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78666 Entertainment and Culture Magazine

October 2011

Fans obcat Brew B es a Witocuhble Chocolutte


o ar eal St Oatm t Root Cell es a tober s Relea id Oc M

22 Flavors
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Doors Open 11am Saturday Noon on Sunday

Free Food Every Sunday


Open 8pm Daily Upstairs thru Harpers

Tailgate Like A Champion
Hey Alumni & Fans!
Harpers and Taproom are joining forces for Texas State Tailgating. Join us on the Alumni Side every home game.

HarpersPublicHouse Giveaways and Specials

Do you Hookah?
We have the best selection of hookahs and accessories. Not to mention the nest shisha at the best price.



78666 Entertainment and Culture
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In the cauldron
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78666 Entertainment and Culture Magazine

October 2011

tFans Bobca Brew es Witch Chocolate

ble t A Dou eal Stou ar Oatm Root Cell at Releases ber 20th Octo

On The Cover: Three Hot Witches (Ashley Ford, Claire Andreas & Thamer Favor) brew up a special batch of BobcatFans beer with the help of Darkside Fermination. Special Thanks to Texas Music Theater and Jen Denton Aesthetics.

Finest Blends BYOB Wi-Fi Accessories

Publisher Rick Koch

Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising & Writing Were always looking for solid people. Send 300 words on why you would be a good fit for BobcatFans Magazine to Word!

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BobcatFans is not an official publication of Texas State University but we have our very own Darkside beer!

4 | BobcatFans Magazine

Letter From The DarkSide

One thing I can say about San Marcos culture is that it grows on you. Im not talking about the consequences of wearing river-wet shorts for a week straight, but the benefits. We find ourselves in a population of modern day Ponce de Leons, basking yearlong in our very own fountain of youth. It has been there all along, flowing from within, the spirit of vitality that can stop the hands of time itself. With eternal youth at our disposal, happiness at hand, and more bikinis than you can shake your stick at, it still seems that were missing some crucial ingredient: Beer. While the river-bottom fills up with empty cold activated cans, the shelves of the Yellow Store beg for local culture. If only you could bottle and sell it... Hear me now: A town with no brewery of its own is no town at all. The very foundation of our great country was conceived in the dank halls of local pubs, lubricated with strong ale and the inherent and unrelenting demand for freedom. And though much has been lost since then, what remains are the blueprints for revolution. We stand at the threshold of globalization, the homogenization of all cultures into a mindless mass of spendhappy consumer slaves. While our Redcoats may take the form of corporations and Californians, the threat is no less real. We face the destruction of our individuality, the only thing that makes us truly rich. It cant be bought or sold, and its worth fighting for. Darkside Fermentation stands against this force and charges the denizens of San Marcos to turn their efforts inward to enrich our community. We are here for you, and because of you. Let this reciprocal gratitude fuel our very own renaissance, where the bright minds of Texas State Alumni remain to offer their talents to our town, instead of chasing dollars off in some overcrowded metropolis. On that note, we are happy to announce the construction of Darkside Brewery, opening spring 2012 in our beloved city on the river. Its culture you can drink. Cheers, Silas Parker Saccromancer Darkside Fermentation BobcatFans Witches Brew


A special double chocolate oatmeal stout concoction for your drinking pleasure. Grab a pint at Root Cellar this month. BobcatFans Magazine | 5

Follow @housecalls512 on Twitter for #TXST coupons up to 75% off for Texas State students, faculty, and staff.
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Remote Web Desktop

J2J Drunk Meter

This app is a blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator with a fancy post to Facebook feature. This isnt a breathalyzer, but it will take what you input and spit out a number indicating your estimated BAC. Assuming you cant determine if youre intoxicated, this little app will keep you honest and safe before you consider a drive. Its also conveniently located on the same device used to call a cab. Post that to Facebook!

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Google Listen (Lab / Beta)

The Pong League

Tuesday nights at Taxis
The folks in San Marcos like to party, and at the center of every party you will find a crowded table with people on each side trying to throw ping pong balls into red Solo cups. You might think its crazy, but the game we call beer pong has made its mark on this generation...for better or worse. Its more than just a simple game consisting of a make shift platform, twenty Solo cups and two ping pong balls. Beer pong tables are specially designed and can become monuments to past parties and social gatherings. Each house has its own specific rules, changing up the game each weekend. Beer pong is now reaching new heights in San Marcos with the opening of The Pong League: San Marcos. The League is a weekly tournament hosted at Taxis on the square every Tuesday night at 8:30. Each week the best beer pong players in San Marcos show up to test their skills against one another for cash prizes and bar tabs. Long friendships have been made over short games of beer pong and this is what The Pong League is all about. Have fun, meet new people, and of course...make the person across from you down some beer.


Like Dropbox with a cherry on top. Automatic online backup with previous version restoration. Instant photo uploads with web file archive. Sync any folder on your pc or mac that you want available on your phone. It also provides media streaming from desktop synced folders.

Geek Worthy Tip of the Month

You can install android apps from your laptop by logging into your Google account on the market website. The store will ask you which device you want to install on and the app will be available on your phone as though you were downloading directly from the market place. Brilliant!

BobcatFans Witches Brew

One night in the the dark back corners of the Root Cellar the mischievous undertakers of BobcatFans Magazine and Darkside Fermentation conjured up a plan to brew a full bodied delicious brew for people of 78666 who love to drink beer with culture and passion.

Brought to you by Housecall Computer Services. Badass On-site support. Student friendly pricing.
6 | BobcatFans Magazine

In mid October BobcatFans Witches Brew, a double chocolate oatmeal stout, will be released from captivity and available by the pint. Three months in the making, our Witches Brew will place a spell on your taste buds.

