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1. President: Maintain written and an open line of communication with all members Advocate for student needs, be the students voice regarding issues and collect, provide student input to the Executive Committee c. Develop instructional and formal structures to enhance the functioning of OSA d. Create membership strategies to build on student recruitment efforts e. Work closely with local members and committee chairs to develop student recruitment and retention f. Coordinate student activities at the National Conference g. Work collaboratively with the National President h. Maintain contact with student advisors i. Consult with National Student Advisor regularly j. Advocate for student needs k. Serve as co-chair of the National Scholarship Committee l. Serve as President and official representative of the Office of Student Affairs m. Member of the Executive Committee n. Chair the national student symposium and student meetings o. Presides over monthly meetings p. Coordinates and Oversees organization activities including the community service project (s) q. Sets the goals and agenda for the organization and the monthly meetings r. Represents the OSA at the National Steering Committee meetings and National Conference s. Possess discretion to act in the Treasurers behalf regarding financial obligations t. Chair of the OSA Handbook Committee u. Chair of the OSA Special Projects Committee a. b. 2. 1st Vice President: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. 3. Assist the National Coordinator Fulfills duties of the National Coordinator in his/her absences Coordinate all student activities and student receptions for National Conference Coordinate staffing the National Student booth at conference Recruit volunteers for conference (i.e. opening/closing and flag ceremonies, etc.) Ensures delegated responsibilities are fulfilled. Check in with and monitor current student chapters Member of the National Conference Committee Chair of the OSA Conference Committee Chair of the OSA Community Service Committee

2nd Vice President a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Assist the 1st Vice President in the performance of his/her duties Update National Student Directory annually Follow-up with new student and chapter inquiries Fulfills duties of 1st Vice President in his/her absence Member of National Membership Committee Responsible for the coordination of recruitment efforts and updates of recruitment materials Chair of the OSA Membership Committee Chair of the OSA Transition Committee


Secretary: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. Take and maintain meeting minutes and distribute to officers 7 days from meeting date. Set up monthly meeting conference calls Editor and Chief of OSA Newsletter Harambee Vision Assist National Officers as needed with flyers, letters, etc. and publicizing conference events Prepare and updates correspondence of the OSA Responsible for collecting and distributing information to the website development committee information for the student section of the NABSW website Member of the Website, Information and Communication Committee Chair of the OSA Newsletter Committee Chair of the OSA Website Committee


Treasurer: a. Keeps an accurate account of and oversees all financial transactions of the OSA b. Processes all reimbursement request c. Create, monitor and manage all student fundraising events and activities d. Member of the National Finance and Budget Committee e. Reports monthly on financial status f. Assist National Officers as needed g. Chair of the OSA Scholarship Committee h. Chair of the OSA Fundraising Committee


Parliamentarian a. b. Assist National Officers as needed Maintain order during all meetings; opening and closing meetings, keeping track of time, maintaining peace in the meeting, and assuring all members have the opportunity to speak during the meeting Facilitates all voting procedures Organize the executive committee and/or a general membership committee to make revisions to the Constitution Organizes the election process with the help of the Coordinator; i.e. facilitates election procedures, communicates with membership about all election matters, communicates with prospective executive members, calculates election results with the Coordinator Chair of the OSA Nomination Committee Chair of the OSA Sankofa Committee

c. d. e.

f. g.

NOTE: All officers must be willing to have their picture and an email address on the NABSW student section of the website.

NABSW Office of Student Affairs National Student Officer Nomination Form

OSA Executive Officer nomination forms will be distributed by November 1, 2011 and are due back to the OSA Parliamentarian by the 4th Monday of January (1/23/2012). Campaigning Officer mentoring begins February 1, 2012 and ends March 30, 2012. Nominee campaigning begins February 15, 2012 and ends March 30, 2012.

Eligibility Requirements Must be a CURRENT paid member of NABSW by October 31 Must be a student in the fall following Election Day Must be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at a degree-granting institution of higher learning. The student must be seeking a degree on the Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral level Proof of student status is required and must be submitted to the OSA by July 1 1

NABSW Office of Student Affairs National Student Officer Nomination Form


POSITION INTEREST: ___OSA President ___1st V.P.___2nd V.P. ___ Secretary ___Treasurer ___Parliamentarian

Name __________________________________________________ Date_______________________________ College/University_____________________________________________________________________________

Select Chapter Chapter Affiliation_________________________________________________________________ TN Middle Tennessee State University ABSW

Address_______________________________________________________________________________________ City_______________________________________ State___________ Zip Code____________________________ Telephone Number E-mail address

Academic Level: ____ Fresh. ___ Soph. ____Jr. ____Sr. ____MSW I____ MSW II____ DSW____Ph.D


Student chapter Advisor or community chapter President supporting this Students Nomination (please print name): ___________________________________________________ Name ____________________________ Role in Chapter ___________________________________ Signature

____________________________________ Contact number or e-mail


Are you a financial student member of NABSW? ____YES ____NO How Long? ____Years ____Months

Are you familiar with the policies and procedures of NABSW? ____YES ____NO I agree to have information about myself including picture and email contact on the NABSW website. _____YES _____NO

_________________________________________ Signature of Nominee

_____________________________ Date

Application Essay Questions (Please use additional paper if necessary) 1. How would you contribute to the growth and development of OSA?

2. What is your leadership experience?

3. Why do you feel you are a good candidate for the position?

4. What additional information would you like to share?