revi sions to existing systems. When latest issued work is done, I would sent the dra wings out to get prints made-up for all the interested companies, architect & cl ient, to be issued to them through "FedEx". Design work with mechanical and electrical engineers supplying pipe sizes, air f low CFM, and equipment specifications. Manager of Drafting Department. Set up of our NFPA National Fire Protection As sociation Library for the company's Sprinkler department, plus updates. Supervised and trained draftsmen. A lot of field work at Rockefeller Center. John Brown Engineering and Construction, Inc., Stamford, CT 1973-1978 and 1980 t o 1983 (Formerly - Crawford and Russell Engineering & Construction) Piping Designer and Draftsman-working under a Mechanical & Chemical Engineer. Crawford & Russell was bought out by John Brown Engineering. (I worked here twice-they called me back a few years later to see if I was inter ested in coming back and I was, so I returned back to John Brown Eng. Designed & Constructed Process Plants. (G.E.,Olin & Phillips Petroleum was Browns largest clients) The 2 years I was gone, I worked at UOP Universil Oil Products, doing piping similarly drawn as John Brown Eng. At UOP (office in Norwalk, CT) we d esigned Desulfurization Absorbers (Scrubbers) for clients (TVA was our main clie nt) At John Brown Engineering we designed & constructed Process Plants. Layout and design of piping systems to and from equipment (pumps, tanks, reactor s, etc.) using schematic process flow diagrams (as a map), in conjunction with s tructural steel, concrete, electrical, architectural, mechanical, and HVAC drawi ngs. At John Brown Eng. most of our drawings were constructing process plants (v arious types of plastics for G.E.,Olin, Borden Chemical & Phillips Petro)

Drawing piping designs on plan views, elevations, and isometric drawings. Worked with piping materials, such as carbon and stainless steel, copper, galvan ized carbon steel, polypropylene lined C.S., victualic, glass, and rubber lined C.S., FRP plastic and cast iron. Every job we were issued it's specifications. Extensive process piping field work for both companies. Both John Brown Engineer ing and UOP added new equipment, piping & ductwork which a General Arrangement Plan would have to be generated first, which all other disciplines would work fr om as a starting point. As job progressed we added a material take-off on the to p of each isometric drawing. Engineers checked work. Needed for all Mechanical. Equip. plans, elevations, isometrics & M.E.P. site. Often revised existing work, when there was a job expansion-labeling new work from existing work.. Revised schedule drawings to reflect changes. Education 1.Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT - 2 year Course work in Architectural D rafting and Design & Mechanical tools and gears. 1990-1991 Material take-off in cluded. 2011, Currently I am taking a college course on Autocad MEP Revit & Arc hitectural Revit, one night a week-every Monday evening from 6 to 10 pm for the next 3 months. By doing this I am learning 3-D drawing & more which everybody w ill eventually have to learn and at the same time, keeping my skills up on regul ar Autocad 2010 & now 2011, in Norwalk Community College Cad Lab and my home com puter,Revit Student 90 day temporary copy, to do homework assignments-at NCC Sch ool & home. 2.Warren Technical Institute, Bridgeport, CT (school closed in approx 1980's) 2 year course, 1972-1973, 1 year Mechanical tools & gears, 1 year Architectural an d Site Plan. (house & site) In this area a new school took "Warrens" place calle d "Porter, Chester", in Stratford, CT References Provided Upon Request