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The Trash Zone.

"Trash will be placed where this much?" Some info and tips about the trash that I can share with friends, How Long Material Destroyed Unraveling: "Plastic bags = 10 - 12 years. Disposable plastic cup = More daru 20 years. Styrofoam = More than 500 years" waste management
The process of recycling waste is a natural sentinels. Actually, the waste is not garbage, but the resources of raw materials to the recycling process that produces humus or compost, fertilizer protective natural creation / building soil fertility. Continue turning the cycle of natural recycling is key to safety earth, is actually the responsibility of humans in their environment. So that the waste is the responsibility of us all to recycle it into compost for the salvation of the earth.

Agricultural experts believe that the key to healthy plants is healthy soil as well. A healthy soil is a soil physical, chemical and biological well, with no significant inhibiting factors. A good biological condition means having optimal soil organism populations in a healthy balanced biological ecosystem, which is guaranteed by optimal levels of soil organic matter + 5%. Maybe we'll think of 2 x to consume goods that are not friendly to the environment, after we know that the time required to destroy the waste is as follows: Type of Waste Paper Skin Orange Doos Carton Cigarette Filter Plastic bags Leather Shoes Clothing / Nylon Plastic Aluminum Styrofoam is Old Crashed 2-5 months 6 month 5 months 10-12 years 10-20 years 25-40 years 30-40 years 50-80 years 80-100 years not destroyed

By looking at the chart above, there is no harm if we start from our respective homes to reduce the waste that can not be used as much as possible. One way is to recycle waste that can be utilized.

Recycling is the reuse of materials / goods that are not used to be another product. In addition to working to reduce the amount of waste that must be discarded into landfills (TPA). Recycling of useful raw materials meet the demand for a product. And in terms of fuel use of recycled saves enough energy to be issued a factory.

The steps that need to be done for recycling: Separation. Separate items / materials that can be recycled with the waste should be dumped into landfills. Make sure the material is vacant and would be better if it is clean. Storage. Save items / materials that have been separated was dried in a box / box closed depending on the type of goods, such as boxes for waste paper, bottles, etc.. If it will make the compost, piles of household garbage in composting sites. Delivery / Sales of Goods sold to the plant collected in need of such waste materials as raw materials sold to scavengers.

In outline, waste can be divided into three types, namely: 1. An Organic Waste garbage is not easily broken / rotted instead of a liquid & gas and often referred to as dry waste. An organic rubbish can be divided into two parts: a) Obsolete goods. Goods that can be recycled again be clean and not damaged, have high economic value. Example: metal, iron, tin, plastic, rubber, etc.. b) Not an organic waste decayed goods are really damaged and can be traded so ill have no economic value.

2. Organic Waste garbage that easily weathered / broken, instead of a liquid / gas and is often called wet waste. Organic waste consists of 3 parts: a) Fresh organic waste, such as kitchen garbage, gardens, markets and restaurants. b) By organic waste such as paper, cardboard, etc.. c) Options for organic waste recycling organic waste into compost selected fresh and soft and does not include a hard wet shaped like the rest of the vegetables, spices & rest of the fruit. 3. Waste Hazardous Waste must be handled specifically to neutralize the pollution. Trash must be separated from the others so that the recycling process more quickly and produce products that are free of hazardous materials. Example: broken glass & glass, residual chemicals, batteries, bottles of insect repellent & nails. HAZARDOUS AND TOXIC WASTE (B3) B3 waste there are many around us such as insect repellent / pesticide, used oil, residual ink, batteries, etc.. If the waste is disposed of in a landfill that do not have special requirements then the toxins present in the waste can seep into soil and contaminate ground water and plants to be consumed by humans. Therefore, separate the B3 waste from other garbage.

How to minimize landfill waste? Use the goods as efficiently and as much as possible. For example: The use of plastic wrap over the can be reused. Use old bottles without having to buy new. Repairing old furniture by giving a new design with reuse efforts. Conscious and love of the environment and understand the various issues and how to overcome them is critical.

MAKING COMPOST HOUSEHOLD Principles of composting household waste containing organic material + 75%. Composting process of adjusting to the availability of raw materials, which are not well collected in large numbers, but little by little each day. This condition such as occurs in nature in the forest floor, where organic remains fell onto the ground layer by layer until it becomes thick.

The process of reform-fermenting organisms of the soil occurs under creeping up the pursuit of new materials that fall, followed by the formation of humus from the ground up as well. The speed of composting is highly dependent a.1. on the composition of raw materials, comparison of levels of C (high-fiber material) with N levels (types of legumes, manure, etc..). For optimum composting feedstock ratio C / N = + 30, the end result of humus or mature compost C / N = 12-15 Method and Tool Making compost is easy and simple, but because of its location in the yard of the house must be free of odor pollution , flies, dangerous animals and free from interference chickens, dogs, cats, etc.. Moreover, the organic remains uncollected at once but gradually every day from kitchen waste and dirt yard.

