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Allegro changelog for 5.0.x series ********************************** See `changes._tx' for changes in earlier versions of Allegro.

These lists serve as summaries; the full histories are in the Subversion repository. Changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4 (August 2011) ***************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Matthew Leverton, Elias Pschernig, Jon Rafkind, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang and torhu. Core: * Restore searching of directories on PATH for DLLs to load on Windows. * Fix crash on shutdown in headless Unix environment (no X11 display). * Change all instances of al_malloc + memset(0) to al_calloc. Graphics: * Save memory in OpenGL case by freeing bitmap memory after uploading a texture. Use a temporary buffer when converting lock buffer back to native texture format. * Don't release or refresh memory or sub-bitmaps when D3D device gets lost/found. * Do not set D3D sub bitmaps to modified when first creating them. This can cause major slowdowns when creating a lot of sub-bitmaps and is likely responsible for slow font performance/startup when using D3D. * Fix incorrect number of display formats in D3D (tobing). * Honor ALLEGRO_VSYNC in the WGL driver. * Make titlebar icons the right size on Windows. * Fix typo causing weird results of al_get_monitor_info on X. * Don't setup FBO for a sub-bitmap whose parent is locked. * Specialise ADD/ONE/INVERSE_ALPHA blend mode software scanline drawers. * Toggle ALLEGRO_VIDEO_BITMAP flag off when creating a memory bitmap (both bits were previously on). * Add null bitmap assertion to al_clone_bitmap. Input: * New system for mapping extended keys in Windows keyboard driver.

Mainly for getting the same keycode for numpad keys independently of the state of Num Lock. * More reliable updating of the toggle modifiers in Windows keyboard driver (Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock). Timers: * Fix race conditions when starting timers from different threads. Audio addons: * Don't mix into a global temporary sample buffer, causing noise when two separate mixers are trying to run in parallel. * Make it possible to start/stop an audio stream which is attached to a voice. * ALSA voices could not be resumed after being stopped, because the update threads quit as soon as a voice is stopped. * OpenAL backend did not handle the case where _al_voice_update returns less than a full buffer. * Attempt to load FLAC and Vorbis DLLs only once to avoid Windows popping up too many error windows. Native dialogs addon: * al_show_native_messagebox() on Windows: add UTF-8 support; show heading; show information icon by default. TTF addon: * Reduce memory usage. * Don't make multiple passes over strings when computing text dimensions. Build system: * Make sure static builds on Windows never use DLL_TLS (Zac Evans). * Made compilation possible with different combinations of Xinerama, XF86VidMode, or Randr being present. * cmake: Use find_path HINTS instead of PATHS in our DirectX SDK scripts. * cmake: Search for D3DX9 once instead of multiple times (John-Kim Murphy). * cmake: Find FLAC/Ogg/Vorbis libraries under the names generated by the official MSVC project files. * Include zlib.h explicitly for libpng 1.5.

Examples: * Add multisampling to SPEED example. Change examples to use ALLEGRO_SUGGEST for multisampling. * Include the font for under OSX within the bundle so it can be run by double clicking. * Use default blending/pre-multiplied alpha in ex_blend2. Other: * Various documentation updates. * Fix minor memory leaks. Bindings: * Better way to make the Python wrapper work with both Python 2 and 3. * Include Windows-specific functions in the Python wrapper. Changes from to 5.0.3 (May 2011) **************************************** Input: * Fixed keyboard repeat for extended keys on Windows. Added ALLEGRO_KEY_MENU. (torhu) * Make Delete key in Windows send KEY_CHAR event with unichar code 127 (Peter Wang). Filesystem: * al_remove_filename returned false even if successful (reported by xpolife). Graphics: * On OpenGL ES 1.1, glReadPixels can only read 4 byte pixels (Trent Gamblin). Font addon: * Fix a small memory leak when unregistering a handler with al_register_font_loader (Trent Gamblin). Primitives addon: * Fix assertion failures when drawing al_draw_ellipse, al_draw_arc, al_draw_rounded_rectangle, al_draw_filled_rounded_rectangle at very small scales (reported by Carl Olsson).

Native dialogs addon: * gtk: Fix truncated string if the final button contained a non-ASCII character (Peter Wang). Other: * Minor build fixes and documentation updates. Changes from 5.0.2 to (April 2011) ****************************************** * Fix regression on Windows where the keyboard state was not updated unless the keyboard event source is registered to an event queue. Changes from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2 (April 2011) **************************************** Input: * Fix inverted mouse wheel on X11. * Make unicode field in KEY_CHAR events zero for Fn, arrow keys, etc. for OS X (jmasterx, Peter Hull). * Support ALLEGRO_KEY_PAD_ENTER and detect left/right Alt and Ctrl keys independently on Windows (torhu, Matthew Leverton). Changes from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1 (March 2011) **************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Peter Wang. Other contributions noted in-line. Graphics: * Automatically destroy framebuffer objects (FBOs) created for non-memory bitmaps after a while. This solves the problem of running out of resources if you set many different target bitmaps. * Make al_get_opengl_fbo attempt to create an FBO if one doesn't exist. * Avoid very small textures in Direct3D. * Do not sync from memory when first creating/uploading a bitmap (D3D). * Try to fix the problem of the taskbar appearing above fullscreen windows on Windows. * Center the window after toggling fullscreen on Windows. Input: * Support 4-way mouse-wheel and up to 32 mouse buttons in X11. Audio addons:

* Avoid buffer overrun while reading from vorbis files. * Added optional support for Tremor in place of libvorbis on any platform. * Do not prefer DirectSound with OpenAL. This can cause problems and also will override user config. * Play silence where needed in DirectSound driver. TTF addon: * Do not hold bitmap drawing when changing target bitmap, which is invalid and caused transformations to be misapplied. * Remove FBO for a cache bitmap once we are no longer adding glyphs to it. Build system: * Force "default" visibility of _al_mangled_main on OS X, otherwise the dynamic linker cannot find the symbol if building with XCode4 (Owen Anderson and Peter Hull). * Generated pkg-config files should take into account LIB_SUFFIX variable (Cristian Morales Vega). * Update allegro_font pkg-config file to not require allegro_primitives. Documentation: * Various documentation updates. * Add copy of DejaVu font licence. Bindings: * Add allegro_main addon to the Python wrapper. Make the wrapper work with Python 3, which has a different string representation. Add parameter type checking for custom types. Changes from 5.0.0 RC5 to 5.0.0 (February 2011) *********************************************** Color addon: * Use colour names from CSS. This is the same as the previous list but with all grey/gray alternatives. Documentation: * Minor documentation updates. Changes from 5.0.0 RC4 to 5.0.0 RC5 (February 2011)

*************************************************** The main developers this time were: Thomas Fjellstrom, Trent Gamblin, Peter Hull, Matthew Leverton and Peter Wang. Other contributions noted in-line. System: * Load allegro5.cfg from the directory containing the executable, not the initial working directory. Graphics: * Make al_get_monitor_info return success code. * Replace al_set_new_display_adaptor(-1) with a named constant ALLEGRO_DEFAULT_DISPLAY_ADAPTER. * Fix numerous bugs in X mode setting and multi monitor related code, and introduce new xrandr code. * Generate ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_LEAVE_DISPLAY when mouse leaves OS X window (Evert Glebbeek). * Hide OS X window during exiting fullscreen window mode, to prevent the hideous misaligned animation from showing. * Fix erroneous assertions in OpenGL backend. * Added a hack which makes OpenGL mode work under Wine for me (Elias Pschernig). * Add support for some al_get_display_options in D3D port. Keyboard: * Don't send KEY_CHAR events for modifier and dead keys (with contributions from torhu). * Don't send KEY_DOWN events for non-physical key events. * osx: Allow unicode entry (single keypresses only). * x11: Set the keycode field in KEY_CHAR events to the code of the last key pressed, as stated in the documentation, even if the char is due to a compose sequence. * x11: Get rid of historic behaviour where the unicode field is always zero when Alt is held down. * Rename ALLEGRO_KEY_EQUALS_PAD to ALLEGRO_KEY_PAD_EQUALS for consistency. Mouse: * Add al_grab_mouse and al_ungrab_mouse. Implemented on X11 and Windows.

* Allow the user configure a key binding to toggle mouse grabbing on a window. * Support horizontal mouse wheel on Windows (jmasterx). * Calculate Y position for al_set_mouse_xy correctly in OS X windowed mode (X-G). * Use more appropriate CURSOR_LINK cursor on OS X (X-G). * Assign different button IDs for separate touches on iPhone (Micha Cicho ). * iphone: Remove fake mouse move events as they're unncessary and can cause problems with user input tracking. Filesystem: * Clean up al_get_standard_path(): remove SYSTEM_DATA, SYSTEM_SETTINGS, PROGRAM paths; add RESOURCES and USER_DOCUMENTS paths. Use system API calls if possible. * Implement ALLEGRO_USER_DATA_PATH under Linux. Honor XDG_DATA/CONFIG_HOME environment variables. * Fix al_make_directory on Windows due to problems with calls to stat() with trailing slashes. Native dialogs addon: * Use string arguments to al_create_native_file_dialog() and al_get_native_file_dialog_path() instead of ALLEGRO_PATH. * Enhance the Windows file selector (initial patch by Todd Cope): * Use Windows' folder selector for ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER_FOLDER. * Implement patterns. * Display the title of the dialog that the user specified.

Primitives addon: * Fix changing the D3D blender state without updating the cached state. TTF addon: * Align glyphs in ttf font sheets so as to work around problems with forced S3TC compression with some OpenGL drivers (Elias Pschernig). Examples: * SPEED: add full screen flag, use standard paths for highscores and data.

Build system: * Check PulseAudio backend will compile before enabling support. * Give a louder warning if FLAC/Vorbis/DUMB compile tests fail. Other: * Many leaks fixed on OS X. * Minor bug fixes and documentation updates. Changes from 5.0.0 RC3 to 5.0.0 RC4 (December 2010) *************************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Matthew Leverton, Elias Pschernig, Peter Wang. Graphics: * d3d: Don't generate intermediate resize events during modal resize loop. * Optimize D3D9 driver by caching blender state and scissor rectangle so redundant calls to D3D9 functions are avoided (Micha Cicho ). * gl: Use glGenerateMipmapEXT to generate mipmaps when FBOs are used. * x11: Don't restore display mode if another fullscreen display is active. Input: * iphone: Reverse button/axis events that were swapped at some point. File I/O: * Change the way user code implements new ALLEGRO_FILE structures. This adds al_create_file_handle and al_get_file_userdata. * Implement default ungetc behavior - used if the interface does not supply its own. * Add al_fopen_interface. Memfile addon: * Implement ungetc. * Add rw file modes. * Rename header to allegro_memfile.h. * Add documentation.

Image I/O addon: * Fix endian issues in TGA and Mac OS X image loaders. Other: * Use _NSGetExecutablePath for al_get_standard_path(ALLEGRO_EXENAME_PATH) on OS X (Jeff Connelly). * Minor bug fixes and documentation updates. Changes from 5.0.0 RC2 to 5.0.0 RC3 (December 2010) *************************************************** The main developers this time were: Micha Cicho , Trent Gamblin, Peter Wang. Graphics: * Honour subbitmap clipping rectangle under OpenGL (Elias Pschernig). * Fix an error in the Direct3D primitives blending. * al_set_new_window_position() did not have an effect for resizable windows on X11. * Fix windows only showing up on first monitor on X11 (Thomas Fjellstrom). * Implement al_get_monitor_info() for iDevices. Input: * Separate character inputs from physical key down events. This removes unichar and modifiers fields from ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_DOWN, and replaces ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_REPEAT by ALLEGRO_EVENT_KEY_CHAR. We decided this design flaw was better fixed now than later. * Make Mac OS X keyboard driver properly distinguish key down and key repeat events. TTF addon: * Respect ALLEGRO_NO_PREMULTIPLIED_ALPHA flag when loading TTF fonts. Other: * Fix returning a garbage pointer in maybe_load_library_at_cwd (Vadik Mironov). * Remove dependency on dxguid. * Minor compilation fixes and documentation updates. Changes from 5.0.0 RC1 to 5.0.0 RC2 (December 2010)

