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National Institute of Technology, Raipur

Formerly Government Engineering College, Raipur



From the Director’s Desk

Welcome Note
The Mission
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From the Director’s Desk

Engineering is concerned with

problems whose solution is
needed and/or desired by society.
Engineering education, therefore,
requires to include much more
information today than what it
needed past.The code of ethics
for engineers states that
"Engineers shall hold paramount
safety, health, and welfare of the public in the performance of
their profession". Engineering and technology have major effects
on the everyday life of citizen. It is clear that more involvement of
technology means more demands for innovation and design of
technical systems of unprecedented complexity. All technologies
generate side effects; designers of technological delivery systems
are challenged to prevent adverse consequences.
NIT RAIPUR , on account of its regular and
meticulous conduct of examination, academic atmosphere and
above all qualified , motivated and committed faculty members
ensures the all-round development of such professionals
emerging from this institute. A large number of students of NIT
RAIPUR have found their rightful places in reputed companies
and organizations within our country and abroad. I am confident
that a visit to our campus will be mutually beneficial and you can
be assured that NIT ‘ ians will be an asset to your organization.
I invite you to organize the
Campus Recruitment Programme in our institute and access the
caliber of our aspiring engineers .
Welcome Note
It's my privilege to invite you to National Institute of
Technology, Raipur formerly known Engineering College,
Raipur for campus recruitment of our students.
National Institute of Technology, Raipur has a track record
of outstanding performances of its pass-outs in different
spheres. In a world where technology is changing very
fast, it is indeed a challenging task to cater to the needs
of industry for proficient manpower. I am privileged to say
that we have been meeting this challenge successfully.
Ubiquitous students of our institute, selected through a
rigorous process, are amongst the best of the technical
talent available. They are guided and trained by a highly
qualified and experienced faculty, through a constantly
updated curriculum to meet the fast changing needs of
technology. Our laboratories are well equipped with
modern, sophisticated instruments and machinery. The
ex-students of this more than-four-decades-old institution
are occupying key positions in many private and public
sector undertakings in India and abroad and have brought
laurels to the college. As I understand some of our alumni
might be in the elite management cadre of your renowned
company as well.
It is with this background that we are extending an
invitation to hold Campus Recruitment of final year
students, who shall be passing out in May 2008.We would
be glad to provide you with any further information and
assistance in this regard.

Prof. Samir
TPO , NIT Raipur.
The first President of Independent India Honorable Dr. Rajendra
Prasad laid the Foundation stone of the college building on 14th
September 1956.The construction work was completed in 1962
and inauguration was on 14th March 1963 by India's
first Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

After independence and with reorganization of the state of

Pradesh, the government’s attention was directed towards
giving priority to overall development of technical education. Till
as late as 1956 there were only three technical institutes in the
country offering courses in the important fields of Mining and
Metallurgical Engineering. In view of this fact and also with an
aim of harnessing the ample mineral resources of the region,
this institute was set-up on 1st May 1956 as Government
College of Mining and Metallurgy.
The first session of the college commenced from 1st July 1956
with the admission of 15 students each in Mining and
Metallurgical Engineering. In
1958-59 with the commencement of additional courses in Civil,
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering the college came to be
known as Government College of Engineering and Technology.
Later graduate courses in Chemical Engineering (1965),
Architecture (1984), Electronics (1985), Information
Technology(2000), Computer Science and Engineering (2000),
Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering (2003) were also
The Mission

The institute strives to become a centre of

excellence in all aspects of engineering education,
by delivering various academic programmes in a
dynamic learning environment, by increasing its
linkages with industry and community, keeping in
view the goal of responding to the changing
regional, national and global needs of society.
The institute believes in participatory management
with committed leadership, transparency,
efficiency, accountability, creativity, high ethical
and moral values and standards.

The institute also focuses on :

• Recruitment and development of qualified

• Personality development, development of
human values.
• Development of women & weaker sections of
• Community development programs.
• Entrepreneurship development programs.
• Environmental development.

