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Eye Test Script

Goal: This script can be used at any time during the relationship, but is typically used early on, perhaps immediately after establishing rapport. It is best executed in a place where you can sit face-to-face with the subject. Remember to establish rapport with a smile, eye contact, open body language, leaning forward, and mirroring. This script has multiple goals, and uses the game format to:

1. Establish a strong connection between you and the subject 2. Lead her imagination to experience her perfect man, and attach those feelings to you 3. Determine if her submodality is visual, audio, or kinesthetic
4. Extract useful trance words 5. Elicit the values surrounding those trance words. Once you have driven down to the words she uses to describe the fundamental values she has about her perfect man, you should make notes about her so that you dont forget. Remember not to accept words that merely describe a characteristic of the perfect man. Find the values behind those characteristics. Example: She says she likes a TALL man. TALL is not a trance word! Ask what a tall man makes her feel that she likes so much. She might say a tall man makes her feel SAFE. SAFE is a trance word because it is attached to her feelings. She values safety. Example: Name: Submodality: Trance Words: Alexi Visual Deep, Passionate, Safe

YOU: Hey Gretchen, if you are willing to play a little game with me, I can probably tell you something about yourself that you dont already know. (game format, specialized


OK. That sounds fun.

YOU: OK Gretchen. At some point, I am going to ask you to imagine something. When I do, I want you to make sure you keep your eyes open while you are imagining it because I need to see your eyes in order to do this, and also because I enjoy looking into your beautiful eyes. Also, dont let your eyes become fixed on one part of my face (point to a spot between your eyes). People think with their eyes, and I need you to let them roam naturally. All right The world is filled with billions of people, right?...And roughly half of them are men, correct?...and you can probably agree the world is filled with all kinds of men, right? Of those men, there are at least two categories: there are the men that you would consider marrying, and then, there are the men that just get you totally hot. Now, the marrying type has to meet a lot of criterion. He has to be (anchor these qualities to your thumb such that it curls back and points to you) honest, loyal, a good provider, maybe a good father, the same religion, and it would be nice if he was really attractive and a good lover (casually touch your thumb to your chest). But, you are probably willing to trade some of the physical and romantic qualities for the practical ones. Right? HER: Yes. Thats right.

YOU: OK. Then there is the type of guy that just makes you totally hot. When you see him across the room, (again anchoring to thumb) YOU IMMEDIATELY WANT TO FFFF HAVE SEX WITH HIM. YOU KNOW HE HAS A GREAT BODY. He may not show any signs of making a good husband, but nevertheless, YOU FEEL AN INSTANT CONNECTION (EC) with him (self-point). Even though he probably has lots of girlfriends, and you cant expect any loyalty from him, YOU TRUST HIM COMPLETELY (EC) (DV) (self-point). YOU SENSE HIS POWER (EC). YOU KNOW HE WONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER, but you also know he will always make sure YOU ARE SAFE (EC) (DV). And YOU DONT WANT TO SAY NO (EC). You dont care about his past, or your future. YOU JUST WANT HIM NOW (EC). All right. I WANT YOU, GRETCHEN (pause), imagine that guy now.
(EC, use her name)


Observe where her eyes go as she imagines this guy. Use the diagram below to determine what her primary submodality is Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic. Remember VAK, like vacuum, to help you remember the eye positions. She should be looking to your left, or her right, if she is right-handed. If she looks to your right, ask her if she is left-handed. Make a mental note of what you have learned about her.

YOU: OK Gretchen, I want you to describe that perfect hot guy you just imagined to me now. Tell me how he looks, how he talks, how he acts, and most importantly, how he makes you feel. Listen to her intently, and scavenge for trance words. She is likely to give you some words that are just characteristics of the perfect guy. These are not trance words, but they are the words that will lead you to her trance words. You must elicit the values and emotions that underlie those characteristics. Lets say she initially says TALL. You ask her How does a tall guy make

What do surface of

you feel?, or What is it about a tall guy that you like so much? She might say a tall guy makes her feel SAFE. SAFE is a feeling and a value, therefore it is a trance word. Lets say she says she likes a FUN guy. You can ask her how a fun guy makes her feel. More than likely she will say he makes me happy. HAPPY is an emotion, and a trance word. Lets say she says she likes an HONEST guy. You ask What is it about an honest guy that you like so much? She might say I need to be able to TRUST him. Honesty is a characteristic, not an emotion, and not a trance word. TRUST is something she feels, and therefore a trance word. Make a mental note of these words, or write them down right there and then if you can get away with it (enter it into your cell phone). ****************************************************************************** Fractionation You just laid some heavy lines on her and had her accessing some very deep feelings. Now you need to fractionate away from the heavy stuff with some light and easy conversation. The thumb exercise will serve this purpose since it is kind of fun. Afterwards, you will tell her what you have discovered about her submodalities and brain orientation in very casual terms. I am telling you this before it occurs in this script so you know you are fractionating. Now lets continue. ****************************************************************************** YOU: OK Gretchen, now I want you to clap your hands three times as though you are applauding, and on the third clap, clasp your hands together. (demonstrate this for her) Observe which thumb is clasped on top of the other. If her right thumb is on top, she is rightbrained. If her left thumb is on top, then she is left-brained. Right Thumb on top = Right-Brained = Emotional, Feeling Left Thumb on top = Left-Brained = Logical, Thinking YOU: Switch your thumbs around and see if that feels weird or uncomfortable.

FYI: 75% of people are Visual, 20% are Auditory, and 5% are Kinesthetic. Most women are right-brained. Inform her of what you have discovered about her submodality and right/left-brained condition, and give her the statistics behind them. Do this very casually. Remember, you are fractionating at this point in the conversation! If she is kinesthetic, make a big deal about how rare she is (ex. What a delicate flower you are!) If she is right-brained, make a big deal of how sensitive she is. If she is left-brained, make a big deal about how rare it is for a girl to be left-brained. Just find a way to make her feel unique and special. Now it gets heavy again YOU: So Gretchen, if you met a guy that is TRANCE WORD #1 (anchor the word to your right thumb with your left index finger such that it curls your thumb so it points back towards you), TRANCE WORD #2 (another anchor), and TRANCE WORD #3

(another anchor), what do you think that could lead to? (Touch your thumb to your chest to transfer the anchored words to you) As you deliver the last part of the question, find a way to touch your thumb to your chest to transfer those anchored words to you without making it too obvious. This will anchor her trance word descriptions of her totally hot guy to you on a subconscious level. You can use the thumb anchor again in the future sometime to re-fire those words in her mind. You are on your own from here out. You will have to improvise as she answers this question. Be prepared for her to become affectionate.

Incidentally, you can date any girl you want, but I think you should try to marry a left-brained visual woman. She will be concerned about her appearance, care about her surroundings, and wont get crazy emotional on you. Dont get serious with a Kinesthetic right brainer! She will turn into a barely functional, fat, head case. Update your notes on the girl you are doing this with to look like this: Example: Name: Submodality: Trance Words: Brain: Gretchen Visual Safe, Fun, Trust Right

In the future, adjust the way you talk to this girl to incorporate her trance words and appeal to her submodality, with consideration to her brain orientation. If possible, you might want to set up a directory on your cell phone to save this information. You might want to use your cell phone to capture her words, while you are extracting them, without her knowing what you are doing so you dont forget them. Visual Right-brain Phrases Can you see how she might feel that way? Picture how it would feel to experience that. Visual Left-brain Phrases Can you see how she might think that? Picture the difference between them. Auditory Left-brain Phrases That sounds right to me. I like the sound of that. Kinesthetic Right-brain Phrases Thats just the way I feel. I would love to experience that.