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Along Came Sirius A/N: Welcome to one of my two new stories!

I'm glad that you decided to read this. The amazing banner probably pulled you in. Tomfollery129 made it for me, and i FREAKING LOVE IT. You should read their stuff, too. It's pretty much amazing. BUT i didn't make the A/N to tell you that. I made it to tell you that this chapter is just getting the gang to Hogwarts and bascially the fill-in chapter. The next chapter is more action-y. Please read and review. I have another story coming soon, too. It's called As Stupid As Me. So

look for that. Okay, that's enough. READ! =] Oh, i almost forgot: Disclaimer: I, most unfortunately, own nothing of the Harry Potter canon book stuff. Just the original characters. I'm just saying this once, becaue it kind of makes me sad. NOW YOU CAN READ! ***

Chapter One: Back to School It was a late August afternoon and the hot sun was just beginning to set. Adara Moore, a medium-height, slim girl of sixteen, could be found lying on her back, her long brown hair tossed every which way, her dazzling blue eyes staring at the ceiling. She was relaxing after packing most of her possessions into her school trunk. Addie! came her mothers voice. Adelle Moore, or Elle as many called her, was not only Adaras mom, she was also her best friend. Elle had gotten

pregnant with Adara late into her seventh year at Hogwarts and given birth shortly after graduating. Adaras dad, Bryce Hayden, and her mother were never married but Adara knew her father and loved him very much. Elles job at the ministry let her and her daughter lived happily in a nice-sized apartment and paid for the necessities of school and living. Adara sat up and looked around her room, she stood up and walked out of her room, giving her trunk a little kick as she left, Mum? Adara called, Mum, where are you?

In the kitchen. Why? Im cooking! came an excited call. Mum! Addie sighed, I thought we discussed this! Adara walked into the kitchen and saw her mother standing over a smoking stove. Well, I thought Id give the muggle way one more try, Elle replied poking whatever was in the pan with her spatula, you know, for Jay. Jayden Boot, her boyfriend of three years, was flooing over to stay the night so

that Adara and her mom, could take him to Kings Cross tomorrow for the start of their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Jayden was tall, had silky brown hair and soft brown eyes. I thought I told you, Adara said taking the spatula, that I actually like this boy and dont want him poisoned. I wasnt going to poison him, Elle explained as she watched Adara dump the contents of the pan into the sink. Whatever was in the pan made a loud clunk as it hit the bottom of the sink.

Was it supposed to do that? Adara cried watching the thing in the sink. It wasnt solid when I started, Elle admitted Mum! Adara laughed. Fine, move and let me get rid of this thing, Adara moved away from the sink while her mother magicked away whatever it was she had attempted to cook. What was that? Adara asked. Soup, Elle said quietly.

Soup! Mum, thats disgusting, Adara gaped at her mother, No more muggle cooking. Ever? Elle repeated. Promise me. Addie! Promise me! Adara repeated sternly. I promise, no more muggle cooking. Elle said gloomily. Good. So, what time is Jay getting here?

About six, Adara replied, So about an hour. Are you completely packed? No, but mostly, Adara said, What are we going to have for dinner? I could run out and pick something up from that muggle place around the corner, Elle suggested. That sounds nice, and while your gone I can finish packing. Sounds like a plan, Elle said grabbing her cloak, Ill be

back. She said and headed towards the door. When her mother had left, Adara headed back to her room and pulled her trunk onto her bed. Being the studious Ravenclaw she was, her summer work had been packed neatly at the bottom with her books and quills for weeks. She picked a photo-frame off her bedside table and looked at it, it contained two pictures of Adara and her mother. In the top one, they were hugging each other and jumping up and down, up and down. It was taken after Adara got her

Hogwarts acceptance letter. The picture below it was of Adara, Elle, and Jayden. Jayden was on Adaras left side and was much taller than both of the girls his arm was around his girlfriends shoulders. Elle was at Adaras right and the two had linked arms. All three were laughing at some joke that was lost in the picture. Adara loved this frame. She wrapped it one of her school kilts and laid it softly on top of her books. She threw her white left trainer into her trunk and set out on a quest to look for the right one. She got on the floor and looked under her bed and aha! She

bravely stuck her hand into the mess and pulled out her trainer; standing up and holding it at arm-length, she saw that it had a piece of parchment attached to it. She shook her trainer to rid it of the paper, but it wouldnt release its grip. Admitting defeat, Adara pried the parchment from the shoe with her free hand and looked at it. Adara Leigh Moore has achieved: Astronomy O Ancient Runes O

Care of Magical Creatures O Charms O Defense Against Dark Arts O Divination E Herbology O History of Magic O Muggle Studies O Potions O Transfiguration O

She scowled and walked over to slam the evil parchment on the desk. She would never forget the day that she had gotten her scores. Mum! Merlin, theyre here! MUM! Adara screamed holding a think envelope in her shaking hands. Addie! Bloody Hell, open it! Elle cried running into the kitchen. I I cant! Adara looked up, You do it. She held the letter out to her mother.

Fine, fine, Elle said as she ripped open the envelope with equally shaky hands. She threw the envelope on the floor and fumbled with unfolding the sheet of parchment. Adara desperately watched her mothers eyes as they scanned her O.W.L. results, looking for any sign of emotion. She finished and looked up. Adara was biting her nails. You are my hero, Elle said as she broke into a huge grin. Let me see! Adara cried as she snatched the results. She was

grinning, grinning, grinning no. Her face fell. Whats wrong? Elle asked. I got an E! Adara said looking up at her mother. In divination! Thats not even a subject! Elle told her. She had been scared this would happen. Mum, I studied for this for ages! You took two more classes than everyone else, and you got Os! Elle tried to calm her down.

Yeah, youre right, I should be happy. Im not going to worry. Adara lied. She didnt want her mother to worry. But she had studied all night for the Divination O.W.L. Who couldve beat her? Okay, Ill get a cake to celebrate! Elle smiled, knowing that her daughter was not okay. Great. Adara said as she walked to her room and threw the parchment with the results on the floor and kicked it, Damn evil teacher. She cursed.

She slammed the parchment down so hard it hurt her hand. Rubbing the palm of that hand with the other, she made her way back over to her bed. Seeing that there was not much room left at the top of the trunk for Adara to pile the rest of her robes, clothes, and undergarments into, she did her best she could then sat on the top of the trunk and managed to clamp it shut. Raising her hands in triumph, she jumped to the floor. Now, she needed to take a shower before Jayden arrived. *

Jay! Adara cried as she jumped off her seat on the couch and ran to hug the coughing figure emerging from the fireplace. Hey, Addie, he coughed as he wrapped his girlfriend in a tight embrace. Seems like its been forever, Addie said pulling back and helping Jayden to dust himself off. Almost two months, Jayden smiled. Setting his trunk, empty cage, and broom down on the floor, he walked over to Elle.

Hullo, Jay! Elle greeted standing up. Oh, sorry, Jayden grinned and walked over to hug Elle, Thank you for the floo thing and taking me to the station. The disappearing behind a wall thing still freaks the parents out a little. Jayden was muggleborn, Elle had to get special permission to hook up his fireplace to the floo network for the day. Any time, Jay. Dinners on the table, you havent eaten have you?

No mam, Jay replied hesitantly. Dont worry, Mum didnt cook it. Adara reassured him. And dont call me mam, it makes me sound old. Elle called. The couple followed Elle into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Helping herself to the potatoes, Elle asked, So, Addie tells me that you got captain! I did, Jayden replied happily, Im really excited. And the

team should be good this year, all we need is a new chaser but thats all. Everyone else is a returnee. You better not work my baby too hard, Elle warned. I wont, Jayden smiled. I cant wait to get back on the pitch, Adara said. Adara played Seeker for the Ravenclaw team, while Jayden played Keeper. Adara had been on the team for two years, and each year they had been barely beaten by the Gryffindor team.

I heard that Potter got captain, though, Jayden announced, and you know that hell have them working hard. Potter? The one that is in love with some Evans girl and is always pulling pranks with the Black bloke? Adara asked. Mmm-hmm. Jayden nodded, his mouth full. Well, with him and you as captains, this years Quidditch Cup should be interesting. Adara said.

The next morning could have gone smoother, but the Moores and Jayden reached Platform 9 with ten minutes to spare. Im going to find us a compartment, bye Elle, Jayden kissed Elle on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd with his luggage. Elle turned to her daughter, Youll write? she asked. To Adara, saying goodbye to her mother was the worst part of Hogwarts. Everyday, Adara answered, No muggle cooking while Im gone?

No muggle cooking. Elle nodded. Dont study too hard. You know I will. Adara laughed. Kick arse at Quidditch for Mummy. Elle smiled, her eyes starting to tear up. Adara fought back tears, See you at Christmas? You better, Elle answered and wrapped her daughter in a hug. Love you, Mum.

Love you, Addie. After minutes that seemed like seconds, they pulled apart and Adara grabbed her stuff and was quickly swallowed by the crowd. She looked back and gave her mother a last wave with the hand that held her broom before turning back in time to see that she was about to Oof! About to run head-on into a tall, hard person. She fell backwards onto her trunk, dropped her empty owl cage and broom. Sorry! The she looked up and saw that it was a mansaid.

Its okay, She said as she took his hand and he pulled her back on her feet. He helped her gather her things, Im Sirius. Really, its okay. Adara reassured him as he handed her her broom. The man laughed, No, Im Sirius Black. Thats my name. Adara blushed, Sorry! Adara Moore. She told him now that she had all her possessions back.

Well, Adara Moore, youd better get into your compartment, the train is about to leave. Damn, Adara cursed, I have a Prefects meeting! Adara sprinted yet she barely made it onto the train with her trunk, broom, and cage, when it gave a starting lunge that threw her into the hallway. Several heads poked out of compartments to see what the noise was, but upon seeing that it was only a clumsy sixteen year old went back to their own business.

She jumped up and began to gather her stuff, again, Jayden saw her and walked down from his compartment. Jay! I have to go, Prefects meeting, Im late! Adara cried. Hey, dont worry, Ill get your stuff, you go. He told her. Thanks, Adara breathed, pecked him on the lips then sped down the hallway in the opposite direction of Jay. When she reached the right compartment, she took a deep breath and slowly slid open the door.

everyone will share nightshifts equally along with the me and the Head Girl nice of you to join us, Miss Moore. The new Head Boy, from Gryffindor, announced. Im so sorry, really, I was running late then I tripped and Adara tried to explain as she sat next to her friend and fellow sixth year Ravenclaw Prefect, David. Anyways, the Head Girl, from Hufflepuff, interrupted, here, in these three stacks are the passwords for your Common Rooms. Take the one that belongs to your house and your

house only! she glared at the Slytherin Prefects, And Ravenclaws, well, Ive been told you dont need a password? The rest of the meeting was exactly like the year before, the Heads lectured the Prefects on the dutys and responsibilities that they had. Finally they were dismissed and after much searching, Adara and David found the compartment their friends were in. Hey, Addie, David, greeted their spacey friend Laila.

I hope your summer was nargle-free, added Lailas boyfriend, Xeno well, everyone called him Xeno. Erm it was, Adara told him as she sat next to Jay. Christine went to the loo, Jayden answered Adaras questioning look. Christine was the last member of their group. So this years the beginning of N.E.W.T.s, David sighed. I know, I really have to study this year. What? She asked indignantly when the others

rolled their eyes, I do, if I want to get a job in the Department of Mysteries. Talking of the Department of Mysteries? came a soft voice as the compartment door slid open, that means that Adara Moore is here! Christine closed the door behind her and was greeted by a bear-hug from Adara. Chris! Addie! The best friends swayed and hugged each other then pulled apart to examine how much each had changed.

Your hair got so much longer! Christine observed grabbing a strand off Adaras shoulder. Like it? Of course, Christine replied as she and Adara sat back down, So, what were you saying about the Department of Mysteries? Did you finally find out what classes you have to take? Yeah, one of the names Dumbledore gave me responded and told me what I needed to do. Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against Dark Arts, Runes, and

Astronomy, Adara listed, What are you guys taking? Before she knew it, the train stopped and Adara, as a Prefect, was trying to help control the chaos. After ten minutes with no success, she gave up and joined Jayden, Christine, David, Xeno, and Laila in a horseless carriage that began the trudge up to the castle. The sorting seemed to take forever, but at last, Zinger, William, was sorted into Hufflepuff and Dumbledore stood up, Welcome, everyone,

to a wonderful new year at Hogwarts. I have many important topics to discuss with you but, as all of you are probably as hungry as I am, aforementioned topics can wait until after the wonderful feast that has been prepared. A cry of Hear, hear! could be heard from somewhere around the Gryffindor table, and Dumbledore smiled and clapped once. Food appeared on the golden platters and the noise level rose as people began to talk. Addie, youre quiet today, Jay whispered to her.

Addie looked up at her boyfriend, Just tired, didnt sleep much last night. Excited and stuff. She told him. I didnt sleep much either, but it wasnt because I was excited, Jay smiled and Adara pushed him playfully. Youre lucky my Mum likes you so much, she told him. Whats not to like? Jay asked. Oh, nothing my love. Adara laughed. *

Oh, how I missed you! Christine exclaimed as she jumped onto her bed in the girls 6th years dorm. Adara laughed as she sat on her own bed and opened her trunk. She dug around and finally found her PJs and the picture frame containing the two pictures she loved so much. She set the picture frame up on her bedside table next to her alarm clock. It sure is lovely being back, Laila agreed absentmindedly as she peeled off her robes and pulled on her night clothes.

I just like being away from my brother, said Estelle, one of the other two girls that shared a dorm with Adara, Laila, and Christine, You have no idea how annoying he is at home, but when we get here, hes in a whole different House! Estelle had a twin brother in Gryffindor. I can guess, Christine said, brushing her reddish-blonde hair, My brother just got a job working for the Daily Prophet, eighteen and he already thinks hes like Merlin or something.

Times like these, Im glad Im an only child, Adara yawned as she pulled her PJs on. Hey, girls! called Kerri Phelk as she entered the room. Of all her dorm-mates, Kerri probably annoyed Adara most. She was always so cheerful. Good summer? she asked as she hopped over to her trunk. Mmm, Adara replied as she brought out her own brush, ran it through her hair a few times, then climbed into bed, Gnight. Im exhausted. See you all tomorrow. She told her dormmates. She tapped her alarm clock to set it, pulled the curtains

around her four-poster shut. As the total darkness surrounded her, she crawled under the warm comforter and was asleep in minutes. **** A/N (again): So, what'd you think? Usually, this is where I'll tell you stuff, but as i had an extremely long A/N in the beginning, i'll spare you. hehe. PLEASE reveiw and tell me what you think! Should i give you a preveiw of what's coming? Yeah, since i have it...

an except from Chapter Two: And Their Off... Do you always talk to yourself like this? Sirius interrupted, because I do find it quite odd. What? Adara asked, looking up through loose strands of hair that had wiggled out of her ponytail. If you mutter like that all the time, I should be warned. You know, so next time I can bring ear-plugs or something. Sirius shrugged, stirring his potion, which was too dark a blue.

Im not muttering, Adara told him, stirring one last rotation then checking the time, And no ones making you sit here. You were too, and I think wed both look pretty stupid sitting at different tables alone. Chapter Two: And Theyre Off Here you are Miss Moore, youre robes and badge. Welcome to the Department of Mysteries! said a tall man as he handed Adara a brown sack. Thank you! Adara gasped taking the sack, When do I start?

Well, said the man as he led Adara down a hallway, When your schedule permits beep we would love to have you beep back. Any day is good for beep us! Sir, what is beep that beeping noise? Adara asked. Oh its beep nothing. You get beep used to it, the man waved his hand. Are you beep sure? It seems that it means beep something Adara, wake up! beep the tall man turned to look at her.

What? Beep Wake up, youll be late! Beep, beep, beep. ADDIE! Adara awoke with a start, What! Your bloody alarm has been going off for fifteen minutes! Christine told her. WhaWhat time is it? Adara sat up and rubbed her eyes. Seven-thirty, Christine said.

Oh, no! Im going to be late! Adara jumped out of bed and began throwing robes onto her bed looking for her kilt. Hold your Hippogriffs, well be fine, Christine laughed as she leisurely brushed her hair. Is everyone else already down there? Adara asked as she buttoned her shirt and threw on her school robes. She ran the brush through her almost waistlength hair a few times then bundled it into a ponytail. They just left a few minutes ago, about ten minutes after

your alarm went off and woke the whole dorm. Adara sighed, Lets go! she said grabbing her bag and walking briskly over to the door. Im coming, Im coming, Christine followed her. When they entered the Hall, Professor Flitwick, the Head of the Ravenclaw house, had already finished clearing the seventh years and was halfway through the sixth years. Adara and Christine sat down between Jayden and David.

Adara kissed Jayden hello, then began to pile food onto her plate. She had finished her toast and was eating eggs talking about what classes they were hoping to take when Flitwick reached her. Miss Moore, Miss Moore, the short professor shook his head, I was so proud of your O.W.L. results, so proud. Flitwick had always had a soft spot for Adara, and Elle told her that he had always been really nice to her, too. Thank you, Professor Flitwick.

So you are most certainly cleared for the classes you wanted, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against Dark Arts, Runes, and Astronomy, correct? Yes, yes. Here you are. Flitwick handed Adara her schedule. Thank you, Professor, Adara said as she took her schedule. Looking down at it, she saw that today she had Double Potions first, free, lunch, Defense Against the Dark Arts, then Transfiguration. Not bad, she said, What classes did you get, Jay?

Jayden wanted to work in Muggle-Wizard relations, History of Magic first, then free followed by Herbology this morning, ugh, then after lunch, I have Defense with you, then Im done! Only one class with you? Adara asked. Were both taking Charms, right? Jayden said comparing schedules. So thats two. Not bad. Adara sighed. She then compared schedules with her other friends. She had Potions with Laila and Xeno, but that wasnt so great

because they were inseparable when they were together. Then she had Charms with everyone but Xeno, who wasnt taking that class; She would have to brave Transfiguration alone, Defense Against the Dark Arts was with Jayden and Christine, Runes with Christine and David, and then Astronomy with Xeno. Not too bad. She thought and she shoveled down the rest of her eggs and headed to the dungeons with Xeno and Laila for double potions with Slughorn. Oho! So here are my 6th year N.E.W.T. students! Slughorn threw open the door to let the

class in. There were about fourteen students, from all Houses. Adara noticed that there were five Gryffindors, the three of them were the only Ravenclaws, four Sytherins, then two Hufflepuffs. Everyone filed into the room and Adara noticed a really nice smell, like new parchment or her mothers perfume... Laila and Xeno sat together on one of the many tables for two, Laila looked at Adara apologetically. Adara shrugged and smiled, telling Laila she was fine, and took one of the two seats behind them.

Find your seats, find your seats, Slughorn told them, Mr. Black, I think both Mr. Potter and I would very much like it if you stopped trying to push him off his stool and instead found an empty one. Adara looked over and saw that Mr. Black, the guy she had ran into at Kings Cross, was trying to push another black-haired boy she recognized as the Potter boy off his stool next to the Gryffindor prefect, Remus Lupin. Fine, he mumbled and looked around, he spotted the empty seat next to Adara and made his way over.

Clara? he asked in a whisper as he sat down. Adara, she corrected, Sirius? Yup. He nodded, Glad to see you made it to the train in time. Adara smiled then bent over to take out her potions book, a quill, and some parchment to take notes on. When it was all out she glanced back over at Sirius and saw that he had his head in his right hand and was staring at the front of the room, his long-ish black hair falling over grey eyes.

So, anyone know what this potion is? Professor Slughorn asked. It was then that Adara noticed that there were three potions at the front of the room. Thats where the smell is coming from! She craned her neck and recognized the potion, but before she could put her hand in the air, one of the two Gryffindor girls, who had vivid red hair, raised hers, Of course you can, Miss Evans, Slughorn laughed. Having never had classes with the Gryffindors, Adara was used to answering most of the questions herself. Its

Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world. It is, it is, Slughorn told the class, It can be recognized by three things, anyone know what they are? This time, Adara beat the Gryffindor as she thrust her hand in the air, Its distinctive sheen, the steam that rises in spirals, and the smell it emits smells different to everyone, it smells like whatever would attract the person. She answered when Slughorn called on her. The redhead spun around to look at her competition and Adara smiled at her, she also noticed that this

Evans girl had bright green eyes that eyed Adara suspiciously. Shes not to happy with you, muttered a voice. Adara looked over at Sirius, who was smiling. How dyou know? she whispered. My mate James Potter, the one that stole my stool has received that look many times. He answered knowingly. Adara looked at the back of Evans head and decided that she was going to beat her in this class. After going through the names of the rest of the potions, they

were set on the task of making a Strengthening Solution. Stir counter-clockwise eight times, add two drops of Pomegranate juice, let shimmer for Do you always talk to yourself like this? Sirius interrupted, because I do find it quite odd. What? she asked, looking up through loose strands of hair that had wiggled out of her ponytail. If you mutter like that all the time, I should be warned. You know, so next time I can bring ear-plugs or something. Sirius

shrugged, stirring his potion, which was too dark a blue. Im not muttering, Adara told him, stirring one last rotation then checking the time, And no ones making you sit here. You were too, and I think wed both look pretty stupid sitting at different tables alone. That doesnt bother me, I know Im not stupid so what do I care if I look it or not? Adara retorted. Sirius was starting to bug her. He hadnt taken any notes and had doodled the whole time that Slughorn was talking. Didnt he know that this was N.E.W.T. level?

Well, arent you a feisty one. Sirius smiled; Adara rolled her eyes, And what makes you think Im stupid? I never said you were stupid. You implied it. Well, fine. Your potion is way too dark and you didnt take any notes the whole class. I dont need to take notes, I have it all here, he tapped his head with his stirring stick, And I like my potions a little dark, thank you. Makes it stronger.

Suit yourself. Adara told him and added two more drops of Pomegranate juice. When the bell signaling the end of the double period was over, everyone corked a sample of their potion and set it on the professors desk. Adara noticed that both she and Evans had managed the perfect purple that the book described. A foot on the uses of Strengthening Draught on my desk Thursday. Slughorn told the class. Adara collected her things and was about ready to go, See you

later, Adara. Sirius waved and left with Remus and Potter before she could say anything. Ready to go, Addie? Laila asked. Yeah, where are you headed? Adara asked, I have a free period. Herbology, Xeno and Laila said. Oh, yeah, she sighed, Tell Jayden Ill meet him in the Great Hall for lunch. Will do, Xeno said.

See you, they waved and parted ways, Adara started walking towards to West side of the castle, wanted to take a nice hot shower in her dorm before lunch. * After lunch she said goodbye to the rest and walked with Jayden and Christine to Defense Against Dark Arts. I already have two essays! Jayden said. That bites, Adara said looking up at her boyfriend, he had his

arm around her shoulders, I have a foot for potions. They reached the classroom and the door was open. Walking in, they found seats in a row of four in the back row. Christine sat next to the wall and Adara sat on the other side of Jayden. What dyou think well learn this year? Jayden asked. I heard we have to do nonverbal spells, Christine said. Ugh. Mum says those are really hard, Adara told them.

My brother told me that for some teachers if you just whisper really quietly, they never Christine was interrupted by a loud bang. Looking around the room, Adara saw four boys run into the almost full classroom, breathing hard. They stopped close to Christine, Jayden and Adaras seats, making their voices able to be heard over the rest of the class. I think we lost em! said a short, fat one. Ha, ha! That was great! said another one, turning so that Adara could make out his face. Potter.

Seriously! said another tall black-haired one that Adara knew to be Sirius. Padfoot, what wasnt funny back in first year, and its still not, Remus told him, Now lets sit down before the professor gets here. Hey, theres three up there! called the fat one and the boys sprinted to the front of the room. Adara watched as the three of the last four seats were filled. How it happened, Adara didnt know, she wouldve bet that the fat one would have lost, but no.

PRONGS! came a yell from the front of the room, Sirius was standing over a chair. Everyone else fell silent, I had to move in potions. Well, run faster then. Honestly Padfoot, Wormtail beat you. said Potter, maybe? He had a head start, Sirius mumbled, barely audible as the class had resumed talking. The door to the classroom closed, making the class fall silent again. Good afternoon, class, said Professor Beck. Professor Beck was an old man, but he was one of the best spellcasters Adara

had ever seen, now, Mr. Black, if you would be so kind as to find a seat? Or do you perhaps need a loud accompanying noise to make you move, perhaps I could crash my desk against the wall? Maybe some other time, Professor, Sirius smiled as he walked to the last empty seat in the room, If I didnt know better, Id say youre following me. He whispered in Adaras ear as he sat down. Adara pulled away and looked at Sirius. She opened her mouth to retort but Jayden beat her to it, Leave my girlfriend alone, Black.

Sirius raised his eyebrows at Jayden, Didnt know that she was yours, Boot, He said smugly. Got a problem? Jayden asked, getting more and more angry. Not at all, Sirius grinned. Whats that supposed to mean? Exactly what I said. Which is Jay, drop it. Its fine. Really. Adara cut in, putting a hand on

his shoulder, I need to take notes. Fine. Jayden said, still glaring at still-smiling Sirius. Adara leaned closer to Jayden, Thanks, she whispered then kissed him on the cheek. Alright, now that we are all seated, he looked at Sirius, who waved, as many of you may have heard, this year in the majority of your classes, you will be required to learn and do nonverbal spells. The room echoed with the classes groans, to your apparent displeasure, this will be one of those classes!

more groans can anyone tell me what the advantages of using a nonverbal spell are? A few hands were in the air, and Adara recognized that one belonged to the Evans girl. Miss Moore? Ha, she thought. Your advisory has no warning about what kind of magic youre about to perform, which gives you a splitsecond advantage. She quoted. Very good! Ten points to Ravenclaw, Beck said, Evans spun around and spotted Adara,

who smiled sarcastically. Evans scowled. She really doesnt like you, Sirius whispered. Adara pretended not to hear him. As nonverbal spells take a lot of concentration and mind power, some of you will have to practice them more than others. So that I can see what you can do, lets divide into pairs and practice, the professor went on, Since there are desks of four, you will be paired with the person next to you. Go ahead, one partner will try to curse the

other silently, while the other tries to protect themselves nonverbally. Professor Beck told them. Adara glanced at Jayden he looked livid. She knew that she had been assigned to work with Sirius, and that Jayden did not like it. Personally, she didnt mind Sirius that much, but she really didnt want Jayden to be angry. Jay, I have to, the Professor said. You know I dont want to, Adara told him. Addie, you work with Christine, Ill partner with Black, Jayden suggested.

No, I dont want him dead, Adara tried to lighten the mood, Ill be fine. Addie. Jay, its just nonverbal spells. Oh, Adara! Sirius called. Addie. Jay put a hand on her shoulder. Jay, just go with Christine. Please dont make a big deal of this. Adara begged. Jay looked over Adaras shoulder at Sirius then back at Adara. He nodded and turned to go with Christine.

Adara let out a breath she didnt know she had been holding. Ready, Adara? Sirius asked his grey eyes twinkling. Lets just get this over with. Adara sighed. * How was it? Christine asked after class. Man, that was bad, he sucks at nonverbal spells. Adara laughed.

I dont like him, Jayden said. Jay, you just met him today, he was just playing you, Adara explained. Hes always pulling pranks and blowing things up, Jay said. I know, but, well, hes nice to me. He fancies you. I only met him yesterday. Adara told him as she swung her bag onto her shoulder. Yesterday? Jay asked as they exited the classroom.

I fell on my way to the train and he helped me up! Adara sighed, Dont you trust me? Of course, Addie, Jay said quickly, Im sorry. I just dont want you to go. He admitted. I dont plan to go anywhere but Transfiguration class, Adara reassured him, But if I dont go now, Im going to be late and McGonagall will kick my arse. Alright. Jayden said and kissed Adara.

After a few seconds she pulled away, I have to go now. See you after class! Adara sprinted down the corridor and into the classroom, as she entered McGonagall looked up from her desk, Cutting it close, arent we Miss Moore? she asked over her spectacles. Sorry, Professor. Yes, take your seat, then. Adara took a seat next to a Hufflepuff that she knew from Care of Magical Creatures the year before and took out her

book and notes. The class was going fine until two boys at the front of the room fell out of their seats, laughing. Potter! Black! Is something wrong? McGonagall said. No, Professor, Im sorry, its just Sirius looked at James and they started laughing again. If you two are going to act like baboons, McGonagall began, Im going to have to separate you. Miss Moore, will you please switch seats with Mr. Potter?

Professor, I I, Adara shook her head a stuttered, Are you sure? Quite sure, Miss Moore. Unless you have a problem switching seats with Mr. Potter? No mam, Adara sighed. She gathered her stuff and walked gloomily over to her new seat. She sat down between Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Hi Adara, I dont think weve properly met, Im Remus. Hello, arent you a Gryffindor prefect?

Yeah, and youre Ravenclaw, right? Yes, nice to meet you. She told him as she pulled out her parchment and continued to take notes. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to face Sirius, You know, we can communicate verbally now that were out of Defense Against the Dark Arts. I know, she told him, But I need to take notes, as you should be doing. You dont like me, do you? Sirius asked.

I like you just fine. Really? Yes, I just dont want a row with my boyfriend. And he told you to be snobby towards me? No, she whispered as McGonagall looked up to check that everyone was copying the board, He just doesnt like you. Well, does that mean that we cant be friends? I dont know.

Come on, Sirius sighed, We are in practically all the same classes, you have to talk to someone. I have other friends, you know. She snapped. Right, right. Fine. Dont be nice to me, he sighed dramatically, Ill just sit here. All alone. Not talking. Adara rolled her eyes and continued taking notes. She looked over at Remus and saw that he was half-laughing.

What did I do to deserve this day? She thought.

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The next morning, Adara was on time and down at breakfast early. She had Runes first period and was excited because, contrary to most, she actually liked that class. She chatted with David, a fellow Ravenclaw prefect, about his classes and ate a strawberry treacle tart. Oh, yeah, we have Runes together! David realized. Adara nodded as she chewed, I know you think its weird how I love that class. She said once she swallowed.

Of course I do, David told her, thats why I sit by Christine and pass notes all class. I still dont know how you passed that class, Adara laughed. Spell-copied your notes. Hey! Hey, what? Christine joined them. David just informed me that you copied my notes, Adara told her.

Oh, answered Christine as she poured herself some Pumpkin Juice, how would we have passed if we didnt? All we do in that class is pass notes. Adara rolled her eyes. Fifteen minutes later, the three were in standing in the classroom, Christine and David trying to find the perfect spot. Well, if we sit over there, the sun might cause a glare on the white parchment. David was saying. True, true, but if we sit in the opposite corner, the chalk dust

will get all over us. Christine replied. Okay, Im going to go sit in a random seat and you two can follow me, Adara said. Yeah, sure, David waved her off. Throwing her arms up, Adara wondered how her friends could give so much attention to where they were going to sit, yet not pay attention in class. She walked up to the second row from the front and sat down in the first seat. She saw that Christine and David had sat down in the seats behind her.

Her other classmates were already arriving. Adara put her head in her hands and allowed herself to relax for a few more seconds. Someone tapped her on the back. She lifted her head and turned around, Sirius? she gasped. How could he be in this class too! He couldnt be going for the same profession as she could he? Hey, Adara! I thought that was your hair. It really is quite long, you know. Sirius announced happily.

I know my hair is long, Sirius, Adara sighed, Now why are you here? Well, this is my Runes class and you are in my seat. Your seat? Adara repeated, amused. Yes. My seat. I dont see your name on it. Well, you should, Sirius told her carefully, See? Its right here! he pointed to a spot in both the chair and the desk where the faint wording of Sirius Black

could be seen carved in the wood. Thats vandalism. Adara said. Thats my chair. Im not moving. If you have not noticed, dear, I tend to get violent when I do not get my seat, take Prongs James for example, Sirius told her. Where is your little group anyway? Adara asked. They dont like Runes, for some odd reason. I, personally, think

that reading symbols is quite interesting. But they dont think so, Sirius explained, shrugging, But, you are very much mistaken if you think that will distract me from the fact that you are in my seat. Come on! Adara said, Just go sit in any of the other chairs. Look, theres one beside David right there. Adara pointed to the chair beside David. Yes, why dont you take it? Because I already have a seat. My seat. Sirius pointed at it.

Mine now, Adara shrugged and turned to face the front of the class. Well see, Sirius mumbled. Suddenly, Adara was in the air. SIRIUS! she yelled as she was levitated, Put. Me. Down. This. Bloody. Instant! Sirius was very lucky that Adara had dropped her wand. Addie! David cried. Shall I curse him? Christine asked. NO! Ill fall! Adara told her.

Dont fret, Ill put her down, one second, Sirius smiled as he pulled out his seat and sat down with his wand still levitating Adara. SIRIUS! Almost, Sirius held up the finger of his other hand to tell her and her friends to wait. Adara was beyond angry. She crossed her arms. Sirius slid Adaras stuff onto the next desk and chair then turned to look at the levitated girl.

See, this could have all been avoided! Black, put her down or Ill report you! David threatened. Will you? Sirius asked. Just put her down! Christine told him sternly. Fine, fine. Sirius levitated her down to the chair next to him just as the door to the classroom shut. Adara glared at Sirius before taking out her quill and parchment.

Dont be angry, Dara. I just wanted what was rightfully mine! Adara huffed at him and looked determinedly up at the teacher, who had begun to talk. Come on, it was a little fun, Sirius whispered. Adara ignored him. and I will need absolute quiet, Mr. Black, for this years translations are going to require much concentration Sirius poked Adara on the shoulder.

She didnt respond. He poked her again, harder. She still pretended that he didnt exist. He then levitated his quill and poked her with it, hard, Ow! Adara whispered, Stop! I hate being ignored! Sirius whined. Well, dont levitate people, or things at people, and you wont be ignored! Adara told him and turned her attention back to the professor.

Wait, how did he do that? Said a little voice in the back of Adaras mind, I didnt hear a spell, but he sucks at nonverbal spells unless hes improved overnight yeah, right. The professor had given them some review translations. The room was quiet except for the scraping of quills. I have to know! Adara thought. Adara ripped off a piece of parchment slowly so that it wouldnt make loud a noise and scribbled, How did you do that? and passed the note to Sirius. Sirius took it mouthing, but you have a boyfriend! and clutching

his heart. Adara rolled her eyes and pointed at the note. She watched as Sirius read the note and looked at Adara questionably, then wrote something and passed it back. Adara read it: Do what, love? Rolling her eyes yet again, Adara wrote back, Levitate me and the quill without saying the incantation. Sirius read the note and his face fell a bit: I whispered. Bullshit. Really!

Im not stupid; you can do nonverbal spells, cant you! Maybe. You faked it yesterday! Faked what? Stop playing dumb. You faked not being able to do nonverbal spells in D.A.D.A. Fine, I did. Im really a god, I came here to Earth to protect virginity. By the way, I like your knickers very festive just kidding. Stop that, its not funny. Youre good at nonverbal spells, whyd you fake it?

Because. Because wh--- we sound like three year olds. Just tell me. No. Why? Because I like passing notes. Sirius! Tell me or Im stopping. Im actually surprised that you went on this long, were supposed to be almost done with our translations! DAMNIT.

Adara, frustrated with herself, crumpled up the parchment and shoved it in her bag. She then started working on her translations. Luckily, because she had looked over them over the summer, she finished only a few minutes after the rest of the class. She ignored Sirius the rest of the class, but as soon as class was over, he tried to get away from her, but she caught up. Why are you trying to avoid me? she asked him as she kept pace with his fast strides. Im not.

You are. Now, tell me why you faked being able to do nonverbal spells, Adara asked. You are very nosy. I know. And persistent. Thanks. Well, Im off, he tried to lose her down a corridor. Nope, cant loose me that easily Sirius, Im a Seeker. Adara said proudly as she spotted him in the crowd.

Damn. Just tell me! Fine, Sirius spun around, I thought it was cute when you tried to help me. Adara was shocked, she opened her mouth and closed it many times. This was not what she had expected, Wwhat? she asked. You heard me, Sirius mumbled. Yeah, I just cant believe it. Adara admitted. She and Sirius

stood in the emptying corridor awkwardly. Well, Sirius said. I have to get to Charms. They said together. Finally, Adara smiled. Well, since youre obviously stalking me, might as well make the job easier for you, she mock-sighed. Im eternally grateful, Sirius announced as they walked towards their next class. They walked down the hallway talking about how people who

thought liking Runes was weird were weird, But who wouldnt want to know how to write and read odd symbols and stuff? I mean then you can write secret messages to people! Sirius said, the others just dont get it. He shook his head sadly. They walked into the Charms classroom about two minutes before the bell was to ring. Adara looked and saw that Jayden, Christine, David, and Laila had saved her a seat next to them. I have to go claim that seat before Prongs gets here, Sirius told her as he walked over

quickly and took the third seat next to Remus, which left one of the four whomever was Prongs without a seat. Adara took her seat next to Jayden, but when she looked up at him, he wasnt smiling. Whats wrong? she asked. She followed his stare ad saw that it was directed at Sirius who was sitting directly across from her, Oh, him. Yes, him. Hes trouble. I know it. Jayden growled as the bell rung.

Hes just someone I talk to when I have a class with him alone, Adara whispered. Still. Jayden said, tearing his glare from Sirius to look up at Professor Flitwick. The door swung open as Potter walked in, Sorry Im late, Professor, he said, I was caught up by Peeves. Dont do it again, Potter. Flitwick warned. Yes, sir. Adara watched as he noticed that there were no more seats for him over by his friends. Sirius stuck his tongue out at him.

He scowled at him and came to sit next to Christine, who was on Adaras other side. So, first, we are going to be learning the charm that produces water, Flitwick squeaked, the incantation is Aquamenti! and the wand movement like so, he demonstrated, Please summon one of these buckets on my desk, and begin trying to produce water. Adara summoned her bucket and began trying, on her third try a small squirt of water came out of the tip of her wand, Very

good, Ms. Moore! Flitwick squeaked, Ms. Evans, to Adaras dismay the professor turned to the red-head from potions class, it looks like you have some competition this year! Adara smiled proudly as the Evans girl gave her a look that could kill. Then, Evans muttered the incantation and waved her wand and a full stream of water erupted from the tip of her wand, Four tries and a perfect charm, well done! Flitwick told her. Adara heard James whisper something along the lines of thats my girl.

Adara scowled as Evans winked, I really dont like her. She looked over to Sirius, who understood because he had seen them in Potions. Sirius flashed her a grin and a shrug then made water erupt from his wand, but strangely stopped the flow when the professor came to observe him. Weird. Adara thought.

* Addie, I cant tell you how disappointed I was when I didnt receive a letter from my favorite

daughter, who is off a Hogwarts, for a whole four days! Yeah, Im writing this on Thursday, so youll probably get it on Friday, which is FIVE days. Apparently you dont love me anymore. Ill just have to have another daughter to be my favorite. So whats happening? I need details, as Im sitting here in the house all alone with no social life because I have to work. But Im not going to beg. That much. Oh, well. I miss you so much, baby. Please write soon. Tell Jay that I said hi. And all your other friends. Love you, Mum

Addie smiled as she read her mothers letter. It hadnt arrived until after dinner on Friday because her mums tiny owl was a slow flier. She felt a little guilty that she hadnt written yet, but with all the homework that she now had and all the things going on, she literally hadnt had time. Usually sleep beat out writing a letter even if that letter was to her mum. She set the letter down on her bedside table and stood to walk over to the window. It was a nice cool September night, and Adara was thinking about going out for a nice fly around the pitch. She hadnt been able to just fly in forever,

and Quidditch wouldnt start for at least another week. Making a decision, she grabbed her broom and sweater and walked down the stairs to the common room. Jay? she asked as she walked up behind him. Hey, he replied looking up from his essay. You want to come flying with me? We havent flown together in forever! she said. Jayden looked as if he was going through some painful internal struggle, Addie, he

finally said, I really want to, but I cant I have to finish this essay. Its Friday! Yeah, but Professor Sprout gave us an extension because it was due today but she said we could turn it in tomorrow. Sorry. He explained. Adara tried not to show her disappointment, Its okay. Ill just go by myself and have a nice peaceful ride. Wish I could join you, Jayden smiled. Adara nodded, pecked Jay on the lips, and headed out of the door.

The smell of grass and mud met her as soon as she entered the pitch. She took a deep breath and realized how much she had missed that smell. She pulled her sweater over her head and pulled her long hair out of it. She didnt bother putting her hair up into a ponytail, she liked the way that the wind whipped through it when it was down. She mounted her broom and kicked off the ground. The night air rushed through her body and her heart gave an excited leap. She leaned forward and sped across the pitch, her hair

pounding her back, her sweater tight against her chest as she raced forward. She turned at the corner of the pitch and sped back the other way. She imagined the snitch near the ground and dropped into a dive. Closer and closer she got the ground, she was just about to pull out of the dive when, Whos that? she pulled the broom up so fast that it spun her off. Luckily she was only about five feet off the ground, so her landing didnt hurt her that bad. Lying on her back in probably one of the five puddles of mud on the whole field, Adara opened her eyes slowly to see

(and possibly curse) the person that had scared her and made her fall. Adara? the face of Sirius Black came into view as he knelt beside her. I hate you, Sirius. Adara said. Whatd you fall off your broom for? Sirius asked. I thought itd be fun, Adara answered sarcastically, still lying in the mud, You scared me, you git. What were you diving for? Sirius asked, laughing.

I was practicing. I am a Seeker, you know. Adara said as she lifted herself onto her elbows, can you help me out of this? Sirius stood up and offered Adara a hand. She reached up and took it, it was warm, Adara wished she could put it to her face because it was warm and her face was cold, that is. He pulled her up out of the mud, What are you doing here, anyways? Adara asked Sirius as she tried to charm the mud off of herself.

I was going to go for a ride, Sirius shrugged, maybe do a few mud dives, stuff like that. Adara glared at him, Ha, ha. She said, So you decided to come out here alone? Yeah. So you decided to come out here alone? Wheres your boyfriend, Booty, or whatever. Sirius asked her as he charmed the mud off of her back. He had homework, Adara told him, we do usually come out here together.

Adara and Booty sitting in a tree Sirius sung in a high voice. For Merlins sake, youre sixteen! Adara laughed. So? Sirius asked as he finished charming the mud off. Adara rolled her eyes, You know, you could try to be a little nicer to him and maybe you could get along. Really? Sirius asked, excitedly, Then we could hold hands and ride the unicorns over the rainbows!

Adara laughed and scowled, You are so incredibly witty. I try. Sirius shrugged, Here, Ill make you a deal. What? Adara asked, her hand on her hip. We race around the pitch. If you win, then Ill to be nice to Booty. If I when then you have to sit with me in Potions until Christmas. Sirius proposed. Adara thought about it, Fine. She said as she mounted her broom, GO! she kicked off and soared into the air.

CHEATER! Sirius called after her as he mounted and kicked off. Adara was winning, she was a good ten feet in front of Sirius, until she looked back to see how far ahead she was and unintentionally slowed down. Sirius caught up and they were side by side. The finish line was right ahead. Adara bent over her broom to speed up, she was going to win NO! Sirius launched himself off of his broom and onto Adaras. Adara pulled hers back to slow down at the sudden surprise. Hey! she yelled back at him.

Your hair is killing me! Sirius yelled back and then starting spitting. They were still flying. Dont spit in my hair! Adara told him. Its attacking my mouth! Sirius called, his voice muffled. The broom was a good six of seven feet off the ground, but Sirius grabbed a hold of Adaras waist and threw the both of them off. SIRIUS! Adara yelled as they fell. Adara landed on top of him. Ouch. Sirius said.

You threw us off the bloody broom! What the hell were you thinking! Adara rolled off of him and onto the grass. I was thinking that your long hair was going to suffocate me if I didnt. Sirius answered. If you dont like my hair, just say it. I love your hair, just tie it up when youre on a effing broom! Sirius told her. Adara blew a raspberry at him. Addie? called a voice. Adara shot into a seated position.

Jay? she called back. Yeah, hey, I came to ride what is he doing here? Jayden asked Adara when he came into view. Damn! thought Adara, Hes going to think that I came out here with him! He just came into the stadium! I swear I didnt Adara started but was interrupted by a bark. Doesnt he belong to Hagrid the gamekeeper? Jayden asked.

What? Adara turned and saw, exactly where Sirius had been a moment before, a huge shaggy, black dog. Though she was confused, she was also saved, Oh, er, yeah. Whys he here? Jayden asked. I dunno, but he made me fall about seven feet off my broom, thats why Im on the ground. Adara said as she stood up, still completely confused as to what had happened. Odd, Jayden commented, he walked over to Sirius broom, Whose is this? he asked.

Er, Adara started, but again the dog saved her. The huge dog walked over to where Jayden was holding the broom, took it in his mouth, and then, with the broom, walked right off the pitch. That is one weird dog. Jayden said. Seriously. Adara answered. So, you want to ride? Jayden asked, I finished early so I thought Id come out here. Actually, Im really tired, Adara said, and sore.

Yeah, Ill bet that fall hurt, Jayden said. Both of them. Adara nodded. What? You fell twice? No! I meant both of my legs, Adara invented. She needed to get sleep. Now. Well, lets get you up to the common room, then. Ill get your broom. Jayden offered. Thanks. She said as they both started towards the warm castle. **

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Adara woke up the next day, Saturday morning, and kind of wished she could no longer feel her back. Whenever she tried to move, her back angrily protested and it felt like her back muscles were being kicked very hard, constantly. She slowly

moved so that she was on her back and staring up at the ceiling. She had thrown her pillow off the bed the previous night as it hurt her neck to lie on it. The curtains around her bed were cracked just enough that the sunlight streamed through and landed on the comforter where her legs were. She heard moving in the bed next to hers: Christine was awake. Christine! Adara called. Hmm, her tired friend answered.

Come help me up, I cant move. What dyou mean cant move, the girl asked wearily. I mean, I fell off my bloody broom yesterday, landed on my back and now I cant bloody move without dying, Adara told her. Go take a hot shower, Christine told her and rolled over. Great idea, Adara replied sarcastically, I think I might do that. Oh, wait. I cant get up.

If I help you out of bed can I go back to sleep? Christine whined. I wont stop you. Fine. Adara heard the curtains of Christines bed pull back, then saw her own being drawn, Hello. Adara smiled when she saw her friend glaring at her, hair stuck up in every direction and exhaustion written all over her face. You owe me, she muttered as she grabbed Adaras hands and helped her into a sitting position. Adara cringed, her back really hurt.

Adara stood up with Christines help and took a tentative step. Her back protested by sending a sharp pain up her spine. Adara moaned. You okay? Christine asked. Er, yeah, Adara leaned on her friend, a hot shower will help. What happened? Christine asked as they made their way to the loo. I told you fell off my broom. Christine stopped, How? she asked, You never fall.

Someone scared me out of a dive, Adara sighed, The shower! Who scared you out of a dive? Christine asked, not moving. It doesnt matter. Shower. Adara, Christine began. I just want to take a shower, I feel like someone cruciod my back, Adara whined, and Christine gave in. She helped Adara into the bathroom, but on her way out stopped and looked at her, This conversation isnt

over, she warned and Adara smiled at her friend and nodded. Turning the shower on way too hot (she had always read that scorching hot showers relaxed) she peeling or her clothes painfully and stepped in. Turning her back to the near-boiling water, Adara was relieved as she felt her muscles loosen. Why she didnt want to tell her best friend, Christine, what had happened at the Quidditch pitch she didnt know, and it bothered her. She had always told the strawberry-blonde everything, yet this time something was preventing her.

Shrugging it off, she allowed her hair to soak and her worries to be washed away for the moment. * When she had dressed and pulled her still-wet hair into a bun on top of her head, Adara slowly made her way o the Great Hall. She decided that she was going to try and be as normal as possible in front of Jayden after all, if he saw she was hurt he probably would either insist she visit the Hospital Wing or worse, not let her participate in the Quidditch tryouts.

Then, she told herself, when I see Sirius, Ill kill him. Hey, Christine greeted as she sat down next to Jayden, Howre you feeling? Does your Yeah, my head feels better, Adara sent a glare at her friend and Christine fell silent. Poor thing, Jayden kissed the top of her head, here, eat a treacle tart. He handed her the best looking one. Thanks, Adara told him as she leaned her head on his shoulder

and took a bite. She was so tired having not slept well last night. So, I was thinking tryouts at the end of next week so that we can get training? Sounds great, Adara said after she swallowed and David nodded, too. He was a chaser for the team. All fe neeth is adother daser, he spat, quite literally. Gross, David! Christine exclaimed and pushed her newly toast-sprinkled eggs away from her.

Sorry, he offered with a smile, Christine rolled her eyes. Plans for today? she asked. Nope, Jayden and David said at the same time. Adara wasnt really listening as the group around her talked of various activities they could do. She was finishing the delicious treacle tart and wondering how long her back was going to feel as if there were an extremely obese hippogriff standing on it. What do you think, Addie? Jayden was asking her.

Huh, she replied lifting her head off his shoulder. You want to go for a walk? he repeated. Walk? That didnt sound to incredibly painful, Alright, she smiled and made to stand up. She asked Jayden to grab her one more treacle tart, as she didnt think her shoulder would extend across the table in its current condition. He did, handed it to her, then holding hands, they walked out of the Great Hall in into the sunny morning. As the wind hit her, Adara shivered slightly and took

a bite of the luxuriously warm treacle tart. Here, Jayden noticed her shivering and let go of her hand to take off his navy-blue sweatshirt. Jay, Im her sentence was lost as Jayden put the sweater over his girlfriends head. She put it on properly, with minimal pain, and smiled up at Jayden, Thanks. Jayden swung his arm around her shoulders and it was all Adara could do not to gasp as his arm came down on them. A

searing pain was sent down her back, but she didnt let a sound escape from her mouth. The treacle tart was now finished so Adara slid her arm around Jaydens waist and they continued walking, comfortable enough with each other for the silence not to be awkward. Did you get your paper in? Adara asked as they passed a big oak tree by the lake. Yeah, this morning, Jayden replied, You want to go flying again tonight, together? he suggested. Adara winced that the thought of having to ride a

broom with a extremely painful back. Maybe tomorrow night, I have to write to my mum tonight or shell probably come here and kill me, Adara laughed. Jayden looked disappointed so she pulled herself closer to him and smiled up at him, I still love you though. I know, he smiled and kissed the top of her head. They continued walking, enjoying the weather and each others company. Then Adara saw something that didnt belong up ahead by the

side of the lake. It looked red red and black. As they neared it, Adara noticed that it was a girl. A sobbing girl. Then she saw it was Evans, the girl who hated her. The girl was now sobbing. Adara felt bad for her. Her mother had always told her she was too nice, and that is what Adara was thinking as she stopped walking and faced Jayden, Hey, I have to go see whats wrong with her. She said. Isnt that the Evans girl thats in our Defense class? I thought you

didnt like her, Jayden asked, puzzled. Well, she obviously needs someone and we are the only ones out here. You confuse me. And thats why you love me, right? Adara smiled, Ill meet you in the common room? Okay, Jayden kissed her, his hand touching her back. She tried to ignore it but had to break away as the ache was too much.

Bye, she told him and started walking along the edge of the pond towards the Evans girl. Evans didnt notice that Adara was there until the latter made her slow way to sitting on the soft, slightly dewy grass beside her. Evans looked up at Adara, who was staring at the lake. What are you doing here? Evans asked as she tried to wipe away her tears. Are you okay? Adara asked looking at Evans for the first time. Adara noticed her emerald eyes, and was slightly jealous.

Whats it to you, anyway? Evans asked miserably. You look like you need to talk, Adara said plainly. I have friends, Evans snapped. Yeah, me too. Evans looked speechless, and terrible. Her mascara was running streaks down her face and she had bags under her eyes. Look, I know you may find this weird and Hufflepuff-ish, but Im here right now and if you want to talk about this, whomever and

whatever it might be, then talk, Adara sighed wondering why she was being so nice to who was recently her nemesis. I just dont get why. Youre in a few of my classes this year, but other than that Ive never seen you. I dont even know your first name, how can I know if I can trust you? Evans finally answered. Im Adara, Adara said. Evans looked at her then sighed, Im Lily. So, what or who has got you out here crying?

You must think Im some weird freak, but its just that I cant take it anymore. Bloody Potter and his bloody friends! Lily threw her hands in the air. Tell me about it. I was stuck with Sirius in practically every class this week, and yesterday he just about she stopped, why was she telling Lily what she hasnt even told her best friend or her boyfriend? He what? Bet its not worse than what Potter did. Lily sighed.

Its pretty bad, Adara admitted deciding that if Lily was going to be honest with her, she might as well return the favor. Bloody Sirius threw me off my bloody broom twice yesterday and I can barely walk for my back hurts so bad Adara started to rant. Bloody Potter called me 'love' for the millionth time, and just barely stopped short of asking me out Lily cut in. and I cant tell Jay, my boyfriend, because then hell know I was at the pitch with Sirius and probably castrate the poor bloke

in front of the whole bloody common room, and my friends have been telling me that Potters not that bad and I should give him a chance which I wouldnt really mind right now because he did throw me off a broom in the first place, even if he was just kidding and how they would give anything to have a man like them this much. But Potter is just so annoying and probably doesnt even like me. Just thinking that if he cant have me he wants too and

I HATE HIM! the sixteen-yearolds finished at the same time. They fell silent and looked at each other, then broke into laughter. Feel better? Adara asked when theyd calmed down. Yeah, thanks. Lily smiled. Anytime. * Even after that Saturday morning, Lily and Adara werent friends by any means. They just no longer hated each other. In class, Adara and Lily took turns

answering the questions and laughed when Slughorn asked them if they had been studying together during the next potions class. What is up with you two? Sirius whispered. Adara ignored him, though it had been three days since the broom incident, yet her back still ached. Besides, this was the first time that Adara had come into contact with Sirius and she wanted to let him know she was not happy.

Any one there? Sirius asked snapping his fingers in front of her, Any one at all. Adara added more powered snakeskin to her potion then started to stir it. Sirius had lost the seat to James again (though this time Adara could tell he wasnt making as much as an effort to win) and had taken the chair beside her. Five minutes of silence passed, in which Adara watched Sirius add not measured amounts of ingredients to his potion out of the corner of her eyes.

Finally, when Adara had thought shed won and they would actually be working in silence for the rest of the period, he spoke again, What is wrong with you? Youre not even muttering like a mad woman today. Did Booty forbid you to look, speak, or hear me? Cause then, you guys need to work on your relationship, you have to be able to trust th No, you insensitive prat! Im not talking to you because for the last three days, my back has been hurting terribly! Adara spun furiously to face him.

Sirius looked uncomfortable, Okay, Dara, thats a little too much information, if its youre time of the mon What? Adara cut in, then realized what Sirius was thinking and blushed, Merlin no! My back hurts because you threw me off my bloody broom twice on Friday! she said, a little loudly, as she cupped some of her potion into her glass vile. She stormed up to the professors desk, slammed her vile down, gathered her stuff and strode out of the room.

How dare he? Not even know that I was mad. Stupid brainless git. She was storming down the corridor, lost in her furious thoughts when she suddenly hit something very hard and fell backwards to the ground. Her bag was on her back, which just made her landing more painful as she collided with the ground. She pulled her arms through her straps and rolled onto her stomach. Ow! Her back was killing her. She sat up and reached her hand out to

touch the invisible barrier. This has never been here before she thought. I mean, its right in the middle of a normally busy corridor. Adara! she turned her head and scowled as she saw Sirius running towards her. This wasnt exactly the person she wanted to see most, Finally. Ive been screaming your name for the last five minutes! Luckily this stopped you, he said as he waved his wand. Adaras hand was left touching nothing as the barrier disappeared.

You put this barrier here? she almost yelled, I almost killed myself thanks to you again. Sorry, love, but I had to stop you somehow. Well lose some weight and try to catch up on your own, Adara snapped as she made to stand up. She lost her balance and Sirius caught her and helped her up. Dont touch me, and dont call me love. I have a boyfriend, Adara said harshly, One that runs to catch up with me,

instead of putting up invisible barriers. Look, Im sorry. The other night I was just playing. I didnt mean to hurt you. And you even laughed, he told her, his grey eyes pleading for forgiveness. Yeah, well, Adara said. Maybe she couldnt be that mad. About that. Come on. Well, then you went and insulted my boyfriend in potions, Adara said determined to find something to be mad about.

Sorry, I just dont like the bloke. You obviously do, though, considering youre dating him and doing Merlinknows-what else with him late at night in the corri Sirius! Adara interrupted loudly. Sorry, what Im trying to say is, if it bothers you, Ill stop talking about Booty. Fine. So can you be civil with me? I guess.

Thanks, Sirius smiled and picked up Adaras bag, Do you want me to help you carry this, considering your back hurts and its kinda my f Adara? Adara turned in the other direction to see Jayden walking towards her and Sirius. Adara quickly grabbed her bag from Sirius, but dropped it when her back stabbed in protest. She instinctively brought a hand to her lower back. Hey, Jay, Sirius was just helping me. I dropped my bag, Adara said, Well I dropped it before just now, then he handed it to me and I dropped it again.

Are you okay? Jayden asked as he reached them. Yeah, its just my back hurts a little. She glanced at Sirius, who was standing awkwardly only feet away from them. Ill get your things, Jayden told her without looking at Sirius and picked her bag up easily, Where are you headed? Common Room. Lets go, Jayden turned and started to walk away from Sirius. Bye, Adara said as she left.

See you in Defense, Sirius smiled as he turned to go. Adara caught up with Jayden. Why does youre back hurt? he asked her concerned. Adara was slightly worried that he wasnt bring up what just happened. When the dog scared me Friday night, I fell. Oh, right. Why didnt you tell me it hurt? Jayden asked. I didnt want you to think that I couldnt tryout for Quidditch,

Adara answered trying to read his emotions. I know you can fly, Addie, youre already on the team, he told her. Adara smiled at him, Thanks. He smiled back and put his hand on her back, then took it back hastily, Sorry! he exclaimed when he saw her wince. Its okay. No, if it hurts, you should go to the hospital wing. Jay, Im fin

Just go get some potions, then. I know theyll make you feel better. I insist. He told her sincerely. Adara was grateful that he wasnt mad. He had not reason to be, though. She and Sirius had just been talking. Adara looked up at him again, Okay, she gave in realizing that a pain relief potion might be good to have. Do you want me to come with you? Can you just take my stuff up to the common room?

Sure, he smiled and kissed her forehead. Adara took a right when Jayden took a left. As soon as she turned the first corner she saw Sirius, leaning up against the wall as if he had known that she would be coming this way.

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Wh wh what are you do Hello Adara, Sirius smiled pushing away from the wall. Sirius? Adara stuttered. Who else could look like this? Sirius laughed. How did you... what are you I thought youd be coming this way. Hospital wing, yeah? Howd you know? Adara was stunned. Who did Sirius think he was?

Bootys protective, I was hoping you could convince him to let you go alone. Come on, lets go, Sirius walked away from her. Adara followed him, still in shock. Are you stalking me? she finally said when she caught up with him. I thought we already established that I was, Sirius answered. You know, stalking someone in some cultures is considered rude, even illegal, Adara said,

the surprise wearing off and her normal personality returning. Hmm. Didnt know, thanks for telling me, Sirius chuckled. It bugged Adara that he was so chipper about all this. Okay, Adara started, then heres another question: why are you stalking me? Well, Sirius started as we turned the corner and neared the entrance to the Hospital Wing, you are very interesting. Adara rolled her eyes, Thanks, what a compliment.

Sirius shrugged and opened the large wooden doors to the Hospital Wing, After you, Miss Moore. Adara walked into the room and Sirius followed, Poppy! he called. Adara looked back and raised an eyebrow at him. Poppy? Adara laughed mentally. The young new nurse walked out of her office and immediately smiled, Sirius! she gasped approaching them. Poppy, Sirius took her hand and brought it to his lips. The

nurse blushed. Adara rolled her eyes, could Sirius really dazzle every witch, except her of course, in the whole school? Youve been well, then? I havent seen you in at least three weeks did that scratch heal alright? Madam Pomfrey asked. Perfectly, of course, Sirius flashed his perfectly white teeth, But Im not why were here. Adara is having a bit of back pain. He explained. The nurse seemed reluctant to break her gaze on Sirius, yet she managed to look at Adara.

Back pain? she asked, the happiness in her voice completely gone now that Sirius wasnt giving her the attention. Er yeah. I kind of fell off my broom Sirius coughed something that sounded remarkably like twice. and my back is killing me. Adara finished, glaring at Sirius out of the corner of her eye. Oh, I hope you dont mean literally killing you, because that would be a case for St. Mun

No, it just hurts. Adara sighed. Honestly, if her back had literally been killing her, did Poppy think that Adara would have let the nurse and Sirius carry on that pointless conversation? Well, then Ill just give you a pain potion and it should be gone, the nurse turned and headed back into her office. Poppy? Adara laughed at Sirius. He shrugged, She likes us me, James, Remus. So youre in here a lot then?

Eh, not really. Just when Remus makes me come after I cut myself or something. Honestly, I wouldnt ever come if it werent for him, he smiled. At least one of you is responsible, Adara muttered. Here you are! the nurse busted out of her office waving a bottle of maroon potion before Sirius could retort. Adara sighed gratefully, but regretted it when even that small action caused her pain, Thanks so much. She smiled.

The nurse waved a hand at her, Anytime, she said then turned to Sirius, I would say come back soon, but then Id be condemning you to injury. Youre too nice, Poppy, Sirius said, well, weve got class to get to. He grabbed Adaras free hand, waved over his shoulder, and then proceeded to drag her out of the hospital wing. Adara noticed how warm his hand was then pulled her hand away, Was there a reason that you dragged me out of there like a dog? she asked

examining the bottle in her hand. Yes, Sirius stopped, Adara did the same, love that nurse when Im sick, but that lady will talk your ear off if you let her. I did that for your own good. Hmm, Adara huffed. She turned the bottle over and read the directions. Take two mouthfuls now, and finish bottle before bed. Are you going to analyze the ingredients in the potion or actually take it? Sirius asked, leaning up against the wall.

Adara threw him a look, unscrewed the cap and swallowed the first mouthful. The potion was thick and it burned her throat, not to mention that it tasted like owl dung. Or what Adara would imagine owl dung would taste like. Ugh! she spat after she swallowed. Not pumpkin juice, I take it? Sirius laughed. Adara wanted to call him something that was not very nice, Not precisely. She muttered.

They stood in silence for a moment, Adara trying to wipe the taste out of her mouth and Sirius watching her with a bemused expression on his face. Well? he finally asked. Well, what? Well, arent you going to take the other mouthful? he rolled his eyes at her stupidity. Adara looked at him astonished, Are you serious? Actually

Not funny. What I meant was how the hell, one: do you expect me to swallow another mouthful of this dung, and two: know that I have to in the first place? she narrowed her eyes. Lets see One: yes, I do, and two: I have had a ton of experiences with this particular potion. Adara grunted. She did not want to take another sip of this liquefied hell. Adara. You know you already feel better. One more sip and youre good as new, Sirius smiled.

But its disgusting! Adara whined playfully. Sirius laughed. Adara noticed how bark-like it was. But either you take it or Ill force you to. Adara put a hand on her hip, Was that a threat, Mr. Black? I believe it was, Miss Moore, Sirius laughed from his spot on the wall. You wouldnt.

Would I? he raised a brow, recall what made you have to take this potion in the first place. Adara narrowed her eyes. He had thrown the both of them off a broom. A moving, airborne broom. Chances are he wouldnt hesitate to pin her and force-feed her medicine. She sighed, Fine. She plugged her nose, squeezed her eyes shut, and took a quick swig of the potion. She forced herself to swallow it then opened her eyes, happy? Do you feel better? he asked her.

Actually she did. She didnt have any pain at all! Yeah, my backs fine. Then Im thrilled. Good, she smiled. And theres no way you can make me take it tonight, she consoled herself. So, were are you headed? Sirius asked as they neared the Great Hall. I guess my Common Room, Adara said. Jay would probably be waiting wait. No he wouldnt, he had herbology.

Booty going to be waiting? No, but Christine will. Adara said. She hadnt talked to her best friend in forever and was sure that the strawberry-blonde would be ready to ambush her for details. The annoying redhead? Sirius asked. Yea hey! Shes not annoying, Adara defended, all the time. she added. Sure, Sirius smiled, well, see you in Defense. They had reached where Adara needed

to turn to go to her Common Room. And youll be nice to Jayden? Adara asked him. If you promise to take that potion tonight, Sirius wagered. Adara scowled, so maybe there was a way he could make her. Fine, she sighed. Pinky swear, Sirius added holding out his pinky. What? Adara gasped. Pinky swear: you know, that muggle thing where you

I know what it is! Adara said, still confused, I just its what muggle children do, Sirius, Adara finished, laughing. Sirius shrugged again, So? He couldnt be for lack of a better word serious, could he? Do you really expect me too Yes. Sirius Pinky swear! Come on!

Pinky! You cant be Swear! FINE! Adara wanted to stop this pointless conversation. She stuck out her pinky and Sirius took it in his. Say it. He ordered, looking into her blue eyes with his stunning grey ones. Adara stopped her eyes from rolling, again, I swear Ahem, Sirius interrupted holding their pinkys higher.

Adara couldnt stop them this time: she rolled her eyes, I pinky swear to take the potion tonight, she said, Youre turn. I pinky swear to be nice to Booty in this one Defense class, he recited. Then with one last shake he released her pinky. Later, he said as if nothing unusual had just happened and turned to go. Adara stared, shaking her head, as what was supposed to be a seventeenyear-old boy walked down the hallway after making her pinky swear to take her medicine. She felt like a bloody three-year-old.

* Addie! Christine called when Adara entered the common room. Adara joined her friend at the table. Hey. Whereve you been? Jay dropped off your stuff twentyfive minutes ago and said youd just gone to the Hospital Wing to get a potion for your back Christine! which I assume he now knows is hurting you, why didnt

you want to tell him earlier? And how did it start hurt Christine! ting in the beginning. You have to tell me, your best friend, these things! You cant just leav CHRISTINE! Adara finally yelled to make her friend stop talking, If youll take a breath, Ill tell you! Christine smiled, then made a big deal of taking a deep breath, Very good, Adara smiled, Now. The first questions

was if I remember correctly where have I been? Christine nodded. I was where Jay told you I was, I the Hospital Wing, she paused should she tell her about Sirius? then on the way back I ran into Sirius and we talked then I came back here. Adara compromised. She didnt know why she was compromising. It bugged her that her instincts were making her do this. Oh, him. Christine muttered. Maybe thats why

And I didnt want to tell Jay sooner because I thought that hed not let me try out for the team with my back hurting, Christine nodded again, understanding Jays cute protective tendencies, and it was hurting because I fell of my broom when a weird dog barked and scared me. Adara explained. A dog? Christine asked. Yeah, Adara answered thinking, And it wasnt Fang, either. Odd.

I know, Adara needed to ask Sirius about that. Where had he gone? With Christine satisfied, Adara took out her potions essay and began to write. She was halfway through with it when she looked at her watch and realized that the period before lunch had been over for five minutes. Hey, Chris, its time for lunch, Adara nudged her friend awake. Christine sat up on the couch and looked at Adara sleepily, I fell asleep didnt I? she asked. Adara nodded, Great, and I

could have written my essay for Care of Magical Creatures! Ten minutes later, Christine and Adara slid into their seats at the Ravenclaw table. You feel better? Jayden asked right away. Adara smiled up at him, Much, thanks, she said then kissed him, but Im starving! You should be you barely ate anything for breakfast, Christine commented.

Adara happily piled a ham sandwich and mashed potatoes on her plate. Hello Addie, Laila said as she sat down with Xeno, is your mood better now? Yes, I feel much better now, Adara had forgotten that she stormed out of potions this morning. Thats good. Sometimes those humblingbundingers can worsen your mood like that. Very spontaneous they are, Xeno commented solemnly.

Right, Adara smiled. Trying not to laugh, she shoved her sandwich into her mouth and choked. Jayden hit her on the back and she was able to swallow, Thanks, Jay, she said when he found her voice. No problem. Adara looked back at her plate and remembered that they had Defense class next. She had to talk to Jayden before class to ask Jayden to be nice, as Sirius pinky swore he would be. *

Soon, Christine, Jayden, and Adara were walking to class. Adara stopped and pulled Jaydens arm and he stopped, too, and gave her a puzzled look. Christine kept walking but soon stopped once she realized she was walking by herself. Go on, Chris, I just need to talk to Jay, Adara waved her on. Christine nodded, said something bout her saving them seats, and continued into the classroom. Adara pulled Jay away from the moving mob, Jay, besides

saving my life earlier, I have another favor to ask of you. What? he asked wearily. Can you be nice to Sirius today? she noticed his expression darken at the sound of his name, Please, I know hell be civil today. Addie, Ive told you. I dont like him, Jayden whined. I know, just dont be mean. Im stuck with him in all my classes and I have to talk to someone.

Can you talk to one of the nice other people in your class? Jayden suggested. Adara gave him her best please! look. Jayden rolled his eyes, You know I cant resist that. Fine, I wont be mean. He resigned. Adara smiled and nodded. She almost said, pinky swear? but she stopped herself just in time. Thanks, Jay, she leaned in to kiss him. He kissed her back slowly, as if he was savoring a last moment with her or something. She felt his tongue brush the top of her lip and

pulled away, if we go much longer, I dont think Ill be able to go to class. She whispered and Jayden nodded. Hand in hand the couple walked into the classroom and took the same seats they had the first day of class. The seat next to Adara, the one that Sirius had previously occupied, was still empty. Adara bit her lip worried as to how this whole being nice to each other thing was going to work. The professor walked in a few minutes later and still no Sirius. Adara looked around and noticed that none of the

marauders were present. She knit her brows together in confusion. Where are they? she wondered. She had just been with Sirius, what, two hours ago? She knew much better than to ask Jayden or Christine if they had seen them, so she just sat there and contemplated where the four boys might be. Was this some type of joke? Did he think that by not showing up he could fulfill his promise of being nice? No, Adara thought, he wouldnt do that because he wants me to take the medicine tonight.

She wasnt paying attention to the teacher, so when the sound of chairs scraping the floor awoke her from her trance she realized that they were obviously practicing something. Then she realized that her assigned partner wasnt there. She raised her hand to point this out to the teacher, when something scared her so badly she fell off her chair. Ready, Adara? came Sirius voice. Crash! Adara hit the floor. Addie? Adara!

Jayden and Sirius were at her side at once, Are you okay? they said at the same time. Adara looked from her boyfriend to the man who was the reason she was on the floor. They were glaring at each other. Adara moved her pinky to touch Sirius hand and remind him of the promise. He sighed, Ill be over there when youre ready, Adara, he said and walked away. Jayden helped her up, Are you okay? he repeated.

Yeah, its just Sirius surprised me, Adara smiled. Okay, but if that back pain comes back tell me, Jayden told her. He kissed her forehead and then walked off to practice with Christine. Adara joined Sirius, Thanks, she said, for being nice. Well, I promised, Sirius muttered. Yeah, Adara agreed watching his face, and where did you come from?

He smiled, Thats for me to know and you to find out, he sung. But none of you were here! Adara turned and say James partnered with Lily in the middle of the room and Peter and Remus close by. I have no clue what you are talking about, Sirius replied his eyes twinkling. This isnt over, but we have to practice, Adara warned him as she raised her wand, And I dont want you holding back on me.

Okay, if youre sure, Sirius said with a sigh. Im sure, Adara smiled, Okay, one, two, thre And with a flash of light and Adara was on the floor. In a full body bind. Not a word had been spoken. A second later, she was unfrozen, yet she remained on the floor, Are you alright? Sirius asked offering his hand. Adara took it and he pulled her up. Howd you do that? she asked for what felt like the hundredth time that day.

You told me not to hold back, Sirius simply replied. Adara scowled. How had he beaten her? Lets try again, this time you count, she said. He shrugged, One, two, three! he cried. And Adaras concentrated face was frozen as her body hit the floor in another perfect full body bind. Dammit! She thought a second before she was unfrozen again.

Sirius looked worried as he helped her up, Do you want me to take it easy? he asked her. No, she growled. This was seriously pissing her off. She was always able to beat anyone! She was in Ravenclaw for Merlins sake! Adara, Sirius started but Adara held up her hand to silence him. Count again, she ordered. One, two, three Sirius counted obediently. However, this time he didnt curse Adara, Adara beat him and Sirius

landed with a thunk on the floor. Adara was passed angry, You let me win! she cried as she unfroze and helped Sirius up. Did not. Then tell me that. Look me in the eye and tell me that you did not let me win, Adara rested a hand on her hip. Sirius looked at the ceiling then at Adara, Adara, I didnt he trailed off. See! Adara shrieked, you did let me win!

Adara, calm down, Sirius put a hand on her shoulder. Adara took a deep breath. She knew that he was just trying to make her feel better. Sorry, she muttered looking at the floor. Its okay. Youre an amazing witch, Ive just had a ton of practice, Sirius told her. Well, I should know how to do this better, Adara moaned, How do you do it? Tell me.

