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Seton Hays

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A Grateful Patient Shares His Story
Ian Green spent 30 years as a company doctor, before he retired and moved to Driftwood with his wife of 53 years, Norma.
It was very fulfilling to help companies that were falling apart turn around and succeed, explains Ian. I was able to save a lot of jobs and can truly say that what I did impacted whole families. When I was finished working with a company, it always gave me a warm feeling to be able to say those folks were safe and secure. Now, Ian stays busy with both the Rotary and the Starlight Symphony Orchestra in Wimberley, among other things. He and Norma, who hes known since she was three years old, have a son, Jonathan and a daughter, Melanie who has two daughters of her own. Visiting his children and grandchildren is definitely a favorite pastime for Ian. But, he also enjoys spending time at his Driftwood ranch.

A newsletter for friends of the Seton Hays Foundation, supporting Seton Medical Center Hays and Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital, members of the Seton Healthcare Family

Winter 2011

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Board of Trustees Chuck Nash Chair Kate Johnson Vice-Chair Sam Cooper Treasurer Chair, Finance Committee Mary Ann Mattis Secretary Chris Harkrider Chair, Grant Committee Tom Searcy Chair, Nominating Committee Ex-Officio Members Charles J. Barnett Kenneth L. Gladish, Ph.D. Thomas E. Gallagher Rhett Reed, M.D. Gerald W. Hill Sr. Nannette Gentile, D.C. Seton Hays Foundation 6001 Kyle Parkway Kyle, Texas 78640 (512) 504-5075

A Grateful Patient
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When we decided to move from England, Norma said we needed an adventure and ultimately, needed to retire somewhere where its warm! We first visited Colorado (where Melanie lives) and New Mexico. Then a surgeon friend suggested the Austin area and we explored Marble Falls, Dripping Springs, but when we got to Wimberley, we fell in love and settled close by at a 13-year-old ranch. While spending time receiving medical care would likely not rank high on a list of wanted adventures, utilizing the services at Seton Medical Center Hays has wound up occupying a great deal of Ians time over the last few months. I have had a lot of experience with hospitals, especially in England, says Ian. I always had great care in England. Once you announced you were building Seton Hays, since Im only 8 miles away, I was excited. After all, Im getting up in years and thats when things start falling off.

Norma and Ian Green

Fortunately, nothing has fallen off of Ian Green! But, one of his visits to Seton Hays recently included having to be admitted. After he was discharged, Ian wrote a letter to express his appreciation for the care he received. Below is an excerpt from that letter. I recently undertook some surgery at Seton Hays, including an overnight stay... And I wish to put on record how very grateful I am for the exemplary care conducted by your nursing staff throughout my stay. This is not the first time I have had surgery, however, I was overwhelmed by the dedication and kindness given to me by everybody making sure that I was comfortable, assuring me in my anxiety and going out of their way to show me care and consideration... They really did go that extra mile on my behalf... I would be grateful if you would convey my sincere appreciation and recognize their fine efforts on behalf of their patients. Providing quality care that helps to ensure patients are safe and secure and positively impacting families, Seton Medical Center Hays and its staff have a great deal in common with a very grateful patient and former company doctor, Ian Green. Im very impressed with all of you here and plan on volunteering at Seton Hays probably after Christmas. I believe you should give something back... especially to a hospital where they give so much.

Seton Hays Close Up | Winter 2011

Scholarship recipient Nancy Hermes (center) and her son, Cole, pictured with Nurse Scholarship Endowment donors Forest Walker and Helen Marak-Walker.

Fred Markham from Texas Pioneer Foundation presents Elizabeth Bustamante with a 2011 Seton Nurse Scholarship.

