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ACCOUNT TEST FOR THE HEADMASTERS AND HEADMISTRESSES OF SECONDARY AND TRAINING SCHOOLS, APRIL/OCTOBER, 200 . ANDHRA PRADESH. Note:- (1) Before filling the form, the candidates should carefully read the instructions printed overleaf and act accordingly. (2) Applications should reach the concerned District Educational Officers on or before the last date prescribed for the payment of fees through the proper channel. (To be filled in the office)


______________________________________________________________________________ 1. (a) (b) 2. Name of the candidate (in full) in block letters. Sex

Nationality Religion (Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe)

3. 4. 5.

Date of Birth Centre at which cand idate desires to be examined. Period of service as Headmaster, Headmistress, L.T. or B.Ed., Assistant. (1) (2) (3) (4) Name of the School where employed Whether permanent or temporary Highest General educational and professional Qualification passed If L.T. or B.Ed., Assistant whether he/she has Completed his/her period of probation in that Cadre with reference to paragraph 2 of the Notification inviting applications.



Examination fee paid, Challan No 20 0 ..Date Name of the Treasury (Challan to be enclosed) Reg.No. passed Papers passed if any previously II (Mention previous Register No. Year and is not the Name of the Centre of the Examination) should be



Name of Paper Paper I / Paper (Paper which passed scored out)


Papers in which the candidate desires to be examined. (Paper in which the candidate is not appearing should be scored out). Postal address (in full) in Block letters. (Two self-addressed envelops) of size 9X4 should be enclosed). Photograph and Identification marks : PHOTO Passport size (Bust photo should be affixed here)

Paper-I/Paper II



1. 2.

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

The particulars furnished in this application are correct to the best of my knowledge.

Station : Date : ..200 Signature of the Candidate. Station . Signature of the Officer who has affixed Date 200 and attested the photograph. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______


I hereby certify that I have verified the above entries, with reference to the records of this office and I am satisfied that they are correct. The candidate is eligible to appear for the examination. An attested photograph of the candidate is affixed on the application form and on the Hall Ticket-cum-Identification Certificate Form. Counter-Signature of the District Educational Officer. Parishad District200 School Municipal Secretary Secretary, Zilla Correspondent, Aided Secondary



ACCOUNT TEST FOR THE HEADMASTERS AND HEADMISTRESSES OF SECONDARY AND TRAINING SCHOOLS, APRIL/OCTOBER, 200 . ANDHRA PRADESH. This is to certify that _________________________________is a candidate for the above test to be held at __________________________(Centre) in April/October, 200 His/Her Register Number is________________________ He/She should enter this number only and not name in the answer books. (By Order) Office of the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad. SECRETARY

NOTE:- All entries excepting the register numbers should be filled up by the forwarding authority. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES Signature of the candidate Certified that ________________________________________ PHOTO Passport size (Bust Photo should be affixed here). Is a candidate for the above examination and his/her signature was taken in my presence. His/Her date of birth is He/She.Ft ..Inches in height and bears the following clear marks of . identification. 1. 2. Station _____________________________________________ . . _____________________________________________ Signature of the Attesting (Executive) Authority With Designation.

Dated200 .

Counter-Signature of the District Educational Officer .. District ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. NOTE : 1.The photographs should be affixed and attested by the Executive Authority of the Local Bodies. 2.The attesting officers signature should be right across the Photograph extending over the blank space also.


1. Candidates should have their Hall Ticket-cum-Identification Certificate ready with them for inspection by the Superintendent of the examination centre at any time during the examinations. 2. The Hall Ticket-cum-Identification Certificate should be preserved by the candidate even after the examination until the results are announced and produced if demanded during this time. 3. A copy of the time-table and instructions issued therein should be scrupulously observed. 4. Candidates should carefully scrutinise the nominal rolls put up on the Board a day or two before the commencement of the examination and inform the Chief Superintendent immediately, if there is any mistake relating to name, register, number as given in the hall ticket, subjects offering, medium, etc. If they fail to report promptly to the Chief Superintendent any omissions or mistakes in the nominal roll, the entire responsibility rests with the candidates.

Certificate of the Chief Superintendent of the Examination Centre Certified that the identification of the candidate has been verified against the photo and identification marks and state that the bonafide candidate has appeared for the examination. Centre . Date Signature of the Chief Superintendent

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. Hall tickets will be sent to the Head of the Training Institution in respect of regular candidates. In the case of private candidates they will be sent to them directly in the self-addressed envelope enclosed to the application by them. Full postal address should be furnished by private candidates. All communications will be sent to the address given in column 11 of the application. Requests for the change of the address will not ordinarily be attended to. Wrong and incomplete information furnished against any item of the application will run the risk of rejection of the same. In submitting an application for admission to the examination the candidate will be deemed to have given an undertaking that he will abide by all rules inforce and those to be brought into effect hereunder. The fee for the examination is as follows : For Telugu and Urdu Pandits





-- Rs.10 each


The fee once paid will neither be refunded nor reserved for a subsequent examination under any circumstances. The subject of the examination is as follows:-



1. 2.

Child Nature and School Management Methods of Teaching Telugu / Urdu.

There is no compartmental pass system in the said examination. 8. Information furnished in column 3 of the application is for statistical purpose and cannot be adduced against the other admitted records.

IMPORTANT: It is found that several Hall Tickets despatched by their office do not reach their destination are returned to this office by postal authorities. This is mainly due to the incomplete and illegible address furnished by the private candidates. As such to ensure safe and prompt delivery of the Hall Tickets all private candidates are required to enclose a Self-addressed envelope of 9x42.c.m.