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1. What is the use of the Data Base interface ? 2.

Is ABAP/4 programming language a) Platform Independent b) Platform Dependent c) None of the Above

3. What is default event that gets loaded when a program is executed? a) Start-of-Selection b) Initilization c) Load-of-Program d) At Selection Screen 4. Is Abap/4 programming language, procedural programming ? a) Ture b) False 5. Out of Events Listed below, which is the first event that gets triggered when we execute the program At Selection Screen and At Selection Screen on Field a) At Selection Screen b) At Selection Screen on Field c) None of the Ab ove 6. Write down the output of the following program Initialization. Write Initialization. At Selection Screen. Write At Selection Screen. Start-of-Selection. Write Start-of-Selection. End-of-Selection. Write End-of-Selection . Top-of-Page. Write Top-of-Page End-of-Page. Write End-of-Page. 7. What is the use of the pick command 8.What is the use of the Hide Command. 9. List down the events of the Interactive Reports. 10 What is the statement used to call antother report from one report. Write dow n the syntax for the same 11. What is the sytem field for finding the number of the secondary lists that a re generated? 12.What is the FM used for the Top-of-Page in ALV? 13. What are FM's used for the genrating of the Layout in ALV Programs? 14. What parameter shoud be passed in the FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY in order to save the layout of an ALV Report 15.What is Transaction Code used to upload the Logos inorder to display in ALV R eports

16.What is the used of Chain and End Chan in Module Pool 17. How do we acheive the Vertcial Scroll Bar when we use a Table Control in Mod ule Pool? Write down the Seudo Code for the same 18. What do we mean by a type group in ABAP Dictionary 19 What is th difference between a pooled table and cluster table 20. What are the variou views that are avialable in ABAP/4. 21. Which are views that we can store the entries in ABAP/4. 22. If we have to trnasport the entries of a particular table, what is the optio n that we have to maintain so that the table entries gets stored in the Transpor t Request. 23. How many types of search helps do we have? 24 How many types of Lock Objects we can cteate? 25.What is the use of Fieldcatlagoue in ALV's? 26.What is difference between a check table and Value Table 27. What do you mean foreign key relationship? 28.What is meant by cardanality and what is the cardinality that has to be maint ained while defining a text table. 29.List down the Function Modules in sequence that are used for creating a sessi on 30 What is the table name where the Logs generated get stored in the session met hod? 31 Write down the syntax for the Call Transaction Method 32. What is the case sensitive field in the BDC Structure? 33. What is the standard program used to uplaod the Logos for script? 34 What is the transaction code used to upload the BMP images for the scritps 35. When an image has been uploaded where do the images get stroed. Name the ser ver? 36 What is the standard program used for adding the standard texts into the Tra nsport Text? 37.What is the use of protect and endprotect in scripts 38. If a script created in one client has to be tested in another client of the devlopment server what is the transaction code used for this? 39. What is the syntax used for calling a sub rotuine from the script 40. How do we achieve the protect end protect functionality in Smartforms? 41. Can we create a smartform without a main window?

42. What is transaction code used for creating the Partner Profiles in IDOC's 43. What is the use of message type in IDOC's 44. What is the Transaction code for process Codes 45. What are different type of prots available in IDOCs. 46. What is the difference between synchronous and Asynchronous RFC 47.What is difference between Implicit Enhancement and Explicit Enhancements 48. Difference between Enhacement Spot and Enhacement Point. 49. What is transaction code for the creation of the Buisness Object 50.What is the use of the Transaction code ST05.