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Congratulations! You have successfully booked a ticket.

Please print the ERS and carry it along with a relevant photo ID card while travelling.
PNRs having Fully waitlisted status will be dropped and names of the passengers will not appear on the chart. They are not allowed to board the train. If full waitlisted passengers are found traveling, they will be treated as without ticket and charged as per extant Railway rules.

Ticket Reservation
Transaction ID: 0405039048 Date of Journey: 31/10/2011 From: JHANSI JN(JHS) Resv Upto: H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM) Total Fare: Rs. 204.0 PNR No: 2127060340 Date Of Boarding: 31/10/2011 To: H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM) Distance: 0403 KM Adult: 1Child: 0 Train No. & Name: 22447/KURJ NZM EXP Class: SL Boarding: JHANSI JN(JHS) Scheduled Departure: 23:30

Details of Passengers
SNo. Name 1 VIJAY VERMA Age 020 Sex Male Status WL 30/WL 27 Coach Seat/Berth 0000/


E-ticket passenger is permitted in the train against a berth/seat only when his name appears in the reservation chart failing which he can be treated as a passenger travelling without ticket The accommodation booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the ID card noted above is presented during the journey. The ERS/VRM along with the ID proof in original would be verified by TTE with the name and PNR on the chart. If the passenger fails to produce/display ERS/VRM due to any eventuality (loss, discharged mobile/laptop, etc) but has the prescribed original proof of identity, a penalty of Rs. 50/- per ticket as applicable to such cases will be levied. The ticket checking staff On board/Off board will give EFT for the same. E-ticket cancellations are permitted through by the user. In case e-ticket is booked through an agent, please contact respective agent for cancellations. If the name of the passenger does not appear on the chart, the passenger should not board the train as he/she will be treated as a passenger without ticket and dealt accordingly.

For cancellation and Refund Passenger should access the website only for cancellation as no cancellation is permitted at railway counters for electronic tickets Please note that the provision for specifying I/D proof at the time of booking an e-ticket has been dispensed with. The accommodation booked is not transferable and is valid only if one of the passenger booked on an e-ticket in a transaction presents any of the identity cards(Voter identity card/Passport/ Pan card/Driving license/Photo I/d card of Central/State Government issued to their employees) during train journey in original and same will be accepted as proof of identity failing which the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket and shall be dealt with as per extant Railway Rules