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SADGURUYOGASRAMAM (Integrated center for Yoga Reaserch and Educational Charitable Trust) VELAYODI(P.O),CHITTUR,PALAKKAD,KERALA sadguruyogasramam@gmail.

com Maniettan-Tree of Knoweldge on the banks of Sokanasini. Vilayodi is situated 3km to the south of chittur where the famous colorful traditional konganpada festival is celebrated.Maniettan the founder of Sadguru Yogasramam,is a sage and ascetic and who is also known as the light of vilayodi resides here. Maniettan who lives the life of a yogi has renounced all mundane fetters.It is prana which gives vitality to one mortal body and makes the five senses active.The observance of pranayama is making use of this prana for glorification of life.The practice of pranayama helps the human mind to attain tranquility Maniettan who belives that a sound mind lives only in a sound body is happy to import training to those who are interested in it. Body that abode of Brahma can be ennobled with yogasana.Maniettan runs as ashram on the banks of the river Sokanasini to make man and the Society which includes him sublime and supreme This Sadguruyogasrama founded on selfless service is an ideal institution. Individuals irrespective of caste, color and creed belonging to different state and working in different positions and hailing from distant places come to the ashram to receive training like a big banyan tree providing shelter to thousands of travelers, Maniettan the light of vilayodi raiders relief to many. According to him for every one the worldely life is important and a spiritual life disregarding his own duty is meaningless.heare this ashram has no disciples residing in the Ashram.As a part of worldely life Maniettan is as employee himself is chittur sugar factory and also leads a sppritual life. At the weekend the number of disciples of Maniettan has increased. A book has been published for the benefit of them. The book was

greatly appreciated and there was great demand for it. All the copies of the former editions have been sold out. Still there are many who wish to possess a copy of it. Hence this third edition details about more asanas the routine to be followed and the food to be taken by the trainers have been included in this edition. It is expected that the trainee student of yoga would benefit by this. For this with the prayer that it would get the blessings and benediction of the saints yogis and seers, this book is being bestowed is the name of guru. YOGA AND LIFE OF PURITY Smoking and drinking intoxicating liquors have created have in person, family and the society, yoga promises protection of body and mind against these without any change is routine. It has been proved scientifically that vegetarian food is best suited for human body. Hence here is Ashram a life avoiding and habits like and flesh which spoil body and mind is practiced. Through Asanas and exercises seems to be alike, asanas can bring and best too better relief and respite than ordinary physical exercise can. This relives tension and rigidity of the body giving resiliency, flexibility to the joints. Persons suffering from back pain find solace in this. Vitality and vigor is restored soon. General complaint about food and loose of appetite can be overcome by this. cent percent cure is assured for Asthama, Diabetics, Blood pressure heart diseases, Sleeplessness and tension if properly diagnosed at the beginning. There is no age limit for practicing Asanas.It is good to beginning practice even at the early age of eight. Asanas are best exercises for proper growth of body. This helps to overcome fear and phobia and loss of memory and vitality which and commonly seen is school children. Asana can cure the inherent diseases found in children, if diagnosed at early stage. Yoga Asansa are best exercises for persons without physical work and for persons who do the same type of job. It is not only the imposition of the ashram that one should be a vegetarian and abstain from using liquor and tobacco but is clearly and completely explained and confirmed in yoga science. We often become guzzlers and gobblers as we fail to get enough energy and vigor from the food we eat.This results is fatness, flabbiness and overweight and there by disease prone. Physical

health is important to any one engaged in any occupation.Emergency of super speciality hospitals in kerala is an evidence to the ebbing. HEALTH OF HARD WORKING PEOPLE One should be able to maintain good health to cope with the work he has to do. Otherwise he will have to face deterioration or sudden collapse in health .He should be able to find out the root cause of anxiety and stress and try to get rid of it. then only he will have case and peace of mind and body. For this training is imported in Rhythmic Pranayma or Diaphragmatic Breathing at Sadguru yogasramam. Though the method of training in pranaymama is in live with sivanandaparamamhamsa, the founder of Vadakara Siddhasramam, there is adjustment to suit those who lead ordinary family life. Importance is given for yoga Exercise systems which go hand in hand with family life. Advice of pranayama is given only to an individual who has completed Asanas. to receive advice the usual procedures like padapooja art not followed. Justead individual should slimly swear that he would not indulge is smoking, drinking or gambling, eat fish, tell lies, cheater or loots anyone. Once the pranayamee gets advice he should strictly adhere to the oath and never revel in the above activities. If diagnosed and detected at the beginning many of the mental disorders and diseases can be cured by pranayama. No medicine is to be administrated. There is no exercise like pranayama which can draw out the innate physical, mental, and intellectual potentialities is a person .It is inevitable that in the beginning, training is pranayama should be in presence and supervision of a Guru. In the modern world where man is gradually dragged to loneliness this Brahama vidhya has wonderful power to develop a unique cultural background. This yoga Vidhya helps an individual to make his life perfect creative skills dormant in the individual can be brought to light by this. Instead of bestowing faith in individuals and in poojas and relaying on them, infinite scope of knowledge can be found is oneself and in nature by pranayama. Unnecessarily and unknowingly several passions and thoughts

