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ASME B3134999 Edition


Theflangefacingshall be suitable for the intended service and for thegasketandboltingemployed.

Gaskets shall be selected so that the required seating loadiscompatiblewiththeflangeratingandfacing, thestrength of flange, its the and bolting. Materials shall be suitablefortheserviceconditions.Seealso Appendix F, para.F308.4. 309 BOLTING Bolting includes bolts, bolt studs, studs, cap screws, nuts,andwashers.SeealsoAppendixF,para.F309.

and facing. If either flange is to the ANSI B16.1,ANSI B16.24,MSSSP-42, or MSS SP-51specification,the be no stronger low than yield boltingmaterialshall strength bolting unless: (u) both flanges have flat faces and a full face gasket isused; or, (b) sequence and torque limits for bolt-up are specified, with consideration sustained loads, displacement of strains, and occasionalloads(seeparas.302.3.5 and 302.3.6),and strength of theflanges.

309.2.4 Bolting for Severe Cyclic Conditions. Low yieldstrengthbolting(seepara.309.2.1)shallnot be used for flanged joints under severe cyclic conditions. 309.3Tapped Holes

309.1General 309.1.1 Listed Bolting. Listed bolting is suitable for use in Normal Fluid Service, except as stated elsewhere in para.309. 309.1.2UnlistedBolting. Unlistedboltingmay usedonly in accordancewithpara.302.2.3.

Tapped holes for pressure retaining bolting metallic in piping components shall be of sufficient depth that the thread engagement will be at least seven-eighths times thenominalthreaddiameter.

309.1.3 Bolting for Components. Bolting for combe in ponents conforming a tolisted standard shall accordancewiththatstandard if specifiedtherein. 309.1.4 Selection Criteria. Bolting selected shall be adequate to seat the gasket and maintain joint tightness underalldesignconditions. 309.2SpecificBolting 309.2.1 Low Yield Strength Bolting. Bolting having notmorethan207MPa(30ksi)specifiedminimum yield strength shall not be used for flanged joints rated for ASMEB16.5PN 68 (Class400)andhigher,nor flanged joints using metallic gaskets, unless calculations have been made showing adequate strength to maintain jointtightness. 309.2.2 Carbon Steel Bolting. Except where limited by other provisions of this Code, carbon steel bolting may be used with nonmetallic gaskets in flanged joints ratedASMEB16.5PN 50 (Class300)andlowerfor boltmetaltemperaturesat-29Cto204C(-20Fto 400"F),inclusive. If these b o l t s aregalvanized, heavy hexagonnuts,threadedtosuit,shall be used. 309.2.3 Bolting for Metallic Flange Combinations. Any bolting which meets the requirements of para. 309 may be used with any combination of flange material


Piping joints shall be selected to suit piping the material the service, consideration and fluid with of joint tightness and mechanical strength under expected of pressure,temperature, serviceandtestconditions andexternalloading.

Joints may be made by weldinginanymaterialfor which it is possible qualify to welding procedures, welders, andweldingoperatorsinconformancewith therules in Chapter V.

Exceptasprovided in paras. 311.2.1and311.2.2, weldsshallconformtothefollowing. (a) Weldingshall be in accordancewithpara.328. ( b ) Preheating and heat treatment shall be in accordancewithparas.330and331,respectively. (c) Examinationshall be in accordancewithpara. 341.4.1. (d) Acceptance criteria shall those in Table 341.3.2 be forNormalFluidService.

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