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billies black

~ lunch ~

wings / $8.95


billies (in)famous catfish strips / $10.95

fried & served dry or drenched in honey bbq

cajun-style peel & eat shrimp / $10.95

so popular, so tasty, so freakin delicious they become addictive. which is why theyre infamous. a half pound of shrimp flavored with a special blend of louisiana spices

salmon cakes / $9.95|crab cakes / $12.95 shrimp cocktail / $11.95

mixed with our secret blend of spices & breading fried & served with our cajun dipping sauce exactly what it sounds like: boiled, chilled shrimp with a zesty cocktail sauce hand-breaded & deep fried, served with an apricotpineapple dipping sauce

coconut-battered shrimp / $12.95

mixed greens / 6.00


northeastern salad / $7.00

spring mix with cherry tomatoes & peppers, with your choice of dressing (ranch, poppyseed, balsamic vinaigrette, french or italian) spring mix with almonds, cranberries & green apples, with a poppyseed dressing

chicken / $4.00 shrimp / $5.00 crab cakes, salmon or catfish strips / $6.00

bbb burger / $9.00

served with sweet potato or french fries


billies own catfish burger / $9.50 salmon sandwich / $11.00 crabcake burger / $11.00

comes with 2 toppings: cheese, spinach, collard greens, mushrooms, onions, peppers

our famous catfish, served on a sesame bun with mixed greens and our delicious cajun mayo

grilled atlantic salmon served on texas toast with lettuce, tomato & mayo a supersize crabcake served on a sesame seed bun with mixed greens and our cajun mayo

pulled bbq chicken sandwich / $7.00

carolina-style pulled chicken drenched in our special honey bbq sauce & a side of relish

billies signature fried catfish / $11.00 aka crackfish; it will change your life harlem shrimp creole / $13.00 fried chicken / $11.00

comes w/ 1 side [excluding mac & cheese]


pan-sauteed with a pepper medley, garlic, butter and wine forget the colonels secret recipe: we hand bread our chicken in our special seasoning mix, then fry it to a golden brown

grilled salmon / $13.00

fettuccine a la voodoo vodka / $13.00

marinated in garlic and topped with colorful bell peppers broiled in a tangy mango-curry sauce

choice atlantic salmon grilled with precision, served with billies original bbq sauce

baked salmon & pepper medley / $13.00 mango chicken / $11.00 santee river catfish / $14.00 oxtails / $13.00

squid ink-black fettuccine with your choice of shrimp or chicken (no side item for this entree)

delicious catfish stuffed with succulent crab (and winner of the 2007 explore the flavor of health award) these are no bull: the classic dish, slowly braised in a thick gravy

billies bbq chicken / $11.00

delicious bone-in chicken slowly qd in billies secret sauce

garlic string beans collard greens baked sweet potato garlic mashed potatoes yellow rice black eyed peas potato salad red beans, black beans or lima beans sweet potato or french fries spinach you wrong for that! mac & cheese / $7.00

$4.00 each


why does the mac & cheese get its own section of the menu? when youre a heavy-hitter like this one, its out of respect. the dish helped put billies on the map. people literally come from all over the country to try a plateful of billies best.

suggested gratuity for parties of 1-2: 15%, parties of 3-4: 18%, parties of 5 or more: 20%. lunch is served mon. - fri., noon - 4 pm