*************************************************** The developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig and Peter Wang. System: * Add al_is_system_installed and hide al_get_system_driver. * Prevent 'DLL hijacking' security issue on Windows. Graphics: * Change to using premultiplied alpha by default. The new bitmap flag ALLEGRO_NO_PREMULTIPLIED_ALPHA was added. * Change the value of ALLEGRO_VIDEO_BITMAP to non-zero. * Change al_get_opengl_version to return a packed integer. * Made al_get_opengl_version return an OpenGL ES version (if using OpenGL ES) rather than an attempted estimate at a desktop GL version. * Added function al_get_opengl_variant that returns either ALLEGRO_DESKTOP_OPENGL or ALLEGRO_OPENGL_ES. * Make al_have_opengl_extension return bool. * Fix OpenGL graphics mode height value on Windows. * Only try to create one Direct3D display at a time. * Make screensaver activate on Windows Vista and above unless inhibited. * Avoid potential divide-by-zeroes when computing the refresh rate in X11 video modes. Events: * Delete an incorrect mutex destroy in al_unregister_event_source. Input: * Revert the joystick driver used on OS X 10.4 to the pre-hotplugging version, rather than one which contained an earlier attempt at implementing hotplugging. Select the 10.4 or greater joystick driver at runtime. iPhone: * Added two iPhone-specific functions: al_iphone_override_screen_scale and al_iphone_program_has_halted. Image I/O addon: * Made the iPhone and OSX image loaders not try and correct colors

to some arbitrary color space, but instead use the values directly from the image. Native dialogs addon: * Tolerate null display in al_show_native_file_dialog on Windows. * Make GTK native dialog implementation only call GTK from a single thread. * Define al_show_native_message_box to be usable without installing Allegro. Primitives addon: * Make primitives addon compilable again without OpenGL. Examples: * ex_ttf: Test the monochrome flag. * Work around problems with MSVC and UTF-8 string literals. ex_utf8 is now not built under MSVC. * Don't use WIN32 executable type on examples that require the console (David Capello). Other: * Minor bug fixes and documentation updates. Changes from 4.9.22 to 5.0.0 RC1 (November 2010) ************************************************ The developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Graphics: * Make al_resize_display keep the original resolution (or change back) if it can't set the users request, on Windows. * Do not emit ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_RESIZE events from the Windows and X11 display drivers when using al_resize_display. * [X11] Make al_get_num_display_modes and al_get_display_mode work if the adapter is set to default. Right now there was no way to query the modes of the default monitor. * [X11] Use _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN hint for "true" fullscreen displays. Enable mouse grabbing in fullscreen modes. * Added ALLEGRO_EVENT_DISPLAY_ORIENTATION and implement it on iOS. * Dennis Busch fixed a problem with displays not showing up on the primary display by default in some dual head setups, on Windows. * Increase the precision of texture coordinate deltas in the

software triangle renderer, from floats to doubles. * Remove al_get_frontbuffer(). It wasn't implemented anywhere. * Implement min/mag filter and mipmap flags for Direct3D. Input: * Report correct initial mouse position if a display is created with the mouse pointer inside, or if the mouse routines are installed after a display is created (X11, Windows). * John Murphy fixed improperly mapped axes on the Windows joystick driver. Events: * Do not register user event sources with the destructor system as it cannot work reliably. User event sources must be destroyed manually. Filesystem: * Make al_get_fs_entry_name and al_get_current_directory return strings instead of ALLEGRO_PATH. * Make al_make_directory create parent directories as needed. * Fix al_create_fs_entry to not trim the root path "/" down to the empty string with the stdio backend. Path routines: * Remove al_make_path_absolute and replace it by al_rebase_path. * Remove undocumented behavior of setting a default organization name of "allegro" for all apps. * Correctly return standard paths as directories on OS X. Threads: * Rename al_wait_cond_timed to al_wait_cond_until to match al_wait_cond_until. Config routines: * Add a blank line between sections when writing out a config file. Other core: * Move the Windows event loops back into the same thread as the D3D event loop. It's a requirement of D3D, else you can get crashes as I was when resetting the device (like tabbing away from a fullscreen app).

* Add some missing standard entries to the OS X menu bar (the "hide", "hide others" and the window list, mainly). Audio addon: * Automatically stop sample instances which point to a buffer of a sample which is about to be destroyed with al_destroy_sample. * alsa: Resume properly after suspending. Image I/O addon: * Make GDI+ support compile cleanly with the headers that come with MinGW package w32api-3.15. * Speed up PNG and BMP saving, and NSImageFromAllegroBitmap loading. TTF addon: * Add a flag for loading TTFs without anti-aliasing (ALLEGRO_TTF_MONOCHROME). PhysicsFS addon: * Make PhysFS implementation of al_get_current_directory return "/", not NULL. Primitives addon: * Fix several failed sub-bitmap related unit tests on Windows. * Made thick outlined triangles look nicer when the triangles are very thin. * Add a debug-only check for primitives addon initialization to aid in code portability. Examples: * Added example demonstrating the effect of premultiplied alpha. * Make 'F' toggle fullscreen window in SPEED (in-game). * Minor improvements to the a5teroids demo. Documentation: * Many documentation updates. * Add list of contributors and a readme for packagers. * Make make_doc tool build cleanly on MSVC, and work around a problem with recent version of Pandoc on Windows. * Improve styling of PDF output.

* Add generated man pages to archives. Bindings: * Implemented array types in the Python wrapper. Changes from 4.9.21 to 4.9.22 (September 2010) ********************************************** The developers this time included: Micha Cicho , Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Angelo Mottola, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov and Peter Wang. System: * Allow the X11 port to initialise without an X server connection. Graphics: * Fix many bugs with bitmap locking. * Fix many bugs to do with transformations, flipping and clipping. * Fix many bugs to do with sub-bitmaps as source and destination. * Renamed al_draw_[tinted_]rotated_scaled_bitmap to al_draw_[tinted_]scaled_rotated_bitmap to match the parameter order. * Reimplemented bitmap software rendering routines using newly optimised software triangle renderer, formerly in the primitives addon. * Add pixel_size field to ALLEGRO_LOCKED_REGION. * Fix bugs to do with pixel alignment on OpenGL. * Fix OpenGL pixel transfer of 15 bpp formats, where Allegro does not Allegro does not care whether the unused bit is set or not, but when transferring to OpenGL it will be interpreted as an alpha bit. * Disabled support for drawing a bitmap into itself. * Changed specification of al_draw_*bitmap to not allow transformation and ignore blending/tinting when the screen itself is being drawn (except when drawn into a memory bitmap). * Allow bitmap regions to be outside the bitmap area in drawing routines. * Added al_add_new_bitmap_flag convenience function. * Added three new bitmaps flags ALLEGRO_MAG_LINEAR, ALLEGRO_MIN_LINEAR, ALLEGRO_MIPMAP. Removed the config settings for linear/anisotropic min/mag filtering. DirectX side not yet updated. * Register destructors for bitmaps, so they will be implicitly

destroyed when Allegro is shut down. This was only true for some bitmaps previously. * Don't allocate memory buffers for video bitmaps when using OpenGL. * Make al_get_opengl_extension_list() return NULL if called on a non-GL display. * Fix al_create_display for OpenGL forward compatible contexts. * Add al_set_current_opengl_context as an explicit way to set the OpenGL context. * Rename al_is_opengl_extension_supported to al_have_opengl_extension. * Produce more accurate/correct color when going from less to more bits per component. * Fix al_set_new_window_position() everywhere. * Avoid potential deadlock if resizing window to the same size on X11. * Fixed turning off vsync in X11. * Added al_is_d3d_device_lost function. * Dynamically load dinput and d3d DLLs on Windows. * Replaced PeekMessage with GetMessage in window event loops for the D3D and WGL drivers (David Capello). Input: * Added hotplugging support for joysticks on Linux, Windows and OS X. * Added al_reconfigure_joysticks function. * Merged all joystick devices under a single joystick event source. * Removed al_get_joystick_number. * Add al_is_joystick_installed. * The OS X joystick driver was rewritten; it requires OS X 10.5. The older driver still exists for OS X 10.4 and earlier but is in a semi-updated state with regards to hotplugging. * Allow user to override joystick device paths in the config file (Linux). * Fix iphone touch input and clipping for modes other than w=768,h=1024. * Fixed missing mouse movement messages on IPhone on touch-up/down. Also changed how mouse buttons are reported - always as button 1 now.

Config: * Give config iterators proper types instead of void *. * Make al_get_system_config() always return non-NULL if a system driver is installed. Events: * Rename al_event_queue_is_empty to al_is_event_queue_empty (with compatibility define). Timers: * Add al_add_timer_count function. * Rename al_timer_is_started to al_get_timer_started. * Rename al_current_time to al_get_time (with compatibility define). File I/O: * Add al_open_fs_entry to open a file handle from an FS_ENTRY. * Add al_fclearerr. * Set ALLEGRO_FILEMODE_HIDDEN flag on entries for file names beginning with dot (OS X). * Remove al_is_path_present, al_fs_entry_is_directory, al_fs_entry_is_file (all trivial). Primitives addon: * Optimised most of the software rendering routines by a lot. * Triangle drawer was skipping pixels in very thin triangles. * Handle lost d3d devices better. * Fix some bugs found during testing. Image I/O addon: * Fix native image loader on Mac OS X: images that were not 72 dpi would be rescaled to a smaller size. * Added native bitmap saving support for OSX. * Fix jpeg saving when locked region has negative pitch. Native dialogs addon: * Add Windows and OS X text log implementations.

* Add ALLEGRO_FILECHOOSER and ALLEGRO_TEXTLOG types instead of conflating them into ALLEGRO_NATIVE_DIALOG. * Fix race condition in al_open_native_text_log. * Rename al_destroy_native_dialog to al_destroy_native_file_dialog. * Rename al_get_native_dialog_event_source to al_get_native_text_log_event_source. * Speed up text log appending by making the reader/writers asynchronous. * Register destructors for file chooser and text log dialogs. * Fix file chooser on Windows returning multiple selections with slashes appended to filenames. If an initial path was specified then the dialog wouldn't open at all; fixed. * Let native dialog functions fail gracefully. Audio addons: * Init destructors even if audio driver fails to install. * Dynamically load dsound DLL on Windows. Font addons: * Added al_shutdown_ttf_addon. * Prevent SIGSEGV for double-closing a file in the TTF addon if it is not a valid font file. * Make al_grab_font_from_bitmap not cause a segmentation fault if the bitmap is garbage. * Some TTF fonts would not render right at small sizes; fixed. * Make al_destroy_font ignore NULL. Tests: * Added a test suite (finally). * Add a shell script to produce test coverage results using lcov. Examples: * Add ex_haiku, an example based on Mark Oates's Haiku game. Mark generously agreed to let us include it as an Allegro example. * Added a new example ex_joystick_hotplugging. * Added a new example ex_filter.

* Make ex_fs_window work on MSVC. * Allow a5teroids to run without audio, or if audio data doesn't load. Build system: * Re-added CMake option that allows forced static linking of libFLAC. * Replaced the old iphone xcode project with a cmake iphone toolchain. Documentation: * Many updates to the reference manual. Bindings: * Added a workaround to the Python wrapper for a Mingw bug. Changes from 4.9.20 to 4.9.21 (July 2010) ***************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Matthew Leverton, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Graphics: * Fixed the mis-termed "blend color". There is no more color state. * al_set*_blender functions lose the color parameter. * Added 5 new bitmap drawing functions al_draw_tinted*_bitmap with a color parameter. The parameter is used just like the "blend color" before. * All text drawing functions gain a color parameter and use it like they used the "blend color" before. * Primitive drawing functions previously sometimes (and sometimes not) used the "blend color". Not any longer. * Make the current blending mode thread-local state instead of per-display state. * Add explicit display arguments to functions which require a display, but don't require the rendering context to be current. * Make al_set_target_bitmap change the current display as necessary. al_set_target_bitmap(NULL) releases the rendering context. * Add al_set_target_backbuffer as a convenience. * Remove al_set_current_display. * Give each bitmap its own transformation, i.e. every bitmap has a

transformation, which is in effect when that bitmap is the target. * Remove sub-bitmap clip-to-parent restriction on create. Add out-of-bounds blitting support to memory bitmaps. * Merge sub-bitmap and parent bitmap clipping; clip source bitmap to (0,0)-(w,h); fix flipping to/from clipped bitmaps. * Made mouse cursors independent of displays. You may create cursors without a display, and you may use a cursor with any display. * Rename al_{set,get}_current_video_adapter to *new_display_adapter for consistency. * Move the new display video adapter and new window position to thread-local state, like other new display parameters. Make al_store_state also save those parameters with ALLEGRO_STATE_NEW_DISPLAY_PARAMETERS. * Rename al_transform_transform to al_compose_transform. Switched the order of parameters in al_compose_transform and al_copy_transform to match the rest of the transform functions. * Made memory bitmap manipulation without a display possible (again?). * Fixed window resizing in D3D driver. Simplify resize-postponing on Windows. * Make al_create_display abort early when the new_display_adapter is greater than the screen count (X11). * Added ALLEGRO_MINIMIZED flag to the X11 port. * Fixed OpenGL version string parsing (bug #3016654). Other core: * Renamed al_install_timer to al_create_timer, and al_uninstall_timer to al_destroy_timer. * Rename al_{get,set}_{appname,orgname} to *app_name and *org_name. * Fix assertion failure in al_create_mutex_recursive on Windows (spoofle). Primitives addon: * Made the D3D driver of the primitives addon work with multiple displays. Also made it handle the display being destroyed properly. * Simplified shader recreating on thread destruction when using the primitives addon with D3D. * Avoid double free when shutting down the primitives addon multiple times. * Older Intel cards don't implement DrawIndexedPrimitiveUP

correctly. Altered the D3D code to work around that. Audio addon: * Allow setting the DirectSound buffer size via allegro5.cfg. Image addon: * Make GDI+ image loader work with MinGW. Font addon: * Nicolas Martyanoff added al_get_font_descent/ascent functions which query per-font properties. Previously it was necessary to call al_get_text_dimensions (which now just reports the text dimensions as it should). Native dialogs addon: * Add text log window functions (GTK only for now). Documentation: * Many updates to the reference manual. * Improve styling and add Allegro version to HTML pages. * Separated readme_a5.txt into multiple files, and hopefully improve them. Build system: * Remove INSTALL_PREFIX. Windows users can now use CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to set the install path. * Allow the user to place dependencies in a subdirectory "deps", which will be automatically searched. Examples: * Use text log windows in many examples. * Add ex_noframe: test bitmap manipulation without a display. Bindings: * Update Python bindings. Changes from 4.9.19 to 4.9.20 (May 2010) **************************************** The developers this time were: Thomas Fjellstrom, Evert Glebbeek, Matthew Leverton, Milan Mimica, Paul Suntsov, Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Peter Wang. With significant contributions from Micha Cicho .