The college has a well - organized, magnificent building
symbolizing the grandeur of the college. This huge
building alone covers a total area of 62060 sq.m. It is a
triple storied planned structure with 35 lecture halls
extending over an area of 6675 sq.m & 13 drawing

halls/studios extending over an area of 3510 sq.m. about

85 labs over an area of 11510 sq.m. The other amenities
comprise of a canteen, cycle stand, N.C.C, N.S.S
department, sports complex, a student activity centre co-
operative store, and dispensary. The building is being
further extended for the architecture and electronics
departments with the construction cost of about Rs. 40

Boys - 5 nos. - each having capacity of100.
Girls - (UG) -1 no. having capacity of 100.
- (PG) -1no. having capacity of 40.
Another Girls hostel having capacity for 200 girls is
under construction.

Campus facilities
o Internet ( High Speed Broadband connectivity )
o Telephone PABX 100 lines
o Canteen
o Dispensary
o Auditorium
o Play Grounds
o N.C.C. , N.S.S.
o Branch of State Bank of India
o Sports Complex


Main library
o 620 sq.m. floor area
o Over 49100Books
o SC/ST (Book Bank) over 28900 books
o 120 Technical Scientific Journals
o Social Welfare and Student Aid Fund Book Banks
o Reprographic Facility
o Reference Section

Arch. Library
o Over 3140 Books
o 09 Technical
o Reprographic Facilities
o Reference Section



This project is an initiative by Chips agency of the state of

Chhatisgarh . The State has signed a comprehensive MoU
with IIT Kanpur for IT visioning of the State. IIT Kanpur is
committed to deliver courses from IIT Kanpur to the
students of the National Institute of Technology, Raipur and
the Government Engineering College, Bilaspur (full course-
30/35 hours) and also deliver some short term courses for
the faculty from the state of Chattisgarh.
The classroom has the setup for :

• Live delivery of lecture from the E-Classroom to remote

• Two way Interaction
• Archiving of lectures for future playback

The E-Classroom has three wall-mounted cameras with

remote control, mixer/switcher and a video distributor. The
audio processor can take input from four microphones. The
room is acoustically treated for such an activity. The
software set used for the live lecture session has the
capability of switching to only video / video & slide mode
for transmission to the remote site. Board capture can also
be transmitted to the remote site. The archived lectures
can be played back using the streaming server. Two
persons can easily manage a live session.

The Spectrum of Programmes

The institute has been successful in keeping itself up to the
standards by surpassing the expectation in producing
engineers of international class and caliber. The institute is
presently affiliated to Vivekanand Technical University
Raipur and confirms to the norms and standards laid down
by the AICTE . .

1. Under Graduate Programmes (B.E / B.Tech)

This four year degree programme
in various disciplines is divided into
eight semesters. At the end of each
semester the university conducts
an examination. The last semester
has a project programme, it also
includes industrial training
sponsored by the college, and
students also have to participate in
various seminars in the college.
Admission Process For BE/B.Arch. : For these courses the
candidate should have passed a schooling of twelve years
under 10+2 system or have an equivalent qualification
(diploma). He should be a bonafied resident of the state or
nominated student of other states. He has to qualify in the
AIEEE conducted by CBSE, New Delhi.

The Spectrum of Programmes

2. Under Graduate Programmes ( B..Arch)

This five year degree course is
divided into ten semesters. At the
end of each of the first eight
semesters university examination
is conducted, the last two
semesters are for extensive
research and project work leading
to the submission of thesis prior to
the completion of course.
3. Post Graduate Programmes (M.E.
This is a two-year-duration
course . The candidate should be
graduate in the field of science
or engineering and should fulfill
the eligibility requirement as
required by the respective
disciplines. He should have a
valid GATE score and should
obtain a place by merit in the
respective course.

4. Master of Computer Application (M.C.A)

This is a three year post graduate
course containing six semesters. The
candidate should be a graduate of
science and should secure a position
is merit list of All India M. C. A.
Common Entrance Test conducted
by the MHRD GOI.
5. Research and Consultancy
Research and consultancy comprises of a study of the
problem situations and thereby provides a context to
the theoretical inputs of the Institute’s programmes.
The institute has a separate research department which
takes care of all these initiatives.