For composting in the yard, it takes two kinds of containers: 1. Large container, a container for raw materials and the occurrence of the composting process, called "Compost" and placed in the yard in the shade. 2. A small container in the form of small plastic bucket with a lid, while the remaining organic shelter kitchen. Compost tools most practical and safe is the recommended tool STU Campbell (book "let It Rot", Storey Books, Vermont 1998) for use in the yard. Compost is made from 200-liter drums, walls of discarded, and the foundation wall at the center can be entered dilobangi for 3-4 inch PVC pipe, which also serves drainage. In the PVC pipe is made within 5 cm hole (drill) along the four sides. Mounted drum stand, given the prop 2-3 layers of bricks. PVC pipe is inserted into the hole bottom, until the lower end touched the ground and protruding above the upper end of the drum + 10 cm, through the midst of an additional cap (can be made of plywood). Small bucket plastic bucket 5 l - 10 l with a lid, provided for a temporary (1-2 days) residual organic kitchen and are always placed in the kitchen is closed.

How it Works Composter (drums) placed in the yard in the shade. Preferably made of plywood cover over the middle perforated PVC pipe where the emergence. Every time cleaning the yard, wastes rontokan leaves, cut grass fence, etc. put in the composter, flattened, slightly compressed and sprinkled on top of a layer of old manure, compost or half-baked new, fertile black soil, etc.. as a starter enhancer N and soil organisms. If too dry to moist with water and closed to prevent from excessive rain, sun and pollution flies. To facilitate a container is provided near the composter starter (manure, etc.) are always closed. Every one or two days, dirt kitchen in a small bucket that is full, also included, leveled and covered with a starter. Similarly, each time filling the remaining organic or dirt accumulated new kitchen, until the composter is full, which takes 1 month - 2 months for a family is. Once full, closed and left behind and forth for a month + composting is expected to mature in the form of finished compost is black, crumbs and smelling fresh. Composter is emptied, the contents aerated, can directly be used alone or filtered (filter wire netting) is wrapped and sold.

Occurred since the beginning of the composting process of organic materials incorporated, and propagates upwards following the new organic materials. Here will be a process of fermentation heat by thermophilic bacteria, because the temperature can rise inside a closed composter, which is also useful to kill seedling pests, diseases and weeds. I composter which is full and is in the process pemasakkan, replaced composter II that had been prepared and later after I finished dokosongkan composter, composter supplant II when it is full, and so on.

The remainder consists of pieces of organic kitchen / vegetable leather, soft fruit peel, leaf wrappers, paper, the rest of side dishes, separated from the rest / nonorganic waste. Kitchen waste is put into a small bucket and a non-organic is collected in another container for disposal in the trash. Every time put the rest of perishable organic kitchen (the rest of side dishes), directly above a layer of fine sawdust sprinkled meetings. So the kitchen has always provided fine sawdust in a special container. Small bucket should always be closed tightly and usually within 12 days are full, then immediately taken to the garden put in the composter, and sprinkled a layer on top starter. In order not dirty plastic bucket, preferably coated with a plastic bag so the rest of perishable organic kitchen that can fit securely and tightly. Can be realized if every household willing and able to recycle organic waste yard and kitchen into compost, then the household waste disposed to live a little and do not cause environmental pollution. Waste disposed to live in the form of non-organic wastes such as used goods plastic, tin, iron, etc. and a little hard of organic wastes such as used goods of wood, bamboo, cardboard, hard rind and most of these items can be utilized by the scavengers. In this way almost any organic material can be recycled so that the waste problem can be solved in a healthy city and support the safety of the earth.

Just one thing, which man has not managed to connect an unbroken cycle of recycling, the problem of impurities (taeces) and human urine because they still knock on cultural issues.

HOW TO READ THE CODE RECYCLING following a sign that has been in sepakati and commonly used by a mill recycling of plastic as a reference :

polyethylene terephthalate ( a pet , pete ) a pet transparent , pellucid , and strong . usually used as bottles beverages ( mineral water , juice , soft of drink , sporting drink ) but not to warm or hot water . splinters and pelet pet that has been cleared

and recycled can be used for making fibers the carpet , ll of , and geotextile . nickname : polyester .

high density polyethylene ( hdpe ) . hdpe can be used to make all kinds of type phial . bottles not given pigment is translucent , stiff , and suitable for package products having short life as milk . because chemical ketahan hdpe having good , plastic type can be used by package detersive and bleach . recycling results can be used as packing product non pangan as shampoo , conditioner , a pipe , a bucket , etc .

polyvinyl chloride ( pvc ) having the character sik stable and resistant to chemicals , the influence of the weather , flow , and electrical properties . this material most difficult for recycling and commonly used for plumbing pipe and kontruksi building .

polypropylene ( p p ) p p has endurance good against chemicals , strong , and own a high melting point so as to fit for products that deals with food and drink like a store food , phial drink , a medicine and bottles drink for infants . usually recycled being casing battery , a broom , a brush , etc

polystyrene ( ps ) ps ordinary worn as a feeding place this isn , a drinking disposable , the cd , cardboard place poultry eggs , etc . discharging these materials are so avoidable to package food because the styrine could enter the food when the food touch . material styrine dangerous to the brain and the nervous system human . this material dibanyak state in america 've prohibit discharging a food made this isn including the chinese state .

other plastic used a code it is made of resin not included six the other , or made of more than one kind of resins and used in combination multi layer . tips to reduce waste: 1. you do anything can help reduce pariahs with brought food and drink to school with the food and bottles beveragesif you want to buy food in school , still take place phial own food and their drinking for its container food from home . 2. older brother , an uncle , aunt , mother and mr , who lectures , labor and other berkegiatan outside the same you do not be lost . take also box eating and drinking phial / a glass own yea.