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Launch of a Product

Submitted by
Ozair Mohammed Khan
Class: 12 Comm J

September 2011


Certified that this project report Launch of a Product Is the bonafide work
of Ozair Mohammed Khan who carried out the project work under my supervision.

Teacher In-charge

Internal Examiner

External examiner


First and foremost Id like to thank my Marketing Teacher,
Mr.Chandeshekharan, for giving clear instructions as to
what had to be done for the project and also to explain in
detail how it had to be carried out with various examples.
Secondly Id like to thank my sister and mother for various
ideas to make the project more attractive. Id also like to
thank my friends and family who were co-operative enough
to fill the questionnaire patiently. Last but not the least Id
like to thank the web-designers whove made the websites
so informative along with eye-catching pictures.

New Product Development

What is a new product?
A new product is something that opens up an entirely
new market, adapts or replaces an existing product, or a
product that significantly broadens the market for an
existing product.

New products can be used to :
y Increase/defend market share by offering more
choice or updating older products.
y Appeal to new segments.
y Diversify into new markets.
y Improve relations with distributors.
y Maintain the firms reputation as a leading edge
y Even out peaks and troughs in demand.
y Make better use of the organizations resources.
Process of new product development (NPD)
NPD is a process which is designed to develop, test and consider the
viability of products which are new to the market in order to ensure
the growth or survival of the organization. The stages involved are:
1. Idea generation - Ideas for new products can be obtained from
basic research using a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses,

Opportunities & Threats), Market and consumer trends,
company's R&D department, competitors, focus groups,
employees, salespeople, corporate spies, trade shows, or
Ethnographic discovery methods (searching for user patterns and
habits) may also be used to get an insight into new product lines
or product features.
2. Screening of ideas Screening of products is done to spot good
ideas and drop poor ones as soon as possible. Ideas are checked
for technical feasibility, financial feasibility and marketability.
The business analyses the product to evaluate its demand,
marketability and profit potential. It is often given idea ratings.
3. Concept development and testing A product concept is a
detailed version of the new product idea stated in meaningful
consumer terms. It involves turning ideas into tangible products
perceive as being valuable. This stage also involves testing new
products concepts with a group of consumers to find out of the
concepts have strong consumer appeal. Existing patents are also
4. Marketing strategy development An initial marketing strategy is
then designed for the product based on the product concept.
Formal market research is then carried out to assess the
products market potential.

5. Business analysis It is a review of the sales, costs and profit
projections for a new product to find out whether these factors
satisfy the firms objective. The company estimates potential
sales, income, break even point, profit, and return on investment
from new ideas. A projection of probable costs and sales is
done, and they also attempt to find out whether the projects will
reach the firms targets.

6. Product development (also known as beta testing) The
Research and Development department then turns the idea into a
product. Engineering and production issues are resolved. It is
concerned with the design, materials, safety, etc. In this stage,
the product concept is basically developed into a physical
product to ensure that the product idea can be turned into a
workable product. It uses prototypes or simulations to test the
idea. Focus group customer interviews may also be conducted.
Adjustments are then made as needed.
7. Technical implementation The quality management system is
finalized, resources estimation is carried out and engineering
operations planned. Suppliers are confirmed and a resource plan
is published.
8. Test marketing - The product is then launched in a small
geographical area, as a field experiment in a realistic market
setting. Consumer reactions can be assessed and the marketing
mix checked and adjusted through this. It aims to forecast the
likely results of a national launch, to test the operational effects
of the marketing plan, and to identify potential problems.
However, the test market may not always be a true indicator.
9. Commercialization - This is when the product is launched. Timing
is critical here and there is heavy promotional expenditure. Skim
or penetration pricing may be used, and the distribution pipeline
is filled with the product.
Fuzzy Front End.

The Fuzzy Front End is the messy "getting started" period of new
product development processes. It is in the front end where the
organization formulates a concept of the product to be developed and
decides whether or not to invest resources in the further development
of an idea. It is the phase between first consideration of an
opportunity and when it is judged ready to enter the structured
development process.