Core: * Add al_malloc, al_free, et al. These are now used consistently throughout Allegro and its addons. * Replace al_set_memory_management_functions by a simpler function, al_set_memory_interface. * Renamed some D3D/Windows specific functions to follow the al_{verb}_{stuff} convention. Graphics: * Move image I/O framework to core, i.e. al_load_bitmap, al_save_bitmap and bitmap file type registration. Image codecs remain in allegro_image. * Added a simple display capabilities querying capability to al_get_display_option: ALLEGRO_MAX_BITMAP_SIZE, ALLEGRO_SUPPORT_NPOT_BITMAP, ALLEGRO_CAN_DRAW_INTO_BITMAP, ALLEGRO_SUPPORT_SEPARATE_ALPHA. (OpenGL only for now) * Fix in OpenGL 3.0 context creation. * Make the extensions mechanism compatible with OpenGL version >= 3. Declared symbols needed by OpenGL 3.2 and 3.3 and brought OpenGL extensions up to date. * Fix an assertion in _al_draw_bitmap_region_memory so it does not trigger when source and destination are the same bitmap. * Fix some locking issues by setting GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT and GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT before reading/writing pixels. * Partial implementation of ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW on OS X (Snow Leopard, probably Leopard). * Started X11 fullscreen support (resolution switching). * Fix handling of X11 size hints. * Fixed a deadlock related to fullscreen windows under X11 caused by using a nested lock for a condition variable. * Use _NET_WM_ICON to set icon on X11 instead of XSetWMHints. * Get the iPhone OpenGL version more properly. Only use separate blending on iPhone with OpenGL ES 2.0+. * Release the splash view and windows on iPhone, which makes backgrounding Allegro apps on OS 4.0 work. * Updated iphone port for IPad (only tested in the simulator). Input: * Disabled Raw Input code in Windows. Mouse events now reflect system cursor movements even in fullscreen mode.

* Prevent late WM_MOUSELEAVE notifications from overriding mouse state display field (Windows). * Update pollable mouse state with axes events as well as button events on iPhone. Filesystem: * Made the filesystem entry functions work under Windows even if the name passed to al_create_fs_entry has a trailing slash or backslash. Config routines: * Add al_{load,save}_config_file_f. * Reorder al_save_config_file* arguments to match al_save_bitmap and al_save_sample. * Optimise config routines to work well for thousands of keys/sections. Image addon: * Added a GDI+ implementation of the image codecs, which will be used in favour of libjpeg/libpng if Allegro is compiled with MSVC. Then allegro_image will not require JPEG/PNG DLLs at runtime. * Removed format specific image functions. * Fixed bug in native png loader on iphone: was using the source color space instead of the target color space which made it fail whenever they differed (alpha-less paletted pictures). * Add an autorelease pool around iphone native image loading to stop memory leaks. Font addons: * Sever the tie between allegro_font and allegro_image. The user needs to initialise the image addon separately now. * Rename al_load_ttf_font_entry to al_load_ttf_font_f. * Fixed problem with glyph precision after applying transformations in the ttf addon. Primitives addon: * Added al_init_primitives addon function. This is now required. * Removed ALLEGRO_PRIM_COLOR; ALLEGRO_COLOR can now be used where it was required. * v textures coordinates were off for OpenGL non-power-of-two

textures. * Free the vertex cache in al_destroy_display on X11. * Added the dummy vertex shader support to D3D driver of the primitives addon. Without this, custom vertices either resulted in warnings or outright crashes on some systems. * Bring D3D driver up to speed a little bit: transformations now work properly with sub-bitmap targets; the half-pixel offset now properly interacts with transformations; al_set_target_bitmap does not clear the transformation; the proper transformation is set at display creation. * Cull the primitives that are completely outside the clipping region. * Scale the numbers of vertices for the curvy primitives with the scale of the current transformation. Audio addon: * Remove driver parameter from al_install_audio. * Rename al_get_depth_size to al_get_audio_depth_size. * Rename al_get_audio_stream_buffer to al_get_audio_stream_fragment. * Many improvements to AQueue driver. Audio codecs: * Add MOD/S3M/XM/IT file support, using the DUMB library. * Revert to a monolithic allegro_acodec addon, i.e. remove separate allegro_flac, allegro_vorbis addons. WAV file support is in allegro_acodec. * Implement DLL loading for FLAC/Vorbis/DUMB on Windows. allegro_acodec will load the DLL at runtime to enable support for that format. If your program does not require said format, you don't need to distribute the DLL. * Remove format-specific loader/saver audio codec functions. * Make acodec loaders have consistent file closing behaviour. * Optimised wave file loading. Examples: * Make SPEED port run acceptably on graphics drivers without FBOs. Documentation: * Added documentation for the public Direct3D specific functions.

* Documented ALLEGRO_OPENGL_3_0 and ALLEGRO_OPENGL_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE. Other: * Many bug and documentation fixes. Changes from 4.9.18 to 4.9.19 (April 2010) ****************************************** The main developers this time were: Milan Mimica, Trent Gamblin, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Evert Glebbeek and Shawn Hargreaves. Graphics: * Implemented support for transformations for memory bitmaps. * Transformations now work properly when the target bitmap is a sub-bitmap in OpenGL (still broken in D3D). Also fixed OpenGL bitmap drawing in the same scenario (it used to always revert to software drawing). * Use the memory drawers when the source bitmap is the backbuffer with the rotated/scaled bitmaps. * Make al_put_pixel clip even if the bitmap is locked, which was the reason why software primitives were not clipping. * Added al_put_blended_pixel, the blended version of al_put_pixel. * Sub bitmaps of sub bitmaps must be clipped to the first parent. * Don't clear the transformation when setting the target bitmap in OpenGL. * Implemented ALLEGRO_NOFRAME and ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW in WGL. * Set the ALLEGRO_DISPLAY->refresh_rate variable for fullscreen modes under D3D. * Make d3d_clear return immediately if the display is in a lost state. * Rewrote the function that reads the OpenGL version so it works for previously unrecognised versions, and future versions. * Check for framebuffer extension on iPhone properly. * Fixed locking bugs on iPhone. allegro_ttf works now. Input: * Removed al_set_mouse_range. * Don't call al_get_mouse_state if the mouse driver isn't installed (Windows).

* Send events even when the mouse cursor leaves the window, while any buttons are held down (Windows and Mac OS X; X11 already did this). * Allow mouse presses and accelerometer data simultaneously. (iPhone) File I/O: * Optimise al_fread{16,32}* by using only one call to al_fread each. * Optimise al_fgetc() for stdio backend. Path: * Fix an infinite loop in _find_executable_file when searching for the executable on the PATH (Alan Coopersmith). Primitives addon: * Made the software driver for the primitives addon check for blending properly. Also, fixed two line shaders. * Made the D3D driver thread-safe. The whole addon should be thread-safe now. * The addon now officially supports 3D vertices, even though the software component can't draw them yet. * Changed the way the primitives addon handles the OpenGL state (fixes a few bugs and makes life easier for raw-OpenGL people) Image addon: * Optimised BMP, PCX, TGA loaders. * Fix loading 16-bit BMP files. * Fix loading grayscale TGA images. * Nial Giacomelli fixed a bug where images could be corrupt using the native Apple image loader (iPhone). Audio addon: * Add al_is_audio_installed. * Fix al_attach_sample_instance_to_mixer for int16 mixers. * Implement attaching an INT16 mixer to another INT16 mixer. * Handle conversion when an INT16 mixer is attached to a UINT16 voice. Build system:

* Add an option to disable Apple native image loader (iPhone and OS X). * Add ttf addon target to iPhone xcode project. Examples: * Special contribution from Shawn "the Progenitor" Hargreaves. Changes from 4.9.17 to 4.9.18 (March 2010) ****************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Evert Glebbeek, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Milan Mimica, Paul Suntsov, Peter Hull. Graphics: * Fixed broken drawing into memory bitmaps as access to the global transformation required an active display. Now both transformation and current blending mode are stored in the display but provisions are made for them to also work if the current thread has no display. * Fixed a bunch of clipping problems with OpenGL, especially with sub-bitmaps. * Fix bug in OpenGL FBO setup when the target bitmap is the sub-bitmap of a bitmap with an FBO. * Fixed crash in al_get_num_display_modes under OSX 10.5. * Fixed some problems in _al_convert_to_display_bitmap that caused problems in WGL FS display resize. * Fixed al_set_current_display(NULL) on WGL. * Added subtractive blending. al_set_blender() takes another parameter. * Added ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW display flag (X11 and D3D for now). * Allow changing ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW with al_toggle_display_flag. * Figured out how to switch display modes using Carbon on OS X 10.6. * Stop the OpenGL driver on iPhone from changing the currently bound FBO behind our back when locking a bitmap. * Prevent screen flicker at app startup by simulating the splash screen (iPhone). Input: * Added "pressure" field to the mouse event struct and mouse state, which can be used with pressure sensitive pointing devices, i.e. tablets/stylus (currently OS X only).

* Report scroll ball "w" position in mouse event struct, on OS X. * Removed OS X 10.1 specific code from mouse driver. We don't support OS X 10.1 any more. * Fix building of Linux joystick driver on some systems. Threads: * Fix a problem when al_join_thread() is called immediately after al_start_thread(). The thread could be joined before the user's thread function starts at all. * Fix a possible deadlock with al_join_thread() on Windows (thanks to Micha Cicho for the report). * Fix some error messages running threading examples on OS X. Other core: * Added version check to al_install_system. * Rename al_free_path to al_destroy_path for consistency. * Make it possible to have an empty organization name with al_set_org_name(). * Changed implementation of AL_ASSERT to use POSIX-standard assert instead. * Removed al_register_assert_handler. * Fix timer macros which did not parenthesize their arguments. * Make stricmp, strlwr, strupr macros conditionally defined. Audio addon: * Rename al_attach_sample_to_mixer to al_attach_sample_instance_to_mixer. * Fix a premature free() when detaching samples and other audio objects. * Fix mixers attaching to mixers. * Pass correct number of samples to mixer postprocess callback. * AudioQueue code was not compiled even though version requirements may have been met (OS X). Primitives addon: * Make high-level primitives functions thread safe. (note: the DirectX driver is not yet thread safe)

* Fix a bug causing crashes on Windows 7 when using the primitives addon and Direct3D (Invalid vertex declarations were being used). * Fixed another issue with primitives drawing to memory bitmaps. * Hopefully fix the bitmap clipping bugs, and make the D3D and OGL/Software outputs to be near-identical again. Image addon: * Added a "native loader" for MacOS X that uses the NSImage bitmap loading functions. In addition to .png and .jpg, this allows us to read a whole zoo of image formats (listed in allegro.log). * Add native support for tif, jpg, gif, png, BMPf, ico, cur, xbm formats to under IPhone. * Fixed an over-zealous ASSERT() that disallowed passing NULL to al_register_bitmap_loader() despite this being an allowed value. * Avoid using a field which is deprecated in libpng 1.4. Color addon: * Make al_color_name_to_rgb return a bool. Native dialogs addon: * Fixed some erratic behaviour and crashes on OS X. Build system: * Set VERSION and SOVERSION properties on targets to give Unix shared libraries proper sonames. e.g. liballegro[_addon].so.4.9, liballegro[_addon].4.9.dylib * Static libraries are now named without version number suffixes to minimise the differences with the shared libraries, which no longer have the versions in their base names. e.g. liballegro[_addon]-static.a, allegro[_addon]-static.lib * Windows import libraries are also named without version suffixes, e.g. liballegro[_addon].a, allegro[_addon].lib * DLLs are named with a short version suffix, not the full version. e.g. allegro-4.9.dll instead of allegro-4.9.18.dll * Add support for Mac OS X frameworks (untested), which are enabled with WANT_FRAMEWORKS and WANT_EMBED. There is one framework per addon. * Search for static OGG/Vorbis libraries built with MSVC named libogg_static.lib, etc. * Updated iPhone XCode project.