The Spectrum of Programmes

Under graduate programmes

S.No Programme Intake
1. Metallurgical Engineering 60 1956
2. Mining Engineering 60 1956
3. Civil Engineering 60 1958
4. Mechanical Engineering 60 1958
5. Electrical Engineering 60 1958
6. Chemical Engineering 60 1965
7. Architecture 40 1984
Electronics & Telecom
8. 60 1985
Computer Science &
9. 60 2000
10. Information Technology 60 2000
11. Bio Medical Engineering 40 2003
12. Biotechnology 40 2003

Post graduate programmes

Intak Commence
S.No Programme Duration
e d
1. M.Tech in Applied Geology 3 years 10 1960
Master of Computer
2. 3 years 60 1988
M.E. (Civil) in Water
3. Resources and Irrigation 13 1986
M.E. (Mechanical) in Energy4
4. 13 1991
System and Pollution Semesters
M.E. (Chemical) in 4
5. 13 1995
Chemical Process Design Semesters
M.Tech. (Electrical) in 4
6. 18 2000
Computer Engineering semesters

In addition to the above Programmes, the institute also offers Part

time Degree Course in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to the
professional diploma engineers working in the industries

Department of Electrical Engineering

• Basic Electrical
• Electronics
• Electrical Circuit
• Electrical Workshop
• Basic Electrical Machines
• Electrical Measurement &
• Electrical Machines
• Digital Electronics
• Computer Lab
• Microprocessor
• Power System Analysis
• High Voltage
• Power System Protection
Research Programmes
• Signal Processing & Accounting
• Digital Image Processing
• Computer Application to power system
• Application of Artificial Intelligence to Po we r System
• Control System

Consultancy & Testing

The Department offers consultancy in design of heavy
electrical equipments, Power System Design, High Voltage
Engineering, Power Electronics & Testing in related areas.
Department of Electronics and
Telecommunication Engineering [1985]
• Electronics Devices and Electronics Workshop
• Instrumentation
• Microwave and Optical Communication
• Computer Programming
• Digital Signal Processing
• Microprocessor
• Electronics and Tele
• Digital Electronics
• Analog Electronics
Consultancy & Testing

 Electronics & Computer testing for Department of C.G.

State Government (Nodal Agency).

 Design and Development of statewide Counseling

program for admission to 1st year B.E.
 Design and Implementation of software for automation
of examination section & students section of the

Department's Digital Signal Processing tab is one of best
equipped lab in the state.
Department of Chemical Engineering

• Waste water treatment
• Mass Transfers
• Heat Transfer
• Fluid Mechanics
• Reaction
• Chemical Technology
• Fuel Technology
• Computer Centre
• Environmental Laboratory
• Instrumentation & Process Control
• Simulation & Modeling

Research Programmes
• Waste water treatment
• Modeling Simulation
• Mass Transfer
• Reaction Engineering
• Bio-Chemical Engineering

Consultancy and Testing

• In the field of Coal Chemicals
• Water Quality
• Waste water
• Problems related to industrial processes.
Department of Mining Engineering


• Rock Mechanics Laboratory

• Simulation Laboratory
• Mine Environment Laboratory
• Method of Working Laboratory
• Mine Surveying Laboratory
• Mineral Dressing Laboratory
• Blasting Engineering Laboratory
• Mining Machinery Laboratory
All the laboratories are modernized and
full-fledged with modern sophisticated instruments
and working models. The students are given
reasonable exposure to the practice of mining
engineering .Some of ultra-modern instruments of
the laboratories are computerized UTM,
( Minimates and Minimates Plus with near field
vibration monitoring facilities),VOD-Mate and
Handitrap for continuous down-the hole VOD
measurement and fragmentation analysis
Research Programmes

• Rock Excavation
• Geo-Technical Engineering
• Rock Mechanics
• Explosive Performance
• Rock Fragmentation
• Mine Support Design
Department of Mining Engineering

Some of the ongoing research in the Departments

 An Investigation Into Some Of The Factors

Influencing The Detonation Velocity Of
Chemically Sensitized Bulk Emulsion Explosives.
 A study on the effects of composition parameters
of sandstone rock on strength properties.
 Development of software like "ANAFRAG", "DESBOLT" and

Consultancy and Testing

 Blasting & associated problems.

