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Organising Committee

2011 National conference on Recent Advances in Microwave Engineering (Dec. 16-17, 2011)

Advisory Board Prof. P.C. Sharma,SDBITM, Indore Prof. R.D. Gupta, ITM, Gwalior Prof. Asok De, AIT, Delhi Prof. R.P. Singh, MANIT, Bhopal Prof. R.S. Tomar, LNMIT, Jaipur Prof. A.G. Keshkar, VNIT, Nagpur Prof. Deepak Bhatanagar, RU, Jaipur Prof. Rakesh Singhai, RGPV,Bhopal Prof. S.S. Bhadhoria,MITS, Gwalior

General Chair

Prof. P.K.Singhal

General Co-Chairs Prof. Bimal Garg Prof. Rekha Gupta

Secretary R. P .Narwaria

Technical Program Committee Prof.Laxmi Shrivastava,MITS, Gwalior Dr. Jyoti Singhai, MANIT, Bhopal Dr. Poonam Sinha, BU, Bhopal Dr. Vandana V. Thankre, AEC, Agra Dr. R.P.S. Kushwah, GD, NOIDA Dr. R.N. Baral, IMSEC, Ghaziabad

R.P.S. Kushwah, GD, NOIDA Dr. R.N. Baral, IMSEC, Ghaziabad Call-for-Papers 2011 National Conference on Recent Advances
R.P.S. Kushwah, GD, NOIDA Dr. R.N. Baral, IMSEC, Ghaziabad Call-for-Papers 2011 National Conference on Recent Advances

Call-for-Papers 2011 National Conference on Recent Advances in Microwave Engineering will be held 16-17 Dec. 2011 at Gwalior, India. The conference is being organised by Department of Electronic, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior. We would like to invite all scholars and experts to attend the conference to be hosted at beautiful historical city Gwalior. The conference will include many regular sessions on the topics listed below and some special sessions on emerging topics. Research papers with original work in all aspects of Microwave Engineering are invited. The topics for regular sessions include, but not limited to the following fields:

Solid state devices and circuits

Low noise devices and techniques

High power devices and techniques

Monolithic devices and circuits

Packaging, interconnects and MCMs

Ferrite and SAW components

Superconducting components and technology

Microwave optical design

Computer aided design and design automation

Instrumentation and measurement techniques

Electromagnetic field theory

Computational Electromagnetic

Microwave and millimetre wave antennas

Smart antennas, phased and active arrays

Scattering and propagation

Microwave remote sensing and sensors

High speed digital circuits






Submilimeter wave techniques


Photonics optics

Wide band gap semiconductor devices

Radar and broad band communication


EBG, PBG, Metamaterials and other novel materials

Signal processing







Antenna measurement

Vehicular Antennas

Smart antennas and arrays

RFID technologies

Paper Submission Authors are invited to submit full paper along with one page abstract. All the papers must be formatted either in MS word or pdf written in English. The authors need to submit paper through e-mail to At least one Author of each paper must be registered for the conference in order for the paper to be included in the proceedings of the conference.

Important Dates Deadline for the submission of the paper:

Nov.19, 2011

Notification of Acceptance:

Nov. 28, 2011

Conference Registration Conference Dates:

Dec.10, 2011 Dec.16-17, 2011

Registration Fee For students


Participant from University/Institute


Participant from Industries/R&D organisation


Contact Address: Prof. P.K.Singhal, Dept. of Electronics, Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior – 474 005, E-mail :