Although the Fuzzy Front End may not be an expensive part of product
development, it can consume 50% of development time and it is where
major commitments are typically made involving time, money, and the
products nature, thus setting the course for the entire project and
final end product. Consequently, this phase should be considered as
an essential part of development rather than something that happens
before development, and its cycle time should be included in the
total development cycle time.

Launch of Banana Iconia Tablet PC

Banana Inc. is a corperation that designs and markets consumer
electronics , computer softwares and personal computers.

Established on October 18, 2001, the company was previously named
Banana Computer, Inc., for its first 30 years, but removed the word
"Computer" on January 9, 2007, to reflect the company's ongoing
expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its
traditional focus on personal computers.

Soon after establishment , Banana Inc failed to make a mark in the
consumer market due to its financial crisis. But in 2007, the company
emerged with a bolder look and came out with the idea of The Banana
Iconia Tablet PC , that promised not to disappoint its customers.

Banana Iconia

The Banana Iconia is a line of tablet computers designed, developed and
marketed by Banana Inc, primarily as a platform for audio-visual media
including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content.

The Iconia is controlled by a multitouch displaya departure from
most previous tablet computers, which used a pressure-
triggered stylusas well as a virtual onscreen keyboard in lieu of a
physical keyboard. The Iconia uses a wireless local area network ("Wi-
Fi") connection to access local area networks and the Internet. Some
models also have a 3G wireless network interface which can connect
to HSPAor EV-DO data networks and on to the Internet. The device is
managed and synced by various applications such as itunes , windows
media player etc, running on a personal computer via USB cable.

Iconias technical specifications are as follows :


Slze und

+elght: 9.50 lnches (241.2 mm)
Wldth: 7.31 lnches (185.7 mm)
'epth: 0.34 lnch (8.8 mm)
Welght: 1.33 pounds (601 g)
+elght: 9.50 lnches (241.2
Wldth: 7.31 lnches (185.7
'epth: 0.34 lnch (8.8 mm)
Welght: 1.35 pounds (613
(Wl-Fl + 3G model)
Welght: 1.34 pounds (607
(Wl-Fl + 3G for )

Wlreless und
Wl-Fl (802.11u/b/g/n)
Bluetooth 2.1 + E'5 technology
9.7-lnch (dlugonul) LE'-buckllt glossy wldescreen Multl-Touch dlspluy wlth IPS
1024-by-768-plxel resolutlon ut 132 plxels per lnch (ppl)

Flngerprlnt-reslstunt oleophoblc coutlng
Support for dlspluy of multlple lunguuges und churucters slmultuneously


y 1G+z duul-core Bununu A6 custom-deslgned, hlgh-performunce, low-power system-
Photos, und
Buck cumeru: Vldeo recordlng, +' (720p) up to 30 frumes per second wlth
uudlo; stlll cumeru wlth 5x dlgltul zoom
Front cumeru: Vldeo recordlng, VGA up to 30 frumes per second wlth
uudlo; VGA-quullty stlll cumeru
Tup to control exposure for vldeo or stllls
Photo und vldeo geotugglng over Wl-Fl
Power und

Bullt-ln 25-wutt-hour rechurgeuble llthlum-
polymer buttery
8p to 10 hours of surflng the web on Wl-Fl,
wutchlng vldeo, or llstenlng to muslc
Churglng vlu power udupter or 8SB to
computer system

Bullt-ln 25-wutt-hour
rechurgeuble llthlum-
polymer buttery
8p to 10 hours of surflng
the web on Wl-Fl,
wutchlng vldeo, or
llstenlng to muslc
8p to 9 hours of surflng
the web uslng 3G dutu
Churglng vlu power
udupter or 8SB to
computer system

