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1. What is the use of this keyword? 2. What is Garbage collection 3. What is the need for static methods? 4.

What are the OOP Principles? 5. What is Encapsulation? 6. What is Polymorphism? 7. What is method overloading? 8. What is a String in Java 9. Name a few String methods 10. What is String Buffer? 11. How does String class differ from the String Buffer class? 12. How will you initialize arrays? 13. What are the different access specifiers available in Java? 14. What is a package in Java? 15. What is Inheritance? 16. How is multiple inheritance achieved in java? 17. What is the use of super keyword? 18. Differentiate overloading and overriding. 19. Define polymorphism. 20. What is an abstract class? 21. What is reflection? 22. What are the uses of reflection in Java 23. Define an interface. 24. Differentiate Abstract classes and interface. 25. What is object cloning? 26. What is nested class? Mention its types. 27. Define proxies. 28. What is generic programming? 29. What is the difference between error and an exception? 30. How to create custom exceptions? 31. What is the purpose of the finally clause of a try-catch-finally statement? 32. What are threads? 33. What is the difference between Swing and AWT? 34. What is Frame? 35. What is applet? 36. Define threads priority 37. Write java program for button component 38. Define layout management 39. What is event handling? 40. Write a java program to display Floyd triangle? 41. Write a java program to check whether given number is Armstrong? 42. What is the use of final keyword? 43. Write a java for string concatenation 44. What is the general form of a class? 45. What is the use of new keyword 46. Write java program to draw the 2d shapes 47. What is byte stream? 48. Draw the AWT event Hierarchy 49. What are the swing components? 50. What is synchronization and why is it important?

PART-B QUESTIONS 1. Explain features of OOPS 2. Explain Constructors with examples. 3. Explain the methods available under String and String Buffer Class 4. Discuss in detail the access specifiers available in Java. 5. Explain Packages in detail. 6. Illustrate with examples: static and final 7. Explain method overriding with example program. 8. What is javaDoc? Explain the comments for classes, methods, fields and link. 9. Explain the concept of inheritance and its types. 10. What is dynamic binding? Explain with example 11. Explain the uses of reflection with examples 12. Define an interface. Explain with example 13. Explain the methods under object class 14. What is object cloning? Explain deep copy and shallow copy with examples 15. Explain static nested class and inner class with examples 16. Explain the classes under 2D shapes. 17. Explain event handling with examples. 18. Explain action event with an example. 19. What are the swing components. Explain. 20. Describe the AWT event hierarchy. 21. Explain the different states of a thread. 22. Explain thread synchronization with examples. 23. Explain the algorithm used for thread scheduling. 24. Describe multi threading. 25. Explain Deadlocks. 26. Explain generic classes and methods. 27. Explain exception hierarchy 28. What are the advantages of Generic Programming? 29. ?