Shiner RANT
Dear Shiner, I have found myself having a problem with you lately. I live in Texas and am proud of that fact and yet when I go to a bar and try to order some of your dark goodness I find you under the import list for more than a beer from Colorado. How are you an import when you are made mere hours from where I live. I have understood Corona and Dos Equis because they are coming from Mexico and have to pay special tariffs. But not you, you have no excuse. I will be honest I have even started seeing you outside of Texas. Why do you pretend not to be a domestic? I know that there is a certain allure of being an import, that it makes other beers jealous, but you are like the girl who goes to France for vacation and comes back with a fake French accent, you arent fooling anybody. Please just label yourself as a domestic and quit the charade. I have heard the argument that you are now considered a premium beer, but come on, it is pretty much the same thing. You are a Texas beer, which means you are supposed to be smooth and happy with who you are. This labeling yourself as something more than just a good working mans beer makes me feel like you dont appreciate those of us who truly love you. If you dont stop trying to be so pretentious I am going to have to leave you for Lone Star. Oh who am I kidding? I could never leave you, but please just be yourself. Love, E

Comedian Shane Mauss is coming to TMT October 26th

You probably spend most of your late nights slaving over homework, kids, or cleaning up after your significant other and have no time to watch late night television. During those rare occasions though, when you regretfully decide to set your responsibilities aside and turn on Late Night with Conan OBrien, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central, HBO or Showtime, you might have come across a comedian named Shane Mauss. The man could honestly make you laugh without even saying words, but he will be telling jokes, and they will be very funny. Michael Monsour, a man whose popularity in San Marcos is growing faster than his Chia Pet, will be hosting. Nick Aluotto and Curtis Hammill will also be featured.
Tickets $6 at the door

No Joke

Texas Renaissance Festival

The start of October means that Halloween is just around the corner. By the end of this month people will be dressed in costumes, playing games, and drinking beer, but have you ever wished that Halloween would last more than one night? Starting October 8th the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) will open it gates for the 2011 season. For the nine weeks that follow, thousands of people from around the globe will make the trip to the fairgrounds outside of Plantersville. The Festival offers something for everyone including live music, specialty acts such as belly dancers and fire breathers, shopping, and ice cold beer. Each weekend has a theme ranging from the fantasy of Dreams, to the rowdy fun of Pirates and ending with three days of Celtic Christmas following Thanksgiving. Regardless of the weekends theme, people dress up as their favorite character from history, fantasy, or fiction and spend the days wandering the grounds taking in the sights. Each evening ends with fireworks. Some tips for first timers Buy tickets online or at HEB for discount prices Bring cash for food and drinks (The hamburger from the German area is recommended) Dont ask what is under a kilt unless you want to see it Catch the Chainmail Fashion Show Onsite camping is available Be ready to be heckled (its all in fun) TRF is located this side of Houston on FM 1774 just six miles from the town of Plantersville. It has been a Texas tradition for almost forty years. For more information visit or find them on facebook


T? R

BobcatFans Magazine | 7

Whats happenIng

Costume Preview!
The geek will inherit the Earth this Halloween, as the common factor in every place we called was to expect to see a lot of capes and masks. Just looking at this past summer tells you why; we had Green Lantern, X-Men, Thor and Captain America all released within a few months of each other. Costume World in Austin told us that super hero outfits were some of the first ordered, among kids and adults. Potato Head and Twister. It will be quite interesting to see how exactly a Twister costume will work, but its sure to be quite the site. And Mr. Potato Head? Color us interested.

The classics
Werewolves, zombies, vampires, you know the drill. All the usual suspects will be out and about this Halloween to scare up some fun. There are sure to be some interesting (and sexy) twists as always.

Popular movie characters

Besides the superheroes, a lot of popular movie characters will be out and about this year. One of the bigger sellers so far is Harry Potter, since the boy wizard just finished his quest on the big screen this past summer. Besides the Hogwarts crew, get ready to see a rise in apes, pirates, and some old fashioned Disney characters.

Heres an interesting one. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that mixes Victorian era fashion with sci-fi. We kept hearing about it everywhere we called, so look for it this Halloween. Theyre sure to stand out. So now that you have an idea of what to expect this Halloween, make an inspired choice in your costume this year. But besides these ideas, remember theres always room for originality.

by Ruben Mercado

Halloween, the magical time of year where you can dress however you please free of judgment, is upon us. And every year although a lot of personality comes out in unique, individual costumes, there are always the trends. Last year we saw a lot of Lady Gaga and Snooki. Whats coming up this year? BobcatFans called around and got the scoop on what costumes will be popular this Halloween.

Retro board games

Yes, you read that right. Sharon from the Nightmare Factory told us that many customers had been buying costumes inspired by retro board games like Mr.

8 | BobcatFans Magazine


serve self-

zen fro

urt yog


Reward Your Taste Buds

More Flavors, More Toppings
350 N Guadalupe St San Marcos, TX 512-667-6720


os, T Marc! * San ver t 120 whene i t., Un n pe S : 12 noo lu uada Hours N. G 0


BobcatFans Magazine | 9

san Marvelous

Who Has
In Town

You Decide
Introducing a Distinctive Burger Menu Voodoo Black and Blue Street Special Chimichurri Buffalo


The Best

Joan Searcy, Judy Carr & Tom Searcy

Vince Collier, Geri Wilson, Cathy Schultz & Rexanne Collier


Seton Social 2011 - Hosted at the beautiful Wild Onion Ranch, Seton Social attendees enjoyed the Grammy Award-winning sounds of Grupo Fantasma and fabulous food. More than $182,000 was raised to benefit Seton Medical Center Hays in Kyle.

