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We would like to thank Ms. Krithika G.K. for providing us with this
opportunity to study the retail mix & store operations of a retail
organisation in detail.

This assignment was very helpful in terms of gaining knowledge and
getting an idea of how a retail organization actually works, what strategies
does it employs to decide on the location of the store and what policies do
they follow to help the organisation carry out its operations in a well
planned manner.

We are also thankful to CROMA electronics megastore, 1.P. Nagar,
Bangalore for providing us with valuable information and thus helping us
to complete the assignment.


CR0HA is lnJio s first notionol, lorqe formot, speciolist retoil cboin for
consumer electronics & Jurobles.

About Infinity retail
InIiniti Retail Limited is a 100 subsidiary oI Tata Sons. It`s a 657 crore company. The
company has launched Croma, a national chain oI mega stores oI consumer electronics and
durables. InIiniti Retail Ltd., owns and runs Croma's retail operations in India, while
Woolworths provides technical support and strategic sourcing Iacilities Irom its global
The Iirst Croma store was launched in Juhu, Mumbai on October 9, 2006.

About Croma
we belp yoo boy
Croma is Iocused on understanding the needs oI consumers and meeting them in a manner
that delights them. Consumer Electronics shopping can be quite a challenging experience due
to the wide variety oI choices and the technical complexities oI electronics products. Making
the right choice in such a scenario is essential but diIIicult. They are consumers` Iriends in
this process by understanding their needs and suggesting and demonstrating all suitable

Their commitment is to provide consumers an unmatched shopping experience with their
wide range oI product options, knowledgeable and helpIul staII, committed customer service
coupled with great prices and deals in an international shopping ambience.

Croma is on a good revenue run. It has over 180 brands and 6000 products. These retail chain
are seeing sales growth oI 15 month-on-month. The company`s turnover is around Rs 1,000
crores and can break even next year.

Croma has stores in 7 places in India, namely Gujarat, Delhi, NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai,
Hyderabad and Bangalore. The total numbers oI stores it has is approximately 50 across
India. Croma has also opened Croma Zip Stores in many airports oI the country. It is
planning to open 100 stores across India.

Brand Philosophy
O II service wasn't important.
O II technology wasn't complex.
O II variety wasn't conIusing.
O We would have no reason to be in business.
O We help you buy.


Woodys, 45/1-1,
17th Main, 5th Cross, IInd Phase,
Merenhalli road,
Bangalore - 560 078

The store at J.P. Nagar, was inaugurated by world-renowned chess champion Viswanathan
Anand in the presence oI Ajit Joshi, managing director and CEO, InIiniti Retail. With the
launch oI Croma at J.P. Nagar they are 9 stores strong in the city and 11 in the southern

It is spreaded over 15,000sq It. With categories like home entertainment, small appliances,
white goods, computers and peripherals, communication, music, imaging and gaming
soItware, the Croma stores promises to deliver the widest choice oI products.

The store has been designed keeping in mind consumers' shopping requirements, oIIering a
wide range oI consumer electronic and durable products. Croma also oIIers a dedicated team
oI Iriendly and skilled staII which Iacilitates the entire buying process such that customers are
completely satisIied with their purchase.

Another attraction is Croma`s private label brand Handpicked by Croma. The brand,
which was launched recently, oIIers products that are unique, superior and surprisingly
aIIordable. A wide range oI SKUs that have hit the shelI are wine coolers, split air
conditioners, reIrigerators, vacuum cleaners, blenders, kettles, toasters, mini massagers,
blender choppers, laptops, IT accessories, and a host oI products that cut across various
product categories.

Croma has set a benchmark with the launch oI 50 stores in a span oI Iour years. These stores
have been indicators oI their successIul growth nationally. Their diIIerentiated product
oIIerings and dedicated staII have built Croma into one oI the Iinest consumer electronics
chains in India.

It makes them only believe that they have successIully delivered on Croma`s promise oI
providing a world-class shopping experience with the widest variety oI products and robust
aIter-sales service coupled with interactive and helpIul customer service.

Bangalore is one oI the key markets and the stores here receive encouraging IootIalls. The
extensive array oI brands available at Croma oIIers its customers a wide choice oI products
suiting their requirements.