Examples: * ex_mixer_pp: New example to test mixer postprocessing callbacks. * ex_threads: Make it more visually interesting and test out per-display transformations. * ex_ogre3d: New example demonstrating use of Ogre graphics rendering alongside Allegro (currently GLX only). Commented out in the build system for now. * ex_fs_window: New example to test ALLEGRO_FULLSCREEN_WINDOW flag and al_toggle_display_flag. * ex_blend2: Updated to test subtractive blending, including scaled/rotated blits and the primitives addon. * ex_mouse_events: Show "w" field. * ex_prim: Added possibility to click the mouse to advance screens (for iPhone). * ex_vsync: Display config parameters and warning. * ex_gldepth: Make the textures appear again though we're not sure why they disappeared. Documentation: * Many documentation updates. * Add which header file and which library to link with for each page of the reference manual. * Minor improvements to HTML styling and man page output. Changes from 4.9.16 to 4.9.17 (February 2010) ********************************************* The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Evert Glebbeek, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Core: * Removed END_OF_MAIN() everywhere. For MSVC, we pass a linker option through a #pragma. On Mac OS X, we rename main() and call it from a real main() function in the allegro-main addon. The prototype for main() for C++ applications should be "int main(int, char **)", or the code will not compile on OS X. For C, either of the normal ANSI forms is fine. #define ALLEGRO_NO_MAGIC_MAIN disables the #pragma or name mangling, so you can write a WinMain() or use al_run_main() yourself.

Graphics: * Fixed a bug in the OpenGL driver where al_draw_bitmap() wouldn't handle blitting from the back buffer. * Changing the blending color now works with deferred drawing (Todd Cope). * Avoid some problems with window resizing in Windows/D3D. * Added al_get_d3d_texture_position. * Fixed bug under X11 where al_create_display() would always use the display options from the first al_create_display() call. * Properly implemented osx_get_opengl_pixelformat_attributes(). * Fixed automatic detection of colour depth on OS X. * Fixed al_get_num_display_modes() on Mac OS X 10.6. * Removed al_get_num_display_formats, al_get_display_format_option, al_set_new_display_format functions as they can't be implemented on OSX/iPhone/GPX ports (and were awkward to use). * Replaced al_toggle_window_frame function with a new function al_toggle_display_flags. * al_load_bitmap() and al_convert_mask_to_alpha() no longer reset the current transformation. * Add a minimize button to all non-resizable windows on Windows. * The wgl display switch-in/out vtable entries were swapped (Milan Mimica). Input: * Some keycodes were out of order in src/win/wkeyboard.c * Fixed mouse range after resizing window on Windows. * Fixed (or worked around) a joystick axis detection problem on Mac OS X. * Change timer counts from 'long' to 'int64_t'. File I/O: * Remove `ret_success' arguments from al_fread32be/le. allegro-main addon: * Added an "allegro-main" addon to hold the main() function that is required on Mac OS X. This way the user can opt out of it. Primitives addon:

* Added support for sub-bitmap textures in OpenGL driver. * Added support for sub-bitmap textures in D3D driver. Made D3D sub-bitmaps work better with user D3D code. Audio addons: * Changed the _stream suffix to _f in the audio loading functions. * Added the stream versions of loading functions for wav, ogg and flac. * Rename audio I/O functions to al_load_{format}, al_save_{format}, al_load_{format}_f and al_save_{format}_f. * Added al_load_sample_f, al_save_sample_f, al_load_audio_stream_f and the related functions. * Fixed a bug where al_save_sample was improperly handling the extension. * al_drain_audio_stream would hang on an audio stream in the 'playing' state (the default) which wasn't attached to anything. * Fixed a potential deadlock on destroying audio streams by shutting down the audio driver. * Comment out PA_SINK_SUSPENDED check, which breaks the PulseAudio driver, at least on Ubuntu 9.10. * Replace unnecessary uses of `long' in audio interfaces. Image addons: * Fixed return values of al_save_bmp_f and al_save_pcx_f being ignored. * Changed the _stream suffix to _f in the image loading functions. TTF addon: * Drawing TTF fonts no longer resets the current transformation. Build system: * Add the CMake option FLAC_STATIC, required when using MSVC with a static FLAC library. * Link with zlib if linking with PhysicsFS is not enough. * Updated iPhone project files. Documentation: * Many documentation updates.

Examples: * ex_display_options: Added mouse support, query current display settings, display error if a mode can't be set. Bindings: * Made the Python wrapper work under OSX. * Added a CMake option to build the Python wrapper. * Added al_run_main() mainly to support the Python wrapper on OSX. Changes from to 4.9.16 (November 2009) *********************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin and Paul Suntsov. Graphics: * Fixed clipping of the right/bottom edges for the software primitives. * Enable sub-pixel accuracy for rotated blitting in software. * Made the D3D output look closer to the OGL/Software output. * OpenGL driver now respects the 'linear' texture filtering configuration option. Anisotropic is interpreted as linear at this time. * Added deferred bitmap drawing (al_hold_bitmap_drawing). * Made the font addons use deferred bitmap drawing instead of the primitives addon, removing the link between the two addons. * Changed al_transform_vertex to al_transform_coordinates to make the function more versatile. * Transfered transformations from the primitives addon into the core. Added documentation for that, as well as a new example, ex_transform. Transformations work for hardware accelerated bitmap drawing (including fonts) but the software component is not implemented as of yet. Also fixed some bugs inside the code of the transformations. * Increase performance of screen->bitmap blitting in the D3D driver. * Fixed a strange bug with textured primitives (u/v repeat flags were being ignored on occasion). * Added ALLEGRO_VIDEO_BITMAP for consistency. Input: * Work around a memory leak in iPhone OS that occurs when the accelerometer is on during touch input.

Other core: * Don't #define true/false/bool macros in C++. Audio addon: * Some minor cleanups to the Audio Queue driver. Changes from 4.9.15 to (October 2009) ********************************************** * Fixed a problem building on MinGW (dodgy dinput.h). Changes from 4.9.14 to 4.9.15 (October 2009) ******************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Matthew Leverton, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Core: * Set the initial title of new windows to the app name. * Add al_set/get_event_source_data. * Make locking work on bitmaps that didn't have an FBO prior to the call on iPhone. * Make al_get_opengl_fbo work on iPhone. * Made iPhone port properly choose a visual (so depth buffer creation works). Font addon: * Improved drawing speed for longish strings. The font addon now depends on the primitives addon. Primitives addon: * Made the ribbon drawer handle the case of extremely sharp corners more gracefully. * Make al_draw_pixel use blend color in the D3D driver. * Added POINT_LIST to the primitive types. * Various fixes for the D3D driver: fixed line loop drawing; made the indexed primitives a little faster; added workabouts for people with old/Intel graphics cards. * Fall back to software if given a memory bitmap as a texture. * Removed OpenGL state saving code, it was causing massive slowdown when drawing. Also removed glFlush for the same reason. Audio addon:

* Added PulseAudio driver. * Support AudioQueue driver on Mac OS X. * Add al_uninstall_audio exit function. * Added ALLEGRO_EVENT_AUDIO_STREAM_FINISHED event to signify when non-looping streams made with al_load_audio_stream reach the end of the file. * Fixed a deadlock when destroying voices. * Handle underruns in the r/w ALSA updater. * Minor change to the ALSA driver to improve compatibility with PulseAudio. Documentation: * Replaced awk/sh documentation scripts with C programs. Changes from 4.9.13 to 4.9.14 (September 2009) ********************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Evert Glebbeek, Matthew Leverton. Ports: * Elias Pschernig and Trent Gamblin started a iPhone port. Graphics: * Added al_get_opengl_texture_size and al_get_opengl_texture_position functions. * Try to take into account GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT, GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT when locking OpenGL bitmaps. * Fixed all (hopefully) conversion mistakes in the color conversion macros. * Sped up memory blitting, which was using conversion even with identical formats (in some cases). * Make al_set_current_display(NULL); unset the current display. * Added ALLEGRO_LOCK_READWRITE flag for al_lock_bitmap (in place of 0). * Fixed window titles which contain non-ASCII characters in X11. * Added OES_framebuffer_object extension. Input:

* Added a lot more system mouse cursors. * Renamed al_get_cursor_position to al_get_mouse_cursor_position. * Prevent Windows from intercepting ALT for system menus. Filesystem: * Make the path returned by al_get_entry_name() owned by the filesystem entry so the user doesn't need to free it manually. * Renamed the filesystem entry functions, mainly to include "fs_entry" in their names instead of just "entry". * Reordered and renamed ALLEGRO_FS_INTERFACE members. * Make al_read_directory() not return . and .. directory entries. * Renamed al_create_path_for_dir to al_create_path_for_directory. * Added al_set_standard_file_interface, al_set_standard_fs_interface. Events: * Exported ALLEGRO_EVENT_TYPE_IS_USER. Threads: * Added a new function al_run_detached_thread. Other core: * Put prefixes on register_assert_handler, register_trace_handler. * Added functions to return the compiled Allegro version and addon versions. * Added al_ prefix to fixed point routines and document them. * Added al_get_system_config(). * Renamed al_system_driver() to al_get_system_driver(). * Added 64-bit intptr_t detection for Windows. * Added work-around to make OS X port compile in 64 bit mode. Addons: * Renamed addons from a5_* to allegro_*. Image addon: * Renamed the IIO addon to "allegro_image". * Renamed *_entry functions that take ALLEGRO_FILE * arguments to *_stream.

* Fixed off-by-one error in greyscale JPEG loader. Audio addons: * Renamed the kcm_audio addon to "allegro_audio". * Renamed ALLEGRO_STREAM and stream functions to ALLEGRO_AUDIO_STREAM and al_*audio_stream*. * Renamed al_stream_from_file to al_load_audio_stream * Added int16 mixing and configurable frequency and depth for default mixer/voice (see configuration file). * Fixed FLAC decoding and added FLAC streaming support. * Changed the function signature of al_get_stream_fragment() to be more straightforward. * Fixed bug in kcm audio that caused data to be deleted that was still used. * Made ALSA audio driver work when the driver does not support mmap (commonly because the ALSA really is PulseAudio). * Removed al_is_channel_conf function. Font addons: * Optimized font loading by converting the mask color on a memory copy instead of have to lock a texture. * Made the ttf addon read from file streams. Primitives addon: * Fixed the direction of the last segment in software line loop, and fixed the offsets in the line drawer. * Fixed the thick ribbon code in the primitives addon, was broken for straight segments. * Various fixes/hacks for the D3D driver of the primitives addon: hack to make the indexed primitives work and a fix for the textured primitives. * Various enhancements to the transformations API: const correctness, transformation inverses and getting the current transformation. * Added support for custom vertex formats. * Flipped the v axis of texture coordinates for primitives. Now (u=0, v=0) correspond to (x=0, y=0) on the texture bitmap. * Added a way to use texture coordinates measured in pixels. Changed

ALLEGRO_VERTEX to use them by default. PhysicsFS: * PhysFS readdir didn't prepend the parent directory name to the returned entry's path. * Set execute bit on PhysFS directory entries. Examples: * Made examples report errors using the native dialogs addon if WANT_POPUP_EXAMPLES is enabled in CMake (default). * Added new example ex_draw_bitmap, which simply measures FPS when drawing a bunch of bitmaps (similar to exaccel in A4). Documentation: * Many documentation updates and clarifications. * Fixed up Info and PDF documentation. Bindings: * Added a script to generate a 1:1 Python wrapper (see `python' directory). Changes from 4.9.12 to 4.9.13 (August 2009) ******************************************* The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Todd Cope, Evert Glebbeek, Michael Harrington, Matthew Leverton. Ports: * Trent Gamblin started a port to the GP2X Wiz handheld console. Graphics: * Some OpenGL bitmap routines were not checking whether the target bitmap was locked. * Scaled bitmap drawer was not setting the blend mode. * Fixed a bug where al_map_rgb followed by al_unmap_rgb would return different values. * Fixed problems with sub-sub-bitmaps. * Fixed window placement on OS X, which did not properly translate the coordinates specified by the user with al_set_new_window_position(). * Made is_wgl_extension_supported() fail gracefuly.

