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The switch allows remote connections only after a new RSA key pair is generated.

All VLANs will be allowed across the trunk.

What happens when the crypto key zeroize rsa command is entered on a switch configured with the transport input ssh command on the vty lines? What VLANs are allowed across a trunk when the range of allowed VLANs is set to the default value? Using the command copy tftp:backup.cfg startup-config, an Downloading to the startupadministrator downloaded a saved configuration from a TFTP config requires the switch to be server to a switch. Why does the administrator not detect any reloaded in order for the changes in the switch configuration after the download configuration to take effect. completes? Interfaces Gi0/1 and Fa0/1 are allowed to carry data from multiple VLANs.

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true regarding the information shown?

computer C and Router1

Refer to the exhibit. Computer A sends a broadcast message. Which devices will see the broadcast? The service password-encryption command encrypts all previously Which statement regarding the service password-encryption unencrypted passwords in the command is true? running configuration. -All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1. -The flash directory contains the Which three statements are correct concerning the default IOS image. configuration of a new switch? (Choose three.) -All interfaces are set to autonegotiation of speed and duplex.

Cat-C Refer to the exhibit. Which switch will be elected as the root bridge of the spanning tree topology?

-The switch ports are on different VLANs. -The hosts are configured on different logical networks. -A router is required to forward Refer to the exhibit. What three statements describe why Host1 traffic between Host1 and Host2. and Host2 are unable to communicate? (Choose three.) -Select the correct VTP mode and version. -Configure the switch with the name of the new management What three tasks should be performed before moving a domain. Catalyst switch to another VTP management domain? (Choose -Verify that the switch has a three.) lower configuration revision number than the other switches in the new domain. allows for redundant links by How does Spanning Tree Protocol aid network architecture? eliminating loops Which type of frame contains information that is used in the BPDU election of the spanning tree root bridge?

Connect S2 and S3 to a common router. Refer to the exhibit. A company has acquired a new office in a campus environment. Switches in the existing office and the new office are directly connected by a trunk link. The VLANs and IP addressing are setup as shown in the exhibit. The computers in each office are not able to ping each other. What will fix the problem?

The port will transition immediately into forwarding state.

Refer to the exhibit. All edge ports are configured with the spanning-tree portfast command. Host1 is recently connected to port Fa0/1 on switch SW1 . Which statement is true about the status of port Fa0/1? Establish a wired connection After unpacking a new Linksys WRT300N wireless from a computer in the same IP multifunction device, a user needs to change the default subnet as the WRT300N and administrator password and make other configuration changes. enter the default IP address of the What must the user do to access the device in order to make device into a web browser on the these changes?


It is sending and receiving data frames. Refer to the exhibit. How is port Gi1/1 on SWT-A functioning in the spanning-tree topology? -After the end of the jam signal, a backoff algorithm is invoked. -If a host has data to transmit after the backoff period of that host, the host checks to determine if the line is idle Refer to the exhibit. All hosts are in listen mode. Host 1 and before transmitting. Host 4 both transmit data at the same time. How do the hosts respond on the network? (Choose two.)

Configure port Fa0/2 on switch 101-3FL as a static trunk link. Refer to the exhibit. The switches have been configured as shown. The hosts that are connected to switch 101-2FL are not able to communicate with the hosts in their corresponding VLANs that are connected to switch 101-3FL. What should be done to fix the problem?

Port Fa0/11 is in the wrong VLAN.

Refer to the exhibit. RTB is configured for traditional interVLAN routing. RTB can ping computer A but cannot ping computer B. What is a possible cause of this failure? /27

Refer to the exhibit. A new host needs to be connected to

VLAN 20. Which IP address should be assigned to this new host? to make the port a member of VLAN 30 channel shared key

Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the configuration commands that are shown? Which parameter is a specific frequency at which a wireless access point will operate? Which parameter is associated with wireless authentication?

immediately Refer to the exhibit. Hosts A and B attempt to transmit a frame at the same time and a collision occurs. When will host D be able to transmit?

Fa0/1 interface of switch A Refer to the exhibit. All switches are configured with the default bridge priority. Which port will act as a non-designated port if all links are operating at the same bandwidth?

