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GOOD ENOUGH Words and Mu: AMY Lee oY Moderately slow J= 92. gin? Em je ~ | Y)4 abdid (with pedal) jae yoco rit, decresc. } ee p Seegenown 7-1 PROFESSOR SCREWEYE PUBLISHING (i) ard OW/IGHT FRYE MUSIC INC. (OM ozne ‘iti Anotid by Dolch PANE MOIS, oo” ‘Ai aghs Ress Verse: der your up—_sweet z Ab bled = ing in. your hand Crave my ear and. it's a ‘and I don't mind. Te com = plete™= ly lost my ~ self, F Cmyet D7 c Chorus: r i DI F c S. $i i en ik = = = oe SE * | eee ees ars — Sg a < ———_ Should-n’t have let__ you tor - ture me 50. sweet - Wy Now, 1 Should-n’t have let you con - querme———com-plete - iy Now, 7 ¢ Em6 g can'tlet__._ goof ___ this TL can't breathe, but 1 feel can't let go of__ this Can't be = lieve that L_— feel. a ‘Fermata 1st time only. Seegenoiah-7-9