Sirius smiled, I told you, he took her hand off of her shoulder and turned around, practice. Fine, Adara sighed. Okay, class, thats enough for now, lets sit back down and Ill allow you to work on your essay that will be due Wednesday, the professor announced. Sirius smiled and put his hand out telling Adara silently to go first. She rolled her eyes playfully and took her seat beside her boyfriend. Hello, Boot, Sirius greeted pleasantly as he sat down on Adaras other side.

Jayden looked at him, confused, Black, he nodded his head once then looked at Adara as if saying, what the hell? Adara smiled at him then turned to write down the essay topic. She noticed that Sirius was writing something, then he kicked her gently under the table. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and he nodded at note. Im doing good, arent I? Adara nodded, smiling wider. Sirius looked very pleased with

himself and pushed back in his chair. Maybe this being nice thing will work, Adara thought hopefully. * Later that night, Adara was finishing at letter to her mother in her dorm room. -- and theres this guy named Sirius (yes, that is his real name) in all of my classes. At first he was annoying, but now I guess hes pretty funny. We were assigned to be partners in most of the classes, so weve become friends. And my friendship, and

the times where we havent been friends (i.e. broom incident), with Sirius has led me to erm bond with this Gryffindor girl named Lily Evans. We were enemies, but Ive realized we have a few things in common. So anyway, classes are hard, and life is good. Jayden is great, as always, except for the small feud between Jay and Sirius. They just cant seem to get along. Probably a house/Quidditch rival thing. I hope that you havent been cooking. That would be bad. And I hope that you do have a life other than me, Mum. Because when I leave in two

years, you are going to have to find a way to get along without me. You need a boyfriend. Thats your homework. Love you, Addie She finished and put it in a envelope, addressed it, and put it on her bedside table. She would drop it off tomorrow morning. Now, she wanted to go to bed. She threw on her PJs and was about to climb back in bed when she saw the bottle. The evil bottle that contained the evil potion.

I should take it, she thought. Sirius kept his end, shed keep hers. She grabbed the bottle, shut her eyes and gulped the whole thing down. Uck! she shook her head and climbed into bed. She laid her head down on the pillow and felt something uncomfortable. Reaching behind her she pulled what felt like a letter from under her head. Wondering what the heck would be on her pillow at nearly ten oclock at night, she read: Dont forget, you pinky swore.

A/N: So, after this chapter, well, at the end of next chapter... things get interesting! Haha. THANKS for the reviews! I really love them. Please review and tell me what you think!!!! =] Chapter Six: Fear the Dark The next day was a Tuesday that only stood out to Adara for one reason; one Sirius reason. At the beginning of potions, he had asked whether she had

taken her potion. She said yes and inquired as to how hed gotten the note up in her room. Sirius had shrugged and said, I have my ways, and Adara let the matter drop for the moment as Slughorn began talking. She would have brought it up again, but forgot about it as she turned and found the dark haired man beside her uncharacteristically furiously scribbling on a piece of parchment. She had cocked an eyebrow and sneakily tried to get a view of what he was writing. She knew it couldnt be notes. She had gotten close enough to read the words Moony, careful, tomorrow night, and meet by before Sirius moved

the paper far away from her and blocked her view with his muscle-y arm. Adara knew it was on purpose, but had to get started on her potion. She would bring up the subject later well thats what she told herself. Now, Adara was sitting at dinner with her boyfriend scanning the Great Hall for Sirius. Hed continued the weird writing and evasive maneuvers throughout all their classes and even in the hallways. Adara had barely seen head or tail of her usual partner all day. He arrived at classes just in time, then as if the teachers were on his side, all of them had given lectures which meant

Adara had to take notes and couldnt ask Sirius any questions. At first, Adara had just been curious, but now it was starting to get on her nerves. It was only yesterday that hed been stalking her and now it was as if he was avoiding her. What, Adara thought as she sighed and realized that Sirius was not present at dinner, is wrong with him? Is he bloody schizophrenic? Adara must have been staring over at the Gryffindor table lost in her thoughts for too long, because Christine kicked her under the table the universal sign for pay attention.

Jayden, mate. Adddie and I have prefect rounds tonight. Bully for us, David was saying. Oh yeah! Adara had forgotten that it was the first time that they had official prefect patrol! Adara loved prefect patrol, another thing that her friends referred to as one of those weird Rune-like obsessions. She didnt mind though, Right! Thats so exciting! Adara joined the conversation. David rolled his eyes. Yeah, well, the Gryffindors are patrolling with us tonight, well Lily is. Remus is sick or maybe his

mom is, either way, Estelles brother is taking his place tonight. David piled more potatoes onto his plate. Adara nodded. Maybe shed get a chance to talk to Lily. Emmet, Estelles twin brother, and David were good friends despite the house rivalries so they would probably want to patrol together leaving Adara and Lily alone to talk (or vent) about their respective marauders. Not that Sirius was Adaras marauder, just that he was the one she had to constantly deal with.

The rest of dinner seemed to crawl by and it took forever for nine oclock to finally arrive. Adara was sitting by Jayden on the couch when the hour stuck, not that shed been watching the clock or anything. She kissed Jayden goodbye, yelled up the staircase for David to get his arse down here, and the two exited their common room together. They walked to the Great Hall, the proposed meeting place for patrollers to report to the Heads. As Adara and David approached the Hall, however, only the Head Girl was present.

Okay, is that everyone? she asked in a tone that suggested shed rather be anywhere but there. Adara waved to Emmet and Lily, and the four sixth years nodded. Great, then pair up and be off. Duty is over at eleven, report any suspicious activity to me, the Head Boy, or directly to a staff member, any questions? she ran of what Adara assumed to be the required list. The four others shook their heads and then the Head Girl was off.

Emmet and I will take the dungeons, then? David suggested. Fine with me, Lily agreed. Emmet and Adara nodded. Later, David said as he and Emmet made their way down the nearest staircase. Start at the top? Lily suggested. Sounds like a plan, Adara nodded and the two headed up the stairs, Hows James doing? Still in one piece? Adara started the conversation.

Lily shrugged, Hasnt been to bad lately. Hes been writing a lot in classes where hes my forced partner, she lit her wand and looked at Adara, You? I forgave Sirius, Adara shrugged and lit her wand, too, but hes been weird lately. One day hes practically stalking me then today its like hes not there. Yeah, its those days that you learn to treasure. At least Jay does, Adara nodded. Jayden had seen must less tense now that Sirius wasnt talking to her.

Could that be the reason? Your boyfriend? Lily asks, hes the big keeper for your team, right? Adara noded. How long have you two been together? Lily asks keeping up the conversation. Adara was getting a bit annoyed, she wanted to talk about Sirius and James and what they were up to, Three years, about.

Congratulations, Lily smiled, then muttered, did you hear that? Adara had, and nodded. There was what sounded like a faint whisper coming from a nearby classroom. Lets investigate, Lily whispered. They crept up, closer to the classroom, then a crash sounded from behind them. The girls exchanged glances. Lets split up, Ill see what that was, you see who that is, Lily suggested, Adara nodded. As they went opposite directions,

Adara heard another whispered, Dont worry, Prongs, it said. Adara remembered a very similar situation last year Pads, shhh, someones coming! Adara heard the voice from down the corridor and wondered how the person had known. She was being really quiet. Dont worry, she wont dock us. Mischeif Managed! Another voice whispered as Adara neared the classroom. Yeah, she thought, I wont bust them.

She lit her wand and entered the classroom to find two Gryffindor boys that were about her age, You know that you two are out after hours? she had asked. The boys nodded and the longer-haired one stepped forward, Were sorry, it wont happen again. Youre right. Because Im going to Adara stopped short as she saw one of the boys fiddling with the corners of a bit of parchment, Whats that? she pointed.

Nothing! cried the boy holding it as he shoved it into his robe pocket. He had messy hair and black-rimmed glasses. Give it here, Adara demanded. She loved having power. I I the boy stammered and looked at the other boy, Fine. She handed it to her. It looked like a bit of parchment, nothing more. But Adara had been smarter than that. She tapped her wand to it. A message began to appear. The boys looked smug. Adara read:

Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Adara Moore and hopes that she will not hold his idiotic friends accountable, as her abnormal interest in snooping is appreciated. Adara blinked twice. How the hell did the paper know who she was? She barely had time to contemplate this as another message appeared. Mr. Wormtail bids that Miss Moore will relinquish this parchment and go back to her studies, the nerd.

Adara looked from one smug looking boy to the other then back at the thing in her hand: Mr. Prongs agrees that Miss Moores snooping ability and obsession is worthy, yet adds that she would be wise to take it elsewhere, possibly to the dungeons. Adara was stunned. Mr. Padfoot would like to compliment Miss Dara as she is quite beautiful, yet he also wishes that she would please use her ability to catch a worthy Slytherin.

Adara gasped from her perch outside the classroom where the same voice she had heard a year ago was whispering. Sirius. Pads?... Padfoot? Sirius was Padfoot? Whats a Padfoot? Adara barely had time to register her minds questions as the door to the classroom she was supposed to be sneaking up on flew open.

Adara! she could barely make out his gorgeous um, nicelooking face in the faint light of her wand. Sirius? James? she acknowledged the other man that had showed up. Hey, Adara, he waved. Adara switched into prefect mode a strict version of her prefect form, as she was irritated with Sirius earlier behavior, What are you doing? Its after curfew! She thought she heard James mutter something along the lines

of Im glad you can tell time. She scowled. She opened her mouth to say something but Sirius spoke first, What was the crash? Wheres Lily? Lily followed the crash, Adara said, Howd you know I was with Lily? she questioned. You let Lily follow a loud, potentially dangerous crash alone? James sounded mad. Adara was confused about so many things right now. So she just nodded.

James ran past her down the corridor, a look of fury on his face. Sirius chuckled, Poor boy. Adara sank against the wall too confused to even think. She pulled her knees to her chest and put her head in her hands. Her mind was racing: Sirius, Padfoot, parchment, how he knew I was with Lily Adara? Sirius asked softly. Adara didnt respond. She was trying sort her thoughts. She felt a body sitting beside her.

Dara? she felt his warm hand cover her knee, Whats wrong? Are you okay? She looked up, What are you. She asked. Sirius laughed , What do you mean? You. Are. Strange. Adara began, Whenever Im near you something weird happens: the dog on the Quidditch pitch, the parchment that knew my name last year even though I didnt know you then, it was still weird

You remember the map? Sirius asked, smiling with glee... and embarrassment, maybe? Map? You mean the parchment? Yes, and then you somehow manage to get a note into the Ravenclaws girls dorm, then one day you are all talkative, the next you write a novel about 'Moony, careful, tomorrow night, meet' in every class and barely talk to me! Sirius appeared to be concentrating on something, maybe even a hint of fear was etched on his face, Adara

Just tell me what the hell is going on! What the hell is going on, Sirius mumbled, repeating the phrase. Adara scowled, not in the mood for jokes. Sirius scooted from his spot on the wall so that he was directly in front of Adara, Look, I cant tell you everything, but Ill tell you what I can on one condition. He said seriously. Adara looked at him, he looked worried, what could he want? What is it? she asked.

I really wish youd promise me first, Sirius sighed. Im in Ravenclaw, I know better than to do that, Adara explained. Fine, Sirius rolled his eyes, You have to promise, no, wait, pinky promise that you wont go outside the castle tomorrow after sunset. Adara blinked, what? Why would he want her to promise that? Just trust me, Dara, Sirius pleaded.

Why that? Trust me. Adara thought about his proposition. How much would he tell her in exchange for this weird promise? Why this? Could I trust him? That was the one it came down to, really. Could Adara trust Sirius. She knew, by looking into his eyes and feeling his hand on her knee, that she could. Because he was her friend, of course... Fine, I pinky promise I wont go out after sunset, Adara held out

her pinky without having to be reminded. Good, Sirius replied and took her pinky in his. Now tell me. Adara demanded. Okay, so the note in the dorm, I can tell you about that one, Sirius smiled, Though its more mysterious if I dont Adara glared at him, fine. I just got on my broomstick, flew to your window then levitated the note onto your bed. I knew it was yours because of the picture of you and Booty and your mother?

Yeah, my mum. Shes pretty, I see where you get it, Sirius complemented. Thanks, Adara smiled. Sirius nodded, The rest is Padfoot! called a voice down the hallway. Adara saw James walking towards them, We need to get away before my dearest Lily catches up! Sirius rolled his eyes, Which curse? he called back.

Nothing I cant handle just so many dots he was walking like a drunk man. Sirius stood up, Adara followed suit. Ill see you later, no forgetting, this promise is important, he warned. Adara nodded, You can remind me tomorrow, though, right? Because you owe me an explanation! Adara called as Sirius took James by the shoulders and walked away. He looked back at her with a grim smile, then picked up the pace and was gone.

Adara? she tore her eyes from the spot where Sirius had disappeared and saw the red head walking towards her at a brisk pace, have you seen Potter? she growled. Adara couldnt think, so she instinctively shook her head no. Ugh! I bloody hate him. So much for not that bad lately, yeah? Lily vented. This conversation was the exact one that Adara had wanted only minutes before, but now not so much. Now she wanted to go somewhere quiet and think.

So, did you dock them points? Lily asked Adara wearily, she was in Gryffindor, too. Adara shook her head again. Lily looked relieved, Why not? she asked. Why are you so chatty! Adara wanted to ask, or yell at, her. But she didnt; she just shrugged. This seemed to be enough, though, as Lily continued her one-sided conversation and Adara nodded or grunted when needed. They patrolled the rest of their designated area, met back at the Great Hall where Lily

reported Peeves crash, then Adara walked up to the tower with David. A few more minutes, Adara kept telling herself, then Ill be alone. She had never wanted to be alone to think so badly well, save that one time when she was seven and Gregory Johnson had kissed her, but that was a different story. Had David always been this talkative? Adara didnt think so. Finally, at last, thanking Merlin and all other dead respectable wizards, they arrived in the common room. Adara bid goodbye to her friend and tried not to sprint up the stairs to her dorm.

Once she had tiptoed past her friends whom she had given strict instructions to not wait up for her she turned the shower to full blast, cranked up the hot water, stripped, then stepped in. She sunk down into a seated position and let the water rush over her. * Adara woke up the next morning with no clue as to how she had gotten to her bed. She reached over and turned her alarm off, trying to remember.

So she had met Sirius and James during patrol, talked to Sirius, hed explained something, made her promise not to leave after sunset tonight, come back and gotten in the shower. Then her memory stopped. As Adara stared at the top of her canopy she came to the only possible conclusion: it was a dream. It was all a dream. Today was Tuesday. She had dreamed a whole day. She had almost completely convinced herself of this when her curtains were ripped open

and Christine hopped onto her legs saying, So, I heard you come in at like eleven thirty and take a shower, what was that all about? So it wasnt a dream. Damn, and Id had it all thought over, too. The thought of yesterday being a dream made much more sense than if it had actually happened. Hello? Chiristine waved her hand in front of Adaras face, Are you alright? Adara came out of her daze and nodded, Yeah Chris, Im

fine. Just really tired. And you're kind of on my legs. "Oh, sorry," the other girl nodded, Well youd better get ready! Runes this morning! she climbed off of Adaras bed and legs and began to dress in the uniform kilt. Adara sighed and did the same. When she looked in the mirror to do her hair, though, she realized that she hadnt brushed it after her shower last night. It was a tangled mess. Great, she sighed.

Just leave it like that. The just rolled out of bed look is in, Christine grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the dorm before Adara could do much more than grab her bag and wand. Chris, Adara whined as her friend continued to pull her down the stairs where Jayden was waiting. Hey, he greeted. Christine released Adara and Jay kissed her forehead. She wouldnt let me fix my hair! Adara pouted like a fiveyear-old.

Good, I like it like this, Jayden commented as he put his arm over her shoulders and played with a long strand. You two are impossible, Adara muttered. And thats why you love us, Christine danced from Adaras other side. More like thats why I feel bad for you, Adara smiled. Yeah, well, well still let you hang out with us, Jayden mocksighed.

Thanks, love, Adara said. Then froze. Love? Had she really just stolen that from Sirius? After a hearty breakfast, Adara walked to Runes class with Christine and David. She was excited to go to Runes and to see Sirius, but only to make him explain himself. Same seats good for you? David asked Christine. Yeah, no sun light in the eyes or reflecting off that gross kids glasses, Christine answered.

Adara rolled her eyes. Her friends were erm weird. They entered the classroom and Adara took her seat, the one beside Siriuss seat so as not to piss him off right away. She took out her supplies and waited. Other students began showing up yet Sirius wasnt there. Class started, yet Sirius wasnt there. He should be here. Hes never missed a class! Well, Adara couldnt really say that because shed only known Sirius for the last, what, two and a half weeks?

But hes never missed a class this year. That, at least, Adara was sure of. All leading to the point of where the hell is Sirius? The rest of the day was the same. Sirius didnt show up to any of his classes. Adara was beyond mad each time a class started and he wasnt there. By the end of the day, Adara was beginning to get worried. So worried, in fact, that she stopped Lily Evans after class.

Lily? Can I talk to you real quick? Adara asked going up to Lily and two other girls. The others exchanged confused looks, but Lily smiled and nodded. Adara led her a little away from the crowd, Hey, I know this may sound weird, but do you know where Sirius is? I, erm, kind of need to talk to him and he hasnt been in any of his classes today. Sorry, I have no clue, Lily shook her head, I havent seen him since yesterday in potions.

Oh, Adara became more worried, see you tonight for patrolling, then? Lily smiled, See you then. Adara waved and they both turned to go opposite ways, What was that about? Christine asked Adara. Patrolling duties, Adara automatically said, and this time she didnt even lie. Oh, yeah, she muttered, I was hoping that we could go out to the pitch and fly tonight. Jaydens holding tryouts on Friday, remember?

No, Adara said immediately, You cant go fly tonight! If Sirius didnt want her out after dark for some reason, Adara was not going to let her best friend go out. Why not? Because, before this year, Adara would have been screwed, but shed been practicing lying quite a bit lately, because the wind is going to be hell tonight and it might rain and I dont want you to slip and break something.

Pretty convincing, score one for Adara. Christine rolled her eyes, Yes, mum. Adara nodded, content, and the two girls headed up to the dorms to drop off their bags before dinner. * any suspicious activity to me, the Head Boy, or directly to a staff member, any questions? the Head Girl recited. Adara, Lily, Emmet, and David shook their heads and the older student left.

Same as last night? Emmet suggested. The other three nodded and left to their positions with their partner. Did you ever find Black? Lily asked as they climbed the stairs. No, it was weird, its like he disappeared, Adara commented. I saw him in the common room tonight, but only for a second before he ran up the stairs to the dormitory. Huh. I think that they are up to something.

Lily laughed, The marauders are always up to something, she said, this time its probably to bring up Remus spirits, I hear his mum is really ill. Adara didnt say anything. She didnt think this was just some silly prank they were going to pull. This was bigger; more serious. Transfiguration this year is hell, agreed? Lily bounced along the patrolling keeping the conversation up. Adara participated to some extent, but her mind was elsewhere. At ten forty-five and Lily and Adara were waiting in the Great

Hall talking about what the Head Girls problem was when they heard it. A scream. Or squeal. Whatever it was, it sounded like it was dying. Dying or suffering from severe pain. And it was on the outside of the huge doors. Adara and Lily exchanged scared glances. What was Do you think Lets go, Lily muttered a look of determination on her face as she lit her wand.

What? Adara gasped. They couldnt go out there after it! Adara, its dying! Lily said. We dont know what it is! Lily was fumbling with the locks on the doors, It sounded human, she said. Adara knew that whatever it was needed help. And she knew that most of the castle was asleep. And she knew that she was on patrol. She was in charge of keeping the students safe now. Lily! she begged.

The scream sounded again. Lily managed to unlock the door and push it open. The cold air hit Adara and made her shiver in cold and fear. Lets go, Lily said. Adara had pinky swore, but she thought that Sirius would be okay with her breaking it to save a life; because it was apparent that whatever was out there was dying. Come on! Lily was outside, about ten feet from Adara.

Damn sodding brave Gryffindors! Adara muttered as she ran into the light of the full moon after Lily.

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Adara really hadnt been lying when shed told Christine that the wind would be hell tonight. Adaras long brown hair

whipped at her back and face as she struggled to keep pace with Lily. Lily, wait! she called. Her voice was lost in the wind. Adara sprinted until she caught up with the redhead, Lily! she yelled. Lily slowed to a walk. What? Look, we dont even know where that sound came fr as if Adara had called it, the scream echoed through the grounds again. A shiver ran down Adaras spine at the sound. It was coming from the

Forbidden Forest. Whether it was in the forest or just by it, Adara couldnt tell. She could practically hear what Lily was thinking; the redheads Gryffindor brave- instincts were taking over. Adara was about to speak again when another cry sounded from over by the Great Lake. This didnt sound like a hurt call it was something else. The two girls whipped their heads around to find the source of the new noise. Adara pulled her robe closer to her body for warmth and tightened her grip on her wand. We have to split up! Lily yelled over the wind.

Adara looked at her companion in horror, Are you out of your bloody mind! she yelled back, whatever injured them is still out there! We stay together! Lily looked unhappy so Adara said what she had too, I followed you and your brave Gryffindor personality out here now, listen to me, the sensible Ravenclaw! Lily glared at Adara, apparently not liking Adaras insinuation, but nodded, Fine, we stay together! The thing by the forest sounds worse!

Adara nodded and linked arms with Lily. Lily looked shocked, We stay together, Adara demanded. They walked towards Hagrids Hut. The lights were off, and it seemed to be abandoned. Weird, Adara thought, hes always here. As they passed the hut, the moon was right above them and provided the light only a full moon could. The sight of the round illuminating object added to the eeriness of the night. Adara shivered again. They reached the edge of the forest and jumped as the injured thing cried again. They were

close. The answering call, or what Adara figured was an answering call, was not far away either. Whatever was injured must be asking help of the moving thing. Lily and Adara took a deep breath and followed the path that they figured best led to the injured animal. Hello?! Lily called suddenly, nearly sending Adara into cardiac arrest, Were here to help you! Lily yelled into the ferocious wind. What sounded like a low dog whimper sounded, but by the

time it finished, Adara swore it sounded like a human moan of agony. Then she saw it. Adara pulled out of Lilys grip and ran towards a small clearing. Adara! Lily shrieked after her, the fear clear in her voice. But Adara didnt slow down at all. The closer she got to the animal, the more it looked human. Adara could have sworn that it was a dog back when she was with Lily, but now Oh, Merlin! When she was only a few feet away Adara broke into a full out sprint then slid to a stop by falling on her knees, Sirius, she breathed as she rolled him off his

side and onto his back. Tears began to stream down her face as she looked onto his vacant one. He shook him, Wake up! she ordered. Sirius moaned again and relief swept over Adara, Sirius! Its me, Adara! she screamed at him as she took one of his hands in hers, it wasnt as warm as it normally was. Lily was at Adaras side now, in shock. They heard a rustle of leaves and looked wildly only to see the most magnificent stag theyd ever seen. What the Adara heard Lily gasp. The stag seemed to examine the situation carefully..

as if stags could do that then it disappeared and it limped behind a group of trees. Adara turned her attention back to Sirius, who was blinking open his eyes slowly. Adara saw him moving his lips but heard nothing. She leaned down until his lips were almost touching her ear and heard him breathe two words, You swore. Adara pulled away in shock. How could he be mad at her for coming out here? Here she had found him, nearly clawed to death

Adara froze as her own words came back to her whatever injured them is still out there She looked to where Lily was a second before and panicked when she was gone. Lily! she shrieked. Adara! came a reply, I have James! Adaras head was spinning. James? What was Potter doing out here? As they came into view, Adara saw James leaning on Lily, limping, and blood covering a good portion of his face. She

probably would have thought Lily letting James so close was weird if they had not been in the Forbidden Forrest, at night, in the light of a full moon, with something really dangerous running out clawing people to death. As they came closer she heard James, Is Padfoot awake? he asked gruffly. Adara didnt have time to figure with the nickname, Somewhat, she called back James lips moved, but Adara heard nothing over the wind. Lily looked at James then back at Adara, Can you support him? she yelled.

Adara wasnt sure, but she sure as hell would try. No way was she staying out here with her Gryffindor friends and a potentially murderous thing any longer than necessary. She crawled behind Sirius head and leaned down to his ear, Im going to help you up and into the castle, okay? she whispered. She felt him nod then heard a very faint, Prongs? Hes right here with Lily, Adara told him. He groaned, but out of pain or anger that Adara had brought Lily outside with her, Adara didnt know. She hoisted Sirius into a sitting position.

Ah! he called out in pain. Adara noticed a huge scratch going down the length of his back. It was covered in mud and leaves and grass and dried blood. Adara cringed at the pain this must be causing him. She very carefully put his arm over her shoulder and lifted most of his weight as he stood up. You go first! Adara waved the other two in front as she stood balancing a very unstable Sirius. Adara wanted to be able to see everyone fully until they were safe in the castle. That way she would know Lily and James were safe.

As the four of them slowly made their way back to the castle, Adara grew more and more apprehensive. The thing that did this to her Sirius and James was probably still loose and ready to attack. And if it did, Adara had a feeling that she and Lily would be fighting alone, as the boys were so brutally injured. Adara heard what sounded like a howl and nearly fainted. Sirius at her side, however conscious he was, kept her going on. After what seemed like hours, the castles doors came into view. The doors were closed, which would only make getting in

harder. Adara wondered if the Head Girl and David and Emmet had even realized that she and Lily were missing. They probably just assumed that the doors had not been locked properly and were blown open by the wind, and that Adara and Lily had forgotten to report after duty. Great. They made it to the door and after what had to have been a half hour, Lily manage to charm it open. Adara would have done it, but she had a feeling that if she set Sirius down, it was going to be one hell of a job getting him back up. The girls helped the

boys to the Hospital Wing, where Adara took it upon her self to call the nurse, Get your arse out here! she yelled as she laid Sirius on a bed and took his bloodied hand. He looked so helpless lying there, Adara could barely stand it. What on Earth, Madam Pomfrey came out of her quarters angrily before seeing both James and Sirius lying practically lifeless on the cots. Adara pursed her lips. She didnt know why, but she was thoroughly pissed at this woman, as if it were her fault Sirius was hurt.

My goodness, what happened? the nurse gasped as she ran over to Sirius, whom she must have deemed worse off. Adara didnt speak for fear of saying something extremely rude that she might regret later. Lily spoke up, We were patrolling when we heard a scream from the nurse didnt notice as she was treating Sirius cuts, but Adara saw James grab Lilys arm. Lily looked at him curiously. We fell off the herbology green house and landed in a thorny bush, James said as loudly as he could.

Adara blinked back, What? Why was he lying? He must have a good reason, though, so Adara decided to go along with it. Lily had too, because she nodded, Yeah, and we found them like this. The nurse stopped treating Sirius and looked at the teenagers, You went outside tonight? she yelled, What were you thinking! she threw the cotton swab shed been using on the table, You, she pointed at Lily, go get the headmaster, tell him its urgent.

Lily looked confused, but obeyed. James seemed reluctant to let go of Lilys wrist, but he did and soon the redhead was gone. The nurse began treating the gashes on Sirius face as Adara watched. She saw him wince in pain as the potion touched his face, but figured that Sirius was most likely not fully conscious. The nurse made to leave Sirius, when Adara spoke harshly, You know, hes got a huge slice down his back. The nurse turned around and walked back. She tried to lift

Sirius into a sitting position, but was unsuccessful. Adara rolled her eyes angrily, Ill do it, she said. She released Sirius hand and carefully took one of his shoulders, Sirius, you have to sit up so she can treat your back, Adara whispered. Sirius moaned but with Adaras help, he sat up. Adara held his shoulders up close to his neck. He was so warm. The nurse gasped when she saw the giant gash, muttered something about a new supply, and hurried off. Sirius tried to lie back down but Adara put a hand on his face, Not yet, she told him, she

went to get more medicine. Sirius nodded into her hand, never opening his eyes. Everything was silent for a moment before James spoke, Is he okay? Adara turned to face his bed, If you call being cut on over ninety percent of his body okay then hes fan-bloody-tastic. James chuckled a bit, Hes tough, hell be fine. I cant believe you, Adara spat, who the hell do you two think you are? Going out at night into the Forbidden Forest. Ever

think that maybe theres a sodding reason its forbidden! she hissed. James smile faded, You dont know the circumstances. Adara snorted, Right, because if I knew the circumstances, Id understand why in the name of Merlin you two did this. And then defend it even when youre lying in the Hospital Wing. Shut up, James growled, you dont even know what the hell Stop! Sirius said. It was only a tone above a whisper, but James and Adara both fell silent.

Sorry, Adara muttered to Sirius, then threw a dark look at James, who glared back. The nurse hustled back over to Sirius and poured nearly an entire bottle of potion on his back. Adara could tell by his face that Sirius was in immense pain and her heart ached. She hated to see him like this. As his friend, of course. What, may I ask, is going on? came a calm voice from the doorway. Adara turned to see Professor Dumbledore entering with Lily.

These two boys thought it would be amusing to visit the herbology building tonight and when they fell the ladies found it necessary to go outside to find them, the nurse said sharply and she swabbed Sirius back. Adara wondered what was so bad about being outside tonight. Because by the way Sirius and Madam Pomfrey were talking, it was something that should have been punishable by law. Ah, I see, Dumbledore commented. Lily sat down in a chair near James bed.

I told you the whole time, but no. No one was hurt by the issue you are referring too, Poppy, Dumbledore said calmly. No one was hurt? Is he bloody blind? Could he not see that Sirius and James were in the freaking Hospital Wing? Adara thought angrily. Not this time, Albus, but it could have so easily resulted in multiple Poppy! Dumbledore cut her off looking from James to Lily to Adara and, lastly, at Sirius, you

know as well as I do that it is contained. You see to that every time, do you not? I do, the nurse grumbled. Well, then. The rules will just have to be adjusted to fit the situation, just to be on the cautious side, but this situation will not be leaving for another two years. If you say so, just, the nurse looked the headmaster in the eye, this risk cannot continue to exist.

It will be taken care of, Dumbledore assured her, goodnight, all. He left. Adara wished she understood even a bit of what the adults were saying. It is contained? Leaving in two years? So this thing, whatever the hell it was, would be leaving the same time that Adara graduated? Well, wasnt that convenient? Twenty minutes later, both boys were cleaned up and bandaged. Theyd been told to get rest and Lily had already been told to leave. She had said

goodbye to Adara and James and walked out. Adara was holding Sirius hand. Just to comfort him. Since his back was the worse, he was sleeping on his side, facing her. Miss, you can go to your dormitory now, the nurse said with a yawn. Im fine here, Adara said. The nurse looked agitated, You cant stay, he needs his rest. Does it look like Im disrupting his rest? Adara asked.

Its policy, you have to get back to your dorm, the nurse insisted, quite rudely, Adara thought. Im. staying. right. here, Adara spelt it out for her. Ill have to get the headmaster, the nurse threatened. Adara shrugged, Go ahead. Im not leaving. She didnt know why she wanted to stay here so badly, but she did and by Merlin she wasnt leaving. After a short stare-down, the nurse sighed and turned to go to

her quarters muttering something about an insufferable brat. Adara didnt care. Shed won. And she wasnt leaving. But she was tired. She did need to sleep. She leaned back in her chair and tried to get comfortable. Here, she heard a faint whisper. She opened her eyes, Sirius had his opened slightly, too, and was patting the cot in front of him with the hand Adara wasnt holding.

You want me lie down? Adara asked him, somewhat surprised that he was awake. He nodded. Adara hesitated. She thought of Jayden. Its not like Id be cheating, she reassured herself. Shed just be sleeping. Next to Sirius. Who was her friend. She let go of his hand and slowly lay down beside him. He put his arm over her waist. He has to put it somewhere.

Despite the small cot, Adara was fairly comfortable. She slowly drifted off to sleep, wondering if all of the action of the night had been a dream.

She woke up as the sunlight was shining directly in her eyes. She opened them and it took her a moment to remember where she was and how shed gotten there. Then memories of the past night flooded back to her. She looked down and saw Sirius warm arm on her waist. Then she looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was seven oclock.

She had classes! She slowly slipped off the small cot. Sirius didnt stir. She breathed a sigh of relief. She took one more look at him then turned to go. She pulled the door open and nearly screamed. Jay! You nearly scared me to death! she gasped, her hand over her heart. Are you okay, Adara? That Evans girl said that she thought you were in here! Jay asked taking in his girlfriends appearance.

Adara looked at herself. She saw that she had mud stains on her robes, dried blood on her shirt, and she didnt even want to see her face of her hair, Im fine, just visiting a friend. She told him. You dont look fine, he commented. Thanks, Adara teased him. Really, why do you have mud on your robes and grass and twigs everywhere, he plucked a twig out of her hair.

Fine, Adara sighed, thinking fast, last night we saw a student outside so Lily and I went looking, I tripped and fell thus the mud then the student fell and I had to take him to the Hospital Wing, and I fell asleep on one of the cots. Adara was pretty proud of herself. She hadnt even lied. Just left a few parts out. If youre sure youre okay, Jayden said. Adara nodded and smiled. Good, Jayden smiled, too.

So, Im going to go take a shower, if Im late for Defense, will you tell the professor Ill be there? she asked. Jayden nodded. Thanks, Adara pecked him on the cheek and headed up to the dorm craving a muchneeded shower. * The rest of the day, Adara had to try her hardest to pay attention in classes. She was still exhausted, having gotten at the most six hours of sleep last night. And on top of that all of her

friends wanted to know what had happened, especially David, who felt extremely guilty for assuming that Adara and Lily had forgotten to report back. Really, David, Adara sighed as her friend apologized again, it was nothing! Its not like you could have done anything. She lied. If David had been there last night, man would it have been helpful. But she wasnt going to tell him that. She wasnt even going to tell him the whole story. She was going with telling the bare minimum until she could talk to Sirius or James. Preferably Sirius.

Luckily, she didnt have to wait that long, because after she had finished eating dinner and was on her way up to the common room with Christine and Laila, she heard her name and turned around. Sirius was staggering up the hallway from the direction of the Hospital Wing with a sling on one arm. Adara smiled, sent her friends ahead without her, and went to meet Sirius. Youre already better? she asked happily as she met him halfway down the almost empty corridor. Yeah, yeah, had to twist an arm to convince Poppy,

though, he joked. Then he pulled Adara into an empty classroom, shut the door, and became serious. Is your arm okay? she asked, worried as to why he was so stern. Its fine. What about your back? It looked pretty nasty last night. Basically healed. Adara knit her eyebrows together, Sirius began pacing, What about your

Im fine, Adara. Well, then, Adara asked, a little to harshly, whats wrong? You, Adara! You broke your pinky swear! Sirius whispered severely, You werent supposed to go outside last night! Adara blinked, what? She had saved his life and he was mad at her? Shouldnt she be mad because he was the one that put himself in danger and almost died! She was the one that had almost lost him! Her friend.

Are you honestly mad at me for saving your life? she asked him, I save your life because you decide to go out into the forest and you are mad at me? I think it should be the other way around here, Sirius. No, Adara, Sirius took a step towards her, half begging, half angry, it shouldnt because I didnt swear pinky swear that I wouldnt go outside after dark last night. I wasnt in danger! You almost died, Sirius! In what world is that not in danger? she air-quoted the last words.

You dont understand, he growled. Adara threw her hands up and began to pace, Thats what Potter said! What dont I understand, enlighten me, Mr. Black. I I you he stuttered angrily then stopped walking and faced Adara, I cant, he sighed, but thats really not the point. The point is that you swore and you broke it. I broke it to save your arse, Adara pointed out.

It doesnt matter, Adara! You and Lily could have been killed! You almost were. I dont care about me! he cried. I do! Adara yelled back taking a step towards him so that their torsos were almost touching. She had spoken with such intensity that it scared her. She blushed and looked at the floor as Sirius fell silent, Youre my friend. she whispered, to herself and Sirius. Listen, Sirius took Adaras chin to make her look at his face. She hastily wiped the tears from the

corner of her eyes, you just have to trust me on some things. I know a few, a very few, things that you dont. he was back to his normal voice only it was softer. Fine, Adara said, but if you ever almost die again, Ill kill you Sirius Black. He smiled, Dually noted, he dropped his hand and walked to the door, now, you are going to have to catch me up on what Ive missed the past two days. Oh, yeah, Adara followed him, the mood now much

happier, where were you yesterday? I like to remain mysterious, thank you, he smiled at Adara as she scowled. All these mysteries were starting annoy Adara.

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and understanding when she had to leave unexpectedly. James, however, who seemed to be attached to Sirius at the side, was not so great. He barely talked to Adara, resorting to glaring and ignoring her. She didnt really mind, and Sirius didnt seem to notice so she ignored him right back. So when Adara woke up Friday morning, her head in her Runes book on her still-made bed from late night studying, she was immediately anxious. Quidditch try-outs were tonight and Adara hadnt been on a broom since that erm, interesting broom ride with Sirius.

On the contrary, Jayden was practically glowing with joy when Adara joined him in the common room, Tryouts tonight, Addie! he exclaimed as he kissed her forehead. I know, Jay, cant wait, Adara put on a smile that hid her nervousness. She didnt even know why she was nervous, I mean she was dating the captain, had been on the team for three years, and could fly pretty damn well when someone didnt throw her off her broom Me either, David announced as he caught up with the

couple, cant wait to get in the air again! Soon the three friends arrived at the Great Hall and Adara looked towards the Gryffindor table. She spotted her fiery-haired friend yes, Lily was now her official friend, and then saw Sirius. As if she had sent him a mental message, Sirius threw his head back laughing, probably at something James had said, and looked over at her eyes twinkling with happiness. Adara couldnt help but smile as his was contagious. He gave her a quick waved and Adara returned it from under Jaydens arm. He turned back to his meal and

Jayden led Adara to her own table. So I was thinking that Ill make the new ones fly around a bit and eliminate the ones that fall and whatnot, Jayden was saying to David and Christine, and Adara too, but she wasnt really listening. She was picking at her eggs thinking about her first class this morning, Transfiguration. Not about her homework in that class, that was long since completed, she was thinking about what Sirius would do to make McGonagall roll her eyes.

About whether James was going to be a prick the whole time. On that note, she turned around to peak at the Gryffindor table. She noticed his messy black hair, then saw that he was glaring at her. She saw Sirius back and guessed he was talking as he was moving his hands around a lot. James scowled at her then removed his gaze from Adara. What is with him? She thought. Just as she made things with good with Lily, another member of the Gryffindor house begins to hate her.

Even if Trelawney was a true seer, she couldnt have predicted with had happened in Transfiguration, or so Adara was thinking as she exited the classroom with most of the other students. Only a select few had been left behind to clean up the mess. Sirius had accidentally blown up (literally) the porcupine he was supposed to be transfiguring into a cushion and some of the innards had landed upon the one and only Lily Evans. Said incredibly tempered redhead had then taken it to inflict pain on Sirius and chose to do so by transfiguring her perfect cushion

back into a porcupine then charming it to shove itself, spikes first, into Sirius hindquarters. After a few choice swear words from both students, McGonagall stepped in, dismissed the class early, and, Adara could only assume, gave a stern lecture. So, chuckling and talking among themselves, most of the class left the room with good spirits and thirty minutes until the next class. Adara didnt know what she was going to do, so she headed up to her common room to maybe get some homework done so that she could not have

to worry about it that night after Quidditch. After Quidditch. Being able to say that did make Adara feel a happy swoop in her stomach. She did love seeking a good bit. When she plopped back onto the comfy couch, the common room deserted, she remembered that Transfiguration was the only class she had had that day and McGonagall had forgotten to give homework. She had already finished all of her other essays while Sirius copied her old notes in the library over the past few days, so

she literally had nothing to do. Her next class was Astronomy and she had already finished her star charts, but maybe shed head up to the towers near the classroom. She always liked being up high, the reason, her mum swears, that Adara was put in Ravenclaw: the house with the common room in the towers. Adara had to agree, though. She didnt think that she could stand not being able to see the whole grounds from her bedroom window, or watch low clouds pass outside the common room.

Making the decision, she stood up and swung her bag over her shoulder. She would go to the other tower and maybe see if she could get any placements for tonights chart. As she crossed different corridors, she walked past Jayden, Christine, and Davids History of Magic classroom. She laughed to herself as she spotted her friends: Jayden was half awake jotting down notes every now and then but Christine and David were so out of it Adara wondered how the hell they had been placed in Ravenclaw. She continued her journey and was

soon climbing the many, many stairs to the top of the tower. When she reached it, she threw her bag carelessly on the floor and walked over to the ledge. She peered over the stone waisthigh wall out at the grounds. She saw a few dots by the lake, probably sixth or seventh years enjoying a free period, and also a few dots over in the Quidditch Pitch. She squinted at them, trying to make out what color robes they were wearing, but no avail. Curious, she walked over to her bag and withdrew her telescope. She focused it on the pitch and saw the Marauders tossing around a scarlet-red ball:

the quaffle. Hows they get that? She wondered as she watched James throw a behind-the-back shot at Remus, who caught it and passed it along to Sirius. Her mouth dropped open when she saw Sirius purposefully miss the ball, then dive after and catch it in a spectacular spin move. Isnt he the beater for his team? She thought. She tried to remember back to when they played him and was almost positive that he was the beater. But with those moves, Adara thought, he could easily play chaser or seeker! She looked up from her telescope to watch them play in normal view. She couldnt see

much, so she went back to her telescope, but accidentally bumped it and lost focus. She sighed and began to refocus it but saw that it was now focusing on the Forbidden Forest, then she had an idea. She glanced once more at the four Marauders then moved her view to the forest. Maybe she could see something that would explain the other night. Like what? A huge monster? Adaras mind laughed. Nevertheless, she scanned the forest for a minute before giving into her rational side and pulling away from her telescope. She scowled in frustration as all the questions she

had forgotten about over that past few days resurfaced. I need to distract myself, she thought. She smiled somewhat evilly as she moved her telescope to watch the four boys playing Quidditch again, maybe she could get some good information on tactics for Jayden. She got the focus right, but raised an eyebrow as she only counted three boys. There was James with the quaffle, speeding towards Remus who was playing keeper. The other one, I really need to learn his name, was behind James, not able to keep up, but Sirius wasnt there. Without removing her eye

from the telescope completely, she glanced down at her watch, still thirteen minutes until class where was he? Trying to spy on our team? Adara jumped so badly that she jabbed her right eye with her telescope. She cried out in pain and pulled away quickly. With a hand over her watering eye, she turned to see who the hell had scared her. SIRIUS! she yelled at the smirking boy. He was standing a few feet from her, holding his broom in his right hand. She removed her hand from eye and

wiped the tears away with the sleeve of her shirt. She looked up to continue to scold him, but saw that he was no longer grinning. He looked at her with a mixture of emotions, What? Adara asked. Are you okay? he asked. Adara rolled her eyes, which caused an immense amount of pain in her right eye, Ow, she said, yeah, Ill be alright, now, what the hell? The grin was back, but not as prominent, I saw you spying on us so I flew over here, I dont

know how you missed me! he said. I was looking in the forest, Adara said before she could stop herself. What? Sirius asked. Nothing, Adara said quickly, I was just watching you guys play, how come youre only the beater? she quickly changed the subject. Why were you looking in the forest? Sirius asked somewhat wearily.

Because you fly really well, you could easily be chaser, even seeker if you could see me from all the way over there! Adara continued to ramble on as she put her telescope away. Were you looking for whatever almost killed you? Sirius asked, ignoring Adaras rant. I mean, that short ones not very she stopped and looked at Sirius, almost killed me? she asked him incredulously, correct me if Im wrong, but I dont think I was the one found half-dead in a forest! she shoved her telescope in her bag and stood up to face him. She thought she

might look intimidating, but that was shot down when her head only came to the top of his chin. Just because it didnt get you doesnt mean that it didnt almost get you! Sirius said back, his own anger flaring. How would you even know if it almost got me? You were practically passed out! I just know, trust me. And you shouldnt have even been out there, if youll remember correctly. I thought we already covered that I saved your arse? Or do you

need to be reminded daily? Not that I expect an apology or anything, Adara said testily. I was fine, and youre the one that owes me the apology! Adara laughed a shrill laugh, Oh, really? What do you want me to apologize for? Saving you? Then Im sorry, maybe I should have just gone to bed and let you die! At least then we wouldnt be having this conversation! she yelled. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she clapped a hand over it.

Sirius looked hurt. Adaras breath was ragged, Oh, Merlin, Sirius, she gasped, Im such an arse. He just stared at Adara a tears welled up in her eyes, Sirius, I swear, none of that is the least bit true. Sirius turned his back on her and walked to the other end of the tower. Adara watched him feeling as if something in her was breaking. A minute passed as Sirius stared out the other side of the tower. Slowly, Adara regained herself and walked over to him. She

touched him on the shoulder and pulled it so he turned to face her, Im so, so, so, so sorry, she whispered as she felt more tears come. She lifted her free hand and wiped them, cringing when she wiped her right one. She looked back into his grey eyes, Say something, Sirius! she pleaded. Im sorry. Adara blinked, What? What are you sorry for? Im the one that was being a prick! Im sorry that I drew you out of the castle.

Adara scowled, If you think that for one second I regret going out into the forest, then youre You should regret it, Adara. You dont know how easily you could have been seriously hurt, he said. You cant say anything that will make me regret saving you, Adara promised. I dont want to have this argument, again, Sirius shook his head.

Sirius, Im so sorry. I dont wish that I had let you die, Adara said again. I know. But I wouldnt have died, Sirius said. Again with the ego! Adara threw her hands up. Hey! Sirius interjected, Ive been in much worse situations than that when we were he stopped, wide eyed. What? Adara questioned. She had a feeling that she was about to get a few answers to her questions.

Nothing! Sirius said way too quickly. Dont lie to me, Sirius Black! Adara warned. Or what? Sirius grinned, youll injure me with common school items? he asked pointing at her telescope. You did that to me! Adara defended. I did not. Did too! Did not!

Adara laughed at their pointless conversation, You did too, you scared me and knocked me into the telescope! Sirius laughed his bark-like laugh, Right, he said, but what we really need to worry about is what you are going to tell Booty about your black eye. Adara gasped, What? It is not black! Sirius pulled a small mirror out of his pocket and handed it to her, See for yourself. Adara took it and, sure enough, a large black ring had formed

around her now-swollen eye, Oh, no! she cried, then looked up, Youre taking me to the hospital wing! Why? Sirius asked. Because this, she pointed at here eye, is the second time this year you have hurt me! Youre abusive! Just like your boyfriend, Sirius muttered as he grabbed Adaras bag. Adara shoved the mirror in her own pocket as she led the way down the tower steps, What do you mean just like my

boyfriend? Jay has never hurt me! Adara told him. Oh yeah? What about that time he hit you on the back at lunch! Sirius retorted. Adara thought back to when Jayden might have done that, and nothing was coming to mind until, Oh, she laughed, you mean that time I was choking? She looked back and saw Sirius scowl and mutter something she couldnt hear, Why do you hate him so much? she asked as they headed down a nearby corridor. Adara didnt even think twice as she past her Astronomy

classroom, where class was due to start in three minutes. I dont hate him. Sirius said. Adara snorted. Sirius scowled, Thats ladylike, he told her. Sorry, but that was funny, Adara smiled, now, really, why do you hate him? If its some ridiculous house rivalry, thats just insane, youre what, sixteen now? Seventeen, in March! Exactly, now, why?

Sirius sighed as they turned a corner and started down more steps, I just dont like him. Never have. Youve never talked to him except for this year, Adara pointed out. I can not like people from afar. Im very talented. Sirius. I just dont like him, what is this, twenty questions? he said, getting agitated.

Adara sighed and decided to drop the subject for now, Fine. They walked the rest of the way to the hospital wing in silence until Adara walked into a corner because she couldnt see out of her right eye. That was when Sirius laughed and led Adara the rest of the way by her shoulders. Poppy! Sirius called, again. Sirius! the nurse came running out of the office, are you okay? Are you bleeding again? Did your arm not he Take a Relaxing Remedy, Poppy, Im fine, Sirius assured

her, Its Adara. She seems to have found another way to injure herself. Adara scowled at Sirius and opened her mouth to point out that Sirius had been the reason for her injuries, but Madam Pomfrey cut her off, My dear! You have a black eye! she gasped. Thanks, I hadnt noticed, Adara muttered. Here, sit you down on a cot and Ill go get the rub the nurse hurried away and Adara threw herself on the nearest bed.

Thanks to you, she probably thinks Im really bad a suicide attempts, Adara told Sirius sharply as he sat down on the bed across from hers and threw her bag behind him. Well, at least you have me to thwart them, he laughed. Yeah, except that youre the one to initiates my self-harming attacks, Adara said matter-offactly. There is that little thing, his eyes twinkled with happiness. Adara let out a laugh as the nurse came back in and began

to rub on the remedy for bruises a bit to roughly. Adara thought it must have been because the nurse thought Adara was hurting herself, but when she noticed how the nurse scowled at her when Sirius insisted he was going to say with Adara while the potion sunk in and thought that it might be a bit of jealousy. Nah, what does she have to be jealous of? Shes friends with Sirius, too. * Adara and Sirius missed Astronomy, but caught Xeno on the way to lunch and he

informed them that they hadnt missed much and that the next class was scheduled for Saturday at midnight. They separated in the Great Hall as Adara went to the Ravenclaw table (now bruise-free) and Sirius parted to the Gryffindor one. Adara slid in at the table across from Jayden and in between Christine and Laila. She caught view of the Gryffindor table just long enough to notice that Sirius had sat down beside James, who was staring at her. Whats wrong? Jayden asked her.

What? Adara looked at him. You scowled. Oh, I er just dont like French onion soup, Adara covered up. Really? I thought it was your favorite? Christine said. Adara threw her a shut-up-Illtell-you-later look and said, Yeah, I just mean Im not in the mood for it now. Oh, right, Christine nodded. Jayden looked happy, too. Adara poured some regular

vegetable soup into her bowl, a bit angry that she couldnt enjoy her French Onion soup all because of James. She sighed and contented herself with the fact that she only had to suffer through double charms before she could play Quidditch again, something that was looking more and more appealing as the day passed. *** A/N: So, what do you think? Thank you for all the comments!!! They make me really happy.

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Adara pulled a heavy sweatshirt over her head, Im almost ready, she sighed. She walked over to the mirror and looked at her long, tangled hair. You threw us off the bloody broom! What the hell were you thinking! Adara rolled off of him and onto the grass. I was thinking that your long hair was going to suffocate me if I didnt. Sirius answered. If you dont like my hair, just say it.

I love your hair, just tie it up when youre on a effing broom! Sirius told her. Adara smiled with the memory and reached back and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She reached on her bed, grabbed her broom, and faced Christine, Okay, lets go. She said. They met Jayden and David in the common room, Im so excited! Christine squealed, Our team is going to kick arse this year! Jayden nodded and smiled while David let out a whoop! They walked out of the common

room and began to descend the stairs, One chaser is all, everyone else is a returner so we are so going to crush Gryffindor this year! David and Christine were a bit ahead of Jayden and Adara. Jayden took Adaras hand in his. Not as warm as Siriuss, her mind thought before Adara could stop it. She scowled, angry with herself for even thinking that. She loved Jayden. Jayden looked down at her, smiling, then furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, Whyd you pull your hair back? I

thought you liked to fly with it down? Oh, Adara said, flustered, it can just get in the way sometimes. And I dont want you to have to replace me, she told him. Ill never replace you, he smiled at her. Adara felt that the words had more to them than in the context of the conversation. She just smiled back up at him. As they walked the rest of the way to the pitch in silence, listening to David and Christine debate on who would try-out

and who would be any good, Adara was thinking about her and Jayden. That comment made her mind turn in circles. What with all the time shed been spending trying to catch Sirius up, and patrolling duties, and everything else, she realized that they maybe had been drifting apart. She realized that maybe Jayden thought this, too. She looked up at him, trying to read his face. She noticed that, as he held her hand, he looked ahead with a worried expression. Maybe that was just because he was team captain and tonight was his first night of actual duties.

But still. Adara felt bad. She and Jayden had been so close for the last three years. Hardly ever separated. This year, however, she felt like she had to make time to spend with him. She hoped that he hadnt noticed, but she was sure he had. He was very observant, especially when it came to her. She hoped that he didnt think that she didnt like him anymore. Because she did still like him, he was her boyfriend! The only boyfriend shed ever had. And theyd been together for three years. Thats a long time, even for adult relationships.

Adara just had other friends outside of Ravenclaw now. And since she and Jayden were in different classes this year, it was only right that Adara make other friends. And she had just gotten pretty close to this friend these friends. Lost in her thoughts, Adara barely noticed that any time had passed and before she knew it, they were outside the entrance to the locker rooms. David and Christine had just disappeared through their own respective changing room doors and she and Jayden were about five yards from them.

Adara suddenly had an idea. She tightened her grip on Jaydens hand and pulled him along the pitchs walls, Adara, what are you doing? Jayden asked. Adara stopped, they were by the wall of the pitch that was closest to the forest. She pulled him around so that her back was almost against the wall and he was facing her, Jay, she said. Jayden looked at her as if she had told him that his parents had died. At first, Adara was confused. Then it clicked, he thought she was breaking up with him.

No, Jay, she said quickly, its just, I feel like I barely see you anymore. Jaydens face relaxed into a smile, I know. I dont like it much. Me neither, Adara told him. Ive missed you, he smiled. Ive missed you, too, she whispered and reached up on her toes to kiss him. He dropped his broom and brought his hand to her face. She dropped hers and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt his other hand

begin to play with the end of her ponytail and smiled against his lips. He pulled her closer to him and she brushed the bottom of his teeth with her tongue. They deepened the kiss, then they suddenly heard a lour growling noise. They pulled apart, breathing heavy, and looked around. Adara saw a large black dog disappear behind a bush. She narrowed her eyes. As much as I hate to say it, we have to get to try-outs, Jayden breathed, I am the captain.

Adara tore her gaze from the bush and smiled up at Jayden, Okay. They picked up their brooms and walked back to the changing room doors hand-inhand. She waved to Jayden as she walked into her room. She leaned against the door. Waited ten seconds then opened the door a tiny bit. The coast was clear. She left her broom behind and ran back to the spot where she and Jayden had been snogging. She pulled her wand from her back jean pocket and walked carefully up to the bush. She peered over it and saw a set

of paw prints. She grinned smugly, Ive got you now! Though she was a bit nervous about entering the forest after the last time shed been in there, there was still a bit of sunlight this time so she stepped over the bush and followed the prints. She didnt have to go every far before she could not longer see them. Not far into the forest, the mud ended and a patch of grass stretched about then feet in each direction. Adara couldnt tell where the dog had gone. She sighed, frustrated, and kept walked straight. About five

minutes later, she heard leaves rustling nearby. She raised her wand, Hello? she called then felt stupid. She was looking for a dog, not a Hello? Adara jumped as she heard a very human voice answer her. Sirius stepped out of a group of tress, Adara? he looked surprised. Adara scowled, You have some explaining to do. She told him. Sirius put on a confused face, but Adara could see a tiny bit of

worry in it, What are you doing in the forest? he asked. I could ask you the same question, and Ill bet that youre answer will be so much more interesting than mine, Adara smiled a sweet ha-ha let me see you get out of this smile. Do you? he asked, not smiling. Yes, Adara continued as she walked up to him, And you arent leaving until you give me some answers. And that damn smirk was back on his face, And how are you going to stop me? he asked.

I have a wand, Adara pointed out. Sirius reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wand, Me, t With seeker reflexes, Adara reached out and snatched Sirius wand before he could even finish his sentence. Sure, Sirius probably could have won that if hed been suspecting it, but Adara had to love the element of surprise. You were saying? Adara asked, smug as she tucked both wands into her back pocket

where he wouldnt dare try to grab them. Sirius scowled, Dont you have try-outs or something with your snog partner? he said in a voice that sounded much more like a growl. Adara nodded, Yeah, I have to go, but Im keeping your wand until after try hey! she suddenly stopped, howd you know that we were snogging! He is your boyfriend, I figured you might have snogged in the last three years, he retorted, though, it is Boot. He added on second thought.

Adara glared at him, You were spying! she accused. No, Sirius said, I wasnt. I saw y Adara started, but she hadnt really seen him. Just the black dog. Which was really confusing her. Sirius waited, looking at her smugly as if he knew that she couldnt put together the mystery. She narrowed her eyes, Well talk later, I have practice to get to, she said as she turned on her heel.

Are you really going to leave me in the Forbidden Forest without a wand? he asked her smugly. Adara turned around, smirking, Yes, she said, I am. And if youre scared, theres a large black dog running around here, Im sure he can keep you company. She looked at Sirius just long enough to see his face a mixture of angry and unbelief before she sprinted back to her changing room with both of their wands.

What took so long? Christine whispered to Adara when she snuck into the group of her teammates and hopefuls. Did he notice I was gone? Adara asked eyeing her boyfriend. No, luckily for you hes been too busy watching the newbies play, Christine answered. Adara let out a breath, Good. Which leads me back to the question, what took so long?

Couldnt find my other glove, Adara whispered the lie waving her gloved hand in front of her. Christine looked at her suspiciously, but fate was with Adara today, because Jayden called, Christine, David, will you please show them how to execute a correct passing weave? he tossed her the quaffle. Sure! they called back, mounted, and kicked into the air. Adara let out another breath and reached back to make sure that both wands were still present. She wasnt going to leave them in the locker room,

Sirius would surely find them there, so the only choice was to keep them on her. She glanced at the empty rows on the Quidditch pitch, expecting to find Sirius with one of his friends. She was waiting for someone to try to summon his wand from her. She wouldnt let that happen. She needed answers and she finally had what was probably one of the best bargaining tools in the world. She certainly wasnt going to let it go without a fight. Here, Jayden walked up to her with his hand in a fist, you practice, you dont need to watch this. Its quite painful, He smiled and opened his hand. A

tiny golden ball extended its wings and took off. Adara smiled, mounted, and raced into the air. Finally, she was chasing the snitch again. She flew high into the air, past Christine, David, and two third years that were trying out. She rose above the spectator seats and into the cold air. This is what she had been waiting for. She scanned her surroundings looking for the tiny snitch. She slowed so that she was moving at a medium pace and searched. Her heart leapt as she saw a speck of gold, but sunk

when she realized it was Davids prefect badge reflecting the setting sunlight. Ten minutes passed and Adara was getting anxious. She had seen the light from the prefect badge once more, and the reflecting gold off a fifth years golden headband, but no snitch. She was beginning to think that she was off her game. It was getting darker and darker. Jay would have to call tryouts over in about twenty more minutes. Adara was going to catch the snitch before that. Finally, fifteen minutes after she started, Adara spotted the

snitch. It was fluttering close to the ground on the side opposite her. She turned her broom into a nosedive. Speeding closer and closer to the little ball, she felt the wind beating her long ponytail hard against her back. She did have to admit that it was easier to see with her hair tied back, though shed never admit it to Sirius. She was five feet away. She was vaguely aware that everyone the pitch was watching her. She extended her right hand, almost there! She had just began to close her fingers around the ball when she felt her broom slide out from under her.

Wait, Adara thought, thats not my broom the wands! She instinctively brought her left hand off the broom and wrenched the wands out of her pocket as the summoning charm began to pull them out on their own. Trust Sirius to wait until he thought she wouldnt dare try to stop the summoning charm. She clutched her hand tightly around them a feeling of triumph a second before she realized that she was flying perilously close to the ground with no hands on her broom. In one second, her foot slid against the ground, and she toppled forward reaching out

the fisted hand with the snitch to catch herself as she fell the three feet to the ground face-first. Her hand collided with the ground and she heard a series of faint snapping noises before her lower arm went numb. She landed on the ground with her lower arm under her back looking up at the darkened sky. Sirius had done it again. She was vaguely aware that she shoved Sirius wand down her jeans with her good, still intact left hand so that it was between her jeans and her bare thy. She could not afford anyone to ask her why she had two wands. She

shoved her other wand in her back pocket. Addie! Christine and Jayden were at her side a second later, with David close behind. Bloody bludger, look at her arm! she heard someone gasp. Gross, its completely twisted the wrong way! she heard someone else comment. At least she caught the snitch! Seriously, thats dedication right there, the second voice replied.

Addie, can you sit up? Christine asked. Jayden was speechless as he looked at her girlfriend with her arm that should have been by her side twisted behind her back. Adara nodded and made to sit up. Christine, who was used to taking charge, helped her by pulled up the shoulder with the good arm, Jayden, can you carry her? she asked. Adara looked at Jayden, who nodded, I can wal No, Jayden cut her off as he walked around and lifted her from her good side. Adara

winced as she felt his hand wrap around her rib cage to the bad side. She felt nothing but glancing at her arm, saw that it was hanging limp at the elbow and that her fist was still tightened around the snitch, even though she couldnt feel it. The names of the people on the team will be posted in the common room tomorrow! David called as he, Christine, and Jayden carrying Adara rushed off the pitch.

Oh my goodness! the nurse exclaimed as Jayden walked in with his girlfriend in his arms, What happened! She dove for the snitch and fell, Christine told her. Madam Pomfrey then saw Adara, and her face fell. Adara prayed that she wouldnt make a comment about her being in there earlier today. Or about falling off her broom again. The nurse just sighed, Set her down over here, the nurse hustled Jayden over to a cot and Jayden laid Adara down. The nurse carefully picked up the

limp arm. Adara winced, though she felt no pain. She knew that part was coming. Cant you give her something for the pain! Jayden practically yelled. It doesnt hurt, Adara told him weakly. Like hell it doesnt! The nurse looked up scowling, If you cannot control yourself, I will have to kick you out! she said sharply. Jay, really, Adara whispered.

Jayden scowled but shut his mouth into a tight line. The nurse went back to examining the arm, from the elbow to the fingers. She clicked her tongue. What? Christine asked. This is not good, the nurse said. How observant of you! Jayden muttered angrily. Madam Pomfrey scowled, She has dislocated her elbow, broken her lower arm in at least three places and broken two of her fingers. The nurse said.

Adara stared at her blankly, You can put it back, right? she croaked. It might be easier to grow you new bones, honey, she said. Isnt that extremely painful? Jayden asked. Well, its not fun, the nurse said, But right now I see no other choice. Her fingers are so broken that I cant even get whatever shes holding out of her hand! Adara looked down and realized that he hand was still clenched around the snitch.

So you are going to take all the bones out of my arm then regrow them? Adara asked. Madam Pomfrey nodded. Adara closed her eyes to keep from screaming in agitation and, what she was sure to be, pain. She was really, truly going to murder Sirius. Did he try to hurt her? It seemed like every time they talked, Adara ended up here in the hospital wing. Well, go ahead, Adara said, here eyes still shut, get it over with. The nurse nodded and disappeared behind her door.

Adara! You cant be No one is allowed here when I administer this potion, the nurse stated as she came back, trust me, you wont want to see her like this, anyway. Adara swallowed hard. Im staying! Adaras three friends said. No, you are not. Dont make me give you all detentions to the end of the year! Madam Pomfrey threatened. I dont care, do it. Christine challenged, Jayden nodded.

No! Adara ordered, you guys go. I will not have you take detentions for me. Addie, Jay started. Adara shook her head again. Ill be fine, go. They scowled, but Jayden kissed Adara and the three left grumpily. Okay, Im going to give you a sleeping drought first, so that you wont feel it for a while, the nurse told her. Adara nodded and allowed the nurse to pour the potion down her throat. It was also disgusting, but not as

bad as the liquefied hell that she had taken a few days ago. She immediately felt exhausted and she barely heard the incantation as the nurse made Adaras bones disappear or notice that the nurse grabbed the snitch as it slid out of her hand. She was hardly aware as the nurse poured another potion down her throat and she was asleep before she could realize that if the potion a few days ago was hell, then this one was the deepest, darkest layer of the place. *

Adara woke up to a dark hospital wing in the worst pain imaginable coming from her arm that was wrapped in a sling close to her heart. She remembered how bad she had thought her back pain was and knew that if offered the pain she was in right now for one minute or back pain for the rest of her life she would have had a very hard time choosing, but thought that it would be the latter. Her arm was literally on fire. No, it was on fire while being beaten repeatedly with the heaviest bludgers bat on the planet and being chewed on by a sharpbeaked hippogriff. Only worse.

She bit her bottom lip hard to keep from screaming out in pain. She tasted blood. Hey, ease up there, she felt a finger trying to pry her teeth off her lip. She reached her hand up and opened her eyes as it came into contact with a rough, warm hand, Dont bite your lip off, too. Sirius said looking honestly worried and frightened. Adara released her locked jaw just long enough so that Sirius finger would slide in her mouth. Then she bit down as hard as she could.

Ow! Sirius pulled his finger away and stuck it in his own mouth. You deserve so much worse, Adara said through clenched teeth as she tried to ignore the pain in her arm. Sirius pulled his finger out of his mouth and nodded, True. Adara felt her anger at him lessen as he agreed with her. Then she was angry with herself for that, What the hell is your problem, anyway? Sirius looked at her.

Every time I see you, I get hurt. She asked, not only that, but you keep you are the what do you do? she spit out, not sure how to phrase all the questions into one. Sirius looked at her confused, I dont try to hurt you, you know. He said. Adara sighed, closed her eyes and tried to will the pain in her arm away. It didnt work. Is it really bad? he asked softly.

Adara nodded, She had to take the bones out then regrow new ones. They were silent for a while, then Adara opened her eyes, Distract me. She ordered him. How? he asked. Give me what I wanted in the first place: answers, Adara said, thats the whole reason I took your wand in the first place. I know. Whyd you wait until I was at the peak of my dive to summon the wand? Do you have any

common sense in your Extremely muscled body! Probably not, Sirius said, but I thought you did. Whyd you decided that keeping my wand was more important than all the bones in your right arm? he countered. Your wand wasnt, Adara told him stiffly as he arm throbbed in the worst pain ever, however, your answers were. And you didnt want to lose, Sirius smiled. That had a bit to do with it, I guess, she allowed. Ha. Hed

basically just said that she had won. Silence took over as Sirius continued to stare at Adara who was staring at the ceiling trying to think of anything that would make the pain go away. Answers, she thought, I need answers. You put me in here, again, Adara finally looked back at Sirius, so you have to help me. How do I do that? Distract me, Adara repeated her previous request, give me answers.

Sirius sighed and looked like he was having some sort of internal struggle. So? Adara pressed. I cant, Sirius muttered. Adara sighed agitatedly and thumped her good arm hard on the bed. She instantly regretted it though, as the cots slight movement sent more pain coursing through her arm. She closed her eyed for a moment then opened them to glare at Sirius, You know what? I give up.

What? Sirius asked. I dont mind the whole getting hurt every time I see you thing, its the mysteries that bother me, Adara explained, but apparently you dont trust me or something, so I give up. She examined his face as her arm throbbed. She thought she saw some sort of pain in his eyes. Probably just wanted his wand so he could leave. I mean why else was he here? Its in my jeans. She said. Sirius looked at her bewildered. She almost smiled, Youre

wand, she clarified, you can take it and go. Do you want me to go? he asked. You obviously dont want to stay and chat, she pointed out. Sirius suddenly stood up and began pacing, Adara, you dont Sirius Black, I swear to Merlin, if you say that I dont understand I will hex you with your own wand. Sirius gave her a half smile then turned solemn again, I want to

tell you so bad, he pleaded with her. His eyes were begging her to forgive him. It was really unfair that he do that. But? she managed to say. But its not my secret to tell. Adara sighed and looked back up at the ceiling, Whatever, Sirius. You dont believe me? he sat back on her bed by her waist. I give up on trying to, Adara answered and she shifted so that she could try to get his wand for him. Unfortunately, jeans were

not as stretchy as sweatpants, and they required two hands to unbutton. What are you doing? he asked her. Trying to get your wand out, its starting to dig into my skin, Adara said honestly. It was very uncomfortable place to keep a wand, as her jeans were pushing it into her thy. That, and the challenge of getting it kept her mind off of the pain in her arm. Sirius watched as she continued to struggle with getting her jeans to unbutton enough to get the wand out. How did I get this

thing in here in the first place? She thought. Where is it? Sirius asked. Adara threw the covers off of her, stood up carefully, and patted the side of her thy where a wand-shaped bump was. Sirius stood and reached to touch the handle of his wand. The wand seemed to jump at his touch and Adara felt her kneecap burning, Get off! she whispered harshly as she knocked his hand off of her thy. Sirius looked embarrassed, Sorry, he muttered.

No, its just I think your wand just sparked or something! Adara whined as she tried to massage her kneecap, Get it out! she told him. What? Sirius eyes widened. I cant do it with one hand and now the damned thing is burning my knee off! Adara told him as she tried to fiddle with her jeans button again. What do you want me to do? Sirius asked. Help me! Adara felt the awkwardness settle, but she hand to get the wand out as it

was now emitting sparks at intervals because it knew its master was close. You want me to he waved his hand at her jeans button. Unbutton my jeans? Yes, Adara said awkwardly. Er Sirius said as the wand let off another rounds of sparks and Adara moaned in pain. Are you sure? he asked. Adara nodded, Kneecap. Is. Burning. She said.

Adara watched and held her sweatshirt up a bit as Sirius awkwardly and slowly reached down to her stomach. She almost smiled at his pained awkward expression, but then again, she wasnt exactly relaxed about this, either. She felt his warm hands graze the skin of her stomach and a shiver went down her spine. Sirius stopped and looked up at her, damn! Adara thought as she saw that he had noticed. But surprisingly, Adara didnt feel the extreme awkwardness shed been expecting. They just looked at each other. Then the wand

shot sparks again and Adara winced. Oh, er, Sirius looked back and slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Adara felt the weirdest feeling as he did so. Like her heart was stopping and starting again. Probably just nervous. She consoled herself. Adara reached down her jeans and wrapped her fingers around the wand and pulled it out. They were so close that she could feel his breath on her face, You need to.. er button them back, please, she whispered holding his wand in

the hand that wasnt hurt. He nodded and without bending over or breaking their stare, reached under her shirt and rebuttoned Adaras jeans, his hands felt hot as they lingering on the skin on her stomach. When he finished, he held on to her waistband and gently tugged. She unknowingly took as step closer to him. All that was going through her mind was how handsome his grey eyes were; how filled with passion. She noticed the curve of his jaw and how perfect it was, even though he had a stubble of a beard from not shaving since the previous morning. She noticed the way his remotely long black

hair tapered off so that a bit of it was in his eyes, though it didnt obscure them. And he smelt so good, him, his breath, everything. Adara was mesmerized by him, her judgment clouded; the pain in her arm so terrible before was now unnoticeable. It was as if they were opposite magnets, drawn closer and closer by some invisible but terribly present force. Their lips slowly met: shy, unsure. His were so perfect, so warm. It drew Adara in. He kissed her gently. She never would have

imagined the feeling that swept throughout her body at the feel of his lips. She didnt respond at first, but then her self-control vanished and she was kissing him back. Their lips moved together unfamiliarly, neither of them ever experienced a kiss like this. Adara wanted him; she wanted to explore. Without her permission, her tongue danced with his, her breathing grew labored as the heated kiss continued. His hand was on her cheek, so warm. She noticed that her good hand was still holding his wand while wound into his soft, black hair.

The kiss was strong. It was unlike any kiss she had ever experienced, though she had only had one other guy really kiss her. Nevertheless, this was nothing like Jaydens Jayden. Adara suddenly froze and pulled back, eyes wide. She was gasping for air, not only from the kiss but also from the realization from what she (and Sirius) had just done. ****

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need you to judge me. You know I love you, and you know that I value your advice but I cannot deal with your judgments. Do you think you can do that, please, Mum? So heres my problem. You know that boy, Sirius, who I told you about? Well, it keeps getting more and more interesting with him... HPsmartone32 =] Chapter Ten: Confusion Breathing heavily, Adara stared at Sirius with wide eyes. What had she done? Shed just kissed another boy! Another boy that wasnt her boyfriend. That wasnt Jayden.

She couldnt find her voice. She couldnt even think clearly. Her mind was still recovering from that kiss. No. Not from the kiss, she told herself angrily. From the shock that she had kissed someone else. She had cheated! Oh, Merlin, she breathed bringing her .

Adara, Sirius said, opening his eyes and looking at her. Heres your wand, she thrust it at him. Listen, Sirius said as he took his wand and shoved it in his back pocket with one shift move. You need to go, Adara said. No, Adara, wait, Sirius started again. Sirius, leave, Adara repeated, no longer looking at him. Look, Im sor

Sirius! Adara begged, putting her hand in her hair that was now free of its tie, please! she looked back at him, tears in her eyes. They stared into each others eyes. His looked hurt, but Adara couldnt really think about that now. Her hand slid through her hair and dropped to her side. Finally, Sirius gave up, turned, and walked out of the hospital wing. Adara watched him go then sank onto her bed and put her head in her hand. She let the tears run down her face.

What was she going to do? What had she done? What the hell had she done!? * Keep that sling on for a few more hours, now, Miss Moore, Madam Pomfrey told her as she stood awkwardly next to her boyfriend. She nodded, Thank you, she smiled. The nurse nodded back and Jayden and Adara turned to leave, Please try to stay out of here for at least a week, Adara heard the nurse say quietly.