Rebecca Conley & Justin Dickey

Enchanted Rock Vodka

Mochas and Javas & friends

Boot Scootin Foodie - Put on by the United Way of Hays Country, food hungary members of the community joined together to sample the local flavor of numerous area eateries...all for a good cause of course.

Raul Reyna Jr. & Dameon Williams

Caitlin Skalski, Preslie Clancy, Kaitlyn Urbanczyk & Kali Danner

Amber Wilkins, Chad Dunn, Shelby McCaslin & Katie McClung

Kickoff 2011 - On a day that was marked by rain for the first time in a long time, Bobcat faithful tailgated like champions and showed up in full force at Bobcat Stadium. Check out all the other game day pics on BobcatFans Facebook page.

Erica Evans, James Flink, Robyn Beatty & Nick Schott

Allen Shy & Chris Grady

Steven Arnold, Alejandra Borrego, Haley Shugart

TXST Football Watch Party - When a bar on the square is owned by proud Bobcat alumni you can be sure that if TXST football is on TV, it will be shown at Harpers Public House. Fans joined to watch the Cats play Wyoming on Sept. 10th with the fight song playing after touchdowns. 10 | BobcatFans Magazine

Andy Edgerton, Tom Leonardis, Jackie Mills, =Sarah Edgerton, Rose Leonardis, Sue Mills & Gerald Hill

or Footbal f
Trina and Damian Mandola

w Open l No

n Sat & Su am nch 11:30

Courtesy of Bella Momenti Photography

Palmers Restaurant Crew

Chris Jones & Kim Porterfield

Watch All Games on 9 HD at screens

Clinton Cowan, Jacquelyn Permenter & Deidre Kelm

Maroon & Gold Man Colton Pollock

Sunday Brunch Bottomless Mimosa Great Happy Hour & Game Day Specials

Jamie Harris, Jamie Shy, Taylor Smith, Kate Porter & Roger Boyd

Amy & Ted Marchut

Now Open Sat & Sunday 11:30 am

202 N. LBJ Suite 101 Phone (512) 396-4260

BobcatFans Magazine | 11

Tequila Tuesdays
n Shots, Margaritas, A ything w

ducts ff All Tequila PrhoTequila $1.00 O it

Chimys Porch Now Open!
$12 Domestic Buckets $.99 Crispy Tacos

12 | BobcatFans Magazine

InsIde look

Cause Texans Deserve Better Beers

By Rick Koch

Dennis Middleton loves beer like a fat kid loves cake. A motocross enthusiast who spent ample time in Belgium, he ran across a new love, the countrys ale. Homebrewing since the early 90s Middleton jumped head first into the art of beer making. Hes met Charlie Papazian (considered the Godfather of homebrewing) and was allowed to hang with the monks at Chimay, a privilege not usually granted to anyone. Now Middleton is on a mission to spread the good news of self-brewing the divine drink to Hill Country Texans. Middleton set up shop in Wimberley and along with the brewpub he opened a homebrewing supply store complete with over 25 different grains and all the instruction one would need to brew their first batch. The more small brewers the better for everyone. Small brewers are not competitors, were on the same team. Its symbiotic!

I sell the key ingredients they use in Belgium. They make beer delicious.

Beer Carboy. It holds the fermenting brew. The hardest part is the waiting.

I was inspired by Sierra Nevada to create my own torpedo to infuse more hops.

The original kegerator that I used in my house for years.

Typically it costs around $300 to get all the supplies you need to brew.

One of my favorite brewing systems. It brings back many memories of tasty beers.

Used to chill the beer fast during the brewing process. BobcatFans Magazine | 13

14 | BobcatFans Magazine

The history of San Marcos runs deep, six feet deep to be exact. While Texas State and San Marcos are looking forward to its new development and growth, it is important to look into the rear-view mirror and remember those ghosts from the past that played major roles in creating the community we all know and love. These figures not only made major contributions to building San Marcos, but are vital member of Texas history as well. Below are some of their stories, but more are hidden in the walls and under the streets around San Marcos.

The Pitts Cemetery

John D. Pitts (1798-1861) Captain John Drayton Pitts traveled to the Republic of Texas in 1842, and brought many of his family members from Georgia with him. After Texas joined the Union, he became one of Texas first legislators. He and his family members settled in San Marcos in 1847 (Referred to as Stringtown at the time). Pitts was a founding member of the oldest church in San Marcos, The Methodist Episcopal Church, which began in his home. As a civil engineer, he helped design the layout for the city square. After San Marcos celebrated its inaugural Texas Independence Day, it is said that he shot down the pulley to lower the Texas flag on his first shot, after the failed attempts of others. *Legend has it that on the day he was to marry his second wife, his wagon tipped over as he passed by Pitts cemetery where his first wife was buried. Despite the bad omen, he proceeded on with the wedding.

the Civil War. He later entered the political field and contributed to the formation of Texas State Constitution. Ed J. L. Green (1841 1924) Green became the first major banker and entrepreneur in San Marcos. He moved to Texas from Arkansas with his family at a young age, but quickly became a leading business man and contributor to the San Marcos community. San Marcos has Green to thank for pushing the city into the industrial age. Some of his achievements include constructing a dam on the river and bringing electric power to San Marcos.

