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anakkale Seramik Fabrikalar A.., Turkeys first seramic tile producer was founded in 1957 and Kalebodur Seramik Sanayi A.., Turkeys first floor tile producer was founded in 1972. Over the years, anakkale Seramik has became famous for its quality in wall tiles while Kalebodur has become a generic name for the product. Kaleseramik has upheld the philosophy of producing without consuming nature by recycling and maximizing the conservation of natural resources.

1. Kalesinterflex
Kalesinterflex is a porcelain seramic slab with a standart thickness of only 3 mm and with standart dimensions of 1000mm to 3000 mm. One standart kalesinterflex slabs weight is 21 kilograms. The produced sizes are: 100*300 cm 100*100 cm 50*300 cm 50*150 cm 50*100 cm 50*50 cm 20*150 cm 5*100 cm And the thickness can be 3 mm or 5 mm.

It is totally fire resistant and non-flamable. Because of its porcelain seramic structure and glaze layer on its surface, Kalesinterflex is also resistant to chemicals. It can be drilled with glass drills and as well as with other known automatic drilling devices. Kalesinterflex has a smooth surface on which dirt doesnt accumulate. If required it can be cleaned with water and known cleaning agents.

The 4 of 12 colour alternatives are:





Kalesinterflex has two surface altrenatives as glazed and polished. Polished Kalesinterflex is the lightest polished porcelain ceramic of the world with a weight of 12 kg/m2.

Kalesinterflex has a special feature called photocatalytic. This feature prevents the formation of bacteria and microbes by decomposing various organics and it eliminates the problems like malodors and dust. The surface which interacts with sunlight renders harmless the solid, liquid and gaseous materials that form dust.

The additional outstanding product features of maneuverability, fire resistance and light weight enables projects to be practiced in applications like conventional wall and floor coverings, facade systems and elevated floors, separation panels, furniture applications, hygienic areas, industrial facade systems and modular constructions.

2. Moonstone
The thing makes Moonstone so special is that it reflects the fascinating surface of the moon in its surface. It is a product which is designed to bring tranquility to spaces.

This unique tile has a durability that comes from twin-press technology. Its slightly structured, soft surface comes in black, creme, grey and white tones.

It can be applied in many locations from offices to malls, facades to pool sides and even residential coverings. It has a high frost and water resistance.