occur in our mind tormenting and torturing us to Appling the equilibrium .Meditation relives all these and yoga vidhya helps to recover stability. This Brahma vidya is to be recognized as intellectual, cultural and workable observance by individual for keeping away from parochial and religious riots and rauspage and at the same time for realization of universal fraternity. Individual prayer conducted at ones own house in the open heart for welfare of the world can take the place of provincial and congregational prayers arranged to get rid of chaos and confusion cropping up from religious rites, customs and ceremonies. Yoga exercises are preferred to conventional prayer system where fear festers individual. Individual must have self awareness and up on that only he has the right to decide his life style. Yoga exercises aim at an outlook of life rooted on rightensness(Dharma)outliving the external interferences. Yoga sadhans is the journey of life following knowledge higher and ligher and getting at knowledge with self dedication for welfare of the world is different parts of the world. It is the dharana of a Sadguru to land a hand to those who come forward to acquire such a philosophy of life. He doesnt teach the individual but bring him in acquaintance with the obstacles and obstructions that come on his way when he tries to learn himself. Tension prevails in such families and societies where one is not ready to share the fruits of their own efforts; therefore more effort is required to protect the fruits of labor than labor itself. Hence the individual losses extraordinary energy. The resulting idleness can be annulled and the individual can be made active and alert by yoga vidhya. We have to strengthen and sharpen our intellect by yoga vidhya and connect it with modern scientific thought to make our present life pretty and happy. Each individual has certain duties and responsibilities to his family, to his society and to his country. He cannot make his life a success by running away from the realities and seeking shelter in temples, hermitage or ashrams. On the other hand we should worship the prana which sustains our body and experience the changes coming over us Life is not an act to convince others. While we live ourselves we should provide an opportunity for others to live freely .Then only our life as a man will be fruitful. We should experience the comfort, conveniences and caliber of the material life but never indulge in it and become avoid.

Yoga is the synchronization of physical and spiritual life. Life and growth of a tree is possible only when each leaf is in its own position. We cannot neglect the roots that go deep into the soil. Similarly life tree is the fusion of spiritual and physical life. We should remember that man has not only mind but also heart. Individual not only want to be loved but also has heart to love yoga is not based on renunciation and detachment discarding human life. Wealth has a dignified position in our life. Similarly we should be able to assign the same position for love fraternity, kindness and affection in our life. Sadguru yogasramam tries to inculcate such a culture in each individual. Regardless of time and place we should welcome the knowledge of sadgurus, May at the spiritual or physical. If it helps o realize the aim of the individual. Time fleets away while we think that we shall follow the path of spiritual life, after enjoying the physical pleasures and we will be like men waiting on the shore to take a dip after the waves of the sea have receded.As individual who is unaware of the throes and throbs of his own heart is like the one who creates darkness by closing his eyes.Nothing is there in drinking honey from the goblet and dying in it. A karma yogi is born when he shares with his fellow man.what he has and is ready to preserve it for generations to come. We get life breath even from an idle wandering wind.The nature has given aim to a breeze which has no definite aim will not that nature give man with five jnanedriya,five karmendrias,mind,intellect,chitta and ego a clear aim is life.An individual knowing through penance that the same vigour,vitality,grandeur,splendour and security is manifested in all living and non living things works for world wide welfare even if he lives in house,in forest or on the bank of the river.he dedicates his life for the welfare of his fellowman.Each indidividual is a yogi.The guru moves among his fellowman feeling pity for the sufferers.Just as the river flowing into the sea makes the banks on either side of its entrance cool,the guru with his soft touch roused in the sea of happiness rises in daily life.According to the traditional Indian vedic culture the guru dedicates on sacrifices himself for the wellbeing and welfare of his followman till the last breath leaves him. PRANAYAMA Prana is the energy required for al the functions in the human body.the body cannot survive evn for a moment in the absence of prana .hence our life is prana itself we eat and breath to sustain life that is prana correct functioning of glands,heart and kidney demands proper functing of pranapassing through