The San Marcos Cemetery

James Malone (1825-1904) & Eliza Malone (1832-1923) James Malone and Eliza Pope Pitts Malone probably played that largest role in the growth of San Marcos, literally. Together, they had sixteen children during their marriage, and it is said that they fostered at least thirteen more during their lifetime. Eliza should definitely go down in history as the mother of San Marcos. Eliza also helped sew the first Texas flag to fly over San Marcos. During the Civil War, James stayed in San Marcos to help run the soldiers farms while they were gone. Eliza sewed the uniforms for the soldiers during the Civil War and would later mend socks back home for soldiers off fighting in WWI. A.B. Rodgers (1871 1953) Arthur Birch Rodgers once owned a good deal of San Marcos, especially the areas surrounding the river. A. B. was so active during his lifetime that it would be easier to say who he

wasnt than who he was. He ran an undertaking and furniture business out of the building we know as Vodka St. and Taxis today. We have Rodgers to thank for Rio Vista, which was then known as Rodgers Park. According to one story, Rogers supposedly traded a horse for the Wonder Cave (now a part of Wonder World Park) and said that the man who received the horse got the better end of the deal. A. B.s big dream of turning San Marcos into a major tourist location would later be achieved by his son. Paul Rodgers (1898 - 1965) Paul Rodgers, son of A. B. Rodgers, was a man with a vision. Driven by the dreams of his father, he developed Aquarena Springs as a major tourist location. It was a sight to see back in its prime, featuring mermaids, a swimming pig and glass bottom boat tours. The theater that he built was an architectural phenomenon. He ran into some criticism from naturalists hoping to preserve the sanctity of the spring, but no one can deny that Paul Rodgers put San Marcos on the Texas map.

The Kyle Cemetery

Major Edward Burleson Jr. (1826-1877) Major Burleson is the son of General Edward Burleson, who was an officer during the Texas Revolution and served as Vice President under Sam Houston. As a young man, he and his family settled down along the San Marcos River. His father passed away and was buried in what is now the Texas State Cemetery. Major Burleson started his own family and remained in San Marcos. Like his father, Burleson had a long military career and fought for Texas during

1. Please note that BobcatFans does not encourage drunk driving. Be smart and convince someone to haul you around! 2. Brewpubs vs Breweries. Brewpubs are typically restaurants that brew their own beer while commercial breweries only make beer. 3. Bring cash to brewery tours. The commercial breweries open their doors to the public from time to time. They typically charge you a nominal fee for the purchase of a pint glass. You can fill the glass while you are there, and take it with you when you leave.
by Chris Lehman

Central Texas is full of free-thinkers and artists who are not afraid to challenge convention for the sake of improving the world around them. One such group of artists uses malt, barley, and hops to create alcohol amalgamations to remind people that beer can be something more than colored water devoid of a particular taste. Unlike their faceless multinational opponents in Fort Worth and Houston, these rebels are not interested in producing a singleflavored swill for the unwashed masses. They buck the idea of mass-produced, corporate concoctions devoid of any soul for

small-batch sips of heaven which serenade your palate with a symphony of sensational suds. Unfortunately, these microbrew magicians are subject to rules that limit the distribution of their products. As such, it is important for craft beer connoisseurs to hit the road and seek out these bastions of brew. Lucky for you, BobcatFans is here to point you towards some of the breweries and brewpubs in our backyard.

Darkside Fermentation
Open: Every day except Monday 215 N LBJ San Marcos, TX 78666 Root Cellar Caf started selling Silas Parkers small batch beer on Superbowl Sunday 2010. Twenty months later, it is still the only place to find San Marcoss local beer. Unlike most of the other breweries featured in this article who sell their beer by the pint, Darkside sells corked bottles which can be enjoyed onsite or at home. You can pick up a bottle during their regular business hours six days per week (closed on Monday). Their inventory is subject to change based on the popularity of certain beers. This can be a blessing, as it introduces you to new styles of beer, but dont expect to see the same varieties every visit. If you like a certain batch dont take chances and stock up.

Wimberley Brewing Company

Open: Every day except Monday 9595 Ranch Road 12 Wimberley, TX 78676 Wimberley Brewing Company is ten minutes west of San Marcos at the Wimberley Junction (where RR 12 and RR 32 split). It is owned and operated by Bruce and Holley Collie. Their business is making handcrafted pizza and beer (a very good combination). Bruce, who won two SuperBowl rings with the San Francisco 49ers, works behind the bar serving up his beers. He is passionate about the product he serves to his guests. They have several types of beer on tap including an India Pale Ale (IPA), a stout, and their signature Drop the Rabbit (a malty beer with less hops than his Amber).

New Braunfels Brewing Company

Tour Day: N/A (Coming soon) 180 West Mill Street #100 New Braunfels, TX 78130 NBBCo was part of New Braunfels history in the early part of the Twentieth Century. Unfortunately, the original brewery came to an end during prohibition. Entrepreneurs, Kelly and Lindsey Meyer, are attempting to restore the brand. The Meyers have been busy running their eight Anytime Fitness locations throughout Central Texas, and have decided to focus their attention on beer production. They are currently setting up a brewery in downtown New Braunfels (set to open soon) with the hopes of making it a tourist destination. The lack of a downtown location hasnt stopped them from rolling out a couple of beers. Luftweiss (a citrus Hefeweizen) and ErdeWeiss (a dunkel) have surfaced in New Braunfels in recent months.

Faust Brewing Company

Tour Day: Seven days a week 240 South Seguin Ave New Braunfels, TX 78130 There are few bars that allow you to drink beer and pass out under the same roof. The Faust Hotel, located in downtown New Braunfels, is one such place. The FBC has been open to the public since 1998. The dark wood furniture and copper beer tank setup behind the bar will make any beer drinker feel right at home. You can enjoy one of their six selections (including the signature Golden Ale) as a pint at the pub, or get a plastic growler to take on your next trip down the Guadalupe.

brewing scene. While many craft brewers prefer to use bottles to add sophistication to their product, these guys love aluminum cans. They are currently producing four varieties that are perfect for a tailgate or a day on the lake.

