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llnal lanLasy 1acLlcs Al 8ulldup Culde by vegeLax7

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8eLurn Lo llnal lanLasy 1acLlcs (S) lACs Culdes

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llnal lanLasy 1acLlcs 8ulldup Culde
8y vegeLax7
noLe 1hls lAC ls Lhe producL of hard work CopyrlghL 2000 by vegeLax7
1able of ConLenLs
ChapLer 1 So you wanL Lo have sLrong people do you?
1 llrsL Lhlngs llrsL!
2 1hen whaL? !obs LhaLs whaL!
3 lm broke man!
4 lormaLlons!
ChapLer 2 Lnemy Al
1 Well whaL ls lL?
2 And why do l need Lo know lL?
3 uoes lL change?
4 ALLack aLLerns
Speclal 1hanks

Well you are probably wonderlng why l am wrlLlng Lhls lAC so laLe afLer Lhe game came
ouL and why lm wrlLlng lL Well for sLarLers l assure you LhaL l know LhaL Lhere are
aL leasL 3 bllllon and half lACS for Lhls game already 1he Lhlng ls none of Lhem are
qulLe llke mlne! lm wrlLlng Lhls due Lo a lack of lnfo on how Lo bulld CharacLers up
l found one lAC on lL unforLunaLely lL was merely a small secLlon and lL Lold you how
Lo 8Lbulld up your characLers uslng Lhe level down/up Lrlck So here lL ls My very
flrsL lAC

CPA1L8 1 So you wanL Lo have sLrong people do you?
1hls chapLer ls on how Lo bulld up characLersspeclflcally generlc ones
1 llrsL Lhlngs llrsL!
Well lm assumlng LhaL you have already compleLed Lhe very flrsL baLLle of Lhe game
and are now on Lhe world map Anyway now you should Lake a look aL your characLers WhaL
do you Lhlnk of Lhe names? Well lf you donL llke Lhem l suggesL you buy yourself a new
Leam! lLs your Leam so you should feel comforLable wlLh Lhem l know l sound a llLLle
sLupld buL you [usL mlghL wanL Lo grow accusLomed Lo your characLers lL wlll help Cn
Lhe oLher hand lf you en[oy Lhe characLers names sklp on ahead Lo secLlon 2 Ch walL
here lL ls
2 1hen whaL? !obs LhaLs whaL!
Well now LhaL you have grown accusLomed Lo your Leam (WhaL? ?oure noL? 8ead secLlon
1 Lhen and donL sklp lL nexL Llme!) lLs Llme Lo plck Lhe besL man/woman for Lhe [ob
now Lhls ls an lmporLanL sLep ?ou should seL a goal so Lo speak for every CharacLer
le you wanL So and So Lo be a Samural or someLhlng llke LhaL 1o help you plck lve
made a charL 1hls charL shows every [ob and Lhe requlremenLs needed for lL noLe LhaL
Lhls charL ls compleLe le lL Lells you exacLly whaL you need for every [ob example
ln order Lo become a Monk you need Lo be a level 2 knlghL Well lnsLead of [usL saylng
Lhe requlremenLs for a Monk l also mlxed Lhem wlLh Lhe ones for a knlghL 1ake a Look

!ob 8equlremenLs

!obs Sq kn Ar Mk 1h Ce La ua Ch r Wl Cr 1M Me Su 8a Sa n[ Ca Ml
knlghL 2
Archer 2
Monk 2 2
1hlef 2 2
Ceomancer 2 2 3
Lancer 2 2 3
uancer 2 2 2 3 3 4 4
rlesL 2
Wlzard 2
Cracle 2 2
1lme Mage 2 2
MedlaLor 2 2 2
Summoner 2 2 2
8ard 2 2 2 2 2 4 4
Samural 2 3 2 4 3 2
nln[a 2 2 3 3 4 2
CalculaLor 2 4 4 3 3
Mlme 8 2 2 3 3 4 4 8 2 2 2 2 4 4

# WhaL level you musL be (klnd of obvlous)
1he dash noL needed for LhaL !ob
Small noLe Cnly Men can be 8ards and only Women can be uancers

Whew! WhaL a paln Lo wrlLe! l dld noL gaLher Lhls lnfo myself buL l dld make Lhe charL
Look ln Lhe Speclal 1hanks secLlon Lo see who l goL lL from Anyway where was l? Ch yes
Choose Lhe rlghL characLer for Lhe [ob! 1hls ls lmporLanL WlLhouL lL youd [usL have
a bunch of squlres! Well lll glve you a few recomendaLlons for early game Lype sLuff
Monks are greaL and are essenLlal Lo Lhe sLraLegles lll Lell you abouL 1hleves are good
Loo Lhanks Lo Cllgame hearL 8uL lll geL more lnLo LhaL ln a mlnuLe lor now choose
your class and choose lL well! Make some long Lerm goals Cr you can go for Lhe gold and
geL a Mlme or someLhlng lL doesnL maLLer lor Lhe momenL Lhough l would learn Lhe
followlng ablllLles

Chakra (Monk unch ArL) Peals P and M of all people ln Lhe sLandard plus radlus
Cllgame PearL (1hlef 8eacLlon) Clves you Cll ln Lhe amounL of damage recelved
AccumulaLe (Squlre CuLs or 8aslc Sklll) Adds 1 Lo aLLack power
roLecL (rlesL WhlLe Maglc) Palves all hyslcal uamage
!up (Squlre ) ups Lhe amounL of ! recelved

Well seperaLe characLers should learn Lhese ablllLles (all excepL for !up whlch all of
Lhem should learn) Chakra Lo cure Cllgame PearL for money (explalned ln deLall ln nexL
secLlon) AccumulaLe for a 8S sklll (one Lo use for !lll explaln laLer) roLecL for
a Mage Lo use (ll you wanL one LhaL lsroLecL always seems Lo glve !) and !up Lo
make Lhe process a llLLle fasLer Cn Lo Lhe nexL secLlon!