Two Local Nurses Receive Seton Nursing Scholarship

Elizabeth Bustamante, a charge nurse in perioperative services at Seton Medical Center Hays, and Nancy Hermes, an emergency department nurse at Seton Edgar B. Davis, were among 20 outstanding Seton employees to receive a $3,000 scholarship from the Seton Foundations. As her familys sole provider, Bustamante plans to use her scholarship to pursue her bachelor of science in nursing degree at the University of Texas El Paso. She expects to graduate in May 2012 and plans to stay with Seton until she retires. She said, I have been employed by many different institutions and I recognize that by far Seton is the best. Hermes will complete her bachelors of science degree in nursing this year, but has decided to continue her education and pursue a masters degree as well. The Seton nurse scholarship has enabled me to continue my education, which has given me confidence that I can do something that I never thought possible, she said. More than 100 Seton employees applied for the scholarship. Winners were selected by a committee of physicians, nurses and Seton Nurse Scholarship Endowment donors. The Seton Nurse Scholarship Endowment was established to provide Seton employees and volunteers with support for their nursing education. To date, the community has contributed more than $4.6 million to the endowment, including generous donations from employees through the Seton Cares campaign. Through this generosity and matching funds provided by Seton Healthcare Family President and CEO Charles Barnett on behalf of the Seton network, 125 scholarships worth $245,000 have been awarded to Seton nursing students over the years.

Seton Edgar B. Davis Scores High with Patients

Recently, Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital (SEBD) was named one of the top in the nation for patient satisfaction. The Outpatient Surgery department achieved a perfect score of 100% on the latest patient satisfaction survey, and the Emergency Unit was named among the top 10% in the nation for patient satisfaction. The results came from a survey administered by NRC Picker, a recognized industry leader that specializes in healthcare performance measurement. Seton Edgar B. Davis is one of 25 hospitals in the state and the only hospital in the Central Texas region to receive the Quality Improvement Achievement Award from Texas Medical Foundation Health Quality Institute. In addition, the facility received the coveted Nurse-Friendly designation from the Texas Nurses Association. Seton Edgar B. Davis joined only 31 hospitals across the state to earn this elite honor. The goal above all else is to create an experience for our patients that is excellent in every piece of the care we provide, said SEBD Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Neal Kelly. Safety, quality and satisfaction are high priorities with specific strategies for each. I also believe that the differentiating aspect of the SEBD experience is the family environment. Associates treat each other and the people they serve like they are a member of their own family. It does not matter whether you talk to a physician, a nurse, a patient access representative or a housekeeper. Each understands and appreciates the important role of every team member and the unique opportunity that exists with each patient interaction. Located in Luling, 50 miles southeast of Austin, SEBD is a general acute care facility committed to providing quality inpatient and outpatient services for residents of Caldwell and surrounding counties. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency, plus comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services, health education and wellness programs.

Two years brings growth and expanded services at Seton Hays

Since Seton Medical Center Hays opened on Oct. 1, 2009, demand for services has grown considerably, and the facility has grown right along with it. Approximately 50 board-certified medical staff were on hand two years ago when Seton Hays first started seeing patients. Today, that number has increased to more than 200 physicians. In addition, Seton Hays now offers our community a level of care that was not previously available in this area individuals in cardiac, vascular or pulmonary distress can now be treated right here in Kyle. Seton Hays physicians provide a high level of expertise in a variety of highly-sought after specialties, including: Interventional Cardiology Seton Hays has developed an impressive Interventional Cardiology program, which has been recognized by the American Heart Association for its achievements in intervening in heart attacks. Our door to balloon time is a record 17 minutes well within the 90 minute-window in which the AHA recommends reopening a blocked vessel. Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery Seton Hays proudly offers open heart surgery, a service that was not previously available in Hays County. In most cardiothoracic and vascular cases, time is of the essence and Seton Hays has meant the difference between life and death. Hematology/Oncology and Radiation Oncology Before Seton Hays opened, residents of Hays County had limited choices for cancer care. Now, there is an impressive cancer center in the medical office building adjacent to Seton Hays where patients can receive a full range of treatment. Neurology With two neurologists now in our community, strokes and other neurological issues can be diagnosed and treated conveniently. OB/GYN Seton Hays has recruited five full-time OB/GYNs and built the areas first Level II neonatal intensive care unit for newborns who need extra support. More than 1,000 babies have been born in our family-centered maternity unit in the past 24 months. Orthopedic Surgery Seton Hays recruited one full-time orthopedic surgeon, and, with her guidance, is now participating in research which has shown promise in healing bones. Pulmonology Seton Hays has brought in three pulmonologists, including an Interventional Pulmonologist who is able to diagnose and treat lung issues with minimally-invasive procedures. No other facility between Round Rock and San Antonio has these capabilities or this level of training. Minimally-Invasive Surgery Seton Hays now offers several minimally-invasive procedures which offer patients less pain and a shorter recovery time. In addition, we have recruited several physicians from highly sought-after fields, including Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Urology and Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat). These developments have changed the way those in our community needing services receive health care for the better.