Circle Brewing Company

farmhouse style ales are truly local as the setup uses elements from Central Texass microclimate to develop a unique beer. These ales receive a primary fermentation with a controlled yeast strain. They are subsequently transferred to barrels which capture local time and place in the flavor of the beer. Jester King is selling bottles in San Marcos, but has yet to bring in the kegs.

Live Oak Brewing Company

Tours: Saturday, Noon Cost: FREE 3301 East 5th Street Austin, TX 78702 Live Oak employs an old-world style of brewing that is practiced extensively throughout Germany and the Czech Republic. Their small brewery has produced a wide variety of beers in recent years. With that being said, bottles and cans are not an option. You will have to go out to your local watering hole to find this one.

Other Nearby Trips

The love of something local is an important part of the craft brew scene. Brewers love to use local resources such local water, nuts, or fruits and vegetables to create something that is different from the rest of their competition. In this vein it should not be surprising that Austin (who loves all things Austin) has embraced the craft beer scene. New commercial breweries and brewpubs are coming online each year. Here is just a list of some of the breweries and brewpubs in the Capital City.

Tours: No public tours at this time 2340 W Braker Lane, Suite B Austin, TX 78758 Circle Brewing Company has a taken a no nonsense approach to beer making. They have chosen to align their brewing practice with the German Purity law of 1516 which says that you cant use any other ingredients besides Water, Malt, Hops, and Yeast. You wont find their beer on the shelves, but it is on tap throughout Austin.

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

Tours: Saturdays 11 and 1:30pm 1160 Circle Drive Austin, TX 78736 Thirsty planet is new to the Austin brewing scene. They currently have three beers; Buckethead IPA, Yellow Armadillo Wheat, and Thirsty Goat Amber. Unfortunately, their beers are only in draught form and have not made it to San Marcos.

Independence Brewing Company

Austin Breweries (512) Brewing Company

Tours: 1st Saturday of the Month, 1pm 2pm Cost: $6 3913 Todd Lane Austin, TX 78744 IBC started in 2004. They wanted to brew smooth, full-flavor, deliciously easy-drinking beers for the people of Texas. Their label art is as good as the beer. You can find their beers (Austin Amber, Bootlegger Brown, Freestyle, Stash, and Independence Pale) on tap in stores around San Marcos.

Austin Brewpubs Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery

Tours: TBD (Seasonal tours) Cost: $5 407 Radam Lane Austin, TX 78745 (512) Brewing Company is a microbrewery located in the heart of Austin. Their beers are built on old-world English and Belgian recipes, but enhanced to celebrate bold domestic ingredients. Made with Austins mineral rich water, the (512) beers taste like none other. Personally, I am a fan of their Wit and Whiskey Barrel Aged Pecan Porter.

Jester King Craft Brewing

Austin BeerWorks
Tours: No public tours at this time 3009 Industrial Terrace, Suite 150 Austin, TX 78758 Austin Beerworks is fairly new to the Austin

Tours: Saturday, 1pm - 4pm Cost: $10 13005 Fitzhugh Road Austin, TX 78736 Jester King was started by the Stuffings Brothers. Their brewery is situated on a ranch just inside the Hays county line. Their

Open: Daily from 4pm 7020 Easy Wind Drive, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78752 Black Star Co-op is a cooperative business based in Austin, TX. They credit their start to Steven Yarak, a man who wanted a neighborhood beer bar owned by the community. Jeff Young, a brewer from Alabama, came on board and the brewpub was born. This strange business model places daily operations in the hands of a Workers Assembly. Young is also the mastermind behind the house beers. They range from conventional to unpredictable.

North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery

homemade beers on tap to drink while you are there or you can take a keg to go.

Freetail Brewing Company

Open: Every day Tours: Saturdays, Noon 4035 N Loop 1604 W. Suite 105 San Antonio, TX 78257 Beer fans around the state of Texas are familiar with Freetail. It is often the first stop for these people when they come to San Antonio because of their food and craft beer selection. Their food is mostly pizza, upscale pub appetizers, and sandwiches. They make a variety of beers (10 or 15) on site and carry Texas brews from other regional breweries.

Open: Daily at 11am 10010 Capital of Texas Hwy Austin, TX 78759 NXNW offers a beer school so people can learn more about the beverage. Together, Brewmaster Don Thompson and Head Brewer Ty Phelps have over 30 years of brewing experience. With beer backed by this much brewing know-how, it has to be good!

Uncle Billys Brew and Que

Open: Daily at 11am 1530 Barton Springs Rd Austin, TX 78704 Uncle Billys has two locations in Austin; Barton Springs and Lake Travis. It is perfect for people heading out for a day at Zilker or out on the lake. They specialize in BBQ and homemade beer. Brewmaster Brian Peters has a passion for beer. He was involved with Live Oak Brewing Company and The Bitter End before coming onboard at Billys.

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Tour: Saturday afternoon 4834 Whirlwind Drive San Antonio, TX 78217 Ranger Creek is a brewstillery. They are currently producing four types of beer (South Texas Lager, Oatmeal Pale Ale, Mesquite Smoked Porter, and Belgian Dark Strong Ale) and a whiskey. I havent seen their beer in San Marcos, but they are on tap in San Antonio, Austin, and New Braunfels.

San Antonio
The art of beer making came to San Antonio in the 1850s with German immigrants. Over time, the Alamo City would play host to two of Texass most iconic beers- Lone Star and Pearl. While production of these storied brands have moved elsewhere, River City residents can rejoice in the fact that craft brewers still call San Antonio home.

Hill Countr
Whether it is in the architecture, festivities, or just the phonebook, the Hill Country has been influenced by German culture. I encourage you to take a weekend to head out of town, wind through some back roads, and enjoy some local flavor.