Had it been any other day, she probably would have smiled, but today, she didnt think that anything could make her do that. Ready to go to breakfast? Jayden asked reaching down to take Adaras hand. Adara brought her hand up to rub her injured elbow. She couldnt take holding his hand right now; she felt too guilty, You go ahead, I need to go up to the common room to change and shower, she was still in her old clothes, and she did need a shower, but the main

reason that she needed to get up to her dormitory now was because she needed to write to her mum. Ill go up with you, Jayden volunteered smiling down at her, either not noticing her rejection of his hand-holding or not caring. Adara cursed in her head, she didnt want to be around Jayden right now; too much guilt for her to deal with, Its okay, Im going to be a while, Adara said as happily as she could. Jayden seemed to get the message, Are you sure?

Adara nodded. Okay, he leaned down to kiss her and Adara turned so that he kissed her cheek instead of her lips. Morning breath, she said quietly. Truthfully, her lips still felt weird from the kiss last night and as much as Adara wished, it wasnt just because she felt guilty. Jayden laughed, I dont care. I do.

Okay, then, see you later? Jayden said, he seemed to be getting worried. Sure, Adara smiled as best she could and headed off to the direction of her common room, sinking in her own pool of guilt and confusion. She was about to turn to climb up the stairs to her common room in the towers when she heard her name being called. She stopped, annoyed at another interruption, and turned around. Adara! Merlin, Ive been chasing you for the last three

corridors, Adara narrowed her eyes and saw her pursuer. Her stomach dropped to her toes and her heart beat faster out of nervousness, she turned and began to run up the stairs. Adara! he called, closing in on her. She ran faster even though she knew she was going to get cornered anyway; why did her common room have to have the weird door? Adara, Adara! Damn it!

Adara stopped and turned on her heel to face him, What do you want, Sirius? she demanded. Dara we need to talk, he replied stopping a few steps below her. Adara sighed, I dont want to talk about it! Sirius blinked, What? I cant deal with this right now! Adara told him, loudly, I have a boyfriend.

She hated the way he was looking at her; all confused and the like. Just, Adara started, leave me alone, okay? she whispered, willing the tears to stay back. With one last look at him, she turned and ran up the rest of the stairs and to her dormitory as fast as she could. She opened the door to her dormitory slowly and stuck her head in to look around. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that it was. She walked over to her bed and pulled a black sheet of parchment, a quill, her Runes book, and a

bottle of ink from her bag. She sat cross-legged on her bed and put the parchment on top of her Runes book. She finally managed to pull the top off of the ink and dip her quill in it. She began to write: Mum, I am so screwed up right now. I need your advice, but I dont need you to judge me. You know I love you, and you know that I value your advice but I cannot deal with your judgments. Do you think you can do that, please, Mum? So heres my problem. You know that boy, Sirius, who I told

you about? Well, it keeps getting more and more interesting with him. But, to cut to the chase, Mum, last night I was in the hospital wing (Im fine) and Sirius came in and well, long story short again he kissed me. And I kinda kissed him back. And I dont know what do to. I still love Jayden, right? Ill tell you more about everything else later, but now, can you please just give me advice? Im so confused. Love you, Addie She folded the note up, put the top on her ink, put her things back in her bag, and went to take a much-needed shower.

Addie! she heard a voice call to her as she was rinsing the conditioner out of her hair. Chris? Yeah, are you okay? Adara sighed, Jayden must have said something to her, Im fine! she called as she finished and shut the shower off. She reached her hand out of the shower, pulled in the royal blue towel, wrapped it around herself then pulled back the curtain, really.

Christine still looked worried, Is your arm okay? she asked. Adara nodded, her wet, long hair dripping down her back, Its fine, look, she stretched it out and bent her fingers. Okay, then, she smiled, Jay was worried. He worries to much, Adara sighed, hoping that it sounded right. True, Christine laughed, Well Ill go out so you can wrap up your hair and stuff, Ill meet you in the common room, okay?

Alright, Adara tried to smile, it must have worked because Christine smiled at her then left the bathroom. Adara heard the dorm door open and close then she let out a long breath. It was going to be a long day. * I have to go to the owlry to mail this to my mum, Adara said as she threw herself on the couch next to Christine. Her long braid pushed uncomfortably against her back, but she didnt really care, she turned to face her friend. She noticed that she was staring at a spot over by the

window, What are you looking at? she asked. Up in the dorm she had resolved to act as normal as possible. As of now, it wasnt going that badly though she hadnt seen Jayden, yet. Oh, Christine focused on her friend, just that incredibly hott seventh year over there. She smiled coyly. Adara looked over her shoulder then back at her friend, You mean the one thats coming over here? she asked. Christines eyes when wide and Adara actually giggled, Ill be back later, have fun!

Adara smiled for the first time in a few hours as she glanced over her shoulder and saw the seventh year sit down beside Christine. Adara entered the owlry and saw very familiar red hair at the other end of the room. Lily turned around, Hey, Adara! she said brightly. Hello, Lily, Adara smiled, not a real smile. Lily wasnt a good person to help her forget about the erm incident.

Lily furrowed her brows, Is something wrong? Adara let her fake smile drop for a second when she realized how observant her new friend was. She quickly recovered, Im fine, Adara repeated her lie. Hmm, Lilys eyes scanned Adara the latter looked around the room for her owl, Anka. Adara finally spotted her perched next to a fancy-looking black owl, Anka! she called. The spotted white and brown owl flew down and held out her leg, can you take this Mum? Adara asked her. The owl

hooted and as soon as the letter was attached, took off out the window. You sure? Lily asked again walking towards Adara. Im fine, why? Adara put on back on her best fake smile. Okay, Lily said but eyed her suspiciously, no reason. Well, Im headed to see if there is anything left for breakfast, Adara changed the subject, have you been yet? Lily nodded. She still had that suspicious look on her face.

Oh, see you later then, Adara waved to Lily as she disappeared out of the owlery and walked to the Great Hall. Did she really look different? She couldnt. But then how did Lily guess that something was wrong? She had been putting on the all fine act she settled on in her dorm pretty well. She sat down next to Jayden at the Ravenclaw table after not allowing her eyes to wonder to the Gryffindor one. She didnt want to see any of them.

Hey, Jayden scooted over to make room for her, feeling better? Adara nodded and spooned some eggs onto her plate, Yeah, thanks. Did you see the new team list posted in the common room? Jayden asked her. She noticed that he had already finished his breakfast. Guilt bubbled in her stomach as she realized he must have been waiting for her for a while. She took a bite of her eggs and shook her head, Must have missed it, she said.

Oh, Jayden commented, well the new chaser is a forth year named Elizabeth Alexander, do you know her? Adara shook her head no, not looking up at Jayden. She couldnt bring herself to do it, and that made her feel even worse. She kept wondering if Sirius was sitting at the table behind her. If he was looking at her. Things like that that would make her all-fine act a hundred times harder. Youll meet her at practice on Monday, then, Jayden chatted on, shes a great flyer, after a

few practices, she should be amazing. And Christine and David work well with her, so thats good. Adara grunted and nodded her head as she continued to pick at her food. She knew she shouldnt act like this. Jayden was being perfectly normal and kind and Adara had barely talked to him. Are you okay? he asked after a few minutes of silence. Adara set her fork down on her plate and looked up at him, Im fine, she lied for the millionth time that morning, I think that

sleep drought hasnt completely worn off yet. Jayden smiled, Okay, then. What do you want to do now? he asked. Well, it was Saturday so they didnt have that much to do. Adara decided to save the homework excuse for tomorrow. Without giving her eyes permission to do so, they flickered over to the Gryffindor table. Sirius was facing her, but had his head in his hand looking at the person to his left, James. He didnt look very good, Adara noticed sadly. She hated to make him sad.

As she quickly looked back at her boyfriend a fresh wave of guilt washed over her and she knew that she had to get to someplace where Sirius couldnt be if she wanted to remains sane around Jayden, Lets go up to the common room, she suggested, and Ill beat you in wizards chess or exploding snap. Is that a challenge, dear? Jayden smiled. I believe it was, she replied, though not with the playful spark she usually had.

Jayden stood up and offered Adara his arm. She sighed inwardly and, through her guilt, entwined her not injured arm with his and they headed up to their common room. As they left the Great Hall, Adara prayed that none of the Marauders would bring up the kiss to anyone, though deep down she knew Sirius wouldnt let them. When they entered the room, the first thing that Adara saw was her best friend sitting on the royal blue couch with the hott seventh year that Adara had left her with. She smiled a bit as Christine broke into laughter and

the guy smiled at the laughing, possibly crazy, girl. Whos that? Jayden whispered to her as they walked a bit closer. I dont know, exactly, Adara said to him, actually smiling at him for the first time that morning, all I heard when Christine described him was the incredibly hott seventh year over there. Well, then, Jayden resolved, if he and Christine dont work out, I might have some competition, eh? he said playfully.

It was lucky that Adara looked away from him before he spoke because at his words, her eyes widened in shock. Usually, at these remarks Adara would either make a joke or look into Jaydens eyes and reply never, but now, with the guilt of what had happened last night on her conscience, she was speechless. Her breathing became uneven as she tried to rationalize with herself. There was no way that he could know; that was only a joke. Of course not! Adara said, but her voice squeaked. She blushed and cleared her throat. She stole

a glance at Jayden who was looking at her in a strange way. Adara faked another cough, Thats embarrassing, she said trying to play the squeak in her voice off. Jayden must have believed her because he smiled, Well, Ill go get my chess set and well see who really is the master. Adara nodded and pulled her arm free and walked up to her dorm. She pulled her bag onto her bed and fished through it for the little bag that contained her pieces. She finally felt her fingertips run across it and she pulled it out. She sat on her bed

and let out a deep breath. Though she knew it was too early, she glanced out her window looking for Anka. She hoped her mum would write back soon. She really needed advice on what to do. But now, she had to put her game face back on and go down and play chess with Jayden. The rest of the day passed very slowly, but eventually Adara returned from dinner and escaped to her room feigning exhaustion. No one protested, Jayden told her that she needed

to rest because all the healing was taking the energy out of her. Adara had cringed when she realized that he had noticed that she wasnt herself, but managed to kiss him on the cheek before retreating to her safe dorm bed. Now, all she had to do was wait for her owl to return. Anka had to return tonight, I mean what else would her mum be doing on a Saturday? Many options popped into her head but Adara dismissed them wanting to believe that Elle would be there when her daughter needed her.

Adara was going crazy waiting, but knew she wouldnt be able to fall asleep. It was only seventhirty. She needed something to pass the time. Adara looked around her remotely neat dorm and then, sighing, she noticed her bag was still on her bed at her feet. Ill bet that could use a good cleaning! She thought happily, knowing that the task would take her mind off her guilt for a good ten minutes at least. She folded her legs under her and sat up pulling the bag closer. She removed the thick textbooks from it then peered in at all the junk at the bottom of the bag.

That was when she noticed something that she didnt recognize. She reached her arm into her bag and pulled out a small mirror with black edging. Where had she gotten this? She creased her forehead, trying to remember. She turned it over and examined the black back. She saw two small letters carved in the bottom corner, SB. SB? Adara thought, then it came to her. She remembered that she had gotten this mirror just yesterday and wondered how she had forgotten so easily. Sirius even in her mind, the name brought many emotions to

Adara had given it to Adara when she hadnt believed that she really had a black eye. She had shoved it in her pocket, though, not her bag. She wondered how it could have gotten to her bag, then remembered that the house elves would have probably moved it when they retrieved her jeans and other dirty laundry. Content that no one was messing with her things, Adara lay back on her pillow and mused on how so much could change in such little time. She absent-mindedly traced the initials carved in the back of the

mirror, then flipped it around and examined her newly-healed eye. Just yesterday she had been on the tower watching Sirius, Remus, that other one, and James Potter, the name hissed through her teeth. Why does he hate me so much? she asked herself. Suddenly, the mirrors flat surface began to ripple. Adara almost dropped it in response, but her natural curiosity made her look at it more intently. What do you what, Padfoot? came a voice, I thought you didnt have detention tonight?

This time, Adara really did drop the mirror. It landed on the bed in front of her facing the top of her canopy. Padfoot, where are you? the voice asked, irritated, wheres that blue coming from? Adara sneaked closer to the mirror. It was calling Padfoot. Wasnt that some strange name for Sirius? And who was talking? Hello? Are you there? the voice said again. She only had time to see a bare torso in the mirror before, Okay,

thats it. Im going, bye, the person said and then the mirror rippled again and turned back to the normal mirror Adara had been staring into a minute ago. Adara poked the mirrors flat surface; definitely solid. She picked it back up and looked into it. Staring back at her was her mirrored self. This is too strange, she thought. Her mirrorexamination was interrupted however, but a light tap on the window. Adara looked up and saw Anka tapping irritably. Relief flowed through her as she quickly crossed the room and threw

open the window. She unwrapped the scroll with shaky hands something that irritated Anka. Thanks, Anka, she said and she patted her owl, I know that two journeys in one day is hard, go rest. The owl looked at her, as if expecting a treat, then upon not receiving one, hooted angrily and took off out the window. Adara was too preoccupied with her letter to care as she slammed the window shut and made her way back over to her bed, unwrapping the letter as she walked.

Sitting down on her bed, she read: Addie, You know how hard it is for me to refrain from adding my opinion on these sorts of things, but I will. For now. All I can tell you, advice-wise, is that you have to choose one, Addie. I would guess that you obviously feel something for this other guy or you wouldnt have kissed him back. And as youve been with Jayden for three years, you no doubt feel something for him. But, Baby, you have to choose. You have to choose because this kissing and thinking about

another guy is not fair to Jayden. You need to decide who is the best for you, and stay with that. I trust you, Addie, but its not fair to string Jayden along if you like this other guy. I know that youll do the right thing. Love always, Mum P.S. You need to tell me about this hospital wing visit or Im owling the nurse. And dont think that Im bluffing. Well, this sure gave Adara a lot to think about. She sighed and threw herself backward. Her head collided with the mirror

and she angrily set her letter on her stomach and reached her good hand back to move it. Why was everything so bloody confusing?

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THANKS GUYS! Preview: She looked to her right and nearly fell off her seat when she saw Sirius turned away from her, digging in his bag. He hadnt even talked to her or even acknowledged her. To be fair, though, shed gone nearly three weeks of doing the same to him. A weird emotion that she couldnt name swept over her. She stared at his back until he began to turn around, then she blushed and turned to find the ingredients out of her own bag. Chapter Eleven: Time Heals, Right?

Mum, Sorry its taken me three days to get back to you but I have realized that you are right. Im not being fair to Jay with all this Sirius stuff (no pun intended). I need to choose and I have. Its Jay; it has been for the last three years. Thanks for the advice. Oh, and about the hospital wing visit, I just hit my eye on my telescope and got a black eye. Nothing bad. Love you, Adara. Adara put the cap back on her ink and rolled up her letter. She

didnt need to worry her mother sick by telling her that the incident she described was only the first trip to the hospital wing that day. She stood up and began to gather her things when she felt two arms snake around her waist. She smiled and dropped what she was doing, Why, hello, she smiled as she turned around and hugged her boyfriend. Whatre you doing? he asked, I thought you already finished your homework. She released him just enough to look up at him, I did, I was just writing to Mum.

Oh, tell her I say hi. Will do, Adara smiled, Want to come to the owlry with me? she asked. Sure, he smiled, let me get that. He took pulled a hand from Adara and waved his wand. Her stuff gathered itself and flew up the Girls Dormitory stairs and, Adara assumed, right into her bag. Thanks, she said, Let me add, she grabbed her wand out of her back pocket, whispered the spell, and waved

it. Jays greeting added itself to the letter and she picked it up. Ready? Jay asked. Yeah, she smiled and wove her fingers into his. They headed out of the common room talking about last nights Quidditch practice. Yesterday had been a bad day for Adara since the moment she woke up and realized that it was Monday. Then after breakfast she had to work at ignoring Sirius all day while she struggled to make her decision final.

Potions had been the first class, and Adara had arrived a bit early and ignoring Sirius who was in his normal seat beside the one that Adara usually sat in had seen that Lily was sitting alone, her other Gryffindor friend had not arrived yet. She didnt even look at him as she walked up to Lily and asked, Can I sit with you today? Lily had nodded and asked if she and Sirius were in a row and Adara muttered something of assent. Lily had smiled and told Adara that Gracie (the other Gryffindor) could sit with Richard (one of the Hufflepuffs that Gracie happened to have a crush on) for a while. Adara had been so

relieved that she barely noticed as the other Hufflepuff, a bubbly, curly blonde girl, shrugged and took the seat next to Sirius. The rest of the day, Adara continued to ignore Sirius, who, after trying unsuccessfully to talk to her after Potions, gave up and began to sulk around in all of his classes. Adara noticed and did feel a bit guilty but clung to Lily and her other friends sitting by them throughout the day. Jayden might have noticed the gap Adara seemed to be creating between herself and Sirius, and maybe thats why he had been in such a good mood

since Quidditch practice last night. But his good mood was somewhat contagious and Adara couldnt help but smile even if she did feel a bit well, out of it. So the couple happily chatted their way to the owlry where Adara send Anka out with the letter. Adara couldnt help but feel her heart sink as she mailed away her decision. ~ So it continued that way. Adara ignoring Sirius, and kept sitting by Lily in all of her classes. Three

weeks past and autumn slid into winter with a long, cold breeze. November brought the first snowfall Adara found out as she woke up the day after the huge Halloween feast to an unusually bright dorm room. She rolled over and put the pillow over her head, not quite ready to get up and face the day. Ever since that day in early October, that day that Adara sent the decision letter to her Mum, it had been increasingly hard for Adara to be truly happy. She blamed it on the piles of homework that teachers insisted were necessary for N.E.W.T. level

students, but deep down she knew it was something else. Of course, she never really gave much thought to what was actually making her feel rotten but she did know that it had something to do with those hatefilled looks that Potter was still giving her at every chance he got. Addie! Christine sung, time to get up! Adara could see her through the crack in her curtains and noticed how she seemed to float on air. Adara smiled faintly knowing that it probably had something to do with her boyfriend of one week and what was it, three days now?

(Christine would probably tell her in a minute), that really hott seventh year named Cole. To early to be so cheery, Adara mumbled to her friend as she sat up and drew back her curtains. Not when youve had the best guy ever as your boyfriend for one week and five days! Well, I was close, Adara thought. Chris, Adara whined. Hey, Christine turned on her scolding finger ready, you were just like this when Jay asked you

out, so dont even pretend its weird. Adara couldnt help but smile, Fine, she laughed, Im going to shower, meet you and the guys downstairs. Alright! Christine bounced out the door as Adara rolled her eyes. If only that feeling lasted, Adara thought as she reached over to grab her clean towel. As she yanked it from her trunk, something else tumbled into her lap. Adara sighed, it was the mirror. A few times had Adara tried to figure it out again, but she had

never succeeded and given up when memories of laughing and having a good time with Sirius returned. The mirror never talked again. Which kind of bugged Adara. She would figure it out, though. Damn mirror, she thought as she shoved it roughly in the nearest drawer and shuffled off to the shower. * After breakfast Adara bid goodbye to her boyfriend, Christine, David, and Cole, then linked arms with Laila and dragged her off to potions.

Wheres Xeno? she asked. Already in the class, hes decided to protest breakfast in order to prove that one can live off nothing but the pudding that hes been making in something he invented in his dorm. Adara tried not to snort and just nodded as they walked the rest of the way to the dungeons. Once they entered the classroom and Laila skipped over to sit by her boyfriend, Adara looked at the seating arrangement and froze.

Her seat beside Lily was taken. By James Potter? WHAT? Said seat-stealer threw an evil glare over his shoulder at Adara, who scowled. The only two seats left were the ones that she and Sirius had occupied at the beginning of the year. Adaras whole routine was thrown now, and she hated it. However, she knew that she wouldnt be able to live with herself if she skipped class because of a seating arrangement though for a second it had been an option so she took a deep breath and

sat down in her old normal seat to await the end of class. She put her head on her desk and allowed her even-longer, tamed hair to spill all over it. She was half-way asleep when she heard, Okay, directions are on the board, begin! and snapped her head up. Begin? Class had started, but where was She looked to her right and nearly fell off her seat when she saw Sirius turned away from her, digging in his bag. He hadnt even talked to her or even acknowledged her. To be fair,

though, shed gone nearly three weeks of doing the same to him. A weird emotion that she couldnt name swept over her. She stared at his back until he began to turn around, then she blushed and turned to find the ingredients out of her own bag. Then she realized that she had no clue what potion she was supposed to be making. She snuck a look at the board and then proceeded to pull out the correct ingredients. The awkward class continued until Professor Slughorn called for samples of all their potions.

Adara capped hers and carried it up to the desk. Adara? she turned and saw Lily walking up to her, sorry James stole your seat. She said and blushed? Adara tried to smile, Its alright, so you two are getting along now? Lily smiled, Yeah, he hasnt asked me out in nearly a month! And I guess were friends now. Thats great, Adara said. Lily shrugged.

Well, see you later, Adara said and headed back to her seat. Sirius didnt even look up. Class was over, so Adara packed up her stuff and left potions, feeling odd. The rest of the day went normally, Adara didnt have to sit by him in any more classes, but the weird feeling never left her. That night, she was sitting on the couch with Jayden (while Christine sat on Cole who sat on a chair), when David came down from the Boys dorm and announced that it was time for patrolling duty.

Ugh, Adara sighed. She had begun to hate patrolling, though she wouldnt let herself think of the reason why. Come on, David said grabbing Adaras hands, Up you get, lets go. Help, Adara whined to Jayden who smiled and shrugged as David dragged her out of the common room and down the towers stairs. Were on our own tonight, by the way, he mentioned. What? Adara asked, Thats ridiculous, why?

The heads were supposed to help us, but they both have the flu and couldnt get anyone else to do it. Damn, Adara cursed. That meant that they had to personally check all the corridors before they could call it quits. David laughed, I know, they had reached the bottom of the stairs, well, lets get going. Adara had an idea, Wait! she said, this will go so much faster if we split up! Are you sure?

Yes, I want this over with! David considered it, Fine, meet back here at like what, eleven? Or three, Adara muttered. David laughed and waved goodbye as he headed off in one direction. Adara sighed and headed off in the other. As Adara walked the corridor, she began to hum a song she had recently heard on the wizard radio, You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me by Celestina Warbeck. As she hummed she began to dance

slightly to herself; the song did have a catchy beat. Before she knew it she was turning the corner and hitting the last verse of the song. She began to hum louder and dance more wildly, no one was around to see her so what did she have to be embarrassed about UMPH. Adara had danced right into a very tall someone and was now on her rump on the corridor floor, her blushing face completely covered by her hair. Merlin, Im so sorry, I didnt see you there! exclaimed a vaguely familiar voice, Here, let me help you Adara brushed her hair

out of her face and looked up to see James Potter stop midsentence a hand extended to help her, up. He finished stiffly. Adara silently took his hand, to be polite, and Potter must have not been taught manners because he yanked Adara to her feet so hard she almost faceplanted the ground. Luckily, she caught herself on the wall in time and glared up at Potter, Okay, she said, what the hell is your problem. Potter glared back at her, I dont know what you are talking about, he said in even stiffer voice.

Not even bringing up the glares you give me everyday, just now! Adara started, You were going to be all nice and stuff then you saw it was me and became a prick in .05 seconds. His eyes narrowed and it seemed to Adara that he was struggling with a very important internal battle. Finally, after a minute, he said, Fine, you want to know what my problem is? Well, its you, Moore. You and your I dont care about anyone else so Im going to do whatever I want, no matter who I hurt in the process attitude.

What? Adara said, not as confident. I knew this would happen, too, Potter said, more talking to himself than Adara, I was on to you from the beginning. You knew that, too, but whatever. I knew this was going to happen to him, and I should have stopped him, he said, growing angrier and angrier, I told him, I did. But you, he looked at Adara again, you didnt care about him at all, did you? You just saw him as someone to mess with then dump because you already had a boyfriend!

What are you talking about? Adara asked, though she already had a good idea. What you did to Sirius was wrong. So he made one mistake one night with you? You were, and probably still are, a cutthroat bitch. So I guess you cutting him out of your life is a good thing, just he seemed to struggle with the words. Adara willed herself not to tear up in front of him, but his words stabbed her. Probably because she felt that some of them were true, just stay away from him. And us, he finished, and Lily, because she might be nice enough to pretend to like you,

but I dont want her to pick up any of your personality. And with that, James pushed past her (quite literally, Adaras hand flew up to rub her shoulder) and walked away leaving Adara crying silently behind him. How could he say that? Adara thought. Because its true. Something reminded her. She couldnt just stand there. She took off, running down the corridor. She hadnt ran this fast not since that night. The night she found Sirius in the forest. The memory brought

more tears of guilt and sadness and gave Adara speed. She kept running, running, until Adara? a loud call from someone that she hadnt seen as she sprinted past them stopped her. She spun around to see who yelled for her, Adara? Is that you? Sirius walked out into the middle of the hallway a few feet from her. Adara felt a tear drop off the tip of her nose as she looked at the floor. She remembered the silence in Potions. Godric, Sirius whispered as she walked quickly to her, what happened? he asked and

Adara heard real worry in his voice. She shook her head. Sirius stepped forward to embrace her, she stepped back and put her hands up in front of her, just stay away from him. Potters words cut through her again and more tears came. Dara, Sirius whispered the special nickname that only he used. Her heart softened and she allowed Sirius to take her in his big, warm arms. She melted into them. Who did this to you? he whispered into her ear. Then

Adara heard something else, something that sounded like whos ass am I kicking? Adara shook her head into his chest, then felt bad for staining his shirt with tears. Sirius moved his hands to her shoulders and pushed her away from him. She was immediately colder. He cupped her face with both of his hands and she was warm again. Her face burned under the heat of his hands, but she liked it. Sirius looked her in her teary eyes, Adara Moore, you tell me who hurt you, he demanded. And Adara couldnt resist his pleading, caring grey eyes,

James, she whispered and watched pain and anger cloud those same eyes. He pulled her back into the safety of his arms, muttering at a high speed. But Adara wasnt listening, well, not to his voice. She focused on calming down as she heard the rhythmic beat of Sirius heart. Dara, Sirius said after a while, dont worry, everythingll be okay. Adara pulled away from him, Im sorry, she whispered. Me too, I shouldntve ki well, done you know.

And I shouldntve ignored you, Adara felt something coming before she could stop it, like a cut-throat bitch. And the tears were coming again. I am going to kill Prongs, Sirius told her, wiping a tear from her eye, and I never want to hear you refer to yourself in that cursed manner, he scolded her. Ill try, she murmured. And, really, it was good to have her friend back. Maybe she could have both Jay and Sirius. What did her Mum know, anyway; she didnt know Sirius, apparently.

Suddenly a worried look came across Sirius face, Youre not going to dock point from me for being out after hours, are you? he asked in mock worry. Adara laughed and hugged him again, much happier than she had been in a while.

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PLEASE keep reviewing. it makes me happy. oh, and: review=happiness happiness=writing writing=updates! you see? I mean its worked thus far, hasn't it? I'm updating as fast as possible, really. haha. thanks so much, guys. Preview:Adara smiled, Yeah, she admitted, someone cheered me up. David looked at her, Oh, no, he said.

What? Adara asked, her eyebrows knit in confusion from his worried expression. Not him again. What? Adara was really confused. You David was struggling with the words as they topped the stairs. Spit it out, David! Its Black again, isnt it? Whoa. How did he just know that? Sirius wasnt the only one that put Adara in a good mood!

Adara? David pressed, knowing he was right. REVIEW PLEASE! =] Chapter Twelve: A Friend with Problems Everything was better now. Adara practically skipped back to the Ravenclaw tower after she and Sirius finished patrolling. He had stuck with her so that they could catch up; they had missed nearly a whole month! But after they had made all the rounds (three times) they had to part. As she watched Sirius walk away she heard him muttering

something like murder, but how to do it without getting caught next moon, maybe in an angry tone that shed thought hed forgotten about. She had smiled, because Sirius was her friend again, but felt horrible as Potters words flooded back to her. But, telling herself she would worry about that once she was in bed, Adara allowed herself to be happy for a moment and was hopping with joy when she saw David asleep and snoring on the first step of the tower stairs. She wondered how many times the stairs had changed positions while he slept and had a mind to

get on them, wait until they changed again, push him off at the new location, then see what time he finally returned to the common room. Sirius has definitely rubbed off on me, she thought, smiling, and settled for poking him until he woke up. David, she said in a bored tone as she poked his forehead. Stop it, he muttered. Okay, Adara shrugged and headed up the stairs. She was halfway up the third flight of stairs when the guilt finally got to

her. She turned around, Accio David Russo. She said waving her wand. She heard a series of thumps and yelps until a very disgruntled looking David was at her feet glaring at her, What was that for? he asked her as she stood up. You fell asleep and I was going to leave you there but I felt guilty, Adara told him, still in too good a mood to let anything bring her down. That would happen in about half an hour when she remembered what Potter told her.

And so you dragged me up the stairs? he asked her incredulously. Adara shrugged, Well I had to do something. David rolled his eyes and started walking up the stairs with Adara, And Ill bet you dont know why I fell asleep. Do too, Adara countered, it was because you were tired, wasnt it! she acted as if she had just come to a great conclusion. Funny, Addie, David told her, What has you in such a cheery

mood at, he consulted his watch, one oclock in the morning? One in the morning! Adara gasped. Yeah, which brings back to the whole I was asleep thing, he pointed out, what took you so long to get back from duty? I was back at eleven, which was, I remind you, the set time! Oh yeah, Adara remembered, well, I ran into a bit of trouble.

Damn him for making me think of this now, Adara thought, and I was in such a good mood. A bit of trouble took you two extra hours? It did when it was with James Bloody Potter, Adara said through gritted teeth. Oh, David said, he doesnt like you much, does he? It seems like hes always giving you death glares. You could say that, Adara whispered.

David seemed to see that Adara was getting more and more depressed because he quickly said, But hey, you were in such a good mood! then added quietly, at one in the morning. Adara smiled, Yeah, she admitted, someone cheered me up. David looked at her, Oh, no, he said. What? Adara asked, her eyebrows knit in confusion from his worried expression. Not him again.

What? Adara was really confused. You David was struggling with the words as they topped the stairs. Spit it out, David! Its Black again, isnt it? Whoa. How did he just know that? Sirius wasnt the only one that put Adara in a good mood! Adara? David pressed, knowing he was right.

Oh, look, were at the door, Adara pointed out, question please! she begged it. Unfortunately the question was an easy one and too soon Adara was trying to scamper up the girls dorm before David could start again. Adara Moore, stop. She stopped. David was using his authoritive voice. Fine, its Sirius, okay? Adara turned on him. Luckily they were the only ones in the common room, Whats wrong with that? Hes just my friend.

Addie, David said, you dont he paused, you dont live with Jay, okay? I know that, David. No, thats not what I meant, said Adaras boyfriends best friend. What do you mean, then? Im tired. I mean that when you and Sirius are friends Yes, he used air quotes, Jay is miserable. You mean everything to him, and he wants you to be happy, but when its Black thats making you

happy? Well, he gets a bit depressed. Adara stood there, stunned. What had he just said? Her mind asked. It had sounded like he was insinuating something was going on between her and Sirius. Something other than friendship. David, thats ridiculous, she started, Im with Jay. I chose Jay, if I liked Sirius that way then Id be with him not my boyfriend of three years. David just shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose with his hand, Whatever, Addie, he said then looked at

her, just dont make it like the beginning of the year, again, okay? I dont know what youre talking about, David, Adara said, though she kind of did, I love Jay, but this really isnt any of your business. Especially not who my other friends are. Sirius and I are were friends, okay; Jay is is... my boyfriend. She finished and marched up to the girls dorm with a lot on her mind. The next morning Adara woke up with puffy eyes. She remembered having a bad

dream, but can you really cry in your sleep? What time dyou get in last night? Christine happily pulled the curtains on Adaras four poster when the cheery girl heard Adara sniffle. Too late to be up right now, Adara told her as put the little black mirror shed been examining herself in front of her face again so Christine wouldnt see her eyes. Nice, Miss Prefect, Christine remarked, can I borrow your brush, mines in the bathroom, she raised her voice, where

Estelle has been for the last ten minutes! Adara put the mirror down and quickly turned to her dresser to grab her brush, Here, she threw it over her shoulder and dug her wand out of the pockets of her jeans. Thanks! Adara listened as Christine pranced off. Adara picked up the mirror again and spell-charmed her eyes back to normal using an anti-puff spell that she and her mum had stumbled upon in Witch Weekly. Adara sighed, put the mirror and wand in her lap, and picked

up the picture frame on her bedside table. She watched her mother throw her arms around eleven-year-old Adara and they both laughed and jumped up and down. She smiled faintly as her eyes traveled to the second picture. Adara had her arms linked to her mother but she was paying more attention to the person at her left side. They were all laughing, but Adara kept looking up at Jayden. She remembered that it was only about a year after theyd been dating and she remembered how much she longed to hear him laugh. She remembered secretly tape recording that

laugh one summer so she could listen to it when he was gone. But, things change, right? I mean she couldnt always be that she glanced over at her friend who was brushing her hair and singing to herself happily in love. Unfortunately, that was when a different laugh rang through Adaras mind. A bark-like laugh. Adara shook her friends laugh out of her mind and began to get ready for school. She was pulling her sweater over her head while Christine sat on her bed, waiting quite impatiently,

when her friend asked, Whered you get this? Adara grabbed her brush and looked at what Christine was holding, Oh, she said, Im not sure, it was just in my bag, she lied. Christine turned it over and Adara snatched it from her, Ready to go? she asked as she shoved the mirror in the waistband of her uniform. I hope Coles downstairs! she said, forgetting that Adara just grabbed the mirror from her. Adara let out a breath of relief. If she had seen the SB that was

engraved on the back, Adara knew that Christine would have figured it out. She was in Ravenclaw for something. Adara smiled and set her brush down on the bedside table. She grabbed her bag and she and Christine headed out the door. Adara pulled the door shut behind her and headed down the stairs when she was suddenly yanked back by her hair. OW! she yelled. Adara quickly grabbed the doorknob and twisted the door open. Maybe my hairs getting a bit too long. She thought as she

stood up and turned completely around to shut the door. Thanks for waiting, Adara said to Christine, who already had Coles arm draped over her shoulders. She shrugged and Adara rolled her eyes. Ready to go to breakfast? Christine asked. Yeah, Adara said, then stopped, Wait, wheres Jay? Jayden always walked her to breakfast. It felt like something was missing.

He and David just left a few minutes ago, Cole told her. Adara froze and stared at Cole in shock. David wouldnt say anything that would make Jayden mad, would he? But after last night Oh, no, Adara breathed. What? Christine asked, but Adara barely heard her as she sprinted out of the common room. She ran down the stairs, what could he be saying to Jay?

She burst into the Great Hall and looked around. Then she saw him. Sirius was sitting, not in his normal spot, but on the other side of the table with Remus and Emmet. As if he had felt her presence, Sirius turned around and waved at her. She waved back, then raised her eyebrow and looked at his breakfast partners. He scowled and looked down the table at Potter, who was sitting between Lily and the other one, Adara remembered that he was called Peter. She smiled. Then remembering why she was out of breath she looked over to

the Ravenclaw table. David was looking at her with a smug look, but Jayden had his back to her. She walked quickly over to the table and sat down by Jayden, Hey, she smiled. Hey, he responded, perfectly normal. Why didnt you wait for me? Adara asked trying to sound offhand. David said he wanted to talk to me about something, Jayden shrugged. Still casual. He could be hiding it, pretending.

Oh, Adara threw a glare at David across the table, did he? Jayden nodded. Oh, well, Adara said when it was obvious that Jayden nor David were going to elaborate on that, do you want to go on a walk outside after your herbology class? I can meet you out there after transfiguration. She looked pointedly at David. Sounds great, Addie, he smiled at me. See, Adara thought as she spread marmalade on her toast,

I can be friends with Sirius and still be a good girlfriend to Jayden. * Come on, Dara, its easy, Sirius poked her in the forearm as Adara attempted to dye her eyebrow. Youre really annoying me, Mr. Black, Adara turned to him and then stared laughing. He had raised both of his red eyebrows so that they almost disappeared into his black hair. No Im not, he smiled at her, let me dye yours for you, hurry, he said, then changed his voice

to a ominous one, shes coming. Adara chuckled silently, No, I want to do it myself, she announced. How are you doing, Miss Moore? McGonagall asked. Adara turned to face her, Er, not that Good job, Moore! Ten points to Ravenclaw! McGonagall smiled at her and continued down the isle. Adara scowled and turned slowly to her neighbor. Sirius, she said.

Yes, love? he asked innocently. You dyed my eyebrows. No I didnt, he smiled. Yes you did. Prove it, he told her, knowing she couldnt see her own eyebrows. Thats not fa Adara started them remembered the thing that was poking at her waist. She smiled and pulled out the mirror and waved it in front of him, I will, look at this, she looked in

the mirror in time to see her royal blue eyebrows turn back to their normal color, Ah- ha! What? You just changed them back. No, I didnt. Yes, you did. Sirius opened his mouth, probably to say no, I didnt but then shut it as she noticed what Adara was holding, Whats that? he asked. Adara looked at him and blinked, A mirror, she said

slowly, it allows you to see yourself, she laughed, honestly. Let me see that, he reached out his hand to grab it from her, but he wasnt quick enough. Adara moved it out of reach just in time and smirked at him (a habit she had, undoubtedly picked up from him in the first place). That was the second time this year shed beat him at that game. Hey, thats very rude, you know, she said. And thats my mirror! Sirius said, Ive been looking for that.

Oh, yes, Adara rolled her eyes, you must have missed it. I mean how did you live without being able to look at your face at the slightest whim? Ha, ha, Sirius said quickly, but really, I need that back. Adara stared at him, trying to read his face. He looked anxious. What a second, it clicked, does it have anything to do with the fact that this mirror talks? she asked. Sirius blinked twice before he composed himself, I I dont

know what youre talking about. Adara smiled and leaned in closer to him, but pulled the mirror to the opposite side, I think you do, she whispered happily. Sirius confident look faded, Dara, this isnt funny. I really need that back. Adar looked back at the mirror in her hand, It only talked that once, though, she said, poking it, why was that? she looked at Sirius.

Give me my mirror, Adara, he made another swipe for it. Adara exaggerated a sigh, Well, if youre going to keep doing that, she stuck the mirror back in her waistband, Ill have to keep it where you wont get it. She smirked at him. He scowled. Thats stealing. Thats life. Fine, Sirius gave in, but this isnt over. It never is, Adara said turning back to her notes.

A minute passed in silence, then Sirius said, Hey, you didnt walk to breakfast with Booty today. Adara rolled her eyes to him, Well spotted, Sirius. Why not? he asked. David, Adara muttered darkly. Who? David Russo. Im guessing you two arent getting along, Sirius looked amused.

Not exactly. But I thought that you two were friends? We are were are Adara struggled for the correct word. What happened? Sirius asked, leaning his chair forward so that it was actually on all four legs. Adara sighed. She didnt want to get into this, Nothing. Sirius looked her over. Adara was very conscious of his eyes as they traveled the length of her body. She told herself not to

blush, Right, okay. He said finally. Okay, homework is a foot on why color-transforming spells can be helpful in the profession of your choice, McGonagall dismissed the class. So, Sirius slammed the book that he hadnt even looked at shut, making Adara jump slightly, what dyou want to do? Adara looked at him somewhat sadly, I have to go meet Jayden outside. Were going to take a walk in the snow.

Sirius brought a hand to his heart, How romantic! he exclaimed dramatically. Adara laughed and rolled her eyes again as she playfully smacked his arm, Stop that. I might have to talk to him and take notes, he continued, he seems like a real whats the word Im looking for he put a finger to his chin in the image of contemplation. Im not sure, but heres two, annoying prat, Adara said jokingly as she shoved the rest of her books into her bag.

Ah, well, Sirius sighed as they both stood up, have a nice time. I plan to. And dont let him get fresh, Sirius warned. Adara turned on him, Sirius! He raised his hands in an innocent shrug. See you later, Adara said, smiling against her will. Toodles, she swore she heard Sirius say as she retreated.

Adara dashed up to her dorm to lay her bags and grabbed her cloak before she met Jay outside in the snow. She thought about leaving her mirror behind, but decided against it. Sirius could find it anywhere, but he couldnt get if off of her. She was pretty sure that he wouldnt try, not after what had happened last time he tried to retrieve an item that she stole. Hey, you, she smiled as she walked up to Jayden. Hello, he smiled back and leaned in to kiss her.

How was herbology? She asked as he took her hand and headed toward the big tree by the lake. Pretty funny, actually, Jayden told her, the plant we had to extract this pod thing from attacked David. Karma, Adara muttered happily. Huh? Oh, the snow is so pretty isnt it? Adara said quickly. She loved the snow. It always brought good things. In second year, they had beaten Slytherin

in Quidditch during a snowstorm. In third year, it was on the first snow of the year that Jayden had asked her out. Even this time: she and Sirius had made up on the day of the first snow of the year. That was not a coincidence. I guess, Jayden said, but its nothing compared to other beautiful things out here. He looked at Adara. Jay, she smiled; maybe Sirius should take notes, she smirked. Want to sit, he gestured towards the big tree.

Sure, she smiled and waved her wand. The snow around the tree disappeared in just a spot big enough for them to sit. They sat down and Adara laid her head on his shoulder. Jayden put his arm around her. I wonder if the Giant Squid hates it when the pond freezes over, Adara wondered as she rested her head on his shoulder. I dont know, I mean hes stuck under there, Jayden answered. They pondered the query for a moment.

Oh, the wonders of the world, Adara sighed. They sat in silence until a huge pile of snow suddenly landed on Adara, What the hell? Adara cursed sitting up. Whered that come from? Jayden asked; they looked up and saw that a few branches of the tree were now free of snow. I thought the Whomping Willow was the only tree that didnt like the snow, Adara muttered darkly as she brushed the snow out of her hair. Jayden laughed and helped her, Ugh, she said,

now its all wet. She picked up a strand of her hair. Dont worry, Jayden smiled, its kind of cute. Adara half smiled, Thanks, she leaned in and kissed him. Ever since that day in early October in the hospital wing, Adara had to try really hard not to compare Jayden and Siruis kissing techniques. She knew that one reason this was necessary was because of the conclusion she might, and probably would, come to. Sirius kiss might have been a bit well, she just didnt get the same feeling when she kissed Jayden. Though kissing her

boyfriend was not something she didnt like, it was as if kissing him was getting old. But they had been together for three years, right? Things like that can change. They continued snogging until something hit Adara in the back of the head, Ouch! she exclaimed pulling away from Jayden and extracting her hand from his hair to rub the top of her head. Did I do something? Jayden asked, worried. Not unless you threw this rock at me, Adara told him picking

up a medium sized rock up from the snow beside her. She looked up and saw, for a brief second, a familiar face. She scowled. Stalker, she thought angrily. What? Jayden followed her gaze up, and saw nothing. Through her anger, Adara wondered how hed disappeared like that. Nothing, Adara answered, trying to get back to her normal tone. OI, BOOT! Adara and Jayden turned to see someone walking towards them.

Donelson? Jayden called. Yeah, the fourth year answered, Russo wants you in the hospital wing. What? Why? Adara and Jayden asked at the same time. I dont know, but they found him in the loo, the fourth year snickered. Whats wrong with him? Jayden asked. I dont know.

Ugh, Jayden said, Lets go. He turned and helped Adara up. No, no, the boy said, he said that you were the only person allowed to come. What, why? Jayden asked, Adaras his friend, too. Merlin, if Id known this would take so long, I wouldntve volunteered, the boy threw his hands up, He said just you. Jay, its okay, I want to stay out here and look at the snow, Adara said, sparing a glance up that the tree.

Are you sure? Adara nodded. Okay, Jayden said. He kissed her once more, and Adara, knowing that Sirius was watching, made it a good one. The fourth year groaned, and the couple broke apart smiling. Later, Jayden waved and walked away with the boy. Adara waved, then waited until she saw the doors to the Entrance Hall shut before she rounded on the tree, What are you doing? she hissed.

No answer. Adara scowled, I know you can hear me, I know youre there. She continued, looking at the tree. Two Hufflepuffs walked past her, looking at her as if she was crazy. She thought she heard something like, and shes a Ravenclaw? Adara walked closer to the tree, Sirius Black, if you dont get down here right now, I will start firing very painful spells at random up at the snowless branches.

She heard a thump behind her and screamed. No need for such threats, love, she heard from behind her. She spun on her heal to face him but on the snow, lost her balance and landed on the ground. Snow billowed up and formed a cloud around her. Sirius had the nerve to laugh. I. Hate. You. She muttered. She was suddenly sprayed with snow as Sirius back-flopped into the snow beside her. Nah, youre just mad because you have a headache, he said as he cleared the snow between

their faces so they could see each other. Maybe, Adara allowed, but that is also your fault. I didnt know kissing your boyfriend was an offense punishable by stoning. It is when you do it in front of people. I didnt invite you to watch, Adara pointed out, you were stalking me from the tree. Now, now. That headache must be messing with your mind, Sirius turned on his side and

propped his head up on his hand. Adara followed suit. Youre impossible, Adara sighed. Hm, Sirius said, I thought that this would be going another way by now. That fourth year even helped. Adara looked at him, confused, What are you talking about now? Oh, the prank I just executed. What? Adara asked again then in clicked, David! she couldnt help it, she smiled.

Sirius nodded. Wait, you didnt do anything too, too awful did you? she asked. No, we just met in the bathroom after he happened to touch the Bubbling Blister Powder that I accidentally left on the entrance doorknob. We exchanged glares then he walked into the nearest stall as I used a paper towel to wipe off the doorknob and exit, he seemed so happy with himself. Well, now Adara knew why David only wanted Jayden to

see him. It might be a tad embarrassing if Adara had walked in. Sirius, thats horrible! she gasped. Hell be okay by tomorrow, he said, itll just make riding a broom a right pain in the well I would say arse, but I dont think thatd be entirely accurate. Adara looked at him, he was smiling so wide that she couldnt help it and smiled, too. Okay, he deserved it. She smiled. Only she knew how appropriate it was for Sirius to prank David, So, did you have any help? she asked;

in the past, one of the four didnt prank alone. Nope, he surprised her, Remus and Peter are in Divination now. He said. And Adara remembered that usually it was Sirius and Potter. She felt bad. She looked at the ground and played with a blade of grass poking from underneath the snow. Sorry, she said then looked up at him, I didnt mean to cause a rift between you and your best mate. Sirius sat straight up, Adara Moore, I thought you were

smart. He announced as he stood up. Adara sat up and stared at him, waiting for him to continue, but there are two major things wrong with that statement, he grabbed Adaras hand and pulled her up much more gently than Potter had, First of all, you didnt cause anything. It was all him. You have to know that, okay? Adara nodded. She was internally glad that he was telling her this. It made her feel better, and warm because he had her hands wrapped in his big ones. And secondly, hes not my best mate, he said earnestly, any

best mate of mine does not call my girl, what was it? he looked at her. A cut-throat bitch, Adara muttered. Right, he said, his eyes distant for a minute, theres only one throat Id like to cut Sirius! Adara pulled a hand from his coven of warmness and smacked him on his muscled arm again. What? he asked as he dropped her hand. It fell to her side, the cold breeze whipping at it.

I dont know if I like this morbid side of you, she said and crossed her arms to try and warm her hands. Ah, well, he said and threw an arm around her. They started walking towards the castle, youll learn to love my flaws. I guess so, Adara laughed and sighed as she laid her head on Sirius warm shoulder as they walked.


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Actually, I was hoping I could walk with her to class, Christine appeared behind Sirius. Sirius turned around and looked at Christine ever-so-politely and said, But Adara and I always walk to Charms together, he pointed out. Well, not recently as they had just made up but they had before the fight. Yes, but today David is in the hospital wing, Christine pointed out. Adara had a feeling that her friend was a bit suspicious of Sirius. Well, she had a right to be.

So she should drop all normality because your friend has blisters all over his Adara! Christine put in quickly, who do you want to walk with? Me or, she pointed at him with her thumb, him. REVIEW PRETTY-PRETTY PLEASE =D Chapter Thirteen: Rescheduling I talked to Professor Flitwick and he said that hes going to try to move our first match against Slytherin. Either that or switch, Jayden told Adara the next day at breakfast. Their first Quidditch match was supposed to be this Saturday, four days away, but

Jayden was trying to change that saying that David couldnt possibly sit on a broom by then and it wasnt enough time to train a replacement. Id love to know who did that to David, Jayden continued, stabbing his sausage a bit too hard. Adara snorted in laughter as she tried to swallow her eggs, which produced a very ugly effect. It involved eggs in her nose. Jayden looked at her quizzically then snickered, Are you okay? he raised an eyebrow at her. Im fine, Adara moaned. Eggs were not supposed to be in her nose. She needed to go take

care of that, I just need to go visit the loo. Jayden laughed, Alright, I need to go visit David, anyway. Ill see you in Charms? Adara told him as she stood up. He nodded. Adara had Runes first, then Charms. She grabbed her bag and rushed to the nearest loo. Throwing her bag on the floor, she grabbed a paper towel and blew her nose. Fantastic, she thought bitterly. She threw away her towel and looked in the mirror. Her long hair fell to her waist exactly. She

really needed to get a haircut. While she loved her long hair, it was starting to look really stringy. Maybe shed ask one of her dorm mates to do it, Kerri or Estelle might be good at it. She sighed and picked up her bag. She exited the loo and began the trek to Runes. Hello, Sirius was suddenly walking beside her. How did he do that? Hi, Sirius, she greeted him, knowing that asking him would do nothing. Hows Russo? he asked mischievously.

Still in the hospital wing, apparently when the blisters burst, they multiply, she threw a look at him, now we are one short for the Quidditch match this weekend, she finished bitterly. Sirius looked at her in horror, But you have to beat Slytherin! They creamed Hufflepuff and you have to beat him so that we he paused and looked at Adara, you guys can have a chance to win the Cup! I know that, Adara answered.

They walk the rest of the way in silence, each lost in thought. Adara was thinking about what they were going to do. Sure, she liked that David got what was coming to him for implying that she was a bad girlfriend, but she hated that it might lose them the Cup. She looked over at Sirius, his brows were furrowed in concentration, something that Adara rarely saw, even in class. Adara smiled at his expression and had a sudden urge to no, she didnt want to jump him. She mentally smacked herself hard for even thinking that, she loved Jay. Apparently her hormones were taking over.

As they were sitting down in their back-to-normal Rune seats, Sirius turned his to look at Adara, I know what to do. Adara raised an eyebrow at him, telling him to continue. No, wait, damn it, he curse as he let his head thump on the desk. Adara reached out and pulled at his shoulder to get him up, What? Tell me, maybe it will work. He sat up, Id have to ask Potter for a favor, he growls.

Potter? She felt bad to hear him refer to his old best mate in such a harsh manner, even after Sirius words yesterday she still felt a bit guilty, Oh. Was all she said. I was thinking that we the Gryffindor team could offer to take your spot against Slytherin, but Potters captain. Damn. Adara thought, that would have been the perfect plan. She groaned as she realized how perfect everything would have been if Potter wasnt such an arse, You could always just make up with him, you know, she told him.

He looked at her as if she were insane, I can not just make up with the person that was so mean to you, Adara. I dont want you and him to be Were going to be whatever we have to be until he gets his head out of his arse and apologizes. And after he tries to take a shower tonight, but thats a different story, Sirius finished with a mischievous glint in his eyes that made Adara wonder if David was about to get company in the hospital wing.

They sat in thought again, trying to come up with a solution for the current problem. Adara was about to give up when an idea struck her. Do you think that you could talk to your Head of House? she asked, I mean just make up something like you feel guilty because you were in the bathroom after potions and might have accidentally contaminated it, she suggested. He seemed to think it over, Hm, you know that could work! he finally exclaimed as the professor walked in and gave him a dirty look. He lowered his voice, Besides, Minnie loves me!

Minnie? She thought incredulously, does he have pet names for all the professors? And who was that even supposed to be? Surely not McGonagall The rest of the class crawled by. They were given more homework than they knew what to do with, but were luckily given ten minutes to work on it in class. Adara could barely concentrate. Sirius kept fidgeting, which made Adara feel like she had to move too. Finally, class was over and Sirius jumped up, his stuff had been packed for at least three

minutes, Lets go! Charms, right? he asked her as he waved his wand. Her bag was packed and in his hand. She smiled and took it. Actually, I was hoping I could walk with her to class, Christine appeared behind Sirius. Sirius turned around and looked at Christine ever-so-politely and said, But Adara and I always walk to Charms together, he pointed out. Well, not recently as they had just made up but they had before the fight. Yes, but today David is in the hospital wing, Christine pointed

out. Adara had a feeling that her friend was a bit suspicious of Sirius. Well, she had a right to be. So she should drop all normality because your friend has blisters all over his Adara! Christine put in quickly, who do you want to walk with? Me or, she pointed at him with her thumb, him. And Adara was screwed. She kind of wanted to walk with Sirius, but she also wanted to walk with her friend. Why were they doing this to her? Did they care that they were forcing her to choose between two good friends?

Er, Adara said looking from Sirius to Christine. Sirius was smiling huge and winking at her like he was the prize on a game show. Christine was staring at her with a look that plainly said of course youre going to pick me because Im your best friend so lets get this over with. Well? Christine asked. Cant we all walk together? Adara pleaded. Christine scowled but Sirius remained smiling, Sounds good to me, Dara!

Whatever you what Addie, Christine emphasized Adaras nickname at Sirius as if saying youre doing it wrong. Adara sighed as they made their way into the corridors. So, have you been to visit David? Christine asked from Adaras right side. No, I havent had the time. Adara told her. And you two are in some sort of row, arent you? Christine asked.

Adara shrugged indifferently. She noticed that Sirius was staring straight ahead with a smile on his face. Christine noticed it, too. Adara had a feeling that she was going to get a talking-to from her best friend that night. Adara, Sirius turned to her, about that plan we were discussing earlier, do you think that Boot would come with me? Adara turned to him. He was grinning in a way that made her wonder if he was bringing up this just to piss Christine off. But it was a good point. If Jayden would agree to go with Sirius to plead

the case, maybe they could pull this off without Potter. I could ask him, Adara said. She glanced over at Christine and the look on her face clearly told Adara that the other girl had a lot on her mind. Could you ask him very nicely? Sirius said wagging his eyebrows. Adara looked at him. Was he implying that Adara seduce Jayden into going? Stop that, she said and whacked him on the arm.

You are getting quite violent, Sirius remarked. You are getting quite deserving, Adara replied. Wait. That didnt come out right, I I mean that you are getting deserved of being hit with those comments and such Smooth, Adara. Sirius had his eyebrow raised and was looking at her with a grin. Christine was staring straight ahead. Adara ducked her head blushing, and for the first time in a long time, Adara wanted

nothing more than to get to Charms. Jayden? Adara asked as they walked to lunch after Charms hand-in-hand. Yeah? he looked down at her, smiling. Adara took a deep breath. Here goes nothing, I think I have solution to your Quidditch problem. He stopped walking and pulled her out of the traffic of the corridor, What is it? he asked.

Adara could tell that he was desperate. This was good. Okay, but dont get mad. He looked weary, I wont. And its just an option. I understand. Okay, well, I was talking to Sirius, she looked at his face. It darkened a bit, but was still composed so she continued, and he thinks that he can get McGonagall to allow Gryffindor to switch with Ravenclaw for the match.

His eyes brighten, Really? Yeah, So far so good, but he does think that it would help if you go with him. Of course, he mutters. Jay, hes just trying to help, Adara told him. He looked down at Adara, who put her pleading face on, And you know that it would help the team. We could win the Quidditch Cup, Jay! Jayden looked as if he was seriously considering the option, Adara crossed her fingers like she

used to do in second year. She was silent and allowed Jayden to think it over, Alright. Great! Adara jumped and hugged him, if we can get them to switch with us it would be amazing! Yeah, tell him to meet me outside McGonagalls office at six, Jayden said as they joined hands and began walking to lunch again, though hell probably be there for detention anyway, he mutters. Adara scowls, but decides that she has to pick her battles and he was going with Sirius. That was

a compromise, and Adara hoped that I it would be the first of many. See, she thought wishing David could hear her, I can manage Sirius and Jayden, and I can get them to work together. * Adara, you dont have to come, Jayden sighed as Adara bounced along at his side. I know, but I want to, she told him, and someone has to make sure you dont kill each other. McGona

Even McGonagall couldnt stop you two, Adara smiled up at him innocently, and Im just as anxious about the outcome of this as you are. It was true. She really wanted this. She really wanted a fair chance at the Cup, and she was eager to see Sirius and the rest of the Gryffindors on the pitch. They turned a corner and Adaras smile grew wider. Sirius grinned back at her before nodding his head in acknowledgement of Jayden. When they were a few feet from Sirius, Adara smacked Jayden discreetly on the side.

He cleared his throat, Thanks for doing this, Black, he said stiffly. No problem, he answered, anything to help a fellow classmate, he smiled at Adara who looked nervously at Jayden. Dont push it, Sirius, she thought. Well, lets go, then, Jayden said and knocked on the door. A faint come in was heard. The guys exchanged glances, You go ahead, Sirius told him. Jayden seemed hesitant at first, but must have realized that Sirius was doing him a favor so he walked in first.

See you in a minute, love, Sirius whispered to Adara as he followed Jayden. Adara rolled her eyes and pushed her ear up to the door to hear the conversation. Mr. Boot, Mr. Black, to what do I owe this pleasure, Adara heard the professor say. Well, Professor McGonagall, as you may or may not know Boot here is the captain of the Ravenclaw team and he is now a chaser short of a team, Adara nodded at Sirius words. Well done.

I have heard the news, and I am sorry to hear that Mr. Boot. Well, actually I was wondering if maybe the Gryffindor team could switch places with the Ravenclaw team in the Saturday match as there is no way their chaser will be ready to play and they do not have time to find a new one, Sirius continued. Why would you want to do that? Mr. Black, you know that the Slytherin match is a big deal, McGonagall asks. Well, you know me, always the nice guy, Adara could imagine

the look on his face as he said that. Please, Professor, I would really appreciate it. I just dont think that I would have time to find a replacement, the match is in four days, Jayden spoke for the first time. I understand that, Mr. Boot, but I cant help but wonder if the Gryffindor team can be prepared to take on a match of this magnitude in the little time they have! Minnie, please, No, no, no! Sirius just screwed up the whole thing! weve been ready for this

match since the beginning of the year. We always beat Slytherin. There was a long pause. Adara was sure that McGonagall was deciding whether or not she was going to tell Sirius off for using the absurd nickname. Finally she said, Okay, I will arrange it with Professor Flitwick and Madam Hooch. Thank you so much, Professor! Jayden and Sirius both told her. Yes, yes, Adara heard the boys heading for the door, but Mr. Black, please do tell Mr.

Potter that I have put my faith in him. Will do, Professor! Adara backed away from the door and stood against the wall. She began examining her nails to look like shed been there the whole time. Addie, did you hear that? She said shed switch us! Jayden exclaimed. Adara let out a squeal and she ran over to hug Jayden, Thats so great! she told him. He released her and, without thinking about it, Adara ran over and hugged Sirius, too. He

looked shocked, but hugged her back, nonetheless. Then Adara realized that she was hugging Sirius in front of Jayden and became self-conscious. She pulled away from him, Thanks. Anytime, he smiled back at her. She walked back over to Jayden, Lets go tell David then Ill tell Christine, she said, bye Sirius, she waved over her shoulder. Thanks, Jayden called stiffly back to him. Adara noticed that Jayden didnt take her hand.

Lets go tell David, then Ill tell Christine, Adara mentioned. She couldnt wait to tell David that shed gotten Sirius to help them out of their rut. If she and Sirius hadnt been friends, as David preferred, theyd definitely have lost Saturday. Now, thanks to Adara (and Sirius) they didnt even have to play. However, Jayden shook his head, David still doesnt want er he seemed to struggle with the words. Girls to visit him? Adara said a bit disappointed. Jayden nodded, Sorry.

I understand, Ill just go tell Christine, Adara said. Okay, meet you back in the common room, Jayden told her. Adara pecked him on the lips and headed off to the tower. She definitely was not looking forward to talking to Christine. Of course, whenever you dread something, it only comes sooner so Adara was at the door to her dorm before she knew it. She took a deep breath and pushed the door open. Christine was sitting on her bed working on the Runes homework. That reminded Adara that she had Astronomy

that night. She looked at the clock, only six-thirty. She had two and a half hours. We dont have to play on Saturday, Adara said as she sat down on her bed. She pulled the mirror from her waistband and tucked it into her dresser drawer. Thats good, Christine answered. Yeah, Sirius and Jayden went in to talk to McGonagall, Adara continued. Oh, so thats what you two were talking about on the way

to Charms, Christine comments without looking up from her work. Okay, Adara thought. She had been waiting for an earful about how could she want to walk with Sirius over her? and did she like Sirius over her Ravenclaw friends? not this version on the cold shoulder. It unnerved her. She climbed off her bed and sat back down on Christines, Christine, she started. Hm? she didnt look up. Adara snatched Christines quill. Christine just stared at her page for a moment then looked up at

Adara, Can I have my quill back? she asked. Not until you tell me whats bugging you, Adara told her. She sighed, Im not in the mood for this. Well, I have your quill and I am. Christine sighed. Fine, she moved her books to the side, are you sure? That I want to hear this? Adara asked, Yes.

Its Sirius. Adara was expecting this, but it still somewhat shocked her, Whwhat about him? I dont really know. Then what is this about? You two are just so close, Christine finally said, and its in such a short time. Weve become friends, whats wrong with that? Adara asked her. This was getting weird.

You two havent talked in like a month, then all of the sudden its like September again. We had a little fight, he apologized, Adara explained, thats all. I dont know how to say this, Christine looks down at her hands, but I have a bad feeling about him. Adara rolled her eyes, Thats ridiculous, Chris. No, its not. Hes so rude and have you seen how he treats the Slytherins?

Chris, we dont like the Slytherins, either, Adara pointed out. Yes, but we dont run around pulling nasty pranks on them, she pointed out. She knows about David! Adara thought wildly. Christine was always really observant, sometimes it was a bit annoying. You dont understand, Adara said before realizing that that was the exact line she hated the most, I mean, she sighed, hes really nice. Adara, hes tricky and sarcastic! Thats why weve

avoided him for our whole time at Hogwarts! Weve never avoided him, we just never talked to him before. Hes really a good guy once you get to know him, Besides that fact that I seem to mysteriously get hurt whenever Im around him, You have to give him a chance, Chris, she asked, for me? I dont like him, Christine whined. You havent tried to, Adara pointed out. But

Please! Adara begged. Christine looked at and rolled her eyes, Fine, Ill give him a chance. Thank you! Adara squealed and tackled Christine with a hug. Yeah, yeah, Christine sighed, now tell me how they got McGonagall to switch the match. Adara smiled, Actually, I have no clue how they pulled it off. Sirius even called McGonagall Minnie to her face.

* Its cold, Adara commented offhandedly as she switched from her view of the night sky through her telescope to her star chart of the southern hemisphere. She had forgotten to grab her uniform sweater on her way out of the common room. She looked over at Sirius, who was sitting to her close right. Her right arm was actually rather warm; it was almost as if the heat from Sirius was radiating off of him. You think so? he asked as he looked over at her. He set his charts down and pulled off his

uniform sweater. He threw it at her, then take that, Im burning up. The sweater was warm and Adara wanted nothing more and to put it on, Are you sure? she asked. Sirius nodded, giving Adara all the affirmation she needed. She quickly pulled it over her head and inhaled. It smelled so good. And it was warm; so, so warm. She loved the way it hung off her shoulders. And the way it smelled; Adara couldnt get over that scent, Thanks, she breathed. You know what? Sirius responded.

What? Adara asked, quite ready for a distraction; theyd been at these bloody star charts for half an hour. The southern hemisphere is my favorite, he said, it has my very favorite star in it. Adara rolled her eyes, of course it did. Canis Major was in this hemisphere. That constellation contained the brightest star of them all, Sirius. Coincidentally, it also contained the star that Adara was named after, Adhara. Adhara was the second brightest star in the constellation (not able to hold out to the

brightest in the sky, Sirius). Originally, at least according to her mother, Adara was going to be Adhara but then somewhere around her seventh month of pregnancy, Elle had developed a personal vendetta against the letter h and had removed it from the name. And really, Adara was glad; she liked the plain Adara rather than the other which people pronounced Ad- HAR-a. She didnt know why, really, she just did. Coming out of her thoughts, Adara answered Sirius, Of course its your favorite, it has your namesake in it.

No, Sirius said shaking his head and looking back into his telescope. What do you mean, no, she asked, youre thicker than I figured if you think that your parents came up with the name Sirius on their own. He looked up from his telescope with a grin that was contagious, Of course Im named after that star, he sighed, but that one is not my favorite. Though it is close, you got the constellation right, he added as an after thought. Come, look. He scooted his chair back the tiniest

bit; just enough to allow Adara to move the little bit she needed to in order to look into his telescope. Promise you would give me a black eye this time? she joked. Sirius held up his pinky in some sort of silent honor pledge that made Adara chuckle. She bent over to look into the telescope and was so close to Sirius legs that her head brushed them more than once. She was glad that he couldnt see her blush as she looked into his telescope. It was perfectly focused on one star. Adara knew this star well, it was the one that was just below Sirius in the amazing triangle of

the most luminous stars. It was the one at the lower right. Thats my star, she whispered as she pulled back to look at Sirius. I highly doubt that you own that star, love, he smiled. No, Adara said, thats the star I was named after. Sirius looked at her with an expression that she couldnt quite puzzle out, Adhara. Adara. Adhara. Adara. He tested, I guess I can see the resemblance.

He couldnt be telling the truth. There is no way that that star has always been his favorite, If this is some sort of way to flatter me Adara started. Adara, Sirius suddenly became serious. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her a bit so that they were facing each other, I am about to tell you something that may shock you. Adaras heart skipped a beat or two. What? Her mind asked. She looked at him and didnt say anything. He took a deep breath, Okay, here goes, another deep breath. He looked right into her eyes, not

everything is about you. He said then exhaled dramatically. Adara smacked him on the arm, I know that! she said. For some reason she felt a bit disappointed. She shook the feeling off and continued, But honestly, how coincidental is it that your favorite star happens to be the one that Im named after? About as coincidental as us being named after the first and second brightest stars in the constellation, Sirius replied. Adara sighed, well he did have a point there.

But if you still dont believe me, ask Moony what my favorite star is. Hell tell you, Sirius pointed three seats behind him to where his friend was trying to figure out his own star charts. Fine, Adara answered, but you have to look at me the whole time so you wont give him any hints. Fine. Pinky swear, Adara smiled and held out her pinky. Sirius took it in his confidentially and shook it, Okay, Ill be right back, Adara told him, oh, and Silencio. She

waved her wand as Sirius opened and closed his mouth indignantly, Just to make sure. And if you give him any hints, Ill make sure that you are mute for the rest of your life. Sirius stuck his bottom lip out in a pout and turned back to his telescope a bit to fast. He reared back rubbing his eye and Adara laughed. She looked around and saw that the Professor was nowhere near her nor Remus so she slipped over to the seat next to the other Marauder, Hey, she whispered. Remus pulled back from his telescope in a very smooth manner and looked at her,

Adara smiled, Hi, she greeted him again. Er, hi, Adara, he greeted, unsure as to why she had suddenly appeared next to him. It was then that Adara noticed that sitting on the other side of Remus was James. He either hadnt noticed her or was pretending that he hadnt because he was still looking into his telescope. Sorry to bother you, but Sirius and I have a bit of a thing to settle, she said. Remus raised an eyebrow at her, Thing? he repeated.

Er, yeah, Adara said, then checked to make sure the Professor was still far away. He was. Do you know what his favorite star is? Adara cut to the chase. I guess, why? Remus asked. Can you show me, please, Adara smiled at him. He looked bewildered at first then he seemed to understand a bit. Okay, he said slowly and looked back into his telescope. A minute later he turned back to Adara and pushed his seat back

to allow her access. She smiled and looked into it. Damn it! She thought right away. Years of staring at this exact star had taught her to recognize it in a second. She pulled back, Thanks, she replied, defeated. Remus smiled at her and nodded. Adara moved back over to her own seat unhappily and removed the silencing spell from Sirius. Told you so, Sirius mocked like a three-year-old. Okay, so fine, Adara snapped, my star has always been your favorite.

I dont think so, Sirius said. Adara turned her head to look at him, my star is my favorite. What? Well, this star has been my favorite since I first started studying Astronomy. It was the first star that I ever focused a telescope onto. I think that it is definitely my star. Adara stared at him, You werent named after it. No, I was named quite appropriately after Sirius, he said.

What do you mean, appropriately? Well, first of all, the name Sirius comes from the Greek word Seirius which means searing or scortching both implying something that is very hot and powerful, Sirius smiled. Adara snorted, though she had to agree that he was not bad looking. Sirius scowled, But thats not the only reason that my namesake is so appropriate, he told her. Oh yeah? Does the star also symbolize huge egos and a

knack for rule breaking? Adara teased. Sirius scowled at her some more, Nope, he said superiorly, and just for that, Im not going to tell you the rest. Oh, come on, Adara sighed. Nope, Sirius crossed his arms and shook his head. Mind of a five-year-old, Adara muttered under her breath. She picked up her star chart and looked back into her telescope. But she couldnt quite concentrate. Something gave her the feeling that she was

missing something. Something important. She looked back down at her star chart. Everything was placed and marked correctly as far a she could see. But then what was wrong? She risked a side glance at Sirius who was trying to adjust his telescope. Adara could tell he was concentrating pretty hard because his nose was all winkled up and his mouth in a side grimace. It was actually pretty funny. It was kind of funny. She tore her gaze from him and looked out at the grounds. It was pitch black, of course, so she

couldnt really make out anything in the light of the moon. It was only three-quarters full tonight, so it wasnt that bright. Though it did reflect a bit off the hoops on the Quidditch mound. Which led Adara to think, Sirius? she asked. He pulled back from his concentration and looked at her. Adara lowered her voice, Have you told Potter that you now have to play on Saturday? she asked. She had a feeling that Potter probably wouldnt take the news very well, especially because they had gone behind his back.

Worry crossed Sirius face for a split second then was gone, Not yet. You have to do it soon, you know, Adara told him. They would probably need more practice time. Sirius nodded and glanced back at the topic of the conversation. Potter was currently filling something in on his chart. Why dont you do it now? Adara suggested. Id rather not.

If you do it here, then he cant yell at you. Until class is over. He wouldnt dare if you are with me. Two on one. Sirius thought that over, He knows where I sleep, he pointed out. Well you are either going to have to tell him now, with witnesses, or later. I choose later, Sirius answered and looked back to his telescope.

Okay, fine, Adara said as if she was giving in. In reality, she was doing the opposite. She was going to pull out the line that would make any Gryffindor do anything, be a coward. She pretended to look back to her chart but was really looking at Sirius through the curtain of hair she let fall over her shoulder. He slowly turned his head to face her and Adara knew that she had won. She quietly celebrated the victory for a moment. Oh no, Sirius said, you didnt.

Adara stifled a laugh at the seriousness in his voice. Take that back, he ordered. Adara bit her lip and shook her head no. Take it back, Im warning you, Sirius told her. She shook her head again. Okay, then, he resolved, you asked for it, Silencio! Rictusempra! As soon as Sirius mouthed the first spell, Adara knew that she was in trouble. When she heard

the second spell, however, she barely had time to panic as she began to be tickled all over. It was insane how ticklish she was without the spell, but this was just short of torture. She threw her head back in maniacal silence laughter. She was actually kind of glad that Sirius had thought to silence her first, as uncontrollable laughter in the middle of class would certainly get her into trouble. After what seemed like half an hour, the spell lifted and Adara relaxed against the stone floor. She wondered vaguely when she had fallen off her chair, but quickly abandoned thinking for a much better idea: glaring at her attacker.

She climbed back onto her chair, still glaring at him, Are you ready to take it back yet? Sirius looked smug. Adara thought quickly, and the Ravenclaw in her prevailed, Fine, I take it back, she said in a defeated tone. Sirius smiled, nodded, and turned back to his chart. Satisfied, Adara took out a scrap of parchment: We are playing Slytherin on Saturday instead of Ravenclaw. No need to thank me. -Sirius

Adara remembered and copied Sirius handwriting to the degree that it would pass as his. She folded it, charmed it to fly to Potter when it was released, then tapped Sirius on the shoulder. What, now? he asked, still smug. Adara waved the parchment at him and at first he looked confused, then it hit him. Before he could react, however, Adara released the note and Sirius watched it the whole way to Potters desk. Adara turned around to her telescope so that she wouldnt be caught and

Sirius soon turned to look at her in horror. What did you just do? he demanded. I did what you, the brave Gryffindor, wouldnt! Adara, Sirius whispered in a pained tone that made Adara turn to look at him. What? Adara asked. It couldnt be that bad. He was going to tell him eventually. And now was definitely better than on the way to what Potter thought was the Slytherin/Ravenclaw game.