Thank YOU!

Your generous support of Seton Medical Center Hays and Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital allows Seton to grow and expand its healthcare programs and services to better serve patients and families in our communities. In the Seton tradition, every patient who walks through our hospital doors, regardless of his or her ability to pay for services, is treated with the highest quality, person-centered care. Your donations are making a huge impact on the lives of our neighbors who live in and around Hays and Caldwell counties. We ask that you please continue your support to help ensure future success. Make a secure online donation today at or turn to page 10 for more ways to show your support. Thanks for all you do!

Seton Hays Close Up | Winter 2011

Why wait in an Emergency Room? can hold your place in line.
Patients with minor emergencies now have the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of home for as long as possible before heading to an emergency room waiting area to seek medical attention.

Seton Medical Center Hays and Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital now offer LOg On. SHOw Up. Be Seen. The online service allows you to designate an arrival time at each medical centers emergency room for a nominal fee. You are guaranteed to be seen by a healthcare professional within 15 minutes of that designated time or the $4.99 fee for this service will be refunded. is designed for people experiencing non-life threatening medical conditions such as a sprained ankle or twisted knee. By using the online service, patients can better manage their own time without having to wait it out in the emergency room, said Herb Dyer, Seton Medical Center Hays vice president and chief operating officer. Because emergency rooms treat patients in order of severity a process called triage patients with non-life threatening conditions may find they have to wait for an hour or more while those who show up with more severe injuries or ailments are given priority. ensures that most of the time spent waiting to be seen is done in the comfort of a patients home. You can be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible and still see a doctor as soon as possible, explains Dyer. To receive the 15-minute guarantee, you must provide complete information during the online registration and arrive at the emergency room at the designated time. InQuicker LLC, the private company providing this service for Seton, charges $4.99 which is separate from the medical center or any other emergency room fees. If the triage process means another patient is seen ahead of the time that was designated for you and it results in it taking longer than 15 minutes for you to be seen, InQuicker will refund the fee.

For more information on this revolutionary service, visit

Join Us!
The Seton Hays Society was established in 2010 as a social and educational group for individuals interested in supporting Seton Medical Center Hays. With an annual membership gift of $250, members meet quarterly to socialize and learn more about innovative programs and the power of collective philanthropy at Seton Hays. Twice a year, the Society selects specific programs at Seton Hays to support with grants funded by their pooled membership donations. Members help fund programs at Seton Hays that truly touch the lives of the patients we serve. Its easy to make a difference - go to to join this fun and dedicated group, or contact Melinda Edmondson at 512-504-5077 or to learn more. 5

Seton Hays Chief Operating Officer Herb Dyer (pictured far left) joins Seton Hays Foundation Executive Director Gerald Hays and Seton Hays Society member Dick Schneider (both pictured center, left to right) in presenting the first Seton Hays Society grant awards to Seton Hays team representatives from Surgery, Rehabilitation Services, and 4th Floor Med/Surg.

Seton Social 2011 a Huge Success!

