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One is a hysterical, rambunctious fidgeter who can't stand
one second of stillness.

The other is a classic "Type A" perfectionist who needs a qui-

et tea break at EXACTLY 3:25pm everyday.

One is a tomato-haired pogo stick of a girl who is prone to

emotional outbursts and nervous breakdowns!

The other is stout and buttoned down, with nit-picky raven

braids and a perfectly pressed personality -- permeated with

Ready to rumble!??
WITCH-DICULOUS is a show about Dorothy and Carrot Witch, twin
sisters who happen to be ridiculously different-- like poles of a magnet -- like
peanut butter and jelly -- like pimples and moles!-- and whose differences get
them into ridiculous slap fights and sticky situations. But when it’s all over and
the dust clears, the two witch sisters are happy to say “I’m sorry...” and help
each other with the iodine and bandages. Because they realize their differences
make them stronger, hold the key to solving problems, and perhaps most of all
make for a whole pointy hat full of wacky witch-diculous fun!
The Two Witch Sisters live on the planet FLYING HAT, where witches, magi-
cal creatures and everyday goofs live peacefully together.

The Flying Hat planet is shaped like a witch hat, and it orbits a sun which coin-
cidentally is also called THE SUN! It has a mountain peak at the center which
is where most residents live, but it also has a vast desert to the West and a wild
untamed ocean to the East. Life on FLYING HAT resembles earth, with shops,
cars, buildings and taxes. The one thing they have that we don’t is this particu-
lar pair of wacky Witches and their manic magic mojo!
Carrot Witch is not big on book smarts. The younger of the two witches,
Carrot has VERY high energy which needs to be burned, usually by break-
ing something or “creating” absolutely useless non-functioning items and
driving her sister Dorothy crazy. As a proud co-owner of “That Mechanic
Shop” with her sister, Carrot has a job to do -- mopping the floor, handing
the wrench to her sister or hunching over on all fours so Dorothy can stand
on her back to work on hard to reach stuff. However, once or twice a year, or
sometimes when the moon is full, free-spirited Carrot CAN come up with an
idea that even Dorothy is jealous of ! It is then Dorothy’s job to inform Carrot
that she just had a good idea.
Carrot was born with a “special condition”.
Prone to bouts of emotional hysteria, she
transforms into a giant vegetable -- a CAR-
ROT -- every time she has a panic attack
which is more often than you would think.
This wouldn’t be so bad except for the rov-
ing band of hungry pirate rabbits itching to
turn her into a giant pot of carrot soup. Aided
by her daring sister Dorothy, Carrot always
manages to save her delicious orange butt!
Even though she has a 109-year-old wrinkled face and a 200-year-old saggy bel-
ly, her mindset is equivalent to a 9 year old. Maybe witches age backwards.
Carrot is easy going because she doesn’t think about much, and can laugh for
hours after hearing a spider fart.

Carrot claims she is the most popular witch on the block, but then again she
also claims to be the smartest witch on the block! Her recurring Christmas
wish is to replace all the vehicles in “Flying Hat” with her own inventions like
the Jogging Spider (a motor with six spider legs) or a Bat-Coptor(a helicopter
lifted by flapping bat wings).
Don’t be afraid to say hello to this grumpy looking witch -- Dorothy! The
elder twin sister of Carrot by five seconds, she looks dowdy and pouty, like an
old chipmunk with a sour nut. Smart and a strict rule follower, Dorothy puts all
her faith in book knowledge and obsesses over details so much she sometimes
misses the big picture. And if that weren’t enough, she’s also an obsessive
compulsive neat freak who sorts her possessions by color and alphabetical or-
der. Don’t give up hope though, because Dorothy also has a wild fun side! She
spends hours traveling around town to out of the way recycle bins to collect
rare bottles and cans for her giant 3-story post modern abstract expressionist
(with a cubism twist) mosaic!