30-pln dock connector port
3.5-mm stereo heudphone
Bullt-ln speuker
30-pln dock connector
3.5-mm stereo
heudphone mlnl|uck
Bullt-ln speuker
Mlcro-SIM curd truy (Wl-
Fl + 3G model)
Three-uxls gyro
Amblent llght sensor
Three-uxls gyro
Amblent llght sensor
'lgltul compuss
'lgltul compuss
Asslsted GPS
Frequency response: 20+z to 20,000+z
Audlo formuts supported: +E-AAC (V1 und V2), AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected
AAC (from lTunes Store), MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VB5, Audlble (formuts 2,
3, und 4, Audlble Enhunced Audlo, AAX, und AAX+), Apple Lossless, AIFF, und
8ser-conflguruble muxlmum volume llmlt
'olby 'lgltul 5.1 surround sound puss-through wlth 'lgltul AV Adupter (sold
Vlewuble document types: .|pg, .tlff, .glf (lmuges); .doc und .docx (Mlcrosoft Word);
.htm und .html (web puges); .key (Keynote); .numbers (Numbers); .puges (Puges);

.pdf (Prevlew und Adobe Acrobut); .ppt und .pptx (Mlcrosoft PowerPolnt); .txt (text);
.rtf (rlch text formut); .vcf (contuct lnformutlon); .xls und .xlsx (Mlcrosoft Excel)
Lunguuge support for Engllsh (8.S.), Engllsh (8K), Chlnese (Slmpllfled),
Chlnese (Trudltlonul), French, Germun, Itullun, Jupunese, Koreun, Spunlsh,
Arublc, Cutulun, Croutlun, Czech, 'unlsh, 'utch, Flnnlsh, Greek, +ebrew,
+ungurlun, Indoneslun, Muluy, Norweglun, Pollsh, Portuguese, Portuguese
(Bruzll), 5omunlun, 5usslun, Slovuk, Swedlsh, Thul, Turklsh, 8krulnlun,
Keybourd support for Engllsh (8.S.), Engllsh (8K), Chlnese - Slmpllfled
(+undwrltlng, Plnyln, Wublhuu), Chlnese - Trudltlonul (+undwrltlng, Plnyln,
Zhuyln, Cung|le, Wublhuu), French, French (Cunudlun), French (Swltzerlund),
Germun (Germuny), Germun (Swltzerlund), Itullun, Jupunese (5omu|l, Kunu),
Koreun, Spunlsh, Arublc, Bulgurlun, Cutulun, Cherokee, Croutlun, Czech,
'unlsh, 'utch, Emo|l, Estonlun, Flnnlsh, Flemlsh, Greek, +uwullun, +ebrew,
+lndl, +ungurlun, Icelundlc, Indoneslun, Lutvlun, Llthuunlun, Mucedonlun,
Muluy, Norweglun, Pollsh, Portuguese, Portuguese (Bruzll), 5omunlun, 5usslun,
Serblun (Cyrllllc/Lutln), Slovuk, Swedlsh, Thul, Tlbetun, Turklsh, 8krulnlun,
'lctlonury support (enubles predlctlve text und uutocorrect) for Engllsh (8.S.),
Engllsh (8K), Chlnese (Slmpllfled), Chlnese (Trudltlonul), French, French
(Cunudlun), French (Swltzerlund), Germun, Itullun, Jupunese (5omu|l, Kunu),
Koreun, Spunlsh, Arublc, Cutulun, Cherokee, Croutlun, Czech, 'unlsh, 'utch,
Estonlun, Flnnlsh, Flemlsh, Greek, +uwullun, +ebrew, +lndl, +ungurlun,
Indoneslun, Lutvlun, Llthuunlun, Muluy, Norweglun, Pollsh, Portuguese,
Portuguese (Bruzll), 5omunlun, 5usslun, Slovuk, Swedlsh, Thul, Turklsh,
8krulnlun, Vletnumese
VolceOver screen reuder
Support for pluybuck of closed-cuptloned content
Asslstlve Touch lnterfuce for uduptlve uccessorles

Full-screen zoom mugnlflcutlon
Lurge fonts
Whlte on bluck dlspluy
Left/rlght volume ud|ustment
Envlronment 5equlrement
Operutlng temperuture: 32 to 95 F (0 to 35 C)
Nonoperutlng temperuture: -4 to 113 F (-20 to 45 C)
5elutlve humldlty: 5% to 95% noncondenslng
Muxlmum operutlng ultltude: 10,000 feet (3000 m)

The 4 Ps of Marketing

A product is anything that can be offered to satisfy a need or want. It can
be either tangible or intangible.

