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Summary Harpreet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) , a Sikh B Com graduate with approximately 39 percent marks who becomes a salesman with a big corporate computer assembly and service company, AYS. His honesty only brings him a demotion and humiliation. After making concessions to a client for the company, Harpreet realizes that sales success is dependent on the customer. No one agrees with him but Harpreet remains firm on his belief and forms his own company in Rocket Sales Corporation. Other disgruntled employees find their way to Rocket Sales a place where even the guy who serves tea is an equal partner because he brings talent to the table. The company soon becomes successful because of its dedication to excellent customer service. The MD of AYS, Sunil Puri, becomes angered by the small company's success. After multiple attempts at contact, he finally calls and the phone at the AYS reception desk begins to ring as Rocket Sales was being managed from the AYS offices where the Rocket partners were still employed. After thoroughly insulting him and firing both him and his partners, the MD has Harpreet sign a contract handing over Rocket Sales to him and hands him his final pay of Rs. 1. However, AYS is unable to maintain Rocket Sales' commitment to customer satisfaction because of its cold and greedy personnel. The MD, realizing his downfall in purchasing Rocket Sales, visits Harpreet at his new job at Croma, an electronics store, and returns the contract to Harpreet in return for Rs. 1. He also tells him never to become a businessman again, because he will fail again. However, this is not intended as an insult, but rather as a compliment; he implies that what made Harpreet so successful was his eschewing of 'normal' business practices such as kick-backs, false advertisement, and low wages. The ending scene is the new Rocket Sales office building where a prospective worker is going in for an interview. It shows the former employees, all partners of the business, and finally closes with Harpreet smiling genially at a desk, showing that eventually honesty and hard work is a sound business decision

Field induction- The first rule of the field; dont reveal the names of the sales persons and the companys name, entering false data.

Influencing the security guard to know about other companies. Every spider man has to take risk ,at least you are a salesman Using office time in other personal activities. They will bite you hard, but you need to walk through many people.- Puris words Emotion control and petrol in scooter- this is what a sales man needs- Harpreets words Todays stressful jobs make good men in to coconuts AYS- AT YOUR SERVICE. He doesnt know what kind of product he sells- The words of a clients friend Call them once in a while, clients dont die after sale. Puri is not in India- words of receptionist to a client Afraid of disturbing people? How will you become a salesman? A good salesman is there whenever you need him- the words being displayed in the office of AYS, entirely different from what they are doing. Telling lies doesnt make a sales One who sells most will be the salesman of the year Those who sell, come byand those who dont ,good bye Service manager- Giri If u wants a clients blood, why dont you ask them? Giri using company products for their personal use A donkey zero There is a huge difference in making a computer for a friend and starting a business, you havent hatched out of the egg yet. Making use of companies products for their own use and making secret profits 3 departments viz.sales team, customer support, accounts department If tomorrow the cup- plate wants to be the MD, what will the organization do? there is a system, not everyone is suited for every post working in an office where no one sees our potential and things that are most useless Joker sardar, Item girl koena Dead clients list, they left because of AYS bad service. Swot on the basis of employee view, clients view, co.s view Rocket sales corporation providing services at night and during holidays The client referred by A wajahath, Small company for such a big order, its a small company, sir that is why we are hungry .we know and you know that you dont need us but we need you and if we both know, then there is no chance of mistakes. Client; if something goes wrong, how will you return double the amount? Only honesty is what the client needs life is not as ,easy as it seems in college Policies of Rocket sales corporation1. We can lose the order, but not the clients trust

2. We believe in service, more than sales, because the company that provides services sells more 3. Even if the client asks, we never offer a bribe 4. Whatever date we promise, on that date whatever cost, we make the delivery 5. We are always available for the client ,day or night Rocket sales, HP + Nithin= sales, Giri + chotelal = service, Koena = administration. Business is not about numbers, but people.

