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My friend Dr Asish Banerji told me the folowing experience abou Maha mrityunjay

mantra of Lord shiva. He was in Jeddah for some years. An in this city he one very rich
Arab merchant. The merchant narrated his experience to Dr. Banerjee. The marchant was
travelling from paris to Jeddah. And some where on the way the aircraft caught fire. And
he saw smoke coming out and he sensed a great danger. Afterwars he became
unconscious and after sometime he found himself in a hospital at Frankfurt and he was
told that he was the sole survivor in that aircraft. The aircraft carashed some where in
German territory.
After listening to the incident Dr. Banerji asked him “Tell me how you got survived.” He
told “ one Hindu Sadhu gave me one mantra to recite , and when I saw the smoke I
started chanting that mantra and within few seconds I became unconscious and after
some days I found myself in the hospital bed.” Then Dr. Banerji asked him can you
please tell me the mantra.” He replied “Yes, it is Tryambakam
Sugandhim Pustivardhanam, Urvarukamiba Bandhanan
Mrityurmokshiya Mamritat “ . And this is the Mahamrityunjay mantra of
Lord shiva and it is said in our shastras that this mantra is capable of bringing back dead
person to life.
Regular chanting of this mantra removes all the evil effects of planest and brings peace
and prosperity , love and harmony, and abundace of health , wealth, happiness and
prosperity in the life of the person.
The rule for chanting is 28 times in the morning and 28 times in the evening and once in
a week you are to go to shiva temple and chant the mantra loudly or mentally 108 time
and give money to the poors.