As the backbone of “That Mechanic Shop”, Dorothy is a hardworking employ-

ee and actually has been elected “Employee of the Month” for last 12 years
running. Which may have something to do with Dorothy always scheduling the
vote on Carrot’s day off ! So while Dorothy’s politics may be suspect, her awe-
inspiring mechanical skills are never in question.
Whether it’s adding a universal joint to a dragon’s
tail or installing a hearing aid on a blind bat, any-
thing is possible in Dorothy’s stubby hands. She
takes particular pride that her magical powers with
engines, gears, and the English Wheel cause com-
plete confusion and fear to Carrot. Best of all, after
working with grimy engine oil all day long, Doro-
thy’s appearance is always spot on and spotless at
Tea Time!
Without an alarm clock, Dorothy has been waking at 6:27 am
and taking tea at 3:25 pm everyday for the last 109 years. She
insists on adhering to this schedule whether in the middle
of a slap fight with sister Carrot or the midst of a perilous
battle with a gangly gang of Pirate Rabbits! Some may see
this as ridiculously rigid, but by that time of the day Dorothy
just likes to kick back with Carrot and her pet bat Seymour,
have a spot of tea on the balcony and watch the clouds mor-
phing from sheep shapes into sock shapes.
Daughter of Mayor Taxman and
the best human friend of the Two
Witch Sisters, Aprilfifteenth likes
unicorns, trolls, baroque music,
and the Dewey decimal system.
She loves to read romance novels,
fairy tales and any other story-
books, except ones about numbers
or taxes. Sentimental and delicate,
she sometimes sheds a tear just
from listening to the mail box or
gazing at a can of spam!
As the only female of the household, Aprilfifteenth tries to
play the role of a mom by taking care of her ungrateful baby
brother, cooking breakfast for the family, using only organic
home-grown greens from the container garden she keeps next
to her bed. Mr. Taxman calls her a “treehugger” behind her
back, but the truth is Aprilfifteenth rarely spends more than
two or three hours a day hugging any given tree.
Shunned by math geeks and kept at arms length by her uptight
dad, Aprilfifteenth’s best friends on the planet are the two witch
sisters, but her constant visits, all-day morning breath and an-
noyingly hard to answer questions sometimes make her less
than popular at the witch household!
This baby son of Mr. Taxman started doing complex math equations when he
was just three weeks old! Now at a ripe old age of 18 months, 3 weeks, 2 days
and 17 hours old, he holds a PHD in mathematics from the prestigious Flying
Hat Royal Academy of Numbers! But don’t ask him to read his diploma to you
because he still hasn’t learned his ABC’s!

In contrast to his sister, Aprilfifteenth, Pie enjoys Sudokou, roulette and the
numbers rackets. He enjoys working hand in hand with his dad Mr. Taxman,
who is grooming him to succeed him when he retires. When Pie has free time
from his dad’s office, he gazes at the stock market ticker and dreams about be-
ing the richest man on the planet before his 3rd birthday. In the meanwhile, he
spends his time roaming Flying Planet with his father, Mr. Taxman, dressed
in identical black and purple striped flannel suits, knocking on doors, collect-
ing receipts, and generally just being a couple of pains in the ass. If they ever
knock on your door, and you see a cute little face through the peephole, never
open the door, pinch the boy’s cheek and scream “What a cutie pie!” or you’ll
wind up paying an extra “not amused” tax of exactly $3.1415926 flying hat dol-
lars, which is roughly equivalent to the computational value of “π(Pi)” taken to
the 6th decimal place, or $13,689 Dusseldorf Kroners, which, as you Dusseldor-
fian’s out there know is quite a lot of dough!
Just like his dad, Pie is allergic to the Two Witch Sisters and their filthy work-
shop. He can’t understand how the witches have more business than any shop
on the planet, don’t take any money, and have a strict no receipts policy! And
they don’t pay sales tax!
Pie always gets Aprilfifteenth grounded by spying on her
friendship with the Witches and reporting to his dad. How-
ever, he can’t watch her all the time, because baby Pie needs
a nap 3 times a day and a change of diapers 7 times a day
just like any other 18 month old baby! What an inconve-
nient little villain!
The ultimate rival of the two witch sisters and the soft hearted villain of the
show, Mr. Taxman puts his faith in the power of numbers, logic and scientific de-
duction. As Mayor of Flying Hat, Mr. Taxman takes pride in being the boogie-
woogie planet’s only link to common sense. He doesn’t like Witches and their
magical inventions floating around his town (they do not make any sense!), so
this smarty pants super-supervisor slaps double taxes on everything Dorothy
and Carrot make, hoping the witches will stop creating and move away.
But hold off on the hissing, dear reader, because Mr. Taxman has a bright
side as well! It is his children, Aprilfifteenth and Pie! Like a good dad Mr. Tax-
man spends his days with one eye on his kids and the other on his adding ma-
chine, and proudly proclaims that he loves all three equally! In keeping with
his inflated ego, Mr. Taxman has BIG plans for his kids... he expects his math
prodigy son Pie to one day take his place as the leader of the planet, and for
daughter Aprilfifteenth to become the secretary for the Secretary of the Trea-
sury! “That’s a great job for a four-eyed girl!” Mr. Taxman likes to loudly pro-
claim during family dinners. Of course Aprilfifteenth, like all girls with glass-
es, has bigger dreams than that, and likes to spend her time with Dorothy and
Carrot pondering the true meaning of life, the relativity of boys and girls, and
sometimes... the wax in Seymour’s ears. Mr. T tries to understand his 10-year-
old daughter’s mind, but her penchant for asking annoyingly hard to answer
questions, and her refusal to itemize her deductions, sometimes just make
him... FLIP OUT! But he deeply loves his children just like other fathers do.
All wings and no brain, Seymour the Bat just wants to hang upside
down and be loved all day long. This sloppy kisser -- who loves to lick
Dorothy’s face at the most inconvenient times -- has a very simple
life. Sleep-eat-sleep-lick, sleep-eat-sleep-lick whoever is standing near
by. He seems more fond of Dorothy because she never forgets to feed
him, but the truth is he likes both witches equally because with his
bad eyesight he can’t really tell them apart. And although Seymour is
a peaceful creature, he doesn’t mind transforming into something big
and scary if a job needs to be done -- as long as he can turn back be-
fore dinner!
A band of buck-tooth buffoons, these hair-brained
hares live for one thing and one thing only -- to eat
the biggest carrot in the world! Always ready, with
or without their pirate ship, they zip into the show
from anywhere, when they hear their fearful leader(a
tiny white rabbit) announces the attack call,
These tough bunnies carry their knives and forks with them -- just in case to-
day is the day! Even the positive, laid back Carrot can’t stop shuttering by this
marching chorus of “carrot!carrot!”. But thanks to the power of two witch sis-
terhood, for this brawling band of pink buckaroos, that day will never come.
The following episodes are a small sampling of the
WITCH-DICULOUS mayhem that passes for every
day life on the planet Flying Hat. Look what happens
when witches, their friends and not so friendly friends
all hang loose!