I cant believe you did that, he said to her. Guilt coursed through her body. The worse guilt she had ever felt, she thought. The look on Sirius face was like she had just killed his family or something. Adara had just been trying to win! Shed just been playing; trying to help! Why had he gotten so mad? I I was just trying to help, I didnt mean to upset you! Adara told him, putting a hand on his shoulder. He shrugged it off, It wasnt your place, he mumbles then looks into his telescope. He was

really worried. Adara had caused this rift, and she had just made it worse. She sat on her stool, watching Sirius watch the night sky and feeling terrible. It was like something was gnawing on her insides. She tried to turn back to her work, saying to herself that hed get over it, but the silence was deafening. She couldnt stand it, and she most certainly couldnt concentrate. Her eyes kept traveling back to the star marked Sirius. She took her eyes off the star and looked at her Sirius. She reached her hand out and put it

back on his shoulder. He didnt shake it off this time, he turned to look at her, Im really, really sorry. Adara whispered. Her voice cracked a bit but she didnt care. Sirius looked at her for a minute, then he smiled a forgiving smile. Adara returned it with a huge one and leaped off her stool and wrapped her arms around him. She hugged him tightly and he secured her to him with his muscled arm. Adara could feel a slight chuckle of surprise in his chest, I thought it was a joke. She whispered, her lips somewhat in his long black hair. She felt him nod and she pulled

back and sat down on her own stool. She looked over her shoulder and noticed two things that would usually unsettle her, one James was clutching the note so tightly that the muscles were protruding from his hands and arms, and two Xeno and Lily were watching her with confused looks. However, as she was now sitting next to a happy, forgiving Sirius, those things didnt matter. She just smiled, hugged Sirius huge, warm sweater closer to her body, and went back to her work.

*********** A/N: WHOOT! This chapter is 6,000 words long! Sorry about the wait for the update, but i don't know how long it will take i have exams the first week of March, because our school is wierd, but then the week after is an easy one (and my Bday) then spring break. So I mean it might be a week or so between updates, but i'll try to do it sooner. Thanks for all the reviews, i LOVE them. (p.s. As Stupid As Me will be updated after this chapter is validated. =D ) Chapter Fourteen: Match

On the day of the Gryffindor/Slytherin match Adara awoke with a start at exactly four in the morning. She rolled over to her side after looking at the clock and stared at the blue curtains that hung from her four poster. She knew she wouldnt be able to go back to sleep, she was too excited. She really didnt have a reason to be this excited as she wasnt even playing, but she could barely lie there. Actually, she couldnt. She quietly pulled apart her curtains, slipped on her

slippers and robe, shoved her wand in the pocket, then silently walked out of her dorm and down the stairs to the common room. The fire was almost dead and everything was dark and silent. I wonder what the rest of Hogwarts looks like? she thought. And since she had nothing else to do, Adara decided to find out. She walked out of the common room and down the stairs. As she stepped off the last one she noticed that it was pretty cold today. That would be rough on the Quidditch players. She wondered how many other

people were up this early. Probably not very many. She walked along the silent, cold corridors for a while, just taking in the scenes of Hogwarts in the early morning. It wasnt that different from late at night. She looked out of one of the windows and saw that the sun was not up yet, but that it was lighter than it was at one in the morning. Adara would know. She smiled as she remembered her late night patrol with Sirius. As she walked, she began to get a bit tired. She decided that shed sit and rest for a while, then go back to her common

room. She sat down under a portrait of a very chubby lady who was snoring rather loudly. Her thoughts again traveled to the match that would take place in about six hours. She hoped that Gryffindor would win. Sirius had said as early as yesterday that he thought they had a good chance what with all the extra practices that Potter was imposing. Sirius had told her that once Potter realized that his team would have to play on Saturday no matter what, he had accepted it with only minimal yelling and cursing towards Sirius. Lets just say Im not scared that Ill be murdered

in my sleep, Sirius had smiled. Then Adara thought she heard something like too many witnesses, but she wasnt sure. Anyway, the Gryffindor Quidditch team had been practicing twice a day: once before classes then once in the evening. Sirius grudgingly admitted that the practices were needed, but had pointed out that sleep was, too. Today, everyone would know whether the extra practices would be worth it. Adara hoped that they were; she would feel incredibly guilty if they lost.

She wasnt really sure when she fell asleep, but she was suddenly being violently shaken awake, Adara get up! someone hissed. Adara blinked awake then squinted in the bright sunlight, Wazamatter? she stumbled tiredly over her words, still not fully awake. For Merlins sake, someone muttered then Adara no longer felt the ground beneath her. Normally, this would be a problem, but now, all Adara could think about was how warm she suddenly was and how much more comfortable

her current position was. She sighed contently. Then sense began to seep into her. She remembered waking up early; she remembered taking a walk around the castle; she remembered sitting to rest but that was all. She opened her eyes again and this time told them to stay open. She was now aware of the soft motion of someone carrying her. She looked up to the face of her holder, Sirius? she asked. Are you really awake this time? he grinned down at her.

What do you mean? she asked, now fully awake, and I can walk, thank you. She twisted in his arms. Hold on, one second, Sirius told her, tightening his grip on her. He was carrying her honeymoon style. Adara crossed her arms and waited. Sirius turned another corner then stopped and gently set Adara on her feet. Adara stumbled then manage to stand up. She was suddenly aware that she was still in her robes and slippers. Great. Why were you carrying me? she asked, looking up at him. Sirius

was in jeans and a tight red tshirt; Adara tried not to let her eyes settle on his abs for to long. Because you happened to be sleeping right in front of the Gryffindor common room and, as its sixthirty, people are waking up and I thought you might not like to be found by the whole house asleep in your night clothes, Sirius told her matter-offactly. Adara groaned, Oh, no! Dont worry, if anyone saw you they didnt make a big deal. I was one of the first out here, too.

Thanks, then, Adara said, but you could have just woken me up instead of carrying me. I tried, he told her, well, for a while I just listened. You say the most interesting things in your sleep, Adara blushed. She couldnt remember what she had dreamed about, but she was pretty sure she didnt want it vocalized. but then when I tried to wake you up, you almost cursed me, so I just brought you here, Sirius ended. Adara nodded and looked around, still not ready to face him because she didnt know

what shed said while asleep, Where are we? she asked. Your common room is just around the corner, Sirius replied. How do you Ask me no questions and Ill tell no lies, Sirius smiled at her. She sighed, Fine, well Id better get up before they realize I was gone. Yeah. Adara walked past him then turned back around, Oh, and

kick some serpent arse today, alright? Sirius broke into a huge grin, I plan to. Adara smiled back at him before walking to the stairs. Once she reached them she sprinted all the way to her common room and burst through the door as soon as she answered the question. The common room was no longer empty but Adara didnt stay long enough to register who was there. She ran all the way to her dorm then shut the door as quietly as she could behind her. Estelle, whose bed was closest to

the door, poked her head out of her curtains, What are you doing? she asked groggily. The door was open, Adara faked a similar tone, I was just shutting it. The other girl stared at Adara for a minute before grunting and disappearing behind her curtains. Adara let out a sigh of relief and tip-toed over to her own bed. She pulled some clothes and a towel out of her trunk then walked quietly over to the bathroom to get ready for the day. *

I hope that Gryffindor wins, they were really nice to switch with us like that, Christine says from Adaras right. The latter nodded and pulled her black cloak around her more tightly with the hand that wasnt entwined with Jaydens as the wind whipped her hair every which way. Despite the fact that she had Sirius sweater on underneath her own cloak (only because it was warm), she was still a bit chilly. The four of them (Jayden, Adara, Christine, and Cole) were on their way down to the pitch for the match. It was nine forty-five, they had fifteen

minutes but wanted to get good seats. I think they have a good chance, Cole comments, Ive heard that Potters had them practicing twice a day since Tuesday. He has, Adara answers before she can stop herself. Her friends stare at her, silently asked how she knew, Lily told me. She invented, not wanting to mention Sirius. Jayden always seemed to stiffen up when she did. They walked for a while in silence before Jayden spoke,

This wind will make it hard to play. Makes me more grateful that we arent. Everyone nodded in agreement, except Adara. She wondered if it would hurt the Gryffindor teams chances. They got really good seats, front row a bit to the side of the midpitch. Adara checked Jaydens watch, five minutes until it started. She glanced at the side that Gryffindor would come from. They should walk out to take a lap around the pitch anytime now. She looked around at everyone else that was filing

in. Most of the Ravenclaws were cheering for Gryffindor, having heard of the kindness they had done for them. However, the Hufflepuffs were wearing silver and green; they would need Slytherin to have even the smallest chance for the cup. Adara narrowed her eyes at them. Stupid followers. She heard the crowd roar and looked immediately to the entrance. Gryffindor was walking in. She smiled. Reason said that it should have been hard for Adara to see Sirius walk out from nearly 150 feet above him, but her eyes were drawn to him as if

by force. She cheered along with half of the school. And thats the Gryffindor team, people, with James Potter as the captain, this team is guaranteed to be well-trained. They were kind enough to take this game in place of the Ravenclaws, who have a member in the hospital with boils all over his Adara spun her head to look at who would be doing the commentary for this game. As usual, it was Remus Lupin. Adara hid a smile as McGonagall snatched the mike from him just in time.

She turned her head back to watch six red blurs and Sirius mounted their brooms and sped into the air. They raced around the pitch once then landed in the middle of the field to wait for the Slytherins. Remus must have convinced McGonagall to give the mike back, because he was commenting again, And thats the Gryffindor team, he said. The other half of the crowd erupted into cheers. Adara looked and saw seven green blurs fly in from the other entrance, loop around the pitch, and land opposite the Gryffindors.

The middle of the pitch looked oddly Christmas-colored. Sirius stood to the left of the center holding his beaters bat in one hand and his broom in the other. And the Slytherins enter on the other side of the pitch on the new Clean Sweep, a bribe I mean gift from Lucius Malfoys father, Remus said. The captains shook hands. Adara knew that each would go away with a sore hand. The referee held up her hand, Adara knew she was counting down. Three, two, one, she heard a whistle and everyone shot into the air, And theyre off! Its

Potter with the quaffle, to the seventh year Bell Potter Neely Bell back to Neely, ouch and a lucky hit bludger by Crabbe gives Slytherin possession! Adara groaned. She searched the pitch and found Sirius just as he swung his bat close to Bells head. The bludger went flying straight for the Slytherin keeper. Adara smiled as it crashed into his arm; lets see him use that to prevent a score. She tuned back in to Remus commentary, and its intercepted by Neely to Potter Bell Potter Neely SCORE! Slytherins keeper misses the deadon throw by the very

talented chaser Neely, who happens to look very nice in her kit! 10 nil Gryffindor! Adara jumped up and down with Christine as they cheered. It wasnt much, but they were ahead. She saw Sirius high-five the very tan girl named Neely then he went back to his job. He raced after the black ball then slammed it towards one of the Slytherin chasers. - Lestrange Zabini YES! A perfectly aimed bludger by Sirius Black soars right into Matthes and he drops the quaffle, Potter snags it and the three Gryffindor

chasers fall into formation to Neely Bell Neely Potter Bell Potter aaand SCORE! Another bludger by Black takes out the Slytherin keeper as he misses the second save today. 20 nothing good guys sorry, Professor Gryffindor. Adara squealed and clapped as hard as she could. She never noticed how good Sirius was as a beater. She always thought them to just protect the other players, but Sirius took beating to a new level: he had basically scored that one himself! Matthes Lestrange Zabini Lestrange Zabini doges a

bludger from the other Gryffindor beater, Johnson Matthes Zabini Adara held her breath as the other team gained on the seventh year Gryffindor keeper, and a tricky move by Lestrange score. Slytherin finally puts some points on the board, Remus added grudgingly. Adara set her jaw. Jayden cursed. Adara smiled sadly up at him, happy that they were on the same side. She looked back to the playing field. She watched Sirius, ignoring everything else. You have to win, you have to! She told him mentally. And suddenly, right by his ear, Adara saw the snitch.

This was the only reason Adara hated coming to Quidditch matches, because a lot of the time she would spot the snitch multiple times before either of the seekers would. It really made her mad. And today, fate was seriously pissing her off. Gryffindor was now down 90 50 and Adara had seen the snitch no less than five different times. She was about to pull her hair out. Of course, Slytherin was playing dirty and that was the main reason they were ahead, but if the Gryffindor seeker could just catch the snitch!

and Bell puts one through for Gryffindor, 90 60, Remus was saying, that snitch must be hiding today, folks, thirty minutes and counting and not one sighting by either of the seekers! Adara groaned as she looked around to find the Gryffindor seeker, Open your eyes! she told him mentally. Another thirty minutes, and Slytherin was up 210 70 and there was only one sighting of the snitch by the Slytherin seeker. Luckily Sirius had aimed a bludger at the blokes head and

hed lost sight of it. The Slytherin beaters were being brutal, too. Adara had seen one huge bloke, Crabbe or something, actually hit one of the Gryffindor chasers with his bat. While half of the stands saw the same thing, the referee didnt so no penalty was called. Potter with the quaffle, Bell Neely Bell Potter whats that? The Gryffindor seeker is turning into a dive, this could be it! Adara spun to look at the seeker again and immediately saw that he was chasing the little golden ball. But, uh-oh, the Slytherin chaser was on the other side. The two seekers were

heading in the opposite direction towards the little golden ball. It was a game of chicken, only fifty feet in the air on brooms going about 90 miles an hour. This was not going to end well, And the seekers are speeding towards the little ball in the middle of them, this looks bad people. Remus said, Who will pull out first? Slytherin or Gryffindor? Adara was wondering the same thing. She had her hands covering her mouth and was hardly breathing. They neared the ball, closer, closer, until, And OH MY MERLIN! the crowd erupted in cheers, Adara

listened, not quite sure what had happened, And Sirius Black has taken out the other seeker with a bludger that, if a foot off, would have taken out his own seeker. Gryffindor catches the snitch, 220 210, GRYFFINDOR WINS!! Adara screamed and jumped up and down like a maniac! Hed done it! Theyd done it! Without even looking at any of her friends, Adara turned away from them and pushed her way as fast as she could through the crowd of people. She ran down the wooden stairs, cutting rudely through people and not caring. Finally she reached the pitch and sprinted out to the

celebrating team. Sirius was grinning hugely and was facing her in this little teams circle. He looked up from the celebration and saw her. Running between two of the Gryffindor teammates, Adara hit Sirius and threw her arms around him and her legs in the air, YOU WON! she yelled over the noise as she hugged him and he held her up. She felt his chest move and knew he was laughing even though she, unfortunately, couldnt hear it, I know! he said in her ear sending an odd sensation down her spine. She

put her feet down and felt the ground, though barely. She pulled her head back from his shoulder so she could see his face, You were amazing! she said. He laughed again. She felt his breath on her face, another shiver that had nothing to do with the cold, Thanks. He set her down completely and she took a small step away from him, Your boyfriend is giving us the death glare. He stated plainly. Adara looked over her shoulder and saw that Jayden had made

it on the pitch and was indeed doing just that, Sorry. She said. Its okay, he just doesnt understand, Sirius told her, somewhat sadly. Adara nodded. It was too true, why couldnt anyone understand that she and Sirius were just very good friends? Especially those of the male gender, i.e. David, Jayden, Potter. Well, you were awesome, Adara told him excitedly, with those perfectly aimed bludgers! Ive never seen anything like it!

Sirius smiled, Yes you have, last year, he pointed out. Yeah, but I wasnt paying attention to you, then, she said before her mind caught up with her words. Adara blushed and there was a very awkward pause, I mean, I didnt know you then. Sirius grinned at her more, Right, he said, but youd better go before Booty decides to come over here and attempt to kick my arse. He wouldnt do that, he owes you for today, Adara pointed out.

Maybe, Sirius allowed. They just looked at each other for a minute. Adara noted that his cheeks and nose were pink from the cold and that his hair was windblown. It was a good look for him. She blushed and looked at her feet at the thought. She had a boyfriend. A boyfriend who was waiting and staring a few feet away. Well, Id better go, you are amazing, she said, then blushed again, I mean, at Quidditch.

Adara could tell that Sirius was trying not to laugh at her making a fool out of herself, Thanks. See you later, Adara waved. Sirius nodded and Adara turned and walked back to Jayden. That was such a good match wasnt it? Adara asked Jayden happily as they walked back to the castle. She was in a good mood despite just having embarrassed herself. Yeah, Jayden answered staring straight ahead with a hard look on his face.

Whats wrong? Adara asked, though she knew the answer. Nothing. Jayden, Adara pulled him to the side so that they wouldnt get trampled by the crowd of people leaving, Ive been with you for three years, I know something is up. Jayden was looking anywhere but at Adara. She was getting worried, Sirius had never bothered him this much before. They were friends, how many times did she have to tell people this? Is it Sirius? she asked.

Jayden refused to look at her. He was looking over her head at the Forbidden Forest, Jay, look at me! And finally, he did. Why are you being like this? she asked. Jayden laughed a weird laugh, Its just like David told me, he said. Adaras whole body froze. He had told him. She felt like she was slowly breaking apart into tiny pieces. Betrayal did that. What? she managed to whisper.

I didnt want to believe him, but after that display, he motioned to the pitch. Friends, Adara managed to say, Friends. But, against her will the night in the hospital wing flooded her mind. Jayden shook his head in disbelief. I just hugged him, Jay, I dont she tried to explain. How could her boyfriend of three years think that she liked Sirius? I hug David and Xeno. She managed to say.

Jayden looked at her with an expression Adara couldnt read, Yes, but they think of you as a friend, too. It took Adara a minute, but she finally understood. Jayden didnt think that Adara fancied Sirius, he thought that Sirius fancied Adara! She felt her heart begin to beat again. She reached down and took Jaydens hand in both of hers. He let her, You think that Sirius fancies me? she asked. Jayden looked at her as if she were stupid, Think? Addie that guy is in love with you. And Adara couldnt help it, she

smiled. Jayden scowled at her and pulled his hand out of hers. No, Jay, she said, Im sorry. He began to walk away from her, her smile faded, Jay, wait, listen. She ran to catch up to him and grabbed his arm. She pulled him back away from the crowd, That is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard in my life, she told him. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she saw Sirius kissing her that night in the hospital wing.

That was a mistake! I kissed him back, but Im not in love with him. She told herself. Addie, you dont see the way that he looks at you! Jayden told her. Adara blinked at him, Are you serio she stopped mid-word knowing that that was not the right one to use, I thought that I was there when he looked at me, my mistake. She said. Jayden rolled her eyes, Yes, you are there, but you arent a guy.

Thanks for clearing that one up, Adara crossed her arms sarcastically. There was nothing special about the way that Sirius looked at her. Adara, Jayden said. Adara heard a hint of anger in his voice, what I mean is that you wouldnt know what to look for. My incompetence must blind me, Adara snapped back. You know thats not what I meant, Jayden told her somewhat harshly. He ran his fingers through his hair, but can you honestly say that he looks at

you the same way that David or Xeno or Cole do? Yes, Adara answered immediately. Without taking time to think about it; she didnt want to. Then maybe you are blinded, Jayden shot back at her. Adara lost her retort in the context and tone of his voice. He had never been like this to her before. She felt tears threatening to overcome her. She wiped them out of he corner of her eye with a gloved hand then looked up at Jayden, whose angry glare was quickly fading into one of

remorse, If thats the way you feel, fine, Adara said then turned on her heal to walk against the crowd. She didnt know where she was going, but she wanted away from people. Away from the celebration of the Ravenclaws and Gryffindors. Just away. Adara, wait, Im sorry! she heard Jayden call after her and she hurried away. She didnt look back as she prayed that he wouldnt try to follow her. Hopefully he had more sense than that. They had never been in a fight like this before. Usually, the two

were the ideal couple. They hardly ever fought, and if they did it was over something stupid like what to do for Easter break. And they always made up within a few hours. This time, however, it was worse. This was not some meaningless you come with me for vacation this time issue. Not only had Jayden insulted her friend, but he had called her incompetent. And there was also a fresh wave a guilt that swept over her. The kiss and the fact that she didnt see Sirius the same way she saw David or Xeno made her want to crawl into a hole. And did he look at her the same way her

other guy friends did? Maybe she and Sirius were just closer friends. They had more fun together, that was for sure. Without knowing it, Adara had walked back to the Quidditch pitch. She walked out to one of the stands, sat against one of the supporting beams, and allowed herself to cry. ***** A/N: Dispite the fact that you all probably either like me for having Jayden and Adara fight or don't like me for ending it

there, I actually like this chapter. There are a lot of little Sirius/Adara hints, even if she doesn't realize it. I'm just going to warn you right now, next chapter is INTENSE. Not just because or Adara/other guy moments either. Please review, I'll think of it as a birthday present. haha. I'm so grateful to all of you that reviewed and all of you that favorited my story. This is heading for the same review count as Erin which AMAZES me. I love you all. haha. Anyway, please review.

Preveiw: She pushed open the door with all her strength and began to speed walk up to the castle. She couldnt help but eye the Forbidden Forrest wearily. Lumos, she whispered. Light flooded the ground in front of her and she instantly felt better. She continued walking at a fast pace and was just passing Hagrids cabin when she saw something move out of her peripheral vision. She did the absolute worse thing she could have: she froze. She turned to see whatever it was head on and just froze with fear. Something was running up from

the Forbidden Forrest. Run! Run! Her brain told her. And she wanted to, she really did. However, her body seemed to have no intention of doing so. dun. dun. dunnnnnnnnnnn. Review, you know the formula! =] Chapter Fifteen: Saving Secrets Adara awoke with a violent shiver. She blinked twice, or she thought she had, but the area around her remained dark. She rubbed her eyes and pushed herself off the ground and into a sitting position. When she reopened her eyes, they quickly

refocused allowing her to see in the dim light. A terrible shiver ran throughout her body and she tugged her jacket closer to her. Her mind was turning trying to recall how she had gotten to the Quidditch pitch? yeah how she had gotten there to begin with. Soon enough memories flooded back and she felt her heart sink again. She and Jayden had had a row about Sirius. She instinctively pulled her own coat even tighter over Sirius. She needed to get inside, now. She could feel that she was already going to pay for falling

asleep, crying, outside in the winter with form of one sickness or another. She needed to get warmed up. She could feel how her eyelashes were practically iced over. She slowly stood up and walked over towards the girls locker room. She squinted to see in the low light. She was just about to reach the door to the locker room when it suddenly got much brighter. Adara looked up to see the clouds move and the full moon shining brightly in the sky. Her heart skipped a beat. She had been sure to stay inside during the last full moon when she was in a row with Sirius, too

afraid to venture out to see what had hurt him and Potter in the beginning of the year. It was a one-time freak accident, she told herself. She really didnt think that she had anything to worry about, but something deep inside her told her (in a voice that sounded very familiar) to get inside and stay there. She quickly entered the locker rooms and when the warm air hit her relief spread through her body. Maybe shed stay here a bit and warm up before walking all the way up to the castle. She sat on one of the benches and let her mind wander. She wondered why no one had

come looking for her, shed been gone for what must have been at least six hours. Jayden probably told them what happened that that Adara would want to be alone. After another minute of thinking she decided that fate must really hate her. She had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend about one of her good friends on the one night of the month she did not want to be outside. She had then fallen asleep outside and because she hadnt slept at all the previous night due to the excitement of the match, she had slept for so long. And now, she was huddled in the

Quidditch locker rooms, with what was sure to be a terrible illness from the cold seeping into her on what was the freakiest night of the year. They say that karmas a bitch, but Adara hadnt really done anything to deserve this! Finally, she decided that it was now or never. She was fairly warm, she stood up and walked to the exit door. She would push it open and walk (her chest hurt to much to run) up to the castle as fast as she could. She took her wand out of her pocket. One, two three! She pushed open the door with all her strength and began to

speed walk up to the castle. She couldnt help but eye the Forbidden Forrest wearily. Lumos, she whispered. Light flooded the ground in front of her and she instantly felt better. She continued walking at a fast pace and was just passing Hagrids cabin when she saw something move out of her peripheral vision. She did the absolute worse thing she could have: she froze. She turned to see whatever it was head on and just froze with fear. Something was running up from the Forbidden Forrest. Run! Run! Her brain told her. And she wanted to, she really did.

However, her body seemed to have no intention of doing so. She watched as the thing approached her at an alarming rate. Her mind and body rejoined and she thought quickly about what to do, Castle or Quidditch? The Quidditch pitch was closer, she took off when the thing was only about a hundred feet away from her. She was almost there, almost there when she was overcome with a coughing fit. She didnt stop running but she could barely breathe. She heard it coming, it was going to get her before she got to safety. She

wished her mum were there, she would surely know something that would save her. And then she hit the ground face-first. She felt the nails of the paws that had jumped onto her back to stop her from running dig into her as the creature then leaped from her back. It was dark again. Her wand had flown from her hand as she fell. She rolled over and looked at the creature that had attacked her. She knew what it was immediately and mentally kicked herself for not recognizing it sooner. There was a werewolf at Hogwarts. There was a

werewolf at Hogwarts and it was standing right in front of her ready to attack her. The only thing Adara could think was that she hoped it would be quick. The werewolf stepped closer and closer, closing in on its prey. If Adara couldnt breathe before, it was nothing like the constriction of her lungs that she was feeling now. Her body must have thought that maybe shed pass out from oxygen deprivation before the werewolf could attack. Even that wouldnt be fast enough. Adara pulled her hands up to her face from the muddy ground

in a childish I cant see you so you dont exist way and braced herself. A low growl emitted from the werewolf. Then a loud, angry bark came. Adara pulled her hands away in surprise, thats not what werewolves Then she noticed that the werewolf was looking above her head at something that must be behind her. She turned, too, and could barely make out the shape of the large, black dog. She suddenly could breath again. Why, she didnt know. What was this dog going to do to save her from a bloody werewolf? If anything, now they were both going to die and that

shouldnt make Adara feel better. The dog continued to bark as it charged Adara. The sixteenyear-old knew enough to curl up into a ball on the cold, soggy ground right before the fighting started. The werewolf let out a howl as the dog bounded over Adara and caught the werewolf in the chest. Adara watched from her spot in horror as they fought. The dog would surely lose, it was fighting a deadly magical creature, for Merlins sake! However, this dog seemed to be practiced at taking on animals

larger and more dangerous than itself or something because it was actually doing quite well. Then the werewolf swiped at the dog with his clawed paw and the dog yelped, No! Adara cried before she could stop herself. She clamped her hand over her mouth and was scared stiff again. Had she had just brought attention back to herself? Luckily, the werewolf didnt seem to hear her; unluckily for her, the dog did. The black dog turned at her scream which gave the werewolf just enough time to really whack the dog. It flew a few feet the skipped to a

stop in the mud right beside Adara. Its eyes were closed. Adara felt tears coming to her eyes again. Not only was she going to die, but this dog had just tried to save her life and now it was dead, too. She had no chance, no hope. She laid her head on the dog's stomach and closed her eyes to await her death. The werewolf was growling now, a deep, low, rumbling growl. It was getting louder and louder and Adara knew it was because the monster was getting closer. Tears were freezing on her cheeks, but she didnt even think about that. All that she thought about was

how she would never see her mum again, how she hadnt told Christine thanks for being such a good friend, how she hadnt told Sirius how much he really meant to her The noise was hovering above her, now. She could tell that any moment the werewolf would rip out her throat. She hugged tighter to the muddy, bloody, dog. Then, suddenly, the noise was far away. And it wasnt a growl, it was a howl or yelp of pain. Adara shot up and saw a large stag sprinting forward then launching the werewolf from his

antlers. Her eyes widened. The werewolf shook off and glared at the stag. The stag raced forward to peg the werewolf again. And again without notice, Adara was on her back. She was being dragged by her wrist on the ground. She cried out in pain as the dogs teeth cut through her skin. She was fairly certain that it had reached the bone. The dog released her but barked urgently and ran towards the locker rooms and back. Adara sat there, babying her wrist, amazed. Then it clicked. She got up as quickly as she could and followed the dog all the way to the girls locker room she threw

open the door with her right, uninjured hand and let the dog in, too. She leaned against the door, closed her eyes, and shrank down into a sitting position against the wall. The warmth of the room was just starting to get to her and she knew that she was safe for now. She opened her eyes the dog was now where to be seen. She looked around in horror. No, she thought, hes real, I know he is real. The dog had saved her life, he was not an illusion though she was beginning to

wonder whether or not this was all just a bad dream. Then Sirius walked out of the shower area wearing a super large pair of Quidditch robes. Adara stared at him for a minute as she slowly stood up. Was he really here? Surely this was a dream nightmare, now. But put her injured hand against the wall and winced in tremendous pain, must be real. Her mind told her. She slowly walked over the Sirius, who was staring at her as if she might combust at any moment. By the time she had crossed the room, she was sure that Sirius was

really there. As she shrugged off her coat and wrapped her arms around his waist, she was absolutely positive that this was a dream. But she didnt really care. She apparently wasnt going to wake up anytime soon, so she might as well just enjoy the company of Sirius. She felt him, tentatively at first, wrap his arms around her. She felt herself begin to cry again. He slowly rubbed her back, Its okay, youre okay, he whispered. Adara could do nothing but just nod into his chest. She felt a cough coming on. She pulled

back a bit and coughed into her good hand, That doesnt sound too good, you need to sit, Sirius directed her towards a bench and sat her down. He knelt down beside her, Oh Merlin, I didnt mean to do that to your hand! he exclaimed. Adara followed her gaze and saw that her silver glove was now spotted at the wrist with blood. Honestly, she was too numb to feel it now. Animagus Adara stated. Her voice was hoarse and it cracked on the last syllable. Sirius looked back up into her eyes and nodded, I guess I didnt have to tell you after all.

Adara nodded. This was a dream, and that was why it was all making sense. Soon she would wake up from this dream and be where? In her bed on the day of the match? Or on the Quidditch pitch? Either way, she wouldnt be here. I really think that you need to get that glove off, Sirius said softly. Adara just looked at him and nodded. She held her injured hand out to him. He gently pushed up the sleeves of his sweater that she was wearing and Adara saw that it was

bleeding like mad. When his fingers touched her bare wrist, they were surprisingly warm. She was sure that her own fingers and toes were frostbit. Ahh, Adara moaned as Sirius peeled off her glove; it was severely painful. I thought nothing was supposed to hurt in dreams? Im so sorry, Adara, Sirius told her. He took her glove and walked into the washroom part of the lockers. She watched him go, feeling as if she would pass out from illness, pain, fear, etc. any second. But she also knew that she wouldnt. Because she

wanted to see where this was going. Sirius came back with a warm, wet washcloth, Adara practically yelled in pain as he set it on her wound but she didnt protest. Sirius sat down beside her on the bench, I cant believe that I got you into this, he muttered. You didnt, Adara tried to say. She hoped that he heard her. He must have, he smiled a sad smile, One way or another I did, he said, Id better go see if Prongs is alright, he stood up.

James? Adara croaked, some of her energy returning to her with the knowledge shes wanted for so long, Is he the Stag that saved out arses? Yeah, Sirius told her, But I probably need to go see if Whos the werewolf? Adara stood up and walked to Sirius, who was standing near the door. Sirius stared at her, I dont know, he attempted. You do so, and youd better tell me, Adara stated. The demand didnt sound near as intimidating as shed hope as for she could

barely talk, but it got the message to him. Look, what you know now is enough to get me and Prongs thrown into Azkaban for life. Thats okay with me, thats why I did this whole thing, to help the werewolf, Sirius told her sternly, But, whats not okay with me is if I do tell you who the werewolf is and that gets around school. Adara was amazed by his loyalty, he was willing to get carted off to the dementors in order so save someones name. That waslove? Who would he do that for? The first person would be Potter, but he was the

stag; he was making the same sacrifice. The only other person Adara could think of was Remus, she said. Sirius just stared at her. She could feel his gaze scrutinizing her, seeing if he could trust her. Finally he nodded, If you tell any Im not going to snitch, Sirius, Adara said, I thought even you would know that Im not that kind of person. It wasnt my place to judge. Adara looked down at her wrist. It was really beginning to sting

now, Am I dreaming? she asked hoarsely. Sirius looked at her incredulously then smiled the tiniest bit, If this is a normal dream for you, then you have major problems. Adara smiled, Its just that this whole day had been like a dream or nightmare, she continued. Sirius nodded, I know what you mean, he said, but I really need to go find Prongs. Adara looked at him with a pained expression, I think Ill stay here, she whispered.

Damn right you will! Sirius said loudly, a weird look crossing his face, Ill not have you going out there! You are, Adara pointed out. I always do, Sirius answered. Just, Adara struggled to find the words, come back, okay? Sirius looked at her then stepped forward and held her close to his warm body, Ill be back here before you know it. You go take a shower or whatever and Ill be right back, he vowed.

Adara nodded and pulled away from him. He turned the doorknob, Oh, and Sirius? he turned back to face her, will you please tell James that I forgive him? Sirius smiled at her, Of course. And thank you? she added. Will do, Sirius waved and was gone. Adara walked over to he bench and sat down. Now, she was nowhere near tired. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins. It was just beginning to sink in that shed come so close to

death that she could have kissed it. It was just beginning to sink in that Sirius and James were illegal animagi and Remus Lupin, the nice prefect, was a werewolf. So many thoughts overwhelmed her. She needed to do something to take her mind off of all these things and the fact that Sirius and James were still out there with a werewolf. She looked down at her injured wrist, it throbbed painfully under the now cold damp towel. She was covered head to toe in mud. She stood up and walked to the showers. She carefully stripped of her muddy clothes and turned

the knob so that it would start lukewarm. Anything hotter and it would burn her cold, numb skin. She stepped in and felt the mud drop out of her hair. She held her injured hand out of the water, knowing that getting it soaked was probably not a good idea. As she stood there with the water running over her, she couldnt help but think of what her friends had done that night without her. * That night, Adara dreamt that she woke up. She dreamt that she had woken up in her four poster bed to Christine singing the latest song on the radio. She

dreamt that she had laughed at her friend and playfully called her a love-sick school girl. Actually, Adara didnt know that she wasnt, in fact, awake until she and Jayden walked down for breakfast to find Sirius and James getting arrested by the Minister of Magic and Remus being hung in a cage from the center of the Great Hall. Finally, they locked that thing up, Dream Jayden had commented. What do you mean, hes really nice! Adara had told him.

Yeah, when he doesnt want to eat you, David had laughed. Adara, Adara! Sirius was calling her as he and James were being whisked out of the Great Hall. Sirius! Adara dropped Jaydens hand and ran to him. They stopped walking so that Adara could say goodbye. You said you wouldnt tell, Dara! Sirius pleaded with her. I didnt tell! Adara said, surprised that he would even think that he had.

Maybe I shouldnt have saved you, look what youve done to my best mates, James told her. No, no! Adara begged, I didnt tell! I didnt * She awoke with a start and breathing heavily. Are you okay? A deep voice asked from beside her. It was then that she was aware that she was resting her head on Sirius right arm while his left lay on her waist. She breathed in a deep breath, then proceeded to have a coughing fit. Sirius helped her and himself

to sit up, Are you okay? he repeated. Adara finished coughing and nodded, Im fine, she tried to say. However, what came out of her mouth sounded nothing like that. What? Im fine, Adara tried to say again. It sounded like a dying frogs last croak. Right, Sirius said. He moved a hand up and scratched his chin. Adara cleared her throat. It screamed in protest and she

winced, Im sick. She said. This time, thankfully, her words were distinguishable. I gathered, Sirius said, you were on the ground last night, hows your arm? Adara tried to repress last nights memories as she gingerly held out her arm. Sirius pushed back the sleeves to the now-clean sweater and they both gasped which led Adara to have another horrendous coughing fit. It was black and blue all over. From the bottom of her hand to about six inches up her arm was discolored. And where it wasnt

black or blue, it was red from either an angry cut or dried blood. Attractive. Sweet Honeydukes, thats horrible! Sirius whistled. Adara bit her bottom lip as the pain pulsed, You dont have rabies, do you? she asked Sirius trying to lighten the mood but her half-hearted tone killed it. Sirius shook his head, We need to get you to the hospital wing, you sound like you have pneumonia and your arm looks terrible, Sirius commented, Im so, so, so sorry about that, Dara.

Adara looked up at him and prepared for the pain of talking, You practically saved my life well, you and James, she told him, speaking of which, how is he? Sirius face looked mournful, Not so well, he got really scratched up. Kind of looks like I must have the last time. Adara gulped, but found it stung her throat so bad she squeezed her eyes shut. Dont worry, I told him what you said and he told me to tell you that hes sorry, Sirius

misinterpreted her facial expression. Adara nodded. But really, we are going to Poppy, now, Sirius said. Wait, Adara croaked, we need a story. They couldnt just walk up to the castle, Adara being practically carried by Sirius without a good story. She didnt want anything to look worse with Jayden than it already did. Good thinking, Sirius said, standing up and beginning to

pace, but as you now know why I was out here, I need to know why you were out here in the first place. He rounded on her looking like he was trying to hide his anger. Adara looked down at the ground she was sitting on, Adara? Sirius asked, softer, What happened? Well, he had shared his biggest secret with her, she could tell him this, After the game, Adara started, but she couldnt finish, it hurt too much. She looked at Sirius. Here, he waved his wand and paper, ink, and a quill appeared before Adara, write.

After the game, well, after I left you, Jayden was acting weird. I asked him what was wrong and he said something about David being right. I asked about what and he said She topped, the quill dangling over the paper. She couldnt. Not only was this false, it was also really embarrassing and it could endanger her and Sirius friendship. Well? Sirius edged her on. Adara sighed, she owed him this:

Stuff about how you see me as more than a friend, she wrote quickly, I told him that that was ridiculous but he argued with me. Said that I wasnt a guy so I didnt know what to look for and all this crap. Finally, I said something about how my stupidity must blind me and he basically agreed. So I walked away from him and to the Quidditch pitch. I sat down and I fell asleep. When I woke up and I walked into the locker room then out of the locker room where you know. She finished and looked up at Sirius, who just nodded. What was that supposed to mean?

Didnt he have a comment on what she had just written? That her boyfriend thought that he was in love with her? He just freaking nodded? Okay, so heres what happened, then, Sirius told her, you fell asleep on the pitch. I came back to the pitch to get my wand that I had left in my kit and found you on the pitch asleep. When I woke you up, you were didnt feel well and were really cold so I took you in here to heat up before we went up to the castle he seemed to draw a blank as his eyes fell on her arm.

Adara waved the quill at him, however, on the way back up to the castle, I tripped and fell, landing to close to the Whomping Willow. Thank Merlin all it got was my arm! But I passed out and you had to take me back here because I was freezing and hurt and sick. You think that they will buy that? Adara nodded, clutched her heart with her good hand before writing, my hero! Sirius smiled, Well, what can I say its just the way I am.

Adara smiled, too, Ready, then? Yeah, Sirius said and made to help Adara up. She stopped, Wait, wheres my wand? I dropped it when I was attacked. Sirius shook his head, We can look on the way up? he suggested. Adara looked at him in disbelief, Or you could accio it, oh-sobrilliant-one. Oh right, Sirius smiled sheepishly, Ill do it once we get out.

Adara nodded. Sirius waved his wand again and the writing utensils vanished, Can you walk? Adara scowled at him and nodded again. Okay, okay, Sirius laughed, no need for such harsh words! Adara allowed Sirius to pull her up by her good arm, but as she went to take a step, she wobbled and nearly fell. Guess not, Sirius commented as he caught her, let me help.

Adara sighed and let him. He slipped his arm under hers and around the top of her back and she rested her good one over the top of his shoulder. They took a few testing steps. He steadied her, making it easier for her to walk even though she was dizzy. As they made their way up, Sirius acciod Adaras wand and it flew to his hand. Adara was grateful that it was still in one piece. What seemed like forever later, they made it to the entrance doors. Adaras teeth were shaking in the cold and her head had begun to pound. Mix all of that with continuous coughing fits, a burning throat,

not being able to talk, dizziness, and her arm and she was just the picture of death. They slowly made their way to the hospital wing, only passing a few Hufflepuffs and a couple Gryffindors in the early hour of the morning. Finally, Sirius pushed open the door to the hospital wing and called, Poppy! He helped Adara to the bed beside the one that had its curtains drawn. Adara guessed that it was James. Thanks, she managed to choke out, Sirius smiled at her then ripped the curtains away from his mates bed.

Pads? James asked with his eyes still closed. Yup, and Adara, he told him and sat on the bottom on Adaras bed. James opened his eyes and looked over to Adara who had collapsed onto the bed, You alright? he asked her. Adara rolled onto her side to face her savior, she nodded, Thanks to you, she said. Im sorry about those horrid things I said, James said. Adara could feel the sincerity in his

voice, I dont know what I was thinking. You apparently are a very good friend to Sirius. I misjudged. He looked at Adara in a way that made her understand all the things that James could not say in front of Sirius. Things like I know that you wouldnt hurt him on purpose and, most importantly, I accept that you two are friends. At least, thats what Adara took the look to mean. Adara nodded again, Thanks James, she croaked trying to ignore the pain in her throat, I forgive you completely.

Oi, you! Sirius said to Adara suddenly, stop talking. Adara held up one finger to symbolize she needed to say one more thing to James and Sirius grudgingly nodded, Adara turned to James, Are you okay? James looked at her with a look that clearly said are you insane? Of course, Im fine. Just a few scratches. You, however, sound like you are in immense pain. Adara smiled and nodded a bit.

Thats not the worse of it either, mate, Sirius said, I had to bite her after you saved our arses and its bad, he said sadly. James looked at Adara who, glaring at Sirius for blaming himself, held up her arm. Holy Hippogriff! James exclaimed, he looked at Sirius, What dyou have against left arms? Sirius looked pained. Snot his fault, Adara managed. Didnt I tell you not to talk? Sirius directed his attention back to her, you are going to lose your voice forever, he looked around, this is ridiculous, he

announced as he got off Adaras bed, Im going to get Poppy. James and Adara watched as Sirius angrily walked towards the nurses office. Adara rolled onto her back. She wanted to be healed, because frankly, this sucked. You look rough, James commented, wait, dont talk, Siriusll kill me. Adara rolled her head to the side to look at him. He didnt look to good, either. His face alone was covered in scratches and one big patch on his

forehead. The arm that Adara could see had a deep cut on it with some green liquid smeared all over it. Adara raised her eyebrows at him to communicate her message. Oh, come on, I cant look worse than you, James laughed. Adara shrugged and nodded. Come on! James and Adara turned to see Sirius pulling the nurse out of her office by her arm. When she set her eyes on her new patient, she scowled, What is wrong with you? she asked.

Adara rolled her eyes and looked to Sirius, Its not her fault, its actually Hogwarts that seems to hate her. She fell asleep on the pitch last night, so shes sick, then when I was trying to get her up here last night, she tripped to close to the Whomping Willow which whomped her arm and knocked her out. Thats why we are just now getting here. Sirius explained. Adara just nodded. Why cant she tell me this? the irritated nurse asked. Sirius must have just woken her up.

Because Ive told her not to talk, it hurts her to talk and she can barely even do it, Sirius said. Very well, she says, I see you have also awaken Mr. Potter, she added bitterly. Nah, I was already up, James smiles. Lucky you, Adara thought she heard the nurse mutter, Let me see your arm, she demanded. Adara held out her arm. The nurse pulled up the sleeve, Good Godric!

Adara scowled. Yes, it was bad; hell yes, it hurt, now could someone please do something to fix it? The Whomping Willow did this to you? Looks more like bit OUCH! Adara screamed, painfully, and pulled her arm away before the nurse could examine the cut too carefully. Her throat now felt as if someone was shoving the bad end of a blast-ended skrewt down it, but the nurse couldnt see the bite marks. And the nurse now knew how bad Adaras voice sounded.

Oh, Im so sorry! the nurse exclaimed, Ill go and get the pain potion now, just wait here. She scampered away. Adara looked at Sirius, who was slowly becoming less and less pale, Good one, he said. Nice thinking, James muttered. Adara could tell that he wasnt too happy that she knew their secret. Adara smiled weakly and massaged her throat with her good hand. Soon, the nurse was back with a plethora of potions. Finally, the

only one to be taken was the Sleeping Draught, Go ahead, Sirius told her, Ill make sure she heals everything right. Adara smiled and nodded. But she wasnt worried about that. She was worried what her Ravenclaw friends would do once they found out that she was in the hospital wing. As if he read her mind, Sirius rolled his eyes, I can handle your little nerd friends, he teased, even Booty. Adara stuck her tongue out playfully, but was really grateful. She gave him a smile to tell him so before draining the potion;

she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

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that kind of love between her and Jayden. Maybe she wasnt able to see it because she was a part of it. She couldnt wait to watch Christine with Cole, or James with Lily. She wanted to see what Sirius was talking about. She was drifting off to sleep, warm and happy and curious, and just before she was completely out it hit her. Sirius hadnt known that James was going to come that night. They hadnt planned out the full moon as they had the other time Adara had witnessed it. Sirius thought that he was going to be alone when he attacked the werewolf (she refused to think of

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You dont have to stay here, Adara heard as she was coming back to consciousness.

Finally got something right, Booty, came the retort, but Im still not leaving. Adara now knew who the two people waiting by her bed were and she was seriously considering staying unconscious. Unfortunately, she was a bit hungry and hoped that Madam Pomfrey might have something for her to eat preferably something like soup as she still wasnt feeling too well. She turned her head to the right in compliance with her anger at her boyfriend and opened her eyes, Sirius? she croaked.

She heard a thud and suddenly her left hand was much warmer. Sirius had knelt by her bed and was looking relieved, Adara! he whispered, how do you feel? Adara smiled at him. She had to give him this, he sure had nerve to be holding (and rubbing with his thumb) her hand in front of Jayden. Addie? came Jaydens plea from her other side, she knew she was being stubborn and mean but she didnt care. A bit better, she told Sirius, as she laced her fingers through his.

If he was surprised by her action, he didnt show it. He just nodded and gave her hand a squeeze, Good, he said caringly, Poppy left you some soup, are you hungry? Adara nodded, she thought about what Jaydens face must look like. He was probably really angry. Well, they were in a fight, and damn it, she was angry, too. Well, you probably need to sit up, Sirius told her. She nodded again, and moved her hands to push herself up, OW! she cried. Her left hand

had given a particularly nasty shot of pain that echoed all the way to her back. Addie! Adara! Adara didnt turn to Jayden, she looked at Sirius helplessly, My arm, she whimpered. Yeah, she said that would take a while, sorry, he looked really depressed. Stop, she told him. She didnt need to hear his apologies. She wasnt mad at him, can you

help me sit up? she asked, feeling stupid. Sirius smiled, Sure. Adara lifted up as much as she could and Sirius gently put his hands under her arms and helped her into the sitting position. Her head spun dizzily, then slowly she could see straight. She thought she heard a noise coming from Jayden and hid a smug smile. Serves him right. Sirius lowered hot, chicken noodle soup into her lap. She smiled thanks at him then blew on the soup to cool it off.

Look, Adara, Sirius began, I have to go. Adara looked up at him in alarm, No, why? he was going to dessert her! Leave her there to awkwardly talk to Jayden? He wouldnt. Yeah, I told James that Id be there for him and Remus as soon as you woke up, he told her, James got out this morning. Adara understood. She wondered if Remus knew that he had almost killed her how long ago? How long had she been out? She wondered if they were mad that she now knew their

secret. She wondered if they knew she would take it to the grave. Okay, she gave in. He was really nice to have stayed there with her that long. He knelt back down to her level. Talk to him, hes about to burst a brain vessel, he whispered. Adara scowled at him, I hate you, she muttered. Dont lie, love, he grinned at her, Ill be back later. Die, she added, jokingly.

Eat your soup, Sirius pointed at it and stood up. Boot, he nodded at him. Adara closed her eyes, then opened them and used her right hand to eat her soup. It burned on the way down her throat but her stomach was very appreciative. When she swallowed she decided that she needed to at least acknowledge him, How long have I been out? she asked. Her voice was stronger now that she had eaten a bit.

Its Sunday night, he answered. About twelve hours? She nodded and took another bite, Christine has been worried sick. Cole just came and got her to go eat ten minutes ago. Hm. They sat in an awkward silence for a while. Adara took a few more bites of soup. I almost lost you, Jayden said quietly. Adara sighed. She finally looked at him, he didnt look too good. He looked like he had definitely

been there all day, though, he didnt pull of the look like Sirius did. His whole composure was made up of remorse. Adara felt guilty for being so mean. Depending on what you are referring to, she said. Her injuries werent that serious, though he had almost lost her with that fight. The nurse said you looked dead when you arrived, Jayden told her. That wasnt bad. Addie, Jayden started. Adara looked down and took another bite of soup, Im really sorry.

Adara didnt reply. What was she supposed to say? Hed insulted her. Hed told her that she couldnt see that Sirius thoughts of her were more than friendly, which was perfectly insane. He just cared for her like she cared for him. Friends, good friends. David just got to me, Addie, he begged her, I was just peeved, and then after game, you and him. That was enough to push her over the edge, Damn it, Jayden, we are friends! He

saved my life, you know that? Id be dead if it werent for him! Id be dead and the last thing that youd have said to be was mean and insulting, tears were pooling in her eyes, he saved me and brought me here. She looked at him and he looked extremely pained. Jayden stared at her in shock, I hadnt realized. You hadnt realized what? Adara spat. How much I owe him, Jayden whispered. Adaras anger ebbed away. Jayden took her soup from her lap and put it on

the bedside table then sat on the side of her bed and took her face in his hands, I love you, Adara Hayden Moore. I love you and Im so sorry that I doubted you. Adara closed her eyes. Had she really thought that she was going to break up with him? Could she have really broken up with him? After three years. She nodded into his hands. Can you forgive me? he asked her. She nodded again, Yes.

I love you. Adara sighed, Love you, too, she said. Deep inside her, something felt odd, but she didnt want to think about it. She just wanted to put all of this behind her; she wanted to talk to Sirius. * Adara woke up late that night and saw a large black dog curled up at the foot of her bed. Very funny, Padfoot, she said and kicked him lightly with her foot. The dog looked up and yawned. It jumped off of her

bed, disappeared behind the curtains and about a minute later came through as Sirius. Its so great that I dont have to hide this from you anymore, Sirius told her, it was getting downright impossible. Adara laughed, Why were you a dog? she asked him. Its warmer than being a human in this hospital wing, he shrugged. Adara took her good arm out from the covers. It was freezing. Well, cant have you cold, she said and scooted over in the cot

to make room for Sirius. He looked apprehensive, but Adara smiled at him and he climbed in and pulled the covers up. He put an arm around Adaras head, which she lifted then snuggled up and rested on his torso. It was the only comfortable way. And it was a whole lot warmer. So, howd it go with Booty? You mean after you deserted me? Adara said. Yeah, Sirius laughed. It was okay, he apologized, Adara told him.

Yeah, I figured. What? Adara asked. Well after he left you, he found me and thanked me. Adara moved her head to look up at him, Really? Yup. Whatd he say? Basically thanks for carrying you to the hospital wing. I told him it was my pleasure then he left. Oh.

They laid there in silence, So you two made up, then? Adara was hesitant in answering, Yeah. She felt Sirius nod, Convinced him that Im not in love with you? Adaras breath caught, but she managed to nod, I guess I did. She felt him nod again. Hows James and Remus? she asked after a while.

James is fine, Remus feels horrible, Sirius said sadly, poor bloke blames himself even though he has no control. So he doesnt even keep his mind? Adara asked. You think that he would attack you, Prongs, and I if he did? Howd he figure out then? Wormtail was being a right git and told him. Wormtail? Adara hadnt heard that one. Oh, thats Peter, hes a rat.

Nice? Sirius shrugged, Its convenient. Is Remus going to be okay? Yeah, I think so. Hes on the edge, though. He really hates himself sometimes. Thats ridiculous. So it doesnt bother you? Sirius asked, sounding a bit surprised. Adara thought about it, I mean, its scary. And from what Ive seen of him, hes a really

nice guy. I just know that some werewolves choose to be mean and stuff, but Remus isnt like that, is he? Hes probably one of the most decent people I know, Sirius vowed. Then I wont let it bother me. I trust you and I know enough about werewolves to know that hes safe to be around except on a full moon, so why should I treat him any differently? Dara, thats one of the best things youve ever said to me.

Adara laughed, then had an idea, Can you tell him to come visit me? she asked. Really? Sirius gasped. Adara nodded, I want to tell him that for myself. I dont want him to think that I hate him. Adara Moore, sometimes I just want to kiss you, Sirius sighed. Adara was glad that he couldnt see her blush. She was sure that it was just because she accepted his werewolf friend, so she didnt know why she was reacting like this.

So youll tell him? she managed. As soon as I see him, he promised. Adara lay there, on Sirius chest, letting the rise and fall of his breathing soothe her, and thought about how much she had learned this year. Not just academically, but just everything. It was like she was living in a dream, this was too insane to be real. Lily stopped by before you woke up, Sirius said, I didnt know if Boot told you.

He didnt. Probably because he was to busy glaring at me, Sirius laughed. Whatd you tell her? Same thing I told Boot. She told me to tell you to get well soon, then your crazy friend kicked her out. Christine? Adara guessed. That one that was all pissy about walking to Charms with you? Thats her.

Then yeah, shes very exertive. Adara laughed, I know. Shes really in love with that boy, though. Cole? Big seventh year? Yeah. Yeah, shes crazy about him. How can you tell? Adara asked.

She felt Sirius shrug, Sometimes its just obvious. The way that they look at each other, how when he came, she seemed to just calm down and melt into his arms. You can see it in the way that people react to each other. And in their eyes; everything can be seen in a persons eyes, especially love. Adara was dumbstruck. That was really deep. Sirius seemed to know that he was talking about, H-how do you know this stuff? He shrugged again, Watching. Especially James. Hes so in love with Lily. I think that she really likes him, deep down, too. She

just hasnt realized it yet. But, Adara, you dont know how much James loves her. Hed lay down his life for her, I swear to Merlin. Watch him, watch your friends, he moved his shoulder slightly as in indication, Ill bet you can see it too. Adara wanted to ask him if hed ever felt like that for someone. If there was any person, besides the obvious the Marauders, his family that he would die for. She wanted to know if he saw that kind of love between her and Jayden. Maybe she wasnt able to see it because she was a part of it. She couldnt wait to watch Christine with Cole, or

James with Lily. She wanted to see what Sirius was talking about. She was drifting off to sleep, warm and happy and curious, and just before she was completely out it hit her. Sirius hadnt known that James was going to come that night. They hadnt planned out the full moon as they had the other time Adara had witnessed it. Sirius thought that he was going to be alone when he attacked the werewolf (she refused to think of it was Remus). He was ready to die for her. But maybe that also went with friendship, too.

Hogwarts, A History? What kind of person would want to read about that junk? a Slytherin with white-blonde hair sneered after snatching her book. Twelve year old Adara was small for her age, and didnt stand a chance against four Slytherins. Even if the other white haired one was a first year. She looked at her feet and wished that she hadnt stayed after class to talk to Professor Slughorn while her friends went to lunch. What, are you mute? Cant you talk? I thought you lot of Ravenclaws were supposed to

be smart? said a tall blackhaired girl. Adara thought that she was a third year. She didnt say anything. Whats your name, brat? called the first one. I think shes hard of hearing, maybe we should clean out her ears for her? suggested the tallest. Good idea Lestrange, I think I know just the spell Adara gulped. She had her hand around her wand in her pocket, but she had only read about he protective spell

A door slammed from behind her and a boys voice rang through the hall, What do you lot think youre doing? Adara saw the Slytherins eyes glance up at the addition to their little party. Oh, look, Bellatrix, its your dear cousin, smiled the white-haired boy. He seemed to be the leader. Hes not relation to me, spat the dark-haired girl. Adara was grateful for the interruption, but dared not look at her savior.

Yup, the newcomer announced, its me. Now, are you going to quit torturing this poor girl or am I going to have to call for backup? The voice was getting closer. How would you get backup? Were in the deserted dungeons, laughed the tall one. Peeves? the boy called. He was now standing right beside Adara, she looked up and saw that he looked very much like the dark-haired girl that was supposedly his cousin. Only he had a nicer air about him, and his eyes were a piercing grey, not black.

Someone call little ol me? came a crackling voice. Adara watched the Slytherins narrow their eyes. And what is he going to do? the girl snickered. Peeves, the boy said, these four Slytherins here just said that they think you are as harmless as a flobberworm. Oi! the poltergeist shouted indignantly, Ill show you! came the cry. And Adara found herself on the ground with the boys arm on her back. She

heard the clanks of what must have been armor landing all around her. She lifted her head and watched as the Slytherins screamed, covered their heads, and ran away from the pieces of knight that were being thrown at them. The shouts grew fainter and fainter until Adara could no longer see nor hear the Slytherins. The boy sat up and she followed suit, Thanks. She told him, somewhat embarrassed that she had to be saved in the first place. My pleasure, the boy smiled. He helped Adara up, handed

her her books and then went about his way. Adara watched him disappear before she even realized that she didnt know his name. OH GOODNESS! was the shout that sent both Adara and Sirius shooting up in to the sitting position. It also, because of the small cot, sent both of them falling onto the very hard concrete floor Adara landing on her injured arm and Sirius smacking his head on the bedside table. What the hell, Adara heard him mutter. She glanced at him

under the bed as tears of pain clouded her eyes. She used her good arm to sit up. Madam Pomfrey had pulled back the curtains and now had her hands clamped over her mouth in surprise. Sirius had sat up and he and Adara exchanged glances. Morning Poppy, Sirius tried. What do you two think you are doing? the nurse shrieked. Adara was eternally grateful that she was the only one in the hospital wing. We just fell asleep after

AFTER! she yelled, interrupting Adara. after we were talking! Adara yelled back at her. Students in the same cot, the nurse muttered, that is not acceptable! Poppy, nothing happened, we were just talking! Sirius stood up and insisted. He walked over and helped Adara to stand up. Yeah, were just friends, Adara told her as she sat down on her cot. Her arm was pounding.

I should say not! the nurse said sternly, friends with benefits, maybe. Adara blushed, I have a boyfriend, Sirius is just my friend! We were talking and fell asleep! Would I lie to you, Poppy? Sirius said in his more convincing tone. The nurse looked from Sirius to Adara, thinking, I guess not. But this shall not happen ever again, do you two understand! Visiting hour rules were certainly violated, she told them. Sorry, they both muttered.

Fine, the nurse looked at Sirius, now you, out. But OUT! See you later? Sirius looked to Adara. Get to class, Mr. Black, the nurse told him sternly. Adara nodded. And he nodded to the nurse then walked out of the hospital wing. She immediately set to examining Adaras arm and changing the bandages muttering at high

speed the entire time. Adara, however, was thinking about the dream she had had. Could that boy have been Sirius? * At dinner time, Adara was finally released from the hospital wing. She had lied left and right about her arm no longer hurting and finally, along with the pleas of Christine, the nurse had given in and discharged her. As the friends walked to dinner, Christine asked, Why did she seem so mad at you?

She doesnt like me very much, Adara answered with a smile, Dunno why, though. Weird lady, I swear. She kept David a day extra for no reason. Ironic how he got out the same day you got hurt, she mused. Thank Merlin, Adara thought. She still needed to give David a good kick up the arse. She grunted in response. Oh, yeah, Christine realized, you two arent getting along. Adara snorted, You know that hes the reason Jay and I fought, dont you?

Christine stopped walking and turned to her, No. she said. Adara nodded, Yes. Almost broke us up, he did. Whatd he do? Christine asked. Told Jayden that Sirius was in love with me, Adara said through gritted teeth. Maybe a kick wouldnt be good enough. Maybe shed ask Sirius for that blister powder stuff. Oh, Christine started walking again.

What do you mean oh, Adara asked her. Just oh, she replied, that was not a commentative oh. Was too, Adara argued, I know a commentative oh when I hear one. Apparently not, her friend teased. Adara decided to let it drop. Let her think whatever she wants. They reached the Great Hall and made their way over to the Gryffindor table, Whore you looking for? Christine asked.

No one, Adara said quickly and pulled her gaze from the Gryffindor table. Oh, Christine said. Adara hit her on the shoulder with her good arm. They laughed. Addie! Jayden called, she let you out! Adara walked over and squeezed herself carefully between her boyfriend and a fifth year. He kissed her on the cheek, Howd you manage that? A couple of well-aimed charms, Adara laughed.

Nice, Cole commented as Christine sat down beside him across the table from Adara. He turned to look at her and his eyes lit up. He kissed her full on the mouth. The fifth year beside Adara groaned and got up with his friend muttering something about how hed just lost his dinner. Adara saw it. She knew what Sirius was talking about by watching Christine and Cole. The way that they always snuck glances at each other when they thought that no one was watching; the way that it was completely obvious they were

holding hands under the table; the way that because Christines favorite rolls were on the other side of the table, she didnt get any because it would mean being away from Cole for a second more than necessary. Im going to go get a roll, Adara announced. Would you mind getting me one? Christine asked, just as Adara knew she would. Sure, Adara told her friend. She got up and walked down to the side of the table nearest the teachers table.

Hey, you! A voice called from a table over. Adara saw Sirius waving at her from about five feet away. She glanced over at her shoulder and saw that Jayden was chatting happily with his neighbors then walked over to him. She allowed him to pull him down onto the bench next to him, Nazi let you out early? he asked. Yeah, had to twist her arm first, though, Adara told him. I figured, he answered. How much did I miss today? Adara asked him.

He shrugged, Not anything that you wont catch onto immediately, he answered, but Remus was going to come and see you tomorrow after classes, I thought youd be there until at least Wednesday after this morning. He smiled, Roll? he offered. Sure, she took on and bit into it, has he already eaten? Yeah, he came early. Hes not in much of a mood for company, Sirius said grimly. Adara sighed, When can I talk to him?

Sirius thought for a moment while Adara took another bite of her roll, how about tomorrow before breakfast? he suggested. Okay, where? Well meet you at the bottom of the stairs in the Ravenclaw tower at around 6:30? Great, Ill make sure that Im alone, too. Good thinking. Ive been known for that, Adara joked.

Sirius chuckled and took another bite of his potatoes, So what brought you down here, anyway? What? Well, you were sitting with Boot then you walked down here. Oh, right, Adara remembered, I had to get something. I thought you just wanted to see me, Sirius said in a mockhurt voice. Nah, I had to get er What had she been getting?

Sirius looked at her quizzically. Adara took another bite of her roll, Oh, yeah! I had to get the rolls for Christine. They are her favorite but she didnt want to get them because- - then shes have to leave Cole? Yeah, Adara smiled. Well, you better be on your way before they think you got lost, Sirius suggested. Ill find my way back eventually, Adara told him, hand me another roll.

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The next morning, Adara woke up and the first thing she noticed was that her arm was still hurting. She rolled over groggily and opened her eyes trying to remember what day it was. Staring at the top of her canopy she remembered that yesterday she had been released from the hospital wing. She had gone to dinner with Christine, sat with Jay, then gone to see Sirius. Sirius had told her that oh, yeah! She remembered that she was meeting Remus today. She opened her curtain a crack with

her good hand to see what time it was: 6:03. Good, She thought. She had time to take a shower before she met him at six thirty. She spilled out of her bed, grabbed a towel and went to take a shower. ON her trip to the bathroom she noticed that there was a heavy overcast maybe soon theyd get another snow storm. When she got in the bathroom and closed the door, she unwrapped her bandage carefully. It hurt when she got down to the last layer as it pulled away some of the healing skin. Finally she got it off and looked down at it, it still black and blue, but all of the skin

around the puncture wounds were a very angry red. It stung as the air hit it. She knew that showering was going to be painful. She managed to shower and get dressed, and as she was wrapping her hand again with the bandages that the nurse had given her, Christine rolled over and opened her curtain, Whatre you doin she said groggily. Er, Adara taped her bandage and looked at her friend, I have to go meet with teachers about what I missed yesterday, she invented.

Oh, she let the curtain fall again and Adara breathed a sigh of relief. She spell-dried her hair but didnt bother doing anything else to it. Her brown hair hung to nearly her waist somewhat tangled. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked tired and plain. Her blue eyes shone out of her somewhat thin face. She had skin that wasnt pale, but it wasnt dark, either, but a permanent compromise. She applied a bit of eyeliner and mascara to make her eyes stand out more and decided that she was satisfied enough.

Taking one last look around the dorm to make sure that everyone was still asleep, she walked out and shut the door quietly behind her. She walked quickly through the common room and down the stairs. Shes coming. Six-thirty, she said, its presently six twentynine, she heard Sirius saying. Padfoot, this is ridiculous, I dont think that shes going to want to talk to me after I nearly killed her! Yes, I do, She said as she walked up behind Remus.

He jumped and turned on the spot, Oh, h-hey, he stuttered. Lets go over here, Adara said. She grabbed Remus wrist and dragged him over to the spot where Sirius had dropped her off Saturday morning while Sirius followed. Once there she dropped his wrist and turned to face him, Hi, she said. Remus looked at the floor, You dont have to do this, he muttered. Adara rolled her eyes and looked at Sirius who just shrugged, I know, but I want to, Adara told him, I want you

to know that Im not mad at you. Remus looked up in disbelief, I almost killed you and you arent mad at me? Adara shook her head, First of all, its not like you were in your right mind when you tried to kill me, and second of all, Sirius tries to kill me on a daily basis yet I still like him, she said pointing at him. I do not try to kill you on a daily basis! Sirius cried indignantly. Adara turned to him, pointed to her wrist, her eye, then her back.

Sirius scowled. The prosecution rests, Adara told him as he crossed his arms. She turned back to Remus. Adara, Im a werewolf, Remus told her. Really? Adara asked sarcastically. Remus just stared at her, As in I turn into a killing machine once a month. I know what being a werewolf entails, Remus, Adara told him.

Then why arent you running away from me and yelling warnings to everyone else? Adara sighed, Do you want to kill me right now? Remus looked at her in shock, What? Do you? She pressed. Of course not! Then why the hell should I be running away from you? Because I am a werewolf!

And Im a libro, whats you point? Adara put her good hand on her hip. You dont understand! Remus threw his hands in the air. No, Remus, Adara said, I do understand that that is what you cant grasp. Remus studied Adara. Adara just looked into his chocolate brown eyes trying to silently convey the message he obviously wasnt getting: that she was not scared; that she was not going to treat him weird because he was a werewolf.

Finally, he sighed, I guess I just cant believe it, he said. Believe it, Adara told him. Remus looked at her then smiled and turned to Sirius, I guess you were right. He nodded. Now, everyone happy again? Adara asked Remus, ignoring his comment. Thanks, Adara, Remus said. Adara smiled then walked up and hugged him, See, you

arent that scary, she said and felt him laugh. They pulled apart and Remus looked like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders, Well, Im going down to lunch, he announced care to join me? Well be down in a minute, Sirius said. Okay, Remus said and headed off. When he was out of sight Sirius smiled at her then ran up, hugged her, and spun her around. Adara wrapped her

arms around his neck and screamed at first in surprise then burst into laughter. You are my hero, he told her as he stopped. Its not a big deal, Adara smiled at him. No, it really is, Sirius said. They hadnt moved, his worse fear is that people will hate him because of what he is. He hates himself sometimes. Adara shook her head, Thats ridiculous. To us, yeah, but he knows about others like him, Sirius explained.

Adara nodded, she knew that unlike Remus, some werewolves werent nice and respectable outside of their forms, Dyou think he believes me? Adara asked. Sirius smiled down at her still in his arms, I do. Good, she said and hugged him again. They pulled apart and just took a moment to look at each other. Adara allowed herself to get lost in his complex grey eyes for a second, but then realized he was speaking, You look nice today,

he said putting a stand of hair behind her ear. Adara blushed, for having almost been killed a few days ago, he quickly added. Adara smiled up at him, Thanks. He nodded at her then grinned, Hungry? he asked. Yes, she pulled away from him. Lets go eat! Sirius said. He held out his arm and Adara smiled and slipped hers through it.

They walked down to the Great Hall, not meeting anyone one their way down. Though it was a Tuesday morning, most students at Hogwarts liked to sleep until it was absolutely necessary to get up and get ready. Ugh, theres no one to sit with, Adara groaned looking over at the Ravenclaw table. A few students were scattered across the table, but none that Adara could sit with without awkwardness. Why dont you come sit with Moony and me? Sirius suggested.

Wont that be weird? You sat with us yesterday, he pointed out. Yeah, but everyone was here, it wasnt as obvious, Adara said. If anyone looks at you weird, Ill pull another David Russo on them, Sirius vowed. Adara laughed, Okay. They walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat by Remus and Peter, Youre up early, Sirius commented.

Peter looked up from his food, Yeah. Why, have another nightmare? Sirius teased as he loaded his plate with food. No, Peter shot back, Prongs was having a dream about his future wife he air quoted. Remus and Sirius burst into laughter and Adara felt that she was missing something. Sirius pushed the overflowing plate of food towards her and said, Prongs talks in his sleep about Lily. Really? Adara asked.

Oh, yeah, Remus told her, hes in bloody love with her. Adara snorted, Thats unfortunate, she said referring to the fact that Lily had just began to talk to James and the three boys nodded, wait, why did you give me your plate? she asked Sirius. Oh, thats yours, he told her, this is mine, he gestured towards a new plate in front of him as he began to pile food onto that one.

You expect me to eat all of this? What do I look like, a giant? she asked. Oh, please, Sirius said, thats not much at all. Adara gaped at him then looked at Remus and Peters plates. They had about twice what she had on hers, and she had way too much on her own plate. Its a damn miracle that you dont all weigh as much as the giant squid! she gasped. They laughed, Were growing boys, we need food.

Adara just shook her head and began to eat her meal. Adara ate somewhat quickly, as she did need to go see her teachers before class. When she had eaten about a third of what was piled onto her plate, she told Sirius, Remus, and Peter that she had to go and walked back up to the common room to get her bag before meeting with her teachers. * Adara! Lily squealed as she ran up to her and hugged her.

Adara laughed and hugged her friend back, are you okay? she asked. Im fine, Adara told her, but we wont be if we dont get to potions. Lily laughed, Slughorn loves me, I think that we will be okay, she said as they started to descend the stairs. Adara had seen all of the teachers that she needed to see and had just left McGonagalls office in order to make it to potions, her first class, on time. She hadnt seen any of her Ravenclaw friends yet, but after

Potions she had a free period with Christine. Lily and Adara chatted animatedly as they made their way to the classroom but once they walked in, Adara knew something was wrong. Someone was in her seat. That blonde, curly haired, ditzy Hufflepuff had stolen her seat next to Sirius. Adara narrowed her eyes at the back of her head. Then she shifted her glance to Sirius. Surely he was as peeved as she was about this whole situation. However, Adaras eyes widened in shock as she saw that Sirius was laughing with the girl.

Lets just sit back here, Lily whispered to Adara, who nodded. They sat in the seats behind Sirius and the Hufflepuff. What is he doing? Adara thought angrily. She cleared her throat and Sirius looked back at her and did one of the worst things possible, he shrugged. He just shrugged and turned back to talk to Ditzy. Whats her name? Adara whispered to Lily as Slughorn began the lesson. Who? The girl by Sirius.

Oh, thats Courtney Thompson, Lily said as she began to get out the ingredients that she would need for the potion. Courtney Thompson. The name didnt sound right. It sounded like it belonged to to some ditzy blonde girl that didnt have an ounce of brains. Adara? Lily nudged her. What? Adara was brought out of her thoughts.

We have to make a Thornroot Potion with our partner, she said. Oh, right, sorry, Adara muttered as she brought out her own supplies. Lily just smiled at her. Adara didnt like the look she was getting but that wasnt her main concern right now. A few minutes later, Lily and Adara had the base of their potion made and Lily was stirring while Adara was chopping the thornroots.

I cant get it! came a shrill whine from in front of her. Adara looked up slightly and saw Courtney looking at Sirius with a helpless look on her face. She narrowed her eyes. Oh, come on, its easy, Sirius told her. Courtney made a defeated gesture with her hands, Maybe for you, youre so much stronger than me! Adara snorted silently to herself at the pitiful attempt at flattery. Then she pursed her lips when Sirius spoke.

Look, you just have to get the right angle, he said. Adara watched as he put his hand over hers that was holding the knife and assisted her in cutting the rest of the root. She then looked down at her own root, Ahhh, help me, she muttered in a high pitched voice, Im to weak she cut the thornroot with force, and stupid to cut it on my own, she cut a slice with each word her knife slamming the cutting board with a satisfying thunk each time, maybe you could help me with your Adara! Lilys harsh whisper made Adara jump and her jump

made her knife slipped and she cut her bandage on her other hand. Merlin! she gasped. She was suddenly grateful that she had the bandage on. If she didnt shed currently be missing her left hand, what? she said curtly to Lily who shrunk back in response. Sorry, Lily said, I was just going to tell you that you were slicing through your cutting board but by all means continue. Adara blushed. She hadnt meant to snap at Lily, Oh, thanks, she said, Im sorry.

Whats wrong? Lily asked. Er Adaras eyes flashed to Sirius who was now holding back Courtneys hair while she reached into the potion in order to take out the stone at the bottom of the cauldron. Ever heard of a hair tie? She thought viciously. I just didnt get much sleep last night, she told Lily. That must be it. She was irritable because she didnt sleep enough. Uh-huh, Lily nodded somewhat sarcastically. But Adara didnt notice.