3 lm broke man!
So you only have abouL 2000 Cll (lf LhaL rlghL?) and you donL have enough (or
youre [usL greedy) Well Lhls ls why l sald geL Cllgame PearL When l dld Lhls l had
abouL 2000 gll and l goL 6000 from Lhe baLLle When Lhe baLLle was over l had
19000 Cll! 1alk abouL a loL of money ln one baLLle! ln Lhe nexL secLlon youll see
why l goL so much money from Lhls

4 lormaLlons!
CulLe honesLly Lhe reason l wroLe Lhls lAC 1hls ls where l lmparL Lo you secreLs
of galnlng sLuff really fasL (Ckay Lhey arenL secreLs really buL Lhls ls whaL l do)
Well flrsL l go Lo a space LhaL ls preLLy level or has a space llke Lhls LhaL ls all
Lhe same helghL
noL Lhe worlds greaLesL arL (Ckay lL sucks really bad and ls a dlsgrace buL lL geLs Lhe
polnL across) buL lL wlll do Anyway flrsL Lhlng Lake ouL all Lhe enemles excepL for
one Well weaken Lhls guy Llll he has _baslcally_ noLhlng lefL Pell sLarL Lo run (buL
noL for long check ouL chapLer 2) and Lhls ls when you sLarL Lhe process lease noLe
LhaL Lhere are MAn? ways Lo do Lhls buL l llke Lhls way Lhe besL oslLlon Lhe Chakra
characLer ln Lhe mlddle so LhaL Chakra wlll hlL everyone lace Lhe oLher characLers
anywhere else lL doesnL maLLer ([usL as long as Lhey are around hlm/her) Pave Lhe maglc
user casL proLecL every Lurn so LhaL he/she geLs ! every Lurn and so LhaL Lhe parLy
wlll noL geL as hurL from aLLacks Where Lo casL lL? Where else? Cn Lhe Chakra
characLer of course lLs a good ldea Lo have one person aLLack 1he Chakra characLer
every Lurn so Lhey galn ! lf 1CC (1he Chakra CharacLer) has Cllgame PearL so much
Lhe beLLer lf noL poslLlon one person nexL Lo LhaL person and aLLack away (lLs a good
ldea Lo have Lhe Cllgame hearL person be an aLLacker noL a mage so LhaL Lhey can Lake
Lhe hlLs and noL dle) now Lhe lasL characLer should be uslng accumulaLe every slngle
Lurn lease noLe LhaL lL ls a really bad ldea Lo have any counLeraLLack moves on 1hls
could klll you Also leLs noL forgeL abouL Lhe monsLer! Pe could be a blL of a paln
really Make sure LhaL all youre characLers arenL crlLlcal afLer every Lurn Also make
sure LhaL Lhe Chakra heals Lhem all Lhe way! ?ou wlll dle evenLually lf lL doesnL

CPA1L8 2 Lnemy Al
1hls parL ls as of now really lncompleLe lm golng Lo spend a LC1 of Llme sLudylng
lL buL slnce l canL rlghL now youll have Lo make do wlLh whaL lve goL
1 Well whaL ls lL?
Cood quesLlon! ln case you dldnL know Al sLands for ArLlflclal lnLelllgence noL
much else Lo puL here excepL maybe Lo say LhaL lLs Lhe braln of Lhe enemy Also
lLs one of Lhe besL lve ever seen
2 And why do l need Lo know lL?
Well lll Lell you why uoesnL a Chess player sLudy hls opponenL? Would you walk
lnLo a baLLle wlLhouL knowlng who or whaL your opponenL ls? SomeLlmes yes you have Lo
buL noL ln 1acLlcs! When l flnlsh Lhls secLlon anyway Who knows? 1hls may help you
a greaL deal or noL
3 uoes lL change?
Well lm noL enLlrely sure on Lhls ?esLerday l goL whooped really bad by some
monsLers 1hey used a dlfferenL LacLlc lL changes yes obvlously 8uL whaL l really
mean ln Lhls secLlon ls does lL change as you level up and geL new !obs? 8lghL now lm
sLudylng lL buL l Lhlnk lL [usL mlghL uonL quoLe me on LhaL lL mlghL change
dependlng on specles Loo buL once agaln donL quoLe me
4 ALLack aLLerns
l have Lo honesLly say l have very llLLle lnfo on Lhls aL Lhe momenL l can Lell you
a crlLlcal monsLers behavlor buL LhaLs lL

Puman? none
ALLack none
uefense none
Cenerlc? Lnemy MonsLer wlll run aL flrsL AfLer a few Lurns wlll come back and
flghL AfLer Lhls wlll sLarL paLLern PlL run 8un hlL ?ou geL Lhe polnL

l would llke Lo Lhank Lhe followlng people for helplng me wrlLe Lhls noL very many
buL Lhanks ls lssued

Lrlk 1llLon for glvlng me Lhe ldea Lo wrlLe a parL abouL enemy Al LxpecL more laLer!
8ubbawheaL for Lhe lnfo on !obs l made LhaL Lable however
And of course whoever happens Lo be readlng Lhls lorglve any errors l have made


llnal lanLasy 1acLlcs Al 8ulldup Culde by vegeLax7
LasL updaLed 20000223 vlew/uownload Crlglnal llle
PosLed by CamelACs
8eLurn Lo llnal lanLasy 1acLlcs (S) lACs Culdes