 Rock Mechanics
 Geotechnical Engineering
 Explosive Performance

The Department has offered testing and

consultancy services to many valued clients

 Coal India Limited

 Steel Authority of India Limited
 National Thermal Power Corporation
 Monet Ispat Limited
 Italian-Thai Development Public Company
Limited, Thailand
 Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board
 I.B.P. Company Limited
Department of Metallurgical Engineering

• Physical Metallurgy Laboratory, having micro-
photography facilities
• Electro Metallurgy Lab
• Foundry Engineering Lab
• Heat Treatment Lab, Having facilities for melting also
• Fuel Technology Lab
• Material Science Lab
• Non – Destructive Testing Lab
• Sophisticated instrumentation Lab
• Industrial Metallurgy Lab
Consultancy and Testing
• Consultancy And Testing
• The Following tests are conducted in the department
• Metallography of Metals and alloys
• Heat – treatment and other metallurgical processing
• Glass content determination in fibre plastics
• Determination of thickness of anodized and other
surface treated metals
• A certificate course is offered by the department
under National Institute of Technology Raipur.

Department of Civil Engineering

• Geotech Engineering
• Transportation
• Structural Engineering
• Concrete Technology
• Environmental
• Hydraulics
• Computer Centre
• Survey Laboratory

Research Programmes
• Air Pollution monitoring, Industrial Pollution Control
• Health monitoring of structure
• Water shed management
• Seismic Hazard Analysis of Seikasar Dam
• Seismic Hazard analysis of Hasdeo Bango Dam
• Seismic Hazard analysis of Murrurn Silly Dam

Consultancy and Testing

Consultancy includes design and checking of design of all
type of civil engineering structures, designs of water and
wastewater treatment plants. Our clients include P.W.D. (Bride
Cons.), P.W.D. (Building & Road), PHE for sump well & O.H.
Tank - P.W.D. (irrigation), Raipur Development Authority,
Raipur Corporation and various private industries. The
testing work is done for almost all Civil Engineering
The department is ‘State Technical Agency’ for Prime
Minister Gram Sadak Yojna. (PMGSY)
Department of Mechanical Engineering

• Strength of Materials
• Automobile Engineering
• Heat & Mass Transfer
• Energy Conversion
• Thermodynamics
• Refrigeration & Air
• Cryogenics
• Dynamics of Machines
• Computer
• Metrology
• Turbo M/C
• IC Engines
• Engineering Mechanics
• Workshop
Research Programmes
• Department is offering Research (Ph.D.) program in
the area of Mechanical Design, Industrial Engineering &
Management and Thermal Engineering.
Consultancy and Testing
Department is offering testing of steel rods,
measurement of mechanical properties of
materials including ultimate strength,
percentage elongation, Hardness etc.
Department is also offering consultancy services for
inspection of mechanical items, furniture's etc.
Department has recently received a grant of Rs. 27 Lacs
under DST-FIST project for the improvement of lab facilities.
Department of Computer Science &
Engineering [2000]

• Advanced Computer
• Computer Programming
• Data Base Management
• Electronics and Tele
• Digital Electronics*
• Advanced Microprocessor*
• Operating Systems (Unix/Linux)
• Graphics, Image & Multimedia
* Shared with ET&T dept.

Consultancy and Testing

• Computer testing for Department of C.G. State
Government ( Nodal Agency )

• Good placement of students
• Consultancy in software development and testing.