The rest of the class was awful, too. Adara almost added the powdered snake tail at the wrong point four different times, which, if Lily hadnt stopped her, would have made the potion explode. She couldnt concentrate and dropped the first two vials on the trip up to Slughorns desk. As she and Lily were packing up, Adara apologized, Lily Im so sorry, she said, I dont know why, but I couldnt concentrate. Ill go to bed early tonight. Its okay, Lily said as she swung her bag over her shoulder, well, see you in defense! she said

and left with Gracie, her Gryffindor friend. Adara sighed, what was wrong with her? Ill wait out by the lake, okay? she heard an annoying voice say. She finished packing and stood up with her bag, Ready? a voice came and scared her. She jumped and looked back. Oh. Him. For what? Sirius looked at her weird, To go

Oh, Adara asked, you mean you arent going to help Courtney find her common room? She probably need help opening the door and you are just so strong. Sirius furrowed his brows, What? he asked. Adara scoffed, Oh, please. She turned away from him and walked out of the classroom. Whats your problem? Sirius asked. Not in a mean tone, either, just in a curious one.

Adara kept walking. Sirius easily caught up to her, Adara? Nothing. No problem. She said. Right, he said. He took a giant step and was suddenly in front of her with his hands on her shoulders, now. Whats up? Adara avoided his eyes, Nothing. Im fine. Then why wont you look at me? he asked. She grudgingly looked at him, There, happy?

Nope, he smiled, tell me whats wrong. Did I do something? Boys are so thick! Adara thought, I just dont like watching people have eye sex in a classroom, okay? Sirius looked so confused that if Adara hadnt been so disgusted by what had just happened in potions, she would have laughed, Dont like people doing what? he repeated. Ugh, you are impossible! Adara said and twisted away from his grip.

No, really, what did you just say? he followed her, laughter evident in his voice. Nothing, Sirius, Adara said. She felt her anger ebbing away at the sound of his voice. It was as if he was about to completely explode with laughter at any moment. Dara, seriously, I didnt understand, what did you say? he said, laughing towards the end. Nothing! she laughed as she stopped and turned to face him.

Eye sex? Sirius repeated, laughing. Stop! Adara laughed. What in the hell is eye sex? Its not funny, Adara tried to stop smiling. It didnt work. Er, Sirius said, yes, it is. Adara looked at him and tried to compose a serious face, No, its not. Sirius looked her right in the eye then whipped his hands up to cover them, Dont look at me, I

want to wait until Im married! he cried. And Adaras serious face was gone. She laughed so hard that she could no longer hold her bag. She dropped it on the floor and doubled over with Sirius, laughing the hardest she had in a long time. Adara? Both Sirius and Adara looked up to see Christine standing at the end of the corridor looking at them as if they were crazy. Hell, they probably were. Hi, Christine, Adara called.

ello. Sirius said in a way that made them both look at each other then double over in laughter again. They finally composed themselves long enough to stand up, Ill see you in defense, Sirius said, handing Adara her bag. Okay, Adara said as they parted ways. She met up with Christine at the end of the corridor. What was that all about? she asked.

Just Sirius being thick, Adara replied. They made it up to their dorm room and Adara threw her bag down and collapsed onto her bed. Christine did the same and the two girls stared up at the top of Adaras bed in silence for a while. Have you talked to David yet? Christine asked. Adara scowled, No, she said, why? She thought she felt Christine shrug beside her, Just wondering, she said, you two

hardly ever fight and this is just weird. Adara had to admit that, she had never really fought with David. They had always gotten along, Did he say something this morning? No, not really, Christine answered, just got all dark when Jayden asked if hed seen you. I told him that you were talking to teachers. Oh yeah, Adara remembered, Id forgotten to mention that to Jay.

The lapsed back into silence for a while, This year has really been different, hasnt it? Christine said. Adara yawned, What do you mean? she asked. Just that its changed a lot. Last year it was just David, Jayden, Laila, Xeno, you, and I and this year its all changed. I hardly ever see Xeno and Laila anymore. Adara nodded in agreement, I guess theyve migrated away. They arent the only ones, Christine muttered.

Whats that mean? Adara asked defensively. Nothing, Christine said, youve just been spending a bunch of time with the Gryffindors. Theyre nice! Adara said. Christine laughed, I never said they werent! she told her, but they sure are loyal. Adara turned her head and raised her brows at her friend. They are! I couldnt get Sirius to leave the hospital wing when

you were there, Christine explained. Adara smiled but didnt comment. Loyalty was a attribute of the Gryffindor house. Apparently, neither Christine nor Adara had slept well that night, because before Adara knew it she was jolted awake but a loud slam. She jumped into sitting position and saw that Estelle had just slammed the dorm door behind her. Everything okay? Adara asked rubbing her eyes.

What? Estelle turned around in surprise to see Adara, and now Christine, staring at her, oh, yeah, just had a fight with my brother at lunch. Hes such a prick! Lunch? Christine asked, what time is it? Class starts in five minutes, Estelle said off-handedly, but Im free, are you two? Five minutes! Adara gasped, she and Christine had five minutes to get to their defense classroom?

Damn it! Christine cursed. The two girls grabbed their bags and sprinted to the door ignoring Estelles guess that means no. How did we sleep through free period and lunch? Adara asked angrily as they practically flew down the tower steps. I have no clue, but Professor Beck will murder us if we are late! Christine responded. About seven minutes later, Adara and Christine were standing outside of the Defense Classroom. They knew that they were late because Professor Beck was already standing at

the front of the classroom lecturing. Should we go in? Adara asked. Its either that or we walk to the hospital wing and curse each other, Christine answered. Madam Pomfrey thinks Im suicidal already, Adara said gloomily. You could curse me then take me in? Christine offered. They girls actually considered this. They knew that that was a lot easier than dealing with

being late to Professor Becks class. While the former only consisted of a few hours pain, the latter included multiple detentions scrubbing the most disgusting things possible without gloves. Then shed think I was homicidal. So I guess we have to go in? Christine gulped. I believe so, Adara answered, with all the bravery she could muster, she reached out her hand and was about to push open the door when she heard

something that made her stop and jump. Are you insane? a harsh whisper from behind her said. Sirius? Adara turned in amazement and saw him standing behind Christine who looked just as shocked as Adara felt. Obviously, he answered, now were you actually going to enter that classroom late? I wasnt going to miss the class, Adara said, putting a hand on her hip.

Sirius rolled his eyes, Ready to endure horrific detentions for a few notes, her muttered. Well, do you have a better idea? Christine asked him harshly. Sirius smiled at her, As a matter of fact I do, he said, Ill get you both in there without being noticed. And how do you except to do that? Adara scoffed. You two just have to one, trust me, and two, be very quiet, Sirius said.

Trust you? Christine asked. Be quiet? Adara said at the same time. For the sake of your own lives, just shut up and promise not to open your eyes, Sirius said. The girls exchanged glances, Fine, Adara said. Great, Sirius smiled, now you, he pointed to Adara, turn around and you, he point to Christine, come here. Adara didnt argue, just turned around and stared down an empty corridor. She couldnt

help but make fun of herself as she did so, knowing that it was ridiculous. Your turn, Sirius said into her ear about a minute later. Adara turned her head so fast she smashed her cheek into Sirius nose. Damn it! he cursed as he rubbed his nose. Adara laughed as she brought a hand to her cheek, Interesting turn of fortune, she smiled. Sirius just glared at her then told her to close her eyes. She did and soon found her self being

led forward into what she guessed was the classroom, Sirius unusually cold hands on her shoulders. How the hell was her just closing her eyes and walking in going to change anything? She wondered, but she trusted Sirius for some reason and did as she was told and didnt open her eyes. When I say three, open them, she was instructed in a whisper, one, two, three. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in her seat and that no one had noticed shed appeared.

Now divide into pairs and practice the Protection Charm nonverbally, please, and when you think you have that down continue working on your essay, Professor Beck instructed. Jayden made to raise his hand but then looked to his right where Christine was sitting and nearly fell backwards. Whered you come from? Adara heard him ask. Been here the whole time, dont know what you are talking about, Christine answered in a perfect lie.

But then wheres he trailed off and turned to face Adara. Adara? he asked. Yeah? she answered. Were you but she Jayden sputtered completely confused. I havent seen you all day, Adara said and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. As she pulled away Jayden just stared at her then shook his head, Yeah, weird. He said.

Well, we should probably go practice, then, Adara smiled at him. He nodded and watched as Sirius and Adara walked away to their spot. Poor Booty, Sirius commented when they were out of earshot. Whatd you do? Adara asked. Sirius shrugged, Why were you to late? he asked as he brought a hand up to rub his lips. Adara was about to press him for information when she noticed that Sirius hair looked extremely windblown, his face was a bit

flushed, and his lips were very red? She narrowed her eyes. I fell asleep, she answered, you? Sirius shrugged again, I lost track of time is all, he smiled. Lost track of time, Adaras brain wheeled. Suddenly an annoying, ditzy voice that belonged to a certain annoy, ditzy blonde popped into Adaras mind, Ill wait out by the lake, okay? She scowled. Well, I guess wed better practice then, she heard Sirius speaking back in the present,

good thing we didnt learn anything new. Yeah, Adara said, You go first, she told Sirius, who nodded. Adara picked her brain for the right charm to use then nodded for Sirius to start the count down. One, two, thr Petrificus Totalus, Adara cheated, and whispered. Sirius hadnt had time to think the countercurse so he was then found in a perfect bodybind. Adara was suddenly feeling much better. She let him there

for a second longer than necessary then muttered the countercurse. When he was free Sirius slowly pushed himself up and gave Adara a confused look that made her feel guilty. What was that for? he asked, honestly confused as to why Adara would curse him verbally, before she was supposed to, then not release him immediately. Sorry, my reflexes are off, I just woke up, she lied. Sirius stared at her from a minute then nodded, Right, its okay,

maybe we should just work on our essays? Good idea, Adara consented, feeling a bit bad. What happened? She asked herself as she sat down at her spot with Sirius. Shed been fine until hed brought up Courtney. He didnt even mention her! Her rational side fought with her. True, he hadnt even eluded to the fact that he was with her, but Adara was fairly good at math and she could definitely add two and two. Still, though, why the idea of them losing track of time had bugged her so much confused

her. Because shes just a no good slut who is attaching herself to my friend, Adara thought. Thats right. Because if Christine was being a git like Sirius and losing track of time with a slut, Adara would be angry. Angry enough to curse Christine because of it? Her mind asked. Hey, are you alright? Adara pulled out of her thoughts and looked at Sirius. Yeah, of course, why? she responded.

Because you are letting your ink spill all over your essay, Sirius answered with a smile. Damn it. ******************** A/N: So I've tried to put this in like three times. And for some reason it hasn't worked. Anyway, maybe this will work this time. haha. So I'm SOOOO sorry for this really long wait! I'm about to leave for the beach, so I hope it worked this time. PLEASE review. I'll leave you a nice little preview!! Preview: Her hair swung over her shoulder as she jabbed a hand at the door, First he drives David away

from you, who next? Christine asked. He didnt drive David away, David did that to himself, Adara told her through gritted teeth, by trying to break up Jay and I. Who said he wasnt just warning him. Adara stared at her friend in shock. She concentrated on breathing while her heart beat wildly, Wh-what? Yup. Christine and Adara fight. But that's not all!!! haha. Dun dun dunnnnn. Please review! Chapter Eighteen: Destructive

Adara trudged angrily up to the Ravenclaw common room dripping mud and watery slush everywhere. She was sure that if Filch caught her she would be strung up by her toes, thumbs, or some other extremity but she was also sure that if he did show up he would be cursed by someone from her general direction. These two things were pretty certain because Adara Moore was not in a good mood. Practice had been hell, but she couldnt blame Jayden for making them practice longer

in the freezing rain (the kind that fell when it was only a few degrees to warm for snow) and the mud and the extremely strong wind because their first official match against Hufflepuff was in two days. Usually Adara would have showered and changed with Christine and the rest of the team in the locker rooms, but she was so angry that she had just marched off the pitch and into the castle. She was doing so poorly lately - in Quidditch that is. She couldnt concentrate on catching the snitch. She knew that Jayden was being extremely lenient on her

because she was his girlfriend; he barely pointed out her mistakes and that was bothering her. How was she supposed to get any better if no one pointed out what she was doing wrong? Dragging herself around the corner she reached the stairs that would take her past the Gryffindor common room. Halfway up when her muddy broom slipped from her hands and clattered to the bottom of the staircase. Damnit! she cursed as she turned and looked. It looked so far away. Letting out a cry of exasperation, she sat on the stair

behind her. As she was about to put her head in her hands her body gave an uncomfortable lurch and she found herself stuck, arse down, in one of Hogwarts trick steps. Fan bloody tastic! She thought. She was now angry, dripping in cold, wet mud and stuck arse down in a stair. It just kept getting better. Adara struggled and struggled to get free, only succeeding in falling another inch into the stair. She was sure that whoever was walking up the bottom staircase had a nice view of her butt

protruding from an above staircase. Can anyone hear me? she tired to call. She doubted that many would be out and about as it was nearing ten on one of the coldest nights of the year. There was no answer so Adara crossed her arms and waited trying not to shiver. What might have been fifteen minutes later, Adara heard footsteps. Surely, she thought, this was someone from her Ravenclaw team here to save her.

With that thought came the next terrifying one, please dont be David, please dont be David! Hello? she called apprehensively. The person came around the corner and Adara breathed a sigh of relief. It was a third year Ravenclaw that she didnt know, Thank Merlin, she muttered to herself, Could you please, erm, help me? Adara asked. What? the third year looked up at Adara and she saw that the little boy had been crying, oh, yeah, sure, he added and

hastily wiped his eyes on the back of his hand. Here, just take my hands, Adara peeled off her gloves, set them on the stair next to her, and offered the boy her hands. She chose not to comment on his condition. Okay, the boy said as he took her hands in his. They were the same size as hers, only much, much warmer, One, two, three, he braced himself and pulled as hard as he could. Adara felt her arse slowly coming free.

Almost, she said, and in about ten seconds was propelled forward. In a sudden reflexive movement at she released one of the boys hands and grabbed onto the rail in order to catch both of them, thanks! She smiled at him. He nodded up at her, Im Alex, the boy said. Adara, she smiled. The boy smiled back and stepped down a few steps and grabbed Adaras broom. He handed it to her, Thanks, she said then looked at him. His eyes

were still red, hey are you okay? she asked. The boy looked up at Adara and nodded as lightening flashed through the nearest window. Okay, just making sure, Adara smiled. They began to walk up the stairs, Adara glancing at Alex. They walked the rest of the way to the common room in an awkward silence, exchanged goodbyes, and as Adara made her way up to the girls dorm she passed two other younger year

girls, hearing some of their conversation. I know, the first time he saw it was in the Prophet, one said. Must be a horrible way to find out, said the other, but its been happening more and more. My dads an auror and She shut the door to her dorm and leaned against it. It had been a long day. Classes had been beyond boring since Sirius wasnt in a good mood today. He had muttered something about his family when Adara asked so she let it be. She had gathered enough to know that

he wasnt close to them - that along with the fact that his brother was a proud Slytherin. Adara spell-cleaned her broom and dropped her muddy kit and boots in a neat pile for the house elves and sneaked into the shower. She hoped to clean up and go to the Astronomy tower to perfect the assignment that was due tomorrow before it was too late.

And where do you think that you are going? Jayden said playfully as he grabbed Adaras

waist and swung her into his arms as they crossed paths in the common room. Adara mentally told herself to be nice; just because she was in a bad mood, she didnt need to take it out on her boyfriend. She put on a smile and looked up from the blue carpet, Astronomy Tower, she told him. Jayden looked down at her and furrowed her brow, Are you okay? he asked her. Adara looked away at the fire then back into his soft brown eyes. She just looked into them for a minute, wondering why she

wasnt feeling that shock that she used to feel whenever they were this close. She still loved him, didnt she? Yes, of course. But it just wasnt the same, but she couldnt feel that new love feeling forever, could she? Im fine, Adara told him sadly, I just didnt play well at all today and it is bothering me. You were fine, Addie, Jayden assured her. Adara rolled her eyes, she knew she played like a blast-ended skrewt on a broom and she hated that she got special treatment because shes the

girlfriend. Jayden was a good captain when it came to the rest of the team, but he didnt want to anger Adara by telling her that she should try something different and, ironically, that pissed Adara off, Oh, come of fit. Jay, you know damn well that I didnt! You cant treat me different because Im your girlfriend, Adara said turning out of his grip. Wait, Adara, Jay called after her, its storming! Adara was out of the common room as she heard this and at first didnt process why it was important. Then she

remembered the astronomy chart in her hand and mentally cursed. How was she supposed to finish her chart if it was storming? She decided to go up to the Astronomy tower anyway, if anything just to get away from everything else. She pulled her jacket closer to her, barely registering that it wasnt even hers but one she had kind of stolen. As she walked through the castle, she realized that the rain had stopped, but it was still thundering and lightening like mad. As she topped the steps to the tower, a cold rush of air met her

and she wished shed thought of grabbing her jacket along with Sirius. She walked over to one of the paneless windows and looked out. A bright flash of lightening made her jump but she settled and decided that it was actually pretty neat. Here was a spark caused by nature, not from a wand; something magical that both muggles and wizards alike could enjoy. Then again, Adara thought, it was also destructive if it hit in the right place. Not everyone would call lightening something that was amazing. Some would call it scary. But not her, not Adara, she knew of much more dangerous

things; of lies, of broken friendships, of unwanted feelings You could die up here, you know, came a voice from behind her. Adara didnt even jump this time. She was so used to this person now so attuned to his voice, used to his presence, he was so familiar to her that she could pick him out of a large crowd blindfolded and deaf that she had even had a feeling that he would show up. Adara just hmed and continued to watch the dry storm.

Adara felt herself heat up and knew that Sirius was standing behind her, Whats wrong? he whispered in her ear. A shiver ran down her spine that had nothing to do with the cold wind or the wet bun of hair that was dripping from her head. She shook her head for two reasons, one to clear her head, Long day, she said in an involuntary whisper back to him. Hm, he breathed into her ear and she shivered again, are you cold? he asked her. Oh, she said, yeah, a bit.

Here, Sirius took her shoulders and turned them around. They both sank against the wall and Sirius pulled Adara into the nook of his arm and put it around her shoulders, better? Adara nodded. Good, so you want to tell me about your day? Sirius asked. Adara took a deep breath and again took in the great familiar smell of him. Well, Adara said, letting out her breath, after you tell me about yours.

Hm? Well this morning you werent in a great mood. Oh, Sirius muttered, right. Adara looked up at him and saw the distress on his face, You dont actually have to tell me. She told him quietly; she didnt want to push him. No, Sirius conceded, were friends, and friends talk about their problems, right? Adara nodded.

Its just, well, Sirius started, my family is beginning to become irrational more than usual. Adara nodded but then remembered a dream she had had at the beginning of the month, Bellatrix? she tried and watched Sirius eyes darken. Youve heard of her? he growled. I think that you saved me from her once, Adara admitted. Sirius looked down at her, what?

Back in our second year, Adara sighed, they were picking on me in the dungeons and I called Peeves, Sirius finished, smiling, ah, Peeves. He chuckled. Yes, Adara finished, shes your Cousin. Oh, Adara said. Yes, but thats not all, Sirius continued, now they have my brother, too.

They?" Sirius shook his head in a frustrated manner, You wouldnt under Sirius shut up at the look that Adara gave him, its just this dark purebloods rule shit my family supports. Adara gave him a look that was a bit confused. She had heard about how some wizards believed in pureblood superiority but as her mother was a halfblood and her dad was a pureblood she wasnt really bothered by these people. Its total crap, Sirius assured her, as if wanting her to know

that he didnt support this at all, but according to what little the Prophet prints about him Voldemort seems to be gathering followers and Ive just seen that my brother has begun to stick around some of them that are at school here. Im sorry, Adara told him, but Im sure that the Ministry will put a stop to this soon. They had to, right? Adara had heard from her mother that this Voldemort was causing a spot of trouble, but she made it seem like it was nothing to worry about. I hope so, she heard Sirius say, I doubt it, but I hope so.

They sat in silence for a minute until a particularly loud roll of thunder made Adara jump. Sirius chuckled, Now, why dont you tell me what is making you so tense? he asked her, your muscles are so tight Im scared that theyll snap. He said as she ran his hand up and down her arm, Relax, he told her. She took a deep breath and tried to relax into Siriuss side. It was usually an easy job, but with her annoyance at Jayden it was difficult. Sorry, she muttered as she managed to allow herself to melt into him, its just Quidditch stuff.

My favorite, Sirius sighed resting his head on top of hers. Adara smiled, Its just that Jayden wont tell me off, she told him, I played like a lump on a broom and he didnt say a word to me! We have a game in two days, how am I supposed to know what to fix if the captain is too scared of making me angry at him to tell me? she ranted. When she finished she looked up and Sirius and smacked him on the chest, Its not funny! she told the silently laughing man and pushed away from him to sit

on her own, We cant win if he wont help me! Sirius contained his laughter and motioned Adara back into his arms. She shook her head defiantly, Oh, come on, Sirius smiled at her, at least let me explain. Adara looked at him out of the corner of her eyes, Im listening. And come over hear before you catch a cold, he pulled her over, you cant play if you are ill. Adara allowed herself to be pulled back into Sirius side and found it easier to relax.

Youd better start talking, she told him. Okay, okay, Sirius adjusted himself so that they were both comfortable on the floor, I just think that its funny that he was afraid to make you mad by telling you you played terrible but it ended up that his silence is what made you mad at him. Adara scowled, I dont think that thats very funny, she said. No? Sirius asked. Adara shook her head into his chest, Well then let me make it up to you, he offered, tomorrow Ill watch

you practice and tell you what you are doing wrong. Adara considered this; it would actually help her a lot, as she was fairly sure that Jayden would be just the same, if not worse, tomorrow. Maybe not because of her little comment to him earlier, but it would still be better to have Sirius point of view. Yet, there was one little problem, That sounds great and all, but I dont think that Jayden is going to let a Gryffindor beater, especially you, watch our practice. She watched Sirius think for a minute, True, he said finally

looking down at her with a mischievous smile, but what if he doesnt know that its me? Finish your Astronomy chart? came a voice to Adaras left as she attempted to shut the door quietly. Lightening flashed and Adara couldnt help but think it was a warning. What are you still doing up? Adara whispered to her friend after she threw her chart on her bag and as she tiptoed over to Christines bed. She pulled back the curtain and saw that the strawberry blonde had a

ferocious look on her face. Adara gulped and climbed onto her bed. I was pretty sure that you couldnt see the stars through thunderstorm clouds, but you must have found a way around that as its she checked her watch three past midnight. Will you stop? Adara snapped at her hitting her arms on the bed, so I talked with Sirius for a while, its not a crime. Sh! Christine whispered harshly, unless you want this to be a dorm room chat.

I dont want this to be any kind of chat. Well then dont ditch us at the Quidditch pitch to run off to Sirius. What? Adara asked, I came back here because I couldnt take Jayden anymore, she informed her misguided friend, and Sirius and I didnt plan anything. I was up in the tower and he just showed up. He seems to do that a lot around you, Christine muttered. Chris! Adara was getting angry, its just coincidental, I

guess. Whats your problem with us talking? Hes the only one who understands. The only one who understands! Christine scoffed back, Ive been your best friend for six years and hes been your friend for less than three months even counting your little spat, and hes the only one that understands!? Adara opened her mouth and shut it three times before she just kept it shut. Sure, it sounded bad when Christine put it that way, but it was true. Sirius understood her; he could always make her laugh when she didnt feel like

even smiling, however cheesy that sounded. He was one of the best friends that she could ever imagine. Chris, she decided to go for the pathetic begging way, why wont you just accept that we are friends? she looked softly at the girl who had always been there for her, Remember, at the beginning of the month - right after he switched matches with us to help us - you agreed to give him a chance. Twenty days is not giving him a chance. Hes not the most chanceworthy person, Christine muttered darkly.

Adara took a deep breath to calm herself, You dont know that, she said trying to keep a level voice. Her hair swung over her shoulder as she jabbed a hand at the door, First he drives David away from you, who next? Christine asked. He didnt drive David away, David did that to himself, Adara told her through gritted teeth, by trying to break up Jay and I. Who said he wasnt just warning him.

Adara stared at her friend in shock. She concentrated on breathing while her heart beat wildly, Wh-what? Christine took in the look of pure shock and hurt on Adaras face and sighed, Im sorry. That was going too far. Adara just looked down at the royal blue comforter and nodded, willing herself not to tear up, Jayden is my boyfriend, she said as she crawled off her friends bed, not Sirius. She walked over to her own area, leaving Christine sitting on her own bed. She peeled off her jeans but left

Sirius sweater on. Getting under the warm covers of her bed, she held the too-big sweater to her and breathed in deeply; it still smelled of him. Rolling onto her side, she wished that Sirius was there to tell her that Christine was out of place and smiled as she imagined all of the ideas that would be running through his head in order to get revenge on the person that made Adara cry. * Adara ran her comb through her wet hair quickly. She threw the comb into her locker and pulled her hair back and began

to braid it, Whats the hurry, Addie? asked one of the fourthyear chasers, Elizabeth Alexander. Adara spun around and faced the blonde haired girl who was standing next to Christine, I just want to get back to the castle, being in this room before a match makes me nervous, she invented. She saw Christine staring at her out of the corner of her eye, trying to pick apart her lie, but ignored it. I know what you mean, laughed Elizabeth.

Adara finished braiding her hair and slipped a hat over her head. Pulling a too-big sweater over her own she put on her mittens and slung her bag over her shoulder, See you later, she waved over her shoulder. That very morning, Jayden had apologized to Adara for treating her special in practice. Hed promised to tell her what he really saw despite how it might make her feel. In return, Adara had admitted that she had been a bit snappy. But she had still been glad that Sirius had come and now she was about to learn what hed thought.

She walked out of the changing room and looked around as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. The storm from yesterday had blown over but the bone chilling cold had remained. She rubbed her hands together to warm them. Surely hed be around here somewhere She began to walk towards the castle with a slight smirk on her face, he was going to try to surprise her by jumping out or something. But she was ready. She was ready this tim Suddenly she tripped over something and was falling

towards the ground until she was caught a foot before she hit the ground, Gotcha, whispered a playful voice in her ear. She felt the warmth of his breath one her face. Sirius pulled her up so that she was standing in front of him then took her bag, Damnit, Adara smiled. Dont worry, love, no one can really be ready for me, Sirius told her as they walked to the castle. All you need is confidence, Adara muttered under her breath.

I heard that, Dara, Sirius said and Adara heard the smile in his voice. Adara shoved him playfully but he reached out and grabbed it at the last minute. Adara scowled at him in the darkness, but he either didnt catch it or didnt care. He just took her hand kept walking. Adara tried to pull her hand away but Sirius wouldnt relinquish it, If I let you go you are just going to hit me again, he told her. Adara sent him a look, but he ignored it. As they came up to

the castle, Sirius began to swing their hands wildly, What are you doing? Adara laughed, looking at his face in the dim lighting that extended from the castle. Sirius smiled at her and stopped the motion of their hands. He pulled the door open with his free hand then pulled her inside behind him. Warmth hit her as soon as she was in the castle. Well? Adara asked him as they climbed a flight of stairs. Well, what? Sirius asked. Well, when are you going to tell me how I did? Adara told him.

Oh, Id say in about thirteen minutes. Adara let out a laugh, Thirteen? Sirius nodded. Adara just changed the subject, Where are we going? Youll see, he said. They continued to walk up the stairs, Sirius first followed by Adara, who was being tugged up the stairs. They passed a couple of Gryffindors who eyed them wearily; it made Adara feel weird. As they topped the stairs

and Adara pulled her hand out of Sirius. He turned around and looked at her, confused. Adara just smiled at him apologetically and tried to convey the message without saying it: she had a boyfriend, and while she didnt think that holding Sirius hand while he led her to some secret place was bad, others might see it as so. Others including David and Christine. Sirius seemed to understand and just motioned for her to follow him. She did so and soon found herself near a wall near a tapestry of Barnabas the Barmys

foolish attempt to do something like train trolls for the ballet. She watched it with a bemused expression until Sirius cleared his throat causing her turned to look at him. Had there been a door there before? she thought wildly, Was what how she stuttered pointing to the door. I think its magic, Sirius exclaimed with a mock-surprise look. Adara gave him a ha-ha look to which he just laughed, Come on, Adara! She rocked on her heels debating whether it was safe to

go into this room, alone, with Sirius. Sure, they were friends and shed been alone with David before, but somehow her gut told her this was different. Then again, this was Sirius. Presently, he was her best friend as she and Christine werent on good terms. And he was going to tell her what she needed to do to kick arse tomorrow in Quidditch. So she smiled at Sirius and he held the door open for her. She walked in and stopped. Shed never seen this room before and wondered how she hadnt. This was now her favorite room in the

castle, it had a simple yet sophisticated air to it that reminded her of so many things. There was a blue couch resting in front of a roaring fire. Between the couch and the fire was a large coffee table with all kinds of sweets on it in little glass bowls. Under her feet was a nice red carpet; the room brought the feeling of a compromise. What do you think? Sirius asked. Its amazing! Adara gasped. She kicked off her shoes and ran and jumped on the couch; it was the most comfortable piece of furniture she had ever been

on, save her mothers ancient, squishy bed. As she picked up a handful of Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, she looked over to Sirius and saw that he was watching her with a huge grin on his face, Whats so funny? she asked him as a smiled broke onto her face, too. Sirius shook his head then slowly took off his own shoes. As he walked over to her, Adara watched his jaw muscle flex and unflex; even in just his face, he looked strong. She watched him sit down next to her then turn his grey eyes onto her, I guess we

have some Quidditch to discuss, yeah? he asked. Adara nodded and sat on her legs eagerly. The ends of her knees poked into Sirius thigh as he turned to get more comfortable, Well, first of all, you really did look good out there, he said. Adara smiled and he continued, I mean, that blue top you were wearing really brings out those beautiful eyes perfectly and ow! Adara smacked Sirius on the arm, What was that for? Cant a guy give a compliment? he asked her rubbing his arm and looking at her pathetically.

Adara gave him a defeated look as she tried not to blush, Well, looking good isnt going to win us the match, so tell me what I need to do better. Sirius let out a long, exaggerated sigh, Fine, he rolled his head to look at her, you didnt really make any mistakes that would compromise the match, but if I had to say something Adara listened as Sirius told her what to do better. She was having a bit of a hard time concentrating as she found his lips quite distracting; the way the formed words and the way that

when he paused to find the right word he would wet the bottom of his lips. She didnt catch herself in time and a memory resurfaced. She could almost feel his perfect lips on hers; could almost feel his tongue as it danced with hers longing for more. but if you can, tomorrow, tell Boot to remind the beaters that for the Hitherly Hit they need to use both hands on the bat. Adara realized that Sirius was no longer talking and shook her head slightly, Yeah, yeah, she nodded, Ill tell him.

I think that you guys really have a chance, Sirius told her resting his head on the back of the couch and closing his eyes, Hufflepuff has a good chaser trio but Boots the keeper right? Adara sighed and pulled her legs out from under her. She scooted down on the couch and draped her legs over Sirius lap so that she could lay down. Sirius opened his eyes to give her the are you serious? look but then smiled and rested his arms on top of her legs. Adara smiled faintly as Sirius closed his eyes again, Yes, Adara said resting her head on the armrest of the

couch and closing her own eyes, Jays the keeper. Jay, her mind echoed the name in her head. She suddenly felt guilty; shed told Jayden that she was going to go to bed early in order to do better in the game tomorrow. She hadnt lied, though. She planned on going to bed early, but it just wasnt after practice as she had implied. But she was doing something to better her game, she was getting advice from one of the best beaters in the school. Sure, he might be a bit upset if he knew that she was with Sirius, but thats only because he doesnt understand. He didnt

understand that Adara and Sirius just enjoyed each others company. As friends. Apparently, Adara and the Gryffindors were the only ones that understood this. Then if hes good enough to be captain, you should be okay, he finished. Having convinced herself that she wasnt doing anything wrong or disloyal in her relationship, she opened her eyes halfway and glanced back at Sirius, Tired? she grinned at him. He looked as though he was already half asleep.

Hm, Sirius replied, didnt get much sleep last night. Out late with Cour his sentence was broken by a huge yawn, Adara shot into the seated position, he legs still in Sirius lap. What? she asked in what she hoped was a non-commenting tone. She looked at Sirius, who gave a loud snore. Adara scowled at him, no one could fall asleep that quickly, I know you are faking, she told him crossing her arms. Sirius didnt stir. She glared at him for a while longer, but found she couldnt

hold it. He must be sleeping, she thought, he looks so peaceful. She decided that she would get the details later, but that she needed to get to her own bed. She began to move one of her legs, but Sirius hmed and she froze. He looked too cu innocent to wake up. Maybe Ill just lay here a while longer until he falls into a deeper sleep, she thought and rested her head on the back of the couch so that she was still somewhat sitting up. She turned her head so that she could watch the fire while she waited. She liked the cracking sounds it made and noticed how they

seemed to align themselves with Sirius snores. She looked at Sirius and watched his chest rise and fall. Getting a cramp, she pulled her legs behind her and used Sirius legs as a pillow Tomorrow was going to be fun and scary; they had to win this game by more than 130 points to rise above Slytherin into second place in the standings. Jayden had told them that he believed in them; then he had winked at her. It was mainly up to her -

Oh, Padfoot! Adara jumped awake at the sound of the loud call but not opening her eyes couldnt remember where she was, I thought that Id find you here. How come youve been sleeping here lat Adara? Adara decided that to find out where she was she had to open her eyes. Opening them she squinted in the bright daylight and saw James face even with hers. She let out a scream and bolted into the seating position. What are you doing here? James asked, a frantic tone to his voice.

Adara observed her surroundings. From the looks of it, she had fallen asleep with her head in Sirius lap and his arms resting on her back. Prongs? Sirius moved his hands from their perch on Adaras back and rubbed his eyes. Adara, dont you have a game today! James practically panicked. Adaras heart was sent into overdrive and breathing became a chore, What time is it? she gasped. Nine forty, James told her.

The game began at ten. She was so Shit, Sirius cursed. She jumped up and grabbed Adaras wrist. With him in the lead they sprinted out of the room, stopping only to slip on their shoes, and down the corridor in the opposite direction they had come from the previous night. Wrong way, Adara panted as they rounded a corner. Shortcut, Sirius called back. Adara decided that if anyone in the castle could get her to the pitch in the shortest amount of

time it would be Sirius and for some reason she trusted him to do so. They sprinted down another corridor and suddenly Sirius stopped and pushed a large painting to the side. He pulled Adara through the hole it left and then down a large, dimly lit flight of stairs. If Adara had been with anyone else she would have been scared of falling but, though he had accidentally hurt her more than a few times, Adara knew that Sirius wouldnt let her fall. The stairs ended and soon they were running towards what

appeared to be a wall, Adara watched it, a bit scared, but, again, Sirius seemed to know what he was doing so she closed her eyes and allowed herself to be pulled through it. Suddenly, even though her eyes were closed, she could tell that she was outside. The sudden dropping of about forty degrees let her in on this little secret. She opened her eyes and found that she was near the greenhouses. Sirius slowed to a halt and turned around suddenly but stopped Adara right before she ran into his chest, I think that I should let you go from here, he

panted, his breath smokey in the cold, youll do fine. Adara was too busy trying to catch her breath to do anything but nod. Go kick some badger arse for me, he smiled at her and then did something Adara couldnt have seen coming even if she had proper divination lessons and a crystal ball: he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.


A/N: 5,695 words!! That's my apology for taking so long to update: a long chapter! And an eventful one. The darkness is comingggg! ha. umm, what else. OH the rating, I hope that you all still read this despite the change. I really only changed it because in As Stupid As Me the validator rejected the latest chapter the first time and told me that the use of the word "shit" required a mature rating. And with that, you know, I just didn't want to take any risks with this story that might make a chapter be rejected and thus give you a longer wait. The only thing that I would do because of this rating would be step up the romance a bit in the

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She flew as fast as her broom would carry her to the goal posts Jay was guarding then pulled up three feet from him. What are you doing? He called to her immediately, hardly taking his eyes off the game. Jay, we need to talk, Adara said, feeling extremely weird given the circumstances. Yes. Adara decides she has to talk to Jayden in the middle of the match. Why? Guess you'll have to wait to find out. Reviews are really, really awesome. =] Much love! over and outt

HPsmartone32 Chapter Nineteen: Control She closed her eyes as his perfect lips touched her skin. She felt the blood rush to her face, but not in a blush. She had the strongest temptation to just turn her had the slightest bit and just as she thought she was going to lose all self-control Sirius did what Adara saw as the worst possible thing he could do he pulled away. Adara slowly opened her eyes and saw that he was smiling

down at her, Good luck, he said. Adaras brain reminded her that this was probably a sign to leave and luckily her feet were ahead of her mind because they started walking towards the pitch. Not aware of it, she was soon sprinting to the pitch and throwing open the locker room door. Not really noticing what she was doing she threw off her old clothes and pulled on her kit and her extra shoes. Ready in what must have been a minute flat she grabbed her broom and ran to the meeting room door.

She stopped and stared at it, her brain finally catching up to her body. This was not going to be good. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door. good three wing spread, so well need to Jayden trailed off as the whole team turned to stare at her. Well, well. Look who decided to show up, Christine said with venom that Adara had only ever heard in her voice once before. And a whole thirteen minutes before our game, Adara heard

David comment. She didnt look at him, her eyes were locked with Jaydens. She couldnt read his emotions, but she was sure she could name a few of them. After a short pause, Jayden shook his head slightly, I told you shed be here, he said and then turned back to the play board. Adara took a spot by Elizabeth who just sent her a curious look before turning her attention back to Jayden. Adaras breathing was beginning to slow and the nervousness of the nearing match was setting in. Before she knew it, Jayden had finished with

his pregame pep talk and everyone around her was standing up. Checking the clock on the wall, she noticed that it was five minutes until game time. She stood up and followed the rest of the team out of the room and into the hallway that led to the pitch. Jayden fell into line behind her but said nothing. Adara felt awkward goosebumps forming down her arms. Her chest tightened with guilt. She found it hard to take a deep breath. The doors opened to let the team out and Adara again found herself squinting in the bright sunlight. The sound of the

crowd made her smile and she wondered where Sirius was sitting. She touched her cheek with a gloved hand then blushed when she realized what she was doing. I need to get focused. and think of a story. She shook that last thought out of her head saying that the match came before personal problems. As the captains shook hands rather nicely, Adara told herself to forget everything that was going on and just catch the little golden ball. The whistle blew and the balls were released. Adara watched

the golden one as she kicked off hard from the ground. It spiraled into the air, then was gone. The late November morning air nipped at her exposed skin as she circled the pitch toward the side of the pitch that was a blur of red. The cheering was loud, but Adara pictured a group of two, maybe three, marauder boys cheering loudly for her as she past and the thought made her smile. Shaking her head again, she told herself to focus on the game. She watched as blurs of yellow zoomed along with the quaffle. She held her breath as they got closer to Jayden. They shot; Jayden

dived, he fumbled then uncharacteristically missed. Remus announced that Hufflepuff was ahead by ten. Adara cursed and leaned forward to accelerate her broom. Once again she felt her hair beat against her back. She passed the other seeker going the other way but barely noted it. She dodged a bludger and dived lower to the ground to check for the snitch. She heard cheers and listened as Remus announced that Hufflepuff scored again.

She pulled upward and spared a glance at Jayden, his body language didnt look good, even from across the pitch. She didnt let her mind go to where it wanted to as she stopped completely and looked around for the snitch. She noticed three spectators watches before she saw something sparkle above the red side of the stands. Of course, her mind sighed as she sped over there. Just as she was sure that it was the real snitch she was after, a bludger zoomed merely inches in front of her face causing her to drop into a dive.

Adara cursed, the snitch was surely gone now. Her close run in with the bludger sent her into full on Quidditch mode. She gained speed and height before she heard Remus announce, again, that Hufflepuff had scored. Hufflepuff has a good chaser trio Sirius words from the previous night rang in her head, but if Boots good enough to be captain, you should be okay. Adara swerved to a stop and looked straight ahead at her boyfriend, he looked incredibly flustered and annoyed. She glanced at the scoreboard and saw that it was thirty nil. Even if

she did catch the snitch, it would hardly help as as Jayden had probably been meaning to remind her they had to win by more than 130 to take second from Slytherin. Knowing that her lateness was a probable cause of Jays lack of concentration, she decided that she needed to talk to him. Ravenclaw was in possession of the quaffle, thanks to Remus commentary she knew without looking that Elizabeth had just executed a highly advanced move and passed to Christine. She flew as fast as her broom would carry her to the goal posts

Jay was guarding then pulled up three feet from him. What are you doing? He called to her immediately, hardly taking his eyes off the game. Jay, we need to talk, Adara said, feeling extremely weird given the circumstances. She watched Jayden turn to look at her in shock, What in the reverend name of Merlin are you talking about? he yelled, Shouldnt you be doing something, like, I dunno, trying to find the snitch?

Adara gave him a look, Yes, usually I would be but we have to win by more than 130 points and thats not possible right now because of the three goals you fumbled with! she yelled back uncharacteristically mean. She saw his face fall and felt her own heart drop, she sighed. Look, I was late because..." she racked her brain for an excuse that would make sense and not break Jay's heart, "I ran into Lily last night and fell asleep talking to her in some room Id never been in before! I forgot to set my watch alarm and didnt wake up in time!

Jayden looked over at her and surveyed her face. She kept a determined face through her terrible lie, Why are you telling me this? he asked just as cheers erupted and Remus happily announced Ravenclaw was on the board. So you quit worrying so we can kick some badger arse! she yelled back, then felt bad quoting Sirius. But it must have worked, because Jay smiled and nodded. They turned back and saw that The Hufflepuff Chasers were advancing on them in their canary yellow kits. Happy with her work, Adara tilted her broom

up and sped up and around to the middle of the field. She saw the other seeker looked as far from finding the snitch as she did, and decided that she was going to block the rest of the world out until she caught the snitch as soon as they scored one more time. Of course, Adara spotted the snitch three times before she was could catch it and win by the right amount. It took what seemed like fifteen minutes before Elizabeth, David, and Christine managed to get the quaffle past the Hufflepuff keeper and score. Adara

whooped and high-fived Elizabeth on her way to search for the snitch again. She had spent those terrible fifteen minutes trying to distract the other seeker from catching the snitch, but now that she was allowed to catch it and win by the correct amount of points, she was ready. And, because whomever was in charge or the world had something against Adara, the minute she could catch the snitch was the exact time it seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. Thankfully, Jayden was now doing his job and Hufflepuff wasnt scoring.

From all Adara gathered, it was a flip-flopping match in terms of the quaffle no one had possession for more than two minutes straight. After three more close calls with bludgers, Adara was growing tired and was sure shed lost feeling in most of her toes and possibly her ears and nose too. This was becoming the longest match shed ever played in. She had just closed her eyes for a second when she heard an excited yell, It looks like the Hufflepuff seeker has spotted the snitch! Remus called, trying to say it as normal commentary but Adara had a feeling he was

trying to warn her. Adara spun around and she saw it immediately. Spinning into a reverse so fast she had to grip her broom tightly to stay on, Adara pushed to make it go even faster. She was a few feet farther away from the snitch, thanks to her late start, but she was smaller than the bulky guy seeker and much more aerodynamic she was catching up. Just as she pulled up neck-to-neck with him, the snitch took a dangerous drop. It was almost as though the tiny gold ball had just dropped into free fall.

With reflexes that had been perfected thanks to practices and being on her toes to avoid a certain Gryffindor and his little pranks, Adara pointed her broom straight down almost immediately and zoomed at the ground at nearly a 180 degree angle. The Hufflepuff seeker was either not as quick to react or not willing to go into a complete nose dive, but either way, Adara was much closer to the snitch now. Holding herself from sliding off the front of the broom with her left hand, she reached out her right and felt her fingertips brush the snitch. Faster, faster, she willed her broom. With momentum on her side thanks to

her greater mass, she was soon accelerating faster than the tiny snitch and was able to close her fist around it. She pulled her hand back to her chest just in time as the end handle of the broom hit the ground about a second later. Adara fell face first onto the ground and she heard a sickening crunch as her nose broke. After about ten seconds of just laying there, Adara felt two rough hands turn her onto her back, RAVENCLAW WINS! Madam Hooch announced before kneeling next to Adara to examine her. Adaras face was warm with what she vaguely

realized was blood. But before she took in any either this or the fact that she was in immense pain (only numbed by the fact her nose had been as cold as ice), she saw her teammates out of her peripheral vision and held up the snitch proudly. Then she fainted.

- accident prone female Ive ever seen! Sure you, Potter, and Pettigrew get into some nasty

situations, but you really have got to keep that tendency to yourselves! Adara came to as the nurses heels signified her leaving and blinked. The light seemed to attack her eyes as she attempted to open them, so she just shut them again. She moaned and instantly felt warmth in both of her hands then the left was cold again. So Sirius and Jayden were here; she wondered if Christine and David had even bothered to show up. Addie? she heard a worried Jayden ask.

Im awake, Adara muttered, but the light is hurting my eyes. She heard the curtains close and then dared to open her eyes. Sirius was walking back to her bedside in the dark, Thanks, Sirius, she smiled. He nodded and sat on the cot next to hers leaning closer. Adara noticed that Elizabeth, the two beaters, Lily, James, Remus, and even a timid looking Peter were standing by that bed. She tried to sit up and before she got dizzy saw that Christine and David were watching at the foot of her bed. And, of course, Jay

was holding her right hand kneeling on the floor next to her. She had never felt this loved. Thought we might as well have the celebration in here, what with it being your second home and everything, James commented. Adara turned and smiled at him, How thoughtful. She said. With her free hand she felt a huge bandage on her nose, and surprisingly, on her head as well, Whatd I do to my head? she asked anyone who knew the answer. "And your face," she heard someone mutter.

Concussion, Lily said from her spot next to James, You do recognize us all, right? Adara looked at her, Yes, of course. Why wouldnt she? Did she really hit her head that hard? Good. And do you know what you were doing when you hurt yourself? she continued. Adara tried to roll her eyes but it made her head pound. Yes, she remembered. Shed been I was playing Quidditch, right? she asked.

Lily exchanged a look with James, Yeah, James said slowly. Then Im okay, right? she asked. Jayden squeezed her hand, Yes, you are fine. That was went she looked to Sirius again. He looked paler than them all. She gave him a questioning look, What? Sirius eyes bore into hers. She couldnt quite place what she saw and contributed this half to her head injury and half to her exhaustion. Before she could ask

again, the nurse came back in and loudly kicked everyone out. Adara gritted her teeth as her head pounded and she listened as everyone said their goodbyes and get wells around the nurses work. Soon only Sirius and Jayden remained. Sirius kissed her hand and Adara might have heard a promise to be back later but her head had begun to spin. The nurse moved to take Sirius' spot. Jayden finished glaring at Sirius and pecked Adara on the cheek before standing up. With every step Jayden took, the room and her head seemed to vibrate, Could you not,

Adara asked. Jayden hung back as if he thought she was going to ask him to stay, be so loud? Jayden looked at her for a long second then nodded and walked softly as possible to the door. Its okay for you to go back to sleep, you hit your head pretty hard, the nurse was telling her, just take this first, she lifted a cup of some hot liquid to Adaras lip. She swallowed it and didnt have time to register its taste before she was asleep.

Shh you are going to wake her, Black! Which her? Because if you are referring to Adara, then you arent as bright as I always assumed, Evans. Madam Promfrey, of course! Adara was awake enough to open her eyes and see two people walking towards her and one shadow closing the huge door behind them, What would be the point of coming down here if we were just going to watch Adara sleep? the smaller of the two was saying.

As Sirius and Lily came into full view, Adara saw Sirius struggle to answer this question, Nnothing, he stammered, watching someone sleep pointless, exactly. Nice one, Adara saw James walk up and slap a hand onto Sirius shoulder. Adara closed her eyes as they all turned to look at her. Then she made a big show of opening them. Adara, are you awake? Sirius walked around and took the spot that Jayden had occupied last. Only he sat on her bed and took her hand instead of kneeling next to her.

Yeah, Adara smiled at him then looked at her other company, what brings you all in the middle of the night? The three Gryffindors exchanged glances, Well James started, I got Pads trying to sneak out alone and wasnt about to have him tell you alone. Then as we headed out we ran into little miss Prefect sneaking out after hours, too. Lily scowled at James, but Adara ignored this for something else that stuck out in her mind. Tell me? she asked looking from James to Lily to, lastly, Sirius.

Her eyes stayed on him, Tell me what? Sirius sighed, I was going to tell you alone but as thats ruined he shot a look at his friends, I just think that you deserve to know why you even had to think about going into that dangerous, stupid, cursed nose dive. Of course, your Ravenclaw friends wouldnt have noticed because they were playing. Actually, only those who managed to look away from your little snitch chase with the other seeker would have noticed. Adara watched him as he trailed off and looked to James

and Lily for help. When they said nothing, Sirius turned to Adara and just looked at her. She saw his eyes look from her head bandage to her nose then finally to her eyes. What is it, Sirius? She asked, extremely curious. He sighed, Whyd you dive like that? Couldnt you see something was wrong? Since when had the snitch just dropped like that? Retracted its wings? he exploded at her, Did you stop to think about that Padfoot. James tried. - did you ever even register that something might be a bit

fishy with the complete free fall that the snitch went into Black. Lily said levelly. - No, you didnt! You went into a deadly dive! Adara, how thick are you, you could have Sirius! Padfoot! It took them both hissing his name to get him to stop. He let his mouth hang open for a while. Adara looked through her tearing eyes, I could have lost you. She was the only on that heard this whisper. She wasnt

even sure she was supposed to have heard it. She was so confused and so she couldnt describe it. She slowly pulled herself up, ignored the dizzness, and leaned over to wrap her arms around Sirius neck. Tears leaked from her eyes as he wrapped his strong arms around her. She didnt even know why she was crying. She didnt even know what went wrong, why she had been yelled at by Sirius, or why the snitch was important to any of this. All she knew is that at that point in time she was in Sirius arms and everything was okay. She felt his chest rise and fall as he took

uneven breaths and hugged herself tighter to him, as if she would steady him by just holding on. Lily cleared her throat and brought Sirius back to reality. Adara felt him shift around so she released him. She watched as he turned and leaned against the headboard of her cot. She situated herself so she was leaning on him then turned and looked at James, Can you please just tell me what happened? she asked him. James took a deep breath, We arent exactly sure what exactly happened, but somehow all of

the Quidditch balls that are supposed to move the two bludgers and the snitch all just stopped working at exactly the same time. We saw it, the bludgers fell straight to the ground at exactly the same time as you had to dive for the snitch. Then, as we were walking back from the pitch to see you, we heard Professor Dumbledore talking to Madam Hooch in a scary tone; apparently they dont know what happened either. Adara just stared at him, frozen. The bludger and the snitch just dropping? Just ceasing to function? Shed never heard of

such a thing happening the balls were enchanted with powerful spells. It would take one hell of a lot of magic to get one, must less all three of them, to stop working at once. This was not good.

**** A/N: Dun dun dunnnnn. haha. welll, on the bright side, there was definitely some Adara/Sirius feelings/discussions/cutness in this chapter, right? And, of course, Adara is - as James'

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walking at high speed towards them. He didnt look too happy. favorites, Sirius finished with a gulp realizing what this would look like. Jay, Adara jumped away from Sirius and tried to think of a believable, innocent reason that would excuse her walking out of a broom closet, flushed and sweaty, with Sirius Black the only other person that had stayed in the hospital wing with Adara nearly the whole time. Needless to say, none came to mind. HOWS THAT FOR A TEASER? haha. Please review. I'm updating as soon as I'm allowed,

my other story's chapter just was accepted like thirty minutes ago and I went straight to updating this. See, i told you that i loved you guys! =] REVIEW. it makes me happy. over and outt. HPsmartone32 Chapter 20: Of Broom Closets, Friendship, and Lies

Over the course of the next day there was a steady stream of visitors in and out of the hospital wing, the biggest party being that afternoon when the whole

Ravenclaw Quidditch team had come to visit Adara. After about an hour of discussing the nest injury likely to befall Adara and eating chocolate frogs, the nurse scurried over and said that six visitors was much to many for a girl recovering from a broken nose and a concussion and sent them all out. However, even the nurse couldnt keep two visitors away so that night when Adara was eating her dinner, sitting upright on her own without dizziness, she was talking to Sirius about Lilys new tolerance of James.

Jayden had, after Adaras reassurances that a peaceful dinner was just what she needed, left to shower and eat when, not five minutes later, Sirius arrived. Adara preferred it when she had either her boyfriend or Sirius alone because when they were both with her the tension in the air could have been cut with blunt silver dagger. She seems much more willing to be within a 100 foot radius of him these days, Adara commented. Sirius nodded and stole half of Adaras roll, I know, Moony finally got Prongs to understand

that if he just backed off and tried acting a little less insanely in love she might talk to him. Smart, Adara laughed. Sirius shrugged, Whatever works, Prongs says. Adara picked up the rest of her roll then moved the rest of her dinner to the table by her bed. She sat up more, reminding herself of the nurses promise that if she was a good girl and stayed in bed, Adara would be able to leave by lunchtime tomorrow missing only Runes and Charms.

You up for a game of exploding snap? Sirius asked with a evil glint in his eye. Adara smiled, You know that Madam Pomfrey would flip her lid at the noise! she whispered. Sirius raised his eyebrows, Exactly. Adara laughed and opened her mouth to respond but her words were lost as the doors to the hospital wing slammed open. Adaras breath caught for a moment, thinking that Jayden was back early and her lighthearted conversation with Sirius

was over, but upon seeing a smaller silhouette, relaxed. Then it spoke, There you are! it squealed. Adaras eyes narrowed as her hand clenched into a fist around the rest of her roll. Coming into view was a blonde, curly haired, make-up overdoing, Hufflepuff girl whom Adara then decided she would call Bippity-boppity Bitch. Because, really, who walks like that? I havent seen you in nearly two whole days! she exclaimed flouncing her way over to sit on the cot next to Sirius. Adara felt the bread harden into a ball, a more convenient weapon when she

decided to attack this infuriating, annoying, high-pitched Hufflepuff. Hi, Courtney, Sirius smiled at her. The blonde smiled back and then gestured towards Adara, Then when I heard that your little friend Adrianna Adara, Adara corrected her harshly. The blonde showed no notice, - was in here I knew where you were because you Gryffindors are just so loyal! she almost purred.

Adara snorted. Surely Sirius wouldnt Yes, Ive been up here lately. You know, keeping Adara company. I dont know if you two have met? he looked from Adara to Courtney, Adara, this is Courtney, Courtney Adara. He pronounced Adaras name slowly. Because this girl seriously had nothing occupying the space where a brain should be. Yes, you are in my potions class, right? Bippity-boppity Bitch, BB for short, smiled at her. Adara gave a swift nod and tightened her grip on her bread ball. Adara wondered how

Courtney could keep her eyes open with all the eyeliner and mascara she had caked on. Adara was suddenly very aware that she hadnt brushed her hair or showered in nearly three days. So, Sirius, BB turned back to him, would you like to go for a walk? she asked as her eyes went into blinking overdrive. Adara thought of some more names to refer to the Hufflepuff as. Sirius looked at Adara, who was sure she looked mutinous and tried to put a carefree face on. Well, Id hate to leave Adara alone here he trailed off.

Adara couldnt believe it. He actually wanted to go take a walk with her! Well, fine. With much effort she pulled her face back to neutral, No, really, its fine, she said. My boyfriend will be back any minute. Adara didnt know what made her add that last part, but it seemed to be appropriate. Sirius just stared at her for a minute, his expression unreadable. Then he grabbed BBs hand and stood up, Fine. See you later, he said somewhat stiffly as he began to pull Bippity-boppity Bitch out of the hospital wing.

Feel better, Adina! Courtney waved, giggling a bit. The door slammed shut behind them as Adara chucked the bread ball as hard as she could towards the tall oak doors. It bounced off and Adara, still fuming, reached behind her and grabbed her pillow. She swung it into her lap and began her attack on it by pounding on it with her fists. Feathers began to fly as Adara continued to beat the pillow with renewed fury, Adina! Cant even pronounce my bloody name. Not that hard to

do! Stupid little blonde ditzy slut She stopped as she heard footsteps and looked up to see the nurse walking towards her. She quickly replaced her pillow and leaned back against it. Still breathing hard, she put on as much of an innocent face as she could and waited for the nurse to reach her. This came for you just now, she said handing Adara a letter, how are you feeling? the nurse asked eying the still floating feathers warily.

Im fine, Adara said a little too harshly. The nurse examined Adara for another ten seconds then turned and walked back to her office. Adara turned over the letter and recognized her mothers familiar handwriting. Thankful for a distraction, she ripped it open and quickly read it. Addie, How was the match? I hope you won, it would be quite pathetic if you let Hufflepuff beat you. If you did lose, well, it probably wasnt your fault and I still love you. Either way, I have some pretty

unusual news for you. As Im sure you know winter break begins in only twenty-three days (not that Im counting), and this year Hayden has written to me and asked if it was alright with me if you stayed with him for the first part of it. Just until the 27th when he and his wife and MacKenzie leave for London. This was only yesterday so I havent responded yet in order to give you to option of writing back to me telling me that you absolutely did not want to go, in which case I can write him back and tell him that we have some brilliant plan to go to Ireland or something. I know we have never spent a holiday apart

excepting the summer ones, but if you want to go you should. It would give you time to spend with your half-sister and dad. And stepmother, though I know she can be a bit annoying at times. Anyway, write me back a.s.a.p. and I will either lie to your father or tell him that its up to you and to write you. Tell Jayden I say Hi and that he is welcome to stay with us the day before holidays end again. Love Mum

Adara blinked at the letter. True though it was that she and her father had always gotten along, he had never been settled enough to invite her over for the holidays. Sure, shed spent some of the summer holidays with him but that was usually just one or two nights. When he married Claire, Adara and her mum had thought that maybe he was finally taking life seriously, but when they had a baby only eight months later they werent sure. However, it had been almost two years and Hayden and Claire were still married and had, over the summer, moved into a nice

house in some family oriented wizarding community. Adara had only seen MacKenzie about four times in her life and had never seen the new house, but her mother had and had also assured Adara that it was very nice. Apparently Claire could pull her own when it came to working. She worked high up in the ministry, almost under the minister himself. She and Hayden had met during some function hosted by a common friend. Adara sighed and sunk back into her pillows. She hadnt really noticed how close the holidays really were. She hadnt really thought about what she was

going to do. She guessed she had assumed that shed just go home and have a nice quite break for all the madness. But seeing her father and sister wasnt a bad offer, even if Claire could get a bit annoying. And Adara would still have the end of the holidays to spend with her mother. Hey, Adara turned her head to see Jayden walking in. Hi, Adara responded, have a nice dinner? Sheppards Pie, Jayden smiled as he sat down.

Damn, Adara cursed, thats nearly a hundred times better than the stuff theyre serving me here. She pouted. I brought you a chocolate clair, Jayden laughed. Oooh, Adara took it, and you even got a good one with the icing in the middle! My hero! she said and pecked him on the lips. Anything to make the heroine happy, Jayden sighed. Adara bit into her treat and smiled. Elle doing alright?

Jayden asked looking at the letter. Adara nodded, her mouth full, My dad wants me to spend the beginning of holidays with him. Really? Jayden asked, surprised. I know. Sounds like it could be fun, though. I havent seen MacKenzie since she was tiny. Definitely, Jayden said then added sadly, I have to go on a muggle family vacation. Skiing. Again. Im sorry. Adara said.

Yeah, well, maybe Ill be able to come back early. Last time we went skiing Mum and Madison got sick of the negative degree weather pretty quickly. Adara nodded, too lost in her own thoughts to register what her boyfriend was saying. Finally he said something that caught her attention. Something concerning her freedom. So you get out tomorrow at lunch? Ill meet you here and make sure she releases you then we can go eat. Sounds like a plan, Adara smiled.

Soon, Madam Pomfrey shooed Jayden out and with a peck on the cheek he left Adara to sleep. * Adara sent her reply saying that she would very much enjoy spending time with her dad during holidays, though she would of course miss her mum, back to her mother through Madam Pomfrey early the next morning (Im not an owl! she huffed when Adara had asked her. I can leave and do it myself Adara had just

insinuated when the nurse snatched the letter hurried off to the owlry herself). The next few hours during which she was missing her classes passed super slowly. Adara busied herself reading the chapter she was missing in Runes and doing practice problems then turned to read about the next charm they were to learn. She was just practicing the charm Avis and had stopped to admire the single bird that had erupted from her wand (and at the same time was slightly annoyed that there was only one bird meaning the spell

was weak), when Sirius walked into the Hospital Wing. Adaras concentration broke and the bird flew out the window. What are you doing here? she asked. Rumor is you get out today at lunch break and, would you look at that, five minute til! Sirius checked his watch and exclaimed. Youre skiving off the end of Charms, Adara accused. Thought you might want this, he slung his bag around and pulled out Adaras school

uniform, complete with socks and shoes and her prefect badge and everything. Adara opened her mouth stupidly, Howd you get that? Two murders and a sticky situation involving a banshee, Sirius shrugged setting it on her bed, come on, lets bust out of this joint. He left Adara staring at him as he stepped out and with a wave of his wand the curtains closed. Adara scowled at the silhouette of him through the curtains, he nerve of him. To come here after

last night as if nothing was wrong. The nerve. She shook her gaze to the uniform and thought that she might as well get out of here before giving Sirius the payback he deserved. She dressed in her uniform, throwing her hospital pjs on the bed. As she pulled her hair into a messy bun on her head, she stepped out of the curtains, dragging her justpacked bag behind her. Better? Sirius asked. Adara didnt answer but pulled her bag over her shoulder. She saw Sirius pull out a piece of parchment, disappear behind the curtains

then they were pulled back and when he reappeared the parchment was on her pile of clothes. Whats that say? Its a ransom note saying that Ive taken you to Paris to have my way with you and if they ever want to see you again they have to send me the chocolate frog card of Hengist of Woodcroft, he said off-handedly, he founded Hogsmede in the late 10th century, you know. Yes, I do know, Adara snapped as they exited the hospital wing, and how come

you never have a straight answer? Always snappish and sarcastic, you are. Sirius laughed and looked at Adara who was walking next to him, Who pissed in your pumpkin juice this morning? he asked her cocking an eyebrow. No one, Adara replied stupidly, adjusting her bag and crossing her arms. Beg to differ, Sirius started, I was sure that by now youd be quizzing me on every minute point of what we had gone over in lessons. But, I guess I was

wrong. There is a first time for everything, I suppose. Adara snorted. As they neared the Great Hall, Sirius suddenly grabbed Adaras arm and pulled her into a dark room, What the hell! Bloody Batwings, can you not do that? We are in a small broom closet. Sound intensifies in here. Hmm, maybe I wouldnt have to yell, Adara started calmly, if you hadnt freaking pulled me in here! she hissed.

Well how else am I supposed to find out what is stuck up your arse today? he asked as he lighted his wand, threw down his bag, and leaned against one of the walls. Adara pushed herself against the opposite one and followed his example. In the wandlight, she saw he was casually staring at her. Nothing is stuck up my arse, Sirius, she said firmly and rolled her eyes. So thick! Well, then, he said standing up (Adara pushed further against the wall and her pulse oddly quickened), well just have to stay here til you either tell me or

make something up. He walked over and stood in front of the door. Give it up, nothings wrong, Adara said stiffly, now move. She attempted to push him out of the way but he wouldnt budge. She put both hands on his heavily muscled arm and pushed. Damnit, Sirius. This isnt funny. She stamped her foot and crossed her arms. Are you serious? Sirius watched her mini fit with an amused expression.

No you are, Adara said mockplayfully, Ha. Ha. See? Im fine, move! Oh, Sirius looked torn and snapped his fingers, and you almost had me convinced. Youre not funny. I know, Sirius brought his face level to Adaras and smirked, you just told me I was Sirius. Adara screamed in frustration, turned away from him, and threw her hands in the air, Stop it! she turned on him. You stop it, Sirius countered.

No, you stop it. You stop it. No, you sto Im not even doing anything! She leaned up against the wall and put her head in her hands. She took a deep breath, if I was in a bad mood, which Im not saying I am, this would not make my mood any better! Silence enveloped the erm broom closet and Adara lifted her head out of her hands and gave him a tired look. For the first time since they entered the closet, he looked remorseful, I

was just trying to help, he admitted quietly. Yeah. Sorry. Its okay. You forgive me, then? he smiled. For going out to make out with BB then imprisoning me in a broom closet? she thought. Yeah, she said as her stomach growled. Good. And Im guessing you want to get to lunch?

Yeah. Can you say anything else? Sirius teased as he grabbed his bag, handed Adara hers then turned and opened the door. Yeah, Adara smiled up at him as she walked out of the closet, wiping her sweaty forehead with the sleeve of her robe. It was really hot in that closet. Want to employ one of those other words? Shit, she said, suddenly stopping and staring down the hall towards the hospital wing.

Oh, there we go! Thats one of my he stopped suddenly and followed her gaze. Jayden was walking at high speed towards them. He didnt look too happy. favorites, Sirius finished with a gulp realizing what this would look like. Jay, Adara jumped away from Sirius and tried to think of a believable, innocent reason that would excuse her walking out of a broom closet, flushed and sweaty, with Sirius Black the only other person that had stayed in the hospital wing with Adara nearly the whole time.

Needless to say, none came to mind. Jayden was breathing hard as he stopped in front of them. His nostrils flared, his eyes wide and flickering from Adara to Sirius with lightening speed, Adara thought uselessly that there was no reason left in his body. She looked around in vain for something hard that she could use to hit herself over the head to give herself a concussion again. After that quick search she resolved to just getting Sirius arms reach away from Jayden. Then she could explain.

What is going on, Jay said through gritted teeth. Would you believe that we thought that was the new entrance to the Great Hall? Sirius tried. Jayden just continued to glare and breathe heavily. Jay, come on, lets go, Adara tried to take his hand but he pulled it away jerkily. Jay! she begged. Oi, Pads? Is that you? Adara turned and saw James and Remus standing at the entrance to the Great Hall.

Yeah! Adara called back, go, she hissed to Sirius. Are you sure? Sirius asked, looking at Jayden who still looked like he was going to hit him. Never been more sure in my life, Adara hissed. Okay, he turned to go. Adara looked at Jayden who was watching Sirius go. Adara saw that Jaydens hand was fisted around his wand. What have I told you about calling me that? they heard Sirius telling James, I dont want a name that sounds

like one of those muggle contraptions Lily was on about! The only sound was that of Jaydens breathing, Its not what it looks like, Adara said firmly. And what does it look like, Addie? I wasnt assuming you two were having tea with the minister! he said quite loudly as he began pacing. Adara glared at two small Hufflepuffs that were passing. They hurried to their destination. It looks like a complicated situation

Complicated situation? Jayden cut across Adara, you come out of a broom closet with him all rosy cheeked and bright eyed but I shouldnt worry because its just a complicated situation? he asked. Him, Adara, he emphasized pointing to the Great Hall as if Adara didnt know with whom shed been in a broom closet with, Sirius Black! I know, Jayden, and yes, its complicated! Just.. she looked around and saw that many people were stopping in the Entrance Hall and peaking down the corridor for a better look at the source of all the commotion.

Could we go somewhere more private and discuss this? she turned back to him and begged. I would suggest that broom closet, but I dont think that youd want me to taint those wonderful memories you have of being in there with Black! he spat at her before he turned on his heel and marched away. It took Adara a second to realize what had just happened but when her brain caught up to her, she sprinted down the hall after him, Jay, wait! she cried, please Jayden. She called. He didnt slow down, Jay stop! She said, her voice breaking with the

threatening tears, please stop. I love you! that last part got him. He stopped and Adara breathed a shakey breath of relief. They were standing outside the hospital wing again. Adara walked in front of him. Please, she said, let me explain. Jaydens jaw muscled clenched and unclenched, You better have one hell of an explanation. I do, Adara said, come on. She lead him to an empty classroom as she shut the door behind them began to talk, Look, she said, I was in the hospital wing and he just showed

up with all my clothes so I put them on Jayden narrowed his eyes at this he was outside the curtain! Adara hissed. And then I just went with him to lunch, and she paused and remembered that she was supposed to wait for Jayden to take her. Shit. She quickly thought up a story, and then I remembered that I was supposed to walk with you so I was all moody because I thought maybe you were late, she improvised wildly, thanking her Ravenclaw brain but feeling more like a Slytherin as she conned her boyfriend, and he Sirius asked what was wrong and I wouldnt tell him so he got

frustrated and pulled me into the erm closet thinking that maybe Id tell him if we were in private. Jayden studied her and then began slowly pacing. I swear, Jay, I wouldnt, couldnt do that to you, she said before realizing that she was lying. She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall next to the door letting her bag drop as she was unwillingly brought back to that night. Sirius had kissed her gently. She never could have imagined the

feeling that swept throughout her body at the feel of his lips. STOP- STOP!! She told her mind. It didnt listen. She remembered how her selfcontrol had vanished and she kissed him back. How their lips had moved together unfamiliarly; how, without her permission, her tongue danced with his, her breathing grew labored as the heated kiss continued. Using all her energy and then some, she pulled herself back to the present and looked at

Jayden. He still looked at Adara as if shed avada kedavrad his mother. Jay? she asked softly, do you believe me? Jayden stared at her and his expression softened a bit, he gave a curt nod, I have to trust you, dont I? Adara nodded, Thats what my boyfriend of three years would do. He sighed in a way that told Adara he believed her but was still extremely peeved by the situation. Adara took a step off the wall and closer to him and

smiled briefly, Lunch? she asked. He shook his head, Im not hungry. Ill see you in the common room after. He said, leaned over and kissed her roughly on the cheek then pushed open the door to the empty classroom and left her. Adara stepped out to watch him round the corner then she sunk down the wall beside the door pulling her knees to her chest. She beat her forehead against her kneecaps and groaned.

She didnt know how long she stayed there, ignoring the protests of her stomach, but after some time the inevitable happened: someone stopped. Adara knew it would happen, though she didnt have a class until astronomy that night, other people were sure to have classes in the corridor she was currently sitting in. She looked and stood up at the sound of a laugh, ready to tell someone off and issue a detention if anything was wrong with them at all, Whatre you laughing at? Havent you ever seen someone stressed she started before she realized that it

was just Lily. The redheads bright green perfectly almond shaped eyes were wide and her eyebrows pulled up as she smiled, Nice to see you, too, Adara. She laughed. Adara mumbled to herself as she straightened her robes. Lily caught the jist of it and asked, Not having a good first day out? Adara sent her and answering glare as she picked up her bag from just inside the classroom. I see, the redhead said, well, I was just heading to library to do our Charms homework, want to

join? Ill catch you up on what you missed Adara smiled and cut across Lilys offer, Thats great, thanks! - under one condition. The Gryffindor smiled slyly. Adara rolled her eyes, What do you want? she asked, not in the mood. Tell me what happened between you and Sirius in a broom closet that had all the marauders talking in not-sohushed tones, Lily said lightly tossing her head so her red hair flickered back from her face.

Adara groaned, Why dont they just broadcast it to the whole. bloody. school! she said through gritted teeth as she began walking towards the library. Lily fell into step beside her. Im guessing thats what has you in a strop then, she observed plainly. Oh, good one, maybe you should teach Divination, Adara retorted sarcastically. She didnt know why she was taking out her frustration on Lily. The other marauder-victim really only offered to help.

She saw Lily scowl out of the corner of her eye, Feel free to rant to me all you want, but when you start on me she warned. They walked into the library, Sorry, Adara sighed, Jayden just erm... caught us emerging from the closet. Alone. Then, answering the look on Lilys face added, Nothing happened. Oh, bad luck, then, Lily said as they made their way to a table in the back, farthest away from the nosy librarian, and you two rowed?

Yeah, said Adara sitting down, he wasnt too happy, especially because he was supposed to be the one to pick me up from the hospital wing. She took out her charms book, and then I kinda had to lie to him because I couldnt really tell him Id forgotten him, she told Lily, who nodded. Adara subconsciously labeled her as a good listener, and then I ended up having to lie again, but not on purpose really Merlin, Im such a bad person! She buried her head in her hands. Lily spoke, No you arent, she said soothingly, but

how do you lie not-on-purpose? she asked. Well, Adara lifted her head and spoke before realizing what she was saying. What she was confessing, I told him that I couldnt do something to hurt him like makeout with Sirius when thats not really true because I did kiss him when he was Her hand flew to cover her mouth and her eyes went wide. She noticed that Lilys eyes had widened, too. Adara couldnt believe that shed just heard herself confess one of her darkest, most well kept, secrets. She hadnt even

told Christine that back when they were close friends. The only people that hadnt been involved in the act that knew, up to about three seconds ago, had been Adelle, Adaras mum, and possibly James Potter. And here she was confessing to Lily Evans. Worse, her previous enemy though now her ally in dealing with a marauder was a Gryffindor! A Gryffindor that was getting closer (in the sense that they seemed to be some kind of friends since Lily no longer shouted at him every waking moment) to James Potter/best friend of Sirius Black. A Gryffindor that probably saw Sirius multiple times daily, as they shared a

common room. This was not good. Y-you what? Lily finally found her voice. Adara looked around for any type of sharp object with which she could cut out her offending tongue. None were near. Damn. You cant tell anyone! Adara rushed, her blue eyes sparkling with fear. Please, Lily, no one knows. It it didnt mean anything. It just happened, the words were coming so fast Lily had to listen carefully to keep up, you cant tell anyone. Christine will hate me the way David did, or does, I dont know.