Widest range of products
Croma mega stores oIIer consumers a wide range oI products across eight categories oI
consumer electronics and durables and IT products. Customers get to choose Irom 6000
products across eight categories.

We help you buy
In an eIIort to help consumers make inIormed decisions, Croma has extensively-trained
proIessionals who have in-depth knowledge oI the products and brands available at the store.
This, thereIore, enables them to do a quick Ieature-beneIit analysis and suggest the right
product to the customer. Sound and knowledgeable advice Irom well-trained advisors to help
consumers make inIormed buying decisions.

A name you can trust
Croma is promoted by InIiniti Retail Ltd, an initiative oI the Tata group, a brand that stands
Ior trust and reliability globally. 9 is India`s Iirst nationwide electronics mega store oIIering a
unique shopping experience consistent across the country.

Customer commitment
Croma not only gives its consumers a world-class shopping experience, but also backs it
with great aIter-sales service.

Great deals and offers
Croma periodically oIIers exciting deals on all many Iavourite products oI the customers.

The first of its kind
Consumer electronics and durable retail is a Iragmented segment and has been largely catered
to by regional players. Large and specialist Iormat.

Croma offers products across the following categories:
O Home entertainment: CTVs, music systems, VCD, DVD players,home theatres etc
O Small appliances: Kitchen and domestic appliances
O White goods: ACs, reIrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, etc
O Computers and peripherals: Desktops, laptops, blank media, cables, accessories,
soItware, etc
O Communication: Mobile phones and accessories, telephones, SIM cards, recharge
cards, etc
O Music: CDs, VCDs, DVDs
O Imaging: Handycams, digital cameras, etc
O Gaming soItware

LxLCu1lvL P8
P8 ASSlS1An1
vM LxLCu1lvL
SL8vlCL uLSk
8lLLlnC S1All

SLore manager
Pome enLerLalnmenL
devlces sales
AsslsLanL sales
manager (l)
AsslsLanL sales
manager (ll)
WhlLe goods sales
lmaglng dev sales
perlpherals sales
Apple asslsLanL sales
AsslsLanL sales
manager (l)
devlces sales
Small appllances
sales manager
Loss prevenLlon
Croma has a well developed organization structure. The various departments such as HR,
cash handling, visual merchandising, IT etc are under the control oI responsible and well
trained managers as the HR executives, HR assistant, Cash head, Cash assistants, Billing
staII, VM manager, VM executive,VM coordinator, IT executives, warehouse manager,
marketing managers, marketing executives etc.

Store manager has assistant store manager, department managers such as home entertainment
devices sales manager, white goods sales manager, computers & peripherals sales manager,
small appliances sales manager, loss prevention sales manager etc.

The department managers manage their sales associates and the presentation oI merchandise
in their areas oI the store. The visual managers are responsible Ior he presentation oI the
merchandise in the store.

The store manager is also responsible Ior selecting, training and evaluating employees, the
catalog areas, customer service activities such as returns, complaints, recieiving, shipping and
storage areas oI the store.


One oI the method oI encouraging customer exploration is to present them with a layout that
Iacilitates a speciIic traIIic pattern. A properly structured and intelligently developed layout is
probably one oI the most underrated characteristics oI a successIul store Iormula. The layout
also has an organisational component.

The layout can either attract customers or put them oII. A layout can provide solutions or it
can complicate matters. A logical product layout will help customers make a decision to
purchase, whereas an illogical order creates conIusion and dissatisIaction.

Surveys have shown that one oI the most important criteria Ior customer satisIaction is the
ease with which the customer Iinds his way in the store. Besides, the customer expects to be
led along the main departments oI the store. ThereIore a good layout is a matter oI customer

Layout at Croma
A combination oI Free Iorm and Grid layout is Iollowed by croma. It provides Ior beneIicial
utilization oI space. This layout makes the store and departments within the store more
attractive. Each and every department gets the Iull Iocus oI customers and thereby results in
an increased sales.

Purpose of the store layout

One oI the main purposes oI the layout is undoubtedly to create smooth customer Ilow
through the store. A customer need to spend ample oI time to buy a product. Layout at
croma is such that each valuable customer gets a whole lot oI time and attention. This
surely results in increased sales oI the electronic and durable products.

