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MIXED TENSES Fill in the blanks with the correct tenses.

Write next to the line which tense you have used! Benjamin ___ (to be) an exchange student. He ___ just _______ (to arrive) in the USA and _________ (to stay) there for one year to live in a host family. His new sister ___ now _________ (to show) him the house were he is going to stay. Obviously she is very proud... This is our house. Our family ____________ (to live) in it for almost 70 years. My great-grandfather ______ (to build) it when he ___ (to be) still a young man. My greatgrandmother moved in after they ______ (to get) married. She ____________ (to live) here since 1934 and she still ______ (to live) here. She ______ (to have) a room at the back of the house. Our next door neighbours __________________ (not have) such a long family tradition they ____________ (to buy) their house in 1996. Of course our house is much better. Last year we ____________ (to renovate) a lot. We ____________ (to paint) all the windows and ____________ (to hang) new wallpapers. Not so very long ago we also ______ (to put) in new carpets. Something very funny ____________ (to happen) when we were renovating: While my father ____________ (to stand) on the ladder with a pail of paint, the phone suddenly ______ (to ring). He__________________ (to be surprised) that he ____________ (to spill) the paint all over himself. Can you imagine? He looked just like a ghost, all white and he made funny sounds. Even a week later he still ______ (to have) some paint left in his hair. Look, this is the dining room. Here we always ______ (to eat) dinner at 6 p.m. every evening. Sometimes, though, it gets a bit later. Every Tuesday dad ______ (to make) a barbecue. ______you ______ (to like) that? I love it! He ____________ (to make) some Hamburgers right now. Yummy! But let me show you your room now. I hope you will like it...

1. Every year, millions of British tourists (to spend)_____________their holidays in Spain, Italy or Greece. Until the 1960s, however, only the rich (can)__________________afford to travel abroad. Over the last 20 years, cheaper air fares (to make)__________________ it possible for almost anyone to travel by plane. 2. - ______________(we-catch) a movie tonight? - I'd rather not. I (to feel) _____________like going out. 3. - I'm afraid I (to damage)__________________the car last night. Oh no! What (to happen)________________? I (to hit)_______________the wall as I (to drive)________________ into the garage. 4. - What's wrong with Joey? Why (to cry - he)____________________________? - Norm (to punch just)____________________ him in the eye. 5. When the teacher (to enter)______________________the classroom last Friday, Anita and Wendy (to wrestle)_____________________on the floor. The day before the headmaster (to see)_________________those two fighting in the toilets. Bob (to watch)____________________TV all evening when his mum (to come)____________in at 11 p.m. He (to do)_____________any of the chores she (to ask)_______________him to do. As a punishment, she (to ground)_______________him for the rest of the week. - Who (to talk -you)________________to when Dad (to tell)____________you to hang up? I (to chat)______________with David. I (to speak not)______________to him since he (to move)____________to Bristol last month. Anyway, he (to give)_______________a party next Saturday and he (to invite)______________both of us to spend the weekend.Great! I hope Dad (to let)______________us go! 8. - _________________(to see you ) the latest "Star Wars" yet? - No, (short answer)________________.When we (to go)_____________to the cinema yesterday, there (to be)______________a massive queue.

We (to queue)______________for almost an hour when someone (to put)________________up a "Sold out" sign. We (to try)_________________________to try again tomorrow. 9. - (to go - you)__________________jogging in the evenings? Yes, ( short answer)______________.I usually (to go)_______________for a run around the park after supper. How about you? I (to prefer)________________swimming to running now, but when I (to be)_____________younger I (to enjoy)_____________________jogging very much.