nerves project in seventy two thousands ways in the nervous system.We have to realize that prana is the messenger of knowledge and this knowledge as a deciding factor will harmonise the thridosha and the Thrigunas in tune with the shaping of body to be created in addition to the five elements(panch bhootha) Not only the body but also the whole universe is created,preserved and destroyed by this prana .so Visweswara,the creater of this universe is this prana.It is ther same prana that moves through all the four states of huan counsciousness like wakefulness,dreams,sleep and thureeyam.Hence we should understand that the study of prana is not the study of the individual body alone but the study of all living and nonliving objects in the universe.It is not possible to know prana with the help of sense organs.Eventhough the jnananendriyas and karmendrias can understand the mind,intellect,chitha,we wory and also the innumerable manifestation of prana it cannot understand prana. We are conserved with how we can bring into use the mystical prana for treatment of diseases. many of our physical and mental ailments are due to the lack of smooth functiong of prana in our body.the important aim of pranayama practice is to bring prana with full force to each and every cell of the a result with the help of the prana the body is purified.From observations in the ashram it is found that many of the physical and mental maladies have been cured by this. Sadguru yogasrama imparts training in two kinds of pranayama. 1)nadi sudhi -Physical pranayam /Bouthika pranayama) 2)Pranayogabyasam-(Spritual Pranayama/Adhyathmika pranayama or Thalalaya pranayama) Nadi suddhi Pranayama is meant for preventing diseases and for the proper functioning of the systems of the body. We breathe in or breath out through the two nostrils but the quantity of air taken in or given out through the two may not be equal. If one of the nostrils takes deep breath, the quantity taken in through the other will be lesser by one or too measure. From this we assure that just half the total nerves, that is, thirty six thousand function alternately .The right nostril is called Surya nadi and that of the left Chandra nadi. Surya Nadi is masculine in character while Chandra Nadi is Feminine is character. If the two nostrils function alternatively according to the changes in the atmospheric temperature which leads to the

smooth function of the internal organs and mind we can presume that the body is in a healthy state. For example in hot climate Chandra Nadi and in cold climate Surya nadi works automatically.Therefore all diseases can be prevented by practicing nadi Suddhi Prananyama. An Indiviiduals strength of will(Ichhsakthi),Strength of deed(Karma Sakthi) and Strength of Knoweldge (Jnanasakthi) are the special powers of Pranan.Pranayama not only helps the individual to find away of life based on his own thought and interest but a Pranayamai can also lead others property.Nadi Sudhi pranayam is for purification of Surya Chandra Nadis of the body.At the beginning purification of Nadi can be done 10 times in the morning and in the evening.Though there is no limit for the number of times for purification and no time schedule ,the training should be non-excessive and moderate.A slight change canbe made in the measure of yhe nadi Suddhi Pranayama depending on the mental state of the Individual.In order to Quell and Quieten the mind the Rajogunns should have the practice of pranyama in a moderate way,the Swathikaees should get involved in training a bit fast and the thamogunnis are advised to be faster in Nadi Suddhi pranayma, to this pranayma Kumbhakam is not to be practiced. While practicing Nadi suddhi Pranayma it is better to understand that prana is taken in through all parts of the body. Advise in Thalalaya pranayma is given under ths supervision of after the coupletion of six months training in Yogasramam. Trainees in yogasana should pay attention to the following. 1) Satvic food is advised for holy life.Yogapractioner should take only vegetarian food which is easily digestibe and nutritions. 2) Take food only when you are hungry. 3) Those who wish to undergo yoga should abstain from all sorts of bad habits such as taking fish,flesh and also smoking chewing snffing,adulting,gambling using intoxicating drinks,lying,theft,cheating,jealousy etc.Which wear out and tire out body and mind.