* Added ALLEGRO_ALPHA_TEST bitmap flag. * Minor optimizations in some memory blitting routines. Input: * Replaced (ALLEGRO_EVENT_SOURCE *) casting with type-safe functions, namely al_get_keyboard_event_source, al_get_mouse_event_source, al_get_joystick_event_source, al_get_display_event_source, al_get_timer_event_source, etc. * Made it so that users can derive their own structures from ALLEGRO_EVENT_SOURCE. al_create_user_event_source() is replaced by al_init_user_event_source(). * Fixed a problem on Windows where the joystick never regains focus when tabbing away from a window. * Fixed a problem with missing key repeat with broken X.Org drivers. * Implemented ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_ENTER_DISPLAY, ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_LEAVE_DISPLAY for X11. Image I/O addon: * Changed return type of al_save_bitmap() to bool. * Separated al_add_image_handler into al_register_bitmap_loader, al_register_bitmap_saver, etc. * Made JPEG and PNG loaders handle al_create_bitmap() failing. * Speed up JPEG loading and saving. * Fixed a reinitialisation issue in iio. Audio addons: * Moved basic sample loading/saving routines to kcm_audio from acodec and added file type registration functions. * Moved WAV support into kcm_audio. * Made WAV loader not choke on extra chunks in the wave. * Separated acodec into a5_flac, a5_vorbis addons. You need to initialise them explicitly. Removed sndfile support. * Renamed al_*_oggvorbis to al_*_ogg_vorbis. * Changed argument order in al_save_sample and al_stream_from_file. * Reordered parameters in al_attach_* functions to follow the word order. * Renamed a few streaming functions to refer to fragments/buffers as

fragments consistently. * Added missing getters for ALLEGRO_SAMPLE fields. * Fixed mutex locking problems with kcm_audio objects. * Avoid underfilling a stream when it is fed with a short looping stream. Other addons: * Added glyph advance caching for the TTF addon. * Renamed al_register_font_extension to al_register_font_loader. Match the file name extension case insensitively. Documentation: * Lots of documentation updates. * Added a short "Getting started guide" to the reference manual. Examples: * Added another example for kcm_audio streaming: ex_synth. Build system: * Fix pkg-config .pc files generated for static linking. * DLL symbols are now exported by name, not ordinals. Changes from 4.9.11 to 4.9.12 (July 2009) ***************************************** * Fixed bugs in Windows keyboard driver (Todd Cope). * Fixed problems with ALLEGRO_MOUSE_STATE buttons on Windows (Milan Mimica). * Fixed problems with PhysicsFS addon DLL on MSVC (Peter Wang). * Set the D3D texture address mode to CLAMP (Todd Cope). * Fixed hang if Allegro was initialized more than once on Windows (Michael Harrington). * Added a CMake option to force the use of DllMain style TLS on Windows, for use with C# bindings (Michael Harrington). * Fixed a bug where drawing circles with a small radius would crash (Elias Pschernig). * Fixed several memory leaks throughout the libraries (Trent Gamblin).

* Fixed some compilation warnings on Mac OS X (Evert Glebbeek). * Small documentation updates. Changes from to 4.9.11 (June 2009) ******************************************* The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Milan Mimica, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Christopher Bludau, David Capello, Todd Cope, Evert Glebbeek, Peter Hull. Graphics: * Changed rotation direction in memory blitting routines to match D3D/OpenGL routines. * Made al_set_target_bitmap not create an FBO if the bitmap is locked. * Added explicit FBO handling functions al_get_opengl_fbo and al_remove_opengl_fbo in case we weren't quite clever enough above and the user has to intervene manually. * Added OpenGL 3.1 support and a bunch of new OpenGL extensions. * Fixed al_inhibit_screensaver on Windows * Fixed selection of X pixel formats with WGL if a new bitmap has alpha. * Made X11 icon work regardless of the backbuffer format. Input: * Ditched DirectInput keyboard driver and replaced it with WinAPI. Fixes several issues the old driver had. * Rewrote Windows mouse driver to use WinAPI instad of DirectInput. * Added al_get_joystick_number. Filesystem: * Merged ALLEGRO_FS_HOOK_ENTRY_INTERFACE into ALLEGRO_FS_INTERFACE and made ALLEGRO_FS_INTERFACE public. * Added al_set_fs_interface and al_get_fs_interface. * Made al_opendir take an ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY. * Removed functions which are obsolete or probably have no use. * Made al_get_standard_path(ALLEGRO_PROGRAM_PATH) return a path with an empty filename.

Path routines: * Renamed functions to follow conventions. File I/O: * Fix al_fgets() returning wrong pointer value on success. Primitives addon: * Added support for textured primitives in software. * Introduced ALLEGRO_PRIM_COLOR, removed ALLEGRO_VBUFFER. * Exposed the software line and triangle drawers to the user. * Added rounded rectangles. * Fix an extraneous pixel bug in the triangle drawer. Audio addon: * Change from using generic get/set audio property functions to specific getter/setter functions. * Change return types on many functions to return true on success instead of zero. (Watch out when porting your code, the C compiler won't help.) Native dialogs: * Added a Windows implementation. * Added a title to al_show_native_message_box(). Other addons: * Implemented the filesystem interface for PhysicsFS and demonstrate its use in ex_physfs. * Fixed al_color_html_to_rgb. Examples: * Added an OpenGL pixel shader example. Build system: * Output separate pkg-config .pc files for static linking. Changes from 4.9.10 to (May 2009) ****************************************** * Fixed uses of snprintf on MSVC. * Disabled ex_curl on Windows as it requires Winsock.

Changes from to 4.9.10 (May 2009) ***************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Milan Mimica, Elias Pschernig, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Peter Hull, Paul Suntsov. Graphics: * Renamed al_clear() to al_clear_to_color(). * Renamed al_opengl_version() to al_get_opengl_version(). * Changed the direction of rotation for al_draw_rotated* from counter-clockwise to clockwise. * Added new pixel format ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ABGR_8888_LE which guanrantees component ordering. * Added ALLEGRO_NO_PRESERVE_TEXTURE flag. * Fixed horizontal flipping in plain software blitting routines. * Fixed some blending bugs in the OpenGL driver. * Made OpenGL driver fall back to software rendering if separate alpha blending is requested but not supported. * Added a config option which allows pretending a lower OpenGL version. * Implemented al_get_num_display_formats(), al_get_display_format_option() and al_set_new_display_format() for WGL. * Fixed bug in al_get_display_format_option() with the GLX driver. * Fixed a bug in the D3D driver that made display creation crash if the first scored mode failed. * Made the OpenGL driver prefer the backbuffer format for new bitmaps. * Defer FBO creation to when first setting a bitmap as target bitmap. Input: * Renamed some joystick functions. * Account for caps lock state in OS X keyboard driver. * Made UTF-8 input work on X11. File I/O: * Separated part of fshook API into a distinct file I/O API

(actually generic streams). * Make the file I/O API match stdio more closely and account for corner cases. (incomplete) * Made it possible to set a stream vtable on a per-thread basis, which affects al_fopen() for that thread. * Added al_fget_ustr() to read a line conveniently. * Change al_fputs() not to do its own CR insertion. * Add al_fopen_fd() to create an ALLEGRO_FILE from an existing file descriptor. Filesystem: * Changed al_getcwd, al_get_entry_name to return ALLEGRO_PATHs. * Renamed al_get_path to al_get_standard_path, and to return an ALLEGRO_PATH. * Changed al_readdir to return an ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY. * Added al_path_create_dir. * Removed some filesystem querying functions which take string paths (ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRY versions will do). Config routines: * Added functions to traverse configurations structures. * Change al_save_config_file() return type to bool. * Removed an arbitrary limit on the length of config values. * Renamed configuration files to allegro5.cfg and allegro5rc. String routines: * Allegro 4-era string routines removed. * Added al_ustr_to_buffer(). Other core: * Renamed al_thread_should_stop to al_get_thread_should_stop. * Added a new internal logging mechanism with configurable debug "channels", verbosity levels and output formatting. * Cleaned up ASSERT namespace pollution. Font addons:

* Renamed font and TTF addon functions to conform to conventions. * Added al_init_ttf_addon. * Implemented slightly nicer text drawing API: * functions are called "draw_text" instead of "textout" * centre/right alignment handled by a flag instead of functions * functions accepting ALLEGRO_USTR arguments provided * substring support is removed so 'count' arguments not needed in usual case, however ALLEGRO_USTR functions provide similar thing. * Removed al_font_is_compatible_font. * Sped up al_grab_font_from_bitmap() by five times. * ttf: Fixed a possible bug with kerning of unicode code points > 127. Image I/O addon: * Renamed everything in the IIO addon. * Exposed al_load_bmp/al_save_bmp etc. Audio addon: * Renamed al_mixer_set_postprocess_callback. * Added two config options to OSS driver. * Made ALSA read config settings from [alsa] section. Native dialogs: * Added al_show_native_message_box() which works like allegro_message() in A4. Implemented for GTK and OS X. PhysicsFS addon: * Added PhysicsFS addon. Primitives addon: * Removed global state flags. * Removed normals from ALLEGRO_VERTEX. * Removed read/write flags from vertex buffers. Examples:

* Added an example that tests al_get_display_format_option(). * Added an example which shows playing a sample directly to a voice. * Added an example for PhysicsFS addon. * Added a (silly) example that loads an image off the network using libcurl. * Added ex_dir which demonstrates the use of al_readdir and al_get_entry_name. Other: * Many bug and documentation fixes. Changes from 4.9.9 to (March 2009) ****************************************** * Made it compile and work with MSVC and MinGW 3.4.5. * Enabled SSE instruction set in MSVC. * Fixed X11 XIM keyboard input (partially?). * Fall back on the reference (software) rasterizer in D3D. Changes from 4.9.8 to 4.9.9 (March 2009) **************************************** The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Milan Mimica, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. Other contributions from: Todd Cope, Angelo Mottola, Trezker. Graphics: * Added display options API and scoring, based on AllegroGL, for finer control over display creation. * Added API to query possible display formats (implemented on X, Mac OS X). * Changed the bitmap locking mechanism. The caller can choose a pixel format. * Added support for multisampling. * Simplified the semantics of al_update_display_region(). * Optimised software blitting routines. * Optimised al_map_rgb/al_map_rgba. * Replaced al_draw_rectangle() and al_draw_line() from core library with al_draw_rectangle_ex() and al_draw_line_ex() from the primitives addon. * Implemented al_wait_for_vsync() everywhere except WGL.

* Fixed problems with sub-bitmaps with the OpenGL driver. * Fixed bugs in software scaled/rotated blit routines. * Added a new pixel format ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ABGR_F32. Removed ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY_15_WITH_ALPHA, ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY_24_WITH_ALPHA. * Added support for creating OpenGL 3.0 contexts (untested; only WGL/GLX for now). Relevant display flags are ALLEGRO_OPENGL_3_0 and ALLEGRO_OPENGL_FORWARD_COMPATIBLE. * Allow disabling any OpenGL extensions from allegro.cfg to test alternative rendering paths. * Fixed problem with windows only activating on title bar clicks (Windows). * Fixed a minimize/restore bug in D3D (with the help of Christopher Bludau). Input: * Implemented al_set_mouse_xy under X11. * Added ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_WARPED event for al_set_mouse_xy(). Path routines: * Made al_path_get_drive/filename return the empty string instead of NULL if the drive or filename is missing. * Changed al_path_set_extension/al_path_get_extension to include the leading dot. * Made al_path_get_extension(), al_path_get_basename(), al_path_to_string() return pointers to internal strings. Unicode: * Changed type of ALLEGRO_USTR; now you should use pointers to ALLEGRO_USTRs. * Added UTF-16 conversion routines. Other core: * Added ALLEGRO_GET_EVENT_TYPE for constructing integers for event type IDs. * Renamed configuration function names to conform to conventions. * Removed public MIN/MAX/ABS/MID/SGN/CLAMP/TRUE/FALSE macros. * Replaced AL_PI by ALLEGRO_PI and documented it as part of public

API. Audio addons: * Added stream seeking and stream start/end loop points. * Add panning support for kcm_audio (stereo only). Font addons: * Made al_font_grab_font_from_bitmap() accept code point ranges. * Made font routines use new UTF-8 routines; lifted some arbitrary limits. * Fixed artefacts in bitmap font and TTF rendering. Image I/O addon: * Made the capability to load/save images from/to ALLEGRO_FS_ENTRYs public. * Added missing locking to .png save function. Other addons: * Added native_dialog addon, with file selector dialogs. * Fixed many bugs in the primitives addon. * Made hsv/hsl color functions accept angles outside the 0..360 range. * Fixed a bug in al_color_name_to_rgb. Examples: * New programs: ex_audio_props, ex_blend_bench, ex_blend_test, ex_blit, ex_clip, ex_draw, ex_font_justify, ex_gl_depth, ex_logo, ex_multisample, ex_native_filechooser, ex_path_test, ex_rotate, ex_stream_seek, ex_vsync, ex_warp_mouse. (ex_draw demonstrated known bugs currently.) * Updated programs: ex_joystick_events, ex_monitorinfo ex_pixelformat, ex_scale, ex_subbitmap. Build system: * Added pkg-config support. .pc files are generated and installed on Unix. * Allowed gcc to generate SSE instructions on x86 by default. For Pentium 2 (or lower) compatibility you must uncheck a CMake option before building Allegro.