Croma gets enough oI consumer crowd that can easily lead to lack oI space at each
department. The layout adopted by them helps them preventing this situation very
well. Enough oI space is provided at each counter in order to avoid the brushing oI
customers to each other.

The products are arranged in such a way that customer gets to look at most oI the
products. The layout proves to be beneIicial here in the terms oI catching customers`
attention to a product other than the one Ior which they came to the store.


Locating the retail store in the right place was once considered to be adequate Ior success.
While retailer can change his merchandise mix, adjust prices, improve communication with
consumers and oIIer better service, once the store comes into existence, it is Iairly diIIicult to
change the location. It may result in the loss oI customers and employees.

Knowing the boundaries oI the trade area helps the retailer estimate the number oI potential
customers that may come to the store. The diIIerence between selecting the wrong location
and the right site could be the diIIerence between business Iailure and success.

MUMBAI: Juhu, Malad, Dahisar, CBD Belapur,Vashi, Bhayandar, Mulund, Bandra, Lower
Parel, Ghatkopar, Goregaon(West) & (East).

PUNE:Yerwada, Wanowari, Hadapsar, Aundh, Kthrud.


GU1RAT: Ahmedabad (Memnagar, SG Highway Junction).
Rajkot (Kalavad Main Road).
Surat (Ghod Dod Road).
Vadodra (Sarabhai Cirle).

DELHI NCR: Rohini, Sahibabad, Indirapuram, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Kamla Nagar, Greater
Noida, Rajouri, South Ex II, Saket, Janakpuri, Connaught Place.

BENGALOORU: BEL Road, Brigade Road, Koramangla, Kalyan Nagar, Indira Nagar, J.P.
Nagar, Marathalli, Sadashivnagar.

CHENNAI: Mount Road, Anna Nagar, T- Nagar.

HYDERABAD: Jubilee Hills, Panjagatta.


Selecting a particular place Ior a retail store involves the analysis oI a lot oI data. Most
retailers make these decisions inIrequently it is not economical Ior them to employ Iull time
real estate analyst with state oI the arts skills.

Thus retails oIten use Iirms that provide the geographic and demographic data and consulting
services needed to evaluate speciIic sites. However there continues to be an element oI art in
making these site decisions.

Croma is situated at the Woodys, 45/1-1, 17
Main, 5
Cross, IInd Phase, Merenhalli road,
J.P.Nagar, Bangalore-560 078, the store is spread across 15,000 sq. It.

'Croma has high taste level thereIore the location oI the store is apt. The store is located at
J.P.Nagar, the place known Ior service class and urban population having average highest
household income.

J.P.Nagar is one oI the aIIluent residential/shopping area. The presence oI central mall
nearby, enhances the inIlow oI consumers in the store.

Evaluation Of The Place:

The accessibility oI the site is very important. It is the ease with which customers
can get into and out oI the site. This area is eIIectively connected with other parts
oI the city.

Traffic Flow:
It is an important Iactor aIIecting store sales. It reIers to the number oI vehicles and
pedestrians that pass by the site. When the traIIic is greater more consumers are
likely to stop in and shop at the store. In J.P.Nagar the Ilow oI the traIIic is high, so
there are more consumers to stop and assess the products.
However traIIic counts are important Ior retailers oIIering impulse merchandise.
Croma being a destination retailer has to pay less attention to the traIIic Ilow.

'isibility: Visibility reIers to customers` ability to see the store Irom the street. Good
visibility is less important Ior the stores with a well-established and loyal customer
base, but most retailers still want a direct, unimpeded view oI their store.

In an area with a highly transient population, such as a tourist center or large city,
good visibility Irom the road is highly important. Croma being at the prime location
has a good visibility. It can be easily viewed Irom the street or Irom the distance little
Iar away.


Promotion is one oI the Iour elements oI marketing mix (product, price, promotion,
distribution). It is the communication link between sellers and buyers Ior the purpose oI
inIluencing, inIorming, or persuading a potential buyer's purchasing decision.

The Iollowing are two types oI Promotion:

O Above the line promotion: Promotion in the media (e.g. TV, Radio, Newspapers,
Internet, Mobile phones, and, historically, illustrated songs) in which the advertiser
pays an advertising agency to place the ad.