Department of Information Technology

• Computer Networking
• Computer Programming
• Data Base Management
• Electronics and Tele
• Operating Systems
• Graphics, Image & Multimedia

Consultancy and Testing

 Computer testing for Department of C.G. State
Government (Nodal Agency)
 Design and Development of statewide Counseling
program for admission to 1st year B.E.
 Design and Implementation of software for
automation of examination section & students
section of the institute.
• Department's computer networking lab is one
of best equipped lab in the state with trainers
for LAN, WAN, ATM and ISDN.

Department of Bio-Technology &

Bio-Medical Engineering [2003]
• Microbiology
• Bio-Chemistry
• Computer Centre
• Bio-informatics centre
• Bio-Chemical
• Cell & Mot. Biology

Department of Architecture [1984]

• Climatology
• Model Making Workshop
• Building Material
• Computer
• Architecture
Consultancy and Testing
Architectural consultancy is being given to various
organization viz

• C .G. PWD
• C.G. Tourism Board
• Chhattisgarh Council of science and Technology
• Madhyamic Shiksha Mandal Chhattisgarh
• Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University
• Nagar Nigam Raipur
Students from the department get admissions in N.I.D-
Ahmedabad, S.P.A-New Delhi, CEPT and other
prestigious institution to pursue Masters Degree
Program every year.

Department of Applied physics

• General Lab
• Laser and Fiber optics Lab
• Research Lab

Research Programmes
• Dielectric Constant measurement of solid material
• Hysteresis loop parameter measurement of ferro-
electrics material
• X-ray measurement & Raman Spectra measurement
of ferro-electrics material.
• Single Crystal Growth
• Sample Preparation in ceramic form

Consultancy and Testing

• Light diffusion and Transparency Test
• Thermal conductivity of materials
• Dimension measurements of very thin objects
• Calibration testing of vernier calipers, micrometers
• Different parameter measurement of bad conductors
like Heat Resistance, Thermal Conductivity, and Density.
• Accuracy measurement of Kelvin's Double Bridge.
• Seven persons have done their Ph.D. from Research
Lab of Physics Department

Department of Applied Chemistry

Undergraduate Laboratory - For I & II Sem. Students
Postgraduate Laboratory - For M.Tech. Geology II Sem.
- III Sem. Chemical
Engineering Branch
- III Sem. Metallurgical
Engineering Branch
- Project of All branches
Research Laboratory
Research work is being
carried out since 1975. More
than 10 candidates who are
working in the Nationa.
Laboratory has received
Ph.D. degree from this

Consultancy and
• Cement / Mortar / Concrete analysis
• Plater Analysis
• Oil Analysis
• Alloy Analysis
• Merit Awards for Research Papers
(i ) CSIR Fellowship -
(ii) Department of Atomic Energy - 1982 & 1985
(iii) Indian Chemical Society - 1985

Department of Applied Geology

• Optical Lab
• Geological Museum
• Computer/ Remote Sensing/GIS Lab
• Rock/Ore Cutting & Polishing Lab
• Field- Geology Lab
• Hydro-Geology Lab
Research Programmes
The Dept. of Applied Geology is a recognized
study center for carrying out doctoral research
work under the faculty of Engineering and
Technology. At present research is being pursued on
following thrust areas of Earth Sciences:

Geochemistry And Thermo-Barometry

Geochemistry And Petrogenesis
 Mineral
Resource Management (MRM) Using Remote Sensing
 Aspects of
Selected Industrial Minerals in Parts of Bastar Craton

Petrological And Geochemical Investigation

Consultancy and Testing

 Groundwater Targeting using DDR-II and Terrameter
 Ground water Management using CPT Air Compressor
 Site Suitability and Geotechnical Investigation
 Resistivity Survey
 Digital Image Processing (Remote Sensing) and GIS
Applications for Mineral Exploration
 Petrographic Studies & Suitability of Aggregates

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on "Coal bed Methane: Prospects
& Potentialities", NATIONAL WORKSHOP on "Computer
Application in Mineral Exploration, Mining and Water.
Resource Management".

Department of Computer Applications

[M.C.A.] [1988]

Two computer labs fully equipped with latest
software. Viz., Linux, Windows 95, 98, 2000, 2000
Server, Oracle Si, Personal Oracle, NET, Visual C++,
Visual Basic etc.