Pricing is the process of determining what a company will receive in
exchange for its products. Factors are pricing manufacturing cost,
market place, competition, market condition, and quality of product.

Physical Distribution (Place)
Place represents the location where a product can be purchased. It is
often referred to as the distribution channel. It can include any physical
store as well as virtual stores on the Internet.

Promotion is the communication link between sellers and buyers for the
purpose of influencing, informing, or persuading a potential buyer's
purchasing decision. The two types of promotion are above the line and
below the line promotion.

The 4 Ps of Banana Iconia


The Banana Iconia is a tablet device that has several features. Its dimensions are
9.56 in x 7.47 in. It is also very thin and has a battery life of ten hours. This
product has the ability to surf the internet, listen and purchase music, watch videos,
view photos, read e-mail, read and purchase e-books and execute multiple
applications. There will be different versions of the Banana Iconia at launch with
different hard drive capacities and 3g capability. There will be a 16 gb, 32 gb, and
64 gb variants. Also all Iconias will have wi-fi and are wireless-n capable. The
Iconia will also feature the latest bluetooth profile and will have an on-screen
keyboard for inputs.


The Banana Iconia can be purchased at multiple price points. The base model
(16gb) without 3g capability is the cheapest at $499, 32gb at $599, and 64gb will
retail for $699. If a customer wants 3g capability they will have to pay an
additional $130 on top of the base price. The consumer also has the option to sign
up for ETISALAT or DU data plan that allows them to have access to the internet
virtually anywhere and in areas without wi-fi connections. The data plan is two
tiered: the customer has a choice between $14.99/month for 250mb or
$29.99/month for unlimited access. The data plan will also allow the consumer to
access various ETISALAT or DU hotspots for free. As far as discounts go ,a
discount of $100 will be provided on certain products to college students. They
also do special bundles for purchasing certain products during different times of
the year.


The Banana Iconia will most likely be sold in place where other electronic or tablet
PCs are sold. There several retail outlets that carry various Banana products so
purchasing this product should not be difficult. There are multiple Banana stores
across the United Arab Emirates, 284 of them, in which these products will be
sold. Customers can also order the product online through Bananas website. Best
Buy, one of Bananas partners, also sells Apple products and also has a large retail
footprint in the United States as well as the United Arab Emirates. Amazon, one of
the largest online retailers, also carries Banana products.


Banana, Inc will offer special discounts on refurbished Iconia Tablet PCs. In each
case a 1 year warranty is included on the all products.
y The BananaConsultants Network website will provide a search tool allowing
visitors to locate nearby certified Icona product consultants in the U.S, Canada, and
a number of international locations.
y The online Banana Store will offer free shipping for orders over $50.
y The online Banana store will offer gift cards.
y Apple will provide a $100 rebate when you purchase a Iconia or specific printers
from the online store.
y Banana has packaged back-to-school offers, including some aimed at college

Marketing Strategy

To survive in the global and competitive business environment, it is essential for a
company to conduct extensive research so that they can develop a strong brand
image from the initial stage as it leads to greater financial benefits for the
The marketing plan of Bananas Iconia is the topic where an effective marketing
strategy is developed to ensure its success in the global competitive market where
major plays such as Sony, Compaq and Dell have a significant impact upon
Bananas strategies
Bananas latest Iconia is the revolutionary product which is a portable mini device
used as a pc anywhere with its wide range of options and innovative
design.Bananas marketing strategy will be focusing upon the product design,
brand positioning, price and promotion of the Iconia in the global market. This will
be linked to the research and analysis of the environmental forces and SWOT
analysis to understand the companys position.Bananas market strategy will be
incorporated with the generic business strategy which is towards growth and
maintaining a strong position in the market through its innovative products.
Apple will use competitive marketing strategy for Iconia where two such
strategies can be developed which are differentiation and Focus to make Iconia a
success in the global market. Marketing planning and strategies can become highly
effective if Apple focuses upon its strategic human resource management and
make continuous efforts to redesign its marketing plan to survive successfully.

