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THE LIGHT SIDE Kanto: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT The puka event happens, but it is just a side quest you

challenge the old man and his pikachu to a surfing minigame. If you win, he gives you an egg. The egg holds a puka. A surfing pikachu. PINKAN ISLAND Johto: You are at Ilex forest, talk to the shrine, celebi runs away. You exit the forest, and you see two large shadows pass over you, lugia and ho-ohs When you beat the eighth gym, lance calls yu and tells you the dogs are rampaging, go stop entei first in greenfeild. Pokemon the movie 3 happens, the one with entei. You can catch crystal pokemon here. Next, go to burned tower to stop raikou. Morty stops you and tells you that you are weak, go ahead and try to stop the legendary dog, weaken it for him. You beat it, he storms off angrily. Lance then says he is having trouble with scuicune in the bell tower. You go there, beat scuicune, see lance. Lugia and ho-oh fly down from the balcony we are going to add in. Lugia is part psychic type, so it tells you that the dogs were a test to find a strong trainer to stop whoever captured celebi. Lance rides on ho-ohs back, while you ride on lugias, and you go to mt. silver. There are two large shadowy beings outside (palkia and dialga) The birds and the shadows fight. You go on and enter the cave with lance. Lance sees a shadowy boss (arceus) and battles it You battle celebi to calm it down. You win, lance loses. Lance tells you to take him outside, he was wounded. Then the birds take you to the bell tower and thank you. Lance invites you to the pokemon league. You go to the elite four. He tells you to go to altimar, but have a break first, maybe see professor oak and check up on your kanto pokemon? STORY MODE BREAK: You can go back to kanto, and see a few portals close (giratina looking for mew so he can go to mews side) You see professor oak and gary in the middle of pallet. Oak lets you use your kanto and johto pokemon for now!!! YYAAAAAYYYY!!!! ^^ Now, you can go to altimar with your pokemon. Altimar is from Pokemon: forever I think thats what its called, its that one movie with latias and latios.

Now, altimar will have tons of maps, and look almost exactly like the movie, but without the story, it just has a lot of quests. There is a mini game, that you need a water type pokemon. The walking sprite will be the sprite it uses. It is the water surfing race game, that misty and ash enter. You can enter with your friends at any pokemon center after you play It once at altimar. Once you leave altimar, you will start hoenn Hoenn: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT One of the first things that you do is find a golden apricorn LOL JUST TO PISS PLAYERS OFF xD they cant redeem the GS ball until the break between hoenn and sinnoh xDDDDDD Your father is not a gym leader, but he does join in battles with you in multiple places.

It ends with you are on an island in sotopolis made by groudon and kyogres fighting. You and your father are stuck on the island, you pick which legend you want to fight but if you choose groudon, he will have to fight kyogre, where he will be drowned by kyogre If you choose kyogre, he will have to fight groudon, where he will fall into a lava pit. You go into the battle, knowing you lost your father. You beat the legend but your father is dead, so you go back home and stay there until one day you are on the couch, and your father comes home limping and says im home. He then allows you to trade him pokemon for his team until you find the other legendary and beat it. Then he tells you how he survived. Rayquaza. So you hunt down rayquaza and beat him. On your way home to tell your dad, you see an island. Its filled with wynaut weird, but you giratina and a portal close up. You NEVER come here again. Now you go home and tell your dad, he will tel you to face the pokemon league. Steven, who you actually never meet in this story mode challenges you, and end of story.

Sinnoh: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT You wake up arceus, and Cynthia tells you he is going to the shinjoh ruins uh oh. There he can make multiple legendaries, because of a special stone that is there. You need giratina, so you find shaymin, and have him open a portal to another dimension. He does.

You find giratina, and Cynthia tells it that arceus is on its way to the shinjoh ruins giratina battles you to test your strength. Then, opens a portal to the shinjoh ruins Before you get there, oak is there and tells you he needs you to take back your pokemon for a while, so you get your team together then once you head towards the shinjoh ruins, Cynthia asks if you are ready. You bearly beat arceus there, but arceus rushes past you and tries to get to the ruins, but a meteor falls ITS DEOXYS AND JIRACHI! Mews side is joining up to take arceus down dialga and palkia tackle deoxys and jirachi out of the way so arceus can rush in the ruins. Lugia and ho-oh rush in and take care of palkia and dialga. Giratinas and dialgas and palkias come spewing out of the ruins, running over deoxys. A giant shadow ball hits the crowd, and mewtwo rushes in, helping deoxys. Eventually, the whole mews side is against all of the copies. So you try to go in the ruins, but you fight many copies, about 15 in a row. You finally get inside, and see arceus making egg after egg. The crystal in the middle is pitch black. You go to the crystal and try to smash it Everything goes black

5th Region: NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Region of complete darkness you failed. The darkness reigned almighty, with arceus as its king. Optional/Cut out Eventually, you find a chest, and look inside. A gardevoir is asking you questions. You eventually turn into a pokemon just like mystery dungeon. The gardevoir who asked the questions, the quiz it gave you, it was the quiz from pokemon mystery dungeon, deciding who you are. You go up to the wigglytuff guild and double battle chatot and wigglytuff chatot can use a luminous orb, it makes you not be able to move for two turns, but chatot cant move for five. Wigglytuff can use YOOM-TAH! which lets it attack you with brute force, no reload, no recoil. Just a really freakin powerful attack one of the most powerful in the game. You find a partner the you chose on the beach, and you can surf on the beach to get to the hidden land. Climb temporal tower, and you will see primal dialga, who opens a portal to the fifth region so now dialga turned into primal dialga greatttttt.

Final battle turns out, the crystal made a dark you. You battle yourself.. 20 dark pokemon against 20 of your pokemon all out at the same time holy crap. EPIC. This is the final battle he has Primal Dialga Primal Palkia Dark Arceus And 20 other pokemon we have yet to choose.