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Java Documentation

1)Scrabblet:It is a kind of java program. It having the concept of Applet (Client side programming) / Servlet (Server side programming) & network programming. It is a multiplayer game. It having support for both, the keyboard & the mouse. After creation of this program the user can understand the concept of client side programming and server side programming. The server side programming must be in running in background to execute the client side programming. For detail:- Write the Servlet / Applet Life Cycle & about networking Applet life cycle init() start() repaint() update() paint() stop() destroy() Servlet life cycle Class file loading init() service() destroy() garbage collector. Loading & garbage collector servlet engine. (in web server ) 2)Lavatron:It is a kind of java Application. This application works like a Light bulb display in the sports field(Generally used in cricket field to display the wicket or score). This is a kind of simple applet having some good graphical effects with the images. Naturally for the animation or for lighting effects Threading concept are there. This concept implements without repaint() method. in Lavantron applet we have small images such as 6*6 , 8*8 px , 10 * 10 px or 12 * 12 px. 3)ImageMenu:It is a kind of java application generally used with web pages. It present image based menu with arbitrary number of choices in a vertical/horizontal list. When the user moves the mouse cursor over those choices the one under the cursor changes appearance, indicating that it can be clicked on. When the user clicks on a choice the web browser changes to a new document specified for that choice. It is a kind of applet program. 4)Dynamic BillBoard: It is a kind of java program . It is an applet application. It displays the sequence Of images by repeatedly changing the image on the screen to another after a period of time. It is just like Banner component of the web pages. It also use the concept of multithreading. For above detail write Life Cycle of Applet & about Thread

5)Migrating from C++ to JAVA:

Java is a kind of programming language for internet computing & completely written in C++. That means the java is a kind of application developed in C++. List of C++ features not supported by java:1)In java there is no any concept of pointer due to the security reason. 2)It does not support the Structure & union . 3)Java has no concept of pre processor directives. 4)It does not support automatic type casting. 5) Java does not support default argument 6)It does not support Multiple inheritence 7)It does not support Destructor 8)It does not support goto 9)It does not have the delete method 10)Operator overloading is not present Features of Java that is not in C++:1)Platform Independency 2)Multithreading 3)Interface 4)Package 5)The char data type 16 bit wide Unicode char. 6)Server side programming 7)Database connectivity (more complex in C++) 8)Remote method calling. Java beans it is a kind of reusable software components , just like active x control of Microsoft. Or It is a visual tool provided by the sun Microsystem just like visual tool of Microsoft. Individual java beans will vary in the functionally they support, but the typical unifying features that distinguish a java bean are: * support for "introspection" so that a builder tool can analyze how a bean works. * support for "customization" so that when using an application builder a user can customize the appearance and behavior of a bean * Support for "event" as a simple communication metaphor then can be used to connect up beans. * Support for "properties", both the customization and for programmatic use. * support for persistence, so that a bean can be customized in an application builder and then have its customized state saved away and reload later. Adv 1 Reusability. 2 GUI Tool - Easy to use (Drag & drop). 3 code auto generate 4 auto compile.

Dis. Adv 1 code size very large 1 page 10 20 25 - 30 pages 2 - no of files more 1 file 10 20 25 files 3 limitation can do Simple form , Drawing , Animation , events. Cant do Frame , Dialog , Swing , file Handling , JDBC , Networking , RMI , servlet . 4- Performance Slow. Bean box collection of java beans (Designing Window). JAR files (Java Archive file) it is a kind of javas compressed file , bean box accept only jar file for each & every java beans stored inside jars sub folder of BDK. JAR Files Auto Executable Open on DBL click - For Application projects Non Auto Executable * for Beans or container.

Mft file (Manifest file) it is a kind of text file its indicate that the particular class file is the java beans / Main File. For beans Notepad A1.mft Name: demo/sunw/demo/abc/Bean1.class Java-Bean: True for auto executable Main-Class: Login Java-Bean: True

to create a user define bean

1 package always create with demo.sunw.demo.packname; eg package; 2 class always extends with Panel / Canvas / Components. Not extends with Frame / Applet / Dialog & Swing classes. package; public class MyButton extends Button { public MyButton() { super(Click Me); // button create with click Me } } save with

3 to create an mft file Notepad A1.mft Name: demo/sunw/demo/abc/MyButton.class Java-Bean: True 4 to compile a java file c:\bdk1.1>javac d . c:\ 5 to create a jar file

jar file name mft file name class files. C:\bdk1.1>jar -cfm jars/My.jar c:\beans\A1.mft demo/sunw/demo/abc/*.clas c create a new jar file f jar file name specify, 1st argument is the jar file name. m mft file name specify, 2nd argument is a mft file name. 6 testing the beans is working or not. C:\bdk1.1\beanbox> run