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Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki is a system of Reiki that was created by Reiki Master William Rand as a
result of his extensive work and research with healing methods. During his many
years of practice he came across various systems and symbols that were being used
by healers. He studied the systems and worked with the energy levels of the
different healing symbols and incorporated the ones he found to have the best
energy and formulated an attunement process by which one could access these
symbols and use them in healing. He called the new system Karuna Reiki. The
method of healing is the same as in Usui Reiki with the additional use of Karuna Reiki

In his own words ‘I did not originally intend to create a new system of Reiki, but
starting about 1989, I began being given non-Usui Reiki symbols and attunement
techniques which were claimed to have benefit. I filed these symbols away along
with the attunement processes that were included with some of them and also began
experimenting with some of them. After a number of years, I had quite a collection
and many of my students began asking me about these "additional symbols" and
wanting to know if they should use them. In the winter of 1993, I gathered together
a number of my best students, many of whom were spiritually sensitive, to
experiment with the additional symbols, try them out and decide which were the
most useful. We asked for guidance and through this process came up with a set of
symbols that seemed to have the best energy. We also experimented with an
attunement process to go with them. Later I was guided in the further development
of the attunement process and this eventually evolved into a new system of Reiki.
Throughout the process, I prayed for help from the Higher Power and asked that I be
connected to a healing energy that would be of greater benefit. I did not channel any
of these symbols myself. They came from other Reiki masters. In 1995, I was guided
to more clearly define the system and to name it Karuna Reiki® which can be
defined as the Reiki of Compassion. While some of the symbols in Karuna Reiki® are
the same as those used by other schools and systems, because the attunements are
different and the intention is different, the energies that are connected to Karuna
Reiki® are unique to the system

‘Karuna’ is an important concept in most spiritual systems. Buddhism considers it a

prerequisite for Satori or Enlightenment. ‘Karuna’ is compassion and as we develop it
we find ourselves more in tune with the universe. Healing comes naturally. We see
oneness in all of creation.

Karuna Reiki is not a substitute for traditional Reiki. In fact it is taught only to level
two practioners of Usui Reiki and the Karuna Reiki mastership is given only to Usui
Reiki masters.

There is a definite difference to the feel of both the energies. Karuna feels softer and
more enveloping but the healing is deeper with a combination of both systems. There
is a faster and more concrete spiritual growth which I think is the ultimate purpose of
any holistic healing system.
There is also more self growth as energy blocks surface and clamour for attention! As
we deal with these and clear them off with healing we experience many changes in
ourselves and life situations. We are forced to look more deeply at issues that are
causing stagnation in our development and work more diligently at cleansing and
healing with faster and more concrete results. Working with issues of self growth is
not always comfortable but with Karuna Reiki we are able to look at ourselves with
compassion and see clearly what we need to clear off and what to bring into our
lives. By incorporating Karuna Reiki with Traditional or Usui Reiki we are that much
more empowered. And I think that right now we need all the help we can get!