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D/O .N.sudhakar Babu
Nellore(d.t) Email id:

Career Objective:

To become a successful professional in the field of Information

Technology and work in an innovative and competitive world.

Academic Profile:

School/College Degree/Certificate Duration Percentage of Marks(%)

Priyadarshini P.G Master of Computer 2005-2008 72.65

Centre,Nellore. Applications

Krishna Chaitanya Bachelor of

Degree College, Nellore Computer Science 2002-2005 81.24

T.N.R Junior Board of Intermediate 2000-2002 86.24

College,Atmakur Education.

Goutam High Board of Secondary 1999-2000 76.44

School,Atmakur Education.

Skill Set:

Languages C, C++, PL/SQL,Java

Operating Systems MS-DOS, WINDOWS 98/XP,UNIX
Database Oracle 8i
Projects done:

•Implemented a project “Automation of Restaurant Billing System ” using

Oracle and Developer 2000.
(This project is done for the partial fulfillment of academic requirements.)

PROJECT NAME Automation of Restaurant Billing System Description:

Organization Krishna Chaitanya Degree College, Nellore
Duration 3 months
Team size 5
Role Project Leader
Technologies Oracle and Developer 2000.
The main aim of the project is to provide a better system to
solve the problems occur in the manual system. Its aim is to maintain item
prices, maintaining Order details,Bill details,Waiter details,Staff pay
details,Item status etc., and retrieve information as and when need in
matter of seconds, and to generate reports which helps in analyzing the
organization, which in turn helps in its development. Its aim is to give
accurate and correct information.

•Implemented a project “Mobile Servive Provider Operations Portal” using

(This project is done for the partial fulfillment of academic requirements.)

PROJECT NAME Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal

Organization Priyadarshini P.G Centre Description:
Duration 4 months
Team size 2
Role Team Member
Technologies Java

This System can be used an application for the Mobile service

providers of the Mobile company to manage product information .Customer
logging should be able to upload the information of the any required mobile.

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth: 03rd, august, 1985.

Father’s name: SudhakarBabu.N
Languages Known: Telugu, English and Hindi.
Nationality: Indian.
Hobbies: Collecting Coins, Listening to Music and Gardening.


I hereby declare that all the information provided is true to

the best of my knowledge.