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Dynamic, highly accomplished Managed Care Account Manager with demonstrated success in achieving positive formulary access for products and increasing sales in key national and regional accounts through building relationships, effecting contracting, and devising pull-through programs. Expertise in a diverse range of pharmaceutical products including brands, branded generics, generics, and medical devices, and numerous disease states, including cardiovascular, infectious disease, pain management, neurology / CNS disorders, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, and dermatology. Innate ability to assess performance data, competitive landscape, and market trends, and devise and implement 30-60-90 day business plans to effectively position products and exceed company revenue and profitability goals within influential Managed Care, Medicaid, Medicare, Med D, PBM, Retail and GPO accounts. Significant contributor to business development opportunities and new product launches. Reputation for partnering with cross-functional business units, including brand, marketing, legal, regulatory, contracting, and compliance to construct win-win proposals and effective marketing pieces. Strengths lie in educating field sales management and representatives on solid messaging delivery.

Simi Valley, CA 93065 (805) 526-6606 (h) (805) 915-8029 (c)

Managed Markets Expertise Pre- / Post-launch Product Marketing Positive Formulary Access Account Management Consultative Sales Techniques Pull-through Program Development Contract Development / Negotiations Product Launch Training Program Development / Delivery

KING PHARMACEUTICALS, Bridgewater, NJ / Bristol, TN July 2007 April 2011 National Account Manager/Corporate Account Director Recruited by the VP of Managed Market during expansion of product portfolio due to exceptional previous NAM success to devise and execute business development and contracting strategies to maximize profitability in 11 Western States. Called on national and regional accounts, including Prescription Solutions, Kaiser, The Regence Group, HealthNet, WellPoint, Blue Shield of CA, MedImpact, CatalystRx, Envision Rx, Select Health, Sierra Health Plan - HPN/UHC of Nevada, HMSA and ODS, interfacing with Pharmacy Directors, Clinical Pharmacists, and Contract Directors. In addition; responsible for three Regional Account Managers. Analyzed critical data sources, including Wolters Kluwer and IMS to determine ROI, market share and product trends, opportunities, and threats. Collaborated with brand, marketing, legal, and regulatory personnel on contracting, marketing, and product launch / pull-through initiatives. Coordinated the delivery of pull-through messages to the field sales team through District Managers. Selected accomplishments: Contributed to gross sales of $25 million annually and retained branded generic status at 3 national PBMs for Levoxyl during position tenure by negotiating and completing purchase agreements for mail-order business. Realized gross sales of $1.3 million and $842,000 in gross profit by completing an agreement which placed all King primary products on formulary without restrictions with RxSolutions subsequent to 13 months of negotiations, 10+ redlined turnarounds between legal departments, and 3 extensions. Increased market share from 2.6% to 4.0% by positioning Avinza as an alternative to Oxycontin, garnering HVP list from RxSolutions and Pacificare to target specific pain prescribers, practicing focused selling and branding techniques with targeted geography and physician groups. Retained 90-95% market share, protected $1,075,000 in revenue, and maintained Tier II status at 4 national accounts for Altace despite loss of patent and generic competitor market entrance. Instrumental in key San Diego sales representatives achieving 140% of goal and #1 status in the region for Embeda by utilizing analyzed data to develop managed care messaging targeted at physician office personnel charged with completing paperwork for health plan approvals. Selected as Managed Care Representative to provide input to Embeda and Flector Patch brand teams. Chosen for several sub-committees to concentrate on and develop / implement SOPs for ad hoc projects, including pull-through / contracting strategies, marketing collateral, and rebate offerings to address managed care market shift due to increased generic options and future healthcare reform. AVANIR, Aliso Viejo, CA 20062007 National Account Manager Hired as 1 of 2 National Account Managers to promote a neuro-health product Zenvia prior to FDA approval, in addition to securing formulary access for Fazaclo at national HMO, PBM, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D accounts in 27 states. Called on, developed relationships, and utilized managed care acumen to deliver positive formulary results.tSecured 95% preferred formulary acceptance for Fazaclo with commercial and Medicare D plans.


