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Lesson Planning Waynesburg University Writing the lesson plan: Translating thoughts into a plan of action _____________________________________________

Pennsylvania Academic Standard(s) addressed during this lesson: (Provide Standard number and statement)

8.1.6.B: Differentiate between fact and opinion, multiple points of view, and primary and secondary sources to explain historical events. 8.1.8.A: Compare and contrast events over time and how continuity and change over time influenced those events. 8.4.8.B: Illustrate how historical documents, artifacts, and sites are critical to world history.
Lesson Objective(s) (Stated in observable and measurable terms) Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the Battle of Gettysburg by producing a Microsoft Photo-story that reflects the events that occurred in an accurate presentation of what actually happened. Assessment Plan (What will be done to determine if lesson objectives have been met?) The students will be determined to be successful if they are able to produce a photo-story that includes at least six slides, background music, and voice narration. The teacher will also assess the students on the degree of historical accuracy and pertinence to the topic. Materials: History text Computer with the following software and abilities: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. internet access Microsoft Photo-story Microphone speakers monitor computer with projector for project presentation

Inclusion Techniques for Students with Special Needs: Students with special needs will be provided a regular education peer tutor that will assist them in completing their assignment responsibilities. Enrichment Techniques: Students will be allowed to view the movie Gettysburg, in its entirety if they complete the assignment early or wish to further explore the topic. Lesson Differentiation (What modifications/accommodations will be made to ensure that ALL students have access to and are able to participate in the lesson): Students who do not possess the basic computer skills necessary to complete this assignment will be allowed research the topic of the Battle of Gettysburg and then create a poster outlining its sequence of events using poster board and markers instead of the photo-story project.

Lesson Presentation
Introduction/Motivational Activities/Anticipatory Set: I will show demonstrate to the class my own Photo-story about my hobby. I will then ask some basic questions about this presentation. I will then ask the students to think of ways that this type of program could be used in class to demonstrate what they have learned. After allowing several students to answer, I will then give a brief overview of the lesson that we will be completing. Detailed Teaching Sequence: (Provide sufficient detail that would enable a substitute to effectively present this lesson. Bulleted statements are preferred) I will begin this lesson by reviewing the objectives of the lesson and distributing a copy of the lesson rubric to each student. Using a sample Photo-story of my own, I will demonstrate what an A project will look like. I will stress that the photo-story should be accurate and be made with the intent of showing it to an audience that has no prior knowledge of the battle and its events

I will continue by demonstrating to the class how to use Google images to view and then select at least 5 pictures that detail the Battle of Gettysburg. I will also show the students how to save their selected images for later use. I will then demonstrate to the students how to open Microsoft Photo-story and the process of uploading their pictures to the program. I will then show the students how to move the images into the order in which they want them to appear in the photo-story. I will then show the students how to operate the microphone and use it to make their narration in photo-story. I will then demonstrate to the students how they will use the music maker in photo-story to attach back ground music to their photo-story. I will then demonstrate how to access the You-tube tutorial if they need help using photo-story. Students will then be divided into teacher selected groups of two students and allowed to begin work on the project.

Guided Practice/Independent Practice/Assessment Activities The students will be allowed to complete their photo-story during several class periods. The teacher will circulate around the classroom and assist students as needed or guide them to the You-tube video for directions. The teacher will be assessing if the students content is accurate and that their photo-story is working correctly. Closure: Students will be given 5 minutes to present their lessons to the entire class using the projector. Students will be able to not only receive input from others regarding their own photo-story through their presentation, but by seeing the finished products from several other groups, will get ideas that they will be able to use in their own later projects that utilize digital media.