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Glissandrin: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredient This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on the quest by scientists to find effective

w ays to fight skin aging. Here, the use of Schisandrin B and ()Schisandrin B is ex plored through the revolutionary new ingredient, Glissandrin, which promises to c hange the way the industry approaches skin care. Vancouver, BC, November 29, 2011 In a previous article, entitled What have sci entists found to fight the leading cause of skin aging mitochondrial decay?, Glis sandra Skincare discussed how Schisandrin B and ()Schisandrin B have been proven to be successful in that regard, dramatically improving the appearance of aging skin. A study related to this was recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the official publication of the International Academy of Cosmetic D ermatology. Mitochondria: a new focus as an anti aging target in skin care confir ms the important role of mitochondrial function in aging and advocates targeting mitochondria in the development of new products. Here, the use of Schisandrin B and ()Schisandrin B is explored through the revolutionary new ingredient, Glissa ndrin, which promises to change the way we approach skin care. As discussed in previous articles, mitochondrial decay plays a fundamental role in the process of aging. Over time, cells lose the ability to function normally, falling victim to free radicals and the ensuing oxidative stress. The consequen ces of this appear as the visible signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, loss of suppleness, and a marked deterioration in skin tone. Glissandrin: Glissandrin is a suite of natural compounds isolated from the Schisan dra berry. Consisting mainly of Schisandrin B and ()Schisandrin B, Glissandrin als o comprises ( )-Schisandrin, Schisandrin A, and Schisandrin C. Extensive research on Glissandrin has confirmed its anti-a in properties on skin cells, most notabl y on its ability to tar et the fundamental cause of a in : mitochondrial decay. Research Findin s * Mitochondrial decay in skin cells can be reversed by topical application of Gl issandrin: A 3-day application of Glissandrin cream (2% and 5%) to skin cells caus ed a dose-dependent increase in reduced lutathione (GSH) and -tocopherol (-Toc) l evels in skin mitochondri . Gliss ndrin cre m is ble to enh nce the ntioxid nt c p city of mitochondri nd to reverse mitochondri l dec y in ging skin cells. * Mitochondri l function l c p bilities in skin cells c n be enh nced by topic l pplic tion of Gliss ndrin: Gliss ndrin lso dose-dependently incre sed mitochond ri l ATP (cellul r energy) production in hum n skin cells, indic tive of enh nce ment in mitochondri l function l bility. * In-vivo nd in-vitro studies h ve confirmed other properties of Gliss ndrin th t re benefici l to the skin: emolli ting prolifer tive skin conditions; enh nci ng the n tur l ntioxid tive c p bilities in skin cells; incre sing the expressi on of cellul r he t shock proteins, thereby lerting the skin to dverse extern l environment l f ctors; suppressing infl mm tion; inhibiting the production of coll gen se, n enzyme th t destroys coll gen; protecting skin cells from sol r r di tion p rticul rly UV nd rep iring skin cells with UV d m ge; reducing the destruction of el stin, protein in the skin m trix responsible for skin el sti city; inhibiting ATR protein kin se ctivity (c ncer prevention) Gliss ndrin h s been clinic lly tested to be s fe for even the most sensitive ski n, especi lly for users who experience dverse re ctions to most skinc re produc ts. The desired level of biologic l v il bility nd the purity of chemic l comp ositions of Gliss ndrin re st nd rdized through propriet ry process developed specific lly for its m nuf cturing. Furthermore, the concentr tions of the const ituent compounds h ve been formul ted for e sy bsorption, optim l effic cy, nd

luxurious feel when pplied to the skin.

The Intern tion l Ac demy of Cosmetic Derm tology h s spoken, nd its mess ge is cle r: t rgeting mitochondri l dec y is now the go l of the nti- ging industry . Without underst nding nd ddressing mitochondri l dec y, the le ding c use of skin ging, most skinc re products re ill-equipped to provide the re l, sust i n ble results they promise. Fortun tely, Gliss ndrin is v il ble tod y s the ul tim te nti- ging skinc re solution. About Gliss ndr Skinc re Inc.: Gliss ndr Skinc re Inc. is network m rketing co mp ny ( lso known s multi-level m rketing, MLM, or direct s les) dedic ted to p roviding effective nti- ging skinc re through its holistic ppro ch to skin he lth. Gliss ndr s comprehensive skinc re system is the result of over 20 ye rs of rese rch nd development t the Hong Kong University of Science nd Technology, led by Dr. Robert Ko. Over 100 rese rch p pers h ve been published on its key pr opriet ry ingredient, Gliss ndrin, suite of n tur l compounds extr cted from th e Schis ndr berry. In-vivo nd in-vitro studies h ve proven the bility of Glis s ndrin to ddress mitochondri l dec y, the le ding c use of ging, nd to enh nc e the cells n tur l bility to fight oxid tive d m ge. Press Cont ct: Gliss ndr Skinc re Gliss ndr Skinc re Inc. 305-5811 Cooney Ro d Richmond, BC C n d V6X3M1 1-877-313-7242 info@gliss ndr .com http://gliss ndr .com