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Midterm Test

English 0111 Mattayom Suksa

Mattayom Patcharakitiypha 3 Suratthani School Suratthani
Time: 50 Minutes Score : 30

Arkansas has whatever kind of vacation you
want. Looking for the great outdoors? Arkansas offers camping,
canoeing, golf, and cycling. Looking for the great indoors? We also
have galleries, dining, nightlife and so much more. For all the details
on planning a trip to Arkansas, get a FREE Arkansas Vacation
Planning Kit, including a Tour Guide, Calendar of Events, State Parks
Guide and Highway Map.
Call 1-800-NATURAL today or visit
Valley Forge
The smart way to do Philadelphia
When you visit, do what General George
Washington did. Set up camp right here. We’re just 30 minutes from
downtown and our hotels offer great value, so you’ll have more to
spend on exploring the city and countryside.
For a free Brochure, call 1-888-VISIT VF. Or visit

There is a place where old Indian traditions live on
in songs of the past and dreams of the future. Visit this land and
experience the true spirit of Native America.
For a FREE Travel Guide call 1-800-
242-4282, ext. 026 or visit

Grand Teton
Even the clouds linger in amazement
With peaks soaring over 13,000 feet,
there’s sense of wonder that overcomes you in Wyoming. Keep
exploring and you’ll discover more natural phenomena in one state
than you ever imagined.
Call 1-800-225-5996 or visit

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Florid a
vacation, visit the Palm Beaches. This paradise boasts 47 miles of
beaches. Palm Beach Country is also Florida’s golf capital. And
the shopping here rivals any place in the world. Plus, there are great
restaurants, cafes, museums and more. When you arrive, you’ll get a
“$500 Worth of the Palm Beaches Free” coupon book filled
with savings on shopping, dining and much more.
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1.A free highway map will be sent to you after you call _____.

1. 1-800-NATURAL 2. 1-800-225-5996
3. 1-800-551-PALM 4. 1-888-VISIT VF

2.Valley forge is located near _____.

1. Wyoming 2. Washington
3. Philadelphia 4. Florida

3.If you want to enjoy Indian culture, you have to go to _____.

1. Gallup 2. Valley Forge

3. Florida 4. Arkansas

4.When you are in Grand Teton. you can enjoy _____.

1. beautiful beaches 2. mountain views

3. exciting nightlife 4. good food

5.Shoppers would most likely want to visit ______.

1. Valley Forge 2. Wyoming

3. Palm Beach County 4. Gallup

A Careless Zookeeper

A careless zookeeper named Blake

Fell into a tropical lake.
Said a fat alligator,
A few minutes later,
“That’s nice, but I still prefer steak.”

6.The zookeeper was careless because he _____.

1. went swimming in a lake 2. forgot to feed the alligator

3. fed the alligator steak 4. slipped into the water

7.The author uses these three words “Blake, lake, and steak” because
they ______.

1. have the same vowel sound 2. convey the same meaning

3. use the same spelling pattern 4. refer to the same thing

8.The alligator just finished _____.

1. swimming in the lake 2. being trained for a show

3. helping the zookeeper 4. having a special meal

9.“That” in the last line refers to ______.

1. the alligator 2. Blake

3. the lake 4. being fat

10.The last line implies that ______.

1.human flesh does not taste best

2.alligators like tropical lakes
3. the zookeeper is a nice guy
4.the alligator is starving

source: The Columbia Encyclopedia

Mass of ice that has become detached, or calved, from the edge
of an ice sheet or glacier and --11-- on the ocean. Because ice is
slightly less dense than water about --12-- of the total mass of a berg
projects above the water. Icebergs differ from other ocean ices
; sea ice is formed directly from the freezing of ocean water
; pack ice is tightly packed fragments of sea ice
;ice floes are small, floating ice fragments that separate from pack ice
; and fast ice is ice attached to a shore.
Greenland is the --13-- of most of the icebergs in the North
Atlantic, where the iceberg season lasts --14—from February to
Greenland and other North Atlantic icebergs are usually
peaked and irregular in shape; Antarctic icebergs are tabular, with flat
tops and steep sides. As a consequence of the loss of the Titanic
through --15-- with an iceberg in 1912, a patrol of North Atlantic
shipping channels was initiated in 1914 by the international
agreement of 16 nations.