Consultancy and Testing

The department is having consultancy and testing
in the field of Computers and I.T.

It is proposed to have Professional Certification from

Oracle, Microsoft, Sun & CISCO etc. to benefit the
students along with regular degree of MCA.
The Students Bodies

The Institute has formed a central group of students who

take care of Extracurricular activities in campus and also
responsible for the coordination with other institutes and

Various Departments have also formed groups of students

to coordinate and organize departmental activities. Head
of each department committee are also member of the
Central committee.

The Institute also promotes and motivates students for

group and leadership activity. Other group working in
institute for over all development of students are

Our Institute believe on the Universal Value based

Education, Association for Youth for Universal
System and Harmony was formed with Abhyuday
Sansthan, Achhoti coordinating the work of Ayush in
collaboration with Directorate of Technical Education
National Institute of Technology Raipur chhattisgarh. &
Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology under
the guidance of NRCVEE IIT Delhi.

Other Institutions are :



Alumni Association of GECNITians.

Beyond The Academics

Club Activities

The campus bustles with the activities of student clubs

like JESID & ROTARACT which are actively involved in
organizing various extracurricular activities like G.K.
contest, quiz contest, Pre M.B.A. Test, Debate Competition,
Personality Development Competitions, Musical Events,
Dance & Singing competitions for social causes such as
for the help of school for Blind Girls etc.

Various National and International seminars are conducted
by the institute at regular intervals. Currently conducted
seminars in the previous years are -
1. National Conference on "Industry Institute Interaction"
2. National Conference on "Future Trends in Engineering &
Technical Education"
3. "Fourth State Level Convention of ISTE"
4.A Symposium on Vision 2020
“Technical Education in Chhattisgarh Planning Ahead”
5.FBR Technology in India Technical Talk
by Dr.Baldev Raj, Director Indira Gandhi Atomic Research
Centre Kalapakkam (Tamilnadu)

Beyond The Academics


Books, research papers and articles of faculty of the

institute are published in various technical journals.
Students show their technical acumen in
"TECHNOEXPRESS" and creative ability and talent in the
student’s magazine SHILPI".

Institution Membership

The college hosts Local Chapter of Indian Society for

Technical Education, Local Chapter of Institution of
Engineers (India), Local Chapter of Indian Institute of
Chemical Engineers, and International head quarters of
South Asian Association of Economic Geologist.

Social Welfare

Student take part in various social activities like blood

donation, pulse polio operation etc. through various
students clubs and the NCC and NSS.

Alumni Meet

Each year alumni meet function are arranged by institute

and alumni are invited to deliver lectures and share their
experiences with students, currently “Manthan” series is
on the track.
Beyond The Academics

Universal Values in Technical Education

Our Institute believe on the Universal Value based
Education, Association for Youth for Universal System
and Harmony was formed with Abhyuday Sansthan
Achhoti coordinating the work of Ayush in
collaboration with Directorate of Technical Education
National Institute of Technology Raipur Chhattisgarh
& Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology
under the guidance of NRCVEE IIT Delhi.
Objectives of These Efforts :
• To develop over all excellence in students so that
they acquire an all round personality imbibe values
• And ethics to lead a quality life as a person and as a
professional engineer.
• Integration of education in Human Values in the
main stream curricula.
• To make effort for the development of resource
material for value education.
• To undertake research projects in the area of
alternative technology and sustainable
development involving faculty members, students
and community.
• To make efforts for improving general proficiency of
engineering students through classes, filed
exercises, trainings, and interaction with experts in
this area.
• Preparing engineering students to live a happy and
prosperous life with meaningful participation in
society through expertise in right technology.
Presidents Interaction with Our Institute

Evolution of Enlightened Society

I am indeed delighted to participate in the interaction meet

with the students of National Institute of Technology. I greet
the students, and congratulate the Faculty and staff of NIT,
for shaping the young minds. I always cherish interaction
with the students and Faculty members. Since I am in the
midst of students who have undergone value education
organized in collaboration with “Abhyudaya Sansthan,
Achhoti”, I would like to talk on the topic “Evolution of
Enlightened Society”.