Real Ale Brewing Company

Tour: Friday afternoon, 2pm-5pm 231 San Saba Court Blanco, TX 78606

Alamo Beer Company

Tour: N/A 1617 East Commerce #6101 San Antonio, TX 78205 Alamo Beer only has one beer (Alamo Golden Ale) in production currently. But one is all you need when make a beer that tasty. This beer brings to mind images of Texas Pride... or King of the Hill. You can find it on tap and in bottles around San Antonio.

Pecan Street Brewing

106 E. Pecan Street Johnson City, TX 78636

Double Horn Brewing

208 Avenue H Marble Falls, 78654

Blue Star Brewing Company

Open: Daily at 11am 1414 South Alamo Suite 105 San Antonio, TX 78210 Blue Star is owned and operated by Joey and Maggie Villarreal. Their facility is part of the Blue Star Arts Complex just south of San Antonios King William Historic District. You can drink a beer, eat some food, and get your bicycle fixed in one location. They have six 18 | BobcatFans Magazine

Fredericksburg Brewing Company

245 East Main Street Fredericksburg, TX 78624

The Barbershop
207 Mercer Street Dripping Springs, TX 78620

ff Some Steam tO Le !

American Cuisine with Southwestern Attitude

Beer Garden / Courtyard / Live Music / Ping Pong / Washers / Horseshoes
Train Light Specials & Happy Hour Every Day 3-7pm


116 S E d w a r d G a r y S t . S a n M a r c o s Tx 7 8 6 6 6

BobcatFans Magazine | 19

ootball F


cheWed and breWed


Paired Up

A Pitcher Ziegenbock

16 Cheese P + 20 Wings izza +

of $20

Sean Patricks Banger is showing

Pint t! Nigh

Nothing goes better with a fine meal than the accompaniment of the perfect brew to compliment and harmonize the taste buds of ones palate. In honor of our brew issue we couldnt help but go Irish, the home country that inspires mouth watering pub food all over the world. We paired up two of Sean Patricks favorites with the tasty brews recommended by the experts who pour them daily. The Bangers & Mash, much like Sean Patricks, is a Texas twist. The Banger is a duo of Irish pork and Texas beef. Juicy and flavorful the sausage melds in perfectly with the colcannon mash and gravy. Something about it feels like home cooking, an Irish comfort food, guaranteed to make you feel Irish even if you arent. Its a no brainer to wash down the old country favorite with a pint of Guinness. Rich to the very end. For those who have a hard time straying from their usual culinary confines, you can still partake in an Irish adventure, SPs delivers on the Guinness BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger. Thick sliced bacon compliment a perfectly medium cooked patty topped with cheddar and a healthy dousing of Guinness sweet and spicy sauce. Paired with 512s WIT, a light brew with a medium citrus body, it aids as the perfect palate pleaser, preparing you for your next mouth watering bite. Forget the ambien, meals like these make for a good nights sleep.

Buckets of Beer All Da y 6 Cans $8 6 Domestic Bo 6 Import B ttles $12 ottles $16
202 East San Antonio Street
20 | BobcatFans Magazine

MBA in Hot Dogs

Man Bites Dog Owner: Jeremiah Allen TXST 2009

Starting small to make it big

Man Bites Dog is one of the Austin food trailer stories that has inspired many others to take their chances in the food business. Owner Jeremiah Allen received his MBA from Texas State and not 5 months later put his business skills to the test, purchasing a trailer with a credit card and opening up his tribute to the hot dog on South 1st St. Allen credits a trip to Chicago with his wife as the inspiration for his hot dog concoctions. Items such as deep fried bacon wrap dogs with a fried egg on top are one of many wacky menu dishes. In June, Allen got to fulfill a dream of opening up a restaurant space and deflating the wheels on the trailer. Future plans include a few more locations in Austin and a possible spot in San Marcos, Hot Dog!

Oil to Hops

Halloween !Block Party street closure Midnight Costume Contest Twisted Margarita $500 in Prizes
Republic Tequila Austin, TX
1.5 oz Republic Tequila 2 oz Republic Spirit Blends Jalapeno Lime 2 oz Republic Spirit Blends Prickly Pear Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Pour into a rocks glass, garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy!

ation 2011 Celebr

Samhain Happy

Freetail Brewing Company Owner: Scott Metzger TXST 2001

Avid soccer fan hits beer making in the net

What happens when you graduate with a degree in business finance & economics from the land of Bobcats, take a job in the oil business and then decide its not what you want to do? You open up a brew pub off of 1604 in San Antonio and hang out with the UTSA folk. Freetail Brewing Co. owner Scott Metzger has been serving up his beer creations to San Antonio since 2008. Over that time he has brewed over 80 different beers and carries no more than 3 year round selections. That makes for a lot tasty options with something new to try each visit. Metzger got into the industry making homebrew in 2003, discovered a passion for it and took the entrepreneur leap of faith. Freetail offers brick oven pizza along with a full menu and serves as a sanctuary to rabid soccer fans. Ive never worked harder in my life; Ive never had more fun.

$2 Toxic Margaritas $2 Witchs Frozen Berry Brew $2 Magic Hat #9 Draft $3 Black Magic - Half Guinness Half Magic Hat #9 $3 Blood Red Avion Tequila $3 Toxic Green Rumplemintz $3 Irish Car Bombs Buckets: $8, $12, $16

202 East San Antonio Street
BobcatFans Magazine | 21



$30 worth of ingredients yields 5 gallons of lip smacking porter

Grains, hops, yeast and the desire to know how they all mingle are the key ingredients in homebrewing. Ex-BMX biker and Print This shop owner John Powell spends his weekend nights working on Trinity beer, a brew that comes to life in his kitchen and is enjoyed by only his closest friends. Johns interest in home brewing came from watching the television show Brew Masters on the Discovery channel. Not to be out done by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware, John set out on an ale mission and picked up a few supplies and good tips from Middleton Brewing in Wimberley. His first beer was a porter, and he hit a homerun right off the bat, its taste was incredible. A guy who makes his living off design cant help but make his own labels for his beloved creation and even plans to enter a few contests. A hefeweizen soon followed. Next on Johns list is an IPA and if youre a beer lover you might want to make friends quick, five gallons doesnt stretch as far as one might think.

