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Packington Free Range Farm Rebrands as Packington Free Range Packington Pork, Packington Chicken and Packington Cockerel,

the award winning f ree-range brands from Mercer Farming in Staffordshire has rebranded all its oper ations under Packington Free Range. Nottingham, UK, October 20, 2011 -- Packington Pork, Packington Chicken and Pack ington Cockerel, the award winning free-range brands from Mercer Farming based i n Barton-Under-Needwood in Staffordshire has rebranded all its operations under one banner, Packington Free Range, this autumn. Packington Free Range's ( joint Managing Di rector Rob Mercer, explains the reasoning behind the rebrand: We recognised that whether its our pigs or free range chicken ( healthy-pigs-poultry/free-range-chicken) and cockerel, we have the same ethics a nd values in the way we rear and treat our animals. Both sides of the business also have a strong focus on customer services we are one of very few producers t hat undertake the whole process from rearing the animals to delivering the end p roduct ourselves. Moreover, the team that does this are the same people our cus tomers can talk to on a day-to-day basis, which we feel is incredibly important. In short, our customers dont see the two businesses as separate entities and th erefore we decided to create one strong brand that brings all elements of the bu siness together. The re-brand encompasses a new contemporary oak leaf design logo, which has repl aced the individual pig, chicken and cockerel graphics, and will be used on all materials, from stationery to vehicles. In addition the company has launched a new, up to date website. Recognising that consumers are becoming far more inter ested in the source of their meat the website aims to provide information that i s useful for both trade customers and the general public. Packington Free Ranges website ( includes an overview of the farms high standard of animal welfare, now recognised by high pr ofile awards from the RSPCA and Compassion in World Food; the history of the Mer cer family who have been farming the land in Barton-under-Needwood since the 193 0s; as well as contemporary recipe ideas, news and stockist information. Co-owner Alec Mercer said: We have chosen a design for our new brand which we thi nk celebrates our passion for the land and nature, and which has elements of bot h our heritage as well as more contemporary cues. This partnership of the old an d the new also reflects our farming techniques, respecting some of the more tradi tional methods while harnessing the best of modern technology to bring our custo mers the very best produce possible. The re-brand and new website was designed by Staffordshire based brand design co nsultants StudioDM. About Packington Free Range: Packington Free Range, based in Staffordshire, is a farm with a traditional family heritage spanning four generations. As well as a commitment to pork and poultry of the highest quality, Packingtons award-winnin g animal welfare ethos is supported and accredited by the RSPCA. Packington Free Ranges pork and poultry are Free Range in the truest sense of the word, with a f irm belief that happy, healthy animals will produce the best meat. Press Contact: Carrie Eames Cream Communications and Marketing Ltd 1 Howard Street Nottingham NG1 3LT 0845 3889584