O Below the line promotion: All other promotion. Much oI this is intended to be subtle
enough Ior the consumer to be unaware that promotion is taking place. E.g.
sponsorship, product placement, endorsements, sales promotion, merchandising,
direct mail, personal selling, public relations, trade shows.

The speciIication oI Iive elements creates a promotional mix or promotional plan. These
elements are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity. A
promotional mix speciIies how much attention to pay to each oI the Iive subcategories, and
how much money to budget Ior each. A promotional plan can have a wide range oI
objectives, including: sales increases, new product acceptance, creation oI brand equity,
positioning, competitive retaliations, or creation oI a corporate image.

Fundamentally, however there are three basic objectives oI promotion. These are:

1) To present inIormation to consumers as well as others
2) To increase demand
3) To diIIerentiate a product.

There are diIIerent ways to promote a product in diIIerent areas oI media. Promoters use
internet advertisement, special events, endorsements, and newspapers to advertise their
product. Many times with the purchase oI a product there is an incentive like discounts, Iree
items, or a contest. This is to increase the sales oI a given product.

Sales promotion consists oI a diverse collection oI incentive tools, mostly short term,
designed to stimulate quicker and/or greater purchase oI particular products/services by
consumers or the trade. Where advertising oIIers a reason to buy, sales promotion oIIers an
incentive to buy. Sales promotion includes tools Ior consumer promotion and trade

Some years ago, the advertising-to-sales promotion ratio was about 60:40. Sales promotion
expenditures have been increasing as a percentage oI budget expenditure annually Ior the past
decade. This Iast growth is expected to continue.

The diIIerent consumer promotion tools that can be employed by any company:

O Samples
O Coupons attached to magazines like Femina
O Discount oIIers
O Prizes
O Point oI purchase displays
O Assistance in Iinding correct measurements

The diIIerent trade promotion tools are:

O Price off
A straight discount oII the list price on each product purchased during a stated
time period. The oIIer encourages dealers to buy a quantity or carry a new item that
they might not ordinarily buy.

O Allowance
An amount oIIered in return Ior the retailer's agreeing to Ieature the manuIacturer's
brands in some way. A display allowance can be given Ior carrying the special
product display.

O Free goods
The company can oIIer push money or Iree speciality advertising items to the retailers
that carry the company's name. Trade promotion can persuade the retailer to carry
more units than the normal amount. It can also stimulate retailers and their sales
clerks to push the brand and certain styles as well. Trade promotion can induce the
retailers to promote the brand by Ieaturing, display, and price reductions.

O Point Of Purchase Displays
The survey shows a deIinite indication that consumers are most inIluenced by point oI
purchase displays in this product category. Most oI them recalled the name XYZ
account oI its POP displays. This is because oI the reason that when a customer is
actually looking at the product with a purpose to buy it, it is then that the product
related brands actually register in the mind. Hence to get a customer attracted towards
the XYZ brand, the brand name oI XYZ and logo should be displayed above the racks
where XYZ is stacked. The display board should be attractive, catchy to the eye and
well lighted. This will create brand awareness as well as inIluence the consumer just
at the point oI purchase. Hence ad spending at this point has to be increased.

O Advertising
Advertising is any paid Iorm oI non-personal presentation and promotion oI ideas,
goods or services by an identiIied sponsor. An advertising objective is a speciIic
communication task and achievement level to be accomplished with a speciIic
audience in a speciIic period oI time. Which advertising objective to be taken up by
any company depends upon whether its aim is to inIorm, persuade or remind the

The Iollowing are what a company can achieve through persuasive advertising:
Building brand preIerence
Encouraging switching to the brand
Changing buyer's perception oI brand/ product attributes
Persuading buyers to purchase now.

O YZ Week
The XYZ week can be organized in select retail outlet across the country. For this
mail will be sent to the consumers. The database can be got Irom the stores.
Advertisements should be given in the newspapers. Giving advertisements in the
newspapers won't be that viable as the consumers tend to Iorget such things Iast.
Hence advertisements should be given in the newspapers on same day and also 2-3
days back. During this time, trained sales personnel Irom the company will come and
educate the people on the product as well as the brand.
For consumers who are not conIident about their product and its working, pamphlets
with detailed inIormation will be given. Moreover the trained staII will assist them
and tell them how use it. Also, this event can be used as a launching pad Ior new
products. This kind oI promotional week will make people try diIIerent products.

