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Manipur dance is its colorful dec- vent their anger against the vio- to the rich heritage of Tripura,
oration, lightness of dancing foot,
delicacy of abhinaya (drama), lilt-
ing music and poetic charm. The
lence in the State.
An international news agency
quoted one S. Seityabati Devi as
which found equal position at the
national level for its rich tradi-
tion. Culture and heritage have
Raymer’s Remedy
Manipuri dance form is mostly saying: “I have portrayed what- been the foundation of the rich

ritualistic and draws heavily from ever was happening around in traditions of Northeast, which ul-
the rich culture of the state of Ma- our society; the things that have timately shape their people’s cre- f the IT sector has introduced a new ethic. “They seem to be in
dimension to the Indian job scenario, a hurry to be the first one in
nipur. Their creative minds found touched me or affected me.” An- ative minds. Turmoil and violence the media in general has taken a ma- breaking any news. “With
much support from the nobel lau- other artist R.K. Shangrila Devi is just one side of it and only right jor leap that has ushered us into a new the media having to play a
reate Rabindranath Tagore who was also similarly quoted as say- perspective can change our way century of information and knowledge crucial role in a democratic
included this dance form in many ing: “Presently, I am following of looking at things. sharing. set up, the need of the hour
of his dramas. the theme (in paintings) that hu- A perfect combination of art The Northeast is one corner of In- is to put a stop to yellow
dia, which saw a massive boom in media journalism by maintaining
About paintings, one thing that man beings have limitations. I and violence could be a new thing sector with the coming up of numerous the credibility of sources of
can easily be said is that it has oc- mean that the sun, moon and stars for the social scientists, but this is newspapers, periodicals and quite a few information of facts in re-
cupied a huge space in the society in the sky are eternal and will sur- what can independently stand as satellite channels since the beginning of porting,” he asserted.
so far and the women in Manipur vive till the universe exists. But, a huge chapter in their research the 21st century. Sensational journalism
are not only making their liveli- human life is transient.” papers. Only if they try to see As such news channels and peri- has become so powerful
odicals have opened the flood-gates em- these days that true journal-
hoods by wielding paintbrushes, In fact, the rich history of what goes behind these innova- ployment of new generation journalists. ism has taken a back seat.
but have also found a means to Manipur can only be compared tive minds!!! Possibilities are also rife that this new lot Ethical journalism is often
of professionals might not realise what it construed as journalism
takes to be a perfect journalist, its ethics without aggression.
and the demands of this profession. Raymer reminded his
Steve Raymer, a National Geograph- professional colleagues in
ic photographer and associate professor Shillong to refrain from
of Journalism at Indiana University, has sensationalising news and
a note of advice for these new genera- instead focus on credible
Steve Raymer
tion professionals, whom he believes, and accurate reporting. “Ethi-
should know that “the central purpose of cal journalism is essential for long-term reach and new publications, new chan-
journalism is to provide citizens with the success of the media,” he said. nels and new networks,” he said. “It’s a
accurate and reliable information they Raymer has come to India for a great time to be a journalist in India be-
work related to his book in cause there is just so much growth and
Kolkata. He came to Shil- opportunity for students.”
long for a photojournalism Starting from that cue, Raymer
workshop at St. Anthony’s called upon the journalists of the North-
College for more than 70 stu- east to play a constructive role in build-
dents from the mass media. ing the nation.
Raymer was accompanied Raymer became familiar with In-
here by the American Centre, dia early in his professional career and
Kolkata, Director Douglas the country has remained a focus for his
G. Kelly and the Information work late in his career.
Assistant Rai Baruah. “When I was a kid, right out of
Before his departure graduate school, India was one of the
from Bloomington, Raymer, first places National Geographic sent
in a statement to the Indiana me. It was in the summer of 1973 when
University news section had there were no cars there, literally. It’s a
said, “The media in India are place that I’ve gone to many times in my
absolutely exploding, both career,” he earlier had said.
the broadcast media and the His visit this time, Raymer believes,
print media. They’re explod- would give him an opportunity to cap-
need to function in a free society.” ing in English and the national languag- ture in his lens the new face of India that
He was pretty disturbed to find es and even global languages.” has gone through several changes during
that the news channels and newspapers “The Indian media are extremely the past 35 years.
were hardly following any journalistic healthy and just exploding in terms of Rajoo Sharma

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