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Deah Lestari1 , Eko Prayetno1 Hendra Saputra1, Risandi Dwirama Putra1, Mufti Fathonah Muvariz1, Mohd Zamani Ahmad2

Departemen of Marine Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Enginnering, University Technology MalaysiaPostgraduate researcher, University Technology Malaysia 2 Assoc. Professor, Dr., University Technology Malaysia

Abstract Green shipping is the current goal of all shipping nations. Ships are not to destroy the environment through emmission of gases, discharge of waste and ballast water. The concept of green shipping has come to a stage where green shipping criteria have been identified and incorporated in regulations imposed by international bodies such as IMO. Indonesia is a traditional maritime nation with a large shipping fleet plying the international shipping routes. Awareness in Indonesia on the importance of safeguarding the environment is high and is reflected by its efforts at various levels of the maritime authority. This study looks at the demand and supply scenario of Indonesian shipping, its efforts towards green shipping, drawing the benchmark of green shipping fleet and proposing the areas of strategic green shipping focus for Indonesia. The findings indicate that Indonesia is safely aligned towards building a green shipping fleet. Some benchmarked criteria are already in placed. Additionally, levels of commitment at different level of the national maritime organisation have been clearly derived. 1: Postgraduate, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 2: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, email: This article is discuss about the green shipping for new indonesia. The selected of the tittle is was based on the fact that trading, maritime transportation, and defens need a ship because Indonesia is an archipelago country. In indonesia application of shiping fleet is more increase. It is influence by the demand. Using ship is more efficient than other transportation. But the shipping activity can make the problem to environment. When view the impact of shipping, it can be promote a better understanding on important the green ship for the future, especially in Indonesia. Keywords: green ship, shipping fleet. I. INTRODUCTION A nation needs ships for several reasons; transporting passengers, carriage of cargo and national defecne and international trading. Ship is an important component of international trade and for the movement of goodsraw material and manufactured goods. More than 90% of international trade use the ships (ref.????). The use of ships as a means of transport due to several things, such as ships can carry more of cargo, compared with other transportation modes and capable of carrying different types of cargo. Ships as a major mode of transportation in the trade, would be an increase in demand for ships