And Jayden will be crushed and never speak to me again, she voiced her fears as they crossed her mind, and Sirius hasnt told anyone that Ive known of and you cant tell, Lily, you just Shh! Lily reached over and forced her hand over Adaras mouth effectively silencing her, Im not going to tell, calm down. She removed her hands and Adara took a few deep breaths, could she trust this new friend? Lily had no reason to keep her huge secret. They were barely friends, not nearly that close. And Lily had already been in on alerting Adara on one thing the Quidditch ball mystery

and now this if it kept up, soon Adara would owe her first born to the girl. Lily must have seen that the fear had not drained completely from Adaras face because after she checked that they werent overheard, she began to open her book and said, I swear Im not going to say anything but hurry up and look natural, shes watching. Adara opened her book. You really wont tell, Adara breathed. Not on my life, Lily said, but can I at least know what

happened, then? she looked up with a curious and mischievious look in her eyes. Adara had to smile, Oh, fine. She didnt know why it was so easy to trust Lily, almost as it had been with Sirius, but she did. So she told the story that took place nearly two months ago knowing that her secret was safe.

Adara stood at the doorway, staring at her spot in the Astronomy classroom. The one by Sirius. She tried to think of what she was going to say to him, then tried to remember

what she felt towards him. Anger? Or was it merely frustration? It was definitely one of the two, but Adara thought it unfair to yell at him because one, he hadnt meant to get her in trouble but was trying to help, and two, the broom closet wasnt what she was necessarily angry about. It had just forced her to remember the other incident, the one that sometimes cropped up in her dreams, with much more force. Why was it effecting her so much now. Hell, she didnt even know how it was effecting her another reason she was pissed of at the Gryffindor she usually sat next to.

Deciding that she would let him speak first and just see how it went from there, she took a breath and walked over to her seat. She was aware that he was watching her as she sat down and got her chart out, but he didnt speak until she had run out of things to do and was forced to acknowledge him. She looked at him. He smiled a sad? sorry? sympathetic? smile, You and Booty Boot okay? Peachy. Adara smiled sarcastically back at him. Sirius face fell, Im really, really sorry, Dara. You know I didnt

mean for anything like that to happen. Yeah, well, its the things that we dont plan that sometimes bite us in the arse. Merlin, Sirius cursed looking at the desk, sure feels like Im apologizing a lot recently. Adara wanted to retort something along the lines of maybe thats because you sure are screwing things up a lot recently but seeing the look on Sirius face, the one that told her he was really beating himself up about it, not only did the retort disappear but took with it all the

anger shed felt towards him, just and unjust. Before she knew it, she reached out and touched his shoulder, Aw, Sirius, dont feel bad. Its no big deal. We worked it out. And it was mostly true. Jayden and she were still together, of course, but he seemed to still be thinking it through and gave her a bit of the cold shoulder when she saw him after his class and at dinner. But hed still kissed her as she left for astronomy. He still loved her and she still loved him. I know well work it out, Sirius smiled at her, taking her words

the wrong way. Thanks for not being mad. Adara just smiled at him and nodded, hating herself as she wondered if she and Sirius could always work things out better than her and Jayden. ****** A/N: Hi. I hope that you liked this chapter. I think I do. School's starting. On Friday (the 15th). That combined with the fact that this year is really, really hard (junior year, 11th year, 4 AP college courses) means that I might not be updating as

regularly. I know what I want to happen, mainly, so that really helps. It's just that I fear the whole 'actually writing it' part will be complicated. Though I do get my laptop back (*parties*). So yeah, sorry. I am wrapping up As Stupid As Me but of course that means that I have another story idea surfacing. Because one story at a time would be way to easy, right? haha. So check out my livejournal for more info on that story. Oh. and here's your preview: Right, look I just have a question to ask you. BB said, her tone almost matching Adaras. The Ravenclaw raised her eyebrows

in response. BB continued, Youre dating that Boot bloke, yeah? Stalker. Adara thought irrationally before she grudgingly admitted to herself that most of the school would probably know that as theyd been together for nearly three years. Yes, why? she asked. So nothing is going on between you are Sirius? P.E.#1 said with a tight, I-just-won smile. Adara glared at her, Well we are kind of really close friends, she said. So Id know if he was interested in anyone. Sorry,

hasnt mentioned you. She finished with a smirk. BB narrowed her eyes before speaking, Thats okay. He probably would have told me himself by now but when were together we dont really have much time for talking. Thats good then! Adara said in mock-concern, Because if he found out that you have a problem forming words with more than two syllables and the mental capacity of a two year old on dragon powder he might not like you as much. hehehe. I had a good time writing that scene. And quite a

few others in the next chapter. Though it is partly sad. And some of you will probably be a bit angry. Ah, well. You have to do what you have to do. And right now, I can tell that you really have to write something in the review box. Call it a sixth sense. =] Thanks guys. You rock. over and outt. HPsmartone32 Chapter 21: Aggravation

As the weeks progressed Adara noticed that Jayden had dropped his cold shoulder act and, instead, picked up an

attitude that Adara need not be alone. At all. Ever. At first it was cute, Jayden showing up outside her classes and walking with her hand in hand to the next one. But after a week of non-stop Jayden, Adara was sincerely wishing that things would just go back to how they used to be. What had happened to that care-free, easy relationship that they had had for so long? But he was still Jayden. And Adara did still love him. So she went along with it. She dealt with the multiple notes that were stuck in her stacks of notes: Love

you, Addie See you after class, love. Yes, it was cute and Adara was probably taking it way for granted. She hated herself for being excited about class periods like Runes and Potions and Astronomy and Transfiguration where she didnt have to deal with Jayden staring at her and kissing her cheek. She was talking to Lily more now and was starting to feel really close to the Gryffindor. And, of course, things with Sirius were back to normal. He was just as funny and care-free as always and sometimes, as much as

Adara hated it, she looked forward to spending time with him even more. So the weeks past brining more and more snow and soon it was the last week before term ended. That wonderful, last Monday morning before term Adara sat in her potions class waiting for her friends to show up. She was only thirty minutes early; they would, hopefully, be here in about twenty five minutes. She banged her head against the desk a few times as she wished, again, that things between her and Jayden would just go back to normal. Her mom kept telling her to just wait, give

him time, and things would go back to how they were. But wasnt two and a half weeks enough time? And what would happen if it didnt get better? If he kept being persistent and hovering. Would they brea no. She wouldnt think about that. They had to get better. These thoughts were the same ones that kept her up at night. She tried not to think about them, but they usually invaded her mind sometime between when she retired to the dorm early to avoid people and when Christine snuck into the dorm after her nights out with Cole.

Adara and Christine werent back to where they were on the friend scale. In a bunch of ways, Adara hated to notice that she seemed to be getting closer to Lily and farther away from Christine. It wasnt that Christine and Adara were mad at each other, still. It was more that they tried to act normal but Christines whole disapproval of Sirius and her other Gryffindor friends sat like a ticking bomb between them. As much as they tried to ignore it, it was large and loud and their minds traveled back to it often. And what else was there to talk about between them? The

Gryffindors were such a large part of Adaras life now and Cole was such a huge part of Christines that they hardly had anything in common. In some ways, Adara felt that her new friends were causing her old group to break up. The only people who still acted normal around her were Xeno and Laila but that was only because they were blissfully unaware of the rest of the world. And nobody saw them much, anyway. So what could Adara do but go with the flow of things? All in all, everything was changing in her world and even outside of it according to the news. This

whole thing Sirius had told her about with this Voldemort person was growing more and more out of hand and, really, Adara just tried to ignore the whole thing. But try as she might to do that, some of it was leaking in to Hogwarts. The Slytherins were taking it to a level and there was that whole ball thing at the last Quidditch match. That was yet to be resolved. With too many thoughts for so early in the morning, Adara didnt notice at first when someone walked in and sat in front of her. It was only when the overwhelming smell of perfume reached her did she look up and

see none other that BippityBoppity Bitch sitting there. How perfect, Adara thought with a roll of her eyes. She was so not in the mood for her right now. Shed been more and more prominent in Adaras life, much to her displeasure. Seemed like every time Adara would have alone time with Sirius, in classes, during free periods, in the corridor, BB would show up and whisk him away leaving Adara muttering a long list of profanities in their wake. Adara would be angry with Sirius for the next few hours but, never having the courage to tell him what was really bugging her, would forgive

him way too easily. The way he used his eyes was very unfair. However, with Personal Enemy Number One sitting right in front of her, Adara was frailly resisting the urge to chuck something at the back of her head. As soon as she found something good a chunk of a cutting board that had been blasted off during an infamous James-and-Sirius potion-gone-wrong she brought her arm back and prepared to launch right when BB turned around. Adara pretended to be scratching her back and dropped the piece behind her, cursing silently.

Adriana? she asked in her highly annoying, asking-for-apunch-to-the-face voice. Adara narrowed her eyes. How could she be so stupid? Wasnt it like illegal to have a negative IQ? It should be. Its Adara. She said. Right, look I just have a question to ask you. BB said, her tone almost matching Adaras. The Ravenclaw raised her eyes in response. BB continued, Youre dating that Boot bloke, yeah? Stalker. Adara thought irrationally before she grudgingly admitted to herself that most of the school

would probably know that as theyd been together for nearly three years. Yes, why? she asked. So nothing is going on between you are Sirius? P.E.#1 said with a tight, I-just-won smile. Adara glared at her, Well we are kind of really close friends, she said. So Id know if he was interested in anyone. Sorry, hasnt mentioned you. She finished with a smirk. BB narrowed her eyes before speaking, Thats okay. He probably would have told me himself by now but when were

together we dont really have much time for talking. Thats good then! Adara said in mock-concern, Because if he found out that you have a problem forming words with more than two syllables and the mental capacity of a two year old on dragon powder he might not like you as much. Adara smiled sweetly at the Hufflepuff who seemed to be incapable of responding to such a long sentence. They were in the middle of their little glaring contest when Lily walked in. Good morning, Adara, Courtney, she greeted them

with a confused look on her face. Did I miss something? BB tore her glare off Adara, who mentally celebrated the win, and looked to Lily, Oh, Adara was just about to stick her nose back into some book and I was verbally wishing that she didnt get a paper cut. And, in response to such wellwishing thoughts, I was just giving her the name of my kindergarten teacher so Courtney can finally learn to read after all these years. Lily raised her eyebrows as she took the seat next to Adara in

silence. P.E.#1 turned back around in her chair and Adara grinned in victory. Soon, the class began to fill and Adara gritted her teeth when she saw Courtney call to Sirius and pat the stool next to her. However, as he took the seat, he leaned back and greeted Adara with friendly enthusiasm before turning to talk to BB. When Adara looked away from Sirius she saw Lily was staring at her with a confused expression, What? she asked. Lily raised her eyebrows and looked from BB to Sirius then

back at Adara. Adara rolled her eyes, I just dont like her. She said plainly. Lilys eyebrows, if possible, were raised higher. Adara scowled at her, Shut up, she mumbled as she turned to get out her potions book. She heard Lily chuckling beside her. So what if she didnt like Sirius with BB? It was only because they were friends and Adara knew that Sirius could do better than this ditzy blonde whose brain reached full capacity with only the knowledge of the

location of every broom closet in Hogwarts. Slughorn came in before Lily had completely stopped laughing and assigned them a potion to brew with their partners. The potion would take a week to make, so that was what theyd be doing until break. Adara was grateful to be assigned a potion that would demand all of her attention because if she saw the way Courtney looked at Sirius one more time she might lose the little bit of breakfast she did eat. She was also grateful that Lily was her partner; though she could have done just as well with

Sirius, she thought he deserved to have to work really hard to make even an A grade potion while working with Ms. WhatDoes-a-Sleeping-Draught-Do. While they were working, Slughorn handed back their Draught of the Living Dead essays from the last class. He winked at Lily and Adara as he gave them their O papers. As was usual lately, the two switched papers and skimmed for small details that the other might have included and that they had missed. Oh, youre right, crushing the Sopophorous Bean would

probably be a better idea! Adara exclaimed. And I didnt completely underline the fact that at the halfway mark the potion should be blackcurrant-colored, Lily commented. Ah, well. Your essay is fantastic. Oh, yours too, Lily smiled as they switched back and began again to work on their potion. Before going back to work completely, Adara caught a glimpse of BBs grade and smirked; P. Howd she ever get

into N.E.W.T. level potions, anyway? Probably slept with the examiner. Ha. The rest of the class went by fairly quickly. Adara paid no attention to the Bitch and Sirius and put her whole focus into her own potion. By the end of the class she and Lily were sweaty, covered in bean juice, and had unmentionables under their nails but their potion was precisely the color the book described. The only other person in the class to achieve this was that greasy Slytherin. Something Snape. Sirius and James had somewhat of a

pet name for him, too, but Adara couldnt remember it. She and Lily packed up their ingredients and set their potion, covered, in the spot that Slughorn showed them. As they walked out of the classroom James caught up with them, Hey, he smiled. Hi James, Lily and Adara said together. Adara looked behind her to see if Sirius was planning on catching up with them. When she didnt see him she assumed he was off with BB and scowled. How could James let this go on? Didnt he realize what a bitch this girl was? As Sirius best guy

friend wasnt it his job to point this out to him? Maybe they just celebrated whatever they could get; Merlin knows that the marauders dont have trouble getting whatever girls they want. Sirius and James probably slapped hands back in the ol dorm. She could just hear them way to get a piece of that, mate! or however blokes talk to each other. Her scowl became more pronounced. You up for it, Adara? Lily was suddenly asking her. She looked up at the Gryffindor, confused. Lily sighed, After we both shower do you want to meet in

the library and we can go over the Charms essay thats due tomorrow? I could really, really use the help, James added miserably. Charms is such a girl subject. Adara nodded at them as Lily turned to James, A girl subject? she demanded. Sure, girls always outshine blokes in charms, he shrugged. Oh, really? Lily asked. You must have forgotten who our professor is, then. Last time I checked Flitwick was a bloke.

James raised his eyebrows and Adara had a feeling she knew what was coming, Oh, so you checked then? he asked. Lily flushed bright red, You know what I mean, she growled. James chuckled, Yeah, but please, Flitwick is as good as. So now you are insulting the head of Adaras house? James looked to Adara with wide eyes, Oh, shit, sorry Adara, he said quickly. I totally forget that you arent Gryffindor!

I didnt mean anything by that, I just he can be Adara burst out laughing as they all stopped at the top of the staircase where they would part ways, Dont worry about it, most of us joke that Flitwicks a poof, too. she stopped laughing and added, but youll never know what we say about McGonagall behind enemy lines, and then with a mysterious look turned and disappeared down the corridor laughing to herself. She was glad that she was so accepted with the Gryffindors that James would forget she wasnt technically one of them.

She had to admit, they were fun to be around. * Hey Addie, Jayden pecked her on the cheek as he sat down beside her at lunch. Hi Jay, Adara smiled at him as she finished putting condiments on her sandwich. How was Herbology. Not fun, he said grimly. Had to extract pods from this giant finger-eating plant. Almost got me, it did; thankfully Xeno managed to pull it off me. He

added two sandwiches to his plate, Whatd you do during your free period? Went of charms essay with Lily and James. Fun. Oh, yeah, Adara smiled. It actually had been fun; they had tried for nearly thirty minutes to get Adara to confess what the Ravenclaws said about Minnie (as James called her). Christine and Cole plopped down across the table from Adara and Jayden, Just barely finished D.A.D.A. homework,

Christine admitted. Cole was helping me during our free. Im going to get you with my silent spell this time, Jay. Yeah, you keep thinking that, Jay retorted, smiling as he waved his sandwich at her. Adara watched as the playful banter between her group went on but no longer felt as if she belonged here and only here. She couldnt help but look down at the Gryffindor table and spot her other friends. They were laughing, too. Sirius was pointing to James across the table with a spoon and saying something with an I-will-smite-you

expression. James took up an empty plate and held it in front of him as a makeshift shield. Remus and Lily and some girl sitting next to Lily all burst into laugher. Adara longed to know what they were saying. She pulled her attention back to the table barely noting the way Jayden was looking from her to the Gryffindor table. I heard apparition lessons start after break, Christine remarked happily. They havent started yet? Last year they started like midOctober, Cole looked at her.

I heard some little fifth year girls gossiping in the common room about some terrible accident that killed the previous instructor, Jayden put in. They said he was found in his house with some weird mark over it. Said that he had a son in our house at Hogwarts. Named like Alden AlecAlex, I dont know. They all looked down the table as if that would tell them which kid was the son of the late instructor. Adara looked up from her food, Thats terrible! When was this? she demanded. How come her mum hadnt told her?

Jayden shrugged, A while back. Early November. Adara turned back to her sandwich, pensive. She felt like somehow she knew about the situation before. But that was impossible. With all that was going on she hadnt even noticed that apparition lessons were late to start. The four of them finished their lunch, Christine said goodbye to Cole, and then the three sixth years walked up to Defense Against the Dark Arts together. Jayden took Adaras hand as soon as they left the Great Hall.

They reached the classroom and took their normal seats. Adara had begun to dread the classes both Jayden and Sirius were in. So much tension and so many glares; it was unsettling. As she sat waiting for Sirius to get there and class to start, Jayden held her hand under the table. She smiled up at him every now and then to hide her anxiousness. She was really trying to think about why that story about the apparition instructor seemed so familiar? The professor walked in before Sirius. Adara didnt want to think about why he was late so he

watched Professor Beck shuffle papers around on his desk. After a few minutes he turned back to the class, Er Mr. Boot? he asked. Jayden looked up, Yes, Professor? I think I left the stack of essays in the teachers lounge, would you please go retrieve them? he asked. Adara rolled her eyes; he really should retire soon. Last week hed forgotten his wand and sent James off to get it. Jayden nodded, dropped Adaras hand, and left. Adara turned her attention back to the front of the class then heard the sound of someone pulling out

the stool beside her. Youre late, again, she ground out turning to look at Sirius who had just mysteriously appeared. No one noticed but Adara. All thoughts of the little fatherless boy dropped out of her head. Im so glad you can tell time, Sirius smiled at her. One day you do have to teach me. She rolled her eyes and let out a huff of breath, Wouldnt matter. What you need to learn is that Hogwarts isnt some cheap motel where you can go about getting a good bang in whenever you please. She growled in a whisper.

Sirius raised his eyebrows, Well, now. He said surprised at Adaras bluntness, who says that that was what I was doing? Common sense, she spat. Dont talk about that of which you know nothing, Sirius narrowed his eyes. So you werent with Bippit Courtney, then? I never said I wasnt with her. Just that we didnt necessarily do what you are implying. You can have a relationship without putting out, he continued,

though you might not know that. Adara blinked at him. Excuse me? she asked. Never mind, Sirius turned to stare at the front of the room. Sirius Black Ill have you know that I am not anything like Courtney and that while you might have some since of morals, she definitely does not. And I will not have you implying anything about me and Jayden because you know nothing about our relationship, or any relationship for that matter, considering your longest one has

lasted what? About three days? she went off, and furthermore Oh, theres more, fantastic, Sirius cut in angrily. Adara ignored him. I think that you can do better than Courtney. Shes ignorant and has no clue what you are really like and only likes you for your body and your tendency to have any girl that throws herself at you. Sirius looked at her in a mixture of disbelief and anger, Thanks for the oh-so-wonderful advice, Adara, but Ill have you know

that Ill not have any bad talk from you or anyone else about me or my girlfriend. Adaras breath caught in her throat at that last word. Girlfriend? They were... a couple? Since when? She couldnt stand it any longer. She had to get out of there. She grabbed her bag, stood up, and for the first time in her life Adara Moore left and purposely skipped a lesson. In fact, Adara skipped two lessons. She didnt show up to Transfiguration, either. She had walked up to the Astronomy tower, slung her bag over the

ledge, then herself, and sat down on by the tower on the roof of the castle. It wasnt a long drop, but it was enough that Adara had no clue as to how she was going to get back up. But she didnt care. She stayed there all through Defense and even through Transfiguration. She just sat there on the roof, not even noticing the time that was passing. Not even caring what she was missing. Just thinking about the row she and Sirius had had for no reason and that last thing he had said to her: Ill have you know that Ill not have any bad talk from you or anyone else about me or my girlfriend.

Girlfriend. How could he? She not right for him, not at all. He was just being stupid. Being a guy. And she only cared because he was or used to be her friend and she knew he deserved better. Someone smart and funny and someone that understood him. Not her. Courtney. Who couldnt tell a kneazle from a hedgehog. Adara didnt notice that it had gotten dark until she heard someone calling her name from the tower above her. It was the second time someone had checked up there for her. The first time it had been Jayden and

Christine. This was someone else. But not Sirius. They wouldnt even bother to look down there. She was probably the first person to hide on the roof of the castle. What are you doing down there? the voice of James asked her. She was confused. She looked up and saw a sillehoutte of someone looking down at her. Howd you know I was down here? she asked. Her voice cracked from not being used in so long. She watched as he climbed over the ledge and jumped

down landing gracefully beside her as he tucked something into his pocket. Maybe she wasnt the first to try it. I had a little help. Hm. They sat in silence for a minute, Lily got worried when you werent at dinner. Your little nerd friends are beside themselves. Hm. She repeated. More silence. So you didnt answer my question, James said softly.

Maybe I dont have an answer, Adara answered. I think you do. Adara didnt answer. She stared out to the dark grounds. Whyd you come and find me? she asked. She watched James shrug, Lily was worried, he said. Adara waited. And Sirius told me you two rowed. He was worried, too. Adara snorted, Yeah. Right. He was worried.

Adara, James said in a scolding way. Whatever, James, you found me. Drag me back into the warmth of the castle. Save me again. Preferably before I wind up with Poppy again. She said plainly. James studied her for a minute then stood up, Alright, Ill boost you up. Adara didnt say anything as she stepped onto James clasped hands and pulled herself onto the rim of the tower. She stood up on the ground then reached down for her bag and then for James hand. Once they were both

safely back on the tower, she grabbed her bag and led James down the stairs. Before they reached the bottom James grabbed Adaras arm and spun her around, Look, Im only gong to say the once and I may be completely off, he started. Adara raised an eyebrow. You and Sirius he took a breath, if you, you know, fancy him or something and thats why Adara pulled her arm out of his reach, I dont fancy Sirius. She said firmly, half to herself and half to James. I just thought we were

friends and I just think that he can do better than that half-wit. You cant lie to yourse Im not lying, James! Adara said in almost a yell. They stared at each other for a long moment then she looked at the ground. Im with Jayden. She felt James hand on her shoulder, That doesnt mean She looked up, Yes, it does. She said in a tone that rang finality. After a second he nodded and took his hand away. They walked the rest of

the way to the parting point in silence. Ill see you later, James said. Adara nodded and continued on her way up to her dorm. Both the common room and the dorm were empty of her friends (either they were at dinner late or out looking for her) so she threw her bag on her bed and rustled through her trunk to get a clean pair of pajamas. She found a pair near the bottom and pulled it out. With them a loose piece of parchment floated to the floor. She sighed and picked it up. It was an old letter from her mother.

Addie, You know how hard it is for me to refrain from adding my opinion on these sorts of things, but I will. For now. All I can tell you, advice-wise, is that you have to choose one, Addie. I would guess that you obviously feel something for this other guy or you wouldnt have kissed him back. And as youve been with Jayden for three years, you no doubt feel something for him. But, Baby, you have to choose. You have to choose because this kissing and thinking about another guy is not fair to Jayden. You need to decide who is the best for you, and stay

with that. I trust you, Addie, but its not fair to string Jayden along if you like this other guy. I know that youll do the right thing. Love always, Mum P.S. You need to tell me about this hospital wing visit or Im owling the nurse. And dont think that Im bluffing. You have got to be kidding me, she said loudly to God, Merlin, or whoever controlled the universe. She crumpled up the letter angrily and threw it back into her trunk. In a huff she grabbed her towel and pajamas

and marched off to the showers cursing everything she knew.

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Are you almost done yet, you know the train leaves at eleven and its ten-thirty, dont you? Christine asked Adara cautiously from across the dorm room. Yes, Adara said trying not to sound snappy. It was Saturday morning and Adara was only halfway packed for Christmas break. She hadnt felt like doing much of anything over the past four days, except homework which had to be done, so shed left it to the last minute. Christine didnt reply, having recently learned that Adara was best left alone. Adara had lately been on one side of two extremes: either really down or really snappy. This

morning she was in a bad mood, and was quite literally throwing things into her trunk. She took her picture frame and threw them in, she heard a tinkling of breaking glass, but didnt pause to see where it had broken. She continued to throw things in and with in a few minutes everything was in her trunk and the only task that remained as closing it. She took a somewhat running start, jumped onto her trunk, and as it creaked shut she managed to clasp the lock. She stood up, shoved her wand in the back pocket of her jeans, pulled her favorite huge sweater over her

shirt, and looked to Christine, Ready? she asked. Christine, somewhat wide-eyed from apparently having watching Adaras little war on her trunk, nodded and they pulled their belongings down the stairs to the common room. So is Jayden coming to stay with you? Christine asked as they exited the common room. They were two of the very last left, their boyfriends and friends probably saving a compartment on the train.

Adara shook her head, I dont think so; he has something with his family. Oh. Chrisitne commented, Im going to stay with Cole for a week up in the mountains. She said as if it were old news. Adara stopped walking, What? You are? Since when? This was a big step in their relationship and Christine hadnt thought to tell her? Or had she told her and Adara just hadnt paid attention. She hoped it was the former. Christine stopped walking and turned to look at Adara. The strawberry blonde seemed to

examine her then finally said, Its been planned forever. We just never talk anymore. Adaras stomach twisted in guilt; she knew Christine was right. I dont even know what is going on with you anymore; why youve been acting weird all week. You only ever talk to the Gryffindors now. Adara wanted to refute that statement but she couldnt. Even if she wasnt presently speaking to Sirius, she still spent most of her time with Lily, James, and lately, Remus. She was pleased to learn that none of the other

Marauders could stand BB either; however she was then disappointed to learn that it was unfortunately against Marauder Code to play serious tricks on/ publically humiliate another Marauders girl. We wrote the code back in fourth year, James said morosely during one study session in the library, before we knew that Sirius would go bonkers and date a cow. She looked at ground and tried to think of some way to explain herself. None came to mind. The only thing that did was the huge fight that she and Christine had

had so many nights ago and the huge barrier that it had created, Im sorry, she muttered. Were going to be late for the train, was all she said. Adara nodded and they walked the rest of the way in silence.

Pulling their trunks onto the now moving train, Adara and Christine helped each other wrench the door shut. That. was hard, Christine laughed. Getting onto a moving train? Who would have figured? Adara gasped.

I dunno, Christine answered clutching a stitch in her side. They laughed, their previous conversation forgotten in the chaos of nearly missing the train, as they searched for the compartment their friends were in. Adara watched her friend as they walked; she looked different, older or something. Adara realized that shed always be able to laugh and have fun with Christine, even if it took nearly missing a train. Surely Adara could find some sort of compromise

Finally Christine caught the sound of Coles voice and led Adara to the right one. Adara couldnt help but remember that being attuned to someones voice was on Sirius list of signs of love. The annoying part of her brain tried to say something about Jayden but Adara silenced it. Finally, I thought you guys missed the train! Cole exclaimed as soon as they entered the compartment. He helped Christine put her trunk on the rack then kissed her on the cheek.

We almost did, Christine smiled as she blushed under the touch of Coles lips. Yeah, Adara breathed as, for some reason, jealousy ate at her insides. She knew she didnt like Cole, but she didnt think she wanted to pin down the reason for this feeling nonetheless. Jayden lifted her trunk with ease then sat back down. Adara sat between him and the wall and stared out the window at the whiteness of the world covered in snow. It felt like Christmas, she guessed. Though she wasnt as joyous as she normally was going home for break. She was itching

to see her mother, though. To make sure she was still in one piece and everything. Her mum and her dad were both going to meet her at the station then drive over to her dads house for a nice welcome home meal. Adara was pretending to sleep against the wall to avoid conversation when she heard the compartment door open. Er, is Adara in here? she heard Lily ask. She pretended to wake up and blinked, Lily? she asked. Oh, hey. Lily smiled as if she saw right through Adaras faade, but

said, Sorry to wake you, anyway. Its okay, Adara smiled back. Can I talk to you for a minute? Adara looked around and noticed how awkward this must be for Lily. All of Adaras friends were following the conversation with their heads, looking back and forth as each girl spoke. Smooth, guys. Sure, Adara stood up, be right back. She exited the compartment and followed Lily a bit down the hall.

Sorry to pull you out of such a deep sleep, Lily smirked. Shut up, Adara grumbled. Lily laughed, Well, I was just wondering if you had anything planned for the day after tomorrow. Monday? Adara shook her head, No, why? Well Alice and I are going Christmas shopping in Diagon Alley that day and I wanted to invite you to come along. If you havent already done all your shopping, that is.

Shopping? What shopping? Shit, Adara cursed, I have been completely putting that off. She had not done any of her shopping, how had she forgotten that? Then you must love me, Lily smiled. Adara laughed, Like you dont even know. Lily smiled, Okay, well, how about we need at the Leaky Cauldron at ten-thirty? Sounds perfect.

Great, well Id better get back to the compartment, I dont want James to blow something up while Im gone. She sighed, Youre welcome to come with me. Merlin knows we need more women to counter all that testosterone. Adara laughed, Thanks, but no thanks, she said as half of her wished she could go. That her Ravenclaw friends wouldnt be offended. That she was presently speaking to Sirius. Right, well, see you Monday! Lily said, her amazingly green eyes flashing as she grinned.

Bye, Adara hugged Lily and they parted ways. On the way back to the compartment, Adara decided that she might as well use the loo. She was looking forward to the critical looks she knew shed get as soon as she rejoined her compartment. Following that decision, she also decided to use the prefect loo the one near the back of the train that just happened to be pretty far from her compartment. Walking back there, she glanced into the compartments she passed noting the groups of first years and second years all chatting excitedly to be seeing

their parents and younger siblings again. She smiled to herself when she realized she was probably as excited as most of them. Being away from her mother always made her realize how close they really were. No matter whom Adara hung out with at school, her mother would always love her and be there for her. Well, if she took up with this new group of dark Slytherins Elle might be a bit freaked, but Adara didnt plan on doing that any time soon. She shuttered at the thought as she reached the back of the train. The prefects bathroom was right next magnificent oak door

that led to the meeting room where the prefects met so the Head Boy and Girl could give them instructions. She turned the doorknob and walked into the bathroom. She did her thing and was just washing her hands when she heard a voice coming from the other side of the wall; the side that should have been the prefects meeting room. Was there a meeting she didnt know about? I am not in the mood for this, said one voice forcefully. Adaras heart leaped as she dried her hands.

Well, this is exactly what I wanted to do today, answered another sarcastically. Yes, the epitome of a good time, remarked a third. Adara easily recognized all three voices, and realized that while she wasnt listening to a prefects meeting, this meeting might very well be more important. Great, since none of us want to do this, how about we dont, growled the first. Growled was more appropriate than ever in this instance, Adara could just

hear the snarl that would come from the same person if he were in his animagus form. As appealing as that sounds, we are your best mates and this seems to be covered in the handbook, Remus sighed. Right under thou shall not steal another marauders girl and before thou shall not play serious/harmful pranks on a marauders girl, Nodded James as if he had just looked that up recently. Well, Adara wasnt sure that he nodded as she couldnt really see him, but she was fairly certain that he had.

Oh, my bad, I didnt know that marauders couldnt date. Sirius responded. You can, James said, or else Id have to desert this group once I get my dear Lily to fall for me. Adara heard three snorts, one was from her, then Remus spoke, Back to the present real situation, we know what you are doing, Padfoot. Oh, Sirius said, you know Im dating Courtney, damn.

Padfoot, come on, James said, we know that you are using Courtney. Using her? Sirius asked. Padfoot, we all know that you are head over arse for Dont, Sirius warned loudly. Dont even bring her into this, he added in what Adara knew was a controlled voice. Adara heard two exasperated sighs and then realized that her ear was literally pressed up against the wall now. She pushed away and straightened out her hair.

Were being serious, here, Remus told him. no pun intended. Adara noticed that Remus seemed to add that last bit out of habit. Look, I know that Courtney may not be the brightest galleon in the ban You wouldnt even know, you never talk to her! James said. I thought that you had better taste than this, Padfoot. And if not better taste, then better I dont know, sense than to just use a girl for a good snog or even to make

WE ARE NOT GOING TO BRING HER INTO THIS! Adara jumped back from the wall, eyes wide. Shed never seen or heard Sirius lose it like that before especially not at those whom he was closest to. Why not her, though, Padfoot? Shes got substance. Remus told him softly. Not the only thing shes got, Sirius muttered. If youre talking about Prongs, of course thats what Im talking about! How can you

not see that thats a bit of a problem! Shed rather you. Yes, thats obvious because of the fact that shes not with me and all, Sirius answered. You havent given her a ch I thought I said I didnt want to talk about this? I dont. And I know what Im doing with Courtney, okay? You dont have to worry, just mind your own business, Sirius huffed. Adara heard a door open and then slam shut.

We tried, she heard Remus muttered. I guess thats all we can do, James agreed. Adaras mind was very cluttered as she waited until she heard the door open and close again. She waited about five more minutes until she was sure everyone was settled then she made her way back to her own compartment in a daze. Oh, I was just beginning to wonder if theyd kidnapped you, Jayden said, the smile on his face very forced.

Adara put one on she hoped looked a bit more real, Nah, Lily just wanted to know where Id be staying for break so she could write me. But we got caught up in girl talk you know how we are, Adara said, surprised at how easily the lie came. I see, Jayden answered as Adara took her spot between him and the window. Did you not sleep last night? he asked. No, not really, Adara answered, truthfully. I was anxious to see Mum, she hadnt lied she just hadnt said that that wasnt the reason she didnt sleep.

You always are, Jayden said quietly as he twirled a piece of her hair between his fingers. * Adara? Adara! the object of her mothers search heard her name as soon as she stepped off the train. Elle had never been one to sacrifice finding what she wanted for other peoples sanity, as she was displaying now. Other parents were staring at Elle as she waved her arms frantically and yelled her daughters name and scooting away from her as indiscreetly as possible.

Adara laughed and tugged her trunk over to her mother, Mum! the two embraced and held onto each other so tightly that neither was able to breathe properly. They finally released each other and Elle smiled down at her daughter, You look so much older! Look at how long your hair has gotten, you have got to let me cut it, she scrutinized. Thanks, you look amazing, too, Adara rolled her eyes. Wheres Dad? she looked around. Hes waiting out by the car. Said he didnt want to be here when I embarrassed myself,

whatever that means, Elle answered. Here, Ill get the trunk and you get Anka. Are you sure you can handle my trunk, its pretty heavy, Adara asked. Im seventeen years older and seventeen years strong than you, Addie, I think I got this, Elle rolled her eyes and picked up the trunks handle. She gave it a forceful pull; it barely moved. Adara raised an eyebrow at her mother. Fine, Mrs. Quidditch Star, Ill get the ruddy owl, Elle scowled and switched with Adara.

They weaved their way through the crowd of people waiting for their kids to get off the Hogwarts Express, then through the crowd of muggles waiting for their own loved ones. Finally they reached a break in the crowd and saw a small but family-sized car sitting on the other side of the road, a tall handsome man leaning against it waiting. Adaras face broke into a grin and she sprinted across the street (earning three honks) and ran into her dad. Long time, no see, He chuckled as they hugged.

Bloody school, Adara laughed back as they pulled apart. We really need to do something about that, Bryce laughed as he picked up her trunk and through it into the cars trunk. Oh, I already plan to drop out and start a new wizarding rock band. Mum and I have had it planned for years, Adara answered as the small family got into the car. Is that right? Bryce asked as he turned the key.

Yeah, were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to present itself, Elle answered. Not everyone will realize our talent right away. I see, Adaras father answered as he pulled out into traffic and turned the radio on. Her mother and father began to argue over which genre would be best for them as a start-up band. Adara looked at her mother and her father sitting in the front two seats of the car and smiled. She knew that they would always be a family, even if her parents werent married. She was looking forward to seeing

her little sister and even her stepmother. The little things, the small frame of time shed already spent with her family was enough to cheer her up, even if she couldnt completely forget everything shed heard on the train and all that it was related to. Were home! Bryce called as he magicked the trunks into the house and sent them up the spiral staircase and probably into Adaras room. Da-da! cried a little voice and the sound of a small child thumping down the stairs on her

rump was heard. The three new arrivals hung up their coats and took off their snow-covered boots while they waited for the nearly two year old to complete her descent. Da-da! MacKenzie repeated as she toddled over and was lifted into the air by her father. Hey, Bug, wheres Mummy? he asked her. Up! the toddler answered pointing to the stairs shed just come down. Im coming! they heard a faint yell.

Bryce turned to Adara and Elle, Do you remember your sister, Addie, and youre Auntie Elle? he asked. MacKenzie stared at them for a minute, as if thinking, then shook her head no. Adara laughed, Hey, dont punish your sister because she cant apparate by herself yet! she said as she walked over to MacKenzie. You have to remember your favorite big sister? she tickled Mackenzie who laughed and shook her short brown ringlets so they fell over her face.

She squealed and shook her head as she tried to twist away in Bryces grip in order to escape from the tickling attack. Are you sure you dont remember me? Adara asked, smiling with her sister. The little girls bright smile was extremely contagious. I no know! MacKenzie laughed. You remember me, you little squirt, Adara stopped her attack and stepped back. Bryce was smiling, too.

Hey, sorry I was putting away clothes MacKenzie decided to throw out of her closet, Claire sighed as she walked down the stairs pulling her own wavy chestnut hair out of a tie. Wow, Elle, Adara, you two look amazing! Its been much too long! she said as she walked over to hug them both. It has, Adara agreed. Well, dinners almost ready, I just have to check on a few things, why dont you go get your room settled? Claire asked.

Adara looked to her mother, asking if it would be okay to leave her alone with them. Here, Kenzie will show you where your room is, Bryce added. Do you remember which one I told you shed be staying in? he asked the little girl. She nodded and wiggled until Bryce put her down. Cmon, she waved her sister to follow her. Adara chuckled, I guess Ill be right back, she said and followed the toddler up the stairs.

By the time dinner was over and they had all retired to the living room, Adara was about to follow her sisters example and give into her heavy eyelids. Though it was only eight at the moment, it had been a long day and Adara had drifted into a state of halfconsciousness more than once. Full and satisfied that her mother hadnt done anything too stupid while she was away at school, Adara was looking forward to going up to her giant room, falling onto her giant fluffy bed, and just sleeping for about twelve hours.

She wasnt quite used to her dads house, as it was quite different from her and her mums apartment, but she liked it. Her room was painted a nice light blue color with a gold-colored trim and curtains. Her canopy bed was made of dark oak, as was her desk, dresser, doors, and closet. Her truck now rested at the end of that huge, comfy bed that called to her in her exhausted state. When MacKenzie showed Adara her room, the elder had decided that she would wait until the next day to unpack what she needed: put her toiletries into her very own bathroom that was attached to her room, wash the

clothes shed just tossed into her trunk, etc. She had been too anxious to spend time with her mother before she left until Christmas. I think I should go, Elle laughed as Adaras head sagged onto her mothers shoulder once again. Adara wrapped her arms around her mothers arm and shook her head, Nooo. She whined. You need your sleep, Baby, Elle smiled as she stood up off the couch. Adara stood up with her.

Adara knew she would lose this battle. She watched as her mother walked over to where Claire was holding MacKenzie, hugged them both then allowed Adara and Bryce to walk her to the door. Thanks for having me over, She smiled at Bryce. Thanks for sharing our daughter, Bryce smiled back. They embraced then Bryce excused himself to go help Claire put MacKenzie to bed. Adara looked at Elle. See you in about a week? Elle asked.

Five days, Christmas, Adara answered. Right, right, Elle waved her hand. Its good to see you again. Adara hugged her mother, You too, she said. Now get home before you get too tired and splinch yourself. Me? Never! Elle laughed as she stepped out onto the porch. They seem happy. She remarked as Bryce walked by and up the stairs carrying a sleeping toddler.

Yeah, Im glad that he finally settled down, Adara remarked. Have fun with Claire, Elle smirked. She turned and was gone with a crack before Adara could retort. She sighed and stepped back into the house and closed the huge door. She bolted it shut and walked sleepily upstairs. Night, Dad, she muttered to him as she allowed him to engulf her in a warm hug in the hallway. Goodnight, Addie, Bryce kissed her on the forehead and then released her.

She stumbled into her room, quickly pulled off her clothes and on a huge sweater that smelled amazing and some shorts then slipped under her down comforter. It would be clich, yet true, to say that she was asleep before her head hit the pillow. That night, per usual, Adara slept restlessly. She tossed and turned and was fairly certain that she only slept in periods of one hour at a time. When a slight pressure at the foot of her bed shook Adara out of her light sleep, she could remember that her dreams had centered around a certain grey-eyed,

black-haired, muscled guy but not what had happened in them. She rolled over before the morning light could attack her, then sat up quickly when her feet came into contact with something solid at the end of her bed. Ow! cried that solid something as Adara caught her by the arm before she could topple off the bed. Adara let out a sigh of relief as she pulled the toddler upright and into her lap away from the

side of the bed, You scared me, Kenzie! she breathed. MacKenzie just smiled through her brunette curls as she rubbed the spot on her arm, Up! Up? Adara repeated. She glanced at the clock on the side of her bed, Its only eight-thirty, kid! MacKenzie shrugged her arms and continued to smile. Adara took her pink snitch-patterned footsie pajamas and crazy hair into account and decided that she wasnt waking up that late. Wheres your Mummy and Daddy? she asked.

Yum, MacKenzie answered rubbing her stomach. Breakfast? Adara asked. The toddler nodded so Adara got out of bed, wrapped her dressing gown around herself, then swung her sister onto her hip. MacKenzie squealed in delight, Addies hungry! the elder told the giggling toddler. As they entered the breakfast room in all smiles, their dad looked up from the Prophet and greeted them. You wake the sleeping dead, Bug? he asked MacKenzie as Adara placed her in her highchair.

Adara stuck her tongue out at her dad as she took her own seat next to him, Why do you get up so early in this house? she pretended to whine. Dont you know its the weekend? Getting up early is just something you get used to when you have a baby, Claire answered as she pushed through the door from the kitchen followed by levitating plates of eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast. Adara waited as her dad piled food onto his plate and was

about to start hers when he placed his plate in front of her. Wait, whyd you give me your plate? Adara asked her dad. Thats yours, Addie. You need to eat more, Im making that my job while youre here, He looked proud of this, but Adara didnt really notice. She blinked and froze in shock as a huge surge of dj vu swept over her. Wait, why did you give me your plate? she had asked Sirius. Oh, thats yours, hed told her, this is mine, he had gestured towards a new plate in front of

him and begun to pile food onto that one. You expect me to eat all of this? What do I look like, a giant? Adara remembered asking incuriously. Oh, please, Sirius had scoffed, thats not much at all. Its a damn miracle that you dont all weigh as much as the giant squid! Sirius, Remus, and Peter had all laughed, Were growing boys, we need food. Adara came out of her memory and tried to refocus on the

present. She put a smile on, Try what you want, Dad, she tried to laugh it off. She hoped he didnt notice that she had stabbed her sausage with a bit more force than necessary. After breakfast, Claire got a letter saying that her boss, the assistant to the Minister of Magic, was needed her to come in and help him that day as everything had gone insane. As she slumped off to get ready for work, Bryce and Adara worked on cleaning up both the breakfast and the toddler. Adara had no idea that a simple breakfast of eggs and sausage could cause so much of a mess

when given to a nearly-twoyear-old. I think that shes going to need a bath after that, Bryce surveyed his youngest daughter who had eggs in her hair, on her face, and most likely in places that were still covered by her pajamas. That is incredible, Adara remarked. She made a mental note to ask her mother whether she had been that messy of an eater or not. Her dad wasnt really around much when Adara was a baby an occurrence facilitated by both Elles determination to do everything

independently and Bryces inability to settle down at the time. Shes a talented child, Bryce laughed. How about Ill wash up the Egg-Monster which will give you free time to unpack and what-not. Good plan, Adara nodded as Bryce waved her wand and the plates flew out of the room and began to wash themselves in the kitchen. You have fun with that, she smiled at her dad as she walked out of the room and began to climb the stairs to her bedroom.

She wiggled her toes on the fluffy blue carpet as she entered her room and dragged her heavy trunk over to her bed. She unlatched the lock and the trunk sprang open allowing her crammed-in possessions a little more room. Adara began to take out her clothes and sort them into clean and dirty piles on her bed. When she finished with the first layer of clothes, she saw where shed thrown in everything else. She took out her shoes and tossed them towards the bottom of the bed, took her books over to her desk, then looked down at the last few objects that were resting on the top of a second layer of

clothes: her picture frame, a small square mirror, and a few pieces of parchment. She reached in and pulled out the picture frame. Glass from the broken frame rained onto her clothes as she examined it. The top picture, the one of Adara and her mother that was taken after receiving the acceptance letter, was still intact while the bottom one, the one of her, her mother, and her boyfriend, was crumpled and missing all of the cover glass. Shards and triangles of the remaining glass stuck out at weird angles, one of which covered Jaydens face, making it look out of proportion

compared to the rest of the picture. Adara stared at it for a long while, then reached in and tore the picture out from the middle. Once it was free of the frame it was crinkled, but the figures in the picture seemed to be happier now that they werent surrounded by broken glass. Adara forced a smile at the picture as she walked over to her desk. She opened her Runes book to a random page and stuck in the picture. She was about the slam the book shut when she noticed the chapter title bolding in Runes at the top of the page. Adara knew this

storys translation well: The Adulterous Wife. Determined not to let it bother her, she shut the book and returned to her trunk. She took all the other things on that layer of her trunk the parchments and the mirror and shoved them with a good amount of force into a drawer in her bedside table; she would deal with those later. She threw her dirty clothes in her hamper and hung the rest of them up wishing that her birthday would just come sooner; three more months was way to long to wait to be seventeen.

She unpacked everything, took a long relaxing shower, then threw on a pair of jeans and a huge, thick, navy blue sweater. Tying her damp hair into a bun, she followed the sound of voices into the Great Room. No, here! MacKenzie was saying with her back to Adara as the toddler ripped a teddy bear from her dads grip and placed in on the couch. Night-night. She whispered. Bryce, from his spot on the floor, made eye contact with his eldest and shook his head sadly.

Apparently, I know nothing about the raising of a young bear, he admitted. Its a girl thing, Adara smiled as she sat down on the other side of MacKenzie. Did you get everything unpacked? Bryce asked. Adara nodded, then remembered something, Oh, Dad, my friends invited me to go shopping with them tomorrow in Diagon Alley. You dont mind, do you? Were meeting up at the Leakey Cauldron at around tenthirty.

No, thats perfect, Bryce smiled, I was supposed to tell you that both Claire and I have to work tomorrow so theres a babysitter coming, anyway. I think one of her friends kid needed some money and we didnt want to force you to babysit on your break, anyway. Usually were both off around Christmas, but everythings been so hectic at the Ministry lately Thanks, Adara smiled. And I dont mind babysitting. We know. And well hold you to that statement, Bryce warned.

Shhh! MacKenzie turned on her dad suddenly. Night-night! Ooops, Bryce murmured. Adara smiled and looked over at the large, decorated Christmas tree that stood in the corner of the room emitting rainbow twinkles of lights. As she took in the decorations and the aurora of homeliness, she felt two things. One, she missed her mother and wished that she was there, and two, she thought that it really had begun to feel like Christmas.

***** A/N: Finally, eh? I'd love to blame the long wait on the bug that HPFF seems to have caught, but I can't. I can blame it on school work and drama, though. So i'll do that. haha. i'm trying to write as much as i can. so please hang in there. i'm really depressed that i lost all my reiviews. i was so excited to finally get 1000. oh well. anyway, this was kind of a filler chapter, too, the next ones will get progressingly more interesting. i know what i want to happen. =] Please reveiw. i need some more to make me happy! haha.

over and outt. HPsmartone32 Chapter Twenty-Three: A Very Stressful Christmas Adara woke up the next morning with in a better mood. True, her dreams had been the same as the night before and the night before that and the night before that but nevertheless she was going to shopping with Lily today and that was definitely a mood lifter. And she had slept later, too. Noting the time nine-thirty she threw her feet off the bed and sat up. Rubbing her eyes, she walked into the bathroom to

shower wondering what time the babysitter was arriving. She thought she heard something about ten in the morning. She let the hot water wake her up as she scrubbed her hair thinking that she probably could use a haircut. Shed let her mother do it after Christmas. Her thoughts were trivial and revolved around what she was going to get for each of her family members as she finished her shower and got dressed. She pulled on her jeans, a red shirt, then pulled her mothers huge blue sweater over her head. Letting her long hair down, she

applied a bit of eyeliner and mascara before shoving her wand in her back pocket out of habit and grabbing her small coin purse. As she shut the door to her room, the grandfather clock down the hall chimed ten and Adara heard her dad greeting someone in the living room. She walked down the stairs slowly then tiptoed into the kitchen to grab something to eat before having to meet the new babysitter. She saw a tray of pastries on the counter and grabbed two. She held then in a napkin while she poured herself a glass of milk. She jumped up

and sat on the counter to eat and looked out the huge window on the other side of the kitchen. Everything was still blanketed in white and gorgeous. She looked from the white hills to the white trees then to the grey sky. The grey sky, Adara thought, was probably the most beautiful thing of the whole picture. It was just the perfect shade of grey; you could get lost in that grey. That was the exact shade of grey, Adara realized with a sinking feeling and a weird flip of her stomach, as Sirius eyes.

And because she couldnt stop herself, she found her thoughts straying to him. She wondered what he was doing now. She hoped that he wasnt miserable even though he had to go home for break. She only knew this because she knew that he wasnt going with James for the first time in many Christmas breaks. James had told her that his parents were making him come home. Adara had pretended to be indifferent, but she secretly wanted to tell him that he could come and stay with her. Shed kidnap him. Then she remembered that people who were mad at other people for dating cows and being an

ass didnt do that kind of thing for said cow-dating ass. But she did hope that he was okay. Surely his parents wouldnt cause him any physical harm, right? Was he locked up in his room all the time? She finished her breakfast, drained the rest of her milk, and was just telling herself that she shouldnt care because Sirius wasnt even her friend anymore. Let his cow-of-a-girlfriend worry about him. In a slightly sourer mood, she rounded the corner and saw her dad holding Kenzie with his back

to her obscuring the babysitter. She entered the living room and saw Emmet, Estelles twin brother, standing in front of a roaring fire his short dark brown hair sticking up at odd angles. Emmet? Adara asked, smiling. She immediately approved of this babysitter. Adara had known Estelle since they started sharing a dorm back in first year and had met Emmet soon after. Both Estelle and Emmet were really nice, and Emmet had always been fun the few times Adara had actually talked to him.

Adara Moore? Emmet looked confused. What are you doing here? Adara and her dad laughed. I guess you wouldnt make the connection, Adara said. This is my dad. My mum named me after her. Well fancy that, Emmet smiled. Im guessing you go to Hogwarts, too? Bryce guessed. Hes my dorm mates brother, Adara explained.

So youre in Ravenclaw, too? he asked Emmet. No, sir. Im in Gryffindor, Emmet answered. Nice! Bryce exclaimed clapping the younger boy on the back. The somewhat scrawny boy jolted forward a bit. Were going to get along just fine mboy! Kenzie said something indecipherable, but sounded excited. Bryce just nodded and began to ask Emmet questions about the Gryffindor common room, dorms, etc.

Id love to stay but Im meeting Lily and Alice to shop in Diagon Alley, Adara announced a few minutes later interrupting their conversation. Okay, Addie. Ill see you when I get home from work. Bryce hugged Adara goodbye. Adara kissed Kenzie, told Emmet to have fun, then took a pinch of floo powder and was soon spinning through fireplaces. Adara stumbled out of the fireplace and into the Leaky Cauldron managing to keep her cursing to a minimum. She straightened up and brushed herself off before she was

tackled into a hug, Adara! Lily screamed making Adara jump. Merlin, Lily, you scared me! she laughed as she hugged her friend back. Sorry, we just werent sure if you were coming or not after what happened, Lily admitted and Adara noticed round-faced Alice Chapman standing next to Lily, smiling. But that wasnt the only thing she caught. What do you mean after what happened? Adara narrowed her eyes at her friend as something in her stomach began to feel weird.

Lilys eyes flashed from confusion, to understanding, to shock before she looked away from Adara to Alice who was lightly kicking a loose floorboard. I thought he would have told you, she heard Lily mutter. Panic flooded through Adara instantly. What was wrong? Was everything okay? Who was hurt? SIRIUS!? Is he okay, Lily? Adara could barely speak. Tell me. Whats wrong with Sirius? Lily swallowed and took a deep breath, No one knows for sure,

Lily began and Adara thought she was going to collapse. Her legs no longer wanted to support her body. No one knows for sure? What the hell does that mean? Is he dead? Are they talking about his body? NO. Hes not dead. He cant be. But his family No. Id know if he were dead. She wanted to ask so many questions but she had forgotten how to talk. She was vaguely aware of Lily helping her out of

the Leakey Cauldron. Of Alice pressing the brick that opened the passageway to Diagon Alley. Of Lily helping her into a seat outside Floreans. Adara, Lily was saying. Adara! Adara blinked and turned to Lily. She was still lost in horrific thoughts. The last thing shed said to him was what was it? It was too long ago. They hadnt made up! Why hadnt Adara just gotten over the fact that he was dating a cow? That seemed so trivial now.

Hes fine! Lily yelled at her. That registered. What? Adara asked, hopeful and somewhat angry that Lily hadnt started with this information. He wrote to James, hes fine, Lily seemed relieved that Adara was finally responding. Adara scowled, Dont you think that would have been a good thing to say before I almost had a heart attack? she asked angrily. You didnt let me finish before you shut down! Lily retorted.

Adara dismissed this, What happened? she demanded. All I know is what James told me. We assumed that Sirius would have written to you, too. We arent werent really talking, Adara swallowed feeling more and more juvenile. Still? Lily asked, shocked. What the bloody hell happened, Lily? Adara asked again. Something happened with his parents, James said, so he ran

away, Lily started. But James and his family are out of town for the holidays so he couldnt go there as he usually does so James doesnt necessarily know where he is. Adara opened her mouth to ask a variety of questions but Lily cut her off, Hes fine, according to his letter. James just wanted to tell me in case there was some massive search or something. I doubt there will be, though. Sirius parents couldnt care less about him. Probably hope hes dead. Adara flinched at the carefree way Lily said this. No one could

ever want Sirius dead; the thought was too painful to imagine. This was not good. Adara was angry that Sirius hadnt thought to warn her. Or even James. She would have seriously had a heart attack if she opened the Prophet one morning and saw that as the headline. She took a few deep breaths to steady herself. Are you okay? Alice asked after a while. Adara decided that she would have to take care of this at home. She wasnt going to let Sirius ruin her shopping date with her friends. She would just put a

smile on and fake it. Yeah, just a bit thrown. Im fine lets get this shopping thing going! She stood up as Alice and Lily exchanged glances. Adara knew that Lily would be hard to convince, but she would just do the best she could. * After what seemed like years, Adara, Lily, and Alice had found gifts for everyone on their lists. They had been to at least ten different stores, talking to at least twelve different employees at said stores, and Adara at least

had spent most of what she had in her change purse. So irritable, exhausted, and weighed down with bags, the three witches reentered the Leakey Cauldron. Adara felt bad for making Lily and Alice walk back with her as they were seventeen and would be apparating back to their houses, but had been too tired to protest. Thanks for inviting me, guys, Adara turned to say goodbye to her friends. Acting normal hadnt been such a task once they started, as she had almost

forgotten about Sirius and his stunt. Almost. It was fun, Lily smiled wearily. We need to do it during a less stressful shopping time next time, though. They laughed, Agreed. Adara hugged both Alice and Lily goodbye (which was quite a feat considering the amount of baggage they had), then flooed home. When she stepped out into her living room, she looked out the window and saw that Emmet and MacKenzie were outside enjoying the afternoon sunlight and snow. She trudged

up to her room then threw her bags onto her unmade bed and collapsed beside them. She stared up at the white ceiling and let all her emotions flood back to her. She knew that she couldnt write Sirius right then because she had no clue what she as even going to say. If she were to write the letter right now it would be either: What the HELL, Sirius? You run away and dont even sodding think to tell me? I know what we are having some stupid as shit argument but dont you think that I deserve to know about something that big? Are you

trying to throw me into cardiac arrest because for Merlins sake you sure as hell are doing a good job! or Merlin, Sirius, are you okay? Lily told me and I almost had a heart attack. Do you need a place to stay? Where the hell are you? Please be okay! Im so sorry that I got mad at you; I was being really juvenile. I dont care if you are dating a co Courtney, just please forgive me. And she definitely thought that the first option was winning. How

could he not tell her? Did he want her to feel bad? Adara grabbed her pillow and screamed as loud as she could. When she stopped she heard someone laughing at the door. She pulled her pillow off her head and sat up in one swift motion. Are you okay? Emmet chuckled holding a very wet MacKenzie. Adara put on a weak smile, Long day, she answered. I see, Emmet smiled back. This came for you while you

were gone, Adara saw him hold out a letter. Her breath caught and she rushed over to take it from him, almost tripping herself in her haste. Thanks, she took it. Anytime, Emmet answered, a bit confused. Im going to go change her into some dry clothes. Adara nodded as Emmet turned to go. As soon as he was gone she ripped the seal and unrolled the parchment. Her heart sunk when she didnt see the messy, yet elegant, scrawl shed been expecting.

Addie, Sorry I didnt write sooner but we just arrived at the ski resort. I havent gotten any letters from you and that might be because the owls wouldnt have known where to deliver them. Adara felt a pang of guilt that she hadnt even thought to write to Jayden. We stopped at my Aunts house and she insisted on us staying. Crazy old bat. Anyway, now we are settled and everything is so cold up here. I hate not being seventeen yet; my parents are doing everything the muggle way and Im about to lose it. It

takes so much longer to do simple things like start a fire or cook dinner. I only have another month and its driving me slowly insane. Well, my sister is whining to go skiing so I have to end this short letter. Cant wait to hear from you. I miss you so much already. I love you, Addie. All my love, Jayden She sat there and stared at the letter trying to make herself feel something other than indifference. No, not indifference. She cared about Jayden. She was glad he was at his resort safely. But how could

she be caught up with his problems when Sirius was possibly without shelter, food, and warmth? Was he in his animagi form? A huge, cold, shaggy, black dog. Her chest constricted as she pictured him curled against the cold out behind some worn out store. Adara had to make sure he was okay. She walked over and sat on her bed again to open the drawer to her bedside table. She pulled out a clean sheet of parchment, ink, and a quill, then upon second thought, the mirror. She would need something hard to write on.

She opened the inkbottle and dipped her quill in. She paused over the parchment as her mind shifted through ways to start the letter. Dear Asshole Merlin, Sirius Not that you deserve it, but I do care about you How the hell would you feel if I decided to run away and not tell you She took a deep breath and tried to clear her mind. She just needed to make sure he was okay. Sirius, I know that we are in some sort of row but Lily told me what you told James today and, to say the

least, I was scared to death. I know I have no right to want to know (I guess I was kind of a bitch to you Im sorry) but please tell me what happened or if you are okay. If you are outside in the cold Im going to come and kidnap you, I swear to Merlin I will. Write back before I go crazy, okay? -Adara She read over it twice before deciding that it was okay. Just as she was about to so find her owl to send it, there was a knock on the door. Come in, Adara called as she set the mirror to the side and rolled up her letter.

Hey, were making some hot chocolate care to join? Emmet asked. MacKenzie was peaking around the door, her semi-wet curls falling onto her shoulders. Sure, let me just send this letter, Adara smiled. Ohh to whom? Emmet teased. Adara laughed, Shut up, its just to Sirius. Sirius? Emmet looked confused.

Yes, Emmet, Adara said. Sirius Black, I thought you knew him? she sealed her letter then jumped off her bed. Emmet made a face at her sarcastic comment as Adara shut the door to her room behind them. That evening long after Emmet had left, the small family of four had had dinner, and while Mackenzie was getting her bath Adara returned to her room to sort out and wrap her gifts. She was in a fairly good, but still anxious, mood as she dumped all of the bags out on her bed.

She heard faint Christmas music coming from downstairs and began to hum along as she put her gifts into piles. A wizard rock band t-shirt and a lamp that doubled as a bugler alarm for her mother (not that Adara expected the lamp to work but it did quack at supposed intruders, which was pretty entertaining). A bottle of cologne shed heard her dad tell her mum about the other night for him. A brand-new cooking book with all sorts of sweet recipes for Claire.

A life-like owl that delivered notes around the house for MacKenzie (who apparently loved to draw pictures). A beautiful emerald-lined plait for Lily. A whole stock of Zonkos products (yes, they had traveled all the way to Hogsmede) for James. A good amount of Honeydukes chocolate for Remus (James had once told her that his addiction stemmed from the fact that it helped with transformations).

A book about Quidditch for Jayden (shed been on the fence about what to get him). A nice set of hair products for Christine. Adara paused as she picked up her last present to wrap. She had only seen this in the very last store they entered. She had been unconsciously looking for something to get him during the whole trip, but hadnt found anything this perfect. It was something that no one else would think to buy him, too (save the Marauders). Shed gotten Sirius a small pouch on a chain

that he could wear around his neck. This pouch, according to the shopkeeper, had a charm on it so that it could hold much more than it showed. This way, Adara thought, Sirius could easily keep things such as clothing and other valuables with him if he needed to transform on the spot. She sighed and wrapped the chain around the pouch in order to wrap it. She finished with shaky hands and looked out the window into the dark. She hoped, again, that Sirius was okay and that he would write back soon.

Tuesday passed without word from him. Adara told herself that maybe he was far away and it would take a while for Anka to find him. Then Wednesday came and went without head or tail of the owl. Adara started to worry. She watched the news as religiously as she could without attracting attention. She even wrote to Lily without gaining any information. Thursday was trickier as it was Christmas Eve so Claire and her dad were both home all day. She had to act happy and excited as they cooked dinner and moved presents under the tree in the living room. She

happily gave her wrapped presents to her dad to be sent out to her friends for the next day. Being happy was a task she barely managed and when it was finally late enough for her to feign tiredness and go to bed she put on the huge sweater that had once been his and curled into a ball. She lay there not able to stop her mind from showing her all the terrible ways that Sirius could be suffering. Frost bite. Taken up by animal control. Found by his parents. Starving. She finally fell into a restless sleep only to be shaken awake three hours later by her mother.

Happy Christmas, Addie! she smiled bouncing on the bed beside her barely awake daughter. Mum? Addie said groggily as she quickly wiped her crustedshut eyes and sat up. You look terrible! Elle observed bluntly. Its Christmas, whats wrong? Adara cursed her mothers ability to pinpoint a problem from a kilometer away. Nothing, just didnt get much sleep. Excited. Adara put on a smile.

Elle wasnt going to fold that quickly; frankly Adara would have been stunned if she had. Elle looked around the room then stooped down and resurfaced with a length of parchment. Is it Jay? she asked holding out the letter. What? Adara asked. Has he only written once? Is that whats upsetting you? Bloody hell. Adara cursed in her mind. She had never responded to Jaydens letter! Guilt stabbed at her yet again. No, its not that. Its nothing, Mum, really. Adara threw back the covers

and stood up. Wrapping her nightdress around her, she walked over to the door, Are you coming or not? she asked. Elle gave her daughter a penetrating look, then sighed and followed Adara down the stairs and into the living room where the rest of her family was. As she entered the room, Adara smelled Christmas. Christmas had always carried a distinctive smell for Adara and it was the familiarity of this smell (a mixture of cinnamon, peppermint, and roasting turkey) more than anything that made her genuinely smile for the first time in days.

Addie! MacKenzie squeaked and ran over to hug her sisters legs. Adara laughed, Happy Christmas, Kenzie! she lifted her sister up and spun her around once before setting her back down beside her pile of presents. Happy Christmas, Dear, Claire said. Adara hugged and kissed her stepmother and her father before sitting down on the floor next to MacKenzie. Go now? the toddler asked.

Yes, you can open them now, Bug, Bryce laughed. The adults and Adara watched, as MacKenzie tore into her first present and squealed in delight at the huge stuffed cat that was inside. Kitty! Wow, thats such a pretty kitty, Kenzie! Elle said. Mine! the toddler hid it behind her back. Everyone laughed, Im not going to take it from you, Elle told her. MacKenzie examined Elle then decided that she wasnt a threat

so allowed her to pet her new toy. Your turn, Addie, Bryce smiled. Open the one on top its from Claire and I. Adara did as she was told and unwrapped a beautiful pair of quidditch gloves. Merlin, these are fantastic! she exclaimed. My old ones are just starting to wear thru, too! Thanks so much! She hurried over and hugged each of them again. The present opening proceeded in much the same way until everyone was too hungry to sit still. The adults took MacKenzie into the sitting room to serve brunch while Adara carried the

rest of her presents upstairs. There were about six she hadnt gotten to and they were all from her friends. She dumped them onto her bed and say she had one from Christine, Lily, James, Alice, Remus, Jayden, and one from Emmet and Estelle. She groaned when she saw that one she hadnt gotten them anything. She looked again and her heart sank. It wasnt that shed been expecting one from him, anyway. She was expecting some sort of sign as to if he was alive, though. Was that too much to ask? She scowled and

bit her bottom lip. She hated these contrasting emotions. She didnt know how long she stood there staring out the window, but finally her stomach growled and reminded her that her family was waiting for her downstairs. She sighed, left her presents where they were, and went back to rejoin Christmas. It was probably the worst Christmas Adara had ever had. Including the one where she ended up in St. Mungos with wings. At least she wasnt scared to death that one of her best friends was cold/starving/dead. No one knew that Adara had

had a bad Christmas, though. Or, rather, she had tried her best to act normal. She didnt know how much her mother bought it. That night, her mother helped her pack up her trunk again so that she could move back to her flat, as planned. Her dad, Claire, and MacKenzie were to leave for vacation the next day and would not be back until after term started so they couldnt take Adara. Saying goodbye to a toddler that she didnt get to see near enough was heartbreaking. MacKenzie had cried nearly the whole time she was saying goodbye to Claire and her

father, then refused to let got of Adara when time came for her to side-along-apparate home with her mother. I love you, MacKenzie, Adara hugged her sister. Ill see you soon, I promise. No! the little girl wailed. I have to go now, youll have fun on you vacation! I love you. Finally after many explanations, Bryce managed to pry MacKenzie off and with one last I love you to the whole family, Adara and Elle apparated home.

When Adara flicked on the light to her bedroom, she couldnt help but smile. While she loved her dads house, it didnt have the home feeling that the flat she grew up in would always encompass. She had just deposited her trunk at the end of her bed and thrown herself onto it when she heard a tap at the window. At first, she thought she had imagined it (as she had quite a few times since Monday) but when it came again, louder and more persistent, she sat up and saw her owl flittering in and out of view. She ran over to the

window and threw it open to catch her owl. Catch was exactly the necessary word, too, because Anka collapsed into Adaras arms completely exhausted. Adara carried her owl over to her bed and laid it down softly. She gasped when she saw a package tied to her leg and, shaking so bad it impaired her, she untied it. It was very badly wrapped with old Prophets and a bit muddy. She set that on her bed then took her owl to its cage and set it in gingerly. Anka hooted gratefully, shook the snow off

herself, and then ducked her head under her wing. Adara walked back over and stared at the package. It was from Sirius. So he was okay. Right? She took it in her hands and carefully unwrapped it. Inside was a small wooden box. Confused, Adara opened it and saw a simple silver necklace with a small light blue stone sitting on top of a folded piece of parchment. She took the necklace in one hand and just stared at it. It was probably the most simple, yet elegantly beautiful, thing shed ever seen. She reached back and clasped

it around her neck. It was freezing from its journey, but it sat perfectly on her semi-pale skin. Remembering that she barely knew if Sirius was alive, she quickly reached in and unfolded her letter. Im sorry. I should have written. I cant give too much away. The gift was perfect. Thank you so much. I hope you like it. It matched your eyes. The note was only signed with a paw print. Adara felt most of her anxiety melt away as she folded up the

muddy letter and began to get ready for bed.

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you that reivew and give me feedback. You freaking rock. Haha. My other story is up, so if you're bored and want to check that out feel free! Haha. Thanks SOOO much, again. over and outt. HPsmartone32 Chapter Twenty-Four: Impulse

Not too short! I know, Addie. Be careful! I know, Addie.

Okay, do it. Here we go No, stop! I cant. Sweet Merlin, you are not doing this again! Elles said, frustrated as Adara changed her mind for the fifth time in ten minutes. She spun her daughters chair around in the kitchen and looked at her. Adara stared up at her mum sheepishly. Im going to ask you one more time then Im going to silencio you and tie you to the damn chair: do you want me to cut your hair or not?

Adara felt her now waist-length stringy hair and sighed, Yes. She hadnt been at her mums house five days and she was already attacking her hair. Figures. Her mother nodded and took up her wand. NO! Adara yelled. Elle groaned. Yes, Adara changed her mind. Elles face became determined and in two flicks over her wand Adaras chair spun back around and she could no longer speak or move.

It was mid-afternoon and Adaras hair was pulled back into a ponytail halfway down her back. She tried to struggle and scream, but when she realized it was useless she just squeezed her eyes shut. A few seconds later, her head felt lighter. So much lighter. She couldnt open her eyes; she just sat there trying to distract herself with other thoughts. She thought first about MacKenzie and her Dad and Claire; they had written to her just that morning. They were having fun on their vacation they even included a picture in

which MacKenzie was blowing a kiss to the camera. Adara was in love with that little girl; spending the break at her dads house had locked her a place deep inside Adaras heart. She was really having a good break thus far, despite a few things, and was going to have mixed feelings in six days when she was due back at Hogwarts. She and her mum were having a bunch of fun goofing around and just spending time together but she did miss her friends like crazy. She had, of course, been writing to Lily nonstop and was shocked by her most recent letter which included hints that

she and James were corresponding and might even meet up in Diagon Alley before break was over. She knew that Sirius would love to hear that. Sirius. She had been writing to him, too, but not nearly as much as she would have liked. She only wrote when she received a response from him (because she didnt want to flood his hiding place with owls), which was about once every other day. The letters were short and usually sweet but never informative so Adara couldnt help but worry. Shed sent him some goodies from her stocking things like chocolate and

sometimes pastries for which he seemed grateful but not knowing where he was was nearly killing her. However, in the last letter he hinted that hed be relocating to a better destination soon and then hed be able to write a bit more. That was about two days ago so she was getting anxious for another letter. Preferably a long one. Her thoughts drifted from Siriuss letters, to the owl carrying it, to the snow that was still falling, and that led to thoughts of her boyfriend. He was having a good time, she supposed. Shed responded to his letter the day after Christmas (with a very long

letter) and theyd been keeping in touch. Sometimes shed get a letter from him and save it for later, not really wanting to interrupt her day. He was safe and sound so his letters could wait. After what seemed like years, Adara was brought out of her trace with an A-ha! and found herself able to move and speak again. She groaned and slowly opened her eyes. She was afraid to feel her hair; her head was so light it, she was sure it was all gone. She turned to look at her mother. Elles eyes were shining

with joy and she gasped, Damn, I am bloody brilliant. Oh, no, Adara moaned. Dont give me that, Addie! her mother scolded, Go look! Go! Go! she bounced. But Im scared, Adara whispered. Quit being pathetic, Elle grabbed her daughters arm and whisked her away to the bathroom. She pulled her so that Adaras back was to the mirror and looked her in the eyes, It looks good. She assured her. If

you say differently, Ill disown you. Adara let a whimper escape her lips and she closed her eyes. One. Two. Three! Adara was spun around and she opened her eyes. She felt her jaw drop. It. Is. Gone. was Adaras first thought. Then, as her widened blue eyes took in her reflection, she began to see that it really did look pretty good. Her long stringy hair was now much shorter but it had more of a style now. It barely covered her whole chest, but it was layered and it looked fuller than Adara ever

remembered it looking. Her mum had even gone as far as to give her bangs, not really short ones as they still could almost be tucked behind her ear, but still short for her. They were the shortest layer and her hair tapered off as it framed her face. She reached up and pulled it back into a ponytail. It was the weirdest feeling she was missing more than half of her hair! and some of it only barely fit back into it. She would have to pin it back when she played Quidditch. Well, what do you think? Elle asked. If you dont like it, lie.