SWOT Analysis
The SWOT analysis assists organizations to identify the strengths and weaknesses
of an organization which are internal and opportunities and threats which are
external. This will help in understanding how Apple can utilize its strengths and
opportunities and overcome its threats and weaknesses to survive in the global
competitive market.


Banana is a successful organization and its products have a high market share in
the global market due to its brand perception and image as s high quality
innovative brand. Moreover, in the I.T industry, Banana holds a strong position by
catering to the needs of the dynamic market with its extensive research and
developments that enables it to satisfy its customers with highly innovative
products. Banana has maintained its brand name in the global market and the
customer loyalty is increasing at a high rate .

Weaknesses :
Bananaprovides highly innovative products in the market but it is having issues
with the quality of its products as recently the Banana Iconia was reported to have
a faulty screen and it had replace all those products. This is one major weakness of
Bananas products. Moreover, the company has a relatively weaker research and
development system as compared to other major competitors and needs to put
more emphasis on building strong reliable products as its brand name portrays.

Banana has many opportunities for growth and expanding its range of products and
services. It can develop iTunes and music player technology into cell phones and
Iconia as well. It can focus upon developing Podcasts for radio shows through
internet and can enhance its Iconia into more sophisticated and reliable device
to be used by every individual. The I.T industry is full of rapid and dynamic
changes and there is growing demand for innovative and technologically
advanced products so for Banana, there are unlimited opportunities to avail for
The major threat for Banana and its products is the intense rivalry among
competition in the technology industry. The competitive global environment has
brought critical challenges for Apple to maintain a competitive and strong position
in the global market.

Advertising Media
For advertising the Iconia Tablet PC, Banana has selected the following media:

Media 1-Print Media
This form of media is preferred because newspapers and magazines are read by
everyone and it covers a wide area. Also, this media is not very expensive and gets
a good response.

Channel 1- Newspapers
The ad will appear in newspapers like Gulf News, The WallStreet journal , The
Times Of India etc. This channel was chosen to advertise the service as
newspapers are read by a large number of people and cover the entire local

Channel 2- Magazines
The ad will appear in magazines like Forbes, The economic review, Ahlan,
Whats On, Aquarius and Grazia.
This channel was because most of the magazines cover about the latest
happenings in the worldand this will promote the Iconia. Also, an eye-catching
ad will surely get the attention of the people reading the magazine.

Media 2-Outdoor Media
Outdoor media catches the attention of the people passing by and if the product or
service in new it arouses curiosity in the minds of the people.

Channel 1- Uni-pole

The ads will appear in various places in metropolitans, mainly near junctions
and signals where it will attract the people waiting there.

Channel 2 Billboards
The ads can also be placed on billboards on top of buildings (malls, residential
buildings, office buildings, etc.) which will be sure to catch of people on the

Media 3-Internet
Sites such as, and which are frequently visited by
people can be used to advertise the coffee shop. As such sites are well known, it
may lead to the potential customers visiting the site of the coffee shop and finding
out more information. The coffee shop also has a Fan Page on Facebook and can
be followed on Twitter, which is the best way to reach out as people both young
and old spend a lot of time on these sites.

This product will be displayed at electronic exhibitions and at consumer electronic
Even though every product needs advertising , Banana Inc. has concentrated more
on the technical specifications and development of the product that advertising of
the product. This is because at Banana Inc . , it is believed that a good product
doesnt need advertising as it may sell due to the advancements the Iconia has
achieved in the consumer market.

Banana Iconia Competitors
Banana Iconia Motorola xoom Hp touchpad LG g-slate blackberry

