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Retired Major General Nicolae N. ROMAN, Professor Ph.D.

DATE OF BIRTH: April 18th , 1956, Dobroteasa, Olt County, Romania. MARITAL STATUS - spouse: Eugenia economist (retired officer) EDUCATION: Military:
2007 - son: ESU graduate.

- The National Defense College post graduate perfecting studies in national security and defense field, Security and Good Governance specialization, The National Defense University CAROL I, Bucharest; 2006 - The NATO Defense College in Rome The General, Flag Officers and Ambassadors Course 2006-1, Italy; 2003 - Canadian Forces English course, CFB Borden, Borden, Ontario, Canada; 2003 - Multinational Crisis Management Course, Oberammergau, Germany; 2000 - Communication and Public Relations course organized by the Public Relations Office of Ministry of Defense; 1999 - Superior College for Military General Staff Post-graduate Course in Strategic Command, High Military Studies Academy in Bucharest; 1998 - Negotiation and Mediation for Peacekeeping course taken at the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre, Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, Canada; - Democratic Control of Military Forces, the Center for Security Policy in Geneva, Switzerland; 1997 - Canadian Forces English Course, CFB Borden, Borden, Ontario, Canada; 1996 - Command and General Staff College Post-academic course of commanding great Land Forces Operative Units, Higher Military Studies Academy in Bucharest; 1985 1987 - Higher Military Studies Academy Joint Army University, Bucharest; 1982 1983 - Company Commander Course in Fagaras; 1976 1978 - Land Forces Academy Sibiu, graduated with the highest grade of the school in 1978; 1971 1975 - Dimitrie Cantemir Military High School Breaza, graduated with Magna Cum Laudae.


1996 - 1997 Post-graduate Course at Bucharest University, Journalism and Communication Science University, specialization in Public Relations. 2005 - 2006 The Teaching Staff Training Department, the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science.

POSITIONS HELD: Military: June 20, 2011 entered into retirement. 2011 - Head of Training and Doctrine Directorate in the General Staff; 2010 - 2011 - Commander 2nd Infantry Division GETICA; 2010 - Commander 4th Infantry Division GEMINA;

2009 - 2010 - Head of the Directorate for Structures and Procurement Planning in the General Staff; 2008 - 2009 - Head of Training and Doctrine in the Land Forces Staff; 2007 - 2008 - Head of Training and Doctrine (and General Inspector of the Land Forces) in the Land Forces Staff; 2002 - 2007 - Chief of Staff, 2nd Joint Operational Command Marshal Alexandru Averescu; 2001 - 2002 - Commander, 1st Logistic Brigade, Ploiesti; 1999 - 2001 - Commander, 7th Mechanized Brigade Grivita, Negoiesti Prahova County; 1998 - Specialized Staff Officer within the General Staff; 1997 - 1999 - Prime Staff Officer at Strategic Planning and Weapons Control Directorate at the General Staff; 1991 - 1997 - Prime Officer in the Cabinet of the Minister of Defense; 1987 - 1991 - Infantry battalion commander at 32nd Mechanized Regiment Mircea Timisoara; 1981 - 1985 - Cadets Company Commander, Land Forces Academy Nicolae Balcescu; 1978 - 1981 - Cadets Platoon Leader, Land Forces Academy Nicolae Balcescu. Civilian: August 17, 2011 - Director of the Department for Emergency Situations and Disaster Management in the Romanian Red Cross National Society.

SCIENTIFIC TITLES: Ph.D. in Military Science Specialization in Military Art 1997; SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY:
Professor - 2010. Author for three books; co-author of a study and another three books; Director of different working groups for issuing particular military instructions and regulations, author and co-author of a series of articles promoting image of the army, published in military educational institutions, national military magazines and newspapers. PARTICIPATION TO INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES: Participation on the level of the Ministry of National Defense to the preparations for the visit of the Head of the Romanian State to the United Kingdom, London, March 1978; International CIMIC Seminar III Wien, Austria, November, 1999; P f P Exercise Viking 99, Sweden, September, November December, 1999; The assessment of the Romanian contingencies in the theaters of operation both in the country and abroad: BosniaHerzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq 2003 2006; CO-DIR BLUE ROAD 2004, bilateral exercise, Romania, May 2004; CO-DIR BLUE DANUBE 2004, bilateral exercise, Romania, June 2004; DIR SEESIM 06, international exercise 15 nations - Romania - FYR of Macedonia, November 2006; Romanian representative and member of the Main Military Experts Committee within the Organization of the European Land Forces Chiefs of Staff (FINABEL), 2008-2009. FOREIGN LANGUAGES ACKNOWLEDGED: English STANAG 6001 2-2-2-2; French spoken, with dictionary aid. MISSIONS ABROAD: ENGLAND 1978; 2008; AFGHANISTAN 2003; 2005; 2006; 2007; BULGARIA 1997; 2006;2008; SERBIA and MONTENEGRO 2004; S.U.A. 1997; 2003; 2007; 2008; 2011 IRAK 2005; 2006; CANADA 1997; 1998; 2003; FYR of MACEDONIA 2005; 2006; SWITZERLAND 1998; ITALY 2006; LICHTENSTEIN 1998; FRANCE 2006; AUSTRIA 1999; CHINA 2007; SWEDEN 1999; LUXEMBOURG 2008; GERMANY 2003; 2007; 2008; SPAIN 2008; BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA 2003; 2005; TURKEY 2010. SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS: Promoted to Major, before ending the minimum length of service for the rank, in April 1990; Promoted to Colonel, before ending the minimum length of service for the rank, on 25th October 1999; Promoted to Brigadier general on 1st December 2002; Promoted to Major General on 7th December 2007. MEDALS, ORDERS, CROSSES AND TITLES OF ROMANIAN STATE: Military Virtue Order, in Knight rank with military symbols; The Military Merit Order, class III and II; National Cross Loyalty Service, class I; The Military Merit Medal, class III and II; By Presidential Decree number 226/1992, the title of Fighter for the Victory of Romanian Revolution in December 1989; Anniversary medal 10 years since the Anticommunist Romanian Revolution 1989 - 1999; The Honorary Symbol for having been in the military for 25 years; Military Science Merit badge class I ; Romanian Armed Forces Badge of Honor; General Staff Badge of Honor; Land Forces Staff Badge of Honor; Navy Badge of Honor; Logistics Badge of Honor; Communications and Informatics Badge of Honor; HOBBIES: Philately - Romanian stamps; - Military uniforms; History - Military history; - Romanian history; Sports - team games.