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Correlation of Scriptures is Inadequate

[December 2, 2006 Shri Ramanath asked to give more discourses
on correlation of scriptures of various religions in a more detailed way
so that the universal spirituality can be stressed in the propagation of
O Learned And Devoted Servants of God,
Swami replied: The correlation of the scriptures of various
religions was done in a detailed way by several prophets who aimed at
the world peace. Even I have done this correlation in major topics like
human rebirth, concept of human incarnation etc. The effect of such
correlation is not much because the devotees of various religions are
neither influenced by the unity of the scriptures nor by the unity of
human beings having the same bodies of matter and energy externally
and the internal souls made of the same pure awareness. Scriptures are
the concepts given by various forms of God. Devotees feel that these
forms of God are totally different from each other. Unless you bring the
correlation of the various forms of God belonging to different religions,
the problem is not solved in the root. You have to come from top to
bottom in the solution for difference. The correlation of unity in the
scriptures and in the human beings is an attempt of solving the problem
from bottom to top. If you can prove the unity of the forms of God and
establish the concept of single God in various religions, the scriptures
have to be correlated forcibly because one God cannot speak
contradicting concepts in various religions. Like this if you come from
the top for the solution, there is always a tremendous binding force
acting on the heads of devotees to correlate the scriptures. Even if some
little variations exist in the scriptures, they have to be unified by force in
the light of unity of God, who is the single speaker of various scriptures.
Today the development of science is terrible, which is the faculty
of logic and analysis. Today the heart is reduced and the brain is
expanded. The old generations were having a broad heart and less brain.
The heart can be inspired by appeals but the brain will not be satisfied
by appeals. If you appeal “All the human beings are one and the same
internally and externally. God is one only. Do not quarrel with each
other and be united as one family”, the effect of such appeal is
Shri Datta Swami

temporary only. When the devotee returns back, the emotion is subsided
by next day itself. The reason is that his or her intellectual faculty
(Buddhi) is not satisfied. You have not given the logical analysis of such
concepts. You have worked at the level of mind only and not at the level
of intelligence. Mind is the steering rod and the intelligence is the
driver. Mind is in the hands of intelligence. Due to this reason only, the
Lord started the Gita with the concept of knowledge and analysis
(Buddhi Yoga). The driving knowledge of the driver is more important
than the driver. The correct driving depends on the correct driving
knowledge imparted to him by the teacher of the driving school, who is
the Satguru. In the case of Arjuna, the teacher of the driving school
himself became the driver! You cannot imagine the fortune of Arjuna.
When God Himself became the driver, He is called as Satguru. The
word Sat is used to mean God. Guru means guide.
‘God: Single Speaker of Scriptures’ is Adequate
The logic behind the unity of God in various forms related to the
corresponding religions is already given by Me in the “Conversation of
Swami with a Christian father.” The analysis presented by Me in that
topic is a terrible binding force of various religions. By correlation of
the scriptures, if you try to establish the unity of speaker, analysts may
not accept it. They may say that the concepts of different speakers may
sometimes coincide and that does not necessarily mean that the speakers
should be one and the same. The minor differences in the scriptures
which were followed by God depending on the various levels of the
corresponding communities, the various cultures of different regions
also get magnified to be used to differentiate the speakers. When the
speakers are different, the devotees will not be united because they
believe that their particular unique preacher was only the savior.
Therefore, you must start with the final weapon to establish the unity of
God as established by Me in that topic. You have to attack the virus and
bacteria at the very outset itself by a single stroke. With the help of its
continued effect, the subsequent steps of uniting the human beings
become very easy and also inevitable. If your God is the only creator of
this entire earth, He becomes partial by giving the right knowledge to
your region only when other regions were not having any
communications with your region. In such case, our forefathers went to
hell for no fault of their ignorance about your God and His scripture
Shri Datta Swami

given to you alone in that time. This concept acts like the Brahmaastra
and will have the posterior effect continuously in your effort of uniting
the devotees of various religions. The subsequent unity of scriptures is
forced by the logic of this single concept and the unity of the scriptures
becomes inevitable because no religion can accept the blind partiality of
God, since their God is the father of all the souls on this earth. The
absence of human rebirth in the other religions supports the inevitable
injustice done to the forefathers since there is no chance of their coming
back to this earth again in human forms. There is no chance for them to
rectify their ignorance since their human birth was finished once for all
which can not be repeated again under any circumstances. The concept
of permanent hell also supports this point, since those forefathers can
never be relieved form the permanent hell.
When we propagated this powerful logic, one Christian unable to
answer this point by logic, shouted saying “Let God be partial, but I will
not accept the Universal Spirituality”! Such conservative devotee need
not be blamed and infact, we pity him for the power of poison injected
in to his brain by the blind tradition of the ignorant priests from
generations together! Conservative devotees may not accept the truth
today, which is exposed with perfect logic and analysis from all angles.
But in course of time, this powerful truth will work and drill their brains
and a day will come when the permanent transformation of all the
human beings takes place and the dream of Universal Spirituality is sure
to become a practical reality and the consequence is the establishment of
world peace forever. God also blesses those, who participate in the
propagation of this divine knowledge, forever because they have done
the work of God, which is going to be eternal. The prediction of the
Universal Spirituality on this earth by Nostradamus is going to become
true shortly, since that prediction was from God only through him.
Solution for ‘Corruption Due to Blind Love on Family’
Similarly, if you establish the unity of human beings by showing
the same material (five elements) of the bodies and same material (Pure
awareness) of souls, this concept alone is not sufficient to bring the
concept of one global family. The devotee will say that his family loves
him more than the outsiders and therefore, he should show love to his
family and neutrality to the outsiders. Infact, this point is responsible for
the terrible sins like corruption. He grabs the hard money earned of
Shri Datta Swami