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CONNETICS, Palo Alto, CA 2004-2006 National Account Manager Recruited to implement managed care sales and marketing strategies designed to maintain, protect, expand and enhance MCO formulary access for product portfolio with targeted HMO, PBM, Medicaid and Managed Medicaid Accounts in WA, OR, CA, ID, NV, MT, AK, HI, and WY. Capitalized on existing relationships and formed new associations with key decision makers at numerous accounts, including Prescription Solutions, HealthNet, MedImpact, CatalystRx, BS of CA, Kaiser, the Regence Group, Select Health, Premera, Sierra Health Services, Providence, and HMSA. Developed and delivered account proposals, negotiated terms / conditions, executed contracts, measured profitability, and drove initiatives toward maximizing contract performance. Mentored new Sales Representatives to enforce managed care targeting / messaging with high volume prescribers. Selected accomplishments: Increased market share 3% above national average, garnered positive formulary access, and increased profitability (8.5%) by constructing rebate offerings of less than 10% for branded products in a highly competitive generic marketplace. Orchestrated and rolled-out new interactive Managed Markets Communication Portal, including a Continuing Education Classroom, Forum Area, Secure Access, Clinical Library, Conference Capabilities, and Industry News, which resulted in obtaining the most new registrants (65), conducting the most webcast meetings (20) and attaining more than 600 website hits. Established and implemented a SWAT team to garner product coverage with Kaiser, which included outlining access and rules of engagement, defined geography and key players in the system, and resourcing individuals with previous Kaiser experience to determine methods for calculating sales within a non-reporting entity. Developed and executed value-based contracting strategy with target MCOs and state Medicaids; led internal multi-functional contract business case reviews and return-on-investment analysis sessions Spearheaded development of a branded, product portfolio / coverage credentialing brochure, adopted by team members across the country for utilization at meeting and conventions. Selected to deliver best-in-class pull-through presentation to national management team subsequent to demonstrating exemplary managed care field leadership and pull-through results. Earned the President's Award 2005 for outstanding managed care accomplishments. BAYER CORPORATION, INC. West Haven, CT 19892004 National Account Director (20022004) Chosen as only 1 out of 4 Regional Account Managers for promotion to National Account Director in a 4-state region, including California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii. Devised and executed strategic initiatives, developed relationships with key decision makers, and negotiated contracts to secure positive formulary access with national accounts. Key accounts included Pacificare, WellPoint, HealthNet, Prescription Solutions, Kaiser Permanente, The Regence Group, Blue Shield of CA, MedImpact, CatalystRx, Envision Rx, Select Health, Sierra Health Plan, HPN, HMSA Hawaii, UHC of Nevada, ScriptSave, and ODS. Supervised and oversaw professional development for a 4-member Managed Care Specialist team located in California and Oregon. Coordinated and ensured regional implementation of nationally developed contracts. Communicated pull-through messaging programs with field sales personnel. Selected accomplishments: Grew market share for Avelox to (15%) and positioned product as primary quinolone for gram positive and gram negative pathogens to replace Levaquine on National Formularies within major Managed Care organizations by utilizing numerous avenues, including: o Addressing WAC pricing of Levaquine versus Avelox with Budget Impact Model, which demonstrated significantly better outcomes due to reduction in hospital stays and repeat office visits. o Discussing nuisances of bacterial resistance due to sub-therapeutic coverage for gram negative / positive infections in the community and hospitals with Pharmacy Directors, Managers/VPs of Industry Relations, Medical Directors, Clinical Pharmacists and Clinical teams. o Capitalizing on strong community support of Cipro, the first board spectrum quinolone, to position Avelox as the 2nd generation quinolone with enhanced bacterial coverage. o Obtaining and sharing HVP list from several MCOs with Regional Directors, District Sales Managers, and Regional Account Managers to specifically target high volume prescribers and regional PBM clients through development of pull-through messaging by field sales force. o Initiating dialogue with major MCOs regarding Appropriate Anti-infective Management Initiative to further enhance product positioning Increased strip sales 35% in 12 months and securing Glucometer as preferred monitor for HealthNet by incorporating value-added offerings, including conducting diabetes screenings at 6 health fair locations, diabetic retinopathy patient education / screenings, and compiling a registry and customer care program for all identified diabetic patients within the clients system. Obtained critical market share mass (82%) for Baycol within the first 90 days of launch in a highly concentrated Lipitor market by spearheading the creation and implementation of launch plans, contracting, rebate, brand awareness, and pull-through strategies at national and regional accounts in collaboration with brand management, marketing, field sales operations, sales training, compliance, legal, and regulatory. Served as the Managed Markets Trainer and Newsletter Editor; devised and implemented a "Train the Trainer Workshop for Division Managers; developed and distributed a Managed Markets Resource Binder. Participated in contracting within major hospital systems as an augmentation to the Institution Sales Force.