4) the best time for practiising yoga is between five and seven in the morning and evening. 5) Asanas should not be practiced when the stomach is full and there is storage of faeces and Urine.After having food these should be interval of at least four hours before you practice Asana.Complete the Asana,rest for ten minutes and then only take food. 6) It is advisable to practice Asanas after bath you can also bath after the practice but you should take rest for ten minutes before bathe. 7) the place chosen for practice of yoga should be flat,plain,strong,neat and must have proper is better to spread a mat or cloth on the selected place. 8) While practicing Asanas loose garments should be woru for free bllod circulation 9) Those who have undergone surgery of any kind should avoid Asanas for a year.They can resume the exercise only after receiving instruction from the concerned guru 10) Beginning practice of Asana is advised only after defaecation by using any aturvedic medicine. YOGA ASANAS 1.Swasthikasana This Asana simple one,it is helpful in practicing meditation and practicing other Asanas Pathenjali Maharshi,the father of yoga uses the word Sukamto mean Sthiram Sukham Asanam Method of Practice Sit on a mat or sheet spread on the floor with your legs stretched forward fold the right leg and place it beneath the left thigh and place the folded left leg on the right thigh Take care to see that both the knees are at the same hight from the ground.Keep the hands on the

respective knees in chinmudra.hands should not be stiff but the backborne and neck should be kept straight. After sitting in the above manner pay attention to the respiration,practice it for atleast two minutes.Then the mind get the ability to concentrate. If the mind does not get concentratiom it can be practiced as follows.First pay attention to respiration.Then you can feel breath going inside and coming out.There is no need of doing the above with effort.When you inhale thinkso and when you exhale think ham(Soham-I am AtmaAdvaith Siddhanta) If you practice in this manner you can attain concentration very easily. Merits 1. Gains ability to sit in the correct manner 2. Helps to control emotions. 3. Attain peace of mind and high thinking ability. 4. prepares the mind and body to perform other Asanas. 2)Vajrasana method of Practice. Fold the legs backward and sit on the foot.The toes should touch each other aqnd heels should be spread.So that it enables to sit comfortably.keep the knees close.Place the palm on the respective knees.Sit straight so that the backbone,neck and head are in a straight line.close the eyes an pay attention to breathing. Merits 1. Helps to keep the body straight 2. Loosens the leg joints. 3. Increases digestive power 3) padmasana Method of practice Sit by stretching the legs forward,fold the right leg and place it on the left thigh,fold the left leg on place it on the right thigh.See that both the knees touch the ground place the hands in the respective knees in

Chinmudra.The back bone,neck and head should be kept straight .close the eyes and give attention the breathing. Merits 1. helps to sit without moving for a long time 2. This uis a suitable asana to do Dhyana,pranayama etc. 3. Body and mental conflicts get reduced. 4. Gets more relaxation to regions below hip. 5. Regions of the reproductive organs get more bllod circulation and therefore becomes more healthy. 4)Nadi Suddhi Sit in sukhasana.close the right nostril with the right hand thumb ,an inhale through the left nostril slowly.Then close the left Nostril with the central as ring fingers of the same hand as hold the breath as far as possible.then open the right nostril only as exhale.Then inhale through the right nostril,hold the breath an exhale through the left nostril,repeat 10 times.Inhaling ,holding and exhaling should be of equal measure. Merits Practice of Nadi suddhi gives lightness and brightness to body,increases digestive power and improve the sound 5)Ujjayi Pranayama method of practice Sit in Sukhasana, then inhale the breath through the mouth from the throat hold the breath according ones ability.then using the index finger of the right hand close the right nostril and exhale the breath slowly through the left nostril.repeat it 10 times. Merits Destroys mucous and increases digestive power 6) Suryabedhi Pranayama Method of practice Sit in Sukhasana.using the ring finger and central finger of the right hand,close the left nostril.Inhale through the right nostril.hold according to ability.Then exhale through the left nostril.Repeat 10 times Merits 1. Cleans the skull

2. Cleans the nervous system and cures all illness

Health Activities

Past 33 years practicing Yoga, Pranayama, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yogic Diet and other Integrated & holistic Curative Systems. Cured thousands of patients with Asthma, Diabetics, Cardiac disease, Paralysis, Elephantiasis Insomnia, Mental stress, Maniac diseases, Tiredness, Memory Loss, Back pain, Spontilitis etc. from India And Abroad. Conducts regular Weekly Sathsanga (Gathering of Good Thoughts & Practices), Monthly Natural Living Camps, Treatment Camps based on Spirituality, Yoga & Nature Cure, Specialized camps for various diseases, and special camps for students & Youngsters etc. Providing financial assistance to the poor students for the practices of general & social Hygiene.