POSITION AND HIERARCHY -PURI AND NITIN LEADERSHIP STYLE OF PURI, NITIN AND HARPREET SKILLS NEEDED TO BECOME A GOOD SALESMANAGER o Here are 10 attributes of a great sales manager: o o 1) Passion. This is also one of the top qualities of a master closer and the only one that cant be taught. Without a passion for the home building industry, its impossible to lead and inspire a team, Tarullo says. o o 2) Integrity. Combined with passion, these are the two most important qualities for a sales manager. They need that core, Tarullo says. If they dont have those, they shouldnt be in sales management. o o 3) Positive attitude. Its up to a builders leadership to put smiles on the faces of the sales team and set the tone for the company. o o 4) Coaching. Seventy percent of a sales managers time should be spent coaching, either in groups or one on one, Tarullo says. Any sales manager who says the workload doesnt allow that kind of time with the staff needs to examine how the day is being spent and ditch or delegate any activity that doesnt affect lead generation or conversion. o o 5) Leadership by example. The sales manager should be out on the sales floor with his people, says Jim Capaldi, director of sales for the Ventura division of Standard Pacific Homes and author of The Ultimate New Home Sales Success Manual. Thats where youre most productive. Lead by example, make them accountable, push them, and get them out of their comfort zone. o o 6) Loyalty. Sales managers need to go to bat for their sales team members, says Debbie Dompke, sales manager for -Chicago-based Lexington Homes. Let them

know youre on their side, she says. When they know youre sincere, its amazing the work ethic youll get in return. o o 7) Availability. Dallas-based sales trainer Bob Hafer says paperwork has to be done, but it cant be used as an excuse to not do the tough stuff. Its easier than dealing with people, to be sure, he says, adding, Administrative tasks never talk back to you. When he was a sales manager, he got to work at 7 a.m. and spent two hours on paperwork before the phone started ringing. Then, when the sales centers opened, he was available to work with his sales teams in the field. o o 8) Motivation. This includes encouragement and recognition. Dompke says she does this in so many wayscontests, games, dancing, singing, dressing up. You laugh together and play together. o o 9) Continuous learning. Doctors, accountants, attorneys, and other professionals keep learning their whole lives in order to keep their skills up to date. Sales managers need to do likewise. When you dont grow, Capaldi says, you leave the door open for someone else. o o 10) Listening and communication. This is an underpinning for most of the other qualities. You cant be a good coach or motivator if youre not a good communicator; and you cant continuously learn, lead by example, or demonstrate loyalty without being a good listener. o o Years ago, the sales managers job was about paper management, organization, and managing the interest lists, Capaldi says. Now, its about keeping the sales team accountable, motivated, and focused on the basics of selling. I always preach to people that real estate sales is the hardest job to be good at and the easiest job to fail at. o o And Tarullo feels that the sales managers job is the key to that success. I think its the toughest job in the business because you have to wear so many different hats, she says. You need to be a disciplinarian but also a coach and a motivator. SALESFORCE OBJECTIVE, STRATEGIES AND TACTICS OF AYS AND ROCKETSALES CORP. SALES APPROACH BY NITIN WHEN HE REPRESENTS AYS SALES APPROACH BY NITIN WHEN HE REPRESENTS ROCKET SALES CORP. PREPERATIONS NEEDED BEFORE A SALES CALL QUALITIES REQUIRED TO BECOME A GOOD SALES PERSON o How to become a good sales person o A salesperson job is to sell. What he sells depend on which company he is working, and this is determined in turn by what his qualification and field of study involved.

There are salespeople who sells medicines, cars, insurance, air-conditioners, computers and many others. The word salespeople is a very general term. It can includes the sales executives in a clothing store, and it can also includes sales promoter who sells cosmetics in the shopping centres. Regardless of the title, as long as the person who sells a product or service to the consumers, they are regarded as salesperson. o o How to be a good salesperson? In terms of priority, a salesperson is regarded as good if he has all these: o o 1. Honesty - do not hide any truths that is detrimental to customers and do not lie about products o 2. Have Positive Attitude - Willing to work hard & Understand the need to have Good Product Knowledge o 3. Respect Customers - Put customers in the first place o 4. Professional o 5. Proactive o o Any salesperson with this qualities have potential to be a good salesperson. Honesty is a basic trait and ingredients essential to anywhere you go. Not only in sales, but in any other business. People want to work with honest people, no tricks and no scams nor frauds. o o A salesman with the right mental mindset, can achieve anything he wants. If he has a positive attitude in anything, he is willing to accept any responsibilities given to him. A positive attitude means that the salesperson will not give up easily on his occupation when he meets failure. He is willing to work hard. He knows that to do well in sales, he needs good product knowledge. He need to persevere and have determination in order to succeed. Whether he speaks well or not is not a factor at all, if he is willing to learn. A positive person has no big obstacles in front of him if he wants to learn. o o The next thing which a good salesperson should do is to respect his customers, for that is his life blood. Without customers, there is no job for the salesperson. No matter what the customers say, they have their own reasons and their own needs which is different from any other people and you. Do not answer back. Do not laugh at them. Listen to them. If you want to win in any arguments, you can never win your customers. Win your customers, listen and respect and advise, and they will respect you in return and you stand to win more customers when they refer more customers to you. You many not know too much on your products as a new salesperson, but honesty and the right attitude will touch your customers. o o If you really want to be a good salesperson, you should know your products very well, so that you can recommend anything to your customers at your finger tips. Being

