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Agenda of roduct resentanon

l. lnLroducuon
ll. Laser hyslcs
lll. key AdvanLages
lv. Cllnlcal uaLa
v. key 1akeaways
App||canons of DICLAS LID 3000 at a G|ance

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Destruction of Stones in Kidney, Bladder
and Ureter
Tissue-protective Therapy of Strictures
and Stenosis of Urethra or Ureter
Vaporization of Urothelial Tumours
Vaporization of Condylomata
and many more
Key Advantage: The physician can efficiently
and simultaneously, vaporize and coagulate
soft tissue even at high-risk patients.
8oth Wave|ength and Cperanng Mode Inuence anent Cutcome

Unique Hardware of
enables excellent
vaporization due to
high absorption in
both water and soft
tissue throughout the
whole procedure.
Patented LFD Mode
provides thin layer of
coagulation zone,
reducing thermal
damage to only 1
More Control during
the procedure by
special fiber probes.
key Advantages: Inte|||gent Des|gn

First Medical Laser worldwide with built-in

programmes for the treatment of BPH,
Stones, Condylomata and others
integrated in one single device
Quick and easy selection of all
programmes & parameters using the
integrated Touch Panel, and power level
adjustment using the foot switch
Comfortable dimmable red laser pilot light
during the procedure no need for
expensive special filters for your camera
key Advantages: Inte|||gent Des|gn

Flexible usage of Sidefire and Bare Fibers

for a broad range of procedures
Low noise level and minimal heat
production achieved using an intelligent
control system and unique design
Statistical output of all treatment
parameters by an external USB stick
Eye-safe laser light for less potential
complications resulting from laser
8enehts for the hys|c|an

One device for a whole range of

procedures, no repeated learning of
different handling or user interfaces
Shorter treatment time: Efficient
vaporization throughout the whole
procedure even at large prostates
Excellent Coagulation and Haemostasis,
much less complications intra- and
More Control during the procedure due to
even ablation and precise absorption of
the laser energy. Clear sight without
special camera filters
8enehts for the nosp|ta|

Clearly reduced short and longterm costs.

Both ablation and enucleation / cutting of
tissue are enabled. Bare Fibers are
reusable up to 20 times.
Shorter patient stay in hospital, day
surgery treatment is possible
Less maintenance costs compared to
Green lasers and other systems
No special requirements - the laser works
at 230 V / 110 V, without external cooling
Eye-safe laser light, no special camera
filters needed
8enehts for the anent

Minimal swelling, inflammation, bleeding,

pain intra / postoperatively due to tissue-
protective LFD Mode
Ideal even for High-Risk Patients. Clinical
trial showed less complications, taking of
blood-thinning drugs can be continued
Regular urination is possible immediately
after treatment
Shorter convalescence time, shorter stay
in hospital
Cvera|| 8enehts

DIOLAS LFD 3000 combines best

characteristics of all available alternatives
The laser is certified to IEC 60601-1:2005
(DIN EN 60601-1:2007)
Product developed and manufactured in
Germany to quality standard EN ISO
Engineered specifically for Urology and
Urogynaecology, splash-proof and easy to
C||n|ca| Data
lranzlskus PosplLal (CharlLe Medlcal unlverslLy, 8erlln / Cermany) has
conducLed varlous Lrlals wlLh speclal auenuon Lo LreaLmenL of 8enlgn
rosLauc Pyperplasla (8P), SLones, SLrlcLures, CondylomaLa and Lhe
general use of ulCLAS Llu 3000 as muludlsclpllnary laser
8esulLs from Cllnlcal 1rlals conrm hlgh expecuons, Lrlal ls scaled up Lo
mulu-cenLer due Lo lLs success
1lssue and auenL ouLcome was analysed by varlous means:
osLoperauve exLracuon of ussue by 1u8, PlsLologlcal Analysls
Mlcroscoplc vlews
Macroscoplc vlews
3u ulLrasound 1echnology
8ange of Cuesuonnalres and Scores e.g. lSS, CoL, eLc.
C||n|ca| Data
A varleLy of absLracLs, posLer presenLauons and vldeos are avallable aL
presenL, even furLher soon Lo come
resenLauons had been held aL WCL 2009 (World Congress of
Lndourology, Munlch), CLM 2009 (CenLral Luropean Meeung of Lhe
Luropean Asssoclauon of urology, L[ub[ana)
AbsLracLs for all ma[or evenLs ln 2010 were submlued wlLh furLher
follow-up resulLs:
Cu8y (World Congress on ConLroversles ln urology, ALhens / Creece)
AuA (Amerlcan urology Assoclauon, San lranclsco / uSA)
LAu (Luropean Assoclauon of urology, 8arcelona / Spaln)
LaLesL ndlngs conrm all expecLauons and underllned Lhe use of
ulCLAS Llu 3000 even for hlgh-rlsk pauenLs (e.g. LreaLmenL of 96 years
old pauenL wlLhouL any lnLra- or posL-operauve compllcauons)
C||n|ca| 1r|a|: 1reatment of 8n
vaporlzauon of
rosLauc 1lssue
Aer Lhe
LxLracuon of
1lssue uslng 1u8
for Analysls
For a thorough analysis of the
penetration depth and the patient
outcome, various steps were
I. Treatment of the BPH Patient
II. Extraction of tissue using TURP
III. Analysis of penetration depth by micro-/
macroscopic views, histology,
cystoscopy and 3D ultrasound
4 Analysls of ussue by varlous means
C||n|ca| 1r|a|: 1reatment of Stones
The stone destruction feature of DIOLAS LFD
3000 was tested under various scenarios
regarding stone consistency, using rigid or
flexible endoscopes, etc.
C||n|ca| 1r|a|: Mu|nd|sc|p||nary Usage
The current efforts of the extended trial is
directed towards the use of DIOLAS LFD
3000 even for further indications and
specialties, such as paediatric surgery,
key 1akeaways

DIOLAS LFD 3000 is a unique device which

allows the treatment of a very extended range
of indications in Urology and Urogynaecology
Patient outcome has improved significantly
comparing to other current therapies e.g.
GreenLight, TURP, HoLAP, etc.
The special combination of hardware and
treatment mode LFD enables a thin
coagulation zone with minimal negative side-
effects at 1 mm of penetration depth
Further applications of the laser are yet to be
Device is strongly backed up by convincing
findings from clinical trial