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REPUBLIC OP THE PHILIPPINES COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE OF RIZAL Seventh Judicial District Branch XXVIII; Pasay City WILSON-P. ORFINADA ) ERC/CIVIL ‘CASE NO, i Plaintiffs . * 3957-P : For: Quiating of -Vs- Titles/Reconve- ‘ yance of Real’ MACARIO RODRIGUEZ AND HEIRS ) Properties with , THE HEIRS OF DON MIGUEL AND }, «Reconstitution of | | HERMOGENES ANTONIO RODRIGUEZ ) OCT No, T-01-4, 1 /DONAUAURORA-BABELA Y CARDONA ‘TCT No. ,T-408/ | PXTRICIA TIONGSON AND HEIRS TCT No, 1-498 | . PONCIANO PADILLA -AND HEIRS in accordance with Rep. Act FRLIMON AGUILAR AND THE HEIRS FORTUNATO SANTIAGO AKD MARIA No. 26 in the PANTALEONA P. SANTIAGO AND HETRS name of Prince MARCOS ESTANISLAO AND MAURICIO Lacan Tagean |. DE LOS SANTOS/BLAS AND SEBASTIAN Tallano, Don | FAJARDO/ANTONIO/EULALIA RAGUA Gregorio Madrigal DON MARIANO SAN PEDRO Y¥ ESTEBAN Acop and Don AND MARIA SOCORRO CONDRADO HEIRS Esteban Benitez IE HIBS OF RLORENCIA RODRIGUEZ ~ Tallano ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ‘EBAN BENITEZ TALLANO, ET.AL. ) ENGRACIO SAN PEDRO AND HEIRS ) ‘THE ADMINISTRATOR OF BICUTAN ) MARKET/MAYSILO ESTATE, ET, AL. ) PEDRO GREGORIO/AGAPITO BONSON ) AND HEIRS/BALBINO FRANCISCO ) PEDRO ROJAS ESTATE AND HEIRS ) EUGENIO MARCELO/JUAN JOSEF ) SANTIAGO GARCIA AND HEIRS ) ORTIGAS AND COMPANY PARTNERSHIP) THE ADMINISTRATOR OF PASAY AND » ‘TRIPLE ESTATBS/ AND THE MARTCABAN ESTA’ PERPETUA AND PERPECTO AQUINO, ET, AL., ANTONIO, -FAEL «| THE. ADMINISTRATOR OF SAN PEDRO }, - STATB/JOSE SALVADOR/MAGNO FERNANDEZ/DONA LOURDES OCHOA Y | CASAL, SIMONA ESTATE AND THE HEIRS if’ EXBQUIEL DELA CRUZ AND HEIRS GERVACIO LOMBO, FRANCISCO SORIANO QUINTIN MBJTA/CATALINA BSTANISLAO AND THE HELRS/JUANA CRUZ AND HEIRS ; -GABINO JAVIER AND HEIRS. |\-twe HoogsT0, EULALIO, TOMAS, i APOLONIO, PEDRO, FRANCISCO AND JSR OLIVER AND THE HSS GOMINADOR DE OCAMPO BUFIAIN, BT. WEL QUIOGY J8R0- AND’ BERNAE a - igs* - DR. NICANOR JACINTO, BT. AL. ) FERNANDO JACINTO STEEL MILLS, INC, ) FELIX AND CLAUDIO OSORIO AND HEIRS ) REGINO“DELA CRU2Z/GIL SANTIAGO = 3 BONIFACIO REGALADO AND HEIRS ) MARCIANO TUAZON AND TUAZON COMPANY, ) JULIAN AND’ JUAN FRANCISCO, ) SARAO MOTORS/FRANCISCO MOTORS CORP. } “ PHILIPPINE SHARE COMPANY ) PILAR DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ) ‘TEODORO LIM, FELIX BAEZ AND HEIRS ) 2 VALINTINO GAJUDO/CANDIDO CLEOFAS ) FORT WILLIAM MCKINLEY AND THE ) MANILA RAILROAD COMPANY ) UNIVERSITY OF THR PHILIPPINES ) THRU HONORABLE SOLICITOR GENERAL — ) THE COMMISSIONER OF LAND ) REGISTRATION COMMISSION ) THE HONORABLE DIRECTOR OF BUREAU ) GF LANDS, THE REPUBLIC OF THE ) PHILIPPINES ) AND ‘TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN ) : Defendants BENITO A. TALLANO. ) Intervenor DECISION WITH COMPROMISE AGREEMENT With the blessings of ou” Supreme. Being with His Judicial enhancement over the victim of, injustices and greatest land grabbing scandals, the Republic of the Philippines failed to deviate from entering with the heirs of Prince Julian Macleod Tallano’ for a Separate Decision with, Compromise Agreement, But te seftile once and for all the issue of ownership over the land under OCT Nov T-01=4. 7 ‘ tegether with the reconstitution of lost owner and the ' ‘uplicate copies of its original WAS A|Motion filed by the Republic of the Philippines ana, including the return of t precious metals and stones consisting OF 617,500 metric tons ef gold: and 500,000 pices of 10 karat diamond family is another Motion filed by the herein Needs to be resolved un ler the same Sala that conflicting of hearing datas of tno (2) Cases, under the : . ' Same subject matter, a yselidation of original Case | LRC/Civil Case No 997-—p NLO LRC/Civi} Case No,’ 3957~P has been submitted and\impfoaded. Bub We sesk the truth ang é Be Indeed, in the findings Of Justinian, Inst. B.1, tie; won Co; 294 Jase. 56. justice is the constant ana Perpetual’ . disposition to render to every ‘man his’ due, It is the conformity of our actions ang our will tothe Jaw but it hme Should. be commitative for which that virtue whose Object is to render to ®veryone what belongs to.him, as nearly aS may be. or that Which ‘governs ¢ ‘distri lite rewards and punieh r LO ea ne ac 5 ing hi sities ing. a. ; : se ineniel thtnes nor em. car569 things anaes justice SPeCi£ic. parlance She greates interest: of MAN ON. earth, tt is the Liganent that holds civilizea Nations towether, for, it consists simply in letting