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Assessment NursingDiagnosisP l a n n i n g I n t e r v e n t i o n E v a l u a t i o n - Poor homeandenvironmental condition- Inability toprovide ahomeenvironmentconducive tohealthmaintenancerelated tothe presenceof breedingsites andimproperrefuse of trashes.

- Within 24hours, thefamily willbe able toknow onhow topreventdiseases dueto uncleanenvironmentand knowtheimportanceof coveringthecontainersand the waysof properdisposal of garbage.- Clients should beable to do thefollowing:1 . P r o v i d e 3 s e t s of garbagewith labels:a . R e c y c l a b l e (bottles, plastics,paper, cartons, tetrapaks, aluminium andcans)b . B i o d e g r a d a b l e (fruit and vegetablepeels, dried leaves,left-over foods andegg shells)c . N o n - Biodegradable(shampoo sachets,ceramics, diapersand sanitarynapkins)2 . 2 . J o i n M A Y PERASABASURA- The familywill have ahealthylifestylegivingimportanceto healthwellness,conduciveand carefreelife. Intervention Plan Method Nursing of Resourc Criteria intervention Nurse es : Required family Standa Contac rd: t 1. Discuss to Home - videos the family Visit about the dangers cleanline of insects ss inside and rodents the 2. Explore house with the -Visual family ways Aids of about implementin maintaini g measure to ng personal personal hygiene hygiene especially and among the home dependent sanitation members -Time 3. Explore and effort with the of the family ways nurse of and the

Health Proble m

Family Nursing Problem

Goal of care

Objectives of care

Presenc e of Breedin g place for insects and rodents

Threat of crossinfection from insects and rodents 1. Inability to recognize the presence of health threat due to lack of knowledge about the condition 2. Inability to make decisions with respect to talking appropriate health action on the threat

After nursing interventio n, the presence of breeding place for insects and rodents is eliminated

After nursing intervention, the family will be able to maintain cleanliness in their house and reduce the presence of communicab le diseases and infections

due to implementin family comprehend g sanitation the nature of measures the problem such as 3. Inability to sweeping provide a and washing home the floors environment everyday conducive to health maintenance and personal development due to a. Ignorance of preventive measures Poor home/environmental condition/sanitation specifically presence of breeding or resting sites of vectors of diseases (e.g. mosquitoes, flies, roaches)

Poor home/environmental condition/sanitation specifically unsanitary waste disposal

Poor home/environmental condition/sanitation specifically improper garbage/refuse disposal

Illness states diagnosed by medical practitioner as a health deficit Proper waste disposal!!! CUES : SC: Ginasunog raman namo ang among basura dinhi. Amo ra tapukon sakilid unya paugahon, unya sunugon dayon.As verbalized by Mrs. L. OC: The family is disposing their garbage through burning in t h e i r backyard at about 4 meters from their house. Family Nursing Diagnosis

: Inability to decide about taking appropriate actionsdue to failure to comprehend the nature and scope of the problem. Goal of Care : Within 4 hours of nursing interventions, the family will be able todetermine the importance of practicing proper methods on wastedisposal. Objectives : After two home visits, the family will be able to: 1. identify the different ways on proper disposal of garbage such as:a . u s e o f c o m p o s t p i t w i t h c o v e r ; b.segregate the non-biodegradable and biodegradable materials;c . r e c y c l i n g o f c a n - b e - u s e d g a r b a g e ; d.reusing or selling of some garbage like cans, bottles and plastics. 2. enumerate the proper techniques on keeping the surroundings clean andthrough using proper method of waste disposal; 3. define the meaning of proper garbage disposal and its advantages; 4. recognize the possible effects of garbage burning; 5. verbalize understanding about the importance of practicing proper wastedisposal I N T E R V E N T I O N S R A T I O N A L E 1 . A s s e s s t h e f a m i l y s l e v e l o f understanding regarding the identified problem 2 . A s s e s s t h e s u r r o u n d i n g a n d t h e house of the family 3 . P r o v i d e t h e f a m i l y i n f o r m a t i o n about the proper ways on waste disposal such as segregation of biodegradable from non-biodegradable wastes and demonstrate the methods In order to determine the cognitivelevel of the family and acknowledge their perceptions about the problem Facilitate on making the appropriate actions needed by the family For the family to learn the proper waysof waste management and for visualization of the materialization of methods 4 . E x p l o r e w i t h t h e f a m i l y t h e advantages and disadvantages of the different methods of waste disposal To provide options with the family on selecting proper methods of waste disposal

5 . E m p h a s i z e t h e i m p o r t a n c e o f practicing proper garbage disposal with the family So that the family will grasp the significance and demonstrate interest in initiating lifestyle modification Resources Required : Home Visits Assessment Discussion Time and Effort of the student nurses with the family members Evaluation: Goal met. After 2 home visits conducted with nursing interventions, thefamily was able to understand the importance o practicing the proper method of waste disposal as evidenced by Mrs. Ls verbalization Ako na jud sultian akongbana nga maghimo mi ug compost pit ug tak-oban namo, ug ilahi namo ang mgabasura na malata ug dili malata.