Adara thought for a minute; yes, it looked good but it was definitely going to take some getting used to. Now she actually had to get up and do more than just brush it. Oh, the pains of getting older. I like it, she finally said. Really, but its just so different. But how it was so different she couldnt really place It makes you look older. Youre not my little baby anymore, Elle said somewhat sadly. And she was right; this look did make her look older, more mature. The way it framed her face brought out her eyes even though she wasnt wearing any make up. It

highlighted her cheekbones and made her look wiser. Like the adult witch she was about to be. It was weird how something as small as a hairstyle could have such a drastic effect. Mum, Ill always be youre little girl! Adara smiled at her and hugged her mum. No, Elle answered. I have to let you grow up. Be a big girl. Soon youll be out of the house and marrying Jayden and having little Boot babies. Adara pulled away, Marrying Jayden? she asked. Arent you jumping to conclusions?

Elle looked at her confused, What? You two have been together forever, I was just using him as an example. Well, dont. Adara said, turning away and walking out of the bathroom. Its not like were going to be together for the rest of our lives. She walked back to the living room and peered out the huge window that over looked the street outside their apartment building. No sign of an owl. Wait a second, Addie, Elle followed her into the living room. Adara sighed, not wanting to

talk about this anymore. She didnt turn around. Is there something going on between you and Jay that you arent telling me? Did you two break up? I dont want to talk about this, Adara said through gritted teeth as she continued to stare out of the window. Well I do, Elle said. Are you still with Jayden? Adara was getting more and more angry. She clenched her fists in her folded arms and turned to face her mother. It

doesnt concern you, Mum, but yes, were still together. It does too concern me, youre my daughter, Elle said. Whats going on with you two then? Adara looked away. Nothing was going on with them, why was her mother pushing her? Did you two Elle said staring at her daughter. What? Adara asked. You know, have sex, Elle asked, completely serious.

Adara was not expecting this, What? You go from thinking were broken up to thinking that were shagging? Adara gaped at her mother. Oh, thank Merlin, Elle sighed. Then looked at Adara, Well, then, what is it? Nothing! Adara said as she pushed past her and walked to her room. Elle followed her again. Im not leaving you alone until you tell me whats up, Elle said sitting on Adaras bed beside her. I know somethings not

right. You dont seem to care as much anymore. Adara rolled her eyes and tried to calm her temper, What are you talking about, Mum? Whenever you get a letter from him you just put it on the counter for later; you had only one letter from him before Christmas. Thats not like you two; something has she trailed off looking at the wall by the door. Adara followed her gaze and saw that she was looking at her open trunk with the smashed picture frame lying on the top. Elle got up and picked it up, along with something else Adara couldnt

see. When did you take the picture out? The frame broke when I was packing, Adara mumbled. Why didnt you ask me to fix it? I just didnt think about it, Adara said, feeling stupid and oddly guilty for not doing just that. Elle didnt say anything, but looked down and brought something else on top of the frame. Adara realized with a twist of her stomach and a rush

of anger that it was the first letter Sirius had written her over break. Is this the person that sent you that necklace? Elle asked. Adaras hand unintentionally flew to the blue gem. Maybe, Adara growled as she walked over and took the letter from her mother. Dont take that tone with me, Elle scolded for the first time in a while sounding like a parent. Who sent you this? I have a right to know who fancies my daughter enough to give her fancy jewelry and write her love

notes while shes in a relationship. He doesnt fancy me and hes not writing me love notes, Adara pushed out through her teeth. Oh, please. Im not thick, Addie, Elle told her. Youre doing a good impression of it, Adara snapped before she could catch herself. She watched as pure shock crossed her mothers face then as that turned to anger. As much of an adult you might think yourself to be, Adara

Moore, she began in a low voice. You still live under my roof and must abide by my rules. I know that we are best friends first, mother and daughter second but I will not tolerate this attitude and secrecy from you as long as you live with me. She paused and Adara thought that stream was about to erupt from her ears. If she could have formed a coherent sentence right then, she would have. Her mother continued, Now, I want you to tell me. Is this from that Sirius bloke who kissed you at the beginning of the year? I dont like him; he seems to disregard the fact that you are in a serious relationship.

If youll remember correctly, Mother, Adara said. I kissed him back. Hes probably the best friend I could ever ask for and if it came down to it I am positive that he would jump in front of a werewolf for me. If you cant accept that hes a part of my life now and quit degrading him and sticking your nose into my relationship with Jayden, maybe I dont need to stay under your roof anymore. The two witches stared at each other, fuming, until Elle broke the silence, You know youre my best friend, Adara, but you also have to remember that I am

your guardian, an authority figure, and that you have to respect me and my opinions. Youre grounded. No more letters or outings for the rest of break. Adara didnt say anything as her mother replaced the frame on her trunk then walked out and slammed the bedroom door behind her. In the wake of her mothers exit she stood there, breathing heavily, staring at the door. She had no right to berate Sirius when Adara was just as much to blame for that kiss as he was. And so what if he sent her a necklace? Shed given Lily something that could be

considered fancy jewelry but she wasnt in love with her. Friends did that. After a few minutes of fuming an idea popped into Adaras head. It was crazy, unreasonable, and completely immature, but it was exactly what Adara was going to do. Determined, she began her new favorite method of packing throwing everything into her trunk. Five minutes later she had everything she needed, her wand in her back pocket, and Anka in her cage as she marched out of her room. Elle was in the kitchen roughly washing clean dishes by hand (her way of relieving anger) as

Adara walked past her and into the living room. She took a pinch of floo powder and threw it into the fire. Elle walked into the living room just then, Where do you think youre going? she asked frantically. See you for next break. Maybe, Adara said as she lugged everything into the fire along with herself and shouted Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! and left her stunned mother behind.

It took Adara a good thirty seconds to realize where she was

when she stepped out of the fireplace. She hadnt really thought about where shed end up if she flood to Hogwarts, shed just kind of done it. Ah, Ms. Moore. What a pleasant surprise! Adara looked to the old bespeckled man that was her headmaster in shock. It was then that she realized she was in the Headmasters Office. Shed never been there before and, frankly put, it awed her. There were so many trinkets; they couldnt all be his, could they? When she finally found her voice she was highly embarrassed, P-

Professor Dumbledore, Im sorry. I didnt I just I Dumbledore chuckled lightly, Dont fret, Ms. Moore, you are not by far the first student to stumble in here trying to escape their mother. He said with an odd twinkle in his eye that made Adara wonder if she was missing some sort of joke. How did you A man as old as me who spends as much time with the youth as I do can tell these things, was all he said. Care for a toffee? he asked offering her a plate that was on his desk.

Adara was confused. She still hadnt moved from her spot on the fireplace; her back was beginning to get warm. Er no, thanks, she said as she shifted so that she was farther away from the fire. I assume you would like to be on your way, then? he asked. Im sorry to burst in on you, Professor, Adara said, again embarrassed. Its no bother at all, he smiled at her. Just, before you go, take an old mans advice and, in times like these, dont push those

you love away nor let old bonds tie you down. For those you love are the ones youll need and those who you grow away from werent meant to be. Yes, sir, Adara said as she nodded and made her way to the door. As she stepped out onto the stone staircase that then began to spin, she couldnt help but be extremely confused. She randomly appears into the headmasters office and he only smiles and gives her strange advice? Maybe the rumors were true; Dumbledore is off his rocker. She felt extremely weird walking through the castle with her trunk

and owl and was more than happy to finally reach the safety of her dorm room. All of her dorm mates were gone and the room had been restored to its perfectly clean state over the break. Looking at the lonely room she couldnt help but feel a bit empty. She began to regret and feel guilty about leaving her flat like that; her mother was bound to be fit to kill. She tugged her stuff over to her bed and set it down before collapsing onto her bed. She stared up at the blue canopy of her bed and allowed the day to flow back to her. The more she thought about it the

more stupid and guilty she felt. She never acted on such big impulse thoughts. Sure, she thought about it sometimes, but never went through with them. She wasnt a bloody Gryffindor for crying out loud! She tried to think about what Dumbledore had said, but she was more awed by the fact that he hadnt so much as jumped or asked questions when she randomly showed up in his office. Adara didnt even know him that well to begin with, and he just treated her as if it werent uncommon for her to walk out of his fireplace. Maybe hes going senile

Soon she let her mind wander and just lay there while the room around her was pulled into darkness as the sun slowly made its way behind the mountains. It was almost completely dark when Adara felt her stomach rumble out of hunger and sat up. She pulled her wand from her back pocket and pointed it at each of the lamps by the beds. Lit, the room wasnt as scary as it was empty and dark, but it still felt weird. She decided to that she might as well go get dinner; maybe there was someone she knew that stayed her over break.

She looked at herself in the mirror for a quick moment (did a double take when her hair was gone), then decided that the jeans and sweater she was wearing would have to suffice and exited her room. Shed barely gotten off the stairs to the tower when she heard what sounded oddly enough like a bird. She turned her head towards the direction the noise was coming from and could now hear yelling along with wings. Come back here, you dumb owl! a voice was yelling. Filch will murder me if he sees you flying around the castle! Youre

supposed to deliver the letter out there! The voice was getting nearer and nearer until, finally, Adara saw an owl fly around the corner. Damnit! came a voice right behind it. Adaras heart skipped a beat, and when it started back again, it was going at double its usual rate. A smile spread across her face as she saw a muscular boy of almost seventeen sprinting towards her, his longish black hair flying into his face. Siri before she could finish calling him to a stop, the owl seemed to throw the letter at her face and

take off, hooting like mad around the next corner. Thanks to her seeker reflexes, she snatched the letter out of the air and pulled her arm in just in time, as Sirius collided with her, wrapping her in his arms, Dara? he breathed into her ear, out of breath from apparently chasing an owl all through the corridors. Adara laughed and slid her arms under his to hug him back. With her face pressed into his chest she took a deep breath and took in his wonderful smell. He smelt more outdoorsy than

usual. Finally, she felt back at home. What are you doing here? they said at the same time without breaking their embrace. I asked you first! they replied. Then they pulled back enough to look at each other and laugh. They finally released each other and Sirius stopped laughing enough to look at her for the first time; Adara looked at Sirius. He looked a bit skinnier than the last that Adara had taken the time to really see him (though he still felt muscular), but that had been a while ago she remembered and flinched. His hair looked

longer than before and he had a few almost-healed scratches on his face but all in all, he still looked amazing. You cut your hair, Sirius said quietly as he cocked his head to the side. Adara immediately became self-conscious. Yeah, she answered. Sirius reached up and picked a strand of her hair off her shoulder. He ran his hand down until it came to the end and the hair dropped back to rest on her chest. He looked at her face

again, I really, really, like it. He smiled. Adara let out a breath. Thanks, my mum did it, she smiled back, and then it faltered when she remembered that she was mad at her mother. Whats wrong? he asked. Er, Adara looked at the floor. Mum and I got in a row, which is kind of why Im here early. She left it at that. Im sorry, Sirius said. He didnt push her. She knew shed probably end up telling him soon anyway. She sighed and brought

her hand up to push her new bangs out of her face when she found that she still had the letter in her hands. Whats this? she asked, looking up at Sirius. Well, most people would call it a letter Sirius started, smiling again. Adara rolled her eyes and waited. I told the owl to deliver it to you and then he took off out of the owlry. I thought he just had dung for brains, but apparently not. Does this explain why youre here? Adara asked holding it up. It felt like it was the thickest of

all the letters shed received from him and it was definitely the cleanest. That it does, Sirius answered. But you can read that later. Lets go down to dinner now, Im starving. Wait! Adara said as Sirius turned to go to the Great Hall, Im curious! And she was. She really wanted an explanation for everything that he had been alluding to over the break. Sirius sighed, frustrated. You bloody Ravenclaws, he muttered. Adara smiled sheepishly up at him. He seemed

to think for a minute, Fine, come here, he said and grabbed her hand that wasnt holing the letter. Are you taking me to some other remote area of the castle that no one has ever found except you, James, Remus, and Peter? Adara called to him as he tugged her at a very fastspaced walk down the corridor. Sirius bark of a laugh carried back to her and she couldnt help but smile as her theory was confirmed. He dragged her down more and more stairs, past the Great Hall were what few students that did stay were

eating, and before she could even register where they were he pulled her to a stop in front of a portrait of a pear. Adara raised an eyebrow at him and he smiled then dropped her hand. It swung to her side, instantly cold, so she crossed her arms and watched Sirius reach up to stroke the portrait. She was really confused when he scratched the pear, then her eyes widened when the pear shook and giggled. Her jaw dropped as a doorknob appeared and Sirius pulled open the portrait as if it were a door. After you, Dara, Sirius offered her. She just stood there. How the

hell do you find something like that? Did he and James just go around and stoke portraits seeing if anything would happen? What does this even lead to? Its all the way down here Adara just shook her head in awe and stepped through. What she saw explained as much as it left unanswered. It looked like the Great Hall, kind of. There were four tables in the same positions as the house tables were. Adara looked up at the ceiling and it clicked that this room was directly beneath the Great Hall. It had to be some sort

of kitchen, she figured. But where were What can Betti do for the Sir and Miss? an elf wearing a small white skirt-like thing with the Hogwarts emblem on it squeaked. Adara stared at the elf then looked behind her and saw another fifty or so house elves. She smiled tentatively at them and they all seemed to burst with joy. Ill have a big plate of Sheppards pie to start with, Sirius said. Adara watched as about twenty of the little elves hustled off to get what he had requested. They were so eager

to help it was almost scary. Neither of Adaras parents owned a house elf so shed only really been around the creatures when at Christines house, or every other major holiday when her mother was forced to drag her to her grandparents house. And you, Miss? Betti turned her huge tennis ball sized eyes to Adara imploringly. Er she looked to Sirius. She felt bad ordering these elves around. It was different when the food just appeared on the Ravenclaw table, but requesting food? However, Sirius smiled at

her, They love to do this, I promise. Okay, well Ill just make it easy and have some Sheppards pie, too, Adara shrugged. Betti nodded vehemently then shuffled off. Sirius walked over and sat against the nearest wall; Adara followed and slid down beside him. Should I read the note or are you going to tell me? she said. Sirius sighed, The letter doesnt describe much, he said. He snatched it from her and handed it to the nearest house

elf. Throw this in the fire, he asked. Hey! Adara said as she sadly watched the elf scuttle off with her letter. What? Sirius laughed. Adara was saved from having to answer that as four house elves delivered their food (two per plate). Anything else, Sir? Miss? one asked. No, thanks, Adara smiled politely at them and they stared at her wide-eyed then slowly backed away. Erm Adara watched, confused.

They still arent used to us being nice to them, I guess, Sirius shrugged as he took up his fork and began to dig into his pie as if hed been living off dead animals for the last few weeks. Adara let Sirius eat a while, as she took a few bites of the delicious food, before she asked, Well? Sirius took his plate in his lap and sat back leaning his head on the wall, Where to start? he asked himself.

How about when you decided to run away from your house? Adara suggested. Ah, Sirius said then took another huge bite. Well I was forced to come home by those gits I hate to call my parents even though, as you might have noticed, I dont get along with my family too well. So I was up in my room listening to WWN when all of a sudden my door is blasted off its hinges. I grabbed my wand and jumped off my bed to see my mum standing in the doorway looking livid. Adara was listening so intently that she could barely control

herself as Sirius paused to take a bite of his dinner. She took a quick bite herself, then mentally willed Sirius to get on with the story. She was mad, again, about me being a traitor to the family and all that and told me that I was joining forces with the rest of the family and someone who had the right idea about how the world should be run, Sirius explained. You see, theres a group of Slytherins at Hogwarts that support the Dark Lord and they had already tried to get me to join and I declined Sirius trailed off and smirked. Adara had a feeling that he was very

adamant in his refusal but shed hear that story later. Anyway, my hag-of-a-mother was yelling that I had no choice in the matter as I lived under their roof and how could I be so ungrateful, the usual. Only this time she had a few more points to make about an erm, touchy subject Adara was staring at her plate as he said this, but she had a sudden feeling that she was being watched, so I just decided I couldnt take it anymore. I hexed her, packed my stuff, and got the hell out of there. Adara chewed her food and swallowed to allow Sirius to

shovel a few more bites in. Whered you go? she asked. Theres a cave between here and Hogsmede, Sirius said matter-of-factly. You stayed in a cave! Adara cried. Sirius nodded, It really wasnt that bad. I got scraps off the villagers as a loveable stray and the fur coat sure does come in handy, Sirius smiled weakly at her. No wonder he was so thin! Hed been living off of scraps and Merlin knows what else for the

past how long? Why didnt you just come here? Adara demanded. You could have frozen to death! I knew that, after the Potters, this would be the first place theyd look for me so I had to lay low while they searched. I watched them arrive and then leave again from the cave. Then, yesterday, Dumbledore owled me and told me that I could come to the castle that hed told them they had no right to get me from now on because I was officially not living under their roof. Sirius told her. Then he chuckled, Only I imagine that it sounded a hell of a lot better

when Dumbledore said it. That man is brilliant. Adara was stuck somewhere between fuming, pity, and awe as she glared at the muscular, yet recently underfed, boy sitting next to her. You could have just come and stayed with me or something, she said. I hate that you stayed outside in the freezing weather for so long! Sirius studied her until she looked away to take a bite of her food, I wasnt going to ruin your holidays, was all he said. Ridiculous, Adara muttered. She thought she heard Sirius

chuckle under his breath, but she wasnt sure as Betti chose that moment to bring him a second helping of pie.

The rest of break past in a blur. Adara spent most of her time with Sirius, just hanging out and, more than likely, telling him to do his homework. Adara had finished what was left of hers the second day back at Hogwarts and had then taken it upon herself to assure that Sirius had his done. He didnt. Work, Sirius Black, Adara demanded as she once again

swatted his hand away from her side where it had, once again, been attempting to attack her in a miniature tickle fight. But its so boring, he whined. I dont get how you Ravennerds do it; just sit here for hours and hours, he went back to his book and pretended to flip the pages studiously, studying the same thing over and over. He dramatically dropped his head to the table with a loud bang that made Madam Pince glare in their direction. Shh, Adara hushed him. Shes going to get mad. Come on, you just have three inches left! she

tried to motivate him. It was just after lunch the Saturday before term started and they were relishing in the deserted library before everyone showed returned to school that evening. The sun was, surprisingly, out and it glistened amazingly on the white snow that still blanketed most of the earth around them. Sirius had lifted his head and was presently staring at this scene out of the nearby window. Lets go and play outside! Sirius turned to her and smiled. You sound like my little sister, Adara told him.

He shrugged. We can go outside after you finish your essay, Adara bribed him. She actually had used a similar bribe on MacKenzie not long ago: We can go outside after you finish your carrots, Kenzie. Itd worked then and Adara was pretty sure that it would work now; after all, Sirius did have the attention span of a two year old. But Dara, Sirius drew out the last syllable and gave her the puppydog face. Adara scowled. This was very unfair he could turn into a dog, for crying out

loud, therefore using this face to persuade should be illegal. She had to be strong. She had to fight the urge to well, she definitely had to fight most of the urges her body was telling her mind to do. Of course, she didnt really want him like that, it was just a natural teenage response to a very attractive best friend No, she breathed, you have to finish your essay, she told him out loud as she mentally told her heart to slow down. She was with Jayden, no matter how much her body wanted to react to the enticing smell of his aftershave

or soap or whatever it was that made him smell like that. Its just been too long since Ive seen Jayden, she told herself, I just need to be with him. She didnt let her mind dwell on that thought long enough to get the response she was sure she didnt want. I need to go over there and look at books, Adara finished lamely as she nearly bolted out of her chair. She had to get away from him for a few seconds, calm down. What was it that so randomly turned made her feel like this? Surely it was just her hormones acting up. She convinced herself of this as she walked through the large

shelves with large books. She rubbed her hand down the spine of one and smiled books could always calm her down. Whether because they held new information or took her to a new world, they could always calm her down. Adaraaaa! she heard her name being called from a few rows over. Where are you? she sighed, but couldnt help but smile. She walked out of her row and tried to find him, Merlin, Sirius, shes going to have a hippogriff you dont keep quiet! she whispered harshly.

That might be funny, Sirius said from directly behind Adara making her spin around and let out a small scream. Sweet Circe, dont do that, she scowled slapping him on the arm. Did you finish your essay? Yes, Professor, Sirius mocked her as he rubbed the spot shed hit. Can we go play now? Adara walked back over to the table and looked at his essay. After making sure that he had written the right length, she sighed and agreed which caused Sirius to whoop so loud

that if they hadnt been leaving, Madam Pince would have kicked them out. A few hours later, pink-faced, freezing, and exhausted from an intense snowball fight, Adara and Sirius raced up to the seventh floor and into the Room of Requirement. It had made the same room that it had made for them once before and, after striping down to only their jeans and sweaters, they collapsed on the couch. I dont think that Ill be able to make it down to the Great Hall for dinner, Sirius moaned.

Adara laughed, Aw, is Sirius Black admitting that he is too tired to move? Of course not, Sirius scoffed. Especially not after that arsekicking that I just served you with. You kicked my arse? Adara said, incredulous. I beg to differ. Sorry but its indisputable. I think that youre biased.

No, just undefeatable, Sirius turned his head to smile at her. She stuck her tongue out at him. Half an hour later, now warm and hungry, they exited the Room of Requirement and headed for the Great Hall. Actually, Im going to drop off my cloak in my dorm before I go to dinner, Adara told Sirius. He nodded, Thats a good idea. Ill see you down there. They parted ways and Adara slowly trudged up to her dorm. Upon entering she noticed that her roommates trunks were all at the ends of their beds and she smiled. Everyone was back; she

would get to see Lily, James, and Christine now. And Jayden, of course. With a bit of a skip in her step she walked down to the Great Hall. She was in the Entrance Hall when she heard someone call her name. Turning, she saw Jayden smiling, his hair still wet from the snow. Jay! she smiled and ran over to him. He wrapped her in a hug and spun her around once before setting her back on the ground. She couldnt help but notice that he didnt smell or feel nearly as nice as Sirius her friend. But hes just traveled all the way here, she rationalized. Smiling up at him,

he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She pulled away quickly, only because she didnt want to make a scene in the middle of the Great Hall, but luckily Jayden didnt seem to mind. Its so good to finally see you again; I missed you so much, Jayden told her seriously. Adara pulled her lips into a smile, I missed you, too, she told him. He smiled and pulled her back into a hug. She looked around the Great Hall over his shoulder at all the other people returning and talking to their friends happily.

She was trying to find Lily when she saw them. Scowling, she felt her muscles tighten and had a strong urge to use the first horrible curse that came to mind as she watched them over Jaydens shoulder. She didnt notice that Jayden had nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck, but she definitely noticed Sirius hands in Courtneys back jeans pockets as they ate each others faces up against the far wall near the entrance to the Great Hall.

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And then we fell asleep on the couch, Christine smiled as she unpacked her trunk. She was looking at Adara, but the latter knew that she wasnt seeing her; her mind was back at the cabin in the mountains. The strawberry blonde laughed and her eyes came back into focus, His mother pulled a freaker the next morning when she saw us; his dad high-fived him. Adara laughed with Christine from her perch on her own bed. It was getting late the night before term started back up again everyone else that shared their dorm was still in the

common room catching up with their friends. Thats great, Chris, Adara smiled. You two seem perfect for each other. Christine closed the drawer she had been folding her clothes into and walked over to sit by Adara. Yeah, she said dreamily. I guess Ive finally found my Jayden, eh? Adara immediately scowled, Why does everyone think that were already bloody married or something? she jumped off the bed and angrily grabbed her toothbrush and pajamas.

What in the name of Merlins dustbins was everyones problem? So theyve been dating a while does that make them bloody soulmates? Sometimes Jayden was annoying as hell like all of today when he wouldnt let go of her for more than three seconds. Yes, she loved him. Shed loved him since third year and that didnt just go away; but just because you loved someone doesnt mean that you automatically marry them. Her mum and dad werent married and she knew that they loved each other at Hogwarts; Adara was living proof of that.

She angrily peeled off her jeans and sweater and pulled a large sweater and some sweats on. She attacked her teeth until her gums began to bleed then, after swishing water she walked out of the bathroom. Christine looked up from a book she was reading and Adara took a deep breath, Sorry, she muttered. Christine gave her a weak smile then looked back to her book. I really know how to mess things up, Adara thought wearily. She crawled into her bed and hugged the sweater close to her body as she shut the curtains and lay down. Tomorrow

everything would go back to what could pass for normal; classes provided an escape similar to that of books.

Adara? Adara! she heard her name called from across the Entrance Hall. She slyly twisted out from under Jaydens arm and turned to see Lily waving at her and coming up from the dungeons. Lily! Adara ran over and embraced her friend; she hadnt properly talked to Lily since they had returned. Yesterday Jayden

had practically kidnapped her and, at the time so angry with Sirius, she hadnt attempted to talk to the Gryffindors. How was your break? Lily asks excitedly. It was eventful, Adara smiled. And you? My sister has a new boyfriend, Lilys eyes darkened. Bad? Horrific. Im sorry just think, in a few months youll be able to do

magic outside of school and you can hex em. Lily laughed, Brilliant Ravenclaws have an evil side, I see. Adara smiled, but then raised an eyebrow as Lily looked over her shoulder. Er I think youd better get back to your boyfriend, hes waiting awkwardly for you over by the stairs. Adara sighed and rolled her eyes but didnt turn to look at him. Ill see you after breakfast, then? Potions? Lily nodded. Adara gave her a look then turned and walked

back over to Jayden, You could have gone ahead to breakfast. Im not going to be attacked, she pointed out bitterly. I know that, Jayden told her slipping his arm about her waist annoyingly. I just missed my girlfriend, is that bad? Adara sighed again and relaxed a bit into Jaydens side, I guess not. She muttered as they entered the Great Hall. She looked automatically over to the Gryffindor table and spotted Lily joining James, Remus, and Sirius about halfway down. As she looked at Sirius a second time,

she saw what she missed at first: the blonde bimbo that was hanging off his right shoulder. She narrowed her eyes and, just as Sirius looked up at her and smiled, she wrapped her arm around Jayden and led him over to sit down with her back to Sirius. Adara kept her focus at her table for the whole meal, then afterwards let Jayden lead her down a corridor, Where are we going, Jay, I need to get to class! Adara said a tad agitated. Shed just focused on him for nearly twenty straight minutes and now she just wanted to go and talk to Lily

and get ready for potions. But no, she was being dragged down a hall by her boyfriend. Jayden turned his head and smiled back at her, Adara smiled weakly back yet couldnt help but notice his smile was nothing like Sirius. Sirius had about five different smiles and Jaydens could compare to none of them but, while Jayden was very attractive, Adara didnt love him for his looks. However, she could remember a time when the very smile she was receiving from him right now sent her mind spinning and gave her stomach butterflies how things have changed. But she was just more

used to it now, nearly three years later. After a few more seconds, Jayden pulled her to a stop and opened the door in front of him. Adara recognized it immediately it was she and Sirius broomcloset. He pulled her in despite her hesitance then shut the door behind him and pinned her against it, Have I told you that Ive missed you? he whispered, his breath hot on her face. He leaned in and touched his lips to hers, first hesitantly then getting more aggressive. She responded halfheartedly but when his tongue traced the

bottom of her teeth, she pulled away. Jayden, Adara said, not in the mood. While last year she would have traded half her textbooks for him to do this more often, now Especially not here; it really didnt help that this was the broomcloset that Sirius had dragged her to before. Not that they had done anything, but making out with Jayden in her and Sirius broomcloset just seemed wrong.

Jayden pulled back and paced away from her, What, Adara? Whats wrong now? What are you talking about? Adara asked, firing up. Youre so distant and cautious lately, whats wrong? he asked turning to her. Did I do something? Adara sighed, No, I just she paused, not here, okay? Just as she couldnt make out with him here, she couldnt argue with him here either. Not when the last time she fought in this closet it was with someone completely different.

Why not, Addie? Why not here? You keep making excuses or just slipping away and its not just since yesterday, either its Because this is me and Sirius closet, okay? Adara said, promptly shutting Jayden up. He stared at her in completely shock before Adara realized her mistake, Thats not what I meant. We just you saw us come out of here, damnit. Weve been through this; fought this fight already. I just dont want to fight again, okay? Jayden studied Adara for a second then sighed, Fine, just

go to class then. Go meet up with your Gryffindor friends. With that he pushed past Adara, who moved away from the door and left, banging it shut behind him. Fantastic, Adara sighed as she opened the door and began to walk down to the dungeons. Just bloody spectacular. She entered the classroom literally one minute before class was to begin and, because whoever controls the world hates her, the only seat left was next to none other than Courtney Thompson. How this happened, she had no clue. She looked at Sirius, who was sitting by James,

then to Lily, who was sitting by Remus. How in the name of Azkaban was she stuck in such a horrible day? She plopped herself down next to her worst enemy and was eternally grateful when Slughorn walked in a second later and began to explain the task for the day. They were to make their own potions today (thank MERLIN!) then at the end of the class they would bring up a vial to be graded. Easy enough. Adara took out all of the ingredients that were needed, making a quick trip to the storage closet for some

snakeskin, and began to work. She has almost forgotten who she was sitting next to until she had just passed the first stage of directions and heard a really fake, high-pitched sigh from beside her. One that made her want to kick something really, really hard. I am all out of dragon claw powder, BB exclaims. Adara set down her silver dagger so she wouldnt get any ideas. I guess Ill have to get some out of the storage closet, she smiled and walked past Adara giving her a push as she did. Adara caught the vial of frog blood she almost dropped into her potion as BB

knocked into her as the bottom of it grazed the potion. Oops, Courtney smirked. Adaras hand flew to the wand on the desk, but she kept her head. She watched as BB walked past the tables and, when she came to Sirius, Adara saw her reach over and (somewhat indiscreetly) grab his arse. Splash! Adaras hand (of its own accord, of course) had squeezed the tiny glass vial so tightly that it snapped in half and the bottom of it, the part with the blood in it, fell straight into her cauldron. Adara turned her eyes

to her potion in horror as it began to bubble angrily. Her eyes widened as her brain told her to run but her legs were refusing to move. It happened so quickly she didnt have time to blink and before she knew it she was thrown backwards by the force of an explosion and she shrieked as her legs swung around and her left one collided with the desk behind her with a sickening snap. A second later, though Adara could have sworn her eyes were opened, everything was pitch black and her leg was screaming in pain. Figures, was all she could think before the noise of her

classmates reached her ears. She wanted to scream out at the pain her leg was causing her, but her strange blindness rendered her speechless. 'Dara! she heard the most familiar of all of them first; though that was probably because he was yelling. She felt herself blinking but saw nothing. She felt Sirius touch her arm and small pinpricks of fire spread throughout it; she pulled it away. She heard Slughorn ordering people to calm down, and then ask who was escorting Adara to the hospital wing. Ill do it! Sirius said immediately and Adara felt

herself lifted off the ground. She moaned as her leg was disturbed and the pain of it threatened to knock her unconscious. She managed to hold on to awareness to make one last request, No. I want James to take me, she said as loudly as she could manage. She tried to picture Sirius face at her words, but then about twenty long seconds later felt herself being dropped somewhat roughly into a new pair of arms. Gasping in pain as her leg hit James muscled arms, she wrapped her arms around his neck before allowing herself to drift into a painless state of unconsciousness.

I dont know, it was red and in a glass vial. Thats helpful, James. Sorry, Poppy, I wasnt paying attention to her! A sigh, She just dropped it into her potion and it exploded? Thats what I saw, Adara came to as James was talking to Madam Pomfrey. It was frog blood, she said. The pain in her leg was gone but she

felt something on her face and was afraid to open her eyes. What if she still couldnt see? Frog blood wouldnt cause an explosion like that, Adara, James told her. Not unless you really screwed up your potion before that. You can open your eyes, Miss Moore. Ive gotten the potion out of your eyes, Adara heard the eye roll in her voice. Just be careful of the paste on your face, its healing your burn. Adara did as she was told then squinted at the brightness. She let out a sigh of relief; she would have died without her vision. Just

thinking about never seeing again made her dizzy; what would she do without being about to read, without seeing Sirius smile she shook those thoughts out of her head. I didnt screw up my potion, James, she said. Then you must have mislabeled I dont mislabel, Adara practically growled. She didnt know how, but this was the bitchs fault. She was sure. James and Madam Pomfrey began to argue with her, and

then with each other, about what else would cause an explosion. Adara listened wearily for a few minutes before throwing her legs off the cot and sitting up, Can I go? she asked. You had a broken leg, a burned face, and were blind! Madam Pomfrey pointed out. Yes, Adara agreed slowly. But now Im fine. I cant let you go for at least Ah, now; Ill take care of her, Poppy, James winked at the nurse who seemed to go speechless.

Ahem, well, I guess if you promise not to Shell be fine, James said smoothly as he threw his arm over Adaras shoulders and led her out of the hospital wing quickly. Adaras leg felt stiff, but otherwise fine, as they entered the corridor. The paste on her face had been totally absorbed and her eyesight was back. All in all one of the shortest trips shed made to the hospital wing in a while. She expected James to lead her off to the Great Hall as it was bound to be at least lunchtime

so she was surprised when he stopped her not ten feet from the door of the hospital wing. Why didnt you let Sirius take you? he asked bluntly. Adara looked into his hazel eyes and saw true confusion; she knew that hers were beginning to cloud with anger. I dont know, she lied. James cocked an eyebrow at her, Oh, please, he scoffed. You should have seen his face when you said that. Adara tried to hide her smirk unsuccessfully, Well, I was kind of blind at the time

Did you two have a row? James asked, getting more and more confused by the second. No, Adara answered as she sidestepped James and began walking towards the Great Hall. She heard James take two long steps to catch up with her, What the hell, Adara, he asked. Were you trying to be cruel? Adara kept walking, I dont know what you are talking about, James. Youre my friend, hes my friend, his girlfriend was in the class and I thought that

she might think it weird to have him carry me off bridal style. James laughed out loud but it wasnt his normal laugh, something was off. That, he said finally, is the biggest load of hippogriff **** I have ever heard in my life. Adara scowled at him, What part of that was hippogriff ****? You and him, just friends? he asked, raising an eyebrow at her again. You care about what that cow thinks? Adara continued to scowl as she shrugged, Believe what you

want, James. She said, Where are my things? Lily was going to give them to Christine after class, James told her, still looking amused. Great, Adara said; they had reached the stairs. Adara decided that she was just going to go up to her dorm and rest, she felt like she had just eaten breakfast. Thanks for taking me to Madam Pomfrey, she told James. You arent coming to eat? No, Im not hungry.

Oh, well, see you in defense then, James watched at her as she nodded and began to walk away. She was almost to the top of the stairs when James called up to her again, He was about ready to lose it seeing you get hurt again, Adara. Hell probably murder me for taking you from him, even if you did ask me. He cares about you more than you know. He has a funny way of showing it, Adara said back, thinking only of his hands in BBs pockets just two nights before. -

Look, Im sorry about this morning, Jayden walked up to Adara outside the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom a while later. Yeah, me too, Adara sighed. She really didnt need to fight with both him and Sirius right now. It took nearly all the energy she had to keep from smacking Sirius upside the head the very second she saw him. Yes, her rejection of him in potions was, maybe, a bit harsh but how could he not know what was ticking her off? How could he not have noticed that it was BB that did something into her potion in the first place? It was her fault

that the damn thing exploded and landed Adara in the hospital wing in the first place. She had half a mind to tell him that if he didnt want Adara to get hurt then he should dump that two-faced bitch and tell her to never come near him nor his friends ever again. Are we okay, then? Jaydens question brought her back to the present. She nodded and turned to enter the classroom as the door unlocked for class. She took her normal seat and took out her parchment as Jayden sat beside her. She readied herself for Sirius and hoped that he wouldnt mention the explosion. She

didnt feel like explaining all of that to Jayden. Sirius plopped down on her other side a few seconds later just as Professor Beck cleared his throat to start class. Adara did her best to not acknowledge him, and surprisingly he seemed not to care. She snuck a glance at him from under her hair and saw that he was in a most relaxed position, staring up in a bored fashion at the professor. Adara scowled and looked up to him, herself. Today we will be practicing nonverbally shielding certain spells that are cast upon you

verbally. As you can imagine, you all will be producing stronger hexes aloud which, you see, will be harder to block silently. You will be graded upon your ability to shield a spell nonverbally at the end of the week. Now, break into your groups and begin to practice, he ordered. Adara rolled her eyes and put up her parchment. Of course, the one class she was partnered with Sirius would be the one they didnt take notes in. She silently got up and walked over to the spot they usually used for practice, aware that Sirius was walking just as quietly behind her.

I see youre better, Sirius commented lightly, but Adara heard the tone in his voice he tried to cover up. All patched up, Adara answered mechanically as she turned to face him. Thats good. You looked pretty bad back there, you know. Yeah, well thats what happens when a potion randomly and surprisingly explodes, Adara said. Now, Ill hex first? she challenged. Go for it, Sirius said, his face set. Adara smirked (since when

have I smirked so much?) and raised her wand, Stupify! she shouted. The red beam of light shot towards Sirius and then was deflected easily. Adara set her jaw, Profectus Totalus! Deflected. Silenco! Deflected. Confundo! Deflected, yet again. This continued for about three more minutes until Adara, nearly out of

spells, gave up. Fine. Youre perfect, she told him turning her back to him to take her own spot. Go figure. She looked at Sirius, who was looking at her without any real emotion. Ready? he asked. Whatever. Adara walked to dinner with Laila that evening, listening to her prattle on about her and Xeno. She smiled with her, but really noticed how different she was from the beginning of the year when she could hold a

conversation with Laila and enjoy it. Now, she was not having a bad time, but she knew that something was missing that used to be there; they had definitely grown apart. She sat down between Christine and Jayden and looked up only to notice she was in the direct sight line of Sirius and, unfortunately, BB. Why is she even sitting at the Gryffindor table? Doesnt she have any friends in her own house? She narrowed her eyes. And began to pile food onto her plate with unnecessary force. Are you okay, Addie? Christine asked her, sounding a bit afraid.

Fine, Adara answered as she stabbed at her meat. No you arent, whats wrong? Jayden asked. Adara looked up from her plate and saw BB grab Sirius face and pull him to kiss him. Or more like eat his face. Honestly! Adara gasped out loud gesturing to them with her fork, Im trying to eat here Just ignore them, Jayden said darkly. How am I supposed to do that when theyre eating each others faces right in front of me? Adara asked.

Theyre at another table, Christine pointed out. Still, Adara said, her face growing hot. Youd think they could take it to a place a little less public! Here I am trying to eat dinner with my boyfriend No you arent, Jayden said in a weird voice. Adara looked away from Sirius and BB and up at Jayden, What? You arent with your boyfriend anymore, Adara, Jayden said defiantly as he stood up. Youre

so caught up with him nowadays that you barely even notice me anymore. Thats not true; what are you talking about, Jay? Dont pretend like you dont know, he said. Adara looked around and noticed that most of the table was now staring at them. Jay, Adara said, feeling tears pooling in her eyes. Was he seriously doing this? Now? On the first day back from break; on what could have, even before this, been the worst day of her life?

Im done putting up with this, okay. I should have done this a while ago but I kept thinking that youd get over it, it was just a crush. But now, he shook his head. Its pretty damn obvious that you are over this. Over me. So were done. He finished harshly and turned on his heel to walk away just as Adara felt a tear drop from her cheek. She didnt turn to watch him go. Everyone that was even remotely close to her had fallen completely silent. Adara looked up and over to the Gryffindor table. She locked eyes with Sirius, who looked confused and

something else that Adara didnt take the time to place. Addie? she felt Christines hand on her shoulder. She shook it off and stood up, almost running out of the Great Hall. She didnt know where she was headed but she finally reached a dark classroom and saw the cushions they had been banishing in charms sitting in the corner. She pointed her wand at them and they spread out behind Flitwicks desk. She rushed over and collapsed onto them face down, letting her sobs rake over her like never before.

She couldnt believe that this was happening; she had to be dreaming. Soon she would wake up in her dorm for the beginning of the term and she would go to breakfast with her boyfriend of three years and then and then she couldnt even think about it. She was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she had been dumped by Jayden Boot. The boy she fell in love with at the age of fourteen. Her first kiss, her first date, the first time she gushed to her mother about a boy. all with him. She couldnt imagine not being with him, not being Jaydens girlfriend.

She buried her head into her arms and gave up on trying to remain together. She felt all her muscles relax as she just lie there crying. What was she to do now? What would her friends say? David, of course, would take Jaydens side and completely hate her but she didnt really care about him. What about Christine? Surely she would at least remain neutral; however, their friendship hadnt been very strong lately. Shed still have her Gryffindor friends, of that she was certain. Lily would be amazing and James would probably offer to prank Jayden to the next

century but could she deal with them when possibly her best friend was the reason Jayden ended it? Sirius. His name attacked her and brought with it the image of him eating BBs face that, even while wallowing in her heartbreak, made her want to hex something. Youre so caught up with him nowadays that you barely even notice me anymore. Jaydens words came back to her, ripping a hole in her chest. He was just over exaggerating, this whole break up was just Jayden taking things way to far wasnt it? Did she really just see Sirius as her friend?

She shook this train of though out of her head, she didnt want to think about that now. It didnt matter what she did or didnt think of Sirius, she was just dumped by the boy shed been with for three years. No one would understand how much that hurt. She knew that she and Jayden had been growing apart, when she really thought about it (even her mother had noticed, rightly or wrongly), but she never thought he would be the one to end it. Yes, that was a bit conceited but she was angry! This wasnt fair. Nothing was bloody fair anymore.

She rolled onto her back and stared up at the stone ceiling, tears still leaking from her eyes. She couldnt believe this was really happening. And she couldnt even tell her best friend her mother because of the stupid fight. It was ironic that Adara had been arguing that she and Jayden werent going to be getting married But wait, her mind circled around. She sat up and leaned against the desk, thinking. Wasnt she just angry with Christine and her mother for assuming that she and Jayden would be together forever? She leaned her head back; is this

really what shed become? A simple girl defined by her love life? Someone that was only known as so-and-sos girlfriend? Everyone else seemed to think her that way. She didnt want that, from a young age her mother had both shown her and told her was it was to be independent. Be yourself no one else owns you. But she and Jayden had been together for so long that she couldnt help but feel the huge tear that had been created as she ripped herself from him. She couldnt help but feel her heartbreak it was inevitable after three years. Even if it was

time for them to move on, she still loved him. And, as she sat there and thought about it like the rational Ravenclaw she was, she realized that maybe she had been unfair to Jayden. She pulled her knees to her chest and tucked her head, allowing her tears to soak her jeans as she realized what a horrible person she had been for the past few months. Avis! Adara sat on top of the desk with her back to the door and watched as three birds erupted from the tip of her wand. She made them circle her

head and then watched as they chased each other peacefully around the room. She and Lily were the only two to have mastered this spell in class thus far, though Adara was sure that Sirius and probably James and Remus, too were probably able to. She was sure her eyes were puffy and red, but she had cried out most of her tears now. She wasnt quite ready to face anyone though, so she stayed in the dark classroom just thinking or trying not to, more like. She heard the lock on the door to the classroom click open, but she didnt turn around. Only two

people would be able to find her in such a random place and she was sure that only one would want so badly to find her; she didnt want to look at him right away. The door opened with a splash of light that lasted only a few seconds before the door clicked shut again. Adara flicked her wand and the birds returned and circled her head. She watched out of the corner of her eye as Sirius walked over and opened the window nearest her. She dropped her wand and the birds flew out of the window and into the dark, cold night. She shivered as the wind blew into the room until

Sirius shut the window again. She set her wand on the desk and looked at her lap. Are you even going to look at me? Sirius asked quietly, walking over to her. She realized that she did, in fact, have a few tears left. She didnt say anything and continued to stare at her jumper. Are you angry with me? he asked, walking still closer. She could smell him now but she didnt look up. She felt silent tears dropping off her nose and tasted them on her lips.

She felt him moving closer. He took her chin gently between his thumb and forefinger and made her look up at him. She closed her eyes and willed herself to stop crying; she knew she looked horrible right now. Puffy, red eyes with mascara and eyeliner probably smeared everywhere. Great. Adara, are you okay? he asked her gently. She sat frozen. Will you just look at me and tell me that you dont hate me? Damnit, Adara. She was about to open her eyes and tell him but he continued, Im sorry; I was just trying to make you jealous, I

didnt know that it would cause him to break up with you! Adara opened her eyes in a scowl and pulled away dropping somewhat gracefully off the opposing side of the desk, I wasnt jealous. She told him. She could barely see him, but she saw that she rolled her eyes. I thought we were past this stage, she heard him mutter. Look, Boot was out of line to do that so publically. I was just making sure that you are okay. Past what, exactly? Adara dared him, crossing her arms. And how do you think I am, my

boyfriend of three years just dumped me in front of the school. Not in front of the school, I hardly think anyone heard, Sirius answered. And past this evasiveness. Even Boot noticed, you cant still be in denial. Did he seriously just mention the thing that Jayden used to break up with me? Adara thought incredulously. What are you talking about? Are you trying to rub something in my face? What? Sirius asked. He sighed and walked around the desk, No, look, all Im saying is that I

thought youd have realized I know that I he trailed off looking at her. Realized, what, Sirius? She turned to face him. You are seriously going to make me say it? Sirius asked, now about three feet from her. I have no clue what you are talking about, Adara answered stubbornly. What the hell was he on about? What was so important that he tracked her down after her break up to find out?

He stared at her for a minute, then looked away laughing unbelievably. When he looked back at her she saw a tint of annoyance, Im talking about how you fancy me! he said. Adara scowled, her anger hiding her shock, she took a step towards Sirius, Let me get this straight, Sirius Black. You tracked me down after my boyfriend dumped me to tell me that I fancy you? Sirius scowled back at her, You were dumped because of it, so I assumed that you knew!

The silence that followed those words was deafening. Adara could tell that he regretted them as soon as he said them, but she didnt care. Tears of both anger and hurt welled up in her eyes yet again, and she didnt try to hold them back. I hate you, Sirius Black, she said, her voice shaking. I hate you, she paused looking at the floor and wiping away tears, so. much. She didnt know what she as feeling more of, the hurt or the anger, but she didnt care. She felt Sirius standing right in front of her and reached out to push him away, Get away from me! she cried. I hate you, I hate you! she sobbed pushing him away.

He didnt budge, he wrapped one arm around her and used the other to pull up her chin. No you dont, Adara, he said fiercely. You dont hate me. I do! she yelled back at him. I she stopped short as her insistence of hatred was interrupted as a warm pair of lips crashed down on hers.

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rereviewed all of my chapters. you are awesome. Chapter Twenty-Six: Instantaneous The adrenaline shot to her brain was immediate; she both felt like she needed to breathe and never wanted to breathe again. Every part of her that was touching him felt as if it were on fire but not a bad fire. Just a tingling, warm feeling that she could not describe. All she knew is that she wanted more. Her lips moved with his roughly, new, wanting to be closer. Part of her knew this was insane but

the other part didnt care. She pressed herself up against him, enjoying the warmness she could feel even through his sweater and hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, securing herself to him. He ran his tongue across her bottom lip and she opened up, quickly responding. His hands had moved to rest on each of her hips and he pulled her closer obviously feeling the same need she was. She didnt really remember moving (hell, she couldnt remember her own name), but before she knew it she was backed against a wall and his hips were pushing hers in a most

pleasurable way. He tasted different from anything shed ever experienced and she couldnt have described it if her life depended on it. His hands slowly ran up and down her sides, making her crazy. She pulled herself even closer, though she wouldnt have thought that possible, and she heard a quiet moan escape from Sirius. She broke away from him, gasping for air, her whole body tinkling and her mind spinning. He rested his forehead on hers; Adara stood there breathing in his breath with her eyes closed as reality slowly seeped back

into her now-clouded mind. Jayden. The break up. Her horrible day. Then Sirius. Before she even knew what was happening, she was crying. Not sobbing as she had been before, but just crying. Sirius opened his eyes and ran his thumb over her wet cheek. Go, her voice cracked as she said nearly the same thing she had told him last time they were in a similar situation. This time, he didnt say anything; he nodded, wiped a tear from her cheek and walked out of the classroom. Adara watched him go before shrinking down

against the wall, curling into a ball, and crying herself into a restless sleep. She eventually made it back to her dorm room, but it was s late that no one was in the common room and everyone in her dorm room was asleep. Well, she had a feeling Christine wasnt, but the latter didnt say anything as Adara climbed into bed still fully clothed. The next morning, only Tuesday, she awoke as soon as her alarm went off. She climbed out of bed, grabbed her towel and went to shower without looking

at any of the other girls. She turned the water on way to hot, hoping this might wash away the eyeliner that had stained itself to her face and maybe do something for her still-puffy eyes. Her newly cut hair still freaked her out to wash, but she barely noticed it this time. She scrubbed her body then got out of the shower and walked back into her room silently. She felt the stares of her roommates on her but didnt acknowledge them. She wasnt in the mode or sympathy or just conversation in general. She knew Christine felt bad for her, but she didnt want

to hear her thoughts on the subject. She dressed in a clean kit then brushed her hair and threw it back into a ponytail not having the energy to fix it. She grabbed her bag and exited the silent room. Do you think shes really that upset? Adara heard someone ask as soon as she shut the door. They dated for three years, another answered. Yeah, but her and that Sirius bloke have been close for a while.

Guys, it doesnt matter. Shes obviously upset; can we drop it? Adara was grateful for Christines words but knew that she was just as curious as the rest of them. She sighed and kept her eyes down as she exited the common room and headed for her first period class Runes not hungry at all. She sat down at her normal table and pulled out her book she might as well do something while she was waiting. She was halfway through translating the next story in the book when someone spoke, You really should eat, you know. Adara smiled weakly up

at Lily as she sat down in Sirius Chair and put a treacle tart wrapped up in a napkin in front of her. Im not hungry, Adara answered. I know, but you still need to eat, Lily persisted, pushing the food closer to Adara. You arent going to leave me alone until I eat, are you? Adara asked. Not a chance, Lily smiled. Adara sighed, closed her book, and picked up the pastry. Lily watched her take a bite then

asked, How are you? she asked quietly. You dont have to talk about it if you dont want to. Adara thought about it, and for some reason she didnt mind talking to Lily. Lily was just the kind of person that you could tell your problems too and have her not make a big deal yet do everything she could to help. She took another bite of her pastry, swallowed, then said, I dont know how I am. Lily nodded, but didnt push. I I guess Im still in shock, really, Adara explained. I mean I knew that things between us werent

how they used to be, but I guess I just convinced myself that that kind of stuff happened after you dated for so long. Lily pinched off a corner of Adaras treacle tart, Ive never had that long of a relationship, obviously, but I can imagine. And, just watching you two, Ive noticed that you seemed a bit off dont take that the wrong way. Adara shook her head, I know. I just hadnt been feeling the, I dont know, need to be with him as much as I had even over the summer. But I guess I just didnt

actually think of breaking up with him, or vice versa. They sat in silence for a minute, thinking. Adara felt better explaining her thoughts to someone that would just listen and not have any sort of judgment. She liked Lily for that; she never felt judged by her. Have you talked to Sirius yet? Lily asked. I know that you two were really close and I thought I heard him say something about going to talk to you last night. Adaras heart immediately sped up.

He found me, Adara said quietly. We well, I dont know where we stand right now. Lily looked at her, confused, and Adara gave her the basic outline of what happened. She didnt mention the way her heart had reacted, or the feeling that his hands on her body had given her, but either way, Lily got the gist. Wow, she said. Thats a bit low of him to play off your break up like that. Adara shook her head, No, no, no! she said. I dont think he was doing that at all. I just she

sighed, I know that we cant deny there was something, but I dont want him to be the rebound guy or the guy that just takes Jaydens place, you know? And its just so soon Lily nodded, You two did connect really fast, she said. But, and you dont have to listen to me, I just think that you shouldnt let this break up also be the end of your relationship with Sirius even if it is just as friends. Adara nodded, she knew that the redhead was right but she didnt understand how she and Sirius could be just friends again.

After last night, and after his confession that he had realized he liked her, and after she had felt all of that from just one kiss again. Thanks, Lily, she said. Anytime I had a feeling you might want an outsider friend, she smiled and gave Adara a hug. For a moment, Adara wished that the sorting hat had just put her in Gryffindor. Over the course of the next few days, Adara tired to stay out of the crowded places like the Great Hall and the common

room when she could because she hated the stare that she received. Most of them were from Ravenclaws who had saw her relationship with Jayden for the past three years and wondered why it had so abruptly ended. Some even asked her if she had just run to Sirius afterwards (though most of these people were Jaydens friends or followers as shed come to call them). Christine had been nice, but distant and more than once Adara had seen her and Cole hanging out with David and Jayden in the common room. Not hat she minded that, she wasnt mad that Christine was hanging out with them for they

were her friends, too. Its just that that and their distance lately made it seem like she had chosen to side with Jayden. This didnt bother Adara as much as she would have guessed, mainly because she spend a majority of her time with the Gryffindors. Well, Lily, Remus, Alice, and James, anyway. Its not that she was mad at Sirius or he was mad at her, its just that there was an awkward tension in the room whenever they were both there. They were civil towards each other, but usually would find an excuse to be elsewhere. Adara was sure that the others had noticed and were

just being nice in not mentioning the stupidity of the whole thing. Yes, Adara knew that it was stupid to not just forget the whole thing and be friends again, but its just that this time she couldnt push the kiss to the back of her mind. It attacked her at the most random times and made Adara wish even more that she were on good terms with Sirius again. What bugged her the most were the looks the others would give them when they were in the same room. It was a look that plainly said this is ridiculous, you two know better. Adara hoped

that it was only a matter of time before this awkward stage was over. Surely, they could get past this, right? She hoped so and she couldnt help but feel a bit more encouraged on Wednesday when she watched Courtney walk into potions, give Sirius a dirty look that he didnt respond to, then sit on the opposite side of the room. Whatre you finally smiling about? Lily poked her and asked. What? Adara turned from that scene to look at the redhead, puzzled.

Lily looked to Courtney, Oh, yeah they broke up the morning after you and well, Tuesday morning. she trailed off; they didnt mention his name if at all possible. Thats Adara searched for the right word. Im sorry to hear that. Lily snorted, Oh, really? she raised her eyebrows. Adara gave her a look that make her change her tactic, I mean, youre the only one besides her, then. James and Remus threw a party in the commons.

Mmm, Adara sighed. She looked down at her parchment and began to doodle as Slughorn started class. She didnt know what she felt; everything had just gotten so confusing lately. The rest of Wednesday and all of Thursday, Adara was slowly beginning to come out of her extreme slump. She was still avoiding certain places and people, but she actually laughed at James when he told a corny joke and ate a second slice of the pie Lily had knicked for her without being prompted to do so. By Friday morning, Lily had finally convinced Adara to

eat breakfast in the Great Hall. Just walk in and come sit with me, it will be fine! So she had made up her mind to do it. She walked into the Great Hall and was shocked by the atmosphere that greeted her. It wasnt the chatty place that it tended to be in the morning in fact, usually on Friday it was even more happy and chatty than usual due to the weekend, but now it was almost hushed. It was oddly silent, as if people were only talking in whispers. Everything seemed morose and she didnt know why; she felt goosebumps erupt on her arms

and legs and had no clue as to why. She walked over to the Gyffindor table and began to look for Lily, she had just spotted her sitting with James and Alice when a large, black, officiallooking owl swooped down and landed on her shoulder. The Hall, it seemed, got even quieter. Confused, and with a terrible ominous feeling, Adara unattached the note from the owls leg. She looked at the letter: Ms. Adara H. Moore

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Sent with regard from: The Ministry of Magic Her breath caught, what was the ministry writing to her about? More, what were they writing to her about with regard? Forgetting everyone in the hall that seemed to be staring at her, she opened the letter with trembling hands. It was nearly impossible to read it because her hands were shaking so badly. Miss Adara H. Moore, It is with the upmost regret that we at the Ministry of Magic write

to inform you of a terrible tragedy. Last night, at approximately 8:00 p.m., a group that call themselves the Death Eaters attacked the house of Bryce and Claire Hayden killing both Bryce J. Hayden and the couples daughter MacKenzie C. Hayden. Mrs. Hayden was at her office at the time and was not harmed. Aurors are working hard to find the people responsible and are making some progress. We send our deepest condolences and assure you that your family will be under special protection henceforth. Sincere Sympathies,

Trina Greinsmeir Head of Auror Department She stared at the letter, only taking in one line: killing both Bryce J. Hayden and the couples daughter MacKenzie C. Hayden. She stopped breathing. This was some sort of sick joke. Shed just seen them, damnit; she had a picture of Kenzie, her little sister, her three-year-old sister, blowing kisses into the camera right up in her dorm. Shed just seen it when she awoke to hit the alarm clock off this very morning. They couldnt be they werent they were fine

She didnt know how much time shed been standing there but before she could register what was happening, Professor Flitwick was at her side ushering her out of the Great Hall, Well take you to Dumbledore. Im sure it can be arranged for you to go home for the funerals she stopped listening after that last word. Funerals. No, she croaked and jerked out of his grip. She ran down the hall away from him, from the Great Hall, from people. She only wanted to see one person, the person shed been avoiding the only person who understood

the dark magic because his family had been affected, too. She reached the portrait of the fat lady in less time than she would have though possible and, realizing that she was crying, yelled, Get Sirius! What are you talking about? the fat woman said, pretending not to be the entrance to the place she needed to be in. I know that this is the Gryffindor entrance, Adara sobbed, get me Sirius!

I have no idea what youre talking about, she said looking away. Adara screamed, Sirius! Please! After a few useless attempts at it, she gave up on beating the wall and sat down, crying. No, she told herself, wiping away her tears, this isnt happening. She thought she might have heard some mumbling from the portrait above her, she she wasnt sure. She was trying to get the heartbreaking memories that were attacking her to leave her alone. Her dad and MacKenzie

playing with her stuffed bear her dad smiling and telling her that she needed to start working on that band plan Adara? she looked up and saw him. They said are you Merlin! What happened? Adara stared at him, halfparalyzed. Sirius! she sobbed as he pulled her up and wrapped her in a warm embrace, Shh, its okay. N-no! she stuttered, its not! What happened? Sirius wondered softly into her ear.

They got them, Adara said burying her head into his chest. DadKenzie Miss Moore, a little voice wheezed, tired from chasing after her. There you are, we must get you to Dumbledore; he said immediately. Adara nodded into Sirius, but didnt move. Sirius pulled away from her a bit, Come on, now. We have to go, he said softly. Flitwick looked at him, Er Im not sure Hes coming, Adara looked right at him and said the first coherent sentence shed said in

a while. Sirius accompanied this with a try and pry me away look that no one would dare fight. Flitwick stared at the two of them for a few seconds then sighed, If you want. Sirius pulled away his arm only to wrap it around her shoulders and tuck her to his side. She felt safe even though she hadnt realized she was scared before. Everything happened so quickly. This morning she woke up thinking it would be just another day and in an instant, her world was completely flipped upside down. Again. Gone. And, while

she knew her whole world was falling apart, she had a terrible feeling it hadnt really hit her yet. She couldnt grasp the fact that they were really gone. Her dad, her sister; they wouldnt do this to her. When they reached the two gargoyles Adara vaguely recalled the last time, the only time, shed been up there before was when she flooed to Hogwarts not long ago. She had fought with her mother; they still hadnt made up. She needed to say she was sorry she needed to make sure that her mum was okay.

Sirius led her onto the ascending stairs; she was barely aware of her surroundings as they entered through a huge wooden door. Ah, Miss Moore, she looked to see that the Headmaster was at his desk, but had stood as she entered. She knew that she should respond to him but she couldnt open her mouth to do so. Shes not really very talkative right now, Professor, Sirius answered for her. I understand, Dumbledore nodded to her. Please, have a seat. She and Sirius took a seat in a huge chair they could both

fit in comfortably in; Flitwick sat in the other. Dumbledore sat down and folded his hands on his desk. He looked to Adara, I wish I could tell you that this was a rare occurrence but in these times, I cannot. He started, I can, however, tell you that I am so sorry for the extreme loss and pain that you are feeling right now and if I could I would take it from you. Adara nodded, barely taking in what he was saying. She wanted to see her mother; she needed to be there for Claire. She needed she didnt know what

she needed to do, really. She still could not grasp the fact that half of her family was gone. Sirius tightened his grip on her and all she knew was that she needed Sirius and that he was not going to leave her. We have been in contact with your mother, Adara, she looked up at these words. Shes fine, Dumbledore assured her seeing her worried look, well, as fine as anyone can be. He amended sadly. She is set to arrive in about five minutes to take you home your trunk is being packed as we speak, I assumed you didnt want to go and pack it yourself? Adara shook her

head. She was sure whomever packed it, most likely Christine, would do it better than she would in this state, anyway. You wont have to worry about any classwork, Im sure you will catch up just fine, Dumbledore said, with a slight smile. Adara nodded again; for once, missing classes was the last thing on her mind. Dumbledore and Flitwick began discussing something, but Adara was no longer paying attention. She leaned on Sirius, who held her tightly, and just kept replaying times from Christmas break in her head. The snowball

fight with her dad and Kenzie; MacKenzie with eggs and syrup all over her face, smiling at Adara; opening presentsthey cant be gone. She heard the fire blaze and it registered that that meant her mother was here to get her. She jumped up and ran over to her, Mum! her mother wrapped her in a crushing hug. Oh, Adara! Elle sobbed and held onto her daughter like a lifeline. Im sorry, Im sorry! Adara whispered. I didnt mean it, I-I didnt mean it!

Shh, it doesnt matter, Elle ran her hand over her daughters hair. Its not important. Adara nodded, Ar-are they really she asked, tears once again leaking from her eyes. She felt her mum nod into her hair, not able to say it aloud. Adara closed her eyes and just stood there, crying with her mum in the middle of the headmasters office. No one interrupted and, after a while, they pulled apart. Elle straightened her shirt and wiped her eyes, Sorry, Professor, she said to Dumbledore.

Not at all, Miss Moore. And, please, call me Albus, Dumbledore stood and bowed. Elle nodded, Thank you for taking care of Adara. It was not a problem, Dumbledore assured her. Her things are waiting at your house. Thank you, Elle repeated. Dumbledore walked around the desk and shook Adaras hand, kissed Elles, wished his condolences again, then exited his own office with Flitwick.

Ill see you when you get back, Sirius walked over and told her. What? Adara turned to face him, her eyes widened. What? No! He couldnt leave her. He had to stay with her. He wasnt staying here! Her breathing accelerated as if she were sprinting, Youre coming, she told him, you have to come. Please! she started to tear up again, but she didnt care. Adara, honey Elle started, putting a hand on her shoulder. No! Adara shook it off and turned to face her mum, hes

coming! He has to come. I need him, Mum! she didnt know why she needed him so much, but she did. Going through this without Sirius would be too painful. She was beginning to completely lose it at the thought of not having him with her; in a second, she was going to have to be admitted to St. Mungos. Im sure he doesnt want to I dont mind at all, Sirius said, boldly taking Adaras hand. Adara relaxed the tiniest bit. Elle looked from her daughter, whose eyes now sparkled with tears, to the man who was standing there with her and

sighed. Adara knew that she must have looked pathetic but she didnt care. Sirius made everything better even this. Ill talk to Dumbledore, Elle sighed. Adaras heart and breathing began to slow as she relaxed into Sirius side again. Can you go to Claires alone? I told her wed be there as soon as possible. Shes such a mess. Not alone, Adara said quietly. Im not leaving, Sirius whispered.

Ill meet you there, Elle said softly as she disappeared through the huge door. Thank you, Adara turned to look at Sirius. Dont, Sirius said. This isnt a favor; I wouldnt leave you if you asked, Dara. Adara nodded, those words made her feel better. Now was the hard part. She had to go to the place that her dad and sister had died. She had to go see the lone survivor of this attack her stepmother; well, they were the only two who had survived as

part of this family and this was going to be horrible. She knew that seeing the house empty of two of the most important people in her life would make it real. She needed to be brave, for Claire. For her dad. For MacKenzie. She looked behind her as she took a pinch of floo powder; Sirius stood there, determined and caring. She took a deep breath and threw in the powder; she could do this as long as he was there for her. No matter what had happened between them, or what might happen in the future, he was truly her best friend.

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Chapter Twenty-Seven: Conflicting The house had an eerie feeling about it; Adara was instantly scared and barely held together for the two seconds it took Sirius to follow her. As soon as he walked out of the fireplace he took Adaras hand. She gripped it firmly and took a deep breath as she assessed the living room around her. In front of her were some of MacKenzies favorite toys and pieces of broken furniture. Kenzies teddy bear lay on the recliner, having night-night time

as the toddler would have said, and the stuffed kitten she had received for Christmas was laying on the floor beside the overturned coffee table. The couch that her family had sat on not even two weeks ago was flipped onto its back and there was a rip across the side furthest from Adara and Sirius. She took a step forward and heard a crunch. Looking down, Adara saw that the floor was littered with broken glass from a tea-set Claires mother had given MacKenzie. She tried not to think about how the teacups and plates were broken as she tugged Sirius out of the room.

Claire? Adaras voice cracked horribly as she called out to her stepmum. She listened closely but heard no response. She looked to Sirius, at a lost of what to do. Er maybe shes upstairs. I he looked around at the broken furniture, I wouldnt want to be down here, either. Adara nodded and she and Sirius walked up the huge staircase, Claire? Are you here? Its Adara. She still heard no response but as they reached the top of the staircase, she saw that the door to MacKenzies room was the only one that was

open. Adara let out a sound that was somewhere in between a whimper and a sigh. She really didnt want to go into the place that would remind me most of the little sister shed never see again. Adara? Sirius asked softly. Shes in Kenzies room, Adara explained quietly as she stood still just staring at the door to the room with soft pink walls. Sirius turned Adara to face him, Look, you can do this. Im going to go No! Adaras eyes widened.

No, listen to me, Sirius took her face in his hands. Im going to go clean up downstairs and you need to go in there and take care of your stepmum. He said it so calmly, yet firm, that Adara couldnt even doubt that he was right. I-I cant, though, Adara said her eyes tearing up yet again. Yes, you can, Sirius insisted. You are one of the strongest people I know Adara Moore and right now you have to be strong for Claire. She needs you. He wiped a tear from her cheek and Adara stepped forward and

wrapped her arms around him. He crushed her to him and she breathed in his scent. It strengthened her and, she didnt know why, but she felt better knowing he was really going to stay here for her. He pulled away too soon and nodded towards the room. Adara turned from him and wiped her eyes as she made her way down the hall. She reached the door and looked back at Sirius, who was still standing in the same place. She gave her a reassuring nod before he turned and headed back downstairs. She took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

The sight that met her was probably the most heartbreaking thing she had ever seen in her life. Claire was sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by nearly all of MacKenzies stuffed animals, one pair of pajamas, and little things like her hairbrush and blankets. Her back was to Adara but just her posture screamed pain and suffering. Adara literally felt like her chest was going to constrict so much she would never be able to breathe again. She wanted to turn and run away from this scene. Away from this house. Away from all suffering and loss.

But she needed her. Adara was probably the person that understood what she was feeling the most. Claire? she asked as she took a few steps forward and put a hand on her shoulder. Her stepmum jumped at the sound and contact but didnt look up. Adara cleared a spot of toys in front of her and sat down. Claire was looking into her lap as she held a little doll with soft brown curls: MacKenzies twin doll. Claire, its me, Adara said. She felt stupid, but she wasnt sure whether Claire was paying attention or not. Finally, the elder looked up. She looked horrible; it

was as though she hadnt showered in days her makeup was running down her face and her hair was everywhere. Her eyes were almost completely swollen shut and her whole face was blotchy and red. Hey, Adara swallowed. She had no clue what to say. How are you holding up? she asked stupidly as her voice cracked. Gone, Claire croaked as she stared at Adara. Theyre gone, she said and tears began once again streaming down her face. Its all my fault. I-I left and didnt s-s-say goodbye to MMacKenzie. S-she was still asleep

a-and n-now she broke off into incoherent syllables and Adara was at a loss. She had never seen anyone this depressed and upset and just gone. It was like Claire was a shell that only held misery and tears Adara couldnt bring to mind a memory from break where she was happy. It was as if there were a dementor in the room no, it was worse than that. It was as if a dementor had decided to take up permanent residence inside of her stepmum. Adara leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Claire as if by holding her tight enough she could keep her together.

Its not your fault, Adara told her as she tried to stay strong. You couldnt have done anything. And she lost it, too. She couldnt sit here in the room that was so recently her sisters and not be reminded of her. She could almost feel the parts of both her and her stepmums hearts breaking off as she sat there crying with her. The sides of the room seemed to close in as it finally hit her that they were never coming back. Two big chunks of her were lost forever leaving only their absence to tie her to the woman she was now embracing. *

I dont know what to do anymore, Adara said hollowly as she lay next to Sirius in the huge fluffy bed in her room. It was now well after the sun had set on the horrible day and the adults were too busy planning and coping to notice that the two teenagers had slipped away. Not long after Adara felt she had cried away all of the liquid in her body, Elle had arrived and pulled them apart. She took Claire emptier now than ever to one of the guest rooms and helped her to clean up. Adara took that time to change out of

her uniform and make herself somewhat presentable. She and Sirius spent the rest of the day trying to stay out of the way or doing things like waiting for the flower people to arrive with arrangements for the funerals which was set for the next day at three. Now, Adara didnt really know what was going on. She and Sirius had escaped when some auror had arrived and began going over some details that Adara wasnt really keen on hearing. Claire had been asleep for a while thanks to a dreamless sleep potion and

there was really nothing left to do. The horrendousness of the never-ending day and its consequences had settled and it seemed that everyone was knee-deep. No one ever knows what to do after something like this happens, Sirius told her. She nodded into his chest and relaxed again to hear his heartbeat; the sound of it calmed her. She closed her eyes and thought about the letters that lay on her desk, all unopened except one. Shed opened Emmetts and sent a response

back asking both him and Dumbledore if he could be permitted to come to the funeral. Adara felt that that was about the only helpful thing shed done all day. She knew that both her dad and her sister loved Emmett and thought it right that he be at the funeral. However, she didnt have the heart to open the rest of the letters from her friends and even a few acquaintances. Thanks again, Sirius, Adara told him, opening her eyes and looking up to see his face. I wish youd stop acting like I want to be anywhere but here,

Sirius said softly as he began to rub her back in soothing circles. Yes, attending my dad and sisters funeral is exactly where you want to be, Im sure, Adara said sarcastically. Sirius sighed and looked down at her, his grey eyes trying to convey a message he couldnt say. What? Adara asked softly, too tired to think anymore. He sighed again, Nothing, Dara. Get some rest. He continued her circles as she laid her head back on his chest and allowed her eyes to close. Whatever Sirius was trying to say, she knew that she would never

be able to tell him exactly how grateful she was that he was here even if she tried for the rest of her life. They were standing in the entrance hall Adara, Elle, Claire, and Bryce holding MacKenzie. It was time for Adara to go to her mothers house for the rest of break as her dad and his little family were leaving for vacation the next day. Bryce handed MacKenzie to Adara to say goodbye, I love you, MacKenzie. Adara hugged her. Ill see you soon, I promise.

No! the little girl wailed. I have to go now, youll have fun on you vacation! I love you. Finally after many explanations, Bryce managed to pry MacKenzie off and with one last I love you to the whole family, Adara and Elle apparated home No! Adara jerked awake, tears streaming down her face. Adara? Sirius sat himself and the sobbing girl up. Whats wrong? Are you okay? he looked at her in alarm. Light from

the hallway illuminated his face through the crack in the door he looked tired and worried. I-I didnt m-mean in a-a casket! Adara sobbed, hugging her knees. Shh, Sirius gathered Adara into his arms and pulled her into his lap. What are you talking about, love? he whispered. I-I promised! A-and now I-Ill only s-see her in-in a casket! Sirius pulled her into his chest and stroked her hair, Its okay, he told her.

N-no its not! Adara sobbed again, pressing her face into his chest. And he didnt argue with her. If Elle thought anything about her daughter and Sirius sleeping in the same room, in the same bed, she didnt say anything when she woke them up the next morning. Tired, and Adara with red, puffy eyes, they walked downstairs and into the kitchen to find that Elle was already making breakfast as Claire stared at her coffee sitting at the kitchen table.