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Regional Account Manager (2000-2002) Promoted to identify, pursue, and capture business opportunities through effective relationship development with key decision makers. Negotiated contracts to ensure positive formulary access, sought approval for out-of-guideline contracts, and ensured implementation of nationally developed contracts with regional customers. Collaborated with and educated field sales personnel on pull-through strategies with national and regional accounts. Selected accomplishments: Contributed to gross sales of $25 million annually and retained branded generic status at 3 national PBMs for Levoxyl during position tenure by negotiating and completing purchase agreements for mail-order business. Developed and maintained relationships and secured formulary wins with key accounts, including BS of CA, HMSA - Hawaii, Universal Care, Lifeguard, Maxicare, Tower, LA Care, Insource, Carefirst, and RxAmerica, in addition to regional accountability for Cigna, Aetna, and PacifiCare Partnered with cross-functional teams to achieve goals and allocated resources to support account business plans, which resulted in favorable status on Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs) for major Medical Groups and IPAs. Managed Care Specialist (19942000) Chosen as 1 of 8 employees in the nation for a newly created position to pioneer the companys involvement in local managed health initiatives. Established relationships, and promoted and developed sales opportunities with healthcare professionals in large physician practices and medical groups. Formulated techniques to improve acceptance and appropriate utilization of pharmaceutical product portfolio by conducting thorough needs assessments, communicating benefits and price advantage, and facilitating contract discussions with key decision makers. Selected accomplishments: Achieved improved access for products and sales representatives within medical groups and IPAs to secure favorable position on Preferred Drug List by attending meetings and conventions focused on key customers, developing long-term relationships with customer pharmacists and medical directors, informing accounts of product formulary position with major health plans and PBMs, and supporting value-added programs at the medical group level. Garnered thorough knowledge of medical group standard operating procedures, including payer contract methods, P&T committee functions, physician incentive tactics, and techniques to ensure sales force access to key physicians. Shared key information with fellow MCSs, RAMs and NAMs. Honored as the top-ranked Managed Care Specialist in 1995. Spearheaded committee to develop expanded MCS role, which encompassed co-authoring the Managed Care Specialist position description and interviewing candidates for the position. Previous positions held included Specialty Sales Representative Urology (1994) and Professional Sales Representative (1989-1994).


Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration University of Phoenix (2005) Certified Medical Representative CMR Institute (1993)

Member Healthcare Businesswomen Association of Southern California Member AMCP conferences Member California Association of Physicians


WorldTeam Medical Mission to Nepal; Triage Team Leader September 1998 WorldTeam Medical Mission to Sri Lanka; Pharmacy Assistant September 2003 WorldTeam Medical Mission to Burundi, Africa; Pharmacy Assistant October 2008