Promotional Strategies of CROMA:

Prepaid Gift Cards:

Living up to their promise, We help you buy`, at Croma, they now also help customers to
buy Ior their loved ones.
Croma has introduces a smart giIting option - the Croma GiIt Card`, through which we can
giIt a Croma GiIt Card to Iriends, relatives or employees and give them the Ireedom to
choose Irom a range oI latest electronics.
With this loaded card the holder can shop Irom any Croma store anywhere in India, up to the
amount that is loaded on the card within the validity period oI 1 year. II he wishes to buy
merchandise that is worth more than the value loaded on the card, he can pay the diIIerence
by cash or debit/credit card.
II the holder shops Ior merchandise that is less than the value loaded on the giIt card, the
balance amount remains on the card and can be redeemed in parts in subsequent swipes.

Price off

Croma oIIers many discount or price oII oIIers on diIIerent Iestivals. This Diwali they
oIIered price deductions on many oI its products. Its best buy oIIer was on MS OIIice Home
& Student 2010 Package oIIered at Rs. 2999.
They are currently oIIering up to 5 cash back on usage oI credit cards in which there is
maximum cash back up to Rs. 1000 valid on transactions up to Rs. 5000.

Other Promotional Activities:

On the Iestive season they provide electronic items as a giIt with purchasing oI certain
products Irom their stores.
On the upcoming wedding season they have launched home decor collection speciIically
meant Ior the newlyweds by the name oI THE NEWLY WED HOME COLLECTION.


Croma`s advertisements mainly come in the most popular newspaper Times oI India, where
they give an ad in main paper as well as supplementary papers. The space occupied ranges
Irom 1/4
to Iull page. The advertisements are posted mainly on weekends.
They also publish a weekly magazine which comes with Times OI India, Sunday edition, in
which there is a description oI the products available in the store with the price and current
oIIers provided by them.
Advertisements and promotional activities oI Iamous electronic stores in Bangalore like
Giriraj, Aadishwar and Total are more prevalent than Croma. These stores also have radio as
a mode oI advertisement and promotional activity.

One can shop Ior 6000 products across eight categories in a world-class ambience
Croma offers products across the following categories:
O Home entertainment: CTVs, music systems, VCD, DVD players, etc
O Small appliances: Kitchen and domestic appliances
O White goods: ACs, reIrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, etc
O Computers and peripherals: Desktops, laptops, blank media, cables, accessories,
soItware, etc
O Communication: Mobile phones and accessories, telephones, SIM cards, recharge
cards, etc
O Music: CDs, VCDs, DVDs
O Imaging: Handycams, digital cameras, etc
O Gaming soItware
In Bengaluru :With categories like home entertainment, small appliances, white goods,
computers and peripherals, communication, music, imaging and gaming soItware, each oI
the Croma stores promises to deliver the widest choice oI products.

Technology simpliIies liIe. At Croma, they simpliIy technology. They oIIer the shoppers one
oI widest ranges oI products and brands in consumer electronics and durables and a shopping
experience that's truly world-class. One can choose Irom a number oI products across eight
categories. Their trained and knowledgeable workIorce helps the customers arrive at an
inIormed decision with their personalised advice.
Whether customer want to increase their productivity with the latest notebook, tune into their
Iavourite music on the go, keep them cool in steamy weather with an AC, talk nineteen to the
dozen on the mobile phone or do theirr laundry in a jiIIy with a Iully-automatic washing
machine, Croma can help its customer to make the right choice.