Fa0/2 interface of S1 Refer to the exhibit. Both switches are configured with default bridge priority. Which port will act as the STP root port if all links are operating at the same bandwidth? It is calculated based on the sum of the port cost value, determined Which statement correctly describes the spanning-tree path cost? by link speed, for each switch port along a given path. VLAN 30 will be added to the VLAN database of S3 but will not be propagated to S4, S2 or S1.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator enters the displayed commands to configure VLAN 30. What is the result

of running these commands? The password will be set for the first Telnet connection. Refer to the exhibit. What is the result of issuing these commands?

The Fa0/1 port of S1 is not a trunk port.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has segmented the network into two VLANs and configured R1 and S1 as displayed. However, PC1 is unable to access PC2. What is the likely problem?

-The boot loader performs POST. -The boot loader initializes the flash file system that is used to Which three actions are performed during the boot sequence of boot the system. a Cisco switch? (Choose three.) -The boot loader loads the default operating system if the flash-based operating system is corrupt or missing.

Modify the transport input command.

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator wants to configure Switch1 to allow SSH connections and prohibit Telnet connections. How should the network administrator change the displayed configuration to satisfy the requirement?

The incoming frames will be dropped.

Refer to the exhibit. What will happen when frames with a source address other than 0019.d2e4.d9f7 enters interface Fa0/24?

VLAN 2 through VLAN 29, and VLAN 31 through VLAN 1000 Refer to the exhibit. The switches in the exhibit have VTP pruning enabled. What will be pruned in the VTP advertisements from switch ST-C to switch ST-1? Which statement is true about open authentication when it is enabled on an access point? How are data frames identified and sent to the correct VLAN when exiting an Ethernet trunk?

requires no authentication Frames are forwarded to the correct VLAN based on the

VLAN tag.

Reposition the APs so that each area of signal strength overlaps the neighbor by at least 10-15%. Refer to the exhibit. A wireless infrastructure has been established in a company building as shown. The design goal was to allow roaming between the three APs for handheld devices. However, the devices lose connectivity when the users roam. How can this problem be fixed? When port security is used on a switch, which violation mode will cause an SNMP trap to be sent and traffic to be dropped when the number of secure MAC addresses for a port is reached? A wireless access point can function as which type of shared medium, wired LAN device?



Include VLAN 20 in the list of allowed VLANs on the trunk link on SW2. Refer to the exhibit. VLAN 20 was recently added on the network. Users on VLAN 20 on SW1 start complaining that they do not have connectivity to the users on the same VLAN on switch SW2. What should be done to remedy the problem?

six Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has designed and implemented a hierarchical network. What is the maximum network diameter between any two hosts on the network? Which benefit is gained by designing a network with a small network diameter?

lower latency

Change the native VLAN on Switch2 interface Fa0/1 to VLAN 100.

Refer to the exhibit. After receiving a console notification on Switch2, the network administrator begins to troubleshoot the trunk link between Switch1 and Switch2. Which configuration change can be made to correct the problem with the trunk link?

Reconfigure the VTP password to be consistent on all VTP switches. Refer to the exhibit. The VTP domain has been configured as shown in the exhibit. None of the configured VLANs on SW1 and SW2 are present on SW3. What should be done to remedy the problem? Which security protocol or measure would provide the greatest WPA2 protection for a wireless LAN? -The ports have been configured as trunks. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator issues the -The VLAN that they are command shown on Switch1. What are two possible reasons assigned to has been deleted. that ports Fa0/1 through Fa0/4, and ports Fa0/11 and Fa0/12 do not show in the command output? (Choose two.) -The switch has been reset. Which two conditions would require a VTP client to send a -The VTP domain name has been request advertisement to a VTP server? (Choose two.) changed.

IP addresses on the subinterfaces are incorrectly matched to the VLANs. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring RT1 for inter-VLAN routing. The switch is configured correctly and is functional. Host1, Host2, and Host3 cannot communicate with each other. Based on the router configuration, what is causing the problem?

the destination address field in the Ethernet header Refer to the exhibit. All switch interfaces are members of the same VLAN. What information is used by Switch1 to determine if incoming frames from the hosts should be forwarded to Router1?

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