Is it legal?
Homebrewing of beer having alcohol content higher than 0.5% remained illegal until 1978 when Congress passed a bill repealing federal restrictions created back in the prohibition days. Jimmy Carter signed the bill, H.R. 1337, into law in October 1978. The bill left individual states free to pass their own laws limiting production. In the Lone Star State a license or permit is not required for the manufacture of not more than 200 gallons of wine, malt liquor, or beer. Be thirsty my friends.

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1. Aquarena: 757-8833 2. Hopkins: 353-0000 3. University Dr: 353-7500 4. Wonder World: 353-7766 5. Kyle on 1626: 268-6400

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FItness boot caMp

Exercise and Breast Cancer

Many of us have heard a lot about breast cancer, and many may have witnessed firsthand the impact the treatment of breast cancer can have on a loved one. It has been well documented that exercise can have an impact on the prevention of breast cancer and several large charity events have been formed to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research. One such event is a joining of forces between the San Marcos Professional Fire Fighters Association (SMPFFA), Central Texas Medical Center (CTMC), and the San Marcos Runners Association (SMRA) with the 2nd annual Pink Heals 5K Run/Walk to be held on October 22nd and Pink Heals Rally on October 16th.
Women who have had their lives forever changed by breast cancer should be encouraged to exercise. Whether they have completed treatment, are undergoing chemotherapy, are going to have surgery or are postsurgical, or have been recently diagnosed, exercise should a part of their battle. Prior to engaging in a regular exercise program, you need to be cleared by your oncologist. Once you have been cleared to partake in exercise, be prepared for the many benefits exercise can have on your fight! The treatment of breast cancer can have an impact on weight gain. The medications being prescribed can induce menopause in younger women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Having the proper cardiovascular and resistance training routine may help decrease the side effects the medications can have on your lean muscle mass and body fat. Brought to you by:


Exercise is not the missing Miracle Cure

Yes, exercise can help with the likelihood of a full recovery, but it is not the end all be all to your recovery. Exercise alone will not help you beat breast cancer. However, exercise can help with improving your self-esteem and mood as well as with the management of the side effects, such as nausea and fatigue from treatment.

Increased strength and reduced bone mineral density loss from resistance training. Having resistance training as part of your treatment regimen can have many benefits, including increased bone density, strength, and an increased ability to perform activities of daily living. Having the ability to perform daily tasks through improved strength and increased bone density can have a significant impact on your overall mood.

For more information visit or contact Heath Herrera at 512.787.2219 Heath is the owner of Fitness Revolution San Marcos, featuring HH Fitness Boot Camps.

Top 3 Benefits of Exercise on Breast Cancer Treatment 1.

Increased post-mastectomy mobility and range of motion. You will have good days and bad days during the treatment of your breast cancer. On bad days when you feel like doing very little, focus your energy on improving range of motion and flexibility in your shoulders, neck, and upper back areas. Decrease in body fat and increase muscle mass.

It is important to exercise daily when going through the treatment of breast cancer. It is more important to have a support team around you to lean on during your fight. There are many resources in the community and the organizations involved with the Pink Heals Tour are doing their part to bring awareness to the community about the treatment and care of the individuals battling breast cancer. If you or a loved one could benefit from increased mobility during your fight, contact Heath Herrera with HH Fitness by email at Mention this article and he will send you your FREE downloads.



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around toWn

Be afraid, be very afraid.....

1. Old Main
The first stop on our haunted tour is the Old Main building. Its the oldest building on campus, and sits at the top of the town like an old haunted mansion. The somewhat gothic architecture of the building adds to its mysterious appeal. According to legend, a girl fell to her death during one of the buildings renovations. Some think she might have even been pushed. There have supposedly been sights of a female ghost running through the halls of Old Main.

If youre looking for a night of suspense and fright this Halloween, you wont have to travel very far. You may not think of San Marcos as a scary place, unless the thought of thousands of college students roaming the town at night frightens you. Every city has its legends and San Marcos has a few of its own. This tour guide will take you on an adventure, where you will discover the darker side of San Marcos. If you dont believe in ghosts, then you have nothing to worry about, so whats stopping you?

4. Thompson Island Bridge

This old bridge, which crosses the San Marcos River on County Road 101, pre-dates the Civil War. According to the legend; a local Confederate soldier died while guarding the bridge from the approaching Union army. There have apparently been sights of a ghost resembling a Confederate soldier still guarding the bridge.


2. Taxis
From Old Main, we move down to the square. At the corner of Hopkins and LBJ is an old building that one time housed A. B. Rodgers embalming company. Dead bodies would come through the basement of this building before reaching their final resting place. The basement is now occupied by Taxis Piano Bar & BBQ, so stop by and have a beer with the dead.

5. The Pike House

Our final destination is one of the more famous haunted sights in San Marcos. On Belvin St. is the sight of the former Pike House. Unfortunately the house burnt to the ground back in 2007 at the hands of two arsonists. The building served several purposes; first as a military school and later as a hospital. Some believe the hospital contained secret chambers where bizarre medical practices occurred. The building eventually received its name when it was converted into a fraternity house by the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. There are stories of a supposed tragic hazing incident that killed one of their pledges. When the fraternity abandoned the house, it remained empty for some time, and many nearby residents believed the house to be haunted. Some fraternitys still used the haunted building for hazing purposes until it burnt down.