11. a. floating b. are floating c. to be floating d. is floating

12. a. one nines b. one nine c. one ninth d. one in ninth

13. a. origin b. source c. beginning d. derivation

14. a. rough b. roughly c. round d. roundly

15. a. collision b. crashing c. banging d. clashing

Directions: Choose the most appropriate answer.

16.You want to reply to your friend’s compliment about your T-shirt.

You say, “Thanks, _____”
1. You’re welcome. 2. It was a present.
3. You don’t have to say that. 4. Don’t talk to me this way.

17.You meet a friend on the street, but you can’t stop to chat. You
excuse yourself, saying “______”
1. I’m in a rush. Let’s talk later. 2. Don’t call me. I’ll call you.
3. I don’t have to see you. 4. Make it sooner or later.

18.One of your classmates has won a scholarship to study abroad.

You congratulate her by saying,
1. Cheers. Better me than you.
2. Amazing. I never expected so much.
3. Very well. How did it do?
4. Well done. I’m very happy for you.

19.Tony wants to write down a telephone number, but he doesn’t have

a pen. He asks Bill, “______”
1. Can I lend you a pen?
2. Do you have a moment?
3. Anything to give me?
4. Could I borrow your pen?

20.Philip is disappointed when his girlfriend says she can’t go a

concert with him, so he asks her,
1. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?
2. When will you let me know?
3. Who else wants to along?
4. Can you tell me when the next match will be?

21.You are talking on the phone, but the line is not very clear. You
say. “_______”
1. Shout out a lot more.
2. Won’t you say a lot more?
3. Could you speak up a bit?
4. Make a loud noise.

22.You want to buy a shirt in the department store. You see one that
you like on sale, but it is too small. You ask the sales assistant,
1. Can you make it bigger, please?
2. Do you have a larger size?
2. Will you sell me a bigger one?
4. Is the sale still on for all sizes?

23.Brain wants the tuk-tuk driver to drive more slowly, so he says,

1. You in front, don’t drive so fast.
2. I ask you to slow down.
3. There’s no need to hurry.
4. Moving slow is better.

24. Dr. Cook has lost his passport so he telephones the British
Embassy for advice. He says, “I’ve lost my passport. _______”
1. What should I do?
2. How can I go?
3. Tell me why you don’t help me.
4. It’s your responsibility.

25.A policeman tries to fine a woman who has just thrown an empty
plastic bottle on the street. The woman says, “_______”
1. What’s the matter with you?
2 2. What did I do wrong?
3. Do you have a problem with me?
4.How can I help you?

26.You want to change the time you arranged to meet your friend,Bob.
You phone him and say,”……………….”
1. Sorry Bob,you got to give me more time.
2. Bob,you stood me up.What about tomorrow.
3. Sorry Bob,I have to see you more often.
4. Bob,I can’t make it at 2 o’clock.Are you free at 4?

27.Your friend has changec her hair style.

You compliment her on her appearance by saying”…………………”.
1. It really look at you.
2. You look terrific.
3. You look strange indeed.
4. What have you done now?

28. A friend is walking with you along the pavement.

You see he is about to step in a paddle of water and say,”…..”
1.Look up!
2.Look out!
3.Step along!
4.Step over!

29.John is talking to Mary when she sneezes.

He asks her,”……………..”
1. Are you likely to get better?
2. Do you want a hand?
3. Are you getting cold?
4. Do you have a cold?

30. Someone offers you a glass of wine. You say, “_______”

1. Let me find out.
2. I apologize for drinking.
3 3. Sorry, I don’t drink.
4. That would be funny.