Other: * Many other bug fixes. Changes from to 4.9.8 (February 2009) ********************************************* The main developers this time were: Thomas Fjellstrom, Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Matthew Leverton, Milan Mimica, Elias Pschernig, Paul Suntsov, Peter Wang. General: * Lots of bug fixes. File system hooks: * Rationalised file system hook functions. Failure reasons can be retrieved with al_get_errno(). * Enable large file support on 32-bit systems. * Converted the library and addons to use file system hook functions. Path functions: * Added al_path_clone(), al_path_make_canonical(), al_path_make_absolute(), al_path_set_extension(), al_{get,set}_org_name, al_{get,set}_app_name} functions. * Made al_path_get_extension() not include the leading "." of the extension, * Add AL_EXENAME_PATH, AL_USER_SETTINGS_PATH, AL_SYSTEM_SETTINGS_PATH enums for al_get_path(). String routines: * Added a new, dynamically allocating UTF-8 string API. This uses bstrlib internally, which is distributed under a BSD licence. Allegro 5 will expect all strings to be either ASCII compatible, or in UTF-8 encoding. * Removed many old Unicode string functions. (Eventually they will all be removed.) Config routines: * Clarified behaviour of al_config_add_comment, al_config_set_value with regards to whitespace and leading comment marks. Graphics: * Bug fixes on Windows and Mac OS X for resizing, switching away, setting full screens, multi-monitor, etc.

* Added an al_get_opengl_texture() convenience function. * Added separate alpha blending. * Added ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY. * Honour al_set_new_window_position() in X11 port. * Made the X11 port fail to set a full screen mode if the requested resolution cannot be set rather than falling back to a windowed mode. Input: * Added a field to the mouse state struct to indicate the display the mouse is currently on. * Made DirectX enumerate all joysticks/gamepads properly by using a device type new to DirectInput 8. * Fixed a bug in wmouse.c where y was not changed in al_set_mouse_xy. * Support ALLEGRO_EVENT_MOUSE_ENTER/LEAVE_DISPLAY events in Windows. Addons: * Added a primitives addon. * Revamp interface for kcm_audio addon to make simple cases easier. * Added native .wav support and save sample routines to acodec addon. * Added a colors addon. * Added memory file addon and example. TTF addon: * Added al_ttf_get_text_dimensions() function. * Allow specifying the font size more precisely by passing a negative font size. * Guess the filenames of kerning info for Type1 fonts. Documentation: * Added a new documentation system using Pandoc. Now we can generate HTML, man, Info and PDF formats. * Added and fixed lots of documentation. Examples:

* Added ex_prim, ex_mouse_focus examples. * Made ex_blend2 more comprehensive. * Updated ex_get_path example. * Made ex_ttf accept the TTF file name on the command line. Build system: * Use official CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE method of selecting which build configuration. This should work better for non-make builds, however, it's no longer possible to build multiple configurations with a single configuration step as we could previously. Removals: * Remove outdated A4 tools. * Remove icodec addon. * SCons build was unmaintained and not working. Changes from 4.9.7 to (December 2008) ********************************************* * Scan aintern_dtor.h for export symbols, needed for MSVC. Changes from 4.9.6 to 4.9.7 (December 2008) ******************************************* The main developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Peter Hull, Milan Mimica, Peter Wang. Graphics: * Fixed a bug where the "display" field of a bitmap was not correctly reset when it was transfered to another display on OS X. * Made al_create_display() respect al_set_new_window_position() on OS X. * Fixed the bug that caused input focus to be lost in OS X when a window was resized. * Made resizable Allegro windows respond properly to the green "+" button at the top of the screen on OS X. * Properly implemented fullscreen resize in WGL. * Made the memory blenders work the same as the hardware ones. * Made al_get_pixel()/al_draw_pixel() handle sub bitmaps in case the bitmap was locked. * In the OpenGL driver, if the bitmap is locked by the user, use memory drawing on the locked region.

* Added implementations of al_inhibit_screensaver() for the X and Mac OS X ports. * Added multi-monitor support to Mac OS X port (untested!). * Other fixes. Input: * Made al_get_keyboard_state() return structures with the `display' field correctly set. * Made keyboard event member 'unichar' uppercase when Shift/CapsLock is on, in Windows. * Made mouse cursor show/hide work with Mac OS X full screen. Config routines: * Preserve comment and empty lines in config files when writing. Addons: * Add a simple interface layer for kcm_audio. * Made kcm_audio objects automatically be destroyed when it is shut down. * Renamed functions in kcm_audio to conform better with the rest of the library. * Made the TTF addon aggregate glyph cache bitmaps into larger bitmaps for faster glyph rendering (less source bitmap switching). Examples: * Add an example to test the ALLEGRO_KEYBOARD_STATE `display' field. * Add an example for testing config routines. * Add an example for checking software blending routines against hardware blending. * Add an example for the simple interface for kcm_audio. Changes from 4.9.5 to 4.9.6 (November 2008) ******************************************* The core developers this time were: Thomas Fjellstrom, Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Peter Hull, Milan Mimica, Jon Rafkind, Peter Wang. Allegro 4.9.6 and onwards are licensed under the zlib licence (see LICENSE.txt). This is a simple permissive free software licence, close in spirit to the 'giftware' licence, but is clearer and more well-known. General:

* Added filesystem hook (fshook) and path API functions. * Many minor bug fixes. Graphics: * Added allegro5/a5_opengl.h, which has to be included by programs to use OpenGL specifics. ALLEGRO_EXCLUDE_GLX and ALLEGRO_EXCLUDE_WGL can be #defined to exclude GLX and WGL OpenGL extensions respectively. * Added allegro/a5_direct3d.h, which has to be included by programs to use D3D specifics. * Fixed some drawing from and onto sub-bitmaps. * Fixed blending with the wrong color in case of sub-bitmaps. * Fixed a bug in the D3D driver where the transformation matrix was not reset after drawing a bitmap. * Added draw pixel to OpenGL driver. * Added more OpenGL extensions. * Added function to inhibit screen saver (currently Windows only). Config routines: * Added al_config_create(). * Deleted al_config_set_global(). Made empty section name equivalent to the global section. * Read system wide and home directory config files on Unix (Ryan Patterson). Events: * Added support for injecting user-defined events into event queues. Audio addon: * Made the ALSA driver read the device name from the config file (Ryan Patterson). Examples: * Added ex_subbitmap example. * Added ex_disable_screensaver example. Build system: * Rationalised library names and made CMake and SCons build systems

agree on the names. Changes from 4.9.4 to 4.9.5 (October 2008) ****************************************** The core developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Evert Glebbeek, Peter Hull, Milan Mimica, Elias Pschernig, Jon Rafkind, Peter Wang. Graphics: * Added fullscreen support on Mac OS X. * Added support for resizable windows on Mac OS X. * Made frameless windows respond to events on Mac OS X. * Fixed a problem with D3D blending. * Made D3D driver work on systems without hardware vertex processing. * Made WGL driver fail more gracefully. * Implemented sprite flipping for OpenGL drivers (Steven Wallace). * Added al_is_sub_bitmap() function. Input: * Fixed input with multiple windows on Windows. * Fixed keyboard autorepeat events in X11. * Added al_is_keyboard_installed(). * Fixed key shifts on Windows (ported from 4.2). * Fixed mouse button reporting on Mac OS X. * Implemented system mouse cursors on MacOS X. * Fixed mouse cursors with alpha channels on X11. * Some work on Mac OS X joystick support (incomplete). Events: * Simplified internals of events system further. At the same time, this change happens to also allow event queues to grow unboundedly. (You should still avoid letting them get too big, of course.) Audio addons: * Made ALLEGRO_STREAM objects emit events for empty fragments that need to be refilled. * Added a possiblity to drain a stream created by al_stream_from_file().

* Added a function to rewind a stream. * Added gain support to ALLEGRO_STREAM and ALLEGRO_SAMPLE objects. * Made it possible to attach a sample to a mixer that isn't already attached to something. * Fixed Ogg Vorbis loader on big-endian systems. * Made the OpenAL driver the least preferred driver, as it doesn't play stereo samples properly. Image addons: * Added JPEG support to iio addon, using libjpeg. * Fixed TGA loader on big-endian systems. * Fixed image loading in icodec addon. Font addon: * Fixed count-restricted text output functions calculations on non-ASCII strings. * Made al_textout* functions always a 'count' parameter. * Renamed al_font_text_length* to al_font_text_width*. * Harmonised the order of al_font_textout* and al_font_textprintf* arguments. Examples: * Added ex_bitmap_flip example (Steven Wallace). * Added ex_mixer_chain example. * Split ex_events into smaller examples. * Made the demo use ALLEGRO_STREAM to play music. * Build an app bundle from the demo, on Mac OS X. Build system: * Improved detection of external dependencies in CMake build. * Guess compiler locations for MinGW and MSVC (CMake). * Many improvements to scons build, including install support. General:

* Many other bug fixes. Changes from 4.9.3 to 4.9.4 (September 2008) ******************************************** The core developers this time were: Trent Gamblin, Peter Hull, Milan Mimica, Elias Pschernig and Peter Wang. Ryan Dickie and Jon Rafkind also contributed. General: * Many bug fixes all around. * Added a public threads API. * Added a basic configuration API. * Added al_store_state/al_restore_state functions. * Added al_get_errno/al_set_errno (not used much yet). * Renamed some functions/structures to be more consistent. * Code formatting improvements. * Added more debugging messages. * Removed a lot of A4 code that is no longer used. Graphics: * Added support for some new OpenGL extensions. * Multihead support on Windows (preliminary support on OSX and Linux). * Many enhancements to all drivers. * Merged common parts of WGL and D3D drivers. * Borderless windows, setting window positions and titles. * Fullscreen support on OSX and Linux. * Do not clear bitmaps when they are created. * Improved compile times and DLL sizes by simplifying "memblit" functions. * Added EXPOSE, SWITCH_IN and SWITCH_OUT display events. Build system: * Many bug fixes and enhancements to SCons and CMake build systems. * Support for Turbo C++ 2006. * Support for cross-compiling on Linux to MinGW (CMake).

Events: * Filled in a display field for all relevant events. * Added al_wait_for_event_until. Addons: * Added an ImageMagick addon * Added iio (Image IO) addon * Supports BMP, PCX, TGA. * Supports PNG support with libpng. * Added new audio addon, kcm_audio. (The 'audio' addon was taken in a new direction between the 4.9.3 and 4.9.4 releases, but we decided against that, so actually it's actually a continuation of the old audio addon.) * Added audio streaming functionality. * Added OSS, ALSA, DirectSound drivers. * A lot of reorganisation, internally and externally. * Added TTF font addon, using FreeType. * Made all addons use "al_" prefix. Examples: * Lots of new examples. * Wait for keypress in some examples instead of arbitrary delay. * Clean up files when done in some examples. Changes from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3 (April 2008) **************************************** Graphics: * Milan Mimica did lots of work on the OpenGL drivers, such as adding an OpenGL driver for Windows and making the OpenGL code shared between platforms. * Peter Hull added an OpenGL graphics driver for Mac OS X. * Milan Mimica made the OpenGL driver share contexts between displays.