2 CCMu1L8S
3 PCML Ln1L81AlnMLn1
7 CAMlnC
8 lMAClnC

Croma ReIrigerators 300L/60L (3 Star)
Croma Direct Cool 210L (5 Star)
Croma Semi Automatic Washing Machine
Croma Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Croma Steam Iron
Croma Hand Blender
Croma Hand Mixer
Croma Kettle 5L/1L
Croma Juice Extractor
Croma Blender and Chopper
Croma Rice Cooker
Croma Stainless Steel Toaster
Croma, has a staggering variety oI desktop and notebook brands -- including Compaq, HCL,
HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Sony -- to meet any budget and requirement.
They also oIIer accessories like keyboards,mouse, LCD monitors, Iax/ modems, network
cards, hubs, switches, routers, laser & inkjet printers, scanners, shredders, CD/DVD drives,
PC adaptors and cables, webcams, soItware, Ilash drives, and more

Brands in store: APC, Caselogic, HP, Iball, PAQ, Targus, Sony, Acer, Compaq, HCL,
Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Benq, Croma

Brands in store: Compaq, Esys, HCL, Creative, HP, Lenovo, Zenith, Apple

LCD Monitor
Brands in store: Samsung, Acer, LG, Benq

Printers & Office Solutions
Brands in store: Canon, Epson, HP, Bilt

Brands in store: Dlink, Linksys, Netgear, TATA Indicom

PC Audio
Brands in store: Samsung, Sony, APC, BAFO, Bandridge, HP, Kensington, MX, Altec,
Creative, Altec, Intex, JBL, Logitech, Genius, Odyssey

Web Cam
Brands in store: Intex, Logitech, MicrosoIt

Storage Media
Brands in store: Caselogic, Iball, Iomega, Seagate, Transcend, Moser Baer, Sandisk, Sony,

Input Devices
Brands in store: Gladiator, Logitech, AOC, Iball, MicrosoIt, Genius, HP, Kensington,
Logitech, Belkin
Brands in store: Allwonders, DK, Expert, Imation, MicrosoIt, Norton, Pebbles, Reader Rab,
TLC, Adobe, McaIee, CA.

They have a wide array oI television sets, including CRT, LCD, Plasma, and brands like
Haier, Samsung, Akai, LG, Onida, Philips, Sansui, Sony etc.
They also have low-end and high-end home theatre systems, speakers, Iurniture, music audio
systems, portable MP3 players, and accessories like earphones, audio carry cases etc. Brands
include Jamo, Samsung, Sony, Philips, Apple iPod, Creative, I-Ball etc.

T' Plasma
Brands in store: LG, Samsung, Sansui, Sony

Brands in store: Philips, Samsung, LG, Sony, VU

Home Theatre
Brands in store: Onkyo, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Yamaha S, Denon

Audio Systems
Brands in store LG, Onkyo, Philips, Sony, Denon, Yamaha

Brands in store: Samsung, LG, Onida, Moserbaer

D'D / 'CD
Brands in store: Mitashi, Philips, LG, Samsung, Sony

Brands in store: Yamaha S, DSE

Entertainment Accessories
Brands in store: Sony, Bandridge, ProIigold, Panasonic, Philips, One For All, HCL
Mp3 Players / Ipod Docks /Accessories
Brands in store: Apple, Appleipod, Capdase, Creative, Philips, Sony, Ivo - Moserbaer,
Samsung, Cowon Iaudio, Hcl, Gecko, Logitech, F&D Fenda.

Audio Accessories
Brands in store: Philips, Panasonic, Sony, Sennheiser, Mitashi, Ultra Halloa, Croma, Apple.

1hey provlde flxedllne phones (corded and cordless) moblle phones (CSM and CuMA) uAs lus a
range of accessorles llke moblle phone baLLerles chargers speakers mounLs handsfree 8lueLooLh
devlces eLc
They have an extensive selection oI renowned brands that include Nokia, Samsung, Sony
Ericsson, GE, Panasonic, Uniden, Motorola, Tata Indicom, HP, Blackberry, Sony, Citizen,
Jabra etc. From no-Irills inexpensive models to state-oI-the-art high-end devices, they have
them all.

Brands in store: HP, I-Mate, Blackberry, Dopod

Phones Mobile
Brands in store: I-Mate, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson

Phones Mobile Accessories
Brands in store: I-Mate, Mobo, Scratchgar, Capdase

Phones Fixed
Brands in store: MX, GE, Panasonic, Uniden

Croma have a variety oI air-conditioners including split and window air-conditioners, with
brands like Godrej, Haier, Hitachi, LG, Onida, Samsung, Voltas.
Croma also has a selection oI reIrigerators, with capacities ranging Irom 170 litres to 730
litres, and brands like LG, Godrej, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool, Kenstar etc.
In washing machine they have a large array, including Iront-loaders, top loaders, semi-
automatic and Iully-automatic and brands such as IFB, Samsung, Siemens, LG, etc. They also
have dishwashers and clothes dryers Irom Haier, IFB and Siemens.

