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Question 156 through 160 refer to the following advertisement.

Editor of newspapers and magazines often go to extremes to provide their readers with unimportant facts and statistics. Last year a journalist had been instructed by a well known magazine to write an article on the presidents palace in a new African Republic. When the article arrived, the editor read the first sentence and then refused to publish it. The article began : Hundreds of steps lead to the high wall which surrounds the presidents palace, The editor at once sent the journalist a telegram instructing him to find our exact number of steps and the height of the wall. The Journalist immediately set out to obtain these important facts, but he took a long time to send them. Meanwhile the editor was getting impatient, to, the magazine would soon go to press. He sent the journalist two urgent telegrams, but received no reply. He sent yet another telegram informing the journalist that if he did not reply soon he would be fired. When the journalist again failed to reply, the editor reluctantly published the article as it originally been written. A week later, the editor at last received a telegram from the journalist. Not only had the poor man been arrested, but he had been sent to prison as well. However, he had at last been allowed to send a cable in which he informed the editor that he had been arrested while counting the 1084 steps leading to the 15 foot wall which surrounded the president palace. . 156.The editor acted as he did because A. he wanted an exercise to fire the journalist B. he had not read the article beyond the first sentences C. he was dissatisfied with the factual content of the article D. he wanted to please the president of the new African republic. 157. The journalist took a long time to send the details required because .. A. it took him a long time to count all the steps B. he had not been allowed to cable the information he had obtained C. he did not realize how soon the magazine would go to press

D. he had been arrested before he had had time to obtain the facts. 158. Why had the journalist been arrested A. because his activities must have appeared suspicious B. for having gone to extremes to provide unimportant facts C. for climbing the palace wait in order to measure its height D. because the article was published in its original form 159. Editors of newspapers and magazines often go to extreme to provide their . With unimportant facts and statistics. (lines 1 3) A. audience C. public B. lectures D. common 160. The magazine . to press (line 20). A. was C. had gone B. was about to go D. was due Part Two : Structure Untuk soal nomor 161 s.d. 175 pilihlah jawaban untuk mengisi titik-titik. 161. You must be back before midnight you will be locked. A. Otherwise C. Accordingly B. Furthermore D. However 162. I him before he asked to me. A. had given C. give B. have given D. will give 163. He would have been sleepy in the class. A. If He taught his teacher B. if He had taught his teacher C. if He was taught his teacher D. if He had been taught his teacher

164. He drove motorcycle carefully and A. So does she B. So did she C. She doesnt either D. Neither did she 165. Bought motorcycle his father, he felt so happy. For the underline frase we can say A. As he has been bought motorcycle his father B. As he has bought motorcycle his father C. As he bought motorcycle his father D. As he was bought motorcycle his father 166. Hakim said Teguh not to turn off the computer. Mean A. Hakim said Teguh, turn off the computer. B. Hakim said, Teguh turn off the computer. C. Hakim said Teguh,Dont turn off the computer. D. Hakim said, the computer is turned off Teguh. 167. Bayu have his brother his book. A. Hide C. hidden B. Hiding D. to hide 168. He said as if He everything. A. Knows C. has known B. will know D. had known 169. Jakarta Solo train is arriving on A. track the fourth

B. track four C. four track D. the track fourth 170. , provides people with personal satisfaction as well as money A. to working C. working B. work D. worked 171.The house needs , but we plan to wait until next month to do it. A. painting C. painted B. to paint D. paint 172. I used to at the University of Indonesia before I transferred to STAN. A. study C. studied B. studying D. have studied 173. The line is busy, someone . using the telephone. A. must have been B. must C. must be D. must had 174. Be careful when ...... the road. A. passing B. walking through C C. crossing D. going through 175. Are you exited ....... going on holiday next week? A. In C. on

B. About D. for Untuk soal no.176 s.d 180 anda diberi kalimat yang secara gramatikal salah atau yang menurut standar bahasa Inggris tidak dapat diterima. Pilihlah kata atau frase yang menyebabkan kalimat tersebut salah. 176. Psychology Today is interesting, informative and it is easy to read A. is C. interesting B. it is D. to read 177. It is essential that he temperature is not elevated to a point where the substance formed may become unstable and decompose into its constituent elements. A. is not C. to a point B. may become D. its

178. Nini Thowok achieved world recognition as both a dancer as well as a choreographer. A. achieved C. as B. a dancer D. as well as 179.Excavations in a mound of village often reveal an ancient community that had been laying under later reconstructions of the city A. Excavations B. Often reveal C. Had been laying D. later 180. From space, astronauts are able to clearly see the outline of the whole earth. A. From space B. Able C. To clearly see

D. of. Part Three : Vocabulary Untuk soal no. 181 s.d 190, pilihlah jawaban yang tepat untuk mengisi titik-titik 181. He to get some cards for his birthday, but none arrived. A. promised B. expected C. assumed D. supposed 182.He had very bad cold and he could not stop. A. souring B. sighing C. yawning D. snizing 183. The smell of the breakfast cooking him to get up. A. enhanced B. enticed C. enervated D. emulated 184. If you try long enough, you are to succeed. A. bone B. bind C. band D. bound 185. Tornadoes left several towns in a state of A. chasm B. chaos

C. chaste D. chore 186. This man is a citizen of this country A. natural B. naturalization C. naturalized D. natured 187. I am afraid you have to deal with a/an merchant A. indelible B. non reliable C. unreliable D. disrealible 188.The farmer . Rice seeds before watering it A. scintillates B. scoffs C. scatters D. scavenges 189.The police command the customer to .. the store because there is a bomb terror A. vacate B. vacuous C. vaccum D. validate 190.Mrs. Andy . A cake for the party tonight. A. boil

B. bake C. fry E. cook Untuk soal 191 s.d. 195 pilihlah jawaban yang tepat untuk mengganti kata yang dicetak dengan huruf kapital. 191. The BNN is conducting FAR-REACHING research to determine the psychological affects of drugs. A. extensive B. prevalent C. refined D. tentative 192. The main program of the ruling party is to ERADICATE poverty and illiteracy. A. enhance B. advise C. expose D. vanish 193. They were HESITANT to move because they could not get a good price for their old house. A. incessant B. reluctant C. negligent D. disturbed 194. Many people consider Egypts pyramids very REMARKABLE and puzzling ancient monuments. A. unusual B. arable C. ordinary

D. beautiful 195. Those who live by the sword will PERISH by the sword. A. breath B. survive C. live D. die Untuk soal no. 191 s.d 195, pilihlah jawaban yang merupakan antonim (lawan kata) untuk kata yang digarisbawahi. 196.He have enough money to buy a Ferrari A. reluctant B. adequate C. abundant D. insufficient 197.He must increase her score if he want to pass study in STAN. A. stop B. shorten C. break D. reduce 198.There are progress in Indonesian Economic. A. destruction B. deterioration C. collapse D. devastation 199.The building was build in1902 A. collapse B. construction

C. foundation D. builder 200. That storm made all of the citizen in Utah loss their house. A. hurricane B. tornado C. quiet
D. cent