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Insert the Mr Bean CD and follow the on screen prompts. If AutoPlay is disabled the installation does not start automatically, click on the Start button on your Windows taskbar, then on Run. Type D:\Setup.Now and click on OK.

Oh no, Teddys in trouble! Hes been kidnapped by a mysterious villain whos demanding a ransom of 1,000 cat biscuits! Its the start of Mr Beans wackiest adventure yet and hes inviting you along for the ride! This fantastic journey takes you from Mrs Wickets back garden, through the smelly sewers, through the wilds and finally to the kidnappers factory hide-out. Good luck!

Note: If your CD/DVD Drive is assigned to a letter other than D, substitute that letter. INSTALLATION OF DIRECTX
Mr Bean requires DirectX 9.0 (February 2006) or higher in order to run. If you do not have DirectX 9.0 (February 2006) or higher installed on your computer, click Yes when asked if you would like to install it.

Rescue Teddy! Use the Mouse to make Mr Beans hand cursor appear. Hover the hand cursor over a menu item and press the Left Mouse Button to select a menu option.

Mr Bean contains a ReadMe file where you can view updated information about the game. We strongly encourage you to take the time to read this file to get information on changes made after this manual was printed.

Help Mr Bean save Teddy from the mysterious kidnapper!

Try for a high score in over 20 types of minigames! Change games with the Mouse by pressing the Left Mouse Button over the upward and downward pointing hands. To choose a different level, point the Mouse over the left/right hand icons and select with the Left Mouse Button. Check records by pointing at the Records text and pressing the Left Mouse Button.


To remove the game from your computer, just click on the Uninstall button in the Start Menu / Mr Bean folder.

Playing the main game unlocks hilarious comic clips showing Mr Bean in action. Select one by highlighting the left/right hand icons and select with the Left Mouse Button, or press the ESC key to return to the Main Menu.

Choose options with the Mouse hand cursor and youll be able to change the following settings

Your progress is saved to one of three profiles. Highlight one of the slots with the hand cursor and then:

Music Adjust the volume of the music by pointing the Mouse hand cursor over the left/right hand icons and press the Left Mouse Button. Effects Adjust the volume of the sound effects
using the left/right hand icons.

Create New Profile Press the Left Mouse Button on an empty profile slot to
create a new profile.

Enter your name When you create a new

profile you will be asked to enter a name. Select letters with the hand cursor and Left Mouse Button. When finished, select END.

Resolution Set the screen resolution by pressing on

the left/right hand icons.

Player 1 Controls Reassign the keyboard controls for player 1 or select a USB controller. To change the controls from Keyboard to a USB controller, highlight the Keyboard text with the hand cursor and left click to switch controls. Player 2 Controls Player 2s controls can be
reassigned by selecting this option. Some minigames can be played by two players at the same time. Player 2s controls are CURSOR Keys, NUM1 and NUM2 by default.

Choose character You can play as Mr Bean or his girlfriend Irma Gobb. Select a character by pressing the Left Mouse Button over the left/right
hand icon.

Load - Press the Left Mouse Button on a previously created profile to load
a game.

Reset Press the Delete Icon text on a previously created profile and confirm
the reset. Once youve confirmed the reset you will be taken back to the Enter your name screen to create a new profile.

In each area there are three levels linked by a central hub. At first only one level is open, with more unlocking as you complete levels. You can revisit levels if you dont find everything first time around.

Note: The USB controller must be plugged in before

the game starts.

Accept Changes Confirm changes by selecting the Accept Button changes and pressing the Left Mouse Button or cancel with the ESC key.

In the Main Game, move Bean or Irma with the Keyboard. Press the H Key to jump or the K Key to interact with things (e.g. read signs, pick up objects etc).

Join Mr Bean on his quest to rescue Teddy! You need at least 1,000 cat biscuits to pay the ransom on Teddys furry head.

KEYBOARD Turn Left Turn Right Forward Backward Previous Weapon Next Weapon
A Key D Key W Key S Key Q Key E Key

Use Weapon / Action 1 J Key Jump / Action 2 H Key Action K Key Camera Left Z Key Camera Right X Key Centre Camera Left CTRL Key

Pests and baddies will try to get in the way and drain your Teddy Meter. Luckily, there are weapons to help you. When youve found one, select it by pressing the Q and E Keys located on your Keyboard and use it with the J Key.