Split Air-conditioners
Brands in store: Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Voltas, Mitsubishi, Croma
Window Air-conditioners
Brands in store: Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Voltas, Mitsubishi
Washing Machines
Brands in store: Samsung, LG, Haier, IFB, Seimens, Whirlpool

Brands in store: Godrej, Haier, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Hitachi, Seimens, Toshiba, Croma
Brands in store: Siemens, IFB
Brands in store: IFB, Seimens, Croma Cloth Dryer, Croma

Small appliances make our lives so much easier, and have become indispensable today.
Croma stocks a huge variety oI appliances to meet customer everyday needs, including
ceiling and pedestal Ians, coIIee makers, Iood processors, irons, kettles, hair stylers, toasters,
water puriIiers, juicer-mixers, etc. Brands include Black & Decker, Usha, Inalsa, Morphy
Richards and so on.

In addition, they have a large collection oI microwaves Irom Bajaj, Godrej, LG, Onida,
Panasonic, Haier, Samsung, IFB etc. Not to mention lighting products Irom Philips and
Luminac, door chimes, CCTV cameras, Iire saIety devices, smoke detectors, vacuum
cleaners, corded tools and much more
Brands in store:
Bajaj, Godrej, IFB, LG, Onida, Samsung, Croma
Kitchen Appliances
Appliances in store: CoIIee Makers, Food Preparation, Irons, Kettles, Personal Care,
Toasters, Water PuriIiers, Juicer / Mixer / Grinder / Blender, Croma, Jewellery cleaner , Wine
8rands ln sLore 8a[a[ anasonlc hlllps CpLlma lnasla Morphyrlch Croma
Brands in store: Black & Deck, EurekaIorb, Panasonic, Philips, Optima, Croma
Personal Care
Brands in store: Philips, Panasonic.

Brands in store: Bajaj, Black & Deck, Morphyrich, Panasonic, Philips, Usha, Optima.

Brands in store: JK, Black & Deck, Dewalt.

Brands in store: Adaptors AC / DC, Door Chimes, Filters / Surge Protectors, Power Board /
Double Adaptors, Travel Adaptors.

Brands in store: Philips, Anchor, Luminac, GM, Bajaj, Black & Deck, Panasonic, Optima.

Croma is a gaming enthusiast`s delight, and has a sizeable collection oI hardware, soItware,
kits and toys, and input devices.
One can pick the best hardware Irom brands such as Sony Playstation, X Box, Activision,
Atari, Codemaster etc; or choose Irom the latest computer games like Doom III, Spiderman,
Cricket 2005, Prince oI Persia and Tomb Raider.

Gaming Hardware
Brands in store: PS3, PS2, PSP, XBOX 360 Pro, XBOX 360 Core, Razer.

Gaming Software
Brands in store: Activision, Atari, Code Master, EA Sports, Edios, Empire, GT Intr,
MicrosoIt, Novalogic, Take 2, THQ, UBI SoIt, Valve, Vivendir.

For a photography and imaging aIicionado, Croma will gives the big picture. They have an
extensive collection oI camcorders, digital cameras and SLRs Ior the amateur and the
proIessional alike. One can also shop Ior a wide range oI photo printers, scanners and
accessories like camera bags, lens caps, memory cards, photo paper, camcorder bags,
Choose Irom many brands, including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus,
Samsung, Epson, Caselogic, Scratchgard, and others.

Brands in store: Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC
Digital Cameras
Brands in store: Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Epson.

Price is one element oI the retail mix that results in revenue. It is perhaps one oI the easiest
element oI retail programme to adjust.
Product Ieatures, channels and even communication takes a lot oI time. Price communicates
to the market the company`s intended value positioning oI its product or brand. A well
designed and marketed product can command a price premium and reap big proIits.
Price ranges at croma are such that it matches the need and pocket oI the target market.
Croma provide a wide range oI varieties oI products such that they meet the demand oI the
customers ranging Irom middle class to high class.
Discout at selected sale period ( seasonal or occasional) are set keeping in mind the sale and
people, so that more number oI customer can rush in the store to buy products at discounted
rates thereby increasing sale.