professional requires you to know your products well, at the finger tips and able to explain what the customers cannot understand. You must be able to put yourself in customers shoes, explain everything in layman's terms, in simple language, so that anyone would understand. Being professional also means that you need to observe confidentiality. That is very important. Many sales job like real estate agents and financial planners require clients to disclose their personal information. Put yourself in their shoes. Nobody would like to have their confidential information spread around. Being professional also means you know how to package yourself. You have high self-esteem and you take pride in your job. You sell because your customers have the needs or your customers insist on having it even after you had explained your reasons. Being professional, you are just like a doctor or a teacher. You educate, you analyse or 'diagnose' and next you recommend. The customers have the right to decide and choose. o o The job of all salesperson is to close a sale. Any salesperson who cannot sell a single product is definitely not a good salesperson even if you have the rest of the four qualities listed above. A good salesperson must be proactive in order to have sales. To be proactive that means you must take the first step. You are in control of every situation. You are not a follower, but a leader. You lead and you guide. As a proactive salesperson, you have no fear. You cold call, you go canvassing and you talk to strangers. You talk to anyone who are potential prospects and you want them to be your customers in time to come. You follow-up on your business. You talk to them, call them as and when you are free or on special occasion. o o Not all salesperson are taught on code of ethics. In my opinion, any salesperson should be honest and always put themselves in the shoes of their customers. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is quoted in the Gospels of Luke 6:31, and also in others. This is the Golden Rule, the ethic of reciprocity, which should be practiced by a sales person. A good sales person should obey this Golden Rule at all times. This is the basic rule to follow as it is the foundation any moral and ethics of the salesperson. With this golden rule couple with the listed five important qualities a good salesperson should have, a salesperson who practiced these will have potential to be good salesperson. If he is persistent in his effort and consistent in his activities, he could be a top salesperson too. o VALUE SYSTEMS OF ROCKETSALES , DIFFERENCE FROM AYS SALES APPROACH BY HARPREET AT DHL OBJECTION HANDLING TECHNIQUES USED BY HARPREET TO TACKLE THE OBJECTIONS RAISED BY THE CLIENT REFERRED BY MR.WAJAHAT WHY A SALES PERSONS JOB IS NOT OVER EVEN AFTER GETTING AN ORDER It never ceases to amaze me how few business people make the time to follow-up after they have made initial contact with a prospect or customer. Salespeople are probably the laziest

people in the world when it comes to consistently contacting customers. become a real customer salesman. Now what is that you say? That is what I call success. I started trying to assist a customer to make good decisions on their purchase and not to think of how much profit I could make. Yes it is that simple and with a little time and effort you can be one of those success stories you have read about. Nothing just happens, there is always time and effort included in any success story. You have to make the decision that you really want it and are willing to go and get it. Now that is not meant to sound so harsh as to be one of those pushy sales people, that you love to hate. When I show you this system you will understand what going and getting it means. This is not a quick system to implement, but it is very simple and each step has a meaningful end. What I mean by quick is, results take a little time, but will come with consistent effort. There is no successful person or company that does not have a system and I mean nobody. It will help your efforts be completely and thoroughly followed from start to finish. This will make you consistently produce more sales with positive results, thus less problems or complaints. Follow up sales systems work and create those super salespeople and giant companies. ETHICAL ISSUES IN SALES HIGHLIGHTED IN THE MOVIE

Ethical issues arise in virtually every aspect of selling. If you want the customer's trust, you have to earn it. Trust doesn't precede your reputation, it follows it. Trust comes from your customers' experience with you over time, from a knowledge that what you say is true and in his best interests. It's built on honesty and an obvious commitment to your customer and the success of his business. As such, it's a form of personal faith in you.

From an ethical perspective, then, the establishment of trust between you and your customer precludes any form of dishonesty, even those seemingly harmless white lies used to save face or avoid uncomfortable or embarrassing situations. Trust

If you want the customer's trust, you have to earn it. Trust doesn't precede your reputation, it follows it. Trust comes from your customers' experience with you over time, from a knowledge that what you say is true and in his best interests. It's built on honesty and an obvious commitment to your customer and the success of his business. As such, it's a form of personal faith in you.

From an ethical perspective, then, the establishment of trust between you and your customer precludes any form of dishonesty, even those seemingly harmless white lies used to save face or avoid uncomfortable or embarrassing situations.

For example, a salesperson once informed me that the late delivery of a critical computer part had been caused by a screw-up of an air-express firm. In a subsequent telephone conversation with one of the computer firm's parts expediters, I discovered that the salesperson had forgotten to place the order. I never trusted that salesperson again. Trust can take a long time to develop, but only a moment to destroy.


Credibility comes from performance, not talk. It means possessing and displaying a belief in your company, its products and the way it does business. It means having a thorough knowledge of your products and their applications and showing a willingness to learn about your customers and their unique problems and needs. Credibility comes from a track record of successes and an ability to apply the lessons learned. It's at the heart of true professionalism.

Like trust, credibility takes time to build and depends heavily on your professional reputation. If you're not credible, your products aren't saleable.

Let's conclude with some general guidelines that should help you deal successfully and ethically with the situations and customers you encounter.

Anticipate problems

Don't wait until you run up against a difficulty in the field. Consider the ethical implications of your work and discuss common situations with your colleagues and manager. Preventative maintenance will help you avoid taking the wrong turn when confronted by ethical obstacles.

Set high standards from the beginning

If, by your words and behavior, you make your ethical standards (and those of your company) apparent to your customers, you will be respected accordingly. Those customers who regularly cross ethical boundaries are less likely to propose or even hint at such behavior if they believe it will be declined.

Avoid legalism

Don't develop the tendency to split hairs or slip through ethical (usually semantic) loopholes. Such behavior rarely fools anybody and only causes others to doubt your sincerity. The mere perception of unethical behavior can have the same impact on your reputation as any blatant violation.

Face up to your mistakes

None of us likes to admit our mistakes and failings. But, by ignoring or repressing them, we only ensure that we will repeat them. Even more dangerous, however, is the propensity to cover up blunders through lies or other unethical behavior. Don't run the risk of ruining your reputation and the valuable goodwill of your company simply to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions.

Certainly, unethical behavior is immoral, but this factor doesn't seem to have much effect on those who engage in it. By taking the easy way out, they ignore the importance of trust, credibility and the confidence they create. Perhaps if we attach a dollar sign to ethics, salespeople will begin to recognize that high standards generate a high return in the form of future business. If not, we can always tell their mothers.



Planning I

Seeing Doing

Planning what things need to be done How they should be done

II Leading people to pursue and achieve the desired objectives in accordance with established plans and schedules III IV V Dealing on a day to day basis with problems and difficulties that arise Measuring the actual performance of people against desired goals and plans Taking necessary steps to close any gaps that exist

Planning, Forecasting Action, Execution, Leadership Control, Co-ordination Planning: 1 Provides management with immediate forecasts and long range plans for the achievement of budgets and quota objectives 2 Plans and conducts regular sales meetings. Makes assignments in advance of such meetings. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Plans for the development and career path of sales people Frequently assesses sales people in order to determine training needs Carefully plans personal time Assists management in the development of sales forecasts Recommends sales policies to management Assigns sales territories Plans to achieve an agreed net per cent profit on sales

10 11

Analyses markets to identify new customers and new prospects Plans the overall activity of personal sales team

Action: 1 Recruits quality people following approved selection procedures

2 Continuously trains new and experienced sales people in basic attitudes, sales skills and product knowledge 3 Motivates and develops each of the sales people to achieve their full potential

4 Discharges sales people with unsatisfactory performance levels within company policy and employment law guidelines 5 Communicates with sales people on a regular basis keeping them informed of all matters affecting their work 6 Directs the activities of the sales team

7 Support and directs the application of company sales and marketing promotional activity at the local level 8 9 Consults with sales people and customers on problems of service, delivery etc. Maintains discipline

10 Encourages sales people after failures and gives recognition where due for a job well done. Control:

Sets standards of work performance and conduct

Establishes frequency of customer contact

3 Maintains a record system to provide an analysis of performance of sales team by each individual reporting

Evaluates the performance of each individual sales person

Constantly reviews the performance record of each sales person

Determines in what areas performance is on target

7 Investigates what areas are off target, investigates the cause of under performance and takes immediate action to get on target