I would like to put forth to this intellectual gathering, an

action oriented solution for evolving a happy, prosperous
and peaceful society in our planet, which I call as
‘Enlightened Society’. How do we create such an
enlightened society, which has three components,

(a) Education with value system

(b) Religion transforming into spirituality and

(c) Economic development for societal transformation?

“Thinking provides knowledge; knowledge makes you great “

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Partial List of Recent Recruiters

Year Recruiters
2006 Te lc on
2006 I -Ga te
2006 Sa t ya m
2006 Es sa r Ltd
2006 Ar e va T&D
2006 G ujr a t Gl a ss
2006 Ca rr i e r For um
2006 La fa r ge Cem e nt
2006 Hos pe t S te el Ltd
2006 Ma r uti Ma ha ud yog
2006 Li o yd S tee l P vt. L td
2006 Ve da nta G r oup(HZL)
2006 Ve da nta G r oup(B ALCO )
2006 Pa tni Com pute r s S ys te m Ltd
2006 Cogni za nt Te c hnol og y S ol uti on
2006 Ta ta Cons ul ta nc y S e r vi c e P vt. Ltd
2006 Na ti ona l Mi ne ra l De ve l opm e nt Cor por a ti on Ltd
2005 BILT
2005 G odre j
2005 Bal c o Kor ba
2005 Ca rr i e r For um
2005 Am b huja Ce m e nt
2005 M/s I s pa t I ndus ti re s
2005 Ji nda l s tee l & P ow er Pl a nt
2005 H ygr a de Pa el ls ts I ndia P vt. Lt d.
2005 Cogni za nt Te c hnol og y S ol uti on
2005 Al l i e a nc e Inte gr a te d Me ta l i ks Ltd
2004 VS NL
2004 Es sa r gr oup s
2004 L&T I nfote c h
2004 Bal c o Kor ba
2004 H y G r a de Pe l le ts
2004 Ja ya sw al Ne c o Ltd.
2004 Bha ra t ya ntr a Ni ga m
Placement Procedure

1. The Training & Placement Office of the Institute has

the responsibility of facilitating the Campus Recruitment
Programmes for all disciplines .

2 The Placement Office initiates and nurtures contacts

with leading organizations for campus visits and is
functional throughout the year.
It endeavors to match the aspirations of the students with
the needs of the Industry. It also assists the students for
Summer/Winter Industrial training.
3. Invitations are sent to the Companies by the Placement
Cell. Companies may also register with us through the
placement form enclosed/attached along with the placement

4. Once the intimation is received from the companies

they are displayed on the T&P notice board so that the
interested students may submit their names to the
Placement Cell.

6. After confirmation the office arranges a Pre-Placement

Talk. The auditorium, seminar halls and Interview cubicles,
equipped with audio-visual aids provide the ideal venue
for campus selection activities like Presentations, Written
Test, Group Discussion and Interviews.

7. The company conducts its selection process and

shortlists students for the interview.

8. The results are announced on the same day.

9. The Placement Office ensures and takes care to provide

the best arrangement and hospitality for officials of the
visiting companies.

Response Format
Dear Sir ,
We are interested in recruiting students from your campus into our organization
Name of the organization:
Contact person: Designation:

Tel. No.: Mobile:

Fax No.:
E-mail: Webpages:
Details of position(s) for recruitment:
Designation of the post:
Essential qualification /specializations
Metallurgical Engineering 
Mining Engineering 
Civil Engineering 
Mechanical Engineering 
Electrical Engineering 
Chemical Engineering 
Architecture 
Electronics & Telecom Engineering 
Information Technology 
Computer Science & Engineering 
Bio Medical Engineering 
Biotechnology 
M.Tech in Applied Geology 

Master of Computer Application 

M.E. (Civil) in Water Resources and Irrigation Engg. 

