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Running head: FACEBOOK VS.


Unit 3 Facebook vs. Twitter Case Study Analysis Kaplan University School of Business and Management MT460 Management Policy and Strategy Author: Shonae Doremus Professor: Dr. Pierce Date: September 14, 2011

Running head: FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER Introduction Facebook is a social networking website launched in February 2004. Twitter, another, very similar, social networking site, was started in 2006, and has forced Facebook onto a collision course. It is clear that the monopoly of social networking that is held by Facebook appears to be now threatened by Twitter. Facebook in the past was once threatened by MySpace and LinkedIn but has since gained momentum in the years gone by. Synopsis of the Situation The Facebook vs. Twitter case concerns the two similar social networking websites, and Facebook is facing the upcoming threat by Twitter. The case presents similarities between Facebook and Twitter, as well as the advantages of each. In spite of the networking monopoly that Facebook seems to have they still are being threatened by Twitter in reference to their social networking strategies. This case in its entirety illustrates the similarities among the two. They also depict their differences as well. Key Issues Issues identified in the Facebook vs. Twitter case, regarded Twitters advantageous characteristics: its so-called asynchronous nature and stellar search

technology (Lacy, 2009). Another issue involves Facebook marketing Twitter, in a sense. The key issues at hand in the case Facebook vs. Twitter is the advantages that Twitter has over Facebook in reference to the level of technology. One of the main issues is when Facebook tried to buy out Twitter in order to market them which they refused.

Running head: FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER Define the Problem The problem concluded from this case is Facebooks burden to bear. Facebook does not permit one-way relationships with individuals, nor does Facebook offer the capability of tracking real-time information. The major problem that exists in this case is the mere fact that Twitter has a controlled level of social networking. By this, I mean

Facebook does not allow a one way interaction option with members. Facebook also does not allow one to track real time information. This means that there is a great chance that Facebook may lose users to Twitter. Alternative Solutions The first alternative solution is for Facebook to purchase stellar star technology and offer the capability to track real-time information. This solution will help eliminate Twitters current advantage of having the capability to track real-time information. Another alternative solution is to develop a way for one-way relationships to be possible on Facebook, while maintain its security. The solution that I see towards this problem is that, if one can recall, Twitter bought the technology from stellar search which enable them to track real time conversations. What Facebook needs to do is to purchase such technology. In spite of all of this Facebook still has an advantage, so if they could get this type of technology on to their system this would help a great deal. Selected Solution to the Problem The solution to the problem is for each network to concentrate on their own marketing strategy rather than trying to compete with each other. Facebook has over 150 million users while Twitter has just a little over 6 million. So there is no reason why Facebook should be threatened by Twitter.

Running head: FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER Implementation I believe that both networks should maintain their own standards for the simple fact that they both have advantages and disadvantages. Recommendations As I stated earlier they both have advantages and disadvantages. What they both need to work on is making their websites more user friendly and to not have so much advertisements that slow down connection. Conclusion

When it comes to networking one need to conduct a market research to attract the right set of demographics and to weigh the benefits for each. I feel that Facebook will continue to beat at Twitter regardless of the real-time conversations.

Running head: FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER References Facebook Information and History. (n.d.). Retrieved September 14, 2011, from

Lacy, S. (2009). The Coming Facebook-Twitter Collision. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Running head: FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER SWOT Analysis

Situation being analyzed: Facebook VS. Twitter

Strengths One of the top and leading social networking sites. It has a renowned name as a social networking website. Ranked as 2nd in Top 500 sites (2010). Translated in more than 70 languages. The growth of Facebook has had tremendous impact on the internet industry, and it is known as the fastest growing social-networking site. The financial position is very strong.

Weaknesses The flash animation banners are quite distracting, and need to be positioned in such a way that it does not get in the way of the user. Too many irrelevant and useless applications. The semi instant messaging service regarding the wall posts is not quite the same real-time instant messaging. Adding application on Facebook is quite a feat, and spamming friends to add the same application as well.

Opportunities Expansion in the international market and the flexibility of initiating the cultural aspect of the other countries will surely be a positive and more welcome approach. Facebook has room for innovation, and can regard more services that touch the social networking. They should invest in technology and provide feedback information regarding its users as there are also businesses operating in the Facebook community. Facebook can include services regarding program developments, navigational framework, financial structure, and also targeting specifications. Facebook offers an opportunity to make money regarding services that would touch up the customers and their small amount of transactions to their partners or friends.

Threats Facebook privacy settings are time and again disrupted that made it leak millions of private photos of people over the internet. Spamming has become an issue due to the mini feed and wall merging, the more friends the user has, the more spammed will be in the feed. The younger generation is quite vital for the exploitation of the full potential of Facebook, losing their interest will mean a crack-down. The applications and programs mature quickly and the users get bored quite easily after some attempts at using the applications.

Running head: FACEBOOK VS. TWITTER This SWOT was retrieved from, on September 14, 2011.