3. The Episcopal Methodist Church

This next stop might not seem so frightening. The old, white church is one of the more beautiful sights of downtown San Marcos. The building, built in 1893, sits on the sight of a former graveyard. The graves were dug up and moved to a different location. Its believed that all the graves were properly accounted for, but there could be some corpses abandoned there, searching for their lost loved ones.


Is the ghost of LBJ watching you?

26 | BobcatFans Magazine

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Jordyn Hughey

Cheerleading and Sara Hudson make a perfect match. Her excitement and energy for Texas Sate athletics is contagious. Cheerleading captured her attention back in the 6th grade at the sight of its tumbling and energy. She cheered for the Amarillo Sandies in high school, (the dirt that hurts) but is now a full Bobcat, inside and out. She loves the excitement and competitiveness of cheering at the college level. Cheerleading is not as easy as it looks; the whole squad puts in tireless hours of work, reworking routines to perfection. Sara feels the greatest reward when they finally hit a stunt the squad has been working on. As a team player, she knows that cheerleading is not about hogging the spot light, but working together as a squad to achieve something larger. Her favorite cheer memories are from the teams trips to Nationals at Disney World each year in January. School spirit to Sara is cheering for your school despite the outcome on the score board. Her biggest pet peeve is seeing other colleges merchandise on our schools campus. As a Bobcat Bell, Sara not only pulls her weight on the sideline, but spreads Bobcat pride throughout campus and all over San Marcos. Squad: Co-Ed Position: Flyer Year: Junior Major: Public Relations Pregame Ritual: Empty a bottle of hair spray Least Favorite Cheerleader Stereotype: Ditzy and Mean

Sara Hudson

Jordyn Hughey is a captain on the all girls cheerleading squad, but from watching her at practice you would never know it. Its not that she lacks leadership skills or is not fit for the position; its that she breaks apart every stereotype ever created for cheerleading captains. Jordyn leads by example during practice and is a cheerleader for the other cheerleaders on the team. Jordyn came to Texas State from Anderson High School up the road in Austin. She began cheering in the 5th grade when she saw one of her friends cheering on a competitive cheer squad. She loved how the team worked together and everyone played a part during the stunts. That love of squad unity and teamwork still sticks with Jordyn today, and she works hard to bring out the best in every cheerleader while still doing what is best for the team. Jordyns dedication to cheerleading is practically a full time job. The squad cheers for football, volleyball and mens and womens basketball, while practicing three times a week. She also schedules weekly off campus appearances for the squad to boost school spirit in the community. Jordan states that, We need fans in order to have home field advantage! Entering her final year at Texas State, she hopes to see more students show up to the games and not leave early after tailgating. Squad: All-Girls Captain Position: SideBase Year: Senior Major: Family and Consumer Sciences with a Teachers Certificate Favorite NFL Team: Cowboys Least Favorite Cheerleader Stereotype: Stuck-Up

28 | BobcatFans Magazine

In the knoW

Dress Up, Have Fun and Dont Let The Party Stop
Bobcats and San Marcans can throw down with the best of them. Halloween is rapidly approaching and people are already making plans to throw that epic party which will light up their friends Facebook statuses. Everyone should also know that Halloween is a huge party weekend for the police. Last year they were out on the prowl in full force, and dont expect anything different this October 31st. In fact, the San Marcos police department said that during Halloween, they will be bringing in more patrol officers to keep things under control. Its easy to think of the cops as party poopers, but they are only looking out for your safety and the safety of others. As you debate whether youre dressing up as a fire fighter or sexy nurse, check out the tips the local boys in blue shared with that you will have fun and not get busted.

If you are hosting a party at your

place, then you and your roommates are legally responsible for the guests who attend your party. You are even responsible for those random visitors who were not invited. It is your house and your party. If you are not happy with a situation, then take care of it.

friends has had too much to drink, let them crash on the couch or in the back yard, not on the road. Also, there will be kids roaming the streets for candy that night, so drive slow through residential areas and keep your eyes open.

Noise is always a major issue when

If your party gets

busted, officers can pass out citations and slap you with some major fines (some up to $500). You can even be arrested for disorderly conduct.

it comes to partying. Its alright to turn the volume up a bit, but not so loud that the party down the street has to listen to your choice of music, no matter how good you think it is.

Parking can cause problems as well.

Nobody wants to show up to a party and walk out wondering where their car went. Tell your friends to car pool and let them know where they should park. Keep the roads and driveways clear.

With all of

If the police knock on your door, then

dont believe the myth that leaving it locked will make them go away. The police have the ability to turn off your electricity and water. The best way to handle that situation is to be as cooperative as possible. If you are kind to them, they will be kind to you.

Trash and litter around your place

is another thing to be aware of. Its fine if the inside of your house looks like a disaster zone, but make sure you clean up outside.

You can be held responsible for any

illegal activity that happens at your place, even if you are not a part of it.

There is always a higher percentage

of alcohol related accidents and DWIs on Halloween. If you think one of your

this said, we dont recommend that you go buy a large bag of Halloween candy and eat it alone in your living room come Halloween. Dress up, have some friends over, eat way too much candy, and have a ton of fun. Just be responsible, so that everyone has a fun Halloween and the police wont have to knock on your door.

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Here for you

Visit our fan shops at Bobcat Stadium before, during and after each home game. 2nd Floor LBJ Student Center 512.247.2272 Toll free 877.884.3338 The Only Bookstore Owned and Operated by Texas State University.

Here for Texas State

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