Carrot and Dorothy hold a hot sauce making contest, and quibble all morning about
whose hot sauce is spicier than the other’s. Their tongues burn in pain as they taste each
other’s fiery home-brewed sauce but they both pretend the other’s is very mild. Aprilfif-
teenth, who lives downstairs from the witch’s mechanic shop, visits them as usual;

“Why are both of you guy’s hair on fire?”

The Witches drink all the water in the bathtub and still insist that the sauces are very
mild. Hours later, with the witches exhausted and tongues too burned to speak, Aprilfif-
teenth stops their ninnyish argument by telling them about her dream. She dreams of a
Centaur who was trying to say something to her but he was so far away she couldn’t hear
him. So she chased him all night trying to get closer, but he always kept moving away.

“Oh, you needed a thunder-broomth thtick! It’th fathter than that half-horthe!”
says Dorothy as Aprilfifteenth bandages her tongue.

“Actually, I could hook you up with a pair of rocket powered braces -- that would be much
faster than some clunky old broomstick”. Says Carrot as Aprilfifteenth starts putting a
plaster cast on her tongue.
And so the Two Witch Sisters war begins. They build vehicles for Aprilfifteenth to
ride in her dream. Of course they have to be fast enough to catch that Centaur. Carrot
designs the most spectacular looking jet braces with bonus front gold tooth! Unfortu-
nately, it doesn’t move, because Carrot’s jet engine has no parts inside. Dorothy creates
a broom stick which is faster than any other! However, Aprilfifteenth refuses to ride it be-
cause there is no safety belt or emergency exit! Each day, the mechanic shop fills higher
and higher with incomplete and impractical machines! Aprilfifteenth stops by day and
night, constantly whining about the speedy Centaur and his mysterious message. Day by
day the whole planet gets more excited about the meaning of Aprilfifteenth’s recurring
dream, and Mr. Taxman pressures the witches to come up with a machine that actually
works. The witches work day and night, but are getting tired. Dorothy ‘s tea break is get-
ting shorter and shorter. Carrot doesn’t even have time to clean her hairy ears, but still
not one of their inventions are successful.

