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Why Homosexuality disproves both Evolution and Atheism.

One of the main tenants of homosexuality as an irreproachable lifestyle choice in our modern culture is the claim that a person can be born with an inclination towards a homosexual life. Therefore, they say, homosexual behavior is not a moral fault, because they did not choose to be that way, rather it was at least somewhat forced upon them by 'nature' and therefore nothing can be wrong with it. Now according to what philosophy can homosexual behavior be considered to be caused by a factor other than moral depravity? Christianity? According to Romans 1:26-28, God gives people over to such behavior when they deny him, and hold the truth in unrighteousness. So of course Christianity denies that homosexuality can be caused by nature, rather stating that it is against nature, and caused by God. But what about Evolution? The main scientific claim of Evolution is a very simple one, that species will evolve into whatever the most effectual version is for survival. The survival of these survivors is what allows them to procreate, thus creating like versions of themselves, and thereby multiplying their race. The most efficient and lucky races win over the others, and get to create more of themselves. This process supposedly weeds out the inferior; then those monkeys, or plants, or people, with the greatest procreative, hearty, and successful offspring are those successful in creating more and more offspring. Etc. But Evolution is all done without any governing force other than 'brute factuality'. Those that reproduce create more like themselves, those that do not, die off. Therefore, what makes least sense, for a species, is to evolve a version of themselves that does not want to reproduce, or cannot. If there were any of these 'mutations' of the species, they would quickly die out for lack of reproducing, and there would be none left to carry the bad mutation forward again to the next generations. Therefore, according to Evolutionism, homosexuality is unnatural. But, also according, to Evolutionism, everything is controlled by nature, and nothing exists outside of nature. So how can Homosexuality exist in a natural world? It would disprove Evolutionism. Now there are those who would say that Homosexuality is natures way of dealing with the 'overpopulation' of humanity on the Earth. But what kind of statement is that? It gives nature a role as a wise, controlling, motivating force in the cosmos. This is not the simple world of brute chance and fact that Evolutionism proudly says it refuses to hide from. If 'nature' can decide that the earth is overpopulated with men, and then cut down on their ability to reproduce, then what distinguishes this so called nature from a belief in a God? And if there is a God, then suddenly the whole structure of Atheism, which is currently based on the structure of Evolutionism, collapses.