Social Activities

Mould a new generation of Yogic Families with a healthy physic & Mind. Making one a good & proper social being by providing them Sessions like Seminars, Yoga & Pranayama, natural Living & Spiritual Classes, & discussions & Counseling etc to inculcate in them a Pure mental & physical environment to become Pure by leaving Smocking, Alcoholism & other Unnatural mental Impairment . Provide free demonstrations, classes & Guide lines to Various institutions like school, Colleges, Clubs, other Institutions, on Yoga, Pranayama, & Other social related health programs. Providing free consultation & training on Yoga, Spirituality & Natural Living for the employees & organizers of various Institutions & Governmental & non Governmental Departments like Police force, environmental Conservators, Forest Department, Agriculture & Water departments Etc. Providing the study materials & Clothing to the poor students. Facilitating the ordinary public for the Spiritual & Mental level reformation in the etiquettes and life styles through Neighborhood gatherings, Village Level Sathsanga.

Study Camps

Sadguru Yogasramam conducts regular or occasional study camps for those from general walk of life with an aim that to bring about the Importance of Purity in their life The study camps are being conducted in various forms such as General Awareness, Short Term, Full Course, Advanced etc. according to the subject depth and duration of the course apart from the Total syllabus. The study camps Yoga, Natural Living, Mental Health, Nature study camp. Students Orientation Camps to increase the IQ to bring them up to be with the main stream of the society, conduct by ashram Directly or co operating with other Voluntary Organizations Bringing the care of the experts in the respective fields on the campers from the Local Publics & Students.

The location

Vilayodi is a small village landscape by Sokanaasini River (A branch of historical River Bharathappuzha). Coconut farms and paddy fields clothes Vilayodi in to its natural Beauty. This village is the part Of Chittur Thaluk eastern Village of Palakkad, The most biodiversified district in Kerala, the gods own country, South India
Guru Yogi Mani is the acharya (one who teaches and practices) of sad guru yogasramam. He born in 1942 in a farmers family and lead a very normal life during his child hood. He learned yoga and pranyama during his school days itself. Though Guru Mani started his socially committed activities in his 18 years (1960s), the asram was established only in1971. He was leading a saint like yogic life by gaining the Spiritual enlightenment. He is known among the public as Maniyettan (Ettan= Elder Brother)

Pranayama is a rhythmic breathing practice to gain the vital force from the external environment for the mobilization of the micro and macro states of a human body. It is functional base of spiritual self awareness. Guru mani induceses the power of Raja yoga and Pranayama to thousands of curies youngsters , patienties , families, students, social workers etc., and make a platform for them to becomes satvik and yogic. In makes No regular in mates are living in sad guru yogasrama because of its concept on the importance of the family and family related life. During camps for training and treatment and during special occasions, the practioners stay in ashram. Also ashram allows the visitors to stay in for the purpose of sharing ideas and practices.

-what is yoga? The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning to bind, join, attach and yoke. It is true union of our will with the will of god. Yoga is a timeless pragmatic science evolved over thousand of years dealing with the physical, moral, mental and spiritual well being of man as a whole. Yoga is one of the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy. It was collated, coordinated and systemalised by pathanjali(He was a one of sage and dating from 200BC) in his classical work the YOGA SUTRAS. In Indian thought everything is permeated by the supreme universal sprit(paramathma or god)at which the individual sprit(jeevathma) is a part. The system of yoga is called because it teaches the mean by which the jivatma can be united to or be in communion with the paramathma and so secures liberation (moksa) When his mind, intellect and self (ahamkar) are under control, freed from restless desire, so that they rest in the sprit within, a man becomes one in communion with god. us A lamp does not flicker in a place where no winds blow. So it is with a Yogi, who controls his mind, intellect and self being absorbed in the sprit within him. When the restlessness of the mind, intellect and self is stilled through the practice of yoga, the yogi by the grace of the sprit with himself finds fulfillment. The first chapter of yoga sutra pathanjali described yoga as chitha vrithi nirodhas. This may be translated o as the restraint or as suppression (nirodha) of mental or consiousness (chittha) of the modification or fluctuation (vrthi)

Pathanjali enumerated in the eight limbs or stage of yoga for the quick of soul. they are a) Yama (universal moral commandencats) b) Niyama (self purification by discipline) c) Asana (posture) d) Pranayama (rhythmic control of the breath) e) pratyahara (withdrawal and emanipatiojn of the mind from the domination of the senses and exterior objects 6) dharana(concentration) 7) dhyana(meditation )
8) samadihi( a state of super-consciousness brought about by profound meditation, in which the individual aspirant(sathya loka) become one with the object at his meditation. paramathma or the universal sprit)