One day, Aprilfifteenth, still wearing her retainer and reeking of morning breath, pops
into “That Mechanic Shop” still dressed in her pajamas and begins babbling about the
centaur again. Carrot and Dorothy, sick and tired of Aprilfifteenth’s story, give each oth-
er a horrified glance, and blast into “sis action” to build the FASTEST, safest and most
easy to use retainer broom-jet that the planet of Flying Hat has ever seen!

The two witch sisters fly away from Aprilfifteenth and escape into her pesky dream.
They ride their speedy retainer broom alongside that mysterious centaur, and discover
after all that he was only chewing grass.

Aprilfifteenth is very excited on April 15 as is her father. Of course this is her birthday
but this is also her dad’s “big money day”. Usually Mr. T doesn’t like being in the pres-
ence of Aprilfifteenth’s best pals the Two Witch Sisters -- but for this occasion he allows
his daughter to invite them to her 10th birthday party. Oh well, he’s always a big softie
on tax day!

The birthday party starts at noon at Mr. Taxman’s favorite hotspot, the local bank. Car-
rot and Dorothy are late and exhausted from waking up at 5 AM and spending the morn-
ing fighting over the best route to take from their shop to the bank, which is only two
blocks away! Hot and hungry as they approach the food table, Carrot stops short in hor-
ror and grabs Dorothy’s shoulder.

“Dorothy! What are they eating?”

The kids are crunching carrots from all-carrot veggi trays! Dorothy covers her little sis-
ter’s eyes, grabs a cold drink and gives Carrot a sip. Carrot throws up onto Dorothy’s
black party dress!

“Ewww! This is CARROT JUICE!”

Carrot gives a panicky looks around party -- all the cookies and treats are made out of
carrots!! The forks, knives and party plates are made of carrots! The party favors and
“Happy Tax Day!” birthday banner are made of carrots! Even the bank itself is made of
carrots! Apparently carrots were on a super blow out sale at the local supermarket, and
Mr.Taxman, being the practical weasel that he is, bought a truckload and used them to
prepare the entire party! Aprilfifteenth passes a big piece of cake to Carrot -- of course,
it is carrot cake with a flaming carrot candle!


Carrot screams in horror at this bloodcurdling scene and runs out of the party. Before
Dorothy can reach her, Carrot’s condition is back;

PUFF!!! Carrot turns into a giant carrot! And instantly, miles away, a tattered pirate rab-
bit flag raise over the horizon. In what seems like no time the moronic mantra of the pi-
rate rabbits (“car-rott... car-rott...”) echoes through the streets of Flying Hat.

By now the birthday party has spilled onto the street outside the bank and turned into a
huge melee of crying kids, panicky witches and a determined Mr. Taxman methodically
picking up left over party treats from the ground. The Pirate Rabbits burst into town
and a wild battle ensues. A sharp fork almost pokes Carrot’s eyeball! Aprilfifteenth’s re-
tainer is knocked from her mouth by a furry rabbit kick. Dorothy does a series of totally
kick ass kung fu moves until exactly 3:25 pm -- her tea break time. Dorothy rapidly loses
power due to tea withdrawal. The witches are screwed!
“Ka-ding, kading” -- Suddenly the sound of a well-used adding machine stops everyone
in their tracks!

Mr. Taxman, strong and strict, holding a stack of regulations in one hand and his adding
machine in the other, steps regally between the pirate rabbits and the witch sisters...

“Excuse me, my furry fellow citizens, but this being TAX DAY I checked your records
and noticed that none of you have paid your income tax for the past thirteen years! Just
give me a moment and I’ll give you your total amount due!”

As Mr. Taxman furiously works the adding machine the Pirate Rabbits back away sneak-
ily, and run back to their hideaway.

Dorothy and Carrot, who has now turned back to normal, look admiringly at Mr. Tax-
man for defeating the gang of Pirate Rabbits with his boring speech and single adding

Aprilfifteenth snaps her retainer back into her mouth and gives Mr. Taxman a big kiss.

It was the best birthday gift that a father has ever given a daughter!

No one knows why, but one day the planet of Flying

Hat simply stopped turning in space. And suddenly all
nature on the planet stopped too! Clouds stopped in
mid-air, waves froze in mid-crash and even the birds
stopped flying in mid-flap!!! And all the people of Fly-
ing Hat were stuck with endless daytime in a sizzling,
hot summer.