* Peter Wang and Milan Mimica made the OpenGL driver work with cards that don't support non-power-of-two (NPOT) textures. * Trent Gamblin added support for NPOT textures in the Direct3D driver. * Trent Gamblin fixed blending in memory drawing functions. * Trent Gamblin added al_draw_pixel() which obeys blending. * Trent Gamblin made al_clear() not affected by blending in D3D. * Milan Mimica added the following functions to the public API: al_opengl_version(), al_is_opengl_extension_supported(), al_get_opengl_proc_address(), al_get_opengl_extension_list(). * Milan Mimica added sub-bitmaps support for memory bitmaps and in the OpenGL display driver. * Milan Mimica made displays keep a list of bitmaps. When destroying a display its bitmaps will be managed properly, e.g. converted to memory bitmaps if necessary. All display bitmaps will be automatically destroyed on exit. * Peter Wang made X window resizing work without GLX 1.3. * Trent Gamblin fixed a bug in the Direct3D driver when windows were minimized (thanks to David McCallum). * Trent Gamblin fixed the coordinates of Direct3D primitives to match OpenGL style. * Peter Hull fixed some logic in bitmap drawing and al_load_bitmap(). Fonts: * Milan Mimica made font drawing faster, by making glyphs sub-bitmaps of a larger glyph sheet. * Milan Mimica and Peter Wang made font loading faster. * Trent Gamblin added versions of text output functions which take as an explicit argument the length of the strings. Audio: * A new audio API implementation, originally by Chris Robinson, was added (currently as an addon only). It has received additional work in the past from Milan Mimica and recently much work from Ryan Dickie. * Ryan Dickie also added an acodec addon, which has loaders for FLAC, Wave and Ogg Vorbis files, using other libraries. Timers: * Ryan Dickie changed the type of timestamps throughout the API from

int expressed in milliseconds to double expressed in seconds and improved timer resolution on Windows. * Ryan Dickie added an 'error' field to the timer event, and added error and overhead statistics to exnew_timer. * Trent Gamblin made the Windows timer use QueryPerformanceCounter. * Peter Wang split al_wait_for_event() into two functions, a version that takes a timeout and a version that doesn't. * Trent Gamblin merged the Windows and Unix timer source files. Input: * Peter Wang renamed some joystick and timer functions to adhere to the `al_<verb>_<noun>' convention. * Peter Wang made al_num_joysticks() more lenient if there is no joystick driver installed. Other: * David Capello added support for various different BMPs. * Elias Pschernig fixed compilation of the X port in case the XVidMode extension is unavailable (thanks to Thomas Fjellstrom). * Elias Pschernig added a exnew_timer example. * Trent Gamblin added exnew_multiwin and exnew_drawpixels. * Peter Wang added exnew_timedwait and exnew_scale. * Jon Rafkind and Elias Pschernig updated the SCons build. * Jon Rafkind added a `_s' suffix to static libraries in the SCons build. * Elias Pschernig did some work on cross-compilation with SCons and MinGW. * Milan Mimica made the CMake build work with MSVC project solutions and made the library build with MSVC 8. * Jacod Dawid added a nicer spaceship graphic for a5teroids demo. * Many more bug fixes and documentation updates. Changes from 4.9.1 to 4.9.2 (November 2007) ******************************************* _This list is still to be summarised._ * Trent Gamblin made the mouse cursor always hide when the user calls al_hide_mouse_cursor in fullscreen (D3D).

* Trent Gamblin fixed some signedness warnings and implemented show/hide_mouse in the display vtable for D3D. * Elias Pschernig made show/hide cursor use the display driver instead of the 4.2 gfx_driver. * Elias Pschernig fixed missing keyboard events in exnew_mouse_events example. * Elias Pschernig wired the X11 mouse driver to the XGLX system driver. * Jon Rafkind made various fixes to get the OSX build to compile * Trent Gamblin added exnew_mouse_events. * Trent Gamblin added exnew_mouse. * Jon Rafkind made the scons build get the library name dynamically. * Jon Rafkind made the scons build link Allegro using -l instead of using the full path. * Trent Gamblin added a note about MINGDIR in readme_a5.txt. * Trent Gamblin removed -lalleg_unsharable from, since assembly is not used anymore. * Jon Rafkind fixed up allegro-config. * Trent Gamblin added some documentation on ALLEGRO_MSESTATE. * Trent Gamblin listed the examples in readme_a5.txt. * Trent Gamblin improved some inline documentation. * Jon Rafkind removed /lib from install path in unix.scons. * Jon Rafkind added the new demo to the scons build and allowed addons to be built statically or shared. * Trent Gamblin made the glx line drawing function use blending. * Trent Gamblin added cmake instructions to readme_a5.txt. * Elias Pschernig added readme_a5.txt. * Trent Gamblin fixed warnings in the demo. * Trent Gamblin fixed a crash-on-exit bug in tls.c. * Trent Gamblin replaced the old demo with a temporary one. * Peter Wang fixed gcc string warnings. * Peter Wang added some assertions to display_new.c. * Peter Wang merged changes from the 4.2 branch. * Elias Pschernig removed an unnecessary import from the naturaldocs

upload script. * Elias Pschernig added a script to automatically upload the naturaldocs generated documentation to the website. * Peter Wang fixed missed renamings from AL_ to ALLEGRO_ in the Linux and X code. * Elias Pschernig merged 4.9-newgfx back to 4.9. * Peter Wang fixed a "ALLEGRO__JOYSTICK" typo. * Trent Gamblin renamed AL_ to ALLEGRO_ in input, events, and timer code. * Elias Pschernig implemented outline flag and blending for draw_rectangle in the GLX driver. * Elias Pschernig added another mysha.pcx for the font example. * Elias Pschernig re-added GLX checked to scons build which went missing in the merge. * Elias Pschernig added icon.xpm which went missing in the merge. * Peter Wang replaced _al_draw_bitmap_region_memory_fast with _al_draw_bitmap_region_memory. * Trent Gamblin made memblit.c compile a little faster in debug mode. * Peter Wang mergedd changes in r7948:10859 on 4.9 branch to 4.9-newgfx branch. * Peter Wang enabled WANT_D3D by default. Only set ALLEGRO_D3D on Windows. * Trent Gamblin made al_acknowledge_resize take the display as a parameter. * Trent Gamblin fixed some warnings and made the MinGW build compilable statically with gcc 4.2.1. * Peter Wang fixed a bug in ALLEGRO_CONVERT_BGR_565_TO_ARGB_4444. * Peter Wang renamed al_memory_management_functions() to al_set_memory_management_functions() and added some extra documenation for it. * Peter Wang removed NaturalDocs markup for Allegro 4.x display functions. * Peter Wang made OpenGL libraries link if building with X11 support. * Peter Wang fixed a signedness warning. * Peter Wang made al_destroy_bitmap return immediately when passed a null pointer instead of segfaulting. * Elias Pschernig made some cosmetic improvements to the code.

* Elias Pschernig removed a bad optimization. * Elias Pschernig removed > GLX 1.1 specific code. * Trent Gamblin fixed several of the floating point unmapping functions that were doing integer division. * Elias Pschernig implemented blending in the GLX driver. * Elias Pschernig fixed GLX rotation to use radians and allow negative angles. * Elias Pschernig implemented rotated blitting in the GLX driver. * Jon Rafkind made scons install addons/font. * Jon Rafkind added a scons file for addons. * Jon Rafkind used target_scanner to find makedoc instead of using Depends. * Jon Rafkind forced makedoc to be a dependancy of the docs. * Trent Gamblin made 60hz the default refresh rate of the D3D driver. * Trent Gamblin changed al_create_mouse_cursor to accept ALLEGRO_BITMAP structures. * Trent Gamblin renamed __al_unmap_rgba to al_unmap_rgba_ex in the glx driver. * Trent Gamblin made al_(map unmap)_rgb(a)_*_ex public. * Trent Gamblin made D3D windows show the resize cursor when resizing windows. * Jon Rafkind added allegro includes for asmdef. * Jon Rafkind erased older build demo target. * Jon Rafkind added the demo to the scons build. * Jon Rafkind made it so assembly files can be built statically. * Jon Rafkind made scons always build asmdef. * Trent Gamblin made al_acknowledge_resize and al_resize_display adjust clipping in the D3D driver. Mad eal_set_current_display * Trent Gamblin used higher compatibility flags to Direct3DCreate9, made D3D driver die more gracefully on unsupported configurations, removed flags from draw_line, and did more error checking. * Trent Gamblin turned al_init macros into an inline function. * Trent Gamblin commented out a TRACE line that was causing the entire log to be overwritten. * Peter Wang fixed an incorrect call to _al_vector_find_and_delete.

* Peter Wang made various formatting fixes. * Peter Wang converted CR/LF line endings to LF. * Trent Gamblin added NaturalDocs for the graphics api. * Trent Gamblin fixed an instance where a variable could have been used uninitialized. * Trent Gamblin fixed texture coordinates in the D3D driver. * Trent Gamblin fixed formatting and an improper assertion. * Trent Gamblin removed a redundant call to al_set_target_bitmap. * Trent Gamblin fixed a bug in the DX joystick code that caused it to assert when it shouldn't. * Trent Gamblin made al_create_display call al_flip_display so the window is cleared. * Trent Gamblin made the D3D driver work where render-to-texture is not supported. * Trent Gamblin removed masking support completely. * Elias Pschernig got the font example working with the GLX driver. * Elias Pschernig renamed the font addon in the scons build. * Jon Rafkind made scons build modules in a separate directory. * Jon Rafkind bumped the version to match cmake. * Jon Rafkind fixed esd to be like the other unix modules. * Trent Gamblin changed color map and unmap functions to use the target bitmap. * Trent Gamblin added the font example to the cmake build process. * Elias Pschernig added the font example to the scons build process. * Elias Pschernig removed special handling of "src" dir, and made various cosmetic changes. * Trent Gamblin made cmake install to MINGDIR. * Trent Gamblin added a better font and example for the bitmap font addon. * Trent Gamblin removed unix header from install on other platforms. * Trent Gamblin added a bitmap font addon. * Trent Gamblin fixed a locking bug in the D3D driver. * Elias Pschernig removed masking from the GLX driver. * Trent Gamblin implemented blending for memory bitmaps (very slow

unless the blend mode is ALLEGRO_ONE,ALLEGRO_ZERO with a pure white blend color). * Trent Gamblin implemented blending for the D3D driver. * Trent Gamblin added ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY_(15 16 24 32)_(WITH_ALPHA NO_ALPHA) formats, used ALLEGRO_PIXEL_FORMAT_ANY_32_NO_ALPHA in locking examples, and ixed some formatting. * Trent Gamblin added al_clone_bitmap which makes an exact copy of the color-data of a bitmap. * Trent Gamblin added a ALLEGRO_KEEP_BITMAP_FORMAT flag that forces Allegro to use the same format as the disk file when loading bitmaps. * Elias Pschernig implemented video bitmap masking for the GLX driver (by converting to alpha textures and drawing with alpha blending). * Elias Pschernig fixed clipping in the GLX driver. * Trent Gamblin removed ALLEGRO_MASK_SOURCE flag in favor of ALLEGRO_USE_MASKING. Mask color is now a bitmap property. Removed ALLEGRO_NO_ALPHA flag and changed the meaning of ALLEGRO_USE_ALPHA to mean do alpha blending or not. Added al_set/get_bitmap_mask_color and removed al_set/get_mask_color. New masking example added (exnew_masking). * Trent Gamblin added proper clipping to al_put_pixel. * Trent Gamblin renamed graphics stuff from AL_ to ALLEGRO_ and removed patterned drawing. * Elias Pschernig implemented clipping for the X11 GLX driver (only for screen so far). * Trent Gamblin removed unused set_bitmap_clip entry from the bitmap vtable. * Trent Gamblin made clipping always enabled and made the clipping functions operate on the current target bitamp. * Trent Gamblin removed src/compat/coblit.c. * Trent Gamblin renamed scroll_display to scroll_screen in display.c * Trent Gamblin Removed commented code from src/display.c. Removed include/allegro/display.h and src/compat/cogfx.c * Elias Pschernig renamed XDUMMY driver to XGLX. * Elias Pschernig made some cosmetic changes. * Elias Pschernig made exblend work over the compatibility screen. * Elias Pschernig implemented upload_compat_screen method in the GLX driver.