others for the sake of extra luxuries of his family. He is paid salary for
doing his duty to the public, which is more than sufficient for the needs
of his family. But he aspires for the endless luxuries of his family only
even at the cost of the misery of other human beings. This clearly shows
that he does not treat others as his family members in practice. He may
nod his head for your appeal temporarily but in practice your effort
becomes futile since you have not supplied the analysis of the concept to
satisfy his faculty of intelligence. In absence of your logic, his
insufficient or bad logic rules over his brain, which is that his family
members only love him and not the public. The complete and correct
logic for this point is supplied by the Veda which states that even the
family members love you because you are the instrument for their
happiness and they do not love you for your happiness (Atmanah
Kamaya Sarvam Priyam…). You can test the truth by becoming reverse.
If you do not supply even the basic needs, they will leave you at once
like the birds leaving a fruitless tree. Even the wife or husband was an
outsider coming from the public only before the marriage. It is your
ignorance that you feel that your wife or husband belongs to you and not
the outsiders. This bond did not exist before marriage and will not exist
after the death. This bond will not exist after death whether the human
re-birth exists or not. This bond will not exist when the soul goes to
permanent hell or heaven after this birth on the final enquiry. Even if the
soul is re-born (Hinduism), the bonds change like the dramatic bonds
between the actors in different dramas.
The bond is only a feeling, which is unreal with respect to the
reality of matter, energy and pure awareness, which are the common
constituting materials of human beings. After death these materials of
external bodies (matter and energy) are recycled as the bodies of other
human beings. In this light, where is reality of even the blood
relationship between parents and children? According to Hindu
scriptures, the wife and children come to collect their wealth that was
grabbed by you in the previous birth (Runanubandha rupena…).
Shankara says that which did not and will not exist is temporary and a
temporary unit must be always unreal (Yat Krutakam hi…). The
dramatic bond between actors during the drama also is unreal. You must
give the complete logic also whenever you preach the concept. Mere
introduction of the concept without the logic behind it is like a dead
body without life or a metallic wire without current, which will not
Shri Datta Swami

work for any practical purpose. The human being acting as a preacher
(Guru) can only give the concept, where as the God-preacher (Satguru)
like Shankara gives the concept with the related logic and also quotes
the scripture. An ignorant person can give only the facts of the case. But
the advocate gives the logic in the concept and its related quotation from
the constitution, which alone can satisfy the judge and also both the
parties. The judge or the opposing party will not be satisfied by the mere
facts presented by one party.
Five symbols of Universal Spirituality
Buddha kept silent about God and His followers misunderstand
this silence as negation of God. Buddha Himself is the human
incarnation and is counted in the main ten incarnations of God. The
silence of Buddha indicates the nature of the original God, who is
unimaginable and beyond words. Mohammed denied the concept of
conversion of God in to human form. His message has two angles. In
one angle, He was denying the concept of human incarnation because
just before His arrival, Jesus was crucified. In another angle, people
have misunderstood that God became the human form. Actually God
entered the human form and did not modify Himself in to the human
form. The current entered the wire and the current is not modified in to
the wire. The Gita says that God entered the human form (Manushim
tanumaashritam…) and the same Gita says that God is not modified in
to human form (Avyaktam vyaktimaapannam…). Jesus also told both
these concepts. When He told that He is the Son of God, it means God
and Himself are different like current and wire. When the current enters
the wire, the alive wire is treated as current and hence Jesus told that
God and Himself are one and the same. Since, the current cannot be
worshipped directly, only the alive wire should be worshipped as
current. When the scent is sprinkled on the shirt of your friend, he
enjoys the scent through the shirt. You need not remove the shirt and
sprinkle the scent on skin. A fool may even remove the skin and
sprinkle the scent on the nerves because the nerves only can receive the
experience of the scent. The concept of human incarnation is a two-in-
one system like a single phase having two components (like the alloy of
two metals). The single phase is the human incarnation and the two
components are Nara and Narayana. The contemporary human
incarnation is the real relevant form of God for the living human beings
Shri Datta Swami

for direct worship of God as can be seen in the case of Hanuman and
The universal spirituality shows Krishna, Buddha, Jesus,
Mohammed and scientist on its symbol. Science is also an important
religion. Science is the sharp logical analysis of the creation. Science
cannot show the creator because the unimaginable creator is beyond the
creation. But, Science is helpful in rejecting any item of creation that is
claimed to be the original God. Such item can be proved as the part of
creation through analysis and hence, it cannot be the creator, who is
beyond the entire creation. For example, the Advaita philosophers
believe that awareness (nervous energy), which is called as soul is the
original God. With the help of science, we can clearly understand that
this awareness is only a special work form of inert energy functioning
through the special nervous system. The inert energy is generated by the
oxidation of food (Annat purushah… Veda). The food is matter and is
converted in to inert energy as per the conversion of matter in to energy.
This energy is converted in to a special work form through the
functioning nervous system. For example, grinding is a special work
form of electric power (inert energy) through the functioning of grinding
machine. This forward reaction of conversion of inert energy in to
awareness is the evolution of life. The backward reaction is the death in
which the awareness is converted back in to inert energy (Manah
tejasi… Veda). Thus with the help of science, we are able to reject the
awareness or soul to be the original God. Shankara told that awareness
(soul) is Brahman and people have misunderstood that Brahman means
only God. Any greatest item in any category can be called as Brahman.
For example, the Veda is the greatest among scriptures since it was
protected from introductions and deletions. It was preserved by
recitation only through generations. Hence, the Veda is called as
Brahman (Brahmakshara samudbhavam… Gita). God being the greatest
of all the categories can be also called as Brahman. The awareness being
the finest form of work energies can be called as Brahman. Such
analysis of the soul is clearly helped by Science.