The Seton Hays Foundations Seton Social 2011 proved enormously successful thanks to the generosity of some 350 guests, sponsors and underwriters. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful Wild Onion Ranch, with many first-time visitors saying, I hadnt heard of this place before now, but it is absolutely fabulous! What a great place for a party! And what a party it was. Along with the fantastic venue, Seton Social attendees enjoyed the Grammy Award-winning sounds of Grupo Fantasma, fabulous food and beverages plus a whole lot more. All total, more than $182,000 (net) was raised to benefit Seton Medical Center Hays in Kyle. Guests were in a bidding mood for both the live and silent auctions. The two auctions combined brought in more than $81,000. We cannot thank all of our supporters enough for making our Seton Social 2011 so successful and memorable, said Gerald Hill, executive director, Seton Hays Foundation. In particular, I want to recognize Andy and Sarah Edgerton for opening up their ranch and their home for the event. They are true friends of Seton Hays. We cant wait to go back next year! The Seton Social 2012 will be back at the Wild Onion Ranch on Sunday, September 23, 2012, so mark your calendars today!
pHOTOS 1 Joan Searcy, Judy Carr and Tom Searcy at the VIP Pre-Party at the Edgertons home. 2 Pictured at The Wild Onion Ranch table are Andy Edgerton, Tom Leonardis, Jackie Mills (seated in front) with Sarah Edgerton, Rose Leonardis, Sue Mills, and Gerald Hill (standing). 3 Michelle Lopez gets into bidding at the Soliref table. 4 Ann Marie Rowe, SMCH laboratory manager, cheers for Teresa Reed and Dr. Rhett Reed of Emergency Service Partners during the live auction.

Seton Hays Close Up | Winter 2011

Thanks again to the generous sponsors and underwriters of Seton Social 2011!
Platino Capitol Anesthesiology Association de Oro Hills, Longcopes, Moellers, Soechtings Plum Creek Development Plata Austin Regional Clinic Burt-Watts Industries, Inc. Judy Carr Duke Realty Emergency Service Partners Frost Bank Chris Harkrider & Dawn Mallory, Carroll & Barbara LaBorde, Tom & Joan Searcy and Betsy Urban Bill and Kate Johnson McCoy Foundation Reitpath Pathology San Marcos Daily Record Satellite Health/Capital Nephrology Seton Medical Center Hays Soliref, Inc. Bronce Acadian Ambulance Service Austin Community College Austin Gastroenterology Austin Real Estate Partners Broadway Bank Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeons Sam & Karen Cooper and Dick Schneider Deer Creek of Wimberley Heart-to-Heart Hospice Legend Oaks Healthcare & Rehabilitation Marbridge McDonalds/Jimmy Ferguson Pediatrix Robert and Coleen Pfeiffer Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union Regency Nursing Sac-N-Pac Texas Gas Service United Surgical Partners US Telehealth, Inc./Dr. Darryl Camp VistaCare Hospice Jack Williams Xtreme Power Solutions Underwriters Andy and Sarah Edgerton, The Wild Onion Ranch Chuck Nash Auto Group/Chuck & Elizabeth Nash Priority Personnel, Inc. Coyote Gold FriDaze Liquor WJ Deutsch & Sons Dr. Patrick Garcia

pHOTOS 5 Dr. Todd and Meg Davidson of Capitol Anesthesiology Association, Dr. Christina Sheely and Deann Manchester of United Surgical Partners. 6 The McCoy Foundation table, left to right: Brenda Remme, Linda Volden, Lara Lowman, Barbara Woods, Becky Cultra, Cindy McCoy, Sandy Rankin and Miriam McCoy.

Big Crowd, Big Bucks Raised at 7th Annual Taking Care of Tiny Texans Gala
Luling doesnt have a room big enough to hold all the donors who showed up and stepped up at the 7th Annual Taking Care of Tiny Texans Gala, presented by the Caldwell County Associates of the Seton Development Board and the Seton Hays Foundation. So they all got in their cars and trucks and drove west. The event drew about 470 guests to the Embassy Suites in San Marcos, where they filled tables, purchased auction items and all together collected more than $215,000 (gross revenue) in sponsorships and donations for Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospitals Childrens Care-A-Van, a fullservice mobile health unit offering affordable health care to low-income kids under 18 years old. Even though Caldwell County is one of the poorest counties in Texas, the generosity of our citizens was demonstrated by all the money that was raised at our gala. Our donors generosity is a direct reflection of Setons important ministry and care for our patients, said Sandra Hendricks, director of development for Seton Edgar B. Davis, which is located in Luling. This event continues to get bigger and better every year. We set a very aggressive fundraising goal and the community certainly stepped up to help us achieve a new level of success. I am always amazed by the incredible generosity of our donors and supporters, said Neal Kelley, Seton Edgar B. Davis VP and chief operating officer.
Continued on page 9 pHOTOS 1 R & F Industries, Raymond and Rose McGlothlin (pictured in back) with Stan and Jeanne McGlothlin (front) 2 Bobby and Sue Schmidt 3 Progress Drilling, James Montgomery and Donna Townsend 4 Eighty Six Oil Company, Cal and C.J. Watts 5 First Choice Power 6 Jim and Suzy Godwin with Christy and Mike Schultz