Mr. Taxman and Pie, worried about the financial impact of the planetary crisis, calcu-
late all the tax implications, but at the end of their number-crunching they still haven’t
figured out how to move their planet one inch! All the residents are turning into cranky
insomnia-zombies, while all the lizards and snakes are having a non-stop dance party!

The Two Witch sisters haven’t seen things this bad since they accidentally caused the
Great Sea Fire of Flying Hat over 214 years ago when Carrot insisted on having a weenie
roast on the beach! Still feeling guilty for that regrettable incident, Carrot and Dorothy
decide now is the chance to make up for their past by saving the planet today!
They immediately get to work on their master plan, but un-
fortunately after exactly 47 seconds of brainstorming they
are distracted by a soccer game on television. Sixteen hours
later, after watching the entire World Cup tournament, it
suddenly dawns on them -- someone needs to kick this lazy
planet’s butt until it moves again, just like Luxumborg did to
Slovenia in the fourth quarter of game 16!!! Taxman doesn’t
fully approve of this idiotic idea but he has no choice. He re-
cruits Aprilfifteenth and several grade school science nerds
to help with the project.
The witches get to work on the first part of their plan -- they build
a giant foot that spends all day kicking garbage cans through the
streets of Flying Hat. It works great! But the whole plan is a bust
when they discover the foot is scared of heights and refuses to go
up into space. They invent a large rocket called “Droopy Poopy the
Rocket” which doesn’t work out because it needs constant bath-
room breaks... They create a very fluffy cloud called “Fluffy”, but it
floats away. Hour by hour, the mechanic shop fills with more useless
Carrot plugs an extension cord in backwards and gets a big electric shock!

“I have an idea” she hollers as her hair bursts into flames!

Dorothy puts out her hair as Carrot tries to explain her grand plan;

“Let’s just stack up all this junk in a big pile, climb up to space and kick this bad boy

Dorothy and the science nerds ponder Carrot’s preposterous proposition a moment, then
burst into a frenzy of action! Indeed, it is a great idea!

The pile grew fast past the roof of the shop, then past the tall tree out front, then past a
flying bird who was stuck motionless above the clouds.

“Help me!” squeaked the bird in desperation as the pile raced by! And just like that, as
his tiny bird breath hit the side of the pile, it lost balance and tumbled to the ground with
jarring crash!--Kaboom!

Just then, far off in space, something mundane happened... lodged under the planet of
Flying Hat, the tiny pebble that had gotten stuck and caused all the trouble popped loose,
and the planet started moving again as if nothing had ever happened!

There was no harm done back on Flying Hat, except that the mechanic shop was com-
pletely destroyed.

“Well... another job well done!” exclaimed the witches as they sat down with the science
nerds and Aprilfifteenth to watch the beautiful sunset on their favorite planet!
Infinity(∞), Pie(π) and The Bad Witch

On Pie’s 20th month birthday Mr.

Taxman gives him the gift of a fully
furnished Gentleman’s Study where
Pie can work to achieve his goal of
being the richest man on the planet
before he turns 3. The Study happens
to be located directly under the Two
witch sister’s bedroom, and the walls
happen to be very thin! One night,
while staying up late doing a quanti-
tative analysis of integer based deci-
mal systems, Pie overheard Dorothy
and Carrot talking...
“I’m so glad great grandma the bad witch is stuck in that tiny
pink box in the spare room downstairs! If she were somehow re-
leased she would surely move into our house and instantly make
our lives miserable! Luckily Taxman hasn’t found a sucker to rent
that room yet!” exclaimed Carrot before she and Dorothy dis-
solved into hearty witch giggles!

On the other side of the paper thin ceiling, Pie, who dislikes the
witches almost as much as his father, lets loose a snippy little
chuckle too.

The next morning the two witch sisters wake to the sound of an
obnoxious knocking on the door! Looking through the keyhole, all
Dorothy could see was a giant mole.
It was Great Grandma, the bad witch! Someone let
her out! And what’s worse, standing by her side was
her pint size pal, the notorious jack ass “∞(Infinity)”!
He’s basically just a floating squiggle with a supe-
rior brain, a bad attitude and an ugly heart! Not the
kind of house guests one hopes for.

Grandma Witch and Infinity lose no time making everyone

miserable. Grandma insists everyone get their hair cut to
match Mo from the three stooges -- even Seymour! She forc-
es everyone to watch the 24 hour weather channel while they
pluck the gray hairs from her moles. Meanwhile, Infinity
sucks up to Mr. Taxman and picks on Pie, making him look
dumb by beating him at math games at the dinner table. Mr.
Taxman is quite taken by Infinity’s computational skills and
phony good manners, and indeed, gradually starts to prefer
Infinity to his own son Pie!

Pie is not used to playing second banana to anyone

-- that’s Aprilfifteenth job! -- and regrets freeing
Grandma and Infinity from the Witches’ secret box.
He sets to work on a new math equation that will get
these two n’er do wells back where they belong!
Meanwhile, back at the witches’ place, Grandma announces that tomorrow the Mechan-
ic Shop will be turned into “Moley Beauty Shop”, which will specialize in the application
of fake moles!

The two witch sisters are fed up;

“Grandma has got to go!” they both shout at each other at exactly the same time.

Carrot and Dorothy work feverishly into the night on their spell to get Grandma and In-
finity back in the box, and Pie, one floor below -- having trouble with his math equation --
swallows his pride and slips a note up between the floorboards to Carrot and Dorothy.

Usually math and magic don’t mix, but in this case Pie, Carrot and Dorothy
come up with the perfect solution for their common problem!

The next day Mr. Taxman arrives at Pie’s Study holding adoption papers and looking for
his adorable Infinity. But all he finds is Pie, Carrot and Dorothy -- dirty, disheveled and
out of breath, sitting on a tiny little box.

The summers on Flying Hat are notorious not only for being hot and humid, but also for
giant clouds of buzzing needle-nosed monster bugs. These bugs are not-so-skilled tattoo
“artists” whose bite leaves not so pretty tattoos that itch like crazy, cause public embar-
rassment and smell bad too! One hot July the bugs seemed to be particularly attracted to
Carrot and her tasty pale skin...

“Ah!! I’m itchy all over!” cried Carrot as she woke and pulled up her pajama top.

On her stomach, in crappy cursive tattoo writing was the word “tomato.”

“Tomato?” said Carrot angrily. “That’s it – we’ve got to do something about these

Dorothy dives into her 16 volume set of “Facts for Witches” and discovered a well known
fact that everyone else knows...

“Bats eat bugs!” Dorothy exclaimed as she slammed the book closed. “Seymour’s been
getting a free ride! Starting tonight, no more cat food -- Seymour has to earn his meals
the old fashioned way!”
And with that Seymour’s life changed. No more dog
biscuits, no more meaty late night chewing bones, and
no more sleeping until noon with breakfast in bed.
Seymour spends all day hunting but he is too slow and
overweight to catch even one bug.

He goes to sleep hungry and wakes

up hungry. Day by day, his beautiful
potbelly gets smaller and smaller,
and his silky blue hair turns muddy
purple. Life is miserable.
One morning Dorothy wakes up to Carrot screaming. Monster bugs cover her face! When
Dorothy swings her broom, they fly away leaving the tattoo “uranus” on her forehead.
Dorothy calls for Seymour but he doesn’t come. She runs to the kitchen to find an empty
bat cage! Seymour is gone! All that’s left is a letter! It says...”@#$%T^#%^”

Quickly Dorothy grabs her bat language books and translates the letter;

“I miss my master.” it says.

The two witches gasp! Seymour’s master! They adopted Seymour from Senor Vampire
and no one is supposed to miss a vampire! The terrified Witches build a Garlic saucer
and garlic shoes to visit Senor V. Trembling in the spooky shadows at the front door to
his bachelor pad, Carrot and Dorothy confess how much they mean to each other and
pledge that if this is the end, they will go together as one family. Fortunately for them
Senor Vampire wasn’t home! -- He was out taking his tango lesson….
Dorothy and Carrot, dejected but relieved to return home, open their kitchen
door to a big surprise -- Seymour is back! He barely glances at them as he digs
through the refrigerator eating everything in sight. Seeing Seymour back to
his old ways, the two witch sisters realize how wrong their new rules were and
give Seymour the warmest hug ever! They’d rather wear bad tattoos all sum-
mer long than lose their beloved family bat!

One year later, when Dorothy gets more fluent in “bat language”, she reads
that letter again...

“I miss my mustard.”

She never tells Carrot.

As long as Carrot can slip away from Pirate Rabbit attacks while
Dorothy sips her favorite tea at 3:25pm, the Witch-Diculous Mojo will

Stay tuned!