Yama and niyama control yogis passion and emotion and keep him in harmony with his fellow man. Asana keep the body healthy and strong and 9n harmony with nature. Finally, the yogi becomes free of body consciousness. He conquers the body and renders it a fit vehicle for the soul. The next two stages, Pranayama and pratyahara teach the aspirant to regulate the breathing and through by control the mind. The final tree stage, Dharana, Dhyana and samadhi take the into the innermost recesses of his soul. The yogi does not look heaven world to find fod. He knows that he within being stages keep him in harmony with himself and his maker. Their are different paths (marghas)by which a man travels to his maker. The active which a man realizes his own divinity through work and duty. The emotional man finds it trough Bhaktimarga, where there is realization through devotion to and love of a personal god. The intellectual man pursues Jhana Marga, where realization comes through knowledge. The meditative or reflective man follows yoga marga, and realization his own divinity through control of the mind. What is perfection?
The system of of education should give them an opportunity to develop their physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions (the five fold personality development) for the build of a harmonious personality. It should bring out excellent characters, such as truthfulness, righteous living, purity in personal life, self-confidence, integration of body and mind and intellect, love and compassion towards all living beings and surrender to the Almighty. Theses are steps leading to the enfoldment of perfection already in man.

HOW YOGA HELPS IN BRINGING OUT PERFECTION? Yoga, the ancient science of India, is a conscious process for gaining mastery over the body and mind and thereby grows faster from the animal level to become normal human beings and reach heights of greatness, Super-Human lives and ultimately attain Divinity or Perfection itself. This conscious process of gaining mastery helps us to manifest the innate potentialities dormant in all of us and blossom into men with five fold personality development mentioned above. Yoga harmonies our growth and through balance helps in total development. such flowing brings the qualities like concentration of mind, purity of life, faith in oneself , strength of body and fearlessness of mind and divine qualities like love, affection, sacrifice, service etc., which all at the base of the four fold consciousness. I n this sense, yoga is a science of holistic living and synonymous with basic or real education. YOGA-SKILL IN ACTION Yoga bestows inner strength, sharpens our intellect, teaches us to control our emotions and brings a rare concentration and effenshency into our actions and work, making us to do the right thing in the right way at the right time, Hence yoga is also referred to as SKILL IN ACTION. Yoga can be practiced by all irrespective of race, color, caste, creed, sex, rich or poor and age. YOGA FOR CHILDREN

Of the man aspects of yoga, yama, niyama, asana & pranayama are relevant for children. While the principles of yama and Niyama reinforce the universal values such as truth, non-violence, cleanliness and contentment, the asanas help a growing child develop physically, emotionally and psychological. In this way yoga is a necessary complement to formal education. By practicing this wonderful science children can blossom into healthy and well-balanced this wonderful science children can blossom into healthy and well-balanced men and women with strong bodies, clean minds and pure hearts. Yoga-asanas are well suited for children. They are imaginative and unique. Asanas can be demonstrated, imitated and adopted. There asanas are dynamic, intense and challenging. They help to develop will power and sensitivity and provide children a means to learn about themselves through a wide range of body movements. Child hood is a process of change, from fragility to strength, from immaturity to maturity, from simplicity to complicity. Accordingly the approach for six-year-olds. en year-olds and sixteen-year olds must vary greatly. YOGA FOR ADOLESCENTS. Adolescence is the stage between childhood and maturity roughly between the ages twelve and twenty. During the period, a rounds the age of fourteen, a child reaches puberty-reproductive capability, remarkable biological changes occur in spurts, often out stripping psychological growth. In particular, the endocrinal glands undergo important changes and their enhanced functioning stimulates new patterns of growth and evolution. Yoga helps the child to ride the tide of advancing puberty and thereafter to direct and channel the energy of youth. THE PHYSIOLOGICAL IMPORANCT OF YOGA-ASANAS FOR ADOLESCENTS. improve circulation vital to the proper functioning of the body nourish, stimulate and maintain the vital balance of the endocrinal glands which govern growth and development. For girls help establish a regular and asy menstrual cycle. Improve functions such as digestion and respiration so that there is more energy available for growing children. Increase the supply of fresh blood to the brain thus enhancing the mental capacity. Strengthens the nerves where by the endurance capacity improves. Promote proper structural development by working the joints. THE PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPORTANCE OF YOGA-ASANAS FOR ADOLESCENTS.