Coffee and toast on the table; eggs and bacon will be ready in a few minutes, Elle told them without turning around. As they sat down, Adara poured both she and Sirius a large cup of coffee. After Adaras memory nightmare, she hadnt gone back to sleep for what seemed like hours and Sirius had stayed up with her the whole time. Sirius sipped his coffee, staring at Adara with heavy eyes. The clock chimed eleven as Elle magicked the eggs and bacon onto the table. She helped herself then put food onto

Claires plate, too. You have to eat something, she told her. Sirius piled eggs onto both his and Adaras plate as Adara scored them each some bacon. Thanks, they told each other at the same time. They shared a small smile before turning to their plates. Adara kept glancing around the table; Sirius seemed deep in thought next to her, her mum was trying to get Claire to eat, Claire was pushing her food around on her plate. Feeling like she was going to explode again, Adara scooted her chair up and subtly moved closer to Sirius until their arms were touching. He looked up at her, switched his

utensil to his left hand, then firmly took her left in his right. Adaras breath caught and she smiled at him in thanks; everything was easier with him. After breakfast, Adara and Sirius slipped on warm clothes and decided to take a walk anything to get out of the house. Claires sister, Lucille, and her parents were due to arrive soon, along with Adaras dads mother, Nana Hayden, but Adara really didnt feel like socializing. She didnt know how her mother did it, really. Elles best friend, Blair, had come over to help, but

still. Elle was doing most of the work and maintaining a seemly calm composure. Adaras admiration for her had grown tenfold; while she wanted nothing more than to hide away forever, Elle who had known Bryce longer than anyone else, basically was remaining strong. The snow was not as thick as it had been there were only about five or so inches on the ground now and most of that was gone due to so many people trekking up the pathway and into the house. Gloved hand in gloved hand, Adara and Sirius walked around the house and into the backyard

where there was a small forest. Many times over the recent break, Adara and Kenzie had gone exploring there. Kenzie used to love coming out here. She loved to find random things everything she found was treasure, Adara smiled faintly as they walked. Sirius chuckled, Little kids are funny like that, he agreed. The only cousin that I actually get along with, Andromeda, she married a muggle about a few years ago and they just had a little girl, he told her. Nymphadora, he laughed, shes going to hate her parents

when she gets older. Shes about two now, I guess, but I saw her last year and she was always into things. Adara smiled for the first time in a while; she enjoyed hearing about Sirius life. Shes a metamorphmagus, Nymphadora is, he added proudly. Few minutes after she was born, her hair changed colors. Nearly scared Andy to death. Thats so cool, Adara mused. To be able to change your appearance at will. She walked in silence for a while, How do

you think I would look with purple hair? she smiled up at Sirius. He stopped walking and looked her over, Weird, he said. but thats not a big change Adaras jaw dropped and she smirked. In one motion she dropped down and grabbed a handful of snow. She chucked it and hit Sirius right in the face, Ill show you looking weird, she laughed as she stood on her tip toes and messed up his hair. They both started laughing and fighting each other as Adara tried to mess up Sirius hair and he tried to stop her while

screaming things like Not the hair! Anything but that! Finally, out of breath, they stopped struggling and Sirius pulled her into a hug, I think youre beautiful. He whispered into her hair. Adara sighed contently, Well, I still think you look weird, she told Sirius, who laughed. As they held each other close, in the forest by her dads house, Adara marveled at how Sirius could so easily make her temporarily forget all the horrible things that were happening. Nana Hayden! Adara slid her way over the slick kitchen tiles

upon re-entering the house through the kitchen with Sirius and seeing her grandmother. Her grandmother caught her in a hug, Oh, Baby, she cried as she held her granddaughter close. How are you holding up? she pulled away and looked her over. I Adara started. Im still here, she said. Adara didnt know how she was, honestly. But thats a lot in thanks to my Mum and Sirius, she admitted. This is Sirius, Nana, hes here with me. Sirius stepped forward and hugged her, Im so sorry, Sirius

told her sincerely. He pulled away, If there is anything you need, please just ask. Nana Hayden looked taken aback by his kindness. Her eyes welled up, Thank you so much. Im glad that Adara has someone like you to be there for her. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else, Mrs. Hayden, he said, looking away from her grandmother and into Adaras eyes. Just then, Elle came in with Lucille and attention turned to her. Adara finally broke eye

contact and looked to her mum. Elle motioned inconspicuously with her head for Adara and Sirius to leave and Adara knew that she was just trying to spare them the socializing. Adara mouthed her thanks and dragged Sirius out of the kitchen and up the stairs. When they passed the clock, Adara noticed that it was nearly twelve. I need to take a shower and get ready for she trailed off as she reached her door. Yeah, me too. Sirius agreed. Look, Sirius, I really

You are not going to thank me again, Adara, Sirius told her. He took her face in his still-gloved hands and kissed her forehead. Adara closed her eyes and took a deep, ragged breath as her whole body reacted. Im always here for you. He said looking into her eyes before turning and entering his own bedroom. As she peeled off her snowdrenched clothes and started her scorching shower, Adara struggled to make sense of her emotions. Half of her wanted to curl up and very nearly die with the pain of losing over half of her immediate family but the other

half was melting with these completely opposite feelings towards the man that was in the bedroom across the hall. She felt that that half was insulting her fathers and sisters memories; she shouldnt be able to feel anything but grief in a time like this, should she? But however much she tried, the half that wanted to spin in circles barefoot in the middle of her room would not be squashed. If these emotions didnt somehow come to an agreement, they were literally going to make her crazy.

* Adara slipped on a black muggle dress that her mother had lent her and attempted to zip it up the back. After a few tries, she gave up, grabbed her necklace (a string of pearls her father had given her for her sixteenth birthday) and walked into the bedroom across the hall. As she knocked on the door, she vaguely wondered if she should feel weird about asking Sirius to zip up her dress but dismissed the thought quickly. She was very comfortable with Sirius, rightly or wrongly, and he was one of the few people she would trust with anything.

He opened the door with his white shirt half buttoned and his black dress pants unzipped with the bottom of his shirt tucked into them. Help? Adara asked pointing to her back. Sure, come on in, Sirius smiled at her. She walked in and Sirius let the door close until it was open only a crack. The guestroom had a rich red wallpaper not fire truck red but a royal red. The furniture was all a dark wood the four-poster full sized bed, the dresser, and the full-length mirror that stood in the corner. She walked over to it, Sirius behind her.

Can you zip me up? she asked. I dont know if I like this dress much. Sirius finished tucking in his shirt and buttoning his pants then walked over and put one hand on the small of her back to hold the dress down as he gently pulled the zipper up. Adara closed her eyes and sighed. She didnt understand how this could make her feel so weird. She was about to go to her dad and little sisters funeral her heart shouldnt be going into hyper drive. I like this dress. You look too good to be so sad, he said

as he turned her around and ran his thumb along her cheek. She took in his caring, grey eyes along with the way that his hair was just long enough to frame his face perfectly and understood how someone could fall for his looks alone. How is this happening? she whispered, not really knowing if she was only referring to the deaths of her family members. Sirius sighed, Thats a question no one can answer, love. Her breath caught again and she had to look away. Moments later she felt something in her

hand and remembered her necklace, Can you? she asked holing it up. He took the necklace from her and she turned back around to face the mirror. She watched as Sirius lowered the necklace then she held her hair as he fastened it. Thanks, she said again. She watched Sirius nod at her in the mirror then turned to face him. Standing up on her tiptoes she gently kissed his cheek then walked out of his room and back into her own. Closing the door behind her, she sat at the end of her bed and put her head in her

hands; nothing made sense anymore. Addie? her mother called from downstairs about ten minutes later. Adara finished signed the letter shed been writing to Lily, James, and Remus, and as she sealed it she opened her bedroom door and answered her mum. Can you go get Claire, please, the car is here to pick us up. Adara looked across the hall and saw that Sirius head was sticking out of his door, too.

Sure, Adara called back to her mum, staring at Sirius. She walked over to him and handed him the letter, can you send this to Lily? she asked. He nodded. Adara looked down the hall to the door at the very end the one that Claire and her dad used to share. She felt her throat closing and swallowed. Sirius took the letter, but kept her hand. You can do it, Dara, he said softly as he kissed the hand that handed him the letter. Adara felt her heart skip a beat; so many conflicting emotions were really beginning to confuse her. She nodded and he

dropped her hand as she began to walk away. She took deep, calming breaths as she walked the hallway; again, it seemed much longer than she remembered. Finally, she reached the door and, with a shaky hand, she knocked. She waited for an answer; she felt weird walking in without an invitation. Shed always been taught to knock on a door, especially her those of her parents, before entering. After what Adara guessed to be about two minutes, she knocked again. Still no answer. Adaras mind was spinning now and her

stomach was beginning to twist. What if she slipped in the shower or something? She wasnt really that alert. Claire? she said, as she opened the door a crack. Are you okay? The car is here She didnt hear anything, still, so she opened the door all the way and walked in. The walls of this room were an elegant purple color. The bed was made, the matching comforters gold lace sparkling in the lamplight. The room was just as Adara had last seen it; there were a pair of her dads old boxers lying on the floor next to a pair socks. Some of MacKenzies clothes were

thrown near the bed as were a few t-shirts. However, there was no sign of Claire. Adaras breathing grew shallower as she neared the bathroom. The door was shut except for a crack through which light was streaming. Claire? she repeated, her voice cracking. She did not have a good feeling about this. Her whole mind and body were screaming at her simultaneously to turn around and run straight back into Sirius arms. But if her stepmum was hurt

She took a hold of the door handle and pushed the door open. Then she screamed.

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Sirius was by her side before she had time to blink. He saw the scene over her shoulder and then quickly spun Adara around into a tight hug as he pulled her away from the bathroom and out into the hallway. She wasnt aware of her body anymore, just Sirius. She was sobbing and losing every bit of control she had as he yelled for Elle. Adara? Suddenly Adara felt her mothers hands on her back, but she didnt release Sirius and he didnt offer her up. What happened, Sirius? she asked, panicked.

Claire, Sirius croaked, sending Adara into more hysterics. The picture of her stepmother sprawled on the light pink bathroom floor, eyes open, her skin a pale blue, with a vial of poison in her hand took over her mind. Get her to the hospital, he finished. The hands on her back left and Adara heard the faint sound of her mothers shock then apparation as Sirius hugged her so tight she could barely breathe as she lost control. She felt herself losing consciousness. Sobbing. Pain. Shock. Death.

Adara awoke violently, again, and scooted closer to Sirius. She tried not to remember the hospital. The death certificate. The three-coffined funeral In his sleep he tightened his grip on her, pressing her body so close to his that her head rested on his chest in a way that she could hear the perfection of his heartbeat. She took deep breaths, as the trauma Healer at the hospital had told her to do, and concentrated on the steady thumping of Sirius heart. On his steady breathing. On anything but the picture that still haunted her, nearly a week later.

She changed positions slightly so that she was more comfortable on the floor of her mums living room and even closer to Sirius. The three of them (Adara, Sirius, and Elle) had moved back to the flat from the Haydens house after Claires suicide in attempt to escape all those emotions and commotion of reporters and investigators. She heard her mothers slight snore from a room just down the hall. She was smart enough not to mind Sirius and Adaras little slumber party, though she had insisted that it was in the living room as opposed to Adaras bedroom not that it mattered

to either of the two. Adara just needed to be close to him; he somehow kept her together and Elle knew her daughter well enough to know that messing with that would be hell for everyone involved. Adara closed her eyes and tried to picture being back at Hogwarts; starting her life again after this hellish experience. She and Sirius would be heading back on Sunday, which was now tomorrow, she assumed. Dumbledore had given her (and Sirius) as much time as she needed, but both she and her mom felt that it was no help to be at home mourning and

missing school. She might as well continue living its what her dad would have wanted. She thought about her friends and how they hated to be away from her at this time in her life, yet respected her privacy. She missed Lily and James and Remus. And even Christine. All four of them, along with many others, had written to her with their condolences and love; Adara had never had a time where she felt more loved. Then again, she had also never felt so alone. Sirius helped that though, she never felt empty with him

around. She looked up at him in the dim light of morning that was streaming through the window and sighed. Something about just looking at him made her breath catch; even just in the moonlight with the slight beard that had grown since yesterday. She didnt know what she was going to do about him. Through all of this, she hadnt figured out her feelings toward him. Well, really, it was more like she had. And she was terrified. She shook those thoughts out of her head before they could get her mind reeling again and closed her eyes. She might as

well get whatever sleep she could; she wouldnt have any more nightmares sleeping with her body this close to his.

Good morning, Elle grumbled as she walked into the kitchen at around nine. Morning Mum, Came two almost rehearsed voices from the kitchen table. Adara and Sirius were eating the breakfast Sirius had just gotten done cooking. Sirius had just taken to calling Elle Mum and no one had objected apparently he did this to James parents too.

Elle sat down opposite Sirius and helped herself to some eggs and bacon, I really dont get how you can cook so well, Sirius, she said sleepily. Ive told you, Sirius smiled. I spent a lot of my time away from my parents and with the Potters. They taught me how to cook. Im not as good as James though, he admitted. James can cook? Adara asked. Oh yeah, he makes the best Sheppards pie youve ever had.

Its been argued better than even the Hogwarts kind. Adara pondered this while she took another bite of the eggs; she wondered if Lily knew this little fact about James Speaking of Hogwarts, how much packing do you two have to do before tomorrow? Elle asked and she acciod the coffee pot to the table. Not much, Adara answered. We did most of it yesterday after doing our work, Sirius finished. All we have left is

Astronomy. It was too cloudy to work last night. Adara smirked into her breakfast at his words; she was so proud of herself for converting Sirius from someone who rarely finished his homework to someone who had it done a day or two early. Elle nodded, Thats good. She took another bite of her breakfast then looked up at them, I hope you two dont mind, but I have to go into work for a bit today. They are going crazy nowadays, as you can imagine, and as Ive been out for a while

Thats fine, Adara nodded. You two will be okay here? she asked, somewhat skeptically. Shed been so worried about leaving them alone for any period of time since the attack on the Haydens, which was expected. Yes, Mum, Adara answered, as she finished her food and took her plate to the sink. Well be fine, Sirius reassured her. Elle locked eyes with him for a few seconds, as if they were having a silent conversation, and then nodded.

Im going to go clean myself up, Adara said as she made her way out of the kitchen. She looked back to see that Sirius and Elle had already began discussing ministry happenings and recent news, and smiled slightly. It did make things a lot better that Elle had taken such a great liking to Sirius, despite her first impression of him. She grabbed a towel from the laundry pile on her way to her room to get a change of clothes for the day. The sun was already shining through her window, a product of waking up a bit later than was usual. She grabbed a pair of jeans from the floor and

set them at the foot of her bed before wandering over to her dresser to look for a shirt. She pulled a simple white one with a muggle brand name scrawled across the chest and threw it on top of her jeans. She began to peel her loose sweats that she slept in off, deciding to leave them in the laundry basket in her room instead of the bathroom. With her towel wrapped around her and her clothes in her arms, she exited her room and made her way to the bathroom down the hall. Sirius paused, about to enter the guestroom, and wolfwhistled. Adara turned to face him and stuck her tongue out

playfully before escaping to the privacy of her bathroom. As she stepped into the warm water, she thought about how comfortable she was with Sirius. And how it was so different than it was with Jayden. Having Sirius at her house was nothing if not helpful; it wasnt like when Jayden has stayed over and she still felt the need to always look perfect. Sirius had seen her without makeup and in her ratty old sweats; seen her completely break down and seen her in her worst moments yet she had never felt selfconscious. It was always as if he belonged. Adara had worried, in

the beginning, that he felt uncomfortable and was just a really good actor, but when shed brought it up hed all but chewed her out for it. Adara, love, if I wanted to be anywhere else but here with you, do you think Id still be here? Nothing is more important to me right now than making this all easier for you. I feel like Im not doing enough, if anything. Please dont think that Im acting, Dara, being here with you is where I need to be, hed said then wrapped her in one of his hugs. Yes, she decided, he had his own hugs. Shed never felt as safe and whole as when

Sirius was holding her something that confused her to no end. She shook her head, letting her wet hair slap her back. She had no clue what she was going to do about Sirius even though shed given this situation more thought than anything she could remember. He was like an extension of her, thats how easy it was with him. She couldnt help but compare him to Jayden though there was really no comparison. Maybe it was because they were so young when they started dating, but even though shed been with him for three years, itd never

been so easy with him. Easy as breathing, really, to function with Sirius around. Even in times as hard as these. She kept her together against everything else that tried to pull her apart. And she was just beginning to understand why.

Can you toss me those sweats over by your head? Adara called to Sirius, who was stretched out lazily on her bed. He grabbed the sweats she pointed to and tossed them to her; she caught them and

shoved them into her trunk. Thanks. The sun was finally setting and her room, previously lit only by the sun, was now getting dark. Sirius, as if reading her mind, sat up and flipped the lamp on the bedside table on. Adara shuffled a few things around in her trunk, furrowing her brows when her hand hit something square and hard; shed already removed one of her two old picture frames and the other the one of her and her mother was on top of her clothes on the other side of her trunk. She dug around a bit, then pulled out a

small, black mirror and smiled turning to the boy on her bed. Sirius was flipping though a muggle novel she had left on her bed and didnt see Adara as she climbed on the bed from the other side. She touched his shoulder to turn him around as she sat down beside him holding the mirror in front of her, Are you ever going to explain this to me? she asked, teasingly. Sirius stared at the mirror for a second, and then laughed, Id forgotten you still had this; we havent used them in so long now. He reached to take it from her and, for the first time since

shed taken in so long ago, she let him. She was no longer afraid that he would disappear without explaining his mysteries. He looked directly into it, as if examining the perfection of her hair, eyes, face then said, very clearly, James Potter. Adara cocked an eyebrow and looked at him skeptically. He smiled the smile that took her breath away, still, and held up one finger telling her to wait. She sighed and leaned back onto her pillows impatiently.

Padfoot? Adara shot back up at the sound of James Potters unsure voice. Hey, Prongs, how are you, mate? Sirius laughed, looking from his friends confused face to Adaras. Adara stared at the mirror with her mouth open and her eyes wide. Though it didnt make since (because, really, what could Sirius not do?) she was awed. When would Siriuss surprises cease to amaze her? She didnt think itd be anytime in the foreseeable future. JJames? she stuttered.

James saw Adara then, when she pressed her face next to Sirius, and he sighed, Right, forgot she had the other one, he smiled. Ah, well, she knows everything else already. She thought she heard Sirius muter something that sounded like not everything but she wasnt sure because James expression had turned to one of worry, Are you okay, Adara? Ugh, what a stupid question, he smacked himself, I cant even imagine! I hope you are doing alright, despite he trailed off as Adara smiled.

Thanks, James. Im doing alright; Sirius has been really helpful. Were coming back to school tomorrow; I miss you all. She said honestly. James smiled, too, Thats good. Lilys been going insane over here. Actually, you just missed her; she just left. Adara opened her mouth to ask if he could fetch her, when Sirius beat her to the punch, Wait, what do you mean she just left? he asked suspiciously. Youre on your bed, arent you? Adaras jaw dropped again, but then she smiled, too, at James

guilty expression. I I N-no, well, yes. But its not like that! he stuttered. Mmm, Adara said, her lips pressed together in a smile to keep herself from laughing. Sorry to interrupt such a monumental moment for you then, mate. If wed known wed have waited oh, a few minutes. Thats as long as you last, right? Sirius asked, smirking. Its not like that, Padfoot! James spat indignantly. Were just friends! And a few minutes, please.

What? Adara asked, half laughing, seconds more accurate? Sirius laughed his bark-like laugh, too, and James turned a lovely shade of red, I have to go, I think I hear someone calling me. He said. Maybe its Lily ready for round two, Sirius turned to Adara to ask, somewhat seriously. I dont know, Adara asked thoughtfully turning to James, does it sound like shes in pain or just bored?

Im glad youre doing well, Adara. See you two tomorrow, James said then the mirror went blank and Adara and Sirius fell back onto the bed laughing. Poor bloke, he brings it upon himself, Sirius smiled as he rolled onto his side to face Adara. Im just glad that he and Lily dont hate each other anymore. Sirius nodded, You dont even understand youve only known them this year. Ive had to live with their feud since first year!

Oh, please, Adara rolled her eyes. Like you didnt enjoy it sometimes. Sirius thought about this, then a smile stretched across his face, Okay, so it was fun sometimes, he allowed. But mostly it was annoying. Adara rolled her eyes, Im sure. They sat in silence for a while, each staring into space, thinking. Adara was very distracted by the way Sirius hair fell perfectly into his grey eyes, still sparkling with laughter, when he shook his head and looked over her shoulder. Looks like its

dark enough for us to see the stars, he said quietly. It took a minute for Adara to process these words, then another few seconds for her to realize that he was referring to their astronomy homework. Oh, right, she said, looking down at her bedspread hoping Sirius didnt notice her staring. Let me get dressed, then. Ill go get my things, meet you in the living room in five? he asked. Okay, Adara rolled off the bed and over to grab a few layers of warm clothes. The

January nights were still reaching freezing temperatures, though she wasnt near as cold when she snuggled up to Sirius. Within three minutes, Adara was in the front room with her book, parchment, and three layers of winter clothes. Sirius walked out a few seconds later and took a look at her, from the tip of her hat to her sneakers. He smiled, You look warm. He said, though with his pause it seemed like he wanted to say something else. Adara smiled back at him, Hopefully, she said. You ready?

Lets go study stars! he said enthusiastically. They climbed the stairs to the top of the apartment building then, grabbing the broomstick theyd stashed in the abandoned janitors closet, they flew to the roof. Adara was right, it was very cold, but at least there was no wind. She hugged her top layer closer to her body and turned to see Sirius setting the broom against the ledge. He walked over to her, smiling. What? she asked.

Id forgotten Id given you that jacket, he shrugged. It looks good on you. Adara was grateful for the dark as she blushed as she realized why the sweater she was wearing had became her favorite, Thanks. She answered as her heart sped into overdrive. She tried to calm it as he neared, surely he could hear it. They sat down on the blanket theyd left up there, and Sirius put his arm around Adara and pulled her down so they were lying there looking up at the stars. Her heart still beating as if shed swallowed a gallon of pepper-

up potion, she stared up at the stars shining brightly on such a clear night; her worries of being cold vanished. With ease, she tore her eyes from the stars to stare at something she had grown to love much more. Staring at him staring at the stars, her breathing steadied as she resolved to work this out, finally. She couldnt keep denying what she felt for Sirius, as she had for who knows how long. As this realization hit her, she felt a wave of rightness crash over her, then a wave of worry. What if he doesnt love me, too? She thought agonizingly; what if her many rejections finally

convinced him she wasnt interested; her chest constricted. What he if just thought of her as a friend? She didnt have time to think any more than this, because he turned his face to look at her and her thought process drifted away from her. What are you thinking about? he asked her with the trace of a laugh in his voice. She took a deep breath and pushed herself up onto her elbow, unable to answer him in the light of her new revelation. Something in her face must have scared him, because he followed her example and cocked his head to the side,

asking again without words. With no way to communicate what she needed to and without thinking it through, Adara leaned forward slowly and closed the gap between them, pressing her lips gently to his. He responded instantly, winding his free hand into her hair and pulling her closer. Adaras mind was spinning as she kissed him back, feeling her whole body warm to a level that should have been impossible in this cold. She felt as if she was floating lightly above the ground instead of lying on the cement roof. Her

tongue brushed lightly across his bottom lip, and he sighed before removing his hand and pulling away. Adara pulled back, too, rejection flowing through her painfully. She looked up at him to apologize but his face stopped her; he looked as if he was in pain. Adara, I cant let you do this, he whispered as if the words were causing him pain. It took her a second before she could compose herself enough to answer, I dont understand what you mean.

I cant be your rebound guy; I wont be someone you attach to because I was here for you during hard times. I care about you too much. I know that I may not be good at hiding how much I want you, but I dont want you to feel like you have to be with me just to placate me. I can be your friend, he said sincerely. Adara blinked twice, trying to understand his words, You think that I only want you to placate you? she asked, somewhat angry.

I know I have always caused you problems with my insistence, but I dont want you to feel like you have to do anything, especially not now when youre so vulnerable. Adara scowled at him, Im not doing this because Im vulnerable, Sirius. She started angrily, but then realized that this would get her nowhere. She took a deep breath, then looked back at him, I think Ive known it for a while, but I fought it because of Jayden or because I couldnt possibly be falling for you, Sirius Black, but I did, she admitted. And as hard as this is for me to say with you sitting

there rejecting me, I feel like Ill explode if I dont. I like you Sirius Black, whether you still want me or not. Adara looked at him, staring into his eyes exactly as he was staring into hers. He seemed to be searching for something, maybe seeing if she meant what she was saying or if she was just emotional. Adara sighed thinking the worst. He just doesnt want me any And her thought process was one again interrupted as Sirius took her face in his hands and kissed her like shed never been kissed before, I want you Adara Moore, he whispered into her

lips. "Like Ive never wanted anyone before. And then he kissed her again.

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possibly love you even more than I do now, after you've read it. Haha. Thanks, again, guys. You are awesome. over and outt. HPsmartone32 Chapter Twenty-Nine: Wildfire Walking into the Great Hall holding hands with Sirius Black was not what she expected. Sure, she knew a few people would gasp and gossip, but could the whole hall seriously get that quiet? How had it spread that quickly surely not everyone at every table could see them

Maybe its just you, she comforted herself. She was certain that she was going to get sympathetic looks and condolences from people because of how public her family affairs had been made over the past week or so, but for almost everyone in the Hall to go silent? Did they have nothing better to do than stare? She bit her lip she never liked attention much. Just ignore them, Sirius pulled his hand away and instead put his arm around her shoulders and tucked her into his side as if to keep her from harm. She felt her

anxiousness ebb away and by the time she had sat down between Sirius and James at the Gryffindor table, the Great Hall was already buzzing with talk again. Adara! James exclaimed and threw his arms around her. She chuckled and hugged him back, noting that he was very muscular like Sirius. Im so glad that you came back. And that you brought your man with you, he added waggling his eyebrows. Remus laughed with them and also told her that he was glad she was back; Peter just nodded and went back to eating. Sirius rolled his eyes at his friends.

It was still early in the morning so she wasnt surprised to see that Lily and Alice had not joined the Marauders at breakfast yet. Actually, she was surprised that they were even up. Usually the lazy boys dragged themselves out of bed at around noon on the weekends. She didnt fight as Sirius piled food onto her plate, without him she probably would have forgotten to eat over the past week, and instead she turned to James again, Why are you three up so early, anyway? Special Occasion?

They woke me up, Peter answered in his squeaky voice before any of the others could open their mouths. Adara looked from Remus to James they both looked back sheepishly. We were excited, James admitted. You two have been gone forever, Remus answered. Aww, Sirius said, reaching around Adara to punch his friend in the arm. You really missed us! Maybe.

A little. I guess. They all answered at the same time. Adara smiled and begin to eat her eggs; as much as she wasnt over everything that had happened recently, it was good to be back at Hogwarts everything almost felt normal again. Well, as normal as four nearly seventeen year old guys singing the muggle song reunited and it feels so good! loudly at the breakfast table can be

News that Adara Moore was officially dating Sirius Black spread through the castle like wildfire; she had never guessed that it would be that big of a deal especially due to the fact that more than half her family had died at the hands of a murderer that was unidentified. She was honestly confused as to where everyones priorities lay. Even Slughorn had asked her, Is it true that you and Sirius Black are going steady? when she had gone to ask how much she missed and when she could make it up. I think that its hilarious, Lily said as she and Adara ate

dinner in the Great Hall that night. That Im dating him? Adara asked as she spooned a bit more French onion soup into her bowl. No, no, Lily dismissed, I think thats great; whats funny is everyones reaction to it. Youd think that it was some huge surprise. She laughed, I havent seen a more obvious relationship in the making since I used to watch cheesy muggle romance films. Adara rolled her eyes, It was not that obvious.

Lily gave her a look that made her laugh, Fine, it was pretty obvious; but what about you and James? Thats all but inevitable. Lily let out a laugh so loud that the people around them looked at her in alarm. Adara smiled, it was good to have some girl talk. Oh, please. I just now learned how to tolerate him! I very recently hated everything about him. Honestly the only reason I think that I even began to tolerate him was because of you, Lily told her when she had sobered up.

You are so blind, Lily Evans, Adara sighed. Youll thank me someday when you have a beautiful baby little green eyed, raven haired girl or something. Did you hit your head while you were gone? Because you sure are acting like it, she snorts, turning back to her food. Adara shook her head slightly and was about to retort when a huge set of arms wrapped around her whole body from behind, Hello, love, Sirius whispered into her ear making her heart skip a few beats then pound into overdrive.

Hi, she said back breathlessly as Sirius made a third year move so he could sit on her other side. She looked at him properly and saw that his cheeks and nose were bright pink and his hair was windswept from the late broomriding session that James and Sirius deemed absolutely necessary even though it was dark and probably below freezing. You two are just so articulate, James laughed as he pushed a second year down to sit by Lily, who smacked him on the arm. Remus and Peter settled for

more convenient and empty seats across from them. Adara smiled at her friends as a true sense of belonging set in; she wondered how she ever got along without her crazy, stupid, reckless yet kind and caring friends. The happy group laughed and joked while they ate, but before long the Great Hall was emptying as students filed off to their common rooms to fit in some last minute homework and go the bed. James belched loudly, earning many stares from surrounding students and

another smack in the arm from Lily. Honestly, are you ever going to grow up? she asked him, exasperated. Probably not, Remus answered, as he set his spoon down in his empty third bowl of soup. Lily sighed and rolled her eyes, Im going to find Alice, I havent seen her nearly all day. Farwell, my love, James said and leaned in and planted a kiss on her cheek.

What the hell, Potter, Lily growled as she stood up, slapped him across the cheek and marched away in a huff. As James stared after her, Adara saw longing and pain for a second before he properly masked it. Prongs, what did I tell you about that? Remus put his head in his hands. It just slipped out! James rebutted, glaring at his friend. Im trying, alright? And you two arent helping when youre looking at each other all googly eyed. He spat at Adara and

Sirius before he pushed away from the table and marched out, himself. Adara flushed, she didnt think anyone had seen the glances of Sirius she may have stolen throughout the night. But she still didnt think that she caused James to possibly ruin what friendship he and Lily had. Lets go, Sirius whispered. Adara nodded and stood up. Sirius took her hand gently and together they walked out of the Great Hall. They walked in silence for a few seconds before Adara asked,

What was Remus talking about earlier, to James? Sirius looked at her and smiled grimly, Moony told Prongs that he should stop with all the romantic advances for a while and maybe Lily would at least be his friend. Thats good advice, she was just telling me that she can stand him now, Adara told him. But he had to go and ruin it. She watched Sirius face tighten, Dont blame Prongs, he said quietly. He has it in his head that Lily and he are meant to be together. I didnt really

understand it until this year, but hes been talking about it since third year at latest. What is it about this year that made you understand it? Adara asked as they climbed more stairs; she wasnt really paying attention to where she was going. Sirius looked down at her and suddenly stopped walking, Youre serious? he asked, amused. Adara took a few steps before she noticed that he had stopped. She walked back to him so they still held hands

without stretching their arms and cocked an eyebrow in confusion. The she smiled, No, you are, As old as the pun got, she always got a laugh out of it. But about the question, yes, Im curious. You dont have to tell me, though, if its something that he told you in private. No, no, Sirius shook his head as he reached up and tucked a stray hair behind her ear. It wasnt anything that Prongs told me that made me understand. Adara tilted her head to the side, asking silently for an explanation.

He smiled and shook his head slightly, It was meeting you, Dara. As clich as it sounds, I didnt know what I was like to know you were meant to be with someone until I sat next to you that day in potions. He explained, making Adara blush. He laughed, You talked to yourself then, too. She scowled playfully at him, I do not talk to myself. Sure you dont, love. He said as he kissed her forehead. The simple act of affection nearly made breathing impossible.

Why didnt you tell me? Adara asked him as they started walking again. Tell you what? That you thought we were supposed to be together. Sirius looked at her again as if she were missing something painfully obvious, Because contrary to my dear friend, I actually learn from Prongs mistakes. Adara looked up at him curiously.

What do you think Lily wouldno, has said when Prongs tells her that they are meant to be together? Adara could see it plainly and it wasnt pretty it involved mental and physical abuse. Oh. Sirius just nodded, as if this revelation was something he had figured out a while ago he probably had. And, Lily didnt have a boyfriend shed been dating for three years, Sirius smiled her favorite crooked smile at her. The one that made her question why it took so long for her to realize how much she

wanted him. But his statement also began bringing Adara back to reality showed her why it took her so long to find Sirius. Because she wasnt in Gryffindor. She was in Ravenclaw with Jayden, Christine, Cole, and David. And now the door had already asked its question and was waiting for their answer so it could admit her to her real place in the castle. Such a word is utterly indefinable, Sirius looked at Adara and answered the door. Well worded, the door complimented as it swung open.

She glanced into the common room as if it were foreign to her. She didnt know why it threw her off so much to be back in the tower what had she expected? Well, if she were honest with herself, she was half expecting red and gold decorations as opposed to the silver and blue that donned this room. She didnt know why she had ever thought shed be anywhere but the Ravenclaw Tower. The place had been her home for nearly six years, why would that suddenly change?

Maybe because everything else had. Wait, what was the question? Adara asked, turning to Sirius. She had never seen anyone from another house answer the door correctly on the first try. Sirius smiled at her. Goodnight, Adara, he whispered as he kissed her lightly on the lips before disappearing down the stairs. Not fair, she muttered after him as she tried to catch her breath. She entered the common room and looked around trying to tell herself that

none of this was new. Shed spent most of her time at Hogwarts in this very room, why did it feel like this was the first day all over again? She climbed the stairs to her dorm and smiled as her feet remembered exactly which door to stop at. See, none of this is new, She told herself. What? a seventh year stopped two stairs below her and turned. What? Adara asked, confused. Did you say something?

No, Adara answered as she pushed open the door and entered her room. Everything was exactly how she remembered it, yet none of it seemed right. Estelle was sitting on Kerri Phelks bed with the WWN blaring from the bedside table as they chatted and painted their toenails. Laila was scribbling something on a long piece of parchment, her waistlength light blonde hair brushing the bed. Christine was the only one that wasnt in the dorm. The door shut with a bang, but no one looked up immediately.

Christine, come here and let us do your toenails Merlin knows they are getting long enough to slice up your sheets. Estelle called as she finished her last toe and looked up. Oh, youre back. Adara nodded as the other two looked up and smiled at her, too. Yeah. Im sorry about what happened, Kerri told her; the raven-haired girl turning her face into an uncharacteristic frown and staring at her with her unsettling light green eyes. Adara thought they werent

nearly as pretty as Lilys bright green eyes. Adara felt the familiar lump appearing in her throat and wished Sirius was with her, Yeah. She said again. Oh, Addie, why dont you come over here and look at the letter I just received from my father. He sent me the most amazing pictures of the strange African plants. Laila called. Adara let out a breath she didnt know shed been holding and smiled, Okay, she made her way over to Lailas four poster.

The spacey girl patted a spot beside her and Adara sat down, Thanks, she said. I figured you wouldnt really want to talk about it, she smiled at Adara, her light blue eyes filled with knowing. Flowers always cheer me up especially sunflowers, but I dont seem to have a picture of those, she looked around at all the pictures of different flowers that were spread across her bed. Thats okay, Adara smiled. These are beautiful, though. She settled into a discussion about different plants with Laila,

she couldnt help but think that she was the perfect friend in hard times; so practical and understanding, not like the nosy gossip girls that Kerri and Estelle could sometimes be. She could see herself spending more time than she used to with Laila and maybe even Xeno. The next morning, Adara escaped the dorm while everyone else was still sleeping. She had gotten into the habit of waking early in the morning, she didnt like to sleep much; - her dreams werent fun anymore. She thought about how she hadnt even talked to Christine

upon returning, but tried not to dwell on it as she showered and dressed. She walked contently out of the common room, hoping that Sirius by some miracle was up early, too. She rounded a corner, almost to the Great Hall, when her foot caught and she fell forwards. She was bracing herself for a fall when a muscled arm caught her around the waist and pulled her up, Careful, love, you dont want to hurt yourself again, Sirius chuckled. Adara smiled and turned in his arms to see his face properly, I wouldnt have to worry about

that if people didnt trip me as I walked around corners, she replied. Sirius put on a concerned face, Now who would do that? I dont know, Adara answered, mirroring his nowthoughtful look. Maybe this git I am currently dating Hmm. Maybe I need to talk to him for you, then. Make sure he doesnt hurt you or something, Sirius smiled. I dont think hed hurt me on purpose, Adara grinned and stood on her tiptoes to gently kiss

him. She placed her lips on his in a teasing way then pulled away and twisted out of his arms, smiling at her achievement. Sirius stood against the wall with his eyes closed, You are the most evil person I have ever met, Adara Moore, he groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. I am not, Adara told him as he grabbed his hand. Sirius sighed and then smiled at the eager look on her face, What are you so excited about? he asked as she began to half-drag him down the hall.

Well, she explained slowing to walk with him. It seems that the same git that tripped me also made me eat way too much for a while and now Im starving. Some boyfriend he must be. Ill say, Adara said and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek before the turned the final corner and entered the Great Hall, a low growl issuing from Sirius chest. * As they walked down to potions together after breakfast, Adara couldnt help but be a bit

excited to be back in class. She looked up at the person whose hand she was holding and smiled contently then felt her stomach clench. Putting those two thoughts together, she realized that they had defense with Jayden and Christine, neither of whom she had seen yet, right after lunch that day. She groaned internally as they took their seats in the classroom. Laila was already sitting in front of them with Xeno, Good morning, Adara, she smiled. Sirius.

Hey Laila. Xeno, I havent seen you in forever, Adara greeted them warmly. I was out for a while; I just recently got released from the hospital wing, Xeno explained. Oh, what happened? Adara asked. Just an experiment gone wrong, Xeno smiled. I swear that will be the death of me someday. Laila smiled at him, It will not, she said. I wont let some weird explosion take you away from me. But I have to admit that one

we were working on trying to make that tree actually grow galleons would be very useful. Adara looked to Sirius who was staring at them looking somewhat in shock. They were now absorbed in their own conversation so much that they seemed to forgotten about their audience. What? Adara laughed at his expression. They have got to be the most out-there people I have ever associated with, he said. Yeah, they do have those mannerisms, but they are really nice, Adara told him. Laila

saved me from the clutches of Estelle and Kerri last night. Oh, well, I wouldnt want you to get sucked into a world where what someone else is wearing matters more than what you are. Yeah, well, when you wear that tie I just cant help but Adara trailed off as she adjusted his tie. Youre so funny, Adara Moore, Sirius laughed. Oh, I know, Adara smiled. The rest of the class slowly filed in first-period-on-a-Monday

style and Slughorn finally arrived and set them to their assignment. Adara began preparing her potion, standing up to make sure that it was staying the right color. She hadnt even gotten it to a boil when Sirius began to distractedly run his hand up her leg from his stool beside her. Up. Down. Up. Down. He ran the back of his fingers absentmindedly up and down her leg from her knee to right under her kilt. She looked up to see if anyone else had noticed this insanely distracting act, but noticed that because he was

sitting on his stool and she was standing next to him, that nothing he did from her waist down would be visible to anyone in front of them. She tried to concentrate on adding the right amount of beetle wings but the rhythmic movement of his hand barely touching her leg was driving her crazy. It literally took all of the self-control she could muster to keep from just snogging him senseless right then. Finally, after nearly adding something to her potion that would have made an explosion so epic that the dungeon would

have been blown out, she decided to do something. Sirius, she whispered. He looked up at her, curious. You have got to stop that. Youre making me crazy. With what? he asked and his hand stopped on her thy. She looked down at her thigh pointedly and he followed her glace. Then he looked up and gave her an evil grin. Her heart went into overdrive and she knew that nothing good was going to become of this. She groaned and tried to go back to concentrating on her potion.

Which soon became even more than impossible. Sirius, now fully aware of what he was doing, began to trace the lines of her thigh: both inside and out. She ground her teeth together, trying to ignore it, and shot him a glare. He grinned in triumph and began going higher and higher up her leg all invisible to the rest of the class, who were concentrating on their potions. Adara exited potions in a huff, though she guessed it was lucky that Slughorn had said the sparks between her and Sirius might

have caused the fire; he didnt need to know that she had fumbled and dropped the entire bag of grasshopper legs into her potion when Sirius had made an unexpected squeeze. Sirius was walking happily beside her, ecstatic that he drove her absolutely mad yet still managed to make a perfect potion she didnt know how he did it. He whistled some random happy-sounding tune as they climbed the stair from the dungeon. Adara glared at him. Not fair. He chuckled when he noticed her look, Aw, dont be like that.

You are mean. I am not. Are so. Are not. Are not. Are so. HA! Gotcha. Adara grinned when he fell for it. DAMNIT! he stomped up the last few stairs as Adara laughed. Where are we going? she asked.

I dont know, Sirius huffed, still pouting. Lets go up to the astronomy tower, Adara suggested. Fine. Adara rolled her eyes and grabbed his hand, smiling up at him. Oh, come on. You were much meaner than I was in potions. You made me catch my potion on fire. Sirius grinned halfway, That was funny. He admitted. And adorably cute.

Adara rolled her eyes, I swear if you do that in every class, I will murder you, she told him. Before she knew what was happening, she felt the wall against her back as she dropped her bag, What the Well, we arent in class, now, Sirius smiled and leaned in to kiss her. However, they were interrupted by someone loudly clearing their throat behind them. Sirius growled silently as Adara blushed and they broke apart to see who it was. Adara furrowed

her brows when the semi-greasy, black haired man approached them. He looked slightly familiar yet Adara couldnt place his face What do you want? Sirius spat. Okay, so apparently hes not a friend, Adara thought. Cant I come and talk to my big brother every not and then? the man asked and Adaras jaw dropped. Thats why he looked familiar, she noticed. He and Sirius look like they could be related, but something else about him shocked her to learn that they were.

I dont consider you family anymore, Sirius said stiffly as he positioned himself more in front of Adara. Good to know we think alike on one thing, then, the younger Black boy grinned as he stopped walking and stood about three feet from his brother. Now that he was closer, Adara could see that he was attractive, or that he could be if he werent sneering. What do you want? Sirius repeated. His eyes turned to Adara and Sirius stepped more in front of

her, I just wanted to say my condolences to your dear girlfriend, he sneered. Its really a shame that Claire had to lose her family, and then her life. Ive heard her work in the ministry for muggle rights, was very endearing. Sirius clenched his fists in front of Adara. Adaras breathing accelerated as she tried to dissect his words. She felt herself shaking. You little bastard, Sirius growled. Adara thought she saw the younger Black boy shrug,

Anyway, Im also supposed to deliver you this, she saw him hold up a roll of parchment. Mum didnt want the wrong people to intercept it via owl. Wrong people meaning the good people, Sirius pointed out. Your thinking is so skewed, big brother, he shook his head. Well, Ive done my job, he finished as he threw the parchment at Sirius feet, wouldnt want to catch any of that mudblood stink you always carry around. He finished and turned to go.

Though she was shaking, she saw Sirius draw his wand and point it at his brother. She grabbed his arm, No, she said shaking her head. He wasnt worth it; she didnt want Sirius to succumb to his brothers taunting. Sirius looked at her with fire in his eyes, but once he saw the tears in hers, he replaced his wand and drew her into his arms. Im sorry you had to hear that, he murmured. Its okay, she said, wiping her tears on his shirt. No, its not. Its not at all, he growled. Ill kill him.

Hes your brother, Adara whispered. I dont see him as such. I dont want any more families to break up. Sirius sighed, You would if you knew what the rest of mine did, he muttered. Lets just go, Adara suggested. Sirius kissed the top of her head and released her. He picked up her bag and handed it to her before retrieving his and, though he did it stealthily, Adara saw him pocket the parchment

from his mother. As he threw his arm protectively over her shoulders and they walked down the corridor and to the astronomy tower, Adara wondered wildly what his mother had written.

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Adara nodded and tried to stop her hands from shaking. She took a few deep breaths and managed to smile up at Sirius. Honestly, her stomach was twisting with nerves as they made their way to the class with not only Christine but also her exboyfriend. She was not looking forward to this in any way, shape, or form. Youre still shaking, Dara, Sirius pulled her around to face him a corridor before the classroom. Whats wrong? Is it my brother? Dont worry about him Adara began to shake her head vigorously, He doesnt worry

me, she said, somewhat honestly. Sirius looked at her, confused, Then whats wrong, love? Adara looked away from his amazing grey eyes and down the corridor, Its just she couldnt tell him that she was worried about seeing Jayden and Christine. Shed sound stupid. After crying about her familys deaths and all that Sirius had seen her through, she couldnt admit to her petty worries.

Sirius took her chin and made her look at him, Im not letting you go until you tell me. She sighed, she couldnt be late for her first DADA class back and Sirius knew this. Which was probably why he knew this was the perfect way to get her to tell him. Damn. Its just I you youll be nice to Jayden, wont you? And Christine? I I dont know what theyre going to do. She admitted, looking at his chest rather than his face. Finally after a few seconds of silence, she glanced up at him

through her eyelashes. He was looking at her with a contemplative stare. After a few more seconds, he smiled, I have no reason to be sour to them, love. I think Ive proved I can handle Booty and Christine over the course of this year, have I not? Adara looked up at him and was glad to find him smiling. She smiled, too, and suddenly felt a lot better. You have, she said. But I just know they havent proved themselves able to handle you. Not many people can handle me, Sirius grinned with a raise of

his eyebrows. Adara pushed him playfully. Lets get to class, she laughed and took his hand. However much better she now felt, she couldnt help but be a bit nervous as they entered the classroom. She had barely turned to walk to her seat when a sporty girl with strawberry-blonde hair collided with her. She felt Sirius reach for his wand, but relax as Christine spoke, Oh, Addie! I am so sorry! Ive been such a shoddy friend and then all of that happened and I was just sitting here. I couldnt believe it! Im so

sorry! she spieled, all the while crushing Adara in a hug. Adara couldnt help but smile as she wrapped her arms around her friends waist. Christine finally pulled away and took Adaras face in her hands, Look at you, you look five years older! I cant even imagine! Im so sorry! I should have left; I should have been there for you, but I was still here with a stupid grudge separating us! Im so sorry, Addie! Christine, breathe! Adara commanded of her friend, moving her hands to her shoulders. Christine took a deep

breath and dropped her hands. Adara now felt only Sirius hand on the small of her back, letting her know that he was still there. How are you? she finally said once she calmed down. Adara shrugged, not really wanting to talk about something that regularly made her tear up in the middle of a classroom. Lets sit down, she murmured, noticing that most of the class was now staring at their little reunion. Wait, Christine said as Adara moved to go around her and sit down in her normal seat. She

turned to see Christine standing in front of Sirius, who had a completely neutral expression plastered to his face. I know that we havent really gotten along well, Sirius raised his eyebrows and Adara was floored to see Christine smile at him, fine, not at all in the past, but I she paused and took a breath. I owe you an apology and thanks. Im sorry for being such a bitch and thank you for being there for Addie when I wasnt. I know you may not think so, but I really do care about her. At this last part she turned from Sirius to look at Adara, who

looked at her feet, trying unsuccessfully not to cry. What was with her lately? She saw Sirius smile and offer Christine his hand out of the corner of her eye. Christine took it, also smiling, and shook it. Adara wiped her eyes on the arm of her robes as Sirius kissed the top of her head and sat down in the seat to her left; Christine to the one on her right that Jayden usually occupied. Whatever shed been expecting from Christine, this was definitely not it. Class had well started before Adara noticed that Jayden wasnt present. The seat that usually belonged to Christine

was empty as her friend sat in Jaydens seat. However, Jayden was no where in the classroom. For some reason, this made Adara mad. Was he seriously going to avoid her like that? Just not show up to the class that he had with her? Was he that selfish that he wouldnt even face her now that she had done as he predicted and began to date Sirius? Couldnt he just move on, too? Then she felt conceited for thinking this was about her. Surely he wouldnt avoid class just because Adara was in it. That was completely stupid and surely, as a Ravenclaw, Jayden

wouldnt avoid a N.E.W.T. level class because his ex and her boyfriend were in it. Nevertheless, she couldnt shake the feeling that she had something to do with his absence. She glanced at Sirius, who was busy charming balls of parchment (increasing in size) to collide with the back of James head. James, in retribution, was attempting to charm a quill to shoot at Sirius like a missile. Unfortunately, James was in the front row while Sirius was in the back; this made it much more difficult for James to retaliate

without drawing the professors attention. Satisfied that Sirius was properly immersed in his own world, Adara ripped off a piece of parchment and wrote, Is Jayden ill or something? She slipped the note across the desk to Christine. Er dont think so. He was in herbology this morning, anyway. Any idea where he is, then? I kind of wanted to get this whole first meeting thing over with. No clue. Guess he doesnt want the same thing, huh?

Adara huffed as she nodded at Christine and stuffed the parchment slip into her bag. So Jayden was going to avoid her, huh? Well, lets see him try that at Quidditch tonight, she thought angrily. They spent the rest of the class taking notes and afterwards Christine hung around and met James, Lily, Remus, and Peter with good graces. Adara was a bit puzzled as to what made her friend change her mind so quickly about the Gryffindors, but didnt want to test it. She enjoyed having Christine as her friend again.

She seemed nice, Lily commented after Christine excused herself politely to meet Cole in the library. Yeah, she was my best friend since first year, Adara smiled as she watched Christine take the corner at a fast walk. Was? Sirius asked her. Adara looked up at him as she snaked her arm around his waist. Was Is, I guess, she frowned. I dont know what made her change her mind about you guys so quickly, though.

James made a face before composing himself. He was walking on the other side of Adara and Sirius and not looking or speaking to Lily. Lily, Adara noticed, kept stealing glances at him as if wondering why he wasnt paying attention to her. What, James? Adara asked. What? he asked back. You made a face. I make many faces, Adara, James said, grinning. You know that I mean, Adara said. Punch him, Sirius.

Sirius chuckled and gave his friend a playful punch on the arm. Ow! James exclaimed. Adara scoffed, Explain. Well, I was just thinking about why Christine would randomlybe so adamant to get back in your good books. Well? Adara and Sirius both asked when he didnt elaborate. James looked uncomfortable, Well, its just that death tends to bring people together, doesnt it? I mean it really puts things into perspective. Life isnt long enough to mess about with petty

arguments, is it? Im sure Christine just realized that it wasnt worth it to fight with you anymore. Adara and Lily both stopped dead in their tracks, mouths open. Sirius took a step further, but when his arm began to slide from Adaras shoulders, he stopped too. James took a few more steps before realizing that everyone had stopped. What? he asked. You came up with that all on your own, did you? Lily asked, shocked. James looked at her and shrugged, then looked at

Adara. Did I offend you? Im sorry, I didnt mean to bring up Adara shook her head and began walking again, No, its just damn. I reckon youre right. I just never thought of that. Yeah, well, Ive been known to have some good ideas every now and then, James smiled at her. Adara felt Lily catch up and pace herself with the group again. Adara glanced at her and saw that she had a pensive expression. She smirked; maybe James had finally done something on his own to up himself in her rankings.

Adara ate dinner that night at the Gryffindor table. When she finished, she kissed Sirius goodbye (Must you do that at the table? James teased, earning himself a faceful of steak-and-kidney pudding) and went to grab Christine before heading to the dormitory to get ready for Quidditch practice. Youre Gryffindor friends actually seem pretty nice, she admitted as they climbed the many stairs to the tower. Im really sorry that I didnt properly give them a chance before. I guess I was just freaked that I was losing my friend to a bunch

of Gryffindors. She teasingly shuddered at the thought. Adara smiled and pushed her friend lightly. You wouldnt have lost me, Adara told her. If you hadnt been so opposed to them, I mean. Christine nodded. Im sorry Jayden seems to be being a prick, though. Adara shrugged, but she honestly was a bit bugged by his avoidance, if that was what he was doing. Sure, it thrown her for a second in the classroom, but it wasnt as though she missed him or wanted to see him. More, she

was scared of what he would do when he saw her and she was angry that she would have to worry about it longer. The two girls got their Quidditch stuff and headed down to the pitch, talking of everything theyd missed with each other, though carefully avoiding the occurrence that brought them back together.Adaras stomach again twisted as they walked onto the pitch, but this time I was not only with nerves but also with anticipation. She couldnt wait to get back on her broom. Hey, Addie! Elizabeth Alexander ran up to her and

hugged her. Weve missed you! How are you? she asked, kindly. Adara shrugged, she never knew how to answer that question. She wasnt fine with everything, even though that was the answer that was probably expected of her. Elizabeth just nodded. Everyone on the team came over and embraced her in some way even David gave her some sort of side hug. She smiled up at him and he smiled back; or, better he tried to. He seemed to be having some sort of internal battle. Good to have you back, he muttered finally

before walking off to talk to the beaters. Adara looked to Christine, who had her eyebrows raised, That was surprising civil of him, considering how he was before. She glanced at Adara to see if shed said something bad. But Adara smiled and nodded. I wonder where Boot is, Elizabeth wondered aloud. Its nearly ten past. Everyone seemed to be wondering the same thing and soon, Adara was growing more and more angry and nervous.

Surely he wasnt going to skive off practice Reckon we should just take a few warm-up laps then toss the quaffle around a bit? Christine suggested. There was a mummer of assent and everyone mounted their brooms and took off. Adaras shorter hair didnt beat her back as much and her bangs slightly impaired her vision as she flew around the pitch. Once they landed, she borrowed two pins from Elizabeth and pinned them back.

David ran into the boys locker room to get the balls and came out a few minutes later, looking flustered but carrying the box. Boots in there getting ready, said something about having to stay after class, he told the team. Said to start on drills, hell be out in a second. Here, he finished and unlatched the trunk. He let the Bludgers and the Snitch out then threw the quaffle to Christine. Adara exchanged a confused glance with David, but he shrugged and she took off, ready to just forget about everything in her search for the snitch.

Throughout the whole practice, Jayden yelled commands at everyone, except Adara, in such a mood that more than one player felt the need to give him a rude hand gesture behind his back. Finally, at the end of practice, Adara landed, the struggling snitch in her hand, and Christine and Elizabeth landed beside her. Hes barking mad! Christine exclaimed. We were nearly flawless with our maneuvers and he about shit his pants in fury! Elizabeth growled. The three of them dismounted their brooms and Adaras

knuckles were white on both the grip she had on her broom and the snitch. Jayden was a good bit away, putting away the bludgers on his own, due to the fact that no one had wanted to help him after getting screamed at for over an hour. Christine and Elizabeth had both walked ahead of her bitching about Jayden, so Adara set her face and marched over to return the snitch. Going for dickhead of the year, huh? she said conversationally as she neared Jayden, who was strapping in the last bludger. He looked up and glared at Adara when he

saw her in the dim light of the setting sun. Oh, sorry, I was under the impression that that position had been filled by this girl I dated recently he trailed off. The one you dumped, right? Cause last I heard shes just going on with her life while you skive off classes to avoid her, Adara snapped back. Couldve heard wrong, of course. Must have, Jayden responded, straightening up. Because last I heard shes still dragging around that same bloke she shacked up with in

broom closets while dating me. Excuse me for not wanting to sit near them every bloody day. Adara ground her teeth in fury, her eyes tearing up, Actually, last I heard, shes dating the only guy that was there for her when over half her fucking family died; someone who would, quite plainly, die for her. Maybe she finally realized that she needed someone who could be there for her to help her not just someone who attached themselves to her hip and refused to let go, she knew she was hitting a nerve calling him clingy, but he deserved it. Take the bloody snitch, she finished, tears rolling

down her face as she shoved the little gold ball at him. She saw it take off into the night out of the corner of her eye as Jayden stood there, seemingly unable to move, and she marched off the pitch. She changed quickly, roughly pulling her school kit over her head and stormed out of the locker room, still crying. She stopped in the doorway and looked around. To her left, as if hed known she would need him, Sirius Black pushed off the wall and walked over, embracing Adara as she sobbed.

* A low, cold laugh pierced the air. Adara looked around in the dark, not knowing where she was. She recognized the corridor and knew she was in the dungeons of Hogwarts. The laugh got closer, she spun to her left to find the source. Sirius younger brother appeared out of the shadows. She thrust her hand into her pocket for her wand it wasnt there. She checked her other pockets, no luck.

Looking for this? he held up her wand. Dont you want to know how your little sister died? he asked, then laughed again Adara awoke with a start, breathing hard, shaking, and crying. She pulled back her curtains and looked around. She saw, through the crack in Christines curtains, that she was still sleeping. She heard the slight snores and knew the rest of her dorm mates were, too. Still shaking, she slipped her feet into her slippers, pulled a sweater over her head, grabbed her wand and a piece of parchment, and tiptoed out of

her dorm. She knew who she needed to see, and with her thoughts on him she lit her wand and wandered the castle until she was in front of the Fat Lady. Adara poked her with her wand and she stirred slightly, Password? she snored. Devils Snare, Adara whispered, thanking Merlin that Sirius had thought give her the password as he helped her back to her dorm that very night. If you need anything, just come to my common room; seriously, he had said as if he didnt want to leave her. I wrote the password on this, hed handed her a piece of parchment. I cant say

the password aloud to someone from another house. The portrait swung open and Adara stepped though shakily. She found herself in a common room that was both like and unlike her own. She looked at the two staircases, not really in the mood to take in all the details, and, hoping that it was the same set up, climbed up the stairs that would have been the boys dorm in the Ravenclaw common room. She held her wand up to the doors as she passed. First years. Second Years. Third years. Fourth Fifth and finally, Sixth.

She pushed open the door and was hit not only with a fairly potent stench, but also with what sounded like six muggle chainsaws being started at the same time. She was weary to walk in with her wand lit, but figured that they would probably sleep through anything and stepped into the room. She looked at the first four poster and saw James untidy hair sticking up more than usual, she passed the second when she saw a picture of Emmet, Estelle, and their parents on the bedside table. Walking over to the other side of the room, she saw a four poster with the curtains

completely drawn. She pulled them aside and saw Sirius, dead asleep, looking like a statue of some god. She felt her anxiousness ebbing away as she looked at him, then, she extinguished her wand, put it and the parchment on Sirius bedside table, pulled back the covers and slipped into his bed, pulling the curtains closed behind her. She sighed and snuggled up to her boyfriend, enjoying his warmth and the sense of safety he provided. Mmm, he sighed, pushing his nose into her hair. He inhaled, Adara? Are you

okay? he murmured, wrapping his arms around her. I I had she trailed off. What, did she now run to her boyfriend whenever she had a bad dream? How pathetic. Its okay, Sirius whispered. This arrangements better, anyway. Adara sighed and rested her head on Sirius chest. Before she knew it she had fallen asleep to the rhythmic sound of his heartbeat. Padfoot have you seen my boxers? The ones with the

snitches on them? I cant find them anywhere and Merlin knows those were my last clean pair Mmm, shut up, Prongs. Go starkers all I care, Adara blinked awake when she heard someone answer from a very near proximity. I know you had them last! I saw you use them to strangle Remus the other night when he made that comment about how fit your girlfriend is, James seemed to ignore Sirius request. Adara, now awake, looked up at Sirius, her eyebrow raised. He kissed her forehead and shrugged.

I dont know where your boxers are, Prongs. Why dont you ask Moony? It was his head they were wrapped around They heard an aggravated noise, then footsteps coming nearer, I would but hes just left, get off your lazy arse and help me HOLY SHIT, THATS A GIRL! James had ripped back Sirius curtains and seen Adara. Actually, what probably scared him was that Adara was now looking at James. With nothing on but a towel that was wrapped around his waist.

Very good, James, I see youre getting better at recognizing those of a female gender, Adara said, yawning. I How But What are you doing here? he finally managed to say, looking from both Sirius to Adara. Well, we were sleeping, before you started yelling about your knickers, Sirius pointed out. What time is it? I How This is ! James seemed to be at a loss for words at finding Adara in his dorm.

Sirius ignored him and reached around Adara to pull the curtains back and look at the clock. Seven oh-three. Adara rubbed her eyes as reality finally began to hit her. She was in the Gryffindor sixth years boys dorm. Her clothes were in the sixth year Ravenclaw dorm. There were many people between where she was and where her clothes were. Shit. She sat up, Oh no, how am I supposed to get back to my dorm! Sirius sat up, too, and Adara was momentarily distracted by his bare and very fit chest. Er

Why are you here in the first place! James cut in. Suddenly his confused look turned to one of revulsion, Sweet Circe, were you two while we were all that is so WRONG! he burst out. Oh keep your bloody towel on, nothing happened. I just came in here to sleep, Adara snapped. But how am I going to get back! she turned to Sirius, near hysterical. She didnt see a way it was possible to sneak past a common room, through the corridors, through another common room, and back into her dorm without one, being

seen, or two, having to answer very awkward questions. As Sirius appeared to ponder this, James had stood up and began to gather his kit together, muttering to himself. Pants, belt, shirt, where are my bloody boxers? Cloak THATS IT! Sirius suddenly said, making both Adara and James jump. What? they both asked. Sirius looked at James and they seemed to communicate through eye contact. Adara scowled.

Are you serious? James moaned. Sirius gave him a look. Oh, alright. I still dont think you two were only sleeping, though, he pouted. He walked over to his trunk and pulled out a silvery cloth; he tossed it onto Sirius bed. Like she doesnt already know everything else. He sighed. Dont think youre going to get away with that every time, he said moodily as he gathered his things and exited the room into what Adara could only guess was a bathroom.

Come on, Sirius said as he threw his legs off the bed and grabbed the cloak. He looked at the cloak then at Adara. Eh, guess you better go alone, then. I dont think well both fit. Adara stared at him. Sirius rolled his eyes, Youre one of the smartest girls in the year and you dont know what this is? he asked. Adara scowled playfully, Its early in the morning. Its an invisibility cloak, smart one. Its been in James family for years. Come on, before it

gets to crowded out there and you have to be careful not to step on anyone or bump into people thats a bitch, let me tell you Adaras eyes widened and she grabbed her wand and the parchment off the table without taking her eyes off the cloak, Whoa, those are really rare! she said excitedly. I cant believe she gasped as Sirius threw the cloak over her and her body, or all she could see of it, disappeared. Sweet! Sirius chuckled and wrapped his arms around Adaras invisible waist. Whyd you come last

night, anyway? Not that I didnt thoroughly enjoy it, he smiled. I I had a bad dream, Adara told him, looking at what should have been her feet. Sirius pulled her chin up, still smiling, Think you could have bad dreams more often, then? he said and kissed her. Adara made it back to her dorm without anyone seeing her, obviously, as she was wearing the cloak. She was glad that Sirius hadnt asked her what the dream had been about, because she would have felt

bad telling him that his brother was causing her nightmares. Sometimes, she really hated her subconscious. Though she couldnt deny she enjoyed sleeping in Sirius arms again She threw the cloak off and onto her bed and then set her wand and the parchment containing the password beside it. She grabbed her towel, about to take a quick shower before going down to breakfast, when the piece of parchment caught her eye. She furrowed her brow and picked it up. It wasnt the one with the password, as she thought, but a letter. She must have grabbed the wrong one off

the table. She read the beginning of it, then couldnt stop My Disappointment and Traitor of a Son, I hope your brother finds you in good time, for your sake and for the sake of that awful girl you seem to be associating with. I know that this tends to be a soft spot for you, as you cursed your father and I then ran away over the holiday seasons for my insinuations that we might have used your friends to get you to see the truth about the present. I should have just told you then, instead of just hinting around it,

that it was a show of power, what the Dark Lords followers at Hogwarts did to your little girlfriend. It really is too bad that that dive she went into to catch the snitch didnt take care of her, isnt it? Maybe if she were gone you would join the right side, the side of power. But you refused; you ashamed us yet again by running away. You are on the wrong side, and take this letter and the precursory events as a last warning. What events? You may not have the intelligence to have realized who was behind the purifying of the Hayden family. I believe that girl is related to them? Claire Hayden, as you seem to be

doing, was making us enemies with her pro-muggle and antiDark Lord work at the Ministry. Her work, of course, was highly confidential and it was only because the Ministry is so completely infiltrated with the right people that we heard about it. Naturally, that would have been enough to call for her familys murder, well, that and her muggle heritage. But then, what a surprise to find out that the Haydens were your little girlfriends family. I warned you at Christmas, and Ill warn you again. You will join us or the girl will continue to suffer. I have well known that you do not care what we do to you, but you

seem to have the soft spot for this Moore girl as is obvious from what Regulus tells me and from your little fit over holidays. I just hope that you know enough to take us seriously ask the Haydens what happen to those who do not heed our warnings. You will join us or you will no longer be able to look upon that girl, except maybe in her coffin, if her mother will let you that close. Adara finished reading and her knees gave as she fell onto her bed. Then, as if time was moving extra slowly, the letter fell out of

her hands and floated to the floor.

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She didnt know how long shed been lying on her back staring up at the blue canopy over her four poster. She was sure to have missed at least her first class by now but that thought was so far from her mind it was all but missing. She knew hed come. He was like that always swooping in to rescue her as if it were his job. Maybe he felt it so; he was apparently the one that had landed her and her family in such peril. Did he feel the need to protect her? To save her from everything he was inflicting upon her? Was he going to leave her in order to save her? Could her

protector leave her unprotected? Apparently, he hadnt been able to so far, but now they were threatening her life. She wasnt so much scared for herself, but for the only family member she now had left. Her mother had to be warned; had to be put under protection. Adara felt more than safe at Hogwarts with Sirius wait. The thought hit her like a bludger to the stomach. She wasnt safe, not even at Hogwarts. That Quidditch match that was pretty powerful magic and that was before shed even began dating Sirius before hed stormed out

of his own house because of threats made about her. She wasnt safe, not even at Hogwarts with Sirius. He would see this. Threatening Sirius had not gave them the results theyd wanted, so now they were threatening her guessing, correctly, that Sirius would go to any lengths to keep her safe would he leave her or join them to do it? Adara winced as she her mind presented this thought. It was as bad as thinking about losing her mother to these people to these Death Eaters, shed heard them called in the Daily Prophet.

Why were they trying to take everyone that mattered away from her? Her dad. Her step-mum. Her sister. Her mum. Her Sirius. Thinking about losing each of those people tore at her made it almost impossible to think straight. Shed already lost more than half of them, she couldnt stand to lose anymore. How

many times can a person break until they shatter completely? Adara thought she was reaching that point. With these thoughts and many more horrible ones to keep her company, she didnt notice the addition to her dorm room at first. When she felt his presence, she didnt move. She froze in place, her breathing halted, having convinced herself that he was here only to leave her. At least he doesnt have to explain anything, she thought. Dara, he whispered. Im so...

She nodded, silencing him, and resumed breathing as he made his way over to her. She scooted over; he lay down beside her and she lifted up so he could put his arm around her. I had to wait until the common room was empty or I would have been up here sooner, he said, breaking the silence while placing a worn piece of parchment on the bedside table. Whats that? she asked, wanting to think about something else.

She looked up and saw Sirius smile minutely, Probably the last of the marauders secrets that you dont know. Besides the fact that your family wants to kill me? Adara spoke before thinking and Sirius blanched. Im so sorry, Dara, he started, rubbing his hand up and down her back. I should have I his voice broke. She held her breath again and tried to steady her heart beat; what was he going to say now? Goodbye? She should really learn to hold her tongue. If only sarcasm wasnt

the way she dealt with her emotions I didnt mean its just that Im just a bit Adara tried to explain logically, but her voice cracked. Sirius exhaled angrily, I should have told you. I should have told someone; I just couldnt! Everything was everything was he trailed off again, and Adara felt him move. She guessed he was running his fingers through his hair. She knew she should speak, say something, console him, tell him that she knew he was just trying

to keep her safe, but she could no longer speak. She was physically unable to talk. Her previous urge to tell him everything was gone and now she had no clue what was going on. Her nerves and fears were returning after their brief absence in the presence of Sirius. So she wrapped her arms more tightly around Sirius waist for what could be the last time and held him. She heard him moan. Youre not making this any easier, love, he whispered. She thought she heard the sound of tears in his voice, but couldnt bring herself to look. Look, I know I should

have ugh! he sighed again and Adara felt her heart restart. She sat up and looked at him, her voice determined, Can you just get this over with, Sirius? I know youre just trying to protect me, but please dont drag it out anymore. Just get it over with break up with me in order to keep me alive or whatever other noble, Gryffindor thing you came here to do. She found herself looking at his perfectly confused and pained expression. And he sighed again, sitting up a little himself and taking her face in his huge, warm hands, Dont you get it? he

asked. Dont you see what Im trying to say you perfect, beautiful, intelligent girl? Adara stared back at him, her eyes tearing up and her mind wheeling. Sirius took another breath, I didnt tell you for the same reason I cant do what is right I love you, Adara Moore, and while it may be incredibly stupid and definitely selfish, youre going to have to tell me to leave before Ill ever walk away from you. Adara stared at him, convinced that he couldnt be, for lack of a better word, serious. But his face only backed up what he was saying surely the intensity of his

eyes, the way he seemed to be waiting for her to speak that couldnt be lying to her, too, could it? He misinterpreted her searching look and his face fell, Of course I understand if you never want to see me again; youre in danger, I practically was the reason your family died, of course you would hate me now." I I she couldnt speak. All she could do was stare into his beautiful grey eyes, wondering if he could possibly mean It was foolish of me to think differently, he continued. The

complete devastation that was entirely evident on his face was such that it actually caused Adara physical pain. It was this, more than anything, that convinced her of his sincerity and unclogged her vocal cords. I love you, Sirius, she said and felt warmth spread throughout her body. Even today, when she felt nothing would ever be right again, she couldnt deny that these words felt, well, right. He looked confused. Flabbergasted. Of course I love you, she told him. Could he really have thought otherwise? And while I probably should, I

dont want you to leave. She confessed. I dont care about me, really its just my mum shes all I have left and I dont want couldnt stand they cant she trailed off as a tear escaped and ran down her cheek. I wont let them, Sirius said simply, trapping another tear before it, too, could escape. Adara let out a shaky laugh, Whatre you going to do? Tell her to go into hiding? Something seemed to click in Sirius mind and he grinned, No, but I know who can.

Ten minutes later, Adara (who was now fully dressed and made up) and Sirius (looking as flawless as ever) stopped in front of two gargoyles, the former fairly confused. However, used to weird occurrences and new secrets, Adara kept quiet and looked up at Sirius expectantly. Lemon Drops! Sirius said. Adara looked at the wall, then the statues. Nothing happened. She raised an eyebrow. Damnit, that was it fourth year. Er I think its always something to do with sweets, the old mans obsessed.

Are you going to fill me in or shall I just sit here and watch? Adara asked, half-amused. Dumbledores office. Im trying to remember what the password is that makes these two dungbrains move, Sirius gestured to the gargoyles and Adara could have sworn she saw one of them scrunch up his face indignantly, but when she looked back it hadnt changed. But Adara now remembered. She had exited from this stairwell not long ago when she flooed back to Hogwarts. She should have remembered, though in the light what she had found out

this morning, she had been more than a bit distracted. Do you know what Flitwick said last time? Sirius asked. Adara shook her head. Yeah, didnt think so; I wouldnt expect after you know. Adara nodded. Its usually after a sweet? Sirius nodded, Every time Prongs, Moony, Wormtail, and I have been up here, it has. And, honestly, thats pretty often. He smiled, somewhat sheepishly. Okay. Er Honeydukes Chocolate?

Cockroach Clusters! Acid Pops! Sugar Quill! And, as Sirius said the words, the gargoyles leapt to life and jumped apart, revealing a rising stairway. Sweet, Sirius smiled. After you. Adara took his hand again and stepped onto the escalator-like stairs. Soon, they were outside Dumbledores office. Fear and anxiety flooded back to her as she remembered what they were there to do. Sirius must have sensed this, as he gave her

hand a squeeze and knocked with the Gryffin door knocker. Come in, said a voice, sounding politely curious. Sirius pushed open the door and the couple stepped in, Adara blushing at being yet again in the presence of one of the greatest wizards of the time. Ah, to what do I owe this pleasure, Mr. Black, Miss Moore? I daresay it must be important for you to be out a class, yes? he looked at them over top his half moon spectacles. Adara felt as if she were being examined from the inside out, as if nothing was hidden from her headmaster.

Yes, sir, Sirius spoke, his voice unfazed. There is actually something greatly important that we need to talk to you about. Dumbledore looked from Sirius to Adara, then nodded, Well, have a seat then and let us discuss away. Adara reluctantly dropped Sirius hand and they each took a seat opposite Dumbledores desk. He looked at them expectantly, but not in a way that made them feel rushed. She saw Sirius take a deep breath, You know what happened over Christmas break, with me running away and all? Dumbledore

nodded. Well, it seems to have gotten worse Without pausing, Sirius explained everything, from the fight her had over break, to everything he found out from the letter, to what that meant for Adara and her family. Adara listened, her fear pulsing in her heart and, she thought, throughout her whole body. Finally, when his tale was done, he took another deep breath, and, I think that both Adara and I would feel a lot more comfortable if her mum had some protection or something he concluded lamely.

Dumbledore looked again at his two pupils then stood up and walked around his desk and behind them to the window, which he opened. Times where we can live freely seem to becoming more and more scarce every day, do they not? he asked of the window. Adara looked to Sirius who smiled as if he were used to the rhetorical questions; Adara wondered how well he knew the headmaster. Are you afraid for your safety, Miss Moore? Adaras cheeks reddened at being addressed directly, No, sir. I I would just I just want my mum to be safe. I she broke

off, not wanting to cry in front of Professor Dumbledore. She cleared her throat and spared a glance at Sirius, I just dont want to lose her, too. Dumbledore nodded, giving her a sympathetic look, I understand completely, Miss Moore. He returned to his desk and looked at them both, I appreciate you telling me this, Mr. Black. And you both can rest assured that Mrs. Moore will be given the best protection I can give her at present. Also, you shouldnt worry about your own well being, for Hogwarts is becoming safer as the times become darker. Adara smiled

weakly, glad that he was taking them seriously. Thank you, Professor, she said. He nodded, I hope you are doing well? he asked. Adara was taken aback; she wasnt used to such treatment from the headmaster, but she found him reassuring. She felt that he really cared and wasnt just asking about her out of politeness. She nodded, Im alright, she told him. Im glad to hear it. I will do all in my power to keep your mother from harm, he told her, smiling.

He t