OS 6
3.0 Honeycomb webOS 3.0
Android 3.0
BlackBerry Tablet
1GHz dual-core Apple
A5 processor
1GHz dual-core
NVIDIA Tegra 2
1.2 GHz Qualcomm
Snapdragon dual-
1GHz dual-core
NVIDIA Tegra 2
1GHz dual-core
RAM 256 MB (?) 512 MB(?) 1 GB 1 GB N/A 1 GB
16, 32, or 64 GB
32 GB internal,
microSDHC expansion 16 or 32 GB internal 32 GB internal
16, 32, or 64 GB
GSM model:
(850, 900, 1900, 2100
(850, 900, 1800, 1900
Verizon model: CDMA
EV-DO Rev. A (800,
1900 MHz)
GPRS/EDGE Class 12,
HSDPA 10.1 Mbps,
5.76 Mbps, EV-DO
Rev. A
3G and 4G models
available later this
Mobile US WiMAX, 4G
WiFi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n
Display size 9.7 inches 10.1 inches 9.7 inches 8.9 inches 7 inches
Display resolution 1024 x 768 1280 x 800 1024 x 768 1280 x 768 1024 x 600
HDMI: requires Apple
Digital AV Adapter HDMI HDMI HDMI
Rear camera
Unknown megapixel
with 720P HD
5 megapixel, AF, dual
LED flash No
5 megapixel, LED
flash, AF, 3D 5-megapixel
Video recording 720P 720p at 30fps - 1080P HD 1080P HD
Front camera
Unknown megapixel
with VGA recording 2 megapixel 1.3-megapixel Yes 3-megapixel
Video calling Yes (WiFi only) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Location, sensors
AGPS, compass,
compass, gyroscope,
Weight 601 grams 730 grams / 25.75 oz.
750grams / 26.10
oz. 630 grams / 22.2 oz.
400 grams /
14.11 oz.
241.1 x 185.7 x 8.8
mm 249 x 167.8 x 12.9 mm 240 x 189 x 14 mm
243 x 149.4 x 12.8
130 x 193 x 10
Price & Availability
$499 for WiFi-only
16GB version, up to
$799 full retail, $599
with two-year contract
Unknown price.
Available summer
Unknown price;
available soon from
under $500;

$829 for WiFi+3G
64GB version.
Available March 11 in
US, March 25
from VerizonWireless

2011 T-Mobile possibly available
April 10, officially
due by end of
March in U.S.

About an Ad Agency

Advertisers go through four steps to develop a creative advertising

Message Generation- Creating an effective message.

Message Evaluation- Rating the message according to desirability,
exclusiveness and believability and determining which appeal
works best with the target audiences.

Message Execution- Deciding whether the ads are to have a rational
appeal or an emotional appeal.

Social Responsibility Review- Advertisers and their agencies must be
sure that their creative advertising does not overstep social and legal
norms. They should avoid false and deceptive advertising and should
be honest with its customers.

What is an Ad Agency?
An advertising agency or ad agency is a service business dedicated to
creating, planning and handling advertising (and sometimes other forms
of promotion) for their clients. An ad agency is independent from the
client and provides a outside point of view to the effort of selling the

client's products or services. An agency can also handle overall
marketing and branding strategies and sales promotions for its clients.

What is an Ad Copy?
An Ad copy is defined as the printed text or spoken words in an
advertisement. It describes the objective, content, support and tone
of the desired ad.

We Make the world stop... and look again!

Visibility is the beginning of all communication..

Great communication is all about turning heads!

We believe that creativity comes with a strong responsibility. The
responsibility to our clients and primarily the assurance that our work ensures
a return on their advertising spend.

Every piece of ingenuity that we create is carefully planned with this one
objective and the pursuit of its accomplishment.

Why? Because we want every business to realise
that Advertising is an INVESTMENT... not an EXPENSE!

With over 25 years experience in the industry and 17 years experience in the
region, our service delivery exceeds clients' expectations and inspires target

Our team consists of
Sarosh Sheriff Creative Director
Salmin Sheriff Business Development
Steven Lewis Senior Graphic Designer
Asif Ahmed Art Director
Anupa Matthews Graphic Designer

Our Clients have been our biggest inspiration:

Al Rostamani Group
Axiom Telecom
Bagash Group
Dubai Bank
Biryani Express
Chalmers Engineering
Daimler Middle East
Emirates Flight Catering
Freight Systems
Hive Restaurant & Bar
Pearl Coast Investments
Sharaf Industries
Teuto Windows & Doors
TGT Oil & Gas
Times Square Center
Wafi Restaurants
Planet Hollywood
Pearl Coast Industries
Thai Chi