help a child to become self-controlled and less prone to extremes of behavior(which tend to occur during adolescence) by regulating endocrinal functions. Check excessive aggression and excitability through the regulation of the adrenal glands. Correct brooding and melancholy in girls by regulation of pituitary and pineal functions. Build up self-confidence. Remove shyness and self consciousness. Control the arousal of the emerging sexual urge. Create predisposition towards yogic principles of yama and niyama and thereby developing a childs moral ethical character. NECESSITY OF MAKING YOGA AS BASIC EDUCATION-FOR MAN MAKING &NATION BUILDING. Ashtanga yoga is a technology for the development of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual faculties in man. yoga is a basic education, which each child must have. with this basic education a child can successfully take up any branch of formal education depending upon her/his ness, capacities and aptitudes. A foundation of yoga will make g\formal education easier and lead to harmonized social relationship resulting in a happy and peaceful life. In fact, a combination of yoga education and formal education will help us achieves the twin objectives of Swami Vivekananda, namely MAN AKING AND NATION BUILDING. THE NEED OF THE WORLD OF THIS HOUR IS YOGA FOR CHILDREN. The world today has become a highly competitive place with all its attendant problems such as stress and coping with rapidly changing technology and life styles. Such an environment it is imperative to develop qualities which help one to tide these stresses. Yoga is the ideal method to develop such qualities. This is more so for children, who are custodians of each nation in particular and whole world at large .YOGA is the essential requirement for them to lead a physically and mentally healthy life in the Twenty first century. HENCE YOGA HAS TO BE INTRODUCED COMPULSARILY IN THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. This alone can ensure that millions of our youth who enter our educational institutions with great hope would come out as enlightened citizens, fully geared to face challenges, internal and external ,ready to take up their social and national responsibilities with a deep sense of patriotism, dedication and above all impeccable. personal integrity. HEALTH-NATUROPATHY-NATUR HYGIENE Health is the greatest wealth, which means that he that has health must cherish it with care, lest he should lose it. To this end he must have adequate knowledge at how to live for health. Unfortunately it happen that most people do not know the value of health until

it is lost. Indeed it maybe social that the civilized world is learning how to live without health and is this they are actively encouraged by the medical profession. It may also be stated here that the cure of disease is not a distinct science, but just an integral part of this true science of health, which may be called the life natural, or natural hygiene, The short comings of medical practice are all due to the fact that medicine is a system of violence, this shall be made clear as we proceed. The right principle and policy is nonviolence, which is the guiding principle of natural Hygiene. This policy proceeds from right knowledge of the fundamentally at true Biology. Man is , therefore, in his actual nature as opposed to his real ideal nature, an evolving unit. But is truth he is neither beast, not Asura or Deva or midway between both. And he is evelusingout of these entire vehicle, and slowly emerging into his true nature, where he would be unaffected by the necessities and limitation of these bodies. He cannot remain long stationary at any one point of this line at evolution, become none of the stats that he passes through is in his real nature. Even which he is evolving, it is in his real nature that he abides, not in his vehicles. He must get re-established in that nature must get re-united to it, as we many say. The process of attaining this reunion is called yoga. Thus we see that mans whole Dharmas is yoga a progressive detainment of his real nature Divinity by transcending his lower sense life. It is this that gives a meaning and a purpose to every human act and to every branch of human knowledge without is life would not be worth having. Ass the sciences must be linked up to the fundamental teaching of his Dharma. We must find the starting point of natural Hygiene is the Dharma or Yoga. DIET-WITH YOGA From this we must see that unhygienic eating is a crime against the Divine Nature. Right eating is confident to health of mind and body alike. Fairness to the stomach is an integral part of holiness. Without it one cannot be successful in the practice of yoga, which is the name for strenuous effort to reach the goal of religion, which is integration with God in the Supreme state. Yoga comprises a great variety of methods of these four are prominent, namely the yoga of service to God by right action, that of devotion, culminatiry in love of God, that a Mind control through breath control and meditation and that of quest of the real by rejection of everything unreal. These are dealt with in the sacred books. By following one or more of these paths, the follower attains the state of pure sattva and then easily reach the goal. Meanwhile the mind becomes pure more and more healthy-free from the imperfection of worldliness.