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Donald J. Newinan A Problem Seminar (“3 Springer-Verlag |‘; i New York Heidelberg Berlin [fF ) Donald J. Newinan Department of Mathemanes ‘Temple University Philadelphia, PA 19122 USA. Editor Paul KR. Halnos. Department of Methetaaties Indiana University Bloomington, IN 47405 USA ATIS Cha safeation (19 0); GAG? Hibuary of Congiey Cataloging in Publication Data Newman, Donald J, 1930. A problen seminar. (lroblei books in mathematics) |. Mathematics— Problems, exercises, ete, 2. Problem solving. 1. Tithe. QA43.N43 1982 510° 40 82-16729 © 1982 by Springer-Verlag New York Ine. All Fights 1eserved. No part of this book niay be wranslated or reproduced in any foim without written permission irom Springer-Verlag, 175 Filth Avenue, New York, New York 10010, U.S.A, Typeset by Science Typogtaphers, Ine., Medford, NY. Printed and bound by KX. Donnelley & Sons Company, Hatiishurg, VA. Printed in the United States of Antetica. 987654321 ISBN 0-387-90765-3 Springer Verlag New York Hicidelbera Berlin ISBN 3-540-90765-3 Springer-Verkig Berlin Heidelberg New York PREFACE There was once a bumper sticker that read, “Remember the good old days whea air was clean and sex was dirty?” Indeed, some of us are old enough to remember not only those good old days, but even the days when Math was fun(!), not the ponderous THEOREM, PROCH, THEOREM, PROOF,,..., but the whimsical, “I’ve got a good prob- lem.” Why did the mood change? What misguided educa phy transformed graduate m a form of passive scholarshi) Tn Tess sentimental term. why have the graduate schools dropped the Problem Seminar? We therefore offer “A Problem Seminar” to those students who haven't enjoyed the fun and games of problem solving, ional philose- hematics from a passionate activily to