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Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Total Number of Episodes: 98

Total Playback duration: 95 hours

Compilation provided by: Anand Vrindavan

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 1 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Pujya Swami Shri Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Katopanishad Pravachan Vol 1 1999 Pages in Vol 1

Lec 1 : Introduction of story of Nachiketas P2

Shanti path meaning ( Sahanvavaatu etc. ) P9-12
Mangalacharana of Bhasyakar Shankaracharya P3-8
1-1-1 Daan ( Alms ) of Vaajashravas P15

1-1-4 Discussion regarding Daan continues P17-20

Nature of Agni ( Nachiketas )

1-1-5&6 Nachiketas thoughts regarding his fathers anger P21-27

Thoughts regarding following orders, Fear, Delusion,
Ashram of grahastha ,sanyasi etc.

Lec 2 1-1-7 &8 How to treat a guest ( Athithi ) P30-31

Vairagya of Nachiketas in renouncing everything
for three days
Athithi discussion continues P32-37
A common duty for all regarding treating guests
1-1-9 Yama grants three boons to Nachiketas P38-41
Nature of a Tatva jnani P41-43
1-1-10 &1 First vara P44-48

Lec 3 Veethamanyuh = Reduced anger P48-51

Thanks giving to parents, Guru etc.
1-1-12 Second Vara of Nachiketas P52-54
Description of Heaven
1-1-13 Nachiketas is the " SEER " of Death P54-58
Ananda through Agni
Upasana of Agni & Virat
Jnanagni & identification with totaility (ISAVARA ) P59-
Swarga is identification with totality giving up Ego
Shradda (Existence )+ AAdhadhana P60-64
1-1-14 "Nachiketas"= One who only seeks Paramatma P65-66
1-1-15 Ishta through Agni chayana P66-67
1-1-16 Extra vara for Nachiketas P67-69

Lec 4 Nature of saakshi P69-71

1-1-17 Brahmaloka attainment for Trinachiketa agni performer P71-75
1-1-18&19 Swarga for the Nachiketa Agni P75-78
Third boon
1-1-20 Question regarding the existence of Atma after death P79-93
Discussion on Vairagya
Question regarding the survival of Atma after Death

Lec 5 1-1-20 Discussion on nature of Yama P93-100

Discussion of Guru & Shishya
1-1-21 Even gods are confounded by this knowledge P100-105
Different darshanas view atma differently
1-1-22 Drdatha of Nachiketas (determination ) P106-114
Nature of an Atmavit
1-1-23-25 Nature of Vairagya P114-118

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 2 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 6 1-1-26-29 Nachiketas refuses all pleasures P119-122

Discussion on Dharma P122-131

End of First Valli of first Adhyaya

Lec 7 1-2-1 Shreya- Preya Viveka P132-144

Lec 8 1-2-2 Brave choose only the Shreyomarga P144-150

The right to choose between the two ways
Shraddha discussion P150-161
Dheera - Various meanings
Manda discussion

Lec 9 1-2-4 Vidya & Avidya marga are divergent ways P178-186
Avidya alone is the pratibhanda for attainment of Parmatama
1-2-5 Shortsightedness of an Avidyavaan P187-189
1-2-6 Saamparaya is not available for those P190-197
deluded & distracted with wealth etc.

Lec10 1-2-7 Rare is the listener & speaker of BrahmaVidya P198-215

Important discussion on why Jnana does not
happen even after listening many times

Lec 11 1-2-7 Speaker of Brahmavidya should be a "Vara" P216-223

***** Discussion continued on rarity of this knowledge
Who is eligible to teach this knowledge

Lec 12 1-2-9 The culmination of all negation P245-249

The true nature of a seeker
Discusion continued from 3rd para of 249 P249-255
Parama Prem is necessary for this Brahma Vidya
1-2-10/11 Nachiketas more eligible than himself - says Yama P256-259
Vairagya alone is Abhaya
1-2-12 Praise of Brahma Jnana P260-263

Lec 13 Discussion continued P263-269

Buddhi Guha - Parameshwara's light in Buddhi
****** makes us determine things - seek that light !
Without Anubhavi no experience P269-274

Lec 14 1-2-13 Praise of Nachiketas P274-284

The nature of a mortal
The nature of Sukh
1-2-14 Nachiketas basic question P285-286

This question is the basic question of Upanishad as well

Dharma & Adharma discussion

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 3 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 15 That which is beyond Dharma & Adharma P287-293

That which is beyound cause & effect
1-2-15 Yama starts the teaching with Omkar Upadesh P294- 298
Parameshwara alone is to be known is the teaching
of all vedas & is known through vedas alone as well

Lec 16 1-2-15 Discussion continued P298-311

Culmination of all seeking is the Self - Say
Tapas discussion - Shanti itself is Tapas
Brahmacharya is of different kinds

Lec 17 1-2-15 Pranava discussion P311-322

Siddha vastu needs no process
OM is a succinct teaching of all means to that one end called Brahma

Lec 18 1-2-16/17 Greatness of Om upasana P323-328

Nature of akshara tatva
1-2-18 Swarupa of atma - Avinaashitva P329-335
Nature of jnana & the uniqueness of vedas
in talking of this jnana

Lec 19 1-2-18 Discussion continued P337-345

Neither dies nor causes death & devoid of all attributes
1-2-19 Akarta nature of atma P346-349

Lec 20 1-2-19 Changeless nature of Atma discussion continues P348-353

Brahman alone is both for jnani & ajnani -one knows
the other sees the form alone
1-2-20 Shoka removal by atma darshana P354-361

Lec 21 1-2-20 Veethashoka discussion continues P361-365

1-2-21 Who knows Atma? He Himself ! P366-374

Lec 22 1-2-22 No grief for the Knower of Truth P375-387

Sadhya- Sadhana expounded in detail

Lec 23 1-2-23 Atma attained by " Varan " purusha P388-399

Pratyak nature of Atma - Non-mediated self
Paramatma & his nature How to attain Him

Lec 24 1-2-24 Nature of the sadhaka for atma vidya P400-412

The four qualities needed for a seeker

Lec 25 1-2-25 This Knowledge cannot be assimilated P413-423

by Unprepared sadhakas
Deep desire on the part of seeker needed

Lec 26 1-3-1 The dual nature of atma P424-432

Nature of Isvara & Jiva

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 4 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 27 1-3-1 How this mantra is interpreted in Brahma Sutra P432-438

1-3-2 Both Para & Apara Brahma are to be known P439-442

Lec28 1-3-2 Discussion continued on dual view of Brahma P442-446

1-3-3 & 4 Illustration of a charriot to show jiva's complex P447-454
Meaning of Samsar - Ever changing
The nature of Pure Awareness

Lec 29 1-3-5 to 7 Nature of an Avijnavaan & Jnanavaan P455-467

Description of goal of Jiva
5&6 sadhana pradhana
7,8&9 are regarding phala of sadhana

Lec 30 1-3-8/9 Who attains Parmatma ? P467-472

Only to a Viveki & Buddhimaan
Five tips to attain Pavitrata

Lec 31 RECAP OF MANTRAS 1-9 P473-485

Lec 32 1-3-10/11 Pratyagatma is the nature of Vishnu's Param Pada P486-495

Discussion on Indriyas
Discussion on the nature of buddhi P495-505
Nature of Purusha or Brahma
How to know Purusha?

Lec 33 1-3-12 Pratyagatma can be known by an alert mind P506-512

No rebirth for the one who knows that Paramatma
Nature of Gathi - 4 meanings
All vishaya jnana is praatitik ( appearence only )
Nature of Avidya & Maya P513-516
Two types of sanskaar P516-520
1-3-13 Ekagratha & Sukhshmata of buddhi through P521-522

Lec 34 1-3-13 How to use Yoga to see Subtle things P523-534

Nature of Brahma Vasthu
How to merge individualness of buddhi into totality
1-3-14 Call to wake up! P535-537

Lec 35 1-3-14 Nothing beyond this purusha P537-550

Purusha = Atma All things to be resolved into it
Vedanta jeevan is samasyaheen Jeevan (NO SAMASYA)
Why is this vidya durgama?

Lec36 1-3-15 Utter subtleness of Atma P551-560

Jananam alone is Bhoga in truth

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 5 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 37 Knowing Atma will liberate one from cycle of death & birth
1-3-16/17 Mahima of Listening ot Nachiketa story P560-572

End of Part I of book

Second Adhyaya Begins ( Book II )

Lec 38 2-1-1 Who can attain the vision of pratayagatma? P1-10
Difference between Drsya & Karya
Different meanings of Dheera

Lec 39 2-1-1 What is the obstacle in Pramatma's Darshan? P10-20

Four sadhanas to see antaratma

Lec 40 2-1-2 Difference between Viveki & Aviveki P21-28

Amrtatvam word desription continues
Medha word described

Lectures on 2-1-3 to 2-1-6 are not available

Lec 41 2-1-7 When true knowledge occurs then my knowledge & I are not
two independant things Until then Sadhana should not be discarded
Aditi Deva is Atma P31-37
Meaning of Aditi
2-1-8 This Agni in the arani is Brahma P38-43
Guru's Pravchan itself is Agni manthan to kindle Jnanagni

Lec 42 2-1-8 Recap of mantra

Without Mahavakya teaching no one can see poornatva
Discussion on Jnanagni Manthana
2-1-9 Brahma is that in which Sun rises & sets P44
Discusssion on nature of Isvara
Condemnation of Multiplicity

Lec 43 2-1-10 Condemnation of multiplicity continued P44-56

How one goes from death to death on seeing duality in things
Nature of avidya

Lec 44 2-1-11 Nishedha of Multiplicity P57-68

Important discussion on nature of Vijnanam
unless one experiences Ekarasa , he is deluding himself
due to his own samskaar
How to obtain Paramatma

Lec 45 2-1-12/13 In the lotusshped heart is the thumbsized( Anghushta ) P69-79

Brahma purusha
Why does bondage exist?
Why is man reborn? - Because he does not recognise
Paramatnma as Ekarasa in everythig
Nature of moha ( Delusion )

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 6 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 46 2-1-13 Discussion continued on Anghushta Purusha P79-85

2-1-14/15 Condemnation of Bhedha darshana in Brahma & P86-87
Result of Abhedha darshana

Lec 47 2-2-1/2 Only the liberated can become liberated ! P88-103

Shankara bhasya of 2-1-15 discussed
Brahma Sutra 3-4-26 discussed

Lec 48 Sahana avatu mantra explained

Nature of drsta Differences between Vedanta & Sankhya
Uniqueness of Advaita Vedanta
Where is sadhana needed & why

Lec 49 Viveka & Anubhava - two things

Paramatma cannot be away from samsar
Entire universe is the abode of that Lord
Bandhan & Moksha are both false

Lec 50 Avakrachetas word described P103-110

The liberated is freed as it were
The illusion of inside / outside leads to Desh (Space )
Nature of a Jnanai
2-2-2 Same Atma is in all bodies P111-117
That which destroys duality is Hamsa

Lec 51 Atma pervades the entire Universe is essence of MantraP117-134

Atma is not confined to this body but to all bodies
Remaining in Ignorance, there is Delusion
In Brahma, there is never Ignorance
Sanatana Dharma accomodates all views
***** Vedanta's Prakriya is I am different from Body not
Body is seperate from I
Love for Iswara induces Vairagya

Lec 52 Rtam discussion P134-144

Rtam is that which is Unnegated in all Times, Places & Things
How to have Brahma Darshan ?
Operation of Pramanajanya Jnana negates Ignorance
Samanya Jnana does not remove Ignorance but Vishesha Jnana

Lec 53 2-2-3 Indicator ( Linga ) of Atma's swarupa P145-160

Vamana Discussion
Nature of Trivikrama
Brahma neither produces Vidya or removes Ignorance
All love is for the sake of one's own Happiness
How things are cognised in the mind
Never try to catch the images & see things for what they are

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 7 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 54 2-2-4 Atma is that without which there is nothing in Deha P161-174
What is Jiva & What is Body?
Jiva is Shesha & Parameshwara is Sheshi
Vedantas Siddhanta - Tattva Jnana is independent of Karma,
upasana & Yoga
Vedanta negates itself after having given knowledge of Brahma

Lec 55 2-2-5 Body is sustained not due to Prana but Atma P175-183
Nature of Bija & Jiva
Birth is only because I consider myself Limited
Nature of Prana Dharana

2-2-6 Destination for an Ajnani Jiva after Death P184-191

Drsta's Swarupa
How are things perceived through eyes
Guhyam word described

Lec56 Discussion continues P191-204

2-2-7 What happens to a Jnani after Death
Prevasion of Buddhi alone is real not of the body
No Brahma Jnana as long as Drsya is seen seperate from adhishtana
Drsya Prapanca is only due to ignorance of Swarupa's Anantata
In Adhishtana no dofference of Vyashti & Samashti
One's Brahmatva can never be Drsya for Sakshi

Lec 57 2-2-8 Description of Guhya Brahma Sanatanam P205-216

***** Sanatana dharma first creates Adhikari & then Kartavya
Jivatma is a Karta & not a Drsta
Antahkarana by mere proximity to Sakshi cannot create
It needs vasanas
Objects are non seperate from Delusion
Sarva & Ananta are two different things
Advaya is unopposed to Pratiti

Lec 58 Shukram Brahma discussion continues P216-233

Shukram means free of mixing up with Dwaita
One's ignorance is a matter of seeing in all 3 states
No Kartrtva for Jiva in Swapna
Swapna is not a creation of Jiva
Jiva creates Dukha due to Ahanta & Mamata
Who is a samsari ?

Lec 59 Mahavakya Discussion P233-247

All idam meaning is dependent on Aham
Aham is unattached to all things in all states
2-2-9/10 One Inner Atma appears as many in Upadhis

Lec 60 Discussion Continues P247-260

I am Limited is also Ahankar
One whose mind is not one pointed, will see manyness
Nature of Brahma not opposed to either Vidya or Avidya
Brahma as Prakashak & Dahak of Ignorance

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 8 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 61 Bhuvanam Discussion continues P260-273

***** Praathibhasaka Sattha & Vyavahar Sattha discussion
From Paramartha, even Vyavahar Sattha is Praatibhasika
Roopam Roopam Prati Roopa

Lec 62 Pervasiveness of Sarvantaratma P273-284

Pravesha Vicara
Nature of Vyapti
Sarvabhootantaratma discussion

Lec 63 2-2-11 Atma being Non-Dual is still unaffected by Sukha/Duka P285-298

Bhootantaratma discussion continues
Analogy of Aditya
Vedanta does not accept Avidya in Atma or Brahma
Brahma Vidya is attaining Independence from all supports

Lec 64 Discussion continues On Suka P298-311

Atma untainted by Dukha
2-2-12 Atma Darshi alone is always happy
Kartratva & Bhoktratva are the causes of Dukha
Ekam word description

Lec 65 Discussion continues P311-324

Vashi description - Inner controller
Existence is non separate from Atma They are One
One who does not know how to remove Dukha will start to enjoy it
Vedanta cause a Paradigm shift in the attitude

Lec 66 Anupashyanti description P324-344

2-2-13 Chetanaschetananam discussion
2-2-14 Knowledge of Atma alone is the Parama Sukha
Sukham alone is shining in the world

Lec 67 Sukham discussion continues P345-354

Tattvajnana is not possible for those whose mind is full
of Vasanas. Till Atmajnana is acheived one should not indulge
in social work
Eshana discussion
Any Darshana that creates fragmentation is not a means for
2-2-15 Atma is Syamprakash & is not Prakshya P355-359
Discussion on prakashatva of various things
Paramatma is not revealed due to any other thing or Sadhana

Lec 68 How to know Paramatma? P359-369

Does he Shine by himself or Shines after something else ?
How knowledge of things takes place
Sadhana for attaining Brahma Vidya
Differences between Swapna & Jagrat Avasthas
Shraddha is the precursor of Nishta of Tattva Jnana
Anubhava alone is drsta,drsya & darshana

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 9 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 69 2-3-1 Aswatha roopa Samsar vraksha ( Tree) P370-383

Brahma is its root
Mithya Jnana is neither cause for Pravritti or Nivritti
Pravritti & Nivritti is due to Dosh or Guna Buddhi
Unknown Atma is Iswara alone

Lec 70 Mithya discussion continues P383-392

Mithya knowledge is not useful for vairagya says Vedanta
It is very essential for mithya vasthu to shine in a locus where it is not present
Atma Jnana alone happens not Vijnanam of Atma

Lec 71 2-3-1 Oordhwamoola Discussion P392-405

Aswatha & Vraksha - both for vairagya
Vairagya is atahkarana shuddhi & in such a person
Raaga Dwesha vrittis do not come
Moksha is not a product of some sadhana but sadhana
removes all impurities in antahkarana
Different meanings of the word Moola

Lec 72 To whom will Vedanta grant Jnana ? P405-420

Nature of an Adhikari for Vedanta
Vaakyartha discussion - Jahat Ajahat lakshana
Prakriya for Atmajnana - Give up completly the meaning of THIS
Parallels between Abhavavada & Avachedavada
A Totally Unopposed Life - Vedanta's Siddhanta

Lec 73 2-3-1 Aswathah description to induce Vairagya P420-433

Shanti for both Sadhak & Guru is the prayer
What is the locus of Ajnana ?
Shruti alone is Pramana regarding Aikyatva of Atma & Brahma
External & Internal Sadhanas
Asangha Shastra for cutting of this identification

Lec 74 Vritti Discussion P433-440

Four types of vivarta anandas of Brahmananda
Shukram discussion
Amrtam indicates unfragmentedness in Brahma
Shad oormis in creation - 6 changes
Ekatmapratyayasara nature of Brahma

Lec75 Adhyasa discussion P441-454

Appearence & seeing are two different things
Parichinnata is not swarupa
Jnani only differs in his Buddhi & not in any worldly sense
Appearence is sight of duality & fragmentation but
conclusion that it is real is called Delusion ( Brama)
Drsya is seperate from Drsta but Drsta is non- seperate from Drsya
Nature of Jignasa
No Angi / Anga bhava in Jnana

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 10 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 76 2-3-2 Attainment of Amrtatva by knowing the source of creation P455-468

as Atma alone
Vidya & Avidya are both Maya Vrittis
Good & Bad are nothing but Vivartha expressions of Paramatma
Nature of Shraddha & Brahma Jnana
Nature of Prana as Brahma
Discussion on Sphurana

Lec 77 The order of Omniscient Brahma P469-483

That in which all movement is cognised is Amrtam
Nature of Fear
All movement is within Jnanam alone

Lec 78 2-3-4/5 Teaching for Liberation in this Life alone P484-498

Shraddha is Sadhak & not Tattva
Avidya alone is Bandhan & Bandhan itself is Dukha
Not knowing one's true nature is Ignorance
In Brahmaloka , Atma darshan is possible or in This Loka but
not in any other lokas

Lec 79 2-3-5 Mirror analogy to illustrate things in Atma P498-506

Moksha must be attained in this life time & not
***** postponed to next life
Vicara & Ekagratha ( Reasoning & One pointedness )
are two capacities of Human mind
It is possible to see Self in a pure antahkarana
Vedanta Siddhanta & Vedanta Sampradaya are different
2-3-6 How is AtmaJnana attained P507-514
All things put together are for the sake of another
Discussion on Indriyas
Not reasoning is the entire problem
***** Beautiful description of how to conduct enquiry

Lec 80 Discussion on Vicara continues P514-528

All Sukha & Dukha are in Mind & Disappear in sleep
Two Buddhis- Vasana dependent & free
Ahankar is Kriya following Sanskar
Sakshi is witness of Jagrat, Swapna & Sushupti
Whatever Iswara is doing it is for my Good alone
Qualities of a Jivanmukta - Sahishnutha & Dheera

Lec 81 2-3-7/8/9 Innerness of Atma & Phala of Atmajnana P529-544

Ajnana is removed only by Jnana Not by another means
Pramana is Not just Shlokas
"I am" need not be established BUT "What am I" is to be established
Piaprti iti Parah That which supports/enables/inside
Without mind, no indriyas & without Indriyas no Vishayas
Mind itself has Buddhi as its substratum

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 11 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 82 Discussion continues on the Inward Journey P544-560

Are there any differences in Avyaktva state between
things from Tattva 's point of view?
Prakriti & Jada are not same
Knower & Known are both Prakriti Kriya alone
Prakriti is that in which both Buddhi roopa & Padartha roopa is seen
Purusha is Para (different / prakashak) from Avyakta
Bhamathi & Vivarana differences
Where is Karanatva( Pramithi ) in Karma ?

Lec 83 Discussion continues on how Purusha is Para P560-585

No reality of mind without Buddhi
Vyapakatva of Vasthu or Paramatma
***** Nature of " I " is Jnanam alone & Omnipresent
Avachedha Prakriya discussion
***** What needs to be done to obtain this Knowledge of Self
Neti Neti or Apavada to know the Self

Lec 84 By What Linga is Atma Darshana to be had ? P575-588

Paramatma's swarupa is not Drsya for Drsta
Sandrshe discussion
It is the very nature of Drsta !
What are the prathibhandanas for this Vision ?
Four Prathibandhanas- Mandata of Buddhi, Kutarka,
Viparyaya - Duragraha & Vishaya aasakthi
Know Thyself .Thou are Tattvam !
Brahmaakar Vritti discussion
Manisha Discussion

Lec 85 2-3-10/11 Parama Gati & Yoga Sadhana P589-603

Vairagya is essential for this knowledge
Tips to focus the mind
Nature of Adhishtana Drsta or Brahma Drsta
Yoga is Dukha sanyoga Viyoga

Lec 86 Yoga discusion continues P603-616

Ekagratha as propounded by Vedanta Shastra
Knowledge Cannot be Known By Knowledge- Vedanta's Siddhanta
Five things cannot happen with AtmaJnana
Apramada is not identifying with knowledge of Vishaya Jnana
Prabhavapyayou - Rising of Mukti & Setting of Bandhana

Lec 87 2-3-12/13 Brahma Exists is the starting point of sadhana P617-632

Remaining calm & alertful is in itself sadhana
Never be slothful in Brahma Nishta
Two ways of getting rid of Parichinnatha
1. Neti Neti & 2 Aparichinna Bhavana in things
Aham & Antahkarana discussion
No buddhi seperate from existence

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 12 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 88 Discussion on ASTHI continues P632-646

One who says Asthi is non seperate from that existence
Even Abhava is cognised as existence alone
Four abhavas of Naiyayika's & how it is different from Vedanta
Knowing I as Sakshi is not enough but Sakshi as Brahma is.
Brahma is known both as Savishesh & Nirvishesh forms
Tatvam Discussion
Anand word discussion - Is it an experience or seperate from it ?

Lec 89 2-3-13 Asthi discussion continues P646-660

Atma to be obtained not only as "IS" but also Tatvatah
Iswara as seen through Vedanta
Discussion on Shrishti ( Creation ) in various darshanas

Lec 90 Dharma discussion P660-672

No Dharma without some defect
Tattvabhava discussion
No truth in Karya Karana Bhava only for teaching
Lakshana of Sat - not negatable by anything, anywhere
What is the pramana regarding Sat
2-3-14/15 The Mortal becomes Immortal therafter P673-674

Lec 91 2-3-14/15 Discussion continues on Mukti P674-686

Samashnute = praptasya prapti
Discussion on Kama ( Desire ) & its relation to Atma
Jnani & his desires
Aptakama discussion

Lec 92 Mortal is he who has not negated kama from swarupa P687-701
Rebirth according to one's desires
All desires are dependent on one's desire for self
Difference between Ajnana & Brama
ChidjadaGranthi is due to to not knowing one's self
Jadatva of Kama is in Sankalpa

Lec 93 Destruction of kama & Moksha P701-714

Kamana is in mind & never in Atma
Vidya Dadati Vinayam
Tyaga of Chitta alone is Sarvatyaga
Dependence alone is the reason for not negating Chitta
Granthi discussion

Lec 94 All actions of Humans are desire based P714-729

Formless Tattva is sought after as formed - a mistake
4 Vadas - Drsti-srsti, Avachedha, Abhasa, & Pratibimba
Vyaktitva is only due to tadatmya with things
Granthi resolution is by knowledge alone
Sitting on the vasanas is in itself Mrutyu
Considering this is "I" alone is Granthi

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj Page 13 of 14

Swami Akhandanand Saraswatiji Maharaj

Lec 95 Mukti in this life alone P729-736

There can no be no Death for Vasthu
Vedanta says You are liberated by Just Knowledge Alone
Ayam Hasto Bhagavan Ayam me Hasto Bhagavattarah
Knowing Whom Is Liberation Possible?
No One has seen his own Death !
Samashnuthe means your Vyapakatva - ALL PERVASIVENESS

Lec 96 Liberation in this life alone P736-748

Obstruction for this is in the form of Vasanas
***** Knowledge is never bound in all of Creation !
Granthi gramatically means Koutilyata
Phala of Brahma Jnana
Brahmajnani is BRAHMA HIMSELF

Lec 97 2-3-16 Travel for Ajnani after Death P749-761

Nadi = Pranali or Process or Technique for Dhyana
***** 3 Types of Upasakas

The entire creation in a subtle form within this body

For the one who looks inside ,He sees He is Himself Brahma
2-3-17 Substance of entire Kathopanishad P762-764
Knowing the Oneness of Tat & Tvam Pada
is the Secret of this Upanishad
Angushtamatra Purusha

Lec 98 AngustahmatraPurusha discussion P764-768

Boldness of Viveka needed
Mahavakya as lakshya for the enquiry
2-3-18 Extolling of Vidya & Conclusion of Story P769-779
***** What is this Vidya ?
Four things essential for Jnana
Nature of A Human Being in His Core Personality
Dharma & its Role for a Sadhak
Role of Iswara
Vedanta teaches Yatartha Jnana - Knowledge of things as they are


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