Price line of products


Printers & Office Solutions
Web Cam
Storage Media

D'D / 'CD

Phones Mobile
Phones Mobile Accessories

Split Air-conditioners
Window Air-conditioners
Washing Machines


Gaming Hardware
Gaming Software

Digital Cameras








1lakh and above
40,000 and above






Croma has a well groomed and inIormed staII. Its very helpIul in terms oI assisting and
paying personal attention to each valuable customer. The J.P.Nagar store has one senior
manager under which there works department managers which accounts Ior a total oI 12.
There are 4 assistant sales manager, 6 billing staII members, 18 sales persons and 2 security
Croma pays Iull attention to the training and development oI its staII. It doesn`t burden its
employees with extra working hours, niether does it let the working hours to be stressIul. It
gives deserved salaries and along with that rewards good perIormance with appraisals. A
provision Ior bonuses on Ieativals such as Diwali also exists.

It is the set oI activities and programs under taken by retailers to make the shopping
experience more rewarding Ior their customers.These activities increase the value customers
receive Irom the merchandise and services they purchase.Some oI these services are derived
Irom the retailers store design or website or Irom policies established by the retailer.
The types oI customer services provided by croma are as Iollows:
O Warranties / Returns Policy.
O Extended Warranty.
O Customer Feedback.

Warranties / Return Policy / Exchange Policy
For music CD, D'D, Gaming Software and Small Appliances
Request Ior Exchange is entertained only Ior Music CD's DVD's, Gaming SoItware and
Small Appliances on account oI inherent manuIacturing deIects, subject to IulIillment oI the
Iollowing conditions:

O Products must be presented Ior exchange within 4 days oI purchase;
O The original invoice must be presented;
O The Products to be exchanged must be returned in undamaged & saleable condition
including all accessories and manuals. There should be no signs oI external damage on
packaging including the original carton.

For Products that require home delivery
For products that require home delivery like entertainment and large appliances, products can
be exchanged by Croma under the Iollowing conditions:

O Products that have suIIered external damage in-transit:
4 Any damage discovered at the stage oI inspection by the Customer when it is unpacked
by the delivery associate aIter delivery, the damaged products would be entitled Ior
4 No request Ior exchange is entertained aIter the Customer signs the delivery Challen
acknowledging the receipt oI the products without any damage. In case oI deIects
arising thereaIter, such deIects are serviced by the ManuIacturer/ Brand service center
as per the manuIacturer's warranty.

O Products that have suIIered external damage in-transit:
4 A working deIect discovered at the time oI demo /installation will be declared "Dead-
on-Arrival" and the products will be entitled Ior replacement.

No exchange for following products:
O Products as Desktops, Laptops, Peripherals, Gaming Harware Handy-cams Digital
Cameras, Mobile phones,Fixed phones, MP3 Players, Accessories, Large Appliances,
LCD's, TV's, Home Theatre Systems and other Entertainment products are not exchanged,
aIter the product is delivered, installed, demonstrated and/ or carried out oI store post sale.
Any products sold under Special OIIers or Promotional Schemes are exchanged.
O Personal care products are not exchanged Ior the hygiene reasons.
O Free GiIts are not exchanged or covered under any kind oI warranty.

With some nominal charges a customer, can become a member oI smile Club oI croma and
can avail oI the beneIits oI extended warranty. The Extended warranty extends the
manuIacturer`s warranty by upto two extra years.
The Extended Warranty has:
O No Hidden Charges
O Replaced iI not Repaired
O Genuine Parts

The indicative prices Ior buying Extended Warranty Ior diIIerent products are given below:
O Laptops: Rs. 1320 onwards
O ACs: Rs. 480 onwards
O Refrigerators: Rs. 180 onwards
O Cameras: Rs. 270 onwards
O Washing Machine: Rs. 210 onwards
O Kitchen Appliance: Rs. 80 onwards
O Mobile Phones: Rs. 200 onwards





O Marketing Management- Kotler, Kelly, Koshy, 1ha -13
Pearson education.

O Retailing Management- Levy, Weitz, Pandit- 6
edition- Tata
McGraw Hill Education pvt. Ltd.


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