Walk or jump into goodies to collect them:

Repellent Sends pests reeling. Hold down the J Key for a longer squirt. Frying Pan Handy for knocking out bigger
baddies. You get five pans in each batch.

Cat Biscuits Find at least 1,000 to pay Teddys ransom. Medi-Teddies, First Aid Kits & Fruit Restore your Teddy Meter. Keys Unlock the jigsaw treasure

Pirate Costume Makes Mr Bean invincible but

only for a short time!

Jigsaw Pieces Find them all to open the gate to the next area.

Slingshot Useful for hitting faraway targets or enemies. Hold the J Key to arm the slingshot and use the WASD Keys to aim the slingshot. Press the H Key to fire a shot.

Springboards help you reach high-up areas. When standing on a springboard, hold down the H Key and release to fly into the air.


Walk or jump into boxes to break them open:

? Boxes Always contain something useful! Pawprint Boxes Stuffed with cat biscuits. C Boxes C stands for Checkpoint. If your Teddy Meter runs out, you restart from the last C Box opened. Boom Boxes Packed with dangerous explosives. Avoid at all

Push crates onto floor buttons to open doors. When standing beside a crate, hold down the K Key to pick it up or drag it around using the WASD Keys. Keep an eye out for other objects around the world which Bean and Irma can pick up.

WHACK-A-MOLE CHALLENGES Press the K Key next to Mole Statues to play a

Whack-A-Mole Challenge. Try your best to complete these challenges to unlock goodies to help Bean and Irma in their adventure to rescue Teddy!

Slingshot Boxes Filled with ammunition for your slingshot. Key Boxes If you see a treasure chest then keep an eye out for
this box, its the only way youll be able to open it.


Once youve found all the jigsaw pieces in an area, go to the Jigsaw Gate. You must now complete a Jigsaw Challenge before time runs out if you succeed, the gate to the next area will open!

TREASURE HUNT Two-Player (simultaneous)

Treasure is hidden at the beginning of each game; try to keep an eye on where it goes. Use the WASD Keys to move your target over the patch of ground you want to dig and move there by pressing the H Key. To dig, simply press the J Key. The player with the most points wins!


Pause the game and check your game progress by pressing ESC Key anytime during play. Press the Left Mouse Button to continue playing or access in-game options by pressing the Left Mouse Button from the Level Status screen.

SHOOTING RANGE Two-Player (simultaneous)

For this shoot out try to hit objects further away for more points, but dont hit Teddy or youll be deducted points. Aim with the WASD Keys and fire by pressing the H Key. The player with the most points wins!

In-Game Option

Highlight an option with the Mouse hand cursor. Music Adjust with the left/right hand icons. Effects Adjust with the left/right hand icons. Continue Go to previous menu with this option, or press the ESC Key. Exit Level Return to the hub zone/Main Menu with the Left Mouse Button.

WACKY TENNIS Two-Player (simultaneous)

Trays instead of rackets, obstacles like tree stumps and plant pots instead of a net, add a giant ball and youve got yourself a crazy game of tennis! Move Bean by using the WASD Keys and simply try to rebound the ball back at your opponent, if the ball passes you the opponent wins a point. First to 10 points wins!

Some minigames can be played by two players at the same time. Player 2 controls can be seen in the in-game options and are fully customizable. By default they are CURSOR Keys, NUM1 and NUM2.

RACING Two-Player (simultaneous)

Rev your engines and get ready for some rip-roaring fun around the racetrack. Simply press the W Key to accelerate, S Key to brake and use the A and D Key to steer. The player who crosses the finish line first wins.

JIGSAW 1-Player Use the WASD Keys to move the hand cursor and select a piece by holding down the H Key you can now drag it around with the WASD Keys or rotate it with the J Key. Release the H Key to drop the piece if it fits, youll see
it slot into place.

FRANTIC FROG CATCH Two-Player (simultaneous)

Catch as many frogs as possible in the time allowed. To catch a frog, simply use the WASD Keys to move Bean and press the H Key to swing you net. Return to your box and press the H Key to drop the frog for a point. The rules are simple, the player to catch the most frogs wins!

WHACK-A-MOLE Two-Player (alternate turns)

Your mission? To whack as many wacky moles as you can before time runs out! Guide Mr Beans hammer with the WASD Keys and hit by pressing the H Key up and down as if you were using a hammer. Watch out for clever moles with hard hats, theyll slow you down. The player with the most points wins!

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