M.E. (Mechanical) in Energy System and Pollution 

M.E. (Chemical) in Chemical Process Design 

M.Tech. (Electrical) in Computer Engineering 

Preferred Background ,if any, of project work or Course work:

Preferred Dates:
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(vi ) Examination Rooms 
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How to Reach Us

By Air
Origin Destination Flight Days Dep. Arriv
No. al
Raipur Bhubaneshwar IC-169 Daily 12.35 13.35
Raipur Chennai CD-7477 1,3,5,7 12.10 14.35
Raipur Delhi CD-7478 1,3,5,7 12.55 14.35
Raipur Delhi IC-0869 2,4,6 08.05 10.45
Raipur Mumbai IC-169 Daily 12.35 16.15
Raipur Nagpur IC-0869 2,4,6 08.05 08.45
Raipur Vishakhapatna CD-7477 1,3,5,7 12.10 14.35

Chennai Raipur CD-7478 1,3,5,7 10.00 12.25

Delhi Raipur CD-7477 1,3,5,7 10.00 11.40
Delhi Raipur IC-0869 2,4,6 05.50 07.30
Mumbai Raipur IC-169 Daily 10.25 11.55
Vishakhapatna Raipur CD-7478 1,3,5,7 11.35 12.25
Note: 1-Monday, 2-Tuesday, 3-Wednesday, 4-Thursday, 5-Friday, 6-Saturday,
Origin Destination Flight Days Dep. Arriv
No. al
Raipur Delhi 9W736 Daily 20.30 22.10
Raipur Mumbai 9W378 Daily 12.05 13.45
Delhi Raipur 9W735 Daily 18.15 19.55
Mumbai Raipur 9W377 Daily 09.50 11.30

How to Reach Us

Origin Destination Flight Days Dep. Arriv

No. al
Raipur Delhi DN-736 Daily 09.55 11.35
Raipur Mumbai DN-708 Daily 09.45 11.15
Raipur Kolkata DN-574 Daily 09.00 11.40
Raipur Ranchi DN-574 Daily 09.00 10.15

Delhi Raipur DN-735 Daily 07.45 09.25

Mumbai Raipur DN-707 Daily 07.45 09.15
Kolkata Raipur DN-573 Daily 06.05 08.40
Ranchi Raipur DN-573 Daily 07.25 08.40
Bhubaneshwar Raipur DN-736 Daily 10.00 11.00


Being a modern and developing city, Raipur offers

good accommodation packages for a comfortable stay.
We would arrange for bookings, pick-ups and drops
between the airport, hotel and institute campus.

Hotel Piccadilly Phone: 0771-2323002

Location : 3 kms from our institute

Hotel Celebration Phone: 0771-5092990/ 91, 2528006

Location : 7 kms from our institute

Hotel Babylon Phone: 0771-4093101

Location : 12 kms from our institute

Hotel Mayura Phone: 0771-2536001, 5030539 / 40

Location : 5 kms from our institute



Chhattisgarh at a Glance


Radha Krishn

Important Phone Numbers

Director's Office: (0771) 2254 200, Fax: (0771)22 54 600

Residence: (0771) 22 55721

Central Placement Conveners :

Name Mobile No. Email id

Sameer 932949482 sameer.rajimwale@nitr
Rajimwale 8
Savio Lawrence 992665738 savio.lawrence@nitrr.a
(C.S,VI) 4
Vayavya Mishra 982668517 vayavya.mishra@nitrr.
(Mech,VI) 0
Prakash Singh 942521124
Rana 9 n
Jaigopal Soni 932951987
(Electrical,VIII) 3
Department Telephone
HOD-Architecture 22 55 475
HOD-Bio-Medical Engg. 9826051120
HOD-Chemical Engg. 22 62 165
HOD-Civil Engineering 22 55 920
HOD-Electrical Engg. 22 54 750
HOD-Elex & Tele. Engg. 22 53 786
HOD-MCA 22 54 400
HOD-Mechanical Engg. 24 44 765
HOD-Metallurgy Engg. 22 55 258
HOD-Mining Engg. 22 53 424
HOD Computer Science 9826315780
HOD IT 2254343

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