Seton Hays Close Up | Winter 2011

Prairie Lea Baptist Church

The Seton Care-A-Van is a vital service for children and families in distant areas of Caldwell and Bastrop counties. It is on the road four days a week, taking medical care to patients who cant easily travel to medical facilities. In 2010, the Care-A-Van served more than 1,450 children, provided 1,685 immunizations and dispensed almost 200 free medications. No child is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. Children who are covered by insurance also are welcome and the administrative staff assists in filing the necessary paperwork. The Care-A-Van is under the direction of pediatrician Dr. David Needham and is staffed by Physician Assistant Erica Benedicto and Customer Service Representative Sarah Gonzales. In addition to immunizations, the Care-A-Van offers treatment for minor illness and injury; well child exams; school and sports physicals; management of chronic illness such as asthma and obesity; and on-site pharmacy and screening covered by CHIP and other healthcare funding sources. At this years gala, there was an added goal of raising enough money to match a generous grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation to replace the existing Care-A-Van, which has been on the road for about a decade and is in need of all-too-frequent maintenance and repairs. Thanks to the Galas generous sponsors and others who have made additional donations, enough money has now been raised for the match and a new Care-A-Van will soon be in service.

Special Thanks to our Taking Care of Tiny Texans Gala Sponsors

Premier Hazelett Oil Company Prairie Lea Baptist Church R & F Industries Platinum Eighty Six Oil Company First Choice Power North South Oil, Inc. Progress Drilling, Inc. Sage Capital Bank Schmidt Electric Gold Jim & Suzy Godwin Johnson Oil/Tiger Tote Stores Lower Colorado River Authority Silver Apple Lumber B-3 Oil Company Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative Centex Equipment Carter Cattle Company Citizens State Bank City of Lockhart City of Luling Countywide Realtors Dairy Queen, Luling Emergency Service Partners First Lockhart National Bank IESI Solid Waste Management JGI Outdoor Advertising Magnolia Ts and More OGO Marketing, Inc. Seay & Seay Pump & Supply Texas Petroleum Investments Company

We Need You!

Youve joined hands with the Seton Hays Foundation in building a community of support. Your gifts are helping patients live healthier lives, thanks to the excellent healthcare programs and services available at Seton Medical Center Hays and Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital. With your continued support, we can do more.
Give a safe donation online at or mail a donation in the attached envelope.


Plan for the future and ensure good health for your neighbors in Hays and Caldwell counties forever through will and estate planning. Call Michele Gonzalez at (512) 634-6857 to help discover creative ways to give.


Enjoy fun and fellowship while learning about exciting programs at Seton Hays -- join us at our next Seton Hays Society meeting in March! Contact Melinda Edmondson for information about how to join at or 512-504-5077.


Seton Hays Close Up is a publication of the Seton Hays Foundation and is published for donors and friends of Seton Medical Center Hays and Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital. The Foundation is a fund development arm of the Daughters of Charity Healthcare Ministry of Central Texas. The newsletter is compiled by the production team of Bianca Bellavia, Melissa Gable, Michele Gonzalez, Christine Trevino and various staff photographers. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome at (512) 504-5075. For more information about support provided by the Seton Hays Foundation, visit Seton Medical Center Hays and Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital are members of the Seton Healthcare Family.

Your time is valuable, especially to our patients and staff. Call Pam Crowther, Director of Volunteer Services, at (512) 504-5180.

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