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English exercises


Use the words in the box to fill in the gaps: equals public mix performing out pie community developing announcement expense billboards distribution

Many people confuse marketing with advertising or vice versa. While both components are important they are very different and knowing the difference and 1market research can put businesses on the path to substantial growth. Marketing is the systematic planning, implementation and control of a mix of business activities intended to bring together buyers and sellers for the mutually advantageous exchange or transfer of products. It is the presentation and 2.of goods and services in the manner best designed to benefit the producer, the distributor and the 3... The main elements of the marketing programme, the marketing 4., are Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Advertising is considered to represent the paid, public 5of a persuasive message by an identified sponsor, or the presentation or promotion by a firm of its products to its existing and potential customers. Advertising is a single component of the marketing process. It is the part that involves getting the word 6..concerning your business, product or the services you are offering. It involves the process of 7..strategies such as ad placement, frequency etc. It includes the placement of an ad in such mediums as newspapers, direct mail, 8, television, radio, and of course the Internet. Advertising is the largest 9of most marketing plans, with public relations following in a close second and market research not falling far behind. Some say the best way to distinguish between advertising and marketing is to think of marketing as a10.., inside that pie you have slices of advertising, market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy and 11.. involvement. Advertising only 12one piece of the pie in the strategy. All of these elements must not only work independently but they also must work together towards the bigger goal. Marketing is a process that takes time and can involve hours of research for a marketing plan to be effective. Think of marketing as everything that an organization does to facilitate an exchange between company and consumer. II. Find the right word to fill in the gaps. The first letter of the word is given to you: 1. When a company has a new product, it has to decide on a 2. If you want to know what people think about a product, you conduct some market r.. 3. A tis a brief advertisement which offers the public only bits of information without revealing either the sponsor of the ad or the product being advertised, with the purpose to arouse curiosity and get attention for the campaign that follows; 4. The p.of a product is very important: the company has to think carefully about how the product should look. 5. The objective of advertising is to build up b..loyalty. 6. Some companies show the same television several different countries.

7. You ask people to fill in qso that you can get information about what they want or need. 8. Where to sell the product is a matter of p.. 9. A . is a name, design or symbol registered for the exclusive use by a manufacturer to distinguish its product. 10. One recent advertising clasted for over a year. 11. P..of a product is the general process of getting people to know your product, to like your product through advertising. 12. The tmarket is the specific group of customers that a company aims to capture. 13. Market a strategy of dividing a large market into smaller groups of consumers or organizations. 14. An a recommendation to purchase a particular brand of product made in advertisements by well-known personalities or experts. 15. Advertising tries to turn pcustomers into real customers. 16. Direct advertising in shops is called p.-of-sale advertising. 17. Advertisements on TV are called c . 18. Lare those in a community who are slowest to adopt new products. 19. refers to the importing of particular goods by firms which have not been appointed by the manufacturer as official distributors of the product. 20. P..mapping is a tool or process used in marketing research for charting the way individuals selected from the target market perceive different companies, products or brands. III. Choose the correct phrase to fill in the gaps: confusion marketing window dressing unique selling point trading stamps loss leader price-sensitive shelf life trading down market leader soft sell niche market subliminal perception

chain store market price seller's market brand stretching

1. The .. is the price of a product that most companies charge in a free market.

2. A is a company that sells more of a particular product than others. 3. A . is a market where there are more buyers than suppliers. 4. is the receipt and interpretation of stimuli received through the senses at a subconscious level. 5. A .. is a feature of a product which will persuade people to buy it. 6. means extending a popular brand to a new type of product. 7. adding a lower-priced version of a product to the range, generally to capture a new market segment not served effectively because the original version of the product was too expensive for it. 8. .. is the skill of decorating shop windows and arranging goods in them. 9. If someone uses ., they try to sell something by being gently persuasive. 10. The .. of a product is the length of time it can be kept in a shop before it becomes too old to be sold. 11. .. represent a form of sales promotion used by retailers in which customers receive stamps or coupons in proportion to the amount of their purchases; the stamps can be redeemed later for merchandise. 12. If a market is , buyers look for the best deal they can get, comparing prices.

13. A is a small area of trade within the economy involving specialised products. 14. A .. is an article that is sold cheaply in order to attract the public and make them buy other things. 15. is selling in a way that makes it very difficult to decide which products are cheapest. 16. A is one of a group of shops which belong to a single company and sells similar goods.