* Elias Pschernig optimized al_lock_bitmap/al_unlock_bitmap slightly. * Elias Pschernig added a flags parameter to the drawing primitives methods. * Trent Gamblin added flags to primitives in display vtable and renamed draw_filled_rectangle vtable entry to draw_rectangle. * Elias Pschernig implemented AL_SINGLEBUFFER flag and fixed bug with AL_FULLSCREEN in the GLX driver. * Trent Gamblin added a mode parameter to al_set_drawing_pattern. * Trent Gamblin added AL_OUTLINED flag that is the default for primitives. * Trent Gamblin added al_set_drawing_pattern and al_get_drawing_pattern, added a flags parameters to all the primitive drawing functions that can be: AL_FILLED, AL_PATTERNED, and added hline and vline functions for memory bitmaps. * Trent Gamblin ifdefed d3d stuff in win/wnewsys.c. * Trent Gamblin removed d3dx9 library from CMakeLists.txt. * Trent Gamblin ifdefed Direct3D stuff in display.c. * Jon Rafkind made scons read win32 files from cmake file list. * Trent Gamblin added al_wait_for_vsync and made it work with the D3D driver. * Elias Pschernig implemented immediate-resize for al_resize_display, and implemented fullscreen resizing. * Trent Gamblin added al_enable_bitmap_clip and al_is_bitmap_clip_enabled, added al_create_sub_bitmap, and made it work with D3D and memory bitmaps. * Elias Pschernig improved fullscreen handling. * Elias Pschernig added shutdown_system vtable entry to the system driver, and automatically call it on program exit. This allows unsetting fullscreen modes in the X11 driver. * Trent Gamblin added al_set_bitmap_clip and al_get_bitmap_clip, and made them work with D3D and memory bitmaps. * Elias Pschernig added XF86Vidmode fullscreen modes. * Elias Pschernig added xdummy files to cmake files list. * Elias Pschernig made al_resize_display work on non-resizable windows. * Elias Pschernig fixed opengl setup being issued in wrong thread. * Elias Pschernig moved src/misc/colconv.c from windows sources to general sources.

* Elias Pschernig uncommented accidentally commented out line. * Elias Pschernig made scons read the list of source files from cmake/FileList.cmake, so there's only one place to add new files. * Trent Gamblin made _al_get_pixel_value faster. * Trent Gamblin made al_unmap_rgba_i use a table instead of relying on al_unmap_rgba_f. * Peter Wang changed #includes to use file names from the root of the include hierarchy, i.e. #include "allegro/internal/foo.h" instead of #include "internal/foo.h" and likewise for allegro/platform/foo.h. * Peter Wang removed some stray CR characters. * Trent Gamblin added al_get_bitmap_width, al_get_bitmap_height, al_get_bitmap_format, and al_get_bitmap_flags. * Trent Gamblin made al_draw_rotated_(scaled_)bitmap only lock the region of the destination is needs to for memory bitmaps. * Trent Gamblin made al_draw_scaled_bitmap use the AL_FLIP_* flags. * Trent Gamblin added an example of resizing a fullscreen display. * Elias Pschernig updated xdummy driver and implemented al_resize_display for it. * Elias Pschernig added another testcase. * Trent Gamblin added al_get_display_width and al_get_display_height, made al_get_display_* work on the current display, and renamed al_notify_resize to al_acknowledge_resize. * Trent Gamblin uncommented everything in cogfx.c (removing the display parameter). * Trent Gamblin made exnew_lockscreen use pitch. * Trent Gamblin fixed scaled conversion macros (4444, 555, 565), added XRGB_8888 pixel format, made windowed mode default, moved get_num_display_modes and get_display_mode into the system vtable. * Trent Gamblin made exnew_lockbitmap use pitch. * Trent Gamblin fixed D3D unlocking bug, and used desktop format in windowed mode if not specified. * Elias Pschernig fixed a bug where events reported the wrong source display under X11. * Elias Pschernig added three simple test cases. * Elias Pschernig fixed al_lock_bitmap and al_unlock_bitmap implementation in the xdummy driver (for now it works in a slow way). * Trent Gamblin made al_notify_resize return success/failure and

added al_resize_display to resize the display from code. * Elias Pschernig started implementing lock_region and unlock_region for the xdummy driver. * Elias Pschernig split xdraw.c out of xdisplay.c, used _AL_THREAD instead of pthreads in the xdummy driver, added a lock to the xdummy driver, in order to implement al_destroy_display, used the correct format. * Elias Pschernig fixed a comment typo. * Elias Pschernig fixed a typo in AL_CONVERT_PALETTE_8_TO_ABGR_8888. * Trent Gamblin improved D3D line drawing, added al_get_num_display_modes and al_get_display_mode, and cleaned up & organized some code. * Trent Gamblin removed _al_win_delete_from_vector. * Trent Gamblin added draw_memory_bitmap_region vtable hook to AL_DISPLAY. * Elias Pschernig implemented enough of the xdummy driver to run exnewap (doesn't display correctly yet though). * Elias Pschernig updated scons build files. * Elias Pschernig Removed windows specific includes from exnewapi.c. * Elias Pschernig added missing al_convert_mask_to_alpha prototype. * Peter Wang fixed src/tls.c to compile under Linux (not tested). * Trent Gamblin put TLS support back in for MSVC and UNIX. * Trent Gamblin cleaned up some code, added headers to new source files, grouped thread local variables into one structure (UNIX support is broken for now), and made mask color thread local. * Trent Gamblin added clear, filled rectangle, and line for memory bitmaps. * Trent Gamblin made it so the system driver is no longer hard coded, added switch_out method to display vtable, made the D3D window and system driver code generic. * Trent Gamblin merged 4.9-elias and 4.9-trentg into 4.9-newgfx. * Elias Pschernig adjusted prototype of _al_init to implementation. * Elias Pschernig fixed a bogus cast. * Elias Pschernig fixed typo in al_get_new_diplay_format for non-mingw. * Trent Gamblin made display and bitmap parameters local to the calling thread. * Trent Gamblin added al_draw_rotated_bitmap and

al_draw_rotated_scaled_bitmap for memory bitmaps using Allegro's software rotation code as a base. * Trent Gamblin ported a stretch blit fix from 4.2, made al_init call allegro_init, made al_draw_bitmap(_region) much faster on memory bitmaps, and added al_draw_scaled_bitmap for memory bitmaps. * Trent Gamblin renamed AL_LOCKED_RECTANGLE to AL_LOCKED_REGION, and started on memory bitmaps (al_draw_bitmap and al_draw_bitmap region work). * Trent Gamblin made seperate functions for getting/setting display/bitmap parameters, made backbuffer-as-source bitmap work in D3D, and changed parameter ordering of some functions. * Trent Gamblin added al_is_compatible_bitmap removed dependancy on Allegro's 3D math functions from the D3D driver. * Trent Gamblin added al_convert_mask_to_alpha, made put/get_pixel faster if the bitmap is locked ahead of time, and brought back AL_MASK_SOURCE. * Trent Gamblin committed various bugfixes, implemented the RGB mapping/unmapping functions from Bob's API. * Trent Gamblin removed the D3DX library dependancy. * Trent Gamblin committed various bugfixes and got all of the examples working with the D3D driver. * Trent Gamblin fixed some of the compatibility conversions. * Trent Gamblin changed the examples back to autodetecting the graphics driver. * Trent Gamblin made fullscreen mode work with the D3D driver, and non-resizable windows. * Trent Gamblin finished bitmap conversion functions, improved locking, implemented get/put pixel, and made some speed improvements. * Trent Gamblin added a bitmap conversion function. * Trent Gamblin got the demo game running in D3D. * Trent Gamblin removed an unnecessary bitmap copy. * Trent Gamblin added a skeleton D3D driver. * Peter Wang fixed the generation of allegro-config under Mac OS. * Michael Jensen fixed a mistake in the documenation for is_compatible_font. * Peter Wang fixed wrong variable in example code for load_font(); * Trent Gamblin fixed some problems with the cmake build on Windows. * Peter Wang removed the second parameter in a call to

_al_event_source_needs_to_generate_event() which was missed earlier. * Peter Wang exposed some internal documentation on destructors, events and event sources to NaturalDocs. * Peter Wang changed al_wait_for_event() so that a timeout value of "0" means to not wait at all. To wait an indefinite amount of time the caller should pass the AL_WAIT_FOREVER constant. * Peter Wang removed the declarations of al_event_source_set_mask and al_event_source_mask which were missed in the previous change. * Peter Wang removed event masking abilities, that is, for the user to prevent an event source from generating particular event types. This was implemented using bitfields which limited the number of event types to 32. Although the limit could be raised event masking was probably not very useful anyway. In all, the functions removed are: al_event_source_mask, al_event_source_set_mask, al_wait_for_specific_event. The al_wait_for_specific_event() API also required event types to be bitfields. * Peter Wang fixed some spelling mistakes in the examples. * Peter Wang bumped the version to 4.9.2. * Peter Wang moved allegro/branches/4.3 to allegro/branches/4.9. * Ryan Patterson clarified the documentation of stop_sample(). * Peter Wang and Trent Gamblin fixed some issues with the CMake build. The allegro-config script was not generated properly and liballeg_unsharable wasn't being installed. * Matthew Leverton changed an instance of long long to LONG_LONG and an LL suffix into a (LONG_LONG) cast, both for MSVC 6. * Matthew Leverton submitted a fix for MSVC 6 regarding MSVC's lack of a __FUNCTION__ macro. * orz, Matthew Leverton, and Peter Wang made the ALLEGRO_USE_C=1 option to work under MinGW and MSVC. * Anthony Cassidy fixed a typo. * Peter Wang removed the 'msvc' target from the help message as it should not be used by users any more. Added a comment that it is used by * Anthony 'Timorg' Cassidy made d_menu_proc fill up its assigned area with the gui_bg_color. Changes from 4.9.0 to 4.9.1 (March 2007) **************************************** _Note that 4.9.1 was called 4.3.1 when it was originally released._ * Added a new mouse and cursor API. The new functions are:

al_install_mouse, al_uninstall_mouse, al_get_mouse, al_get_mouse_num_buttons, al_get_mouse_num_axes, al_set_mouse_xy, al_set_mouse_z, al_set_mouse_w, al_set_mouse_axis, al_set_mouse_range, al_get_mouse_state, al_mouse_button_down, al_mouse_state_axis al_create_mouse_cursor, al_destroy_mouse_cursor, al_set_mouse_cursor, al_set_system_mouse_cursor, al_show_mouse_cursor, al_hide_mouse_cursor * Added documentation for some parts of the 4.9 API using the NaturalDocs generation system. The documentation is nowhere near as good as a proper manual, but it's still better than nothing. * Added a commented example demonstating the new API (exnew_events.c). * Added CMake and SCons build systems. These are mainly for use by Allegro developers at present. * Various bug fixes and minor changes. Changes from 4.2 series to 4.9.0 (July 2006) ******************************************** _Note that 4.9.0 was called 4.3.0 when it was originally released._ Basically we're just wrapping up what we have in version control up to now. See the commit logs if you want details. This release introduces a few new subsystems. We have an event system, a new keyboard API, a new joystick API, a new timer API, and the start of a new graphics API. All of these are subject to change, as is usual for a WIP. We are maintaining a certain level of source compatibility with the 4.2 API. If it's easy to maintain compatibility then we do it, otherwise compatibility is dropped. Obscure features are more likely to be dropped. This release has had minimal testing on Linux/x86, Windows/x86 (MinGW) and Windows/x86 (MSVC). It seems to work on some Linux/x86-64 machines also. Other ports are broken or untested. The new functions are as follows (in no particular order). No real documentation exists at the moment but interesting header files are: altime.h, display.h, draw.h, events.h, joystick.h, keyboard.h, timer.h. * al_current_time al_rest * al_create_video_bitmap al_create_system_bitmap al_scroll_display al_request_scroll al_poll_scroll al_show_video_bitmap al_request_video_bitmap al_enable_triple_buffer al_create_display al_set_update_method al_destroy_display al_flip_display al_get_buffer al_get_update_method al_enable_vsync al_disable_vsync al_toggle_vsync al_vsync_is_enabled al_blit al_blit_region al_blit_scaled * al_event_source_set_mask al_event_source_mask

* al_create_event_queue al_destroy_event_queue al_register_event_source al_unregister_event_source al_event_queue_is_empty al_get_next_event al_peek_next_event al_drop_next_event al_flush_event_queue al_wait_for_event al_wait_for_specific_event * al_install_joystick al_uninstall_joystick al_num_joysticks al_get_joystick al_release_joystick al_joystick_name al_joystick_num_sticks al_joystick_stick_flags al_joystick_stick_name al_joystick_num_axes al_joystick_axis_name al_joystick_button_name al_get_joystick_state * al_install_keyboard al_uninstall_keyboard al_get_keyboard al_set_keyboard_leds al_keycode_to_name al_get_keyboard_state al_key_down * al_install_timer al_uninstall_timer al_start_timer al_stop_timer al_timer_is_started al_timer_get_speed al_timer_set_speed al_timer_get